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Yahoo! today confirmed that it’s buying 6-year-old blogging service Tumblr for $1.1 billion in cash. Who uses Tumblr? We consulted the recent report on social media demographics from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project to find out:

Only 6% of Internet users surveyed in late 2012 reported using Tumblr, versus two-thirds for Facebook. Three other social networking services (Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram) were clustered together, with between 13% and 16% of users saying they’d used any of them.

Tumblr is most popular among young adults: 13% of 18- to-29-year-olds said they used the service. But it still ranked last among that age group of the five social media companies we asked about.

Unlike other social media platforms, Tumblr users are equally divided between men and women. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest all are more popular among women; men are slightly more likely than women to use Twitter.

Tumblr’s users are clustered at the low and high ends of the income scale: 8% of people with household incomes above $75,000 report using it, as well as 6% of people with incomes below $30,000.

Like most other social networking services, Tumblr tends to skew toward the urban and educated. Seven percent of urban Internet users say they use Tumblr, as does the same percentage of online users with college degrees.




this wankstain still stalks my main lol




my man was not having a great time

You think that’s bad?


Schopenhauer’s Studies in Pessimism channeling his inner incel.

That’s a lot of words from a man who’s only experience with women is having an affair with a maid and running away when he found out she was pregnant.


Could have highlighted all of this really

(August by Bruno Schulz)


“I don’t mind that she’s a little fat, she moves like a virgin”

(Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates)

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I’m in the middle of moving so all my Chris Carter books are in boxes atm, but boy do I have some things to submit when I unpack lmao, that guy’s description of murdered women is comically tragic

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lmao that dumb anon using "NLOG cool girl TM" to criticize a character just because she's not a feminine ninny, yeah, nice, hating on GNC characters.

Am I missing something? I think anon was just providing me with a little context since I haven’t read the books. The "not like other girls" trope is pretty common in young adult fiction, and the female character usually isn’t even GNC. She just don’t wear makeup but is naturally gorgeous or she’s sexy but doesn’t know it or whatever 🙄

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Part 2 of random anon complaining about Riodan’s writing:

You really can’t have a story about the kids of Greek gods without addressing the incest. Especially if you are going to play matchmaker with the kids. I don’t recall him ever addressing it and there are kids friendly ways to do so.

The power couple of the series involves the self insert main boy (Percy) who is the son of Poseidon, and local NLOG cool girl TM (Annabeth) who is the daughter of Athena. This would make Percy Annabeth’s uncle. Weird, right?

The solutions to this are to 1. State that god DNA works differently than human DNA so the kids aren’t related or 2. Have the kids be related (like have them all be cousins or whatever) and don’t try to pair them up.

But Ricky doesn’t know how the rules of his own universe works so all of these statements are true at the same time.

“Character X looks just like their god parent” (it’s obvious he originally envisioned the gods to be white, which is fine)

Then he added more POC demigod characters.

‘Oh so is Character Y biracial?’

“Uh actually the gods don’t have DNA” Despite the fact that the demigod kids can inherit physical traits from them. Percy has “sea green” eyes he inherited from Poseidon and Annabeth has grey eyes she inherited from Athena.

Anonymous asked:

Extremely unpopular opinion: Percy Jackson (and the other ones) wasn’t that good of a book series, we were just 12.

There are rants and stuff under the “rr crit” tag and there is a master post going around, but I have some personal gripes.

People go on and on about how JKR is racist because of ironically racist assumptions but praise Riodan for “diversity”

The diversity in question:

- all female characters that aren’t connected to the main boy are ditzy, hyper feminine, mean girls.

- Hades canonically looks like Hitler

- the native girl is a kleptomaniac

- all of the black characters, except for the black girl in the main cast (of the second book series), are dead or monsters

And I’m sick of people acting like he’s the expert in Greek mythology when his knowledge is just under surface level. “Uh actual I interpret Artemis and her hunters as asexual. Uh what do you mean that in the ancient world, women wanting to stay virgins and lesbians have a significant overlap? Uh yeah the female characters in my books who can’t get a man or don’t want one are asexual, not lesbian or bisexual. Yeah it is what it is”

Riodan’s writing only got worse with each series as he began to pander to the gender fandom kids.

I know it sounds like I’m ranting just to rant but the bar for men is just so low and women are held to impossible standards for everything.

I never read his stuff but it does seem like he uses the LGBT community for his own self-aggrandisment. Gender/ fandom culture is so easily pandered to it doesn’t matter that the writing is shite as long as it has lot of ~queer~characters for kids with identity issues to obsess over.

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goblin mood
Another handmage
Reworked this character a bit! Twitter
Me and my group are closing in on the end of a year long DnD campaign. Feels weird.
Really wish to be part of a dnd game that does some big timeskips (or just lasts very long) so my character goes through multiple ages/parts of their life and give ‘em different looks
Some more Amatsuru!
Hands practice, redrew that Tiefling girl
Wearing a hood is kind of a pain when your hair is snakes I imagine
Big pin-up cyclops

female:pressure: Archive

Monrhea; electronic musician, techno DJ

Fair Play 2 by Various

(EN) The second Fair_Play compilation brings together 80 works by 90 female identifying or trans artists not only from French speaking countries but also from India, Tasmania, Syria, Brazil, Egypt, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, USA, UK, Australia, Spain, Canada, Czech Republic, Mexico, Argentina, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Zimbabwe, China, Morocco  …

(FR) La deuxième compilation Fair_Play rassemble 80 œuvres de 90 artistes se reconnaissant comme femmes ou trans, non seulement de pays francophones mais aussi d'Inde, Tasmanie, Syrie, Brésil, Egypte, Estonie, Danemark, Suède, Allemagne, Autriche, USA, Royaume-Uni, Australie, Espagne, Canada, République tchèque, Mexique, Argentine, Irlande, Italie, Pologne, Zimbabwe, Chine, Maroc …

Trihn Lo: poet, composer, and independent researcher, currently working on interdisciplinary projects mixing instrumental and electronic music
Shelly Knotts: live coder, improviser, algorithmic music, network music SystemsMember of OFFAL (Orchestra For Females And Laptops) and ALGOBABEZ.
Mariachiara aka Katatonic Silentio: music deconstructivist, sound designer, independent researcher in sonic and performing arts, new technologies, gender and body studies. The musical and cultural expressions she taps into are sound art, art-ivism,...

Women tumblr used

On December 17, 2018 Tumblr banned adult content on their platform. The move was rumored to be a knee-jerk response to Apple removing Tumblr from its App Store over failing to adequately filter out child pornography. While that is certainly an understandable and valid reason for removing the app, instead of improving their filtering system, Tumblr decided to ban all adult content altogether. In doing so, they destroyed a massive social media community and outlet where people, especially underrepresented communities, could freely express their sexuality.

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I was one of those people. I was in the midst of ending a sexless and passionless marriage, and while I never took much pleasure in sex anyway, I knew others did, which gave me a resounding and incessant urge to find out what I was missing. But how would I even start? What turned me on? How would I find it and articulate it not just to myself, but to a partner?

Mainstream porn sites only offered clips of brightly lit, conventionally-attractive people with hard bodies having what seemed to be a very athletic, staged, and mechanical style of sex. And the categories I could choose from (like “Babysitter”) along with the pop-up ads pushing pills to make my "dick harder" didn’t help entice me either.

A lot of these sites belonged to women and communities who were often not depicted in mainstream adult entertainment as multi-dimensional.

But when I happened upon Tumblr, that all changed. There were blogs that explored a particular side of female-centric sexual pleasure—as well as any number of sexual interests or preferences. A lot of these sites belonged to women and communities who were often not depicted in mainstream adult entertainment as multi-dimensional. Seeing people of color, and/or bigger, disabled, or trans bodies in sensual scenes that didn't make their race, gender, or body the plot line was revolutionary–they were simply participating in pleasure like everyone else. Aspects of humanity that mainstream porn fetishized, Tumblr adult sites normalized.

I was able to discreetly and safely view other people’s sexual tastes and interests, take what I liked from it, fold it into my own pastiche of sexual pleasure, and disregard the rest. In fact, the more I looked at others’ sexual expression, the more confident and validated I felt in my own. Without this private outlet, I really don’t know when–or if–I would have realized the dormant sexual woman living inside me that was screaming to come out.

Tumblr was revolutionary for so many women like me and others who felt disconnected to mainstream porn and found self discovery, affirmation, and connection within its platform. It’s an end of an era, but it’s also a clarion call to those who value freedom of speech and expression to speak up and fight for that right.

So, where can women like me go from here? There is hope that some smart, enterprising tech folks will come up with a similar, maybe even better platform in the near future. For now, here are some possible substitutes for those who are over 18:

For a feeling of community again:

While it's not as easy to scroll through visuals as you did on Tumblr, Reddit's NSFW subreddit might be a good alternative.

For recovering old Tumblr archives:

Timbr lets you back up any old Tumblr blogs so nothing is ever truly lost.

For an ad-free community with anti-abuse moderators:

Mastadon promises a safer-feeling browsing experience.

For more freedom and net-neutrality:

Swarmr vows to be committed to free speech and gender equity.

For pretty much a new Tumblr:

Give New.Tumbl a go. Very straightforward!

The other alternative, if you're willing to pay some money, are ethical, feminist porn sites, which I personally use. Here are some recs, depending on what you're looking for:

For "smart porn", AKA porn that celebrates sex:

Bright Desire has been producing artistic, body-positive fare since 2012.

For porn built directly from viewers' fantasies:

Erika Lust’s XConfessions lets users submit what they want to see, and then recreates their ideas with top-notch cinematography.

If you're all about sensual porn:

FrolicMe is perfect for lush, gorgeously-shot films.

If you want deliciously hot queer porn:

CrashPad Series and PinkLabel.TV are both excellent options.

I’ve also been recommending Tristan Taormino DVDs and jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex for people who want to learn more (and watch) different kinds of sex.

Follow Elle on Twitter.

Elle ChaseCertified sex educator, writer, and speaker Elle Chase, ACS is the author of Curvy Girl Sex, the editor of the #NSFW Totally Naughty Coloring Book, and is the creator of the multi award-winning, sex-positive porn site and brand Lady Cheeky.

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Man stalks middle school classmate for 17 years, is given 26 year sentence

A Seattle-area man was given a 26 ½-year prison term for waging a 17-year campaign of harassment against a former classmate he met in middle school. Prosecutors are calling this the longest sentence for stalking in memory.

Shawn Moul, 31, passively accepted the sentence last week which came about six months after being convicted on two felony counts of stalking and 19 counts of violating anti-harassment orders.

Moul began stalking classmate Tracy Lundeen in 1994, shortly after Lundeen saw him at the school library struggling with his homework and offered to help him. Lundeen said Moul began following her and wrote her more than 100 letters, alternately threatening her and vowing to kill himself. He also contacted Lundeen’s family members, demanding that she contact him.

Man attacked ex-girlfriend with hammer after she refused him

Guan Wen Brian Tan, 33, repeatedly struck Sherry Cheung with the 36-centimetre-long tool without warning before then stabbing her with a knife in his Airbnb rental at Norman Park on May 8, 2017.

The Supreme Court in Brisbane heard the pair had been playing computer games before Mr Tan asked the 20-year-old Hong Kong woman if she thought they “would ever be together” and she allegedly replied, “no, never”.

Crown prosecutor Mel Wilson said after hitting her with the hammer, he allegedly grabbed her by the arms as he asked her: “How could you be so cruel?”

Drugged & raped after rejecting a boy

When I was in high school, there was a boy a year older than me that I would sometimes see around the neighborhood (we lived down the street from one another), at school, and at parties. When he was a senior & I was a junior, I accepted a few rides home from school with him, probably a dozen times or so. We kissed on 3 occasions at the end of the rides home, and again on 2 different occasions at parties. We texted back and forth briefly. Nothing further.

It was very clear that there would never be anything past that. He tried to get in my pants on a few occasions, but I very clearly told him no. He had an on/off relationship with another girl in my grade, and although she and I weren’t exactly friends, I still respected her and wasn’t interested in things going further with him regardless.

He graduated, and I still saw him around with no issue. My senior year, I became friends with the girl he was on and off with. We spoke at length one evening during a “girls night sleepover” about how sorry I was if I ever intruded on their relationship and things were ok between us. She told me he did some really shitty things to her. I felt so bad.

Everything was fine. Until the summer following my graduation from high school. I went to a party hosted by a friend of his that a few of my friends would be at. When I arrived at the party with one of my girl friends, we took a few shots (3) from the bottle we brought and sat around talking to people. The boy approached me and offered me a beer. I accepted and took a few sips from the beer (I hate beer, and will ‘nurse’ one until I can discard it without seeming rude), and didn’t think anything about it already being opened when he handed it to me.

A friend of mine that I hadn’t seen in some time asked me if I wanted to go out on the porch while he smoked a cigarette and catch up. At that point, I had been at the party for maybe 20 minutes max. The last thing I remember is sitting down on the porch with my friend.

The next thing I remember is a very fuzzy, vague memory of being in a closed bedroom, with the boy on top of me. I mostly remember the feeling of pressure. He was inside me. It’s a brief memory.

My first real, clear memory is the worst one. I wake up, on a couch at the person’s house, it’s morning. Someone is on top of me, having sex with my sleeping body. It makes me sick to my stomach thinking of it - it was a different guy, a total scumbag, someone who I would have gagged at the thought of even touching me before this ever happened. At this point I was coherent enough to say “what the fuck do you think you’re doing” and shove him off of me, and hit him in the face. I remember his wide eyes, shocked that I had woken up.

Prior to arriving at the party, I had made arrangements to sleep over a close guy friend’s house (we had been friends for many years, our families are very close) because he lived nearby the host’s home and we had a sports meet early the next morning. I stumbled around looking for my phone, and saw all the missed calls and texts from family and friends. I was 2 hours late for the sports meet.

I stumbled down a main street in random bits of clothing I found in the house, vomiting as I wandered around waiting for my mom to come get me. The sports meet was a bit of a blur, too. Lots of vomiting, loss of consciousness.

Later in the day I started asking questions. Apparently after I went to the porch, I seemed extremely drunk. My friends thought it was strange, since they know me well enough to know that 3 shots would never do me in like that. My girl friend brought me up to a bedroom and tucked me into the host’s sister’s bed, as I couldn’t make it out of the house. I passed out right away. She stayed with me for a while and other people checked on me.

Eventually she had to leave, as did my friend whose place I was to stay at, but I refused to leave when I was roused enough to speak to anyone. They said I just kept demanding “let me sleep, I need to sleep”. I weaseled information from a guy who stayed at the house pretty late, who confirmed that the boy had later gone in to “check on me” a few times, and on one occasion he stayed in the room for a while.

When I got home from the sports meet, I was angry. I knew what happened. I called the boy and demanded he come to my house immediately. He refused, saying he didn’t feel like walking. I told him to get in his fucking car and and drive down the block then. He did. He pulled up out front of my house.

I walked outside and he rolled down the window, chuckling. I’ll never forget his smug fucking look. I asked him if he had sex with me. He laughed and said yes. I told him to get the fuck away from my house and he drove off.

A few months later, at a party, I saw the girl he dated on and off. We talked for a while and I confided in her what had happened. At the time, very few people knew (still to this day, very few people know). She confided in me that he had done the same to her before - given her a beer that was drugged and raped her when they were “off”. We cried. She said she’d heard he’d done it to other girls.

I felt dirty and still do. This was in 2013. I still wonder who else had taken advantage of me. Was there anyone else that raped me that night? Just the two I know of? I’ll never know. I still feel shame. Contacting the police never even crossed my mind. I’m from a small, conservative town. He was a celebrated athlete, and alcohol was involved, albeit in a small amount in my case. Looking back, I still believe I would have ostracized myself and caused myself even more trauma by reporting it.

This event has haunted me. My life began to go downhill slowly but surely afterwards. Intimacy issues, severe drug addiction, behavioral outbursts. I still feel an ever-growing intense anger. I would do anything to watch him get his ass beat to a pulp.

I confronted him once, a year or two later, at a party, after I saw him and said something rude to him and he made a snide remark about me having a “roast beef pussy” (nice try, not true, but better luck next time!). I don’t even remember what I said, I went into a blind rage - this was at the height of my behavioral anger issues and was close to my descent into even more serious substance abuse issues.

I said no, and since I wouldn’t give myself up to him, he took me. Used me like a blow-up doll. As a result of his actions that night, I was raped twice, and I don’t doubt that they were the only two.

Thanks, boy. I hate you and I hate myself.

Man slashes tires and throws bricks through windows of women who rejected him

Authorities say Domingo Spinney, of Milford, used a bogus profile on the dating website PlentyOfFish to arrange meetings with the women at restaurants last December–but the person the women were expecting never showed up.

Instead, they say Spinney hit on them at the bar when they thought they were being stood up. They say he used a different name and asked for their phone numbers, and was rejected each time.

Police say he stalked the women who turned him down, slashing tires and throwing a brick through a window of a woman’s home.

Sandra Berfield, 32, murdered by man she rejected after escalating violence


A Massachusetts handyman pleaded innocent Friday to charges he used a packaged pipe bomb to murder a waitress who refused to date him.

Steven S. Caruso, 44, showed no emotion when he was arraigned in Malden District Court for first-degree murder in the Jan. 20 death of Sandra Berfield, 32, of Everett, Mass.

Berfield died when she opened a package authorities allege Caruso left on her front porch.  Authorities said the device was triggered by a battery that activated a switch when the package was opened.

“My sister was stalked relentlessly for over two years,” Darisse said. “Unfortunately, she didn’t qualify for a 209A (protective restraining order) because she had no prior relationship. This left her without the protection she needed and deserved, which left police unable to stop her stalker.”

Certain states require that a credible threat be made before any action can be taken, Darisse explained.

“How do you prove a credible threat? It’s a matter of interpretation,” she said. “When you receive dead roses in the mail, like my sister did, how do you interpret that any other way?”

Teenager stabbed and run over by 41 year old man she rejected

A teenager is in the hospital and the 41-year-old man who attacked her with a car before stabbing her is behind bars at a North Carolina jail, the Archdale Police Department reported on Facebook.

The 19-year-old was stabbed multiple times because she refused to date Tyvonne Quantaine Upshur, WXII reported. Upshur knew the teen from church, according to WFMY.

Jilted, the “obsessed” Greensboro man followed the teen and her family from church to a Taco Belland tried to run them over but missed and crashed into utility poles, WGHP reported. Upshur then got out of the car and stabbed the teenager in the back, according to the TV station.

Amber Kyzer Left her Husband, so he Murdered their Five Kids


Amber Kyzer said her marriage to Tim Jones started out well but became increasingly abusive. Tim would regularly beat her, spit on her, and threaten to chop her up and feed her to the pigs. Once he even broke her back teeth out by throwing a phone at her head.

After Amber left in a bid to dispel the toxic tension between them and preserve Tim’s relationship with their five children, he routinely sent her short videos of the children crying for her in an attempt to lure her back under his control. His efforts failed. Tim murdered all five children in cold blood and drove their bodies around for nine days before dumping them in rural Alabama. The children were aged between eight and one years old.  He expressed no remorse during his trial.


She rejected a man at a party. Then he shot her baby in the head.

It was supposed to be a family gathering on the northeast side of Fresno, Calif. When reporters arrived at the putty-colored ranch house on Monday, coolers were still sitting in the front yard, and a pink-and-blue banner was tacked to the window. “Happy Birthday!” it said in looping letters.

But according to the Fresno Police Department, the weekend celebration turned tragic when a 23-year-old man couldn’t take no for an answer and opened fire after a young woman rejected his advances. One of the bullets hit her 10-month-old daughter in the head, and the child has been hospitalized ever since.

“We are hoping and praying that baby Fayth is able to survive this injury as well as make a full recovery,” Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said at a Sunday news conference hours after the shooting.

As it turned out, Echartea was already wanted in another shooting “over a female,” Dyer said. On the night of May 27, he allegedly fired numerous shots into the house where his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend was living. One of the bullets penetrated the wall and nearly struck a 1-year-old who was inside, coming within approximately one foot of the baby.

Court records show that at the time of the shooting, Echartea was out on bond while awaiting sentencing in a domestic violence case.

Woman killed by stalker after local judge refuses order of protection


The Florida woman killed by a man who had allegedly stalked her since her Hooters waitressing days had tried to get an order of protection against him, but a judge refused the request.

Alissa Blanton, 23, of Cocoa, Fla., was shot and killed Monday in the parking lot near her new job at an AT&T call center in Orange County, Fla. Police said her killer, 61-year-old Roger Troy, fatally shot himself immediately afterward.

About a week before she died, Blanton asked a judge for an order of protection against Troy, whom she said had been stalking her for two years. Despite the evidence she presented – her petition contained more than 70 pages of harassing e-mails Troy sent to her – Brevard County Circuit Court Judge Dean Moxley said he didn’t have enough information to rule on the petition.

Two Women Severely Beaten for Refusing to Kiss for Group of Men

Melania Geymonat and her girlfriend were on a 2:30 a.m. bus returning back home after a date on May 30 when they were approached by four men who demanded that the two women kiss in front of them.

When they refused, both women were verbally abused before being severely beaten. The males ran off the bus before authorities could intervene. A phone and bag were stolen during the assault. Both women were taken to a hospital for treatment to facial injuries.


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"He blushed, turned and quickly ran away. "It was some kind of maniac, that's what they call them. Did you tell the teacher?" Gena asked. No, what is there to tell.

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