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My Universe - My Baby

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Time to become a parent! Take care of your dream baby, teach them new skills and help them grow up!

Discover a new generation of baby simulation: feed them, bath them, change their diapers, play together… like in real life!

Your baby needs you!
Every action contributes to your baby’s happiness and love for you. Use all items at your disposal (toys, plushies…) to motivate them to carry out new actions (standing, crawling, walking...) and unlock more activities.

All grown-up!
Play with your newborn baby, witness their first steps and their evolution through dozens of minigames. Watch your child grow up in size and personality along the way!

Parenting like a boss!
Your efforts are rewarded: the more skills your baby learns, the more items and outfits you earn to personalise your experience.

- Complete customisation: create your dream baby, pick up their perfect outfit and customise their room as you like!
- Full immersion: interact with your baby as if you were in the room
- More than 30 activities to discover and master;
- Don't stand still! Explore the house and play everywhere: in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room…
- Photo mode: take the best pictures of your baby to get coins and exclusive items.

Release date:
August 18, 2020

1 player

Simulation, Lifestyle


Game file size:
2.0 GB

Supported Languages:
French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, English

Supported Play Modes:
TV mode

TV mode

Tabletop mode

Tabletop mode

Handheld mode

Handheld mode

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My Baby (series)

Video game series

My Baby are a series of single-playervirtual lifesimulationvideo games developed by French studios Dancing Dot Studio and Nobilis Games.


My Baby Girl/My Baby Boy[edit]

My Baby Girl and My Baby Boy are Nintendo DS video games released in North America on November 4, 2008 and in Europe on November 28, 2008.[1] The games teach players the skills of parenting (the player can choose to be a daddy or a mommy) and to the experience of raising a daughter or son in the months that they spend as an infant.[2]

The player can choose a nationality for their child in addition to their eye color.[2] Players must create a given name (up to eight letters) to his or her character before beginning the actual game. However, there is no need to insert either a middle name or a surname because of memory constraints.

Two developmental challenges (i.e., teaching the baby how to speak or teaching the baby how to crawl) must be passed before the baby is allowed to grow by one month.[2] Using the microphone to expand the baby's vocabulary and the stylus to put on new clothes for them helps provide the challenges that new parents face with their infants every day.[2] Babies must be given baby formula in a bottle and the game is similar to the Tamagotchi devices of the mid 1990s. There was originally an option to create a "My Baby" game combining two genders in one cartridge but the idea was funneled off into two different cartridges.[2]

One of the other mandatory features of the game include flatulence, cooing, and the changing of the diaper when the baby urinates or has a bowel movement.[2]

My Baby First Steps[edit]

My Baby First Steps, known in Europe as My Baby 2, is a video game for the Nintendo DS and Wii. The player's son or daughter has grown out of infancy and into toddlerhood. As a virtual parent, the player gets to control the character until he or she turns three years old (and approaches childhood). The baby will discover his or her entire environment, walk, babble, and even speak (saying either mommy or daddy depending on the gender of the player). Three-dimensional animations makes baby look more lifelike and an improved artificial intelligence makes the virtual baby act like the player's actual son or daughter. Babies will grow from a physical and a psychological view. The player can choose between having a boy or a girl in a single cartridge unlike the prequels.

A shopping mall is introduced to purchase possessions for the baby and the home featuring generic clothing that doesn't have any fashion designer's name branded on them.

The game has a realistic nurse and pediatrician that teaches the player how to take care of their son or daughter.

My Baby 3 & Friends[edit]

My Baby 3 & Friends is a 2010 Nintendo DS game developed by Dancing Dots and published by Majesco Entertainment. As a toddler, the player's son or daughter is exposed to activities like swimming, the swing set at the local playground, and even a playground slide for stimulation and development. Players are also expected to allow their babies to socialize with either another baby or with a puppy. The timeline of the baby's development starts the baby off at 15 months (1 year and three months) and ends it at 30 months (2 years and six months). Thirty new skills can be developed in a non-linear fashion; making the parenting aspects of the game more in tune with the child's actual development.

Critical reception[edit]

IGN awarded My Baby Girl 5.0 out of 10 (equivalent to 50% or a F letter grade), finding the graphics to be adequate but criticized the slow pacing, underwhelming music, and lack of actual gaming content. An issue was raised with the nudity and urination, which the reviewer felt might be uncomfortable for non-parents.[2]


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My Baby Boy Nintendo DS Game

Features It's finally here - a baby of your very own!

You're the mom or dad and your baby needs your love and care to grow! You will need to do everything real parents do - feeding, changing, bathing, playing - to put your baby on the right track to development. Just as in real parenting, follow your instinct and the doctor's advice. Keep your baby happy or you will hear about it! With a wide variety of skills to teach and new experiences in every game, there is no end to the fun you'll have raising your own baby!

Enjoy 14 months of realistic baby simulation
Innovative game play that is based on stylus, touch pad, voice recognition, and the microphone - not a compilation of mini-games
Interact with your baby whenever you want and experience more than 200 real baby-like reactions
Take photos of your favorite memories with your baby and keep a scrapbook - or share them with grandma and get fun presents
Over 350 unlockable clothing, accessory, and toy items allow you to express your baby's personality to the fullest
Watch your baby grow from both a physical and psychological point of view
Colorful 3D environments
Over 25 skills to teach your baby in addition to 8 activities

My Baby Girl (Nintendo DS, 2008)

Product Information

  • My Baby Girl is a life development simulation game that presents players with an interactive infant to nurture and care for, from birth through the first 14 months of her life. Like real babies, these virtual infants don't talk or move around too much, but they will smile and giggle, and coo with appreciation when they are kept clean, fed, and happy. All the most notable real-life responsibilities are represented, from bath time and bottles to spoon-feeding and changing diapers, and virtual parents should make plenty of time for play, too. Players interact with their babies through the touch screen, using the stylus to hold bottles, wash behind ears, wipe bottoms, and tickle tummies. The microphone allows players to talk to the babies, as well. Players can customize their own baby girl and choose the outfits she wears each day. The companion game, My Baby Boy, features the same style of play with a boy infant instead of a girl.

Product Identifiers

  • Publisher

    SouthPeak Interactive

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Product Key Features

  • Release Year


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  • Platform

    Nintendo DS

  • Game Name

    My Baby Girl

Additional Product Features

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  • ESRB Descriptor

    Comic Mischief

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