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50+ Free Vintage Fall Images

Autumn is fast approaching.  Nothing says fall like crunching through the forest on a crisp day, and let’s not forget one of our favorite holidays, Thanksgiving, will be here shortly.  It’s time to plan your fall and Thanksgiving projects, and we’re here to help!

We’ve collected more than 50 Fall images from The Graphics Fairy archives that represent fall and Thanksgiving.  Everything from woodland animals, trees and nuts, turkeys, pilgrims & Indians, vegetables, and images related to a fall harvests.    There is a little something for everyone, from detailed black and white etchings to Victorian scrap pieces, instant natural history art to fun retro style graphics.

We hope you enjoy these 50+ Fabulous Free Vintage Fall Images!

50 Free Best Fall Images


35 Fabulous Fall Images

1)   Turkey Facing Forward.  This fun turkey was an image from an old children’s game.  He is walking towards you with a bright red head, pretty grey body, and detailed brown feathers.  I especially love this image because the turkey is facing forward.  So often, you see turkey images with the turkey viewed from the side or a 3/4 view, and this is a fun change!

2)   Traditional Full Color Turkey.  This turkey image is one of my most popular!   This turkey engraving came from an old encyclopedia and is facing to the side with one foot in the air.  I love the detailed feathers on this image and tones of red, browns and blue.

3)  Detailed Turkey Engraving.   This detailed engraving is from an 1828 printer’s book.  This guy looks like he was walking through the woods and stopped to look over his shoulder.  His feathers are all close to his body and the etching details on his feathers are fantastic!  I have three color versions in this post – brown, red, and black.



Harvest Grains Printable Transfer

4)   Wheat Bushel with Ornate Frame.  This fantastic French Grain Sack Transfer Printable features a bundle of wheat and some ornate scrolls!  This would be great to use in your fall burlap or flour sack transfer projects.

5)   Woman Wheat Harvest.  This Victorian scrap is of a lovely woman with her dark hair pulled back, looking over her shoulder.  She is carrying a bushel of wheat and carrying a scythe.  This lovely piece features autumn tones of reds and golds.

6)   Victorian Apple Harvest.  Fall would be incomplete without a trip to the apple orchard.  This Victorian card shows a mom and two daughters in the orchard.  The youngest is perched on a ladder with an apple she’s just picked.  The older daughter kneels on the ground next to a bushel of ripe apples.  The mother is wearing a lovely pink dress.

7)   French Cornucopia Ornament.  This detailed French cornucopia etching is particularly ornate.  I love how the flowers, vines, and grains are spilling out of the cornucopia, taking on a very organic and flowing feel.  There are three color versions of this engraving – basic black, chocolate brown, and gold.

8)   Onion Book Plate.  When I think of a fall harvest, I think of all the great vegetables we use in our Thanksgiving meals.  This fantastic book plate is a full size printable of two types of onions in yellow and pinkish-orange tones.  The subject matter and colors make it perfect for some instant fall kitchen art!

9)   Pumpkin with Vines.  A great horizontal botanical of a pumpkin patch with a plump pumpkin, ready to be harvested.  This image has yellow, orange and green tones.  This realistic image includes large leaves, detailed pumpkin vines with tendrils, and squash blossoms.

10)   Baked Pie.   This cute pie illustration came from an antique nursery rhyme book.   This image would look great on recipe cards, or any fall projects that require an image of baked goods!

11)   French Harvest Woman.  This lovely ad with a gold frame shows a pretty young woman with a large bundle of grain.  She is wearing a bonnet and a rustic red dress.

12)   Harvest Time Sheet Music.  This vintage sheet music is for the song, ” ‘Tis Harvest Time.”  This image would be great as a background image for your collage projects, and is perfect for sheet music wreaths!



35 Fabulous Fall Images

13)   Native American Chief.  I posted this proud Native American Indian chief back in 2007!  The head an shoulders portrait shows the details of his feathered headdress, beaded necklaces, and deerskin clothing.

14)  Fall Costume Paper Doll.  This fun newspaper image has an adorable black and white paper doll with three changeable costumes — an Indian, a turkey, and a Pilgrim.   Print this full size image on card stock and lay them out for the kids to color and play with at the kid’s Thanksgiving table!

15)   Retro Mom Serving Turkey.  A great pen and ink 40’s style line drawing of a mom setting the piping hot turkey down in front of her hungry husband and son.  I just love her cute spotted apron!

16)   Pilgrim Silhouette Place Cards.  This image features a full body silhouette of a Pilgrim man holding a sign.  I thought these would be perfect to repurpose as place card holders, and there is both a black and white version, and a brown and white version in this post.

17)   Pilgrim Couple in Woods.  A very detailed image of a Pilgrim couple walking through the woods.  The man has his hat on and is holding his gun over his shoulder.  His wife has on an apron with her hair pulled back.

18)   Native American Woman.  This Victorian scrap image is a full body image of a woman in Native American attire with a bird perched on her shoulder.  I love the muted colors in this image and the feathers in her hair.

19) Harvest Woman.   This antique postcard is by artist John Winsch, and dates to 1910. A young woman is gathering pumpkins from a pumpkin patch. There is a large bunch of corn or hay behind her, as well as a golden metallic sun. The soft muted tones are just beautiful!

20) Autumn Girl.  This is a sweet vintage clip art piece with a darling little girl, with the title Miss Autumn! This charming girl is wearing a bright red cape, as she dashes through a fall scene of autumn leaves, acorns and squirrels. It must be a windy day as she appears to be holding tightly to her fancy hat!

21) Girl Picking Apples. This is a lovely old trade card that features a girl picking apples from a tree. The girl in on a hillside in a green dress with pink fabric wrapped around her, and a pink and green hat. She is on her tip toes reaching for a ripe apple.

22) Retro Mom Serving Turkey.  This cute Thanksgiving clip art comes from a 1940’s printer’s book. This proud housewife is marching her perfectly cooked Thanksgiving turkey off to the table. This would be lovely on a Thanksgiving card or tag for a hostess gift.

23) Crescent and Full Man in the Moon. These two images appear to be woodcuts from an antique typography book. The black and white images show a right facing crescent moon with a face. The second is a full moon with a somewhat somber expression.



35 Fabulous Fall Images

24)   Acorns with Oak Leaves.  A wonderful antique botanical image of a branch of green oak leaves with two acorns, still on the branch.  This pretty bunch would look pretty for fall and Thanksgiving projects!

25)   Primitive Squirrel.  This one is a great woodcut squirrel (in black and in brown) with nice thicker lines.  This cute squirrel is sitting on a branch with his arms curled in front of him and looks ready to gather some nuts.

26)   Colorful Pheasant.  An antique image from a children’s encyclopedia, this pheasant has bright colors – browns, reds and blues.  He is standing with one foot up and has a lovely long feather tail.

27)   Red & White Mushroom.   This mushroom has a bright red cap with white spots.  This image would be beautiful in a fall garland for your mantle.

28)   Brown Striped Feather.  This antique scrap piece of a brown striped feather would work really nicely in your digital art and collage work.

29)   Frisky the Squirrel.  This is a very detailed Fall image of a squirrel holding a nut.  “Frisky” is from an old children’s book, and he looks quite lifelike and adorable.

30)   Detailed Acorn.   This one is an image of a large detailed acorn with a few leaves in the background and it came off an old invoice.   I just love how you can see all of the individual scales on the acorn’s cap — someone spent a lot of time drawing this image.  There is a black and white version as well as a brown and white version in this post.

31)   Grouse Feathers.  A lovely piece of instant art, you can use this plate of 13 grouse feathers in a variety of patterns and sizes in your fall decorating displays.

32)   Count Your Blessings Acorn Wreath.  This one is a great printable of an acorn wreath with a bow, and the words “Count Your Blessings” in the center.  This image would work well in holiday paper projects or transferred on to cloth napkins or pillows.

33) Grey Squirrel. This wonderful colored engraving of a grey squirrel nibbling on a tiny carrot is from the 1790’s. The grey squirrel is facing right and perched on his back legs on top of some grass.



35 Fabulous Fall Images

34)   Maple Leaf Postcard.  I recently posted this antique postcard illustrated by Ellen Clapsaddle.  This Thanksgiving postcard features several red maple leaves with a holiday greeting.  I’ve added a second version with the wording removed so you may add your own messages, which makes this a truly versatile image for fall crafts!

35)   Orange Mums Postcard.  A vintage postcard with orange mums and a holiday greeting.  I’ve included a blank version, so you can write your own messages as well.  I think this image would make a great holiday place cards for a fall meal — just write the names of your guests and lay on top of their dinner plate.

36)   Turkey with Corn Postcard & Ear of Corn Postcard.  This post has not one, but two wonderful vintage postcards to choose from!  The first is of a big fat brown and red Thanksgiving turkey with an ear of golden corn behind him.   The second postcard is a closeup of a single ear of corn in browns and golds.

37)   Turkey Pulling Pumpkin Wagon.  I’ve included this unique postcard because it’s not every day that you see a chef with a knife and fork, riding a pumpkin wagon, being pulled through town by a turkey.  A real great image with lots of Thanksgiving feast imagery!



35 Fabulous Fall Images

38)   Pumpkin Crate Label.  This fantastic horizontal vintage crate label for Butterfly Brand pumpkins features a large round pumpkin.  There is a great geometric border with lots of reds, yellows, oranges, and golds — the perfect colors for the fall.

39)  Cape Cod Cranberries Ad.  This vintage ephemera is for cranberry wholesale company.   I just love the layout and variety of typography in this ad.   The type is in black on a natural off white background.

40)   Acorn Girl Advertising.   An adorable girl holding a pug is featured in this ad for Acorn Stove company.  This ad in in the shape of an acorn with an oval frame on the inside.  It would be really fun to modify the acorn and insert your own images or type on the inside.

41)   Pumpkin Seed Packet.  Old seed envelopes had such great art on them!  This one is a vintage seed packet with a black and white border and a view of the pumpkin field with a giant pumpkin front and center.

Fall Printables

Squirrels Fall Printable Art

42) Squirrel Instant Art.  This one is a lovely black and white etching on a sepia toned background of two squirrels from an antique book. The squirrel on top is perched on his back legs, eating a treat in his paws. The squirrel on the bottom is poised on all four legs with his tail curled back, ready to scamper up a tree!

43) Tawny Owl on a Branch.  This antique natural history print dates to 1870 and is called a tawny owl. The owl is sitting on a branch and appears to be hand colored in many shades of tan and brown. He has beautiful blue/grey eyes!  The original image on a sepia toned background, as well as the owl with the background removed are available.

44) Oak Leaves Printable. This one is a circa 1875 botanical print of some beautiful oak leaves done in red and green tones. There are a few shiny brown acorns on the branch as well. This post includes a ready to frame high resolution printable with a sepia background, as well as a plain white background version.

45) Mushrooms Print. This marvelous old print shows an assortment of different mushrooms, including the Common Mushroom, a Chantarelle and a Morell. Scanned from an 1860’s Antique British Botanical Book, the paper has aged to perfection with its brown aged edges.

46) Fall Moths Printable. This full size printable features many brown and yellow moths among some different plant species. The sepia-toned natural history print also shows a few different caterpillars as well.


Vintage Corn Fall Image

47) Corn on the Cob Engraving.   This fantastic engraving of some corn on the cob, along with a corn stalk in shades of yellow and green. The botanical illustration was scanned from an amazing Antique Botanical book from Germany, and the detail and shading on illustrations is just wonderful.

48) Maple Leaves. These are wonderful maple leaves scanned from a circa 1890’s book. The book is full of wonderful illustrations of ornamental plants. The original image is the black and white one that you see at the bottom, I’ve also made a couple of other color options for you in Fall tones, including red and orange. These would be wonderful on your Fall or Thanksgiving DIY projects, so great for home decor.

49) Oak Leaf and Acorn Wreath. These are lovely antique ornaments from a design book. The pretty wreath is made from two oak branches with tons of acorns on it. This would be lovely on fall stationery or for a fall wedding.

50) Oak Leaf Banner.  This gorgeous antique printer’s ornament from a 1913 design book is composed of a romantic swirling ribbon banner that’s embellished with oak leaves and a few small acorns. This one would be a lovely embellishment for a fall menu.

51) Pumpkin on a Pedestal.  This cute pumpkin is all ready for a holiday table setting. This image is from an antique cookbook and shows a bright orange pumpkin, surrounded by leaves on a pedestal.

If you’re looking for our Halloween Collection of images, don’t forget to check out our 75+ best free vintage Halloween images post!  That post has everything from skeletons to ravens, pumpkins to spooky spiders, and much more!



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Hi there! I had so much fun rounding up all of the free Halloween vintage clip art images for you that I wanted to do it again but with Fall themed images!! I just LOVE this time of year so much and even though it is still quite warm here, decorating with pumpkins, leaves, acorns etc somehow brings that cozy fall feeling right into our home!! I also included some feather images and an awesome moose head drawing that I fell instantly in love with!! I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do!!

So, without further adieu, I present you with my FREE Fall Vintage Clip Art Image Round Up!

(See coordinating numbers at the end of this post for links to each image file.)

And again I wanted to create a FREE Fall Printable for you with some of my favorite images so that you can simply download and print if you want to use these for your Project Life pages, scrapbook layouts, cards, etc!

Free Fall Printable Maggie Holmes

Click here to download the high res full size printable PDF >> FREE Fall Printable.

Enjoy!!! Also, please link me up either here or on instagram if you use them so I can see what you do and possibly share your creations!! I just LOVE to see and be inspired by how all of you creatives use the things I share here on my blog!!

I also have a fun fall craft that I will be sharing next week using some of the clip art images!! There are so many things you can do with these free vintage printable images!! Stay tuned!

>> FREE Vintage Fall Clip Art Image Sources <<

1 > Grouse Feather Free Print

2 > Oak Leaves with Acorns

3 > Vintage Butterfly Image for Fall

4 > Pumpkin Seed Packet Vintage Image

5 > Vintage Moose Clip Art

6 > Girl with Puppy & Acorn Clip Art

7 > Blackberry & Birds for Autumn

8 > Botanical Pumpkin Clip Art

9 > Free Thanksgiving Clip Art Mums Placecard

10 > Vintage Fall Butterfly Image

11 > Striped Feather Image

12 > Thanksgiving Turkey Printable

13 > Fall Leaves Free Images

14 > Vintage Acorn Image

15 > Free Fall Leaves Images

Thanks for stopping by today! I sure hope you enjoy my FREE Fall Clip Art Roundup!!


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Free Autumn and Fall Clip Art Images

These free fall clip art images are going to look great in all of your fall projects. Whether you're designing a flyer, announcement, brochure, or creating something online, these free fall clip art images are the perfect addition.

You'll find all kinds of fall images in these fall clip art resources. There are pumpkins, leaves, trees, scarecrows, pumpkins, acorns, wheat, cornucopias, and more. They come in all shapes and sizes so you can be sure you'll find the perfect image for your project.

Looking for more fall clip art? Check out our collections of free fall leaves, Halloween, turkey, Thanksgiving, and pumpkin clip art collections.

After you've browsed through this free fall clip art, find yourself some other fall freebies like free word searches, printables, and coloring pages.

Be sure to check out the fine print before downloading the free fall clip art. All of them are free for personal use, but there are some that may have restrictions on using them commercially.


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