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How to Find a Seller on eBay

What to Know

  • Click Advanced next to the search bar > By Seller > Only Show items from [name] > Search.
  • By item number: Click Advanced By Item Number > select result. Click the seller's username under Seller Information > Search.
  • From history: Click My eBay Purchase History > find the item and click on the username under Sold By.

This article teaches you how to find a seller on eBay and the items they sell in three ways: By seller, by item, and through your purchase history. It also highlights tips on how to make your search go more smoothly. 

How to Search for a Seller on eBay

Wondering how do you search for a seller on eBay? It's pretty simple with the most straightforward way being to search for them via the Advanced Search bar. Here's what to do.

These steps require you to use the eBay desktop website.

  1. Go to https://www.ebay.com and sign into your account.

  2. Click Advanced.

  3. Click By Seller.

  4. Click Only Show items from then enter the name of the seller ID. 

    If you've used them before, click My Saved Sellers List to find them on your saved list.

  5. Click Search and view the results to find your seller.

How to Find eBay Seller By Item Number

When conducting an eBay search, it's also possible to find a seller if you have an eBay item number and want to find the name of the person who sold it. Follow these steps to do so.

  1. Go to https://www.ebay.com and log in.

  2. Click Advanced.

  3. Click By Item Number.

  4. Enter the item number.

  5. Click Search.

  6. Click the item result.

  7. Click the seller username under Seller Information.

    Alternatively, click Visit Store to browse what else they're selling.

How to Find an eBay Seller in Your Buying History

If you've bought an item from an eBay seller and you want to buy from them again, you may have forgotten the seller's name. Here's how to find it via your buying history.

  1. Go to https://www.ebay.com

  2. Click My eBay.

  3. Click Purchase History.

    You can also click Recently viewed if you've looked at items but not purchased any.

  4. Find the relevant item.

  5. Click on the username under Sold By.

  6. Browse their items for sale for something similar.

Tips for Finding an eBay Seller

Besides knowing how to use the eBay site to find sellers, it's important to know searching etiquette that improves your chances of finding the eBay seller you need. Here's a quick look at useful ways to improve your searches.

  • Add favorite sellers to your saved list. Adding a seller to your favorites adds them to your Saved Seller list which makes it easier to find them in the future. Do so by clicking Save this Seller under their username.
  • Narrow down results via filters. If you're looking for a specific item from a seller, you can enter a keyword or item number to narrow down the results. This is particularly useful if the seller stocks many items.
  • Check the shops tab. If the seller has a shop on eBay, search under Find Shops. Enter the shop name or keywords relating to it to find the store. Keywords are useful if you don't know the exact name of the storefront. 

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eBay hero image

If you want to purchase an item from eBay, you can just search for that item in the search bar. Searching for a specific seller requires digging a little deeper in the search options, though. Here’s how it’s done.

Search for a Seller on eBay in a Web Browser

If you had a good experience with a specific seller on eBay, you may want to continue shopping with them. Or, if you’ve found a seller who frequently lists unique items, you may want to just check in and see what’s new. However, searching for a seller isn’t as straightforward as searching for an item if you’re using a desktop web browser on your Windows 10 PC or Mac.

To search for a seller on eBay, head over to eBay’s official website. Once there, click the “Advanced” link found to the right of the search bar at the top of the browser window. This option can be found on almost any page on eBay.

Advanced button next to search button

You’ll now be on the “Advanced Search” page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the “Sellers” section, or click “By Seller” in the “Items” pane on the left side of the screen.

By seller option in Items pane to the left of the screen

In the “Sellers” section, click the box next to “Only Show Items From” to select it. Next, select the bubble next to the “Specific Sellers (Enter Seller’s User IDs)” option, then type the seller’s ID in the text box. Finally, click “Search.”

Items in the Sellers section of the advanced search options to search for a specific seller

Items listed by the specified seller will be returned.

Search for a Seller on eBay’s Mobile App

Searching for a seller is a bit easier if you’re using eBay’s app on iPhone, iPad, or Android. Open the app and tap the search bar at the top of the home screen.

Search bar on eBays mobile app

Now, type the ID of the seller you’re searching for, then tap the option that says “Search for a User” in the search results.

Option to search for a user

Items listed by the specified seller will be returned.

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How to search for a seller on eBay in 2 different ways

So you purchased an item on eBay and were particularly thrilled by the level of service you received from the seller.

If you want to buy from them again, you're able to easily search for a seller using eBay's advanced search feature. 

Alternatively, you can first find an item that seller has and then navigate to the seller's store from there.

How to search for a seller on eBay

1. Click on the "Advanced Search" link to the right of the search bar on the eBay homepage. This will bring you to the advanced search screen.

2. Hit the "By Seller" link on the left side of the page. 

How to search for a seller on eBay
Kelly Laffey/Business Insider

3. Check the box that says "Only show items from" and then select the "Specific Sellers" bullet point.

How to search for a seller on eBay
Kelly Laffey/Business Insider

4. Enter the seller's ID in the text box, and hit "Search."

5. If you don't know a seller's ID, you can find it by selecting an item that you know the seller has in his or her store. The seller's name will be on the right side of the page under "Seller Information." Select the name to be taken to a page that will display all the items that the seller has available for purchase.

How to search for a seller on eBay
Kelly Laffey/Business Insider

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How to Search for an eBay Seller

According to eBay, millions of sellers list their items up for sale daily; however, finding one particular seller amid those millions is difficult, as eBay does not allow you to search sellers by real name, telephone number or zip code anywhere on the site, including the search bar. To look up an eBay seller on the website, you will need at least part of his user ID to find both active and completed listings he posted for auction or sale although having the exact full ID will help narrow down the search results.

Step 1

Click the "Advanced" link in the top right corner of any eBay page.

Step 2

Click "By Seller" in the Items category on the left side of the page.

Step 3

Enter the seller's name into the "Enter Seller's User ID" field. Click the box next to "Show Close and Exact User ID Matches" if you are unsure of the correct spelling of the seller's ID.

Step 5

Enter the verification code into the field provided and click "Search" again.

Step 6

Click the seller's ID in the list to view his eBay profile or click "Seller's Items" to view the items he has for sale.




  • There is no way to search for a seller through the eBay website if you don't already have a general idea of his seller ID.
  • You do not need an eBay account to search for a seller although you will need one to buy that seller's items for your business.

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Find seller ebay

3 Easy Ways to Find a Seller on eBay You Should Try Now

For customers who often choose to buy on e-commerce sites, no one is new to eBay. Because it offers customers a variety of attractive items in a variety of categories, meeting the customer criteria given. However, some customers are not really familiar with eBay, as well as all functions of it. One of the features that many people wonder the most is how to find sellers on eBay.

In this article, I will present to you 3 easy ways to find a seller on eBay you should try now.

Table of contents

What is eBay?

Maybe when it comes to the name eBay you no longer feel strange. However, its knowledge is too limited. You didn’t know that eBay.com is a product of the eBay group in the US. In addition to Ebay.com, this group also has another famous product, Paypal. In the past, Skype was owned by this corporation until Microsoft acquired it.

eBay is considered to be an online selling website. It is a gathering place and sells a lot of items, products from around the world. The most peculiar difference of eBay is to become a website for you to buy products in the form of eBay auctions as an outside auction. Accordingly, when customers pay higher will buy the item. However, if you want to buy goods on eBay, you need an international payment card such as Visa Card or Master Card, Amex - JCB - Discover card or use Paypal to pay.

Sources of products on eBay come from all over the world. Therefore, the goods on this site are very diverse including costumes, housewares, electronics and high-tech items, etc. Besides, you can easily become an eBay seller with our simple guide here.

Different from items on Amazon, goods on eBay come from a variety of sources. So that the quality control of products is not strict. This e-commerce site still exists many kinds of low-quality goods. Without the knowledge and experience in the field of purchasing on eBay, it is challenging for you to choose the product you want. One of the ways you can curb buying low-quality products is to find a seller and contact them.

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How to find a seller on eBay?

There are usually 3 main ways to find sellers on eBay. Those are:

Find eBay seller by name or email address

  1. Sign in to your eBay account.
Sign in to eBay
  1. Go to Advanced Search form

  2. Click on Find a member or Find contact information which is under the Members header in the left column.
    • Click Find a member when you want to find the person’s eBay profile and items they are selling.
    • Click Find contact information to receive an email from eBay with the person’s contact info.
  3. Type the user ID or email address of the user. If you selected Find contact information, enter the item number for the auction.

  4. You’ll only see this if you choose the Find a member option.

  5. Click Search. This will display the user ID for the eBay seller based on the email address you entered. If you requested the person’s contact information, it will be sent to you via email message.

  6. Click user ID. This will display the seller’s profile, along with the Contact link at the top-right corner.

  7. Click Save if you’d like to add the seller to your favorites.

Find eBay seller by item number

  1. Go to eBay in a web browser.

  2. Click Advanced next to the Search button. This opens the Advanced Search form, which allows you to search for items from certain eBay sellers.

  3. Click By item number in the left sidebar, near the top.

Click By item number
  1. Type the item number into the box.

  2. Click Search. This will display a link to the item’s listing. Click the title of the listing. You’ll find the seller’s username under Seller information on the right side of the page.

Click Search
  1. Click Save this Seller if you’d like to add the seller to your favorites.

Find listings by seller’s user ID

  1. Go to eBay in a web browser.

  2. Click Advanced next to the Search button.

  3. Click By seller in the left sidebar.

Click By seller
  1. Check the box next to Only show items from. It’s under the Sellers header.

  2. Type the seller’s user ID into the Specific sellers box in the right next to the drop-down menu that says Include.

  3. Set the rest of your search parameters (optional).
    • If you’re looking for a specific item, you can type a keyword from the listing into the Enter keywords or item number box.
    • Select any of the options under Search including to specify what types of listings to see.
    • Fill out the form until you reach the Sellers area, which you’ve already filled out.
  4. Click Search at the bottom of the form.
Click Search
  1. Click a listing to view it. From here, you can contact the seller by clicking Contact seller under Seller information on the right side of the page.

  2. Click Save this Seller if you’d like to add the seller to your favorites.

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These above are the 3 easy ways to find sellers on eBay. You can completely apply it right now. I believe, with this simple step by step guideline, finding a seller on eBay will no longer be a problem. Good luck!

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How to Search for an eBay Seller by Name And Copy Their Listings 👨

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