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Featured Seminars:

Cranking Docks - Pete Gluszek

Bass fishing docks with a crankbait is a lesson common approrach. Lots of guys with skip, flip & pitch other baits under and around docks, usually single-hook lures. But taking the chance of hanging up your double-treble lipped squarebill or shallow diver may be worth the effort and the risk.

Fixing Marine Electronics Power Issues - Cody Meyer

Star up your electronics and they take forever to start giving good readings. You crank your outboard and your electronics turn off. The screens on your new electronics are flickering or there's excessive noise. Your cranking batteries are dying by the end of the day. You're replacing cranking batteries every

Tournament Bass Fishing Success - October 2021

Bassmaster Elite Patrick Walters and NPFL Anglers Keith Carson and Taylor Watkins join The Bass University LIVE to talk about tournament bass fishing success. That's right, catching bass and cashing checks is the topic. Watch this live show recording for tips on catching limits and filling livewells with kicker bass.

Texas Rig Flipping & Pitching - Caleb Sumrall

Caleb Sumrall is back on the water with The Bass University cameras to talk about flipping and pitching Texas rigs (and to a little bit on jigs). Caleb believes there are 3 key factors when choosing your soft plastic, hook & weight: water clarity, fish activity and forage. In this

Topwater Bass Fishing Tips & Tricks - Randy Howell : Remastered

In this instructional class seminar video, Bassmaster Classic champion Randy Howell talks about the exciting world of topwater bass fishing. From poppers to walking baits to buzz shad, Randy talks about some of his favorite tips, tactics and techniques for catching bass that are feeding on the surface. Randy begins

Take it to the Bank : Ep 2 - Tackle Organization & Consolidation

Mike Iaconelli is back for part 2 of the "Take it to the Bank" bank bass fishing series of classes. In this segment, Mike talks about packing your tackle to be light and mobile, but having everything you absolutely need to catch bass from the top of the water column

PMA, Etiquette & Conservation - Gerald Swindle

Gerald Swindle is our most-viewed presenter at The Bass University. In this interview, he talks with Pete about his most successful series of classes on "Positive Mental Attitude". While most of the principals can be applied to bass fishing, these life lessons certainly have further-reaching applications. On the topic of

Cashion Rods Kayak Pro Jody Queen - September 2021

Kayak bass fishing pro Jody Queen is here to talk about the new Cashion Kayak (CK Series) bass fishing rods. There are specialty rods specifically designed for kayaks fishing the following techniques: flipping, cranking, shakey head, worming & chatterbait fishing. What this live show recording for lots of kayak bass fishing information!

Why Fish Topwater Lures for Bass? - Lee Livesay

Lee Livesay caught some giant bass fishing a big walking topwater bait this year on Lake Fork. Lee has a lot of reasons to love fishing a topwater, but it's not JUST that the bites are exciting and the fish are often big. Watch this on the water bass fishing

Swimbait Bass Fishing - Iaconelli & Mansue : Remastered

Mike Iaconelli and Dave Manue are on the water for Bass University TV talking about hard and soft plastic swimbaits in this remastered bass fishing video. Join Mike and Dave and they break down why you should have a swimbait tied on most of the time. They talk about rigging

Bass Fishing Tailraces - Clent Davis

Clent Davis has spent most of his life fishing tailraces. Some of the techniques have evolved, and bass are a little more particular about what they bite these days. Thankfully, there are some great techniques that still catch bass from Spring to Fall. Clent is here to share his bass

Bass Fishing Pressured Waters - Jordan Lee

2x Bassmaster Classic champion Jordan Lee sits down with Pete Gluszek and Professional Fish Head to talk about dealing with fishing pressure. Fishing pressure can shut down bass and make them move off of prime spots. Learn how Jordan Lee changes his baits and techniques to catch pressured bass, his

Shallow Water Power Fishing - September 2021

It's time to put down the fairy wands and pick up some 7'+ Medium Heavy, Heavy and Extra Heavy baitcasting tackle to wench some bass out of shallow cover. Bassmaster Elite Greg DiPalma gives us a BASS tournament season wrap up, then David Williams comes on from the official Bassmaster

Swim Jig vs Chatterbait - Caleb Sumrall

Bassmaster Elite Series angler Caleb Sumrall is on the water with The Bass University comparing and contrasting the swim jig and the chatterbait. Learn which conditions are better for each lures, the best colors for time of year and conditions and when to alternate between the baits. Caleb also shares

The information is very valuable, priceless, it has helped me catch more fish on the water and improve my tournament fishing.

- Steven C.

Top Videos:

Always Fish a Ball Head Jig - Gerald Swindle

Gerald Swindle believes in simple fishing techniques and he loves jig fishing. In this 56-minute bass fishing instructional video seminar, 2-time-Angler-of-the-Year Gerald Swindle (G-man) will tell you why he always has a ballhead jig tied on, and why he believes in it as much as any bait in the tackle

KVD's Crankbait Cranking System - Kevin VanDam

Kevin VanDam shares well over an hour of crankbait fishing secrets! KVD is arguably the greatest tournament angler, and perhaps the best cranker in bass fishing history. Bassmaster Elite Series champion Kevin VanDam owes a great deal of his tournament success to fishing a crankbait. KVD believes in paying attention to detail,

Simple Jig Fishing - Gerald Swindle : Remastered

In this remastered bass fishing instructional class video seminar, Gerald Swindle, aka G-Man, is sharing with The Bass University students how the simple way of how to fish a jig. Gerald shares his approach to color selection, sizes, trailer selection, rod selection, reel speed, line choice, skirt materials and other considerations


Bass U TV launches new mobile app

Bass U TV launches new mobile app

Bass University TV, a leading source of educational materials and learning opportunities for bass anglers, launched a new app this week for both Apple and Android products, building upon existing features of its online presence and leaving room for additional growth. The free download contains all of Bass University TV�s online content for paid subscribers while giving curious soon-to-be subscribers a taste of the entire experience.

�We live in an increasingly mobile world,� said Bass University co-founder Pete Gluszek. �By putting our content in the palm of your hand, we�ve enabled you to learn in any environment. You can even solve your most difficult problems while you�re out on the water. It�s like taking the world�s best bass experts along with you.�

In addition to offering a compendium of materials, the new app organizes and categorizes them in a user-friendly manner. It not only provides over 700 training videos from top experts, but it allows you to search for them by an instructor's name, a particular topic, or even by the �most-watched� videos. They�re also divided among classroom and on-the-water tutelage. Additionally, both subscribers and non-subscribers will be able to stream the Bass University Live show through the app.

Multiple new videos will be released each week, including seminars, on-the-water videos, live shows, interviews and other original content, all with advanced production values and close-up demonstrations that will help anglers learn new techniques. You can binge-watch or learn at your own pace.

�We wanted to create a better overall experience that allows you to engage with the training in the way that suits you best,� said co-founder Mike Iaconelli. �Not only does it allow you to take Bass University with you wherever you go, but now with the Apple version, you can also easily cast our products to any Smart TV. In the near future, all of these materials will be available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Hulu. This is an amazing resource for anglers to keep up with all the latest trends and information.�

In addition to providing a new means of delivering the ever-growing library of Bass University materials, the new app will also serve as a platform for a continuing stream of enhancements. �Stay tuned for future releases detailing all of the new things we�re planning,� Gluszek said.

The Bass University app is available for free download now. This provides members with access to Bass University Live, interviews and many free training videos.

The free app can be downloaded at these online locations:

> Google Play Store �
> The App Store �

You can take your membership to the next level at Bass University TV with an active subscription. This allows full-length viewing of all the training videos and provides benefits to subscribers, including up to 40 percent off products from Rapala, VMC, Flambeau, and more. New discounts and promotions are periodically offered to subscribers.

Subscription pricing is $14.99 monthly or $149.99 annually. To subscribe, click here.

To watch a video showing all the features of the new app, click here.

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Bass U TV: Learn Bass Fishing

Improve your bass fishing with Bass U TV. Unlock the premier collection of training videos and access instruction for techniques, tackle, and strategies from the best anglers in the world. Subscribe to greatness.

Get the most of your BassU.TV subscription and learn on the go with the Bass U TV app:
- Unlimited access to 700+ training videos
- Multiple new video releases each week including seminars, on-water videos, live shows, interviews, and other original content
- Learn at your own pace or binge-watch the training videos
- Advanced production with graphics and close-up, hands-on demonstrations that help anglers learn new techniques
- Commercial-free viewing experience
- Categories: the highly detailed search tool to help you find exactly what you want to learn based around lures, techniques, bass habitat, electronics, seasonal info and conditions
- Watch Bass U LIVE directly on the app, send in questions and win prizes
- Instruction from 90+ top pros including Mike Iaconelli, Kevin VanDam, Gerald Swindle, Jordan Lee, Bryan Thrift, Skeet Reese, Edwin Evers, Ott DeFoe, Brandon Palaniuk, Aaron Martens, Greg Hackney, Jason Christie, Mark Zona, Bobby Lane, Chris Lane, John Crews, Ish Monroe, Seth Feider, Chris Zaldain, Brent Ehrler, Casey Ashley, Mark Davis, and Pete "The Dean" Gluszek

Bass U TV app is free to download. With an active subscription, you can watch the full-length training videos and enjoy benefits including up to 40% off products from Rapala, VMC, Flambeau, and more. New discounts and promotions are periodically offered to subscribers.

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