Buy prepaid minutes online

Buy prepaid minutes online DEFAULT

T-Mobile offers many convenient ways to refill your prepaid account. You can use refill cards, or credit and debit cards. If your plan has limited minutes or data, you can refill your account online, by phone, or by redeeming a refill card. We'll send a free text message reminder when you get close to your service renewal date. If you have multiple lines on your account, any existing service balance is automatically applied to all lines on your account at the end of the service cycle—starting with the billing responsible party (primary line).

Refill your prepaid account


Refill online

Refill your prepaid account by logging in to My T-Mobile, or refill without logging in. Here are a few details to keep in mind:

  • Maximum refill amount of one transaction is $
  • Multiple transactions may be completed in one day.
  • Total account balance can't exceed $1,


Refill by phone

You can refill your prepaid account on the phone by calling the T-Mobile Refill Center. Just dial *ADD or click to call


Purchase refill cards

You can purchase prepaid refill cards at any participating third-party retailer—some offer online purchasing options with email delivery. 


AT&T recharge

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Instant code delivery by email

Add minutes with AT&T prepaid refill

Add minutes with AT&T prepaid refill

About AT&T prepaid

Are you in dire need of an AT&T refill? Refilling your phone has never been this easy! Simply select an AT&T refill plan and us one of our payment methods. You'll receive your refill in 30 seconds. Get your AT&T refill from It's fast, safe & simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I recharge using my AT&T prepaid code?

    You refill your AT&T prepaid: dial ** + AT&T code + # and press send.

  • How do I check my AT&T balance?

  • How do I contact AT&T?

  • How long is my AT&T Refill valid for?

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Prepaid cell phones such as those from Verizon Wireless are easy and convenient -- until the time rolls around to recharge them with more minutes. If it’s time to refill your Verizon prepaid phone, you can do so quickly and easily on -- 24/7, from anywhere in the world, and with no fees or taxes! First, type the amount you want to spend in the space provided. Then you’ll need to enter your Verizon Wireless prepaid phone number, and finally supply your payment information. That’s it! Once the transaction completes, minutes will be added to your Verizon prepaid phone automatically. Because we use bit encryption, you can add minutes to your Verizon prepaid phone without worrying about the security of your data. We don’t collect your information for marketing purposes or annoy you with ads -- we just offer a fast, easy way to recharge your Verizon Wireless phone anytime, anywhere. So don’t wait until your service expires! Use Prepaid Bill for your next Verizon Wireless prepaid refill today.


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How To Sign Up For T-Mobile's $30 Prepaid Plan!

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