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Every country and culture have their own legends and folklore. Some are heroic tales of love, sacrifice, and valor. Some are epic mythologies of gods and goddesses. These tales and stories, although many centuries old, have inspired generations after generations. Even some of the modern interpretations of superheroes are inspired by the characters in these legends, folklore, and mythologies. Today’s printable collection of coloring pages is inspired by one such modern superhero that has its roots in Norse mythology, the god of thunder – Thor.

Thor Odinson or Thor is a hammer-wielding god who is part of Germanic mythology and gained widespread prominence during the Viking Age. In the modern age, it has got worldwide popularity due to the introduction of the character in Marvel Comics. Further aided by the adaptation in films through the Marvel Cinematic Universe where Thor is played by actor Chris Hemsworth.

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The film depicts Thor as one of the most powerful Asgardians hailing from the ancient alien civilization Asgard, having long ties to Earth. A founding member of the Avengers, Thor later joins the Guardians of the Galaxy team.

Let’s find out more about this alien God through this entertaining collection of coloring sheets to print.

32 Free Thor Coloring Pages Printable

  1. Thor as Part of the Avengers:

Avengers Thor coloring page

While Thor appears just like a human, he belongs to a race of extraterrestrials with highly advanced technology that appears like some kind of magic or sorcery. Here he is seen as part of the Avengers, a team of superheroes that defends the earth against the evil forces.

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  1. Hermod, The God of Speed:

Hermod coloring page

After Thor, the God of Thunder, here we have another Asgardian, Hermod, who is known as the God of Speed. Grandly illustrated on this coloring page, Hermod is also the half-brother of Thor. Because of his great speed he is employed as Odin’s messenger. Print this page and fill it with flying colors as he goes on a mission to deliver another message.

  1. Hogan, Volstagg, and Fandral – The Warrior Three:

Hogan Volstagg and Fandral coloring page

This is a trio of Asgardian adventurers, always ready for adventures and to fight their enemies. You have Hogun the Grim, Volstagg the Valiant, and Fandral the Dashing in action mode, as part of the Warrior Three. They can be seen on their side-adventures and providing humor as supporting cast of the story of Marvel Comics, Thor.

  1. Loki Caught by the Guards:

Loki caught by the guards

What new trouble has Loki, the God of Mischief got himself into on this coloring page? Caught by the guards and brought before the King, the future doesn’t look so good for Loki in this illustration. You can come up with suggestions to help him avoid punishment, while you print and color this dramatic scenario.

  1. Loki Gets The Throne:

Loki coloring page

Things must have worked out fine for Loki as you can see him sitting on the throne instead of King Odin. Brother to Thor, Loki is the adopted son of Odin and has been creating trouble and wreaking havoc across the different realms.

  1. Loki in Action:

Loki in action

Another tricky situation for Loki who seems to have been trapped in some sort of magic spell on this coloring page. Fear not, when it comes to sorcery, Loki is renowned as the most powerful in all of Asgard, so he will soon be setting himself free from this predicament he finds himself in.

  1. Loki Up To Some Mischief:

Loki Up To Some Mischief


That smile on Loki’s face spells trouble for somebody or the other. What new mischief is he conjuring up here on this coloring page? There’s fire and smoke in the background. Maybe it’s to distract his enemies. Bring out the suspense and drama in this illustration with your coloring skills.

  1. Nidhogg and Thor:

Nidhogg and Thor coloring page

An illustration of one of the adventures of Thor where he fights valiantly with Nidhogg, a dragon living at the bottom of the world tree in a place called Nastrond. Thor and Nidhogg seem to be equally matched here.

  1. Odin Sitting On His Throne:

Odin coloring page

Justice must have prevailed and Loki must have been punished or he escaped because we now have King Odin back on his throne. In films, the comic book character is played by the legendary Oscar-winning Hollywood actor Anthony Hopkins. Print this page and fill it with regal colors apt for gods.

  1. Skurge the Executioner:

Skurge the executioner coloring page

If you find this illustration intimidating, it’s because this is the super-villain Skurge the Executioner. An Asgardian that has proved to be a long-time antagonist of Thor, wielding a double-bladed ax, Skurge the Executioner is part of the original Masters of Evil and has helped with the schemes of Loki and even the Enchantress.

  1. Thor in a Cartoon Avatar:

Thor cartoon coloring page


How cute does this cartoon avatar of Thor look? The expression is tough and dangerous but because of the cartoonish illustration, this little Thor looks so fun. Print this coloring page and give it all your cool and artful colors.

  1. Thor Flying from the Palace:

Thor coloring pages free printable

Being a God, Thor possesses superhuman qualities and is able to fly using his magical hammer, Mjolnir. He simply needs to swing his hammer and hurl it into the air and follow-through. Here he is propelling himself up in the air. Something urgent must be calling him that’s why he’s leaving in a hurry.

  1. Thor Flying Through Galaxies at Great Speed:

Thor coloring pages printable

Thor doesn’t just fly. He is able to fly at an incredible speed. Passing through the galaxies at superhuman speed, here is Thor flying with the help of his Mjolnir. Add some celestial and starry colors to this speedy illustration of the God of Thunder.

  1. Thor Fights Loki and His Minions:

Thor coloring pages to print

Thor smashes through rocks fighting his brother, the scheming God of Mischief, Loki who has brought some alien minions with him. Print this action-packed coloring page and bring out the adventurous details with your coloring skills.

  1. Thor Battling the Fire Dragon:

Thor coloring pages

Finding himself in a fiery situation, Thor must act fast to survive. The Fire Dragon held in chains is beginning to sense the chaos all around and is trying hard to free itself. Will it try to kill Thor who is flying over its prison? You can imagine what will happen in this scenario, while you print and color this illustration.

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  1. Misadventures of the Warrior Three:

Thor colouring pages to print

The Warrior Three trio of Hogun the Grim, Volstagg the Valiant, and Fandral the Dashing have got themselves into some misadventures on this coloring page. Volstagg has slipped and fallen down the cliff, as worried Hogun and Fandral look on trying to come up with a solution to help him.

  1. Thor Fighting Frost Giant:

Thor colouring pages

There is a fierce battle raging between Thor and some kind of giant in this illustration. The giant belongs to giant species known as frost giants. Even looking at the giant feels cold and icy. Print this coloring page and add some warm colors to melt the giant and help Thor win.

  1. Thor Defeating Amora:

Thor defeating Amora coloring page

One of the greatest enemies of Thor has been defeated in this particular encounter. The Enchantress, having the real name of Amora, is a powerful sorceress. She becomes one of the best magic-wielders in Asgard with her ability to charm and mind-control people. Magnify the victory of Thor and the defeat of Amora in this illustration with your colors.

  1. The Enchantress, Amora:

Thor Enchantress coloring page

Here we have Amora, the Enchantress in all her powerful glory. Scary, isn’t she? But her well-renowned beauty masks this danger as she controls the minds of people she wants to use. While learning her magic she was banished and later learned on her own to become this powerful.

  1. Thor Fighting A Villain:

Thor Fighting A Villain

There seems to be no respite for the God of Thunder as Thor continues to battle one enemy after another. After the frost giant, here is another bulky giant trying to stop Thor on his way. While this might have worried others, but for Thor courage never leaves his side. Give all your support by filling this illustration with energetic colors.

  1. Thor Fighting Chitauri, Avengers the Age of Ultron:


Thor Fighting Chitauri

Part of the second installment in the Avengers series, the Age of Ultron, here we have Thor in a fight with a member of a powerful reptilian warrior race called the Chitauri. A hybrid between organic beings and machines, the Chitauri support Thanos in his quest for the all-powerful infinity stones.

  1. Thor Fighting the Frost Giant Ymir:


Thor fighting the frost giant Ymir

Ymir is the father of all giants according to Norse mythology. Thor battles the giant Ymir on this coloring page, beginning a thrilling and exciting fight between the two. That jab on Ymir’s back by Thor’s sword must have hurt.

  1. Thor Fighting with Skurge the Executioner:

Thor fighting with Skurge the Executioner

A formidable opponent to Thor, Skurge the Executioner is engaged in a powerful duel with him. The clinging of their swords sends dangerous sparks flying. Would having a double-bladed sword be an advantage for Skurge or will Thor prove to be too strong? Predict the outcome in your mind as you color this illustration.

  1. Thor Gives the Frost Giants Ice Cold Defeat:

Thor has defeated the frost giants

The two giants, Ymir and Surtur reappear and begin their invasion of the realm of Asgard. This angers the God of Thunder who punishes them by using his Odinpower, through which he banishes them to the Sea of Eternal Night in the other dimension.

  1. Thor in the City:

Thor in the city

From the other world and universe, Thor has made his way to a city in the USA. This must surely be the Avengers franchise or the initial Thor films with their predominant urban setting. Even the tallest buildings look small as Thor flies past them. Print this page and fill it with contemporary colors.

  1. Thor the God of Thunder Summons Storm:

Thor the God of Thunder coloring page

Thor can reach the height of his power when he is able to channel his powers through his loyal weapons like Mjolnir, the hammer, or Stormbreaker the ax. In this well-illustrated page, you can see Thor swinging his ax to summon a storm.

  1. Thor the God of Thunder with the Warrior Three:

Thor the God of Thunder coloring pages

In this lighthearted illustration, discover the funny and witty side of Thor as he interacts jovially with the trio of Hogun, Volstagg, and Fandral. It’s nice to see this side of Thor after the intense fight scenes. Give this illustration some of your happiest colors.

  1. Thor – Where Walk The Frost Giants:

Thor Where Walk the Frost Giants coloring page

On this coloring page, you can see an illustration from the 2017 comic issue titled Thor: Where Walk the Frost Giants. Thor heads to Niflheim, the land of the Frost Giants to take the war to them. Ymir stands tall with every intention of defeating Thor.

  1. Thor with Team Avengers:

Thor with the Avengers coloring page

Joining the team of Avengers, here is Thor with the rest of the superheroes in this first installment of the series, simply titled the Avengers. There’s Iron Man and Captain America at the front. Identify the others and fill in accurate colors for all.

  1. Thor, Loki, and Odin – Father and Sons:

Thor Loki and Odin coloring page

Loki is in trouble again, brought to the King’s court for justice. There’s King Odin, his father listening intently to the case presented against him by his brother Thor.

  1. Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir:

Thors hammer Mjolnir coloring page

The powerful enchanted hammer of Thor, Mjolnir is illustrated here. Created by writer Stan Lee, the hammer is designed by artists Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott. Bring out the majestic and magical powers of the hammer with your coloring skills.

  1. Volstagg from Thor:

Volstagg from Thor coloring page

One look at this illustration of Volstagg will make you hungry. He must be famished after all those fighting and adventure trails with the Warrior Three and Thor. Delectable and delicious-looking dishes.

With that scrumptious illustration, we have come to the end of this action-filled printable collection of Thor inspired coloring pages. Hope you had fun filling in colors on these entertaining coloring sheets showcasing different fights and adventures of the Thunder God, Thor. You can color together with friends and family to add more excitement to this fun coloring activity.


Free Printable Thor Coloring Pages For Kids

Comic Superhero characters are some of the most popular coloring page subjects throughout the world. The fictional Marvel Comics superhero character named Thor often features in coloring sheets that are commonly searched for by parents for their little ones. The character, created by American comic book writer Stan Lee, script writer Larry Lieber and comic book artist Jack Kirby, is originally based on the Norse mythological hammer-wielding god of thunder with the same name. Thor first appeared in August 1962, in the “Journey into Mystery #83”. The character has since appeared in various Marvel merchandise such as animated TV series, feature films, direct-to-video movies, clothing, toy lines, video games and card games.

Spending time with the Thor coloring pages is an excellent way for children to get introduced to the wonderful world of Marvel Comics superheroes. These free activity sheets allow your kids to get away from their daily routines for a few hours so that they can travel to a marvelous fantasy land and have great adventures with their favorite superhero. Here is a collection of some interesting Thor coloring pages you can print and take home to your children for a fun-learning experience.

Free Printable Thor Coloring Pages

Free Printable Thor Coloring Pages

Free Thor Coloring Pages

Free Thor Coloring Pages


Printable Thor Coloring Pages

Printable Thor Coloring Pages

Thor Coloring Page

Thor Coloring Page

Thor Coloring Pages For Kids

Thor Coloring Pages For Kids

Thor Coloring Pages Free

Thor Coloring Pages Free

Thor Coloring Pages Images

Thor Coloring Pages Images

Thor Coloring Pages Kids

Thor Coloring Pages Kids

Thor Coloring Pages Online

Thor Coloring Pages Online

Thor Coloring Pages Photos

Thor Coloring Pages Photos

Thor Coloring Pages Pictures

Thor Coloring Pages Pictures

Thor Coloring Pages Printable

Thor Coloring Pages Printable

Thor Coloring Pages To Print

Thor Coloring Pages To Print

Thor Coloring Pages

Thor Coloring Pages

Thor Printable Coloring Pages

Thor Printable Coloring Pages

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Thor Coloring Pages. If you are a fan of Asgard’s God of Thunder, these coloring pages would definitely make you satisfied. Yes, this time, we will hook you up with our collection of Thor coloring sheets. The coloring pages come in various designs and sizes. Also, they have different Thor images. Hence, it would be fun to check all the pages and decide which one to print. Furthermore, the level of difficulty is varied. Thus, you can always find something for kids, teens, as well as adults.

How to make a customized Avengers coloring book at home?

You do not have to be a kid to love coloring. Today, there are more than many coloring books for teens as well as adults too. However, it would also be a good idea to make your own coloring book. Creating your own coloring book would be a great DIY project at home too. Also, you can always ask your siblings, kids, or friends to join. If you are interested, here we have summed up the steps of making a customized coloring book at home.

  • Firstly, determine the size as well as the alignment. First of all, you need to decide the size and the alignment of the coloring book.
  • Secondly, choose a theme or a topic. You can focus on one theme or mixed two or more themes.
  • Thirdly, prepare the tools. You need some paper, a printer, and glue, or something to bind the pages.
  • Fourthly, start drawing or collecting images. You can either draw the images or download them from the internet.
  • Fifthly, scan and print. If you draw your own images, you need to scan and print them. Or else, you can simply print the downloaded images.
  • Lastly, make a cover and bind them all together.


Thor Coloring Pages Gallery

Avengers Thor Coloring Page Free Printable To Download

avengers thor coloring page free printable coloring pages
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Printable Coloring Sheet Of Thor God Of Thunder With Mjollnir

thor coloring pages for kids printable coloring4free
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Free Printable Thor Coloring Picture To Print And Color

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Printable Cool Thor Holding Mjollnir Coloring Worksheet For Kids

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Thor In Infinity War Coloring Page To Download

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Avengers Thor Free Printable Coloring Sheet To Download

avengers thor omalovnka free printable coloring pages
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Download Printable Thor Coloring Page Marvel Vs Captain America

thor coloring page marvel vs capcom thor coloring pages
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Avengers Character Thor Coloring Page To Download And Print

avengers character thor coloring page download print
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Free Printable Thor Drawing Coloring Page Fun For Kids

thor cartoon coloring pages thor cartoon coloring pages thor
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Easy Thor Coloring Page To Download Fun For Boys

easy thor coloring pages download fun for kids
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Lego Thor Coloring Page Free Download To Color

lego thor coloring page free lego coloring pages
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Customized Marvel Thor Coloring Page Free Printable For Kids

marvel thor coloring page free printable coloring pages
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Easy Marvel Avenger Character Coloring Page For Preschooler

thor coloring page vpk arts and crafts superhero
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God Of Thunder Thor Drawing For Marvel Coloring Book

thor cartoon coloring pages thor coloring pages
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Flying Thor With Mjollnir Drawing To Print And Color

thor for boys 9 kizi free coloring pages for children
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Thor Ragnarok Character Printable Coloring Sheet To Download

thor ragnarok coloring pages at getdrawings free for
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Get This Free Thor Coloring Page To Print

get this free thor coloring pages to print 12490
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Thor Free Printable Coloring Page For Girls And Boys

thor free printable coloring pages for girls and boys
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We do hope you enjoy scrolling through our collection. Feel free to save the image if you find what you like. In addition to it, you can also find other coloring pages of various themes on our site. Hence, make sure to check them out.



Thor Coloring Pages

Thor, the Superhero first made popular by the Marvel Comics, has now become one of the best-known comic book protagonists, featuring in multiple movies, kids’ series, as well as video games. With his trademark weapon, his hammer, Thor fights the crime world, sometimes alone and sometimes alongside other popular superheroes like Iron Man, Captain America and the Hulk, as a member of the Avengers.

In the following unique free collection of Thor coloring pages, you can find different avatars of the character, as portrayed in different comics and movies. Whether your kids prefer the original look of the character from the Marvel Comics, the portrayal of Thor by Chris Hemsworth in the recent Hollywood Films or the cute animated Thor from the Lego Movie, you can find the look you are looking for among these ten coloring sheets.

Avengers Thor Coloring Pages

Avengers Thor Coloring Pages

Hulk and Thor Coloring Pages

Hulk and Thor Coloring Pages

Lego Thor Coloring Pages

Lego Thor Coloring Pages

Loki and Thor Coloring Pages

Loki and Thor Coloring Pages

Super Hero Squad Thor Coloring Pages

Super Hero Squad Thor Coloring Pages

Thor Coloring Pages to Print

Thor Coloring Pages to Print

Thor Coloring Pages

Thor Coloring Pages

Thor Face Coloring Pages

Thor Face Coloring Pages

Thor Hammer Coloring Pages

Thor Hammer Coloring Pages

Thor Movie Coloring Pages

Thor Movie Coloring Pages

Your kids are sure to have a lot of fun working on the minute details of Thor’s costume and his intriguing helmet. His super power hammer also serves as an interesting subject for a coloring sheet.

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