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Check Out Drift Champ Dai Yoshihara&#;s Mercedes E Evo Track Build

By Samuel Weber


Formula Drift Champion Dai Yoshihara has set to work on his newest addition to his race car garage.

Formula Drift Champion Dai Yoshihara has set to work on his newest addition to his race car garage. After finding an old Mercedes E used car, Yoshihara began planning exactly how to take what once was a German touring car legend and turning this Mercedes into a new race car. Although not exactly the most expected platform, Mercedes platforms and engines have been used in drifting and racing, but Yoshihara has a bit of a different take on it.

Game Plan

Yoshihara reached out to multiple companies to help build this car, including Stoptech brakes, KW suspension, and Sparco for the steering wheel and the seat setup. Additionally, Yoshihara is working with Infinity Motorsports Racing to swap a fully-built F20C engine from a Honda S into the chassis as well, letting him run a Spoon race exhaust out of the Mercedes platform.

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Fit And Finish

Yoshihara reached out to automotive design expert Jon Sibal for help with design, livery, and even some parts for the build. "He actually designed the wheels, custom wheels for this build". Titan 7 Wheels has agreed to build the wheels Sibal creates, giving Yoshihara's E Evo build incredibly unique presence. Sibal is also doing canards, splitters, and small other details throughout the build of the car.

Track Day

Yoshihara has partnered with Chris Marion from KW Automotive who has helped build race cars and drift cars in the past. "He knows a lot about cars, he can actually wrench himself" said Yoshihara about working so closely with Marion on this build. "The goal is to get this car ready and done for the track so that's the reward, because I'm looking forward to driving that car on the track". This E Evo build should be finished in the relatively near future.

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When it comes to modifying cars, Scandinavia is obviously doing something right now a little different than the rest of the world. It’s a place that is scarce in people, yet insanely built cars are bountiful – so much so that I still haven’t exhausted all the vehicles I shot at Mantorp Park this summer. One of the remainders I found extra intriguing is this Mercedes-Benz E.

speedhunters supercharger

Oddly enough, this build all started with a single component – an Eaton M supercharger. It seems this logic is standard fare for mental builds in Scandinavia: you start with a single piece and then figure out how to utilize it in the context of an actual car. Often times this means building your own chassis from scratch, borrowing an engine from your neighbor and having a local craftsman build you a body to place atop the pile of awesomeness.


While this is perhaps a much more sensible application of the technique, it’s no less enjoyed by the owner than the aforementioned mind-benders. In this case, the blower was bolted to a L AMG engine, mated to an E34 ZF gearbox and shoehorned into the to create a pretty solid foundation for getting sideways.


It may seem rather tame from the outside, but one look under the skin and you’ll see there’s been a lot of work done to get this Benz into proper slide-spec. For starters, the inside of the car has a been put on a serious diet and had a competition-legal eight-point roll cage installed to allow the vehicle to compete in the Swedish Power Drift series.


All of the underpinnings have been replaced with adjustable pieces, virtually all of which had to be custom made. The finishing touches in the cockpit include a pair of Sparco buckets, a gutted and flocked dash and a MaxxEcu engine management system. Pretty awesome.


As unlikely of a candidate as it may be, this particular Merc makes for a really awesome-looking drift car, which in my opinion is half the battle. To me, Marten Stangberg has built a car that embodies what drifting should be: creative, fun, a little silly and most of all, stylish.

Sean Klingelhoefer
Instagram: seanklingelhoefer
[email protected]

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