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Hey guys! Good news! The ffxivguild.com team has completed general information and class-specific crafting guides [07-28-13]!

Check them out! For starters, you can check out the General Crafting Guide, and Craft Leveling & EXP Guide.

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Alchemist | Armorsmith | Blacksmith | Carpenter | Culinarian | Goldsmith | Leatherworker | Weaver

Also released today: Gathering General Guide! – check it out!

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Final Fantasy XIV Crafting Guide (And How To Level Crafting Classes Fast)

By Allison StalbergUpdated


There are numerous different ways to play Final Fantasy 14 by way of which class you choose. If you're interested in crafting, check out our tips.

The MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV, has a lot of crafting classes that a player can take up. These include Blacksmith, Carpenter, Goldsmith, Leatherworker, Weaver, Armorer, Culinarian, and Alchemist. All of these can be pretty useful to the player to make gil, gear, housing items, and consumables like potions and food.

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Leveling up these classes is a far different experience than the combat classes. They cannot level up with the games' story and there aren't dungeons, hunts, and leveling roulettes for crafters. Luckily though, there are plenty of opportunities to level up fast. You just need to know where to find them and how to best utilize the resources.

Updated on February 5, 2021 by Allison Stalberg: Despite not taking a role in the main story, crafting is huge in Final Fantasy XIV. It is not unusual to see a gathering of players by the Market Board tinkering away to make leather, gold ingots, and furniture. Joining the ranks of crafters can be daunting at first. Beginners often have many questions such as which crafting class to pick up first, how to collect ingredients, how to make something high-quality, and how to make bank with the class. With time, crafting is only getting more popular as Square Enix comes up with more items and crafting rewards per added patch.

What Is Crafting?

Like it sounds, crafting is the creation of in-game objects. Nearly everything in the game can be crafted by a player from food to furniture, gear, chocobo barding, orchestrations, and dye. The better question may be what can a crafter NOT make? A crafter cannot make most of what gathering classes can collect like sea creatures, raw wood, maps, and ore. Hairstyles, mounts, emotes, houses, certain gear sets, materia, tomestones, Mogstation items, and most minions are also not craftable. Everything outside of those items can be crafted with a high enough crafter level and the right resources.

Why Does Crafting Matter?

Crafting is not the only way to get in-game items. Many players skip crafting and just buy the items from the Market Board. So why craft? Well, unless a player is somehow rich without crafting, crafting is everything in terms of saving and making gil. It usually costs less gil to make an item rather than buy it. This is because all the players of Final Fantasy XIV are trying to make a profit. Crafting equals profit.

Taking part is crafting also makes a difference in gear. Those with the best of the best gear in the game are often crafters who made the gear themselves. They have the ability to make something high quality, which gives them even more stat boosts than the plain gear.

The Different Crafting Classes And What They Do

  • Blacksmith: With its guild located in Limsa Lominsa, the Blacksmithing class makes equipment for multiple combat classes such as Pugilists/Monks, Marauders/Warriors, Machinists, and Gladiators/Paladins. Since they work with a lot of metal, players who take on Blacksmithing best also pick up the Miner gathering class.
  • Carpenter: Picked up in Girdania, this class can make furniture and a range of equipment for multiple classes. For example, they can make fishing rods for Fishers, shields for Gladiators/Paladins, masks for casters, and grinding wheels for Goldsmiths. Since they use a ton of wood, players who take on Carpenter should also pick up the Botanist gathering class.
  • Goldsmith: The Goldsmiths have their guild in Ul'dah, and they can create accessories for every class in the game such as earrings and necklaces. They can also make weapons and gear for a wide range of classes like scepters for Thaumaturges/Black Mages, hora for Pugilists/Monks, and needles for Weavers. Like Blacksmiths, Goldsmiths are best paired with the Mining gathering class.
  • Leatherworker: Located in Girdania, the Leatherworker's guild make accessories, clothes, certain weapons, and furniture. They are actually best paired with the Weaver crafting class as their recipes often overlap.
  • Weaver: Weaver can be picked up in Ul'dah, and they can make a ton of wearable items for all kinds of classes. They can craft clothes such as robes, shirts, ribbons, bardings, and pants. 
  • Armorer: Not to be confused with Blacksmith, Armorers have their guild also located in Limsa Lominsa. Their recipes cover more classes than Blacksmith, able to make frying pans for Culinarians, heavy shields for Gladiators/Paladins, bucklers for casters, and alembics for Alchemists.
  • Culinarian: Known to be the most diffictult crafting class, Culinarian can be picked up in Limsa Lominsa. They make food that can give buffs to players for a certain amount of time. Unlike other classes, they do not craft any equipment. They are best paired with the Fisher gathering class.
  • Alchemist: The Alchemist class can be picked up in Ul'dah. Like Culinarian, they can make consumables (but they are potions rather than food). Additionally, they can craft wands for Conjurers/White Mages and books for Arcanists/Summoners/Scholars. 

10 Do LeveQuests

While the main story can let you completely level up one combat class, there is no such crutch for the crafting classes. Luckily, there are LeveQuests. There are NPCs that give out these special quests all across Eorzea that can be used by both Gathering and Crafting classes to gain a lot of experience.

The best way to utilize LeveQuests is to do them once you have reached level 15 in a crafting class. It is around that level where players trying to grind through crafts will notice a low input of experience points. LeveQuests can help with that through the extra experience of quest completion.

9 Get Into Ishgard Restoration

Ishgard Restoration has not always been around and new crafters should be quite thankful that it exists now. It is available to crafting classes once they hit level 20. The moment a crafter hits level 20, it is recommended to dedicate themselves to Ishgard Restoration. The amount of experience you get for each item turned is major.

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To add even more reward, you also get scripts that you can spend on cool mounts, minions, housing items, and gear. As you level up though, the crafting may get more tedious and/or expensive. Don't worry though, there are plenty of other ways to gain experience when at those levels.

8 Do The Daily Beast Tribe Quests

Every expansion has its own Beast Tribes but only a fraction of them are for crafting classes. In A Realm Reborn, it is the Ixal. For Heavensward, it's the Moogles. The Namazu are in Stormblood. Lastly, the Dwarves are in Shadowbringers. It is a great idea to do Ixal quests until 20 when you can do Ishgard quests. Then you can move on to the Moogles once you hit level 50. Finally, the Namazu at 60 and the Dwarves at 70.

What is great about these quests is that they refresh daily and are pretty easy to complete (as long as you have good enough gear). The Beast Tribes also have unique rewards such as minions, resources, and mounts.

7 Look For What Sells On The Market Board

It is very easy to get burnt out by grinding crafts all day, especially if the reward is a minuscule of experience. An easy way to spice things up is to also level up crafting classes with the goal of making a lot of gil.

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To do this, see what sells for the most on the Market Board and check if it is within your power to reasonably craft many of that item. That is easy experience with the extra reward of gil. After all, crafters often need gil to buy resources for their crafts. This is especially true at the higher levels.

6 Get Into Housing

If gil doesn't inspire you, maybe a cool house would. Nearly everything you can find in a players' house is craftable by a certain class. If you are a particular fan of this idea, carpenter is the best class when it comes to making housing items.

If you are lucky and rich enough to buy an in-game house, then just craft every housing item available to your crafting class. You can see if you like it in your home and if you don't, then you can just sell it.

5 Do Custom Deliveries

Once you reach level 60 in a crafting class and reach Idyllshire in Heavensward, then you can do custom delivery quests. This will not only get you experience, but also gil and special scripts to spend. These can be done with Zhloe in Idyllshire, then M'naago in Stomblood, and lastly with Kai-Shirr in Shadowbringers.

Each custom delivery client has a little story and it is recommended to do all of them. The quests refresh on a weekly basis.

4 Complete The Crafting Log

If it is recommended to not start LeveQuests until level 15, then what should crafters do to level up until then? The answer is just crafting one of everything in your crafting log.

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As a beginner, this is bound to level you up fast. The resources required for these low level crafts are also super cheap and easy to get. Enjoy it while you can, as the higher levels will get you less experience and will be more difficult and expensive to make. That is why many move on to LeveQuests at level 15.

3 Do Grand Company Turn-Ins

Everyone forgets about Grand Company supply missions, which is strange since it is a great way to to gain company seals and experience points all at once. With the company seals, you can get gear, housing items, experience boosts, and more.

In any of the three Grand Company's, there is an NPC who will collect one specific item based on your crafters level each day. Like the Beast Tribes, this is a daily activity you can do in the game.

2 Eat Food

Food is the easiest experience bonus item available in the game. It doesn't usually matter what kind of food because they typically all give the same three percent bonus experience boost. Many players just buy a ton of orange juice from a bartender and drink it before crafting or turning in any kind of quest. Its dirt cheap and eating it only takes one second. There is really no loss here.

1 Take Advantage Of Free Company Actions

Not every player is in a Free Company, though most are. Free Companies can give players some resources that are unobtainable otherwise. Players in Free Companies are ranked. At rank five, they can buff everyone in the Free Company. These buffs can last for an entire day at most.

There are all kinds of Free Company actions, but what the crafters want is the "Helping Hand" action. That action increases experience gained by crafting. The increase does a little better than food, as the experience is boosted by five percent instead of three.

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FFXIV Crafting Leveling Guide 1-80 Fast and Cheap


In Final fantasy, crafting leveling can be quite a task for any player. Besides the difficulty, you may end up denting your budget on leveling up your class crafters. The situation could be worse if you’re a beginner player. So, is there a way to resolve the problem? Yes, sure! Let’s go! The following guide will show you how to level up your crafters to level 80 fast and cheap.

Tips to level up your crafters in FFXLV

Many players flub their way through their first crafter and spend way too much money and through the course of leveling all of the crafters up to 80. It’s better to figure out where all the guides are, strategies, and the cheapest ways to do everything. For some reason, all the guides have strange and confusing wording. If that was at all perplexing to you, stay tuned to get everything cheap and even make some money doing it along the way.

Before you start crafting

Before you start, pick up all the jobs and have those available at level one. You’ll learn where to get your tools and everything like that later. For now, let’s go over the EXP boost that can help you out a little bit during this process and save you some money. Go to your grand company and talk to the quartermaster. They’ll sell you manuals for seals. You can get seals in a variety of ways – through expert deliveries or just through your daily roulettes.

So, pick up a few of these seals. You won’t need too many, but if you’re leveling up all your jobs at once, pick up a fair bit. Once you’ve your EXP buffs, you want to unlock the firmament if you didn’t unlock it. The firmament provides awesome leveling for gatherers as well. But you must make some Gil and get bucket loads of experience easily.

Crafting leveling 1-21

The first part is the most straightforward. It’s called the quick synthesis stage. This just requires buying materials from the guild vendor. With each of the guilds you pick up, you’ll be able to trade somebody there for simple materials. Also, you can level yourself quickly using that from level 1 to level 21. That shouldn’t cost more than a few thousand Gil. If you want to level it fast, use love quests. Love quests are a way to hand in low-level items and get a lot of EXP for them.

So, that’s the first step; you don’t need any specific gear. If you picked up the quest but lost your tools, don’t worry. There is a guild supplier—Press n to pull up the crafting manual and head over to goldsmithing. You’ll see the things that you can make up here. You can buy tools – see copper ore just for two. It’s only two, only 20.

Once you get the materials, you’ve to craft it manually the first time using the synthesize option. When your EXP starts getting slow, simply move on to the next step. This next part sounds pretty daunting, but it’s easy. You’ll be crafting a full set of level 21 crafters gear you want to use this. So, you’ll be able to create the level 20 recipes for the Ishgard restoration, and it’s tremendously worth it.

Don’t rush for the level 41

This is the cheapest way to level up. Don’t be too quick to 40, as you’ll miss out on a lot of free guilds. So, craft all this gear. Since all your gatherers or crafters will now be at level 21, you can craft easily.

You can also buy this off the market board or ask one of your crafter friends to make it for you. But they all need to be high quality. However, it’s advised to level your crafters up doing the method explained earlier.

Craft it yourself. It’s really easy. Go through the gear that you need to do that. First, make the initiate’s headgear – get leather iron ingots and iron rivets, the cotton doublet vest. Other options for crafting include the initiate gloves, goatskin tool belt, cotton breeches, initiate die boots, awesome fang earrings, the brass choker, brass wristlets, and two brass rings.

Focus on quality to stay ahead

For making this level 21 gear, head to iron thunder and get your disciple of the land gear – the non-HD HQ versions. You can use that to give you the extra craftsmanship you need in high quality. So, if you’ve reached level 21 and are a little bit behind on the stats, go pick up this quest in central highlands.

Pick up material melding that allows you to affix material onto your gear. If you’re 10 or 20, 30 points behind, put the material on your gear to make up that extra little step. That way, you don’t need high-quality crafts on all your items.

It won’t be high quality if you’re new to crafting and increasing your progress to 100 before finishing the recipe. So, use things like basic touch inner quiet. It’s a combo action. You can increase your progress and craft your gear when you get this up to 100 (it’ll take a bit longer). That should be way cheaper than buying it on the market board.

Crafting leveling 21-41

Once you’ve got the full set of gear, move on to the next step. Here, you’ve got the option to use the firmament gathering to gather all the materials. Keep the option for later levels.

For these lower levels, go for five or six Gil. So, you won’t have to spend that much money at all if you just pick it up off the market board. For example, if you head to the market board, you’ll grab the carpenter needs and all the recipes alongside the macros that you’ll use. So, they need a grade four.

Make sure you buy the grade four ones. You’d buy 125 of these. It only costs you about 7k, and you need fruit as well now. These are a little expensive, but that’s still a pretty good price. Leveling into 40 will only cost you 30 or 40k, and you’ll probably make that back on the Koopa fortune, which you’ll see in a moment.

Go into your level-based recipes – the carpenter one and press n to pull up your crafting. Log again; go to your Ishgard restoration four, and you’ll see the recipe right there.

Make the macro right here or craft it quickly. Give it a little crafter icon and copy and paste the macro. You can use this for all your crafters at this level. So, you can call it like Ishgard level 20.

Don’t compromise on gear quality

You must have high-quality blood bouillabaisse soup when crafting this stuff. So, if you’re below the required quota for crafting, pick up some of that soup and circuit back.

This part is the really fun part. Here, you get to gamble and make a bunch of money. Next, hop over to Genova. You’ll want to head to the foundation Etherite, right-click it, and teleport it to the firmament.

Let’s head over here to see the crafters. Now talk to Popkin, and you’ll be able to donate. Get to a Kupo stand. When you finish five of your Koopa vouchers, you can talk to Elizabeth here and play the Kupo of Fortune to get awesome gear.

See Elsa Vargo gear that isn’t worth a lot, but you get to pick one to scratch nice materials. Now, you’ve to craft 25 of each of those items and hand them in to get all of your crafters up to level 41. Once you do that, you’ll have what is that 25 times eight divided by five

Preparation before moving ahead

You’re making a set of gear, crafting the materials using the macros provided, and then crafting a new set of gear. When you reach level 41, you’ve to make a new set of gear – blood bouillabaisse soup to ensure you’ve the control. So, make those and then craft your level 40 Ishgard restoration recipes similar to the way you crafted the level 20 ones.

At any point, if the material starts to get a little expensive, feel free to hop into the firmament and level up some of your gatherers getting some of those materials. That’s level 41.

Crafting leveling 41-71

You should be able to craft that gear and then craft your level 40 recipes. It’s 20 of each craft, and that’ll bring you all the way to level 53. At level 53, you’ve to craft a new gear set because the level 41 gear only gives you partial completion of the quality. So, you don’t get the full bang for your buck XP.

Once level 60 upgrade your gear:

Upgrade your gear again. If you can find it for cheap, get it on the market board. But it’s always cheaper to craft it yourself. This is 35 crafts to get to level 63.

At this point, you may want to head back to central highlands if you haven’t picked up all the quests. Pick up the material over melding. Why? For the level 63 gear, you’ll have to over-meld.

So, when you craft this gear again, you may want to meld it with the craftsman’s cunning material, which will give you a total of 414 cp with no food or potions. You need that before crafting. There’s also a different place where you get your tools. Head to the Etherite and talk to Shichiho at x12 y12. They’ll sell you the tools that you need at this level. All that gear assembles to level 71.

Crafting leveling 71-80

At 71, you’ve another choice if you’d like. You’ve even the level 63 gear. It should work for most of us. If you don’t want to do this, do your crystarium deliveries in bringers that give millions and millions of experience for high-quality crafts. You could easily level a job from 70 to 80.

Now there’s a crossover if you do. Plus, you get free EXP again. They even give you the crystals back. The method is the dwarf dailies. If you move near the Ostel Imperative in Lakeland, you can do three dwarf quests at age. It gives you a few millions to level all your crafters up to 80 as well. So, with those two methods, you shouldn’t have to go to Ishgard at all to level up.

There’s one more method to push all your crafters up to 80. The last method ends up being a lot cheaper than the methods for Ishgard restoration. You can also get around getting gear because you can just buy these off the market board if they’re cheap enough. Head over to love quests for the next step. You can do chores for your trade jobs as well to bring them up to 80. Again, you can get the free EXP from the dwarf quest.

Sours: https://gamerstips.com/ffxiv-crafting-leveling-guide-1-80-fast-and-cheap/

FFXIV Crafting Guide: Shadowbringers Level 1-80

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Leveling a crafter to 80 may seem straightforward to players just starting out but it can get overwhelming. While the game helpfully keeps track of where one might be in the crafting questline, it doesn’t really show all the ways one could earn the valuable XP needed. Fortunately, this FFXIV crafting guide is here to outline some of the most efficient ways to walk the road to 80.

Job quests

While this is a blindingly obvious suggestion, the job quests can be really helpful if you’re doing them as soon as they’re available. They will give a hefty chunk of XP for the class and even give some gear to ease the gear requirements as one increases in level. 

It is, however, not possible to rely on these alone. The first problem would be that they are drip-fed as the player climbs in level and don’t provide a consistent increase in XP. They even stop past level 70 which adds some challenge on the final stretch. These quests do also require the player to source their own crafting materials until level 60 which can make them expensive to keep up with. 


Picture Credit: FFXIV Wiki

Crafting Log

The FFXIV Crafting Log can be easy to overlook but can come in handy, especially at early levels. Simply put, the log will award a one-time bonus to the player for crafting each item available to their class. It’s usually not more than a convenient bonus past the early levels but can’t hurt.

Collectable Turn-ins


Collectable turn-ins have the player take special care in creating an item, aiming to increase its quality to the highest degree possible to gain bonuses to the rewards that they’ll get for turning the item in. While it is great for XP, it can get expensive fast, as players will need to source their own crafting materials and have the gear necessary to create the high-quality collectables

FFXIV Crafting Guide: Tradecraft Leves

Tradecraft Leves are repeatable content where players have to craft specific items in challenges. These reward some fairly steady XP and can be very useful in early levels. Unfortunately, these also require players to source their own crafting materials. 

Beast Tribes


The Beast Tribes scattered around Eorzea and beyond provide XP for both combat and crafting classes. They work by finding a relevant Beast Tribe and doing the three daily quests available. While they don’t award as much XP as the Job Quests, they provide more XP than simply crafting items en masse. This FFXIV crafting guide does recommend that you do these daily to keep a steady stream of XP going. 

There are other benefits from doing Beast Tribes. Some of these quests, like the Namazu questline, are incredibly entertaining and it would be a shame to miss out on them. They also provide unique items for the player that range from a Palanquin carried by the Namazu and an actual tank. While they require a long questline to unlock, these are well worth pursuing for how well they grease the wheels of levelling. 

The Beast Tribes that level crafters are

  1. Ixali (20-50)
  2. Moogle (51-60)
  3. Namazu (61-70)
  4. Dwarf (71-80)

Grand Company Supply Missions

The Grand Companies can be a valuable source of equipment and XP for players to take advantage of in the early game. Unwanted items can be traded in for Grand Company Seals which can then be traded in for themed equipment. Combat classes can undertake hunts to earn themselves XP as well. 

For FFXIV Crafters, Grand Company Supply Missions offer Supply Missions. These award generous amounts of XP and Seals in exchange for a specific item that the player is capable of crafting. Not only does it help fill out the Crafting Log, it can be great practice for getting the crafting rotations down. 

Unfortunately, this source of XP can be time consuming or expensive as crafting materials aren’t provided. If one doesn’t have  Gatherer handy or the patience, they would be at the mercy of market board prices which might prove expensive. 

Custom Deliveries


At various parts of FFXIV’s story, players will get to meet characters who need certain items crafted as part of a quest chain, similar to the Beast Tribes. Unlike Beast Tribes, however, this system resets weekly and offers up to 12 turn-ins per week and is limited to 6 per NPC. It doesn’t offer as much XP overall but it does provide Crafter’s Scrips, a currency that can be used to buy high-level crafting gear. 

Many of the NPCs involved in Custom Deliveries tend to have strong ties to the FFXIV’s excellent story and their quest lines often serve as an epilogue for certain plot threads which can be an added bonus. 

Ishgard Restoration

While the Ishgard Restoration event has unfortunately concluded, it is still incredibly useful for players to level their crafters and gatherers after they’ve completed Heavensward. Operating on a separate set of items from the rest of the content, players can deliver items to NPCs in the Firmament in exchange for XP. 

FFXIV Crafting Guide Final Thoughts


There is no limit to how much a player can turn in which allows players that enjoy long grinds to quickly level their crafters while learning the crafting rotation. Turning in items for the Ishgard Restoration also rewards Skybuilder’s Scrips, a currency useful in getting cosmetic items. 

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