Chevy rear leaf springs

Chevy rear leaf springs DEFAULT

Parabolic Leaf Spring Rear Suspension

Total Cost Involved Engineering’s Chevy Pickup Parabolic Leaf Spring kit. These American-made Parabolic leaf springs are a modern implementation of traditional parabolic leaf springs. This design is characterized by fewer leafs whose thickness varies from center to ends following a parabolic curve. In this design, inter-leaf friction is unwanted, and therefore there is only contact between the springs at the ends and at the center where the axle is connected. The primary benefit of parabolic springs is better ride quality and not being as “stiff” as conventional “multi-leaf springs”. As an added bonus there are less springs which offer 28% weight savings over the 5 leaf kit previously offered.

This Chevy Pickup leaf spring kit includes everything you&#;ll need to install a brand new suspension into the rear of your vehicle. Everything that attaches to the chassis bolts into place. There is minimal drilling involved and we reuse factory holes as often as possible to make the installation all the more easy. The only welding required will be on your axle housing(unless a complete Currie 9&#; is purchased directly from us).

All TCI Engineering products come with our Dual Warranty. 6 Year, 60, Mile Warranty on wear and tear items like bushings, coil-overs, & ball joints. Any items built in-house by TCI Engineering such as link bars, control arms, spindles, crossmembers, etc come with a Lifetime Warranty.



Chevy/GMC Truck Leaf Springs

Needing Replacement Leaf Springs for your Chevy or GMC?

ATS Springs is here to offer completely assembled leaf springs for your Chevy truck, Chevy/GMC van and late model muscle cars. Here at ATS we offer direct replacement leaf springs along with heavy-duty and custom options to make sure you are getting the exact suspension setup you want! Take a look at our online links and search by year, make and model to browse our large leaf spring inventory for your vehicle. Needing a full leaf spring kit to get the job done quickly and efficiently? Then navigate your way to our Complete Kit Store and give yourself the opportunity to purchase a full kit which will give you leaf springs, eye bolts, replacement shackles and U-bolts. Not seeing what you need? Then feel free to give us a call or fill out our Contact Us form!

Our Leaf Spring Quality vs. OEM vs. The Other Guys Online

We are not new to the suspension business. Leaf springs are in our blood, we have been dealing with truck suspension for over 4 generations and we can’t wait to continue that trend. Over the years we have made very important and crucial partnerships with manufactures within our industry to ensure we are supplying customers with the best quality leaf and bushings we can get our hands on. All of the leaf springs we sell go through the same exact manufacturing process that you would find on a Chevy/GMC manufacturing line. Our leaf spring manufacturers are full members at the Spring Research Institute (SRI) which means they have standards they need to meet and at most times exceed to ensure that our customers have the best experience possible. NOT ALL LEAF SPRINGS ARE CREATED EQUAL. Even though our leaf springs meet and/or exceed OEM standards does not mean that every company has that standard. None of our Chevy or GMC leaf springs come from China and we take great pride in that.

We Are A Different Type Of Company

We are a family run company that is located in Souderton, PA. Nearly everything we sell leaves our facility here in Pennsylvania. What does that mean for the customer? That means we can inspect every single part we box and label to ensure the customer is getting our best. There are many online drop ship companies out there that are not suspension specialists let alone know how to properly inspect suspension parts including leaf springs before shipment. Our in-house specialists make sure to take time with every shipment to double and triple check what we are sending out.

We take pride in being able to supply our local and online communities with extremely competitive pricing along with the knowledge that comes from being in the industry for 4 generations. We have the pricing and inventory to compete with big box stores and the knowledge to outperform other stores’ tele-operators.

Need Something Custom?

ATS Springs offers a huge inventory on direct replacement and heavy-duty leaf springs for your Chevy/GMC truck or van. However, there will be times when a customer’s truck needs more weight capacity and height than factory was able to offer but not as much weight capacity and harsh ride that a heavy-duty spring offers. Well we got your back! We are able to custom make leaf springs at an extremely affordable price. Every customer and the job they do is different so why not have the ability to offer customers different leaf springs to fit their needs. We can supply you with springs that have heavier weight capacities, lower weight capacities, different arch heights and different bushings. Give us a call or send us an email if you aren’t finding what you need on our online store.  

Place your order!

If you know what parts you are in need of and are confident with your order feel free to place the order on our secure website. If you would like to speak with someone to make sure what you are purchasing will fit your truck then don’t hesitate to call our toll free number , one of our specialists will be more than happy to help!

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Body Style/Model


F or R Spring

Year Start

Year End

Spring No


PL-1 S.E.

PL-2 L.E.

Eye Type/ Bushing S.E.

Eye Type/ Bushing L.E.



1/2 & 3/4 Truck 4WDFront/22222Std/RBBer//831,1/2 & 3/4 Truck52&#; longRear/22626Ber/RB&#;Ber/RB5/12,1/2 & 3/4 Truck52&#; longRear/22626Ber/RB&#;Ber/RB6/13,1/2 & 3/4 Truck52&#; longRearHD/22626Ber/RB&#;Ber/RB8/14, K10/,
V10/, K20/ V20/
K30/ V30/
Front/4/2/2Std/RBStd//831, K10/, V10/, K20/ V20/
K30/ V30/
FrontHD/4/2/2Std/RBStd//841,C10/ R10/
52&#; long except with heavy duty springsRear/22626Ber/RB&#;Ber/RB5/12,C10/ R10/ with heavy duty
springs C20/ R20/
;   C30/ R30/
56&#; longRear/22630Ber/RB&#;Ber/RB8/12,C10/ R10/  with heavy duty
springs ;  C20/ R20/
;   C30/ R30/
56&#; longRearHD/22630Ber/RB&#;Ber/RB8/13,C30/ and R30/ (2WD)
56&#; long with G52 extra
capacity springs
Rear/22630Ber/RB&#;Ber/RB&#;9/13,C30/ and R30/ (2WD) with G52 extra
capacity springs 56&#; longRearHD/22630Ber/RB&#;Ber/RB&#;9/14,K10/ V10/ ;  K20/
;   K20/ V20/
(4WD) except with heavy duty springs
52&#; longRear/22626Ber/RB&#;Ber/RB5/12,K10/ V10/  ;  K20/
;   K20/ V20/
(4WD) except with heavy duty springs
  52&#; longRear/22626Ber/RB&#;Ber/RB6/12,K20/ V20/ (4WD) with heavy duty
springs K30/ V30/ (4WD)
56&#; longRear/22630Ber/RB&#;Ber/RB8/12,K20/ V20/ (4WD) with heavy duty
springs K30/ V30/ (4WD)
56&#; longRearHD/22630Ber/RB&#;Ber/RB8/13,K30/ V30/ (4WD) 56&#; long with G52 extra
capacity springs
Rear/22630Ber/RB&#;Ber/RB&#;9/13,K30/ V30/
56&#; long with G52 extra
capacity springs
RearHD/22630Ber/RB&#;Ber/RB&#;9/14,C30/ R30/ (2WD)
K30/ V30/ (4WD)  Helpers/2/4/211,C (2WD) K (4WD)
Silverado Classic and Sierra Classic
(2WD) and (4WD)   64&#; longRear/23232Ber/RBBer/RB4/12,C/C
K/K  64&#; longRear/23232Ber/RBBer/RB5/12,C/C
64&#; longRearHD/23232Ber/RBBer/RB5/13,C/C (2WD)
K/K (4WD)64&#; longRearXHD/23232Ber/RBBer/RB7/13,C (2WD) K (4WD)
Helper/225251C (2WD) K (4WD)
Helper/2/8/83C (2WD) K (4WD)
HelperHD/2/8/852,Silverado and Sierra
64&#; longRear/23232Ber/RBBer/RB2/11, (2WD) and (4WD)
Silverado and Sierra (2WD) and (4WD)
64&#; longRear/23232Ber/RBBer/RB4/12, (2WD) and (4WD)
Silverado and Sierra (2WD) and (4WD)
64&#; longRear

Chevy / GMC Leaf Springs

chevy with leaf springs belowChevy Leaf Springs

Looking to replace your cracked, broken, or worn out chevy leaf springs? We carry almost every leaf spring available for chevy truck, suv, and van. Whether your chevy needs a factory replacement spring or heavy duty springs for some additional load capacity, we are sure to have a leaf spring solution for you. Some of our more popular selling springs are the 2/1 replacement leaf spring for silverado, as well as the 4/1 leaf spring for the silverado.

Let's not forget the SUV's. Tahoe, yukon, and suburban are all built with leaf springs, and unfortunately need to be replaced from time to time. The is one of the more common chevy blazer leaf springs that we sell.

Many Chevy's are built with not just rear, but front leaf springs as well. This component of the suspension is very important and your ride quality can suffer greatly when these leaf springs start to lose their tension and capacity. If you have a winch or a plow, consider some heavier springs for the front to accommodate for the load. A HD spring for the K and V series is a perfect product for a situation like this.

One other replacement spring setup that is very useful are the steel replacements for the fiberglass astro van springs. This product paired with the AST installation kit will give you a full steel replacement for the astro van leaf springs.

Need Help?

Choosing the right leaf spring for your Chevy / GMC truck or SUV is not always an easy process. Unlike other online shops, our customer support representatives are actual mechanics who are seasoned in fitting, installing, and maintaining truck and SUV leaf springs.

Call Toll Free

or use our
LIVE HELP feature.

Leaf springs rear chevy

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2007 Silverado Leaf Spring Upgrade and Fuel Pump/Sender Replacement (Ep.13)

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