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The 6" x 6" x 39" Trex Transcend Classic White Post Sleeve slides over a 4x4 wood post or structural post to create the foundation of a Trex Railing System. Posts are the components of a railing system in which the rails are attached to. Two posts are required per each railing section. Trex Posts are made of composite and the Classic White option gives off the appearance of painted wood. They can be used with all Trex Railing Systems, including Transcend, Select and Signature Railing. A Trex Post Sleeve is typically used to add aesthetic appeal to a railing system.

Trex Post Sleeves include a free corrugated Trex Express Railing assembly tool. This tool assists in the attachment of railing to the post. The Trex Express tool acts as a cardboard "jig" and wraps around the post sleeve to show the exact bracket mounting locations. No measuring is required. The brackets fit snugly into the cardboard and hold them in place while attaching railing to the post sleeves.

Trex Transcend Railing is high-performance railing option that has the appearance of real wood. It is made of composite materials that will not rot, warp, peel or splinter. Trex Railing is also much lower maintenance and never needs to be painted or stained. This luxurious railing system offers beauty that will last for years and is backed by a Trex 25-Year Limited Residential Warranty.


Extruded from high impact, outdoor grade rigid vinyl, Sheerline® Post Sleeves provide an easy and attractive option for updating your 4” or 6” wood posts.  To finish your porch, deck or balcony, we offer a variety of trim pieces and caps in both our 4” x 4” and 6” x 6” sleeve sizes.  To create a more upscale look, select our New England style post and base trim. 

  • 4x4 post sleeves are available in heights of 38”, 48”, 54” , 72”, 97”, 120” and 144”
  • 6x6 post sleeves are available in heights of 38”, 44”, 48”, 54” and 120”
  • Ideal for use with all of our vinyl railing systems.
  • Variety of caps and trim pieces available to matched your size and finish

Standard Vinyl Color Options:

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AZEK Newel Post Sleeves

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AZEK� Brand Newel Post Sleeves are perfect for use with AZEK's Railing System (pictured here with AZEK� Lighted Post Caps).

AZEK� Newel Post Sleeves can be slipped over wood posts or over AZEK's metal Secure Mount Post to create beautiful, durable Newel Posts for your porch or deck. We offer all AZEK� Newel Post Sleeve sizes, colors, and lengths.

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AZEK� Newel Post Sleeves are made from a super durable wood fiber/PVC composite with the look and feel of high quality painted wood, but because of their 51% PVC content, they don't peel, blister, or rot, and finishing is not required. 20 year limited warranty for White and 10 years for colors.

Color Selection
AZEK� Newel Post Sleeve are available in the same pleasing colors as AZEK� Rails, as shown above,
The 5-1/2" size has a finely detailed bead the length of each corner, as seen in the photo below.
You will also want size-matching AZEK� Post Caps and Skirts.

Newel Post Sleeves additional graphics
Three Sizes:
  • 4" Post Sleeve (4-1/4" actual outside dimension) fits 4x4 wood post (minimum 3-3/8� square - maximum 3-9/16� square). This size is primarily used with over-the-post Top Rail installations. Similar to 6.3" size shown above.
  • 5-1/2" Post Sleeve (5-1/2" actual outside dimension) fits 4x4 wood post (minimum 3-3/8� square - maximum 3-9/16� square). Nicely beaded corner detail, as shown in photo directly above, and interior ribs, as shown in drawing above.
  • 6" Post Sleeve (6.3" actual outside dimension) fits 6x6 wood post (minimum 5-3/8� square - maximum 5-9/16� square). White only. Required for AZEK® 5-3/8" wide Reserve style Rail when installed Post-to-Post.

Some orders may require additional shipping charges. If so, we will advise before finalizing your order.

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Sleeves 6x6 post

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