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Three Books by Dr. David Darom: Art and Design in Modern Custom Fixed-Blade Knives, Art and Design in Modern Custom Folding Knives, and The Art of Custom Knifemaking

Special Price!! Both of Dr. David Darom's books sold together! Full retail price of both books: $ (33% discount)
Art and Design in Modern Custom Folding Knives
Art and Design in Modern Custom Fixed-Blade Knives
The Art of Custom Knifemaking: Custom Knife Related Projects in the Making

These books are unique among books about custom knives. They provide unparalleled photography and information about some of the best knife makers in the world.

These books provides insight into the personal lives of the artists as well as their thoughts and feelings about their craft -- breathing life into steel objects. This was achieved only by the full and enthusiastic cooperation of everyone involved, presented here in the form of their biographies and signed personal statements.

To complete the documentation of this astounding modern art form, a group of world experts wrote an original introduction to the books.

  • Hard Cover
  • Dimensions (in inches): x 9
  • Printed in Israel
  • Each book is first edition and printed in a limited edition of copies
  • Retail price for each book: $85
  • $Details


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    Winkler Camp Axe - Tribal Maple Handle

    Daniel Winkler has had a reputation for quality knife making for decades. One of the things he does best is hand axes. His achievements in creating functional, durable, and attractive tomahawks and axes were first recognized with his contributions to the motion picture, The Last of the Mohicans. Whether it is on the battlefield, or hacking through firewood for kindling you will quickly see the applications of such a tool at work.

    As far as tactical tomahawks go, the WK Camp Axe Tribal Maple is a force to be reckoned with. The axe head is made from impact-resistant 80CrV2 steel with a Rockwell hardness of , allowing it to be tough, but also retain a sharp edge for a long time. At nearly 6" long, the black oxide Caswell finished head is made from 3/8" stock and the skeletonized tang extends through the full length of the handle for extra strength.

    The handle is made from premium maple for a sure grip in any weather. From the butt of the handle to the top of the axe head, this tactical Axe is 14" long. Each Winkler Axe comes with a lined Kydex sheath, built for fast draw and Molle compatible nylon belt straps for secure carry and easy deployment.

    Winkler Knives are proudly made in the USA. As an authorized dealer of Winkler Knives, offers fast, free shipping and a guarantee that if you don't love your purchase, simply send it back for a refund.

    MAKER: Winkler Knives II


    TOTAL SIZE: 5"


    BLADE MATERIAL: 80CRV2 Carbon Steel - Black Caswell Finish

    HANDLE: Premium Maple - Tribal Pattern

    SHEATH: Custom Felt Lined Kydex Sheath

    WEIGHT: 1 lb. 7 oz.

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    Camp Axe - Maple

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