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Shadowlands Season 2 Mythic+ DPS, Tank and Healer Log Rankings, Week 14

By Starym

We haven't checked in with the Mythic+ log rankings for a while now, so we'll be taking a look at all three roles this time around, as things seem to be getting pretty stable all-round, with the meta getting fairly stable.
Note: The logs are based on POINTS, and not actual damage or healing, meaning they log the timed completion for the specs, with higher keys getting more points, obviously. The time in which the dungeon is completed is also a factor, but a much, much smaller one, as it grants very few points if you do it significantly faster than just any in-time completion. We're also using the Normalized Aggregate Scores numbers, for clarity, meaning the top spec is marked as and then the rest are ranked in relation to that peak point.
These past weeks were Fortified, Inspiring, Grievous,
Tyrannical, Raging, Volcanic (and Tormented).
All Keys
The high percentiles see the top 3 remain the same, but Subtlety is really gunning for that No.1 spot as it's almost identical as Fire at this point. But that's not the only Rogue spec that's pushing upwards, as Outlaw passes Balance and moves into 4th and Shadow and Arms drop a few, bringing Marksmanship into the top

Mythic+ All Keys 95th Percentile Data by Warcraft Logs.
The more generalist bracket is similar to the top, with one complete reversal as Arms climbs 4 spots into 8th. We also see Marksmanship rise into 6th and Arcane into 7th, both jumping 2, as the rest remains fairly stable.

Mythic+ All Keys All Percentile Data by Warcraft Logs.
High Keys
The +15s are extremely stable and extremely close, as the first shift comes in at No.8 with Survival rising 1 and getting past Fury, with Frost Mage being the biggest mover as it secures the final spot in the top 10, up 4!

Mythic+15 All Percentile Data by Warcraft Logs.
The top 3 in the +20ies got rearranged as the No.1 and No.3 spots switched places, with Fire's domination spreading and Windwalkers settling for3rd, as Subtlety remains sandwiched in its cozy No.2 spot. After that we have some big movers with Arms climbing by a solid 3 and Survival by an extreme by 11 places (as is now standard for spec)!

Mythic+20 All Percentile Data by Warcraft Logs.
Tanks and Healers
And now it's time for our once-per-month look at tanks and healers, as the stats here are very relevant, unlike in raid logs. The movement here isn't that big though, or isn't actually existent at all, as all 6 tanks are exactly where we left them last month, with Havoc and Blood dropping a little. Meanwhile the healers also remain in the same spots as before, but Mistweavers are doing a little better in their last spot and Discipline is a little weaker.

Tank All Percentile Data by Warcraft Logs.

Healer All Percentile Data by Warcraft Logs.

For even more in-depth data for each individual key head on over to Warcraft Logs. And if you're interested in more info on the specs themselves you can always check out our class guides or our extensive Mythic+ guides as well, which have tier lists, dungeon rankings and more.

NameDefaultCategoryScopeDescription GitHub Octocat.pngActionButtonUseKeyDown1GameAccount Activate the action button on a keydown GitHub Octocat.pngactionedAdventureJournalEntriesGameAccount Which adventure journal entries flagged with ADVENTURE_JOURNAL_HIDE_AFTER_ACTION the user acted upon GitHub Octocat.pngactiveCUFProfileGameCharacter The last active CUF Profile. GitHub Octocat.pngaddFriendInfoShown0GameAccount The info for Add Friend has been shown GitHub Octocat.pngadvancedCombatLogging0GameWhether we want advanced combat log data sent from the server GitHub Octocat.pngadvancedWatchFrame0GameAccount Enables advanced Objectives tracking features GitHub Octocat.pngadvJournalLastOpened0GameAccount Last time the Adventure Journal opened GitHub Octocat.pngagentUIDGameThe UID provided by to be passed to Agent GitHub Octocat.pngAIBrain0GitHub Octocat.pngAIController0GitHub Octocat.pngAIControllerEventLog0GitHub Octocat.pngAIEventLog0GitHub Octocat.pngAIProcessDebugger0GitHub Octocat.pngallowCompareWithToggle1GameAccount GitHub Octocat.pngalwaysCompareItems0GameAccount Always show item comparison tooltips GitHub Octocat.pngalwaysShowActionBars0GameAccount Whether to always show the action bar grid GitHub Octocat.pnganimFrameSkipLOD0Graphicsanimations will skip frames at distance GitHub Octocat.pngAreaTriggerEventLog0GitHub Octocat.pngAreaTriggers0GitHub Octocat.pngassaoAdaptiveQualityLimitGraphicsASSAO Adaptive Quality Limit [, ] (only for Quality Level 3) GitHub Octocat.pngassaoBlurPassCount2GraphicsASSAO Blur Pass Count [ 0, 6] Number of edge-sensitive smart blur passes to apply. Quality 0 is an exception with only one 'dumb' blur pass used. GitHub Octocat.pngassaoDetailShadowStrength0GraphicsASSAO Detail Shadow Strength [, ] Used for high-res detail AO using neighboring depth pixels: adds a lot of detail but also reduces temporal stability (adds aliasing). GitHub Octocat.pngassaoFadeOutFromGraphicsASSAO Fade Out From [, ~ ] Distance to start start fading out the effect. GitHub Octocat.pngassaoFadeOutToGraphicsASSAO Fade Out To [, ~ ] Distance at which the effect is faded out. GitHub Octocat.pngassaoHorizonAngleThreshGraphicsASSAO Horizon Angle Thresh [, ] Limits self-shadowing GitHub Octocat.pngassaoNormals1GraphicsUse Normals for ASSAO GitHub Octocat.pngassaoRadiusGraphicsASSAO Radius [, ~ ] World (view) space size of the occlusion sphere GitHub Octocat.pngassaoShadowClampGraphicsASSAO Shadow Clamp [, ] GitHub Octocat.pngassaoShadowMultGraphicsASSAO Shadow Multiplier [, ] Effect strength linear multiplier GitHub Octocat.pngassaoShadowPowerGraphicsASSAO Shadow Power [, ] Effect strength pow modifier GitHub Octocat.pngassaoSharpnessGraphicsASSAO Sharpness [, ] (How much to bleed over edges; 1: not at all, half-half; completely ignore edges) GitHub Octocat.pngassaoTemporalSSAngleOffsetGraphicsASSAO Temporal Super Sampling Angle Offset [, PI] Used to rotate sampling kernel; If using temporal AA / supersampling, suggested to rotate by ( (frame%3)/*PI ) or similar. Kernel is already symmetrical, which is why we use PI and not 2*PI. GitHub Octocat.pngassaoTemporalSSRadiusOffsetGraphicsASSAO Temporal Super Sampling Radius Offset [, ] Used to scale sampling kernel; If using temporal AA / supersampling, suggested to scale by ( f + (((frame%3))/)* ) or similar. GitHub Octocat.pngassistAttack0GameCharacter Whether to start attacking after an assist GitHub Octocat.pngasyncHandlerTimeoutDebugEngine option: Async read main thread timeout GitHub Octocat.pngasyncThreadSleep0DebugEngine option: Async read thread sleep GitHub Octocat.pngauctionDisplayOnCharacter0GameAccount Show auction items on the dress-up paperdoll GitHub Octocat.pngauctionHouseDurationDropdown2GameAccount The previously selected duration index in the auction house duration dropdown GitHub Octocat.pngaudioLocaleGameSet the game locale for audio content GitHub Octocat.pngAuraDebugger0GitHub Octocat.pngAuraEventLog0GitHub Octocat.pngautoAcceptQuickJoinRequests0GameAccount Whether or not to auto-accept players who are trying to join your party through quick join GitHub Octocat.pngautoClearAFK1GameAccount Automatically clear AFK when moving or chatting GitHub Octocat.pngautoCompleteResortNamesOnRecency1GameAccount Shows people you recently spoke with higher up on the AutoComplete list. GitHub Octocat.pngautoCompleteUseContext1GameAccount The system will, for example, only show people in your guild when you are typing /gpromote. Names will also never be removed. GitHub Octocat.pngautoCompleteWhenEditingFromCenter1GameAccount If you edit a name by inserting characters into the center, a smarter auto-complete will occur. GitHub Octocat.pngautoDismount1GameAccount Automatically dismount when needed GitHub Octocat.pngautoDismountFlying0GameAccount If enabled, your character will automatically dismount before casting while flying GitHub Octocat.pngautoFilledMultiCastSlots0GameCharacter Bitfield that saves whether multi-cast slots have been automatically filled. GitHub Octocat.pngautoInteract0GameAccount Toggles auto-move to interact target GitHub Octocat.pngautojoinBGVoice0SoundAccount Automatically join the voice session in battleground chat GitHub Octocat.pngautojoinPartyVoice0SoundAccount Automatically join the voice session in party/raid chat GitHub Octocat.pngautoLootDefault0GameCharacter Automatically loot items when the loot window opens GitHub Octocat.pngautoLootRateGameCharacter Rate in milliseconds to tick auto loot GitHub Octocat.pngautoOpenLootHistory0GameAccount Automatically opens the Loot History window when certain items drop GitHub Octocat.pngAutoPushSpellToActionBar1GameCharacter Determines if spells are automatically pushed to the Action Bar. 0: No, 1: Yes (default). GitHub Octocat.pngautoQuestPopUpsGameCharacter Saves current pop-ups for quests that are automatically acquired or completed. GitHub Octocat.pngautoQuestProgress1GameAccount Whether to automatically watch all quests when they are updated GitHub Octocat.pngautoQuestWatch1GameAccount Whether to automatically watch all quests when you obtain them GitHub Octocat.pngautoSelfCast1GameCharacter Whether spells should automatically be cast on you if you don't have a valid target GitHub Octocat.pngautoStand1GameAccount Automatically stand when needed GitHub Octocat.pngautoUnshift1GameAccount Automatically leave shapeshift form when needed
  1. Pawn shop reading road
  2. Nishiki road bike
  3. A71 5g case
  4. Spongebob coffee meme
  5. Kd floral 7

World of Warcraft Console Command

Keyboard Shortcut List:

Ctrl+Y - Displays current player statistics.
Ctrl+R - Displays current FPS.
Ctrl+V - Displays NPC and PC names in boxes.
Alt+P - Displays graphic rendering statistics.
Alt+B - Displays player movement boundaries.
Alt+Z - Removes UI for clean images.
Prt Scr - To take screenshots.

CombatDebugForceAction Variables:

7 ALWAY****

Description: CombatForceDebugAction is used to make a target act in a way you request.

- CombatDebugForceActionOn
--> Usage: combatdebugforceactionon (x) (0 or 1)
Note: (x) is one of the variables above.

- CombatDebugForceActionOff
--> Usage: combatdebugforceactionoff (x) (0 or 1)
Note: (x) is one of the variables above.

- CombatDebugForceActionOtherOn
--> Usage: combatdebugforceactionotheron (x) (0 or 1)
Note: (x) is one of the variables above.

- CombatDebugForceActionOtherOff
--> Usage: combatdebugforceactionotheroff (x) (0 or 1)
Note: (x) is one of the variables above.

- CombatDebugShowFlags

Debug Command List:

- Bug
- Suggestion
- Note
- SndDebugPingSound
- SndDebugRoomType
- env

- envlist
--> Description: Lists all currently playing environmental sounds.

- nuke
--> Description: Ban a user from the current server.

- enumTextures
- enumTextureGxCache

- ghost
--> Description: Watch a player.

- zoneintroreset
--> Description: Replays current zone introduction.

- invite
--> Description: Invites a player to join your current group.

- PLightInfo
--> Usage: plightinfo (index)

- PLightEnable
- PLightOmni

- PLightDirPos
--> Usage: plightdirpos (index) (x) (y) (z)

- PLightAmbColor
--> Usage: plightambcolor (index) (r) (g) (b)

- PLightDirColor
--> Usage: plightdircolor (index) (r) (g) (b)

- PLightAmbIntens
--> Usage: plightambintens (index) (number)

- PLightDirIntens
--> Usage: plightdirintens (index) (number)

- cameraClip

- SeeIfWorldFrameSucks
--> Description: Let Jeff know dammit! Nukes away!

- learn
--> Usage: learn (spell)
Or type 'learn -1' for all spells.

- cooldown
--> Toggles cooldowns.

- cooldownPet
--> Toggles pet cooldowns.

- useskill
--> Usage: useskill (skillname)
Description: Simulate usage of a spell without actually casting, to test skill rank-ups.

- setskill
--> Usage: setskill (level) (skill line name)
Description: Manually set a skills level.

- bootme

- levelup
--> Description: Automatica character level-up.

- setfaction
--> Usage: setfaction (level) (faction name)
Description: Manually set your faction. (Alliance / Horde)

- pet
--> Description: Tells you the GUID of your current pet.

- TaxiShowNodes
--> Description: Shows you all available taxi nodes.

- cinematic
--> Description: Start an in game cinematic.

- forceanim
--> Description: Force a monster animation.

- rese
--> Description: Resurrects your current character.

- whois
--> Usage: whois (accountname)
Description: Ask the server to do an account/real name lookup on a character name.

- rwhois
- dtime
- time
- gametime

- localtime
--> Usage: localtime ()
Description: Sets the in-game time. Typing localtime 3 will make it very dark, while localtime 12 will make it noon.

- spawntime
--> Description: Tells the server how frequently to spawn mobs.

- loc

- dloc
--> Description: Tells you the x,y,z co-ordinates you are currently standing in.

- facing

- dfacing
--> Description: Tells you the angle in degrees you are currently facing.

- showbounds
--> Description: Shows the character bounds. (Newbie translation: Ooh! A bubble!)

- tloc
--> Description: Tells you the targets x,y,z co-ordinates.

- TerminalVelocity
--> Usage: TerminalVelocity ()
Description: Similar to gravity. Setting this to 1 allow you to "fly", while setting it high will treat you like a stone.

- speed
--> Usage: speed ()
Description: Increases the game accordingly. Recommended:

- walkspeed
--> Usage: walkspeed ()
Description: Increases your walk speed accordingly. Recommended: 50

- swimspeed
--> Usage: swimspeed ()
Description: Increases your swim. Recommended:

- turnspeed
--> Usage: turnspeed ()
Description: Increases your turn speed. Recommended: Default.

- port

- worldport
--> Usage: worldport (continentID) (x y z) (facing)
Description: Warps you to the specified location / continent.

- money
--> Usage: money (copper)
Description: Instantly become rich using this console command.

- db
--> Usage: TableName (Name or #ID)
Note:Wildcard use * in TableName or Name not ID though.
Description: Select a table from the database.

- drawlog
- animlog

- beastmaster
--> Description: Beastmaster allows you to walk freely around the world without having monsters attack you.

- sendevent
- mem

- level
--> Usage: level (level)
Description: Manually enter your level.

- petlevel
--> Usage: petlevel (level)
Description: Manually enter your pets level.

- clearquest
--> Description:

- flagquest

- TaxiClearAllNodes
--> Description: Disables all Taxi Nodes as viable forms of transportation.

- TaxiEnableAllNodes
--> Description: Enables all Taxi Nodes as viable forms of transportation.

- ChangeCellZone

- finishquest
--> Usage: finishquest (questID)
Description: Automatically mark your quest as completed.

- cameratarget

- questquery
--> Usage: questquery (questgiver) (questID)
Description: Automatically attain a quest.

- questaccept
--> Usage: questaccept (questgiver) (questID)
Description: Accept the proposed quest.

- questcomplete
--> Usage: questcomplete (questgiver) (questID)
Description: Automatically complete specified quest.

- questcancel
--> Usage: questcancel (questgiver) (questID)
Description: Automatically accept the proposed quest.

- reclaim
--> Usage: reclaim (corpseGUID)
Description: Reclaim the specified body.

- buyspell
--> Usage: buyspell (trainer) (spellID)
Description: Buy specified spell from specified trainer.

- sellitem
--> Usage: sellitem (merchant) (item)
Description: Sell specified item to desired merchant.

- buyitem
--> Usage: buyitem (merchant) (muID) (quantity>)
Description: Buy specified item from specified merchant.

- buyiteminslot
--> Usage: buyiteminslot (merchant) (muID) (container) (quantity)
Description: Buy an item in the specified slot.

- SndDebugDumpChunk
- SndDebugShowCurrentChunk
- SndDebugSetChunkProperty
- SndDebugSetCurrentChunk
- SndDebugCreateChunk
- SndDebugListChunks

Game Command List:

- HeapUsage
--> Description: Displays a list of the heaps in use.

- ObjUsage
--> Description: Displays the object manager list status.

- newleader
--> Description: Sets a new leader in your current group.

- lootmethod
--> Usage: lootmethod (method)
Description: Toggles your loot method between freeforall / roundrobin / master.

- cast
--> Usage: cast (skillname)
Description: Cast a spell.

- cancelaura
--> Usage: cancelaura (index)
Description: Cancels an aura given the aura's index, not auraID.

- spellstring
--> Usage: spellstring (string)
Description: Opens up an edit box for the specificed spell.

- playercombatlogdebug
--> Usage: playercombatlogdebug ()
Description: Toggles combat logging on/off.

- invite
--> Usage: invite (player)
Description: Invites a player to join your group.

- accept
--> Description: Accepts the group invitation.

- decline
--> Description: Declines the group invitation.

- disband
--> Description: Disband your current group (Must be group leader).

- uninvite
--> Usage: uninvite (player)
Description: Remove a member from your group (Must be group leader).

- repopme
--> Usage: repopme ()
Description: Repops you when you're dead.

- who
--> Description: Displays a list of the other users on the server.

- undressme
--> Description: Strips your character of all of its equipment.

- godmode
--> Description: Makes you invulnerable to all elements in the world.

- acceptres
--> Description: Accept resurrection request.

- declineres
--> Description: Decline resurrection request.

- guildcreate
--> Usage: guildcreate (name)
Description: Creates a guild.

- TogglePVP
--> Description: Toggles PvP on current server.

- friends
--> Description: Displays your current friends list.

- addfriend
--> Usage: addfriend (name)
Description: Adds specified friend to your friends list.

- removefriend
--> Usage: removefriend (name)
Description: Removes specified friend from your friends list.

- trade
- addtradeitem
- cleartradeitem
- cleartrade
- accepttrade
- canceltrade
- showtrade
- tradegold
- unaccepttrade
- ci
- cm
- cgo
- dm
- save

- deathbind
--> Usage: deathbind (bindstoneid)
Description: Binds you to the inputted bindstoneID.

- recharge
--> Description: Instantly fully heal yourself.

- played

Graphics Command List:

- gxRestart
--> Description: Restart the graphics engine.

- reloadUI
--> Description: Reloads the user interface.

- light
--> Usage: light ()
Description: Toggles light on/off.

- fog
--> Usage: fog ()
Description: Toggles fog on/off.

- DepthTest
--> Usage: depthtest ()
Description: Toggles depthtest on/off.

- DepthSet
--> Usage: depthset ()
Description: Toggles depthwriting on/off.

- culling
--> Usage: culling ()
Description: Toggles backface culling on/off.

- dblbuffer
--> Usage: dblbuffer ()
Description: Toggles double buffering on/off.

- resxy
--> Usage: resxy (x) (y)
Description: Sets the screen resolution to x by y pixels. If no parameters are given, the current resolution will be displayed.

- resmode
--> Usage: resmode ()
Description: Sets the screen resolution mode x, which is a number from 0 to 3. If no parameter is given, the possible modes will be displayed.

- bitdepth
--> Usage: bitdepth (16 or 32)
Description: Sets the color depth 16 or 32 bits. If no parameter is given, the current color depth will be displayed.

- 3dapi
--> Usage: resmode (OpenGL or Direc3d)
Description: 3dapi toggles the 3D API between OpenGL and Direct3D. Changes won't take effect until the game is restarted.

- showDetailDoodads
--> Usage: showdetaildoodads ()
Description: Toggles the showing of detailing doodads (grass, flowers) on/off.

- maxLOD
--> Usage: maxLOD ()
Description: Set the maximum land shape value.

- showCull
--> Usage: maxLOD ()
Description: Toggle culling on/off.

- setShadow
--> Usage: setShadow ()
Description: Shadow colors must be in range (,).

- mapObjLightMode
--> Description: Toggle between vertex light / lightmaps.

- waterShow \
> Both do the same.
- showWater /
--> Usage: watershow ()
Description: Toggles viewing water on/off.

- waterMaxLOD
--> Usage: maxLOD ()
Description: Set the maximum water shape value.

- waterWaves
--> Usage: waterwaves ()
Description: Toggles water waves on/off.

- waterSpecular
--> Usage: waterspecular ()
Description: Toggles water specularity on/off.

- waterRipples
--> Usage: waterripples ()
Description: Toggles water ripples on/off.

- waterParticulates
--> Usage: waterparticulates ()
Description: Toggles water particulates on/off.

- showShadow
--> Usage: showshadow ()
Description: Toggles terrain shadows on/off.

- showLowDetail
--> Usage: showlowdetail ()
Description: Toggles showing low detail on/off.

- showSimpleDoodads
--> Usage: showsimpledoodads ()
Description: Toggles showing "simple" doodads on/off.

- detailDoodadAlpha
--> Usage: showsimpledoodads ()
Description: Set the doodad alpha level.
*** Lower is better.

- shadowLOD
--> Usage: shadowlod ()
Description: Set the shadow LOD.

- showplayer
--> Usage: showplayer ()
Description: Toggles showing your character on/off.

- motionBlend
--> Usage: motionblend ()
Description: Toggles motion blending on/off.

- SkyCloudLayers
--> Usage: skycloudlayers ()
Description: Set the sky cloud layers.

- SkyCloudDensity
--> Usage: skycloudlayers ()
Description: Set the sky cloud density.

- SkySunGlare
--> Usage: skysunglare ()
Description: Toggles sun glare on/off.

- SkyShow
--> Usage: skyshow ()
Description: Toggles sky on/off.

Console Command List:

- run
--> Description: Runs a wtf file from the wtf folder.

- new
--> Description: Starts recording a new script.

- append
--> Description: Adds command to the end of an existing wtf file.

- end
--> Description: Stops recording a new script.

- type
--> Usage: type (filename)
Description: Types the script to the console.

- dirwtf
--> Description: Lists the wtf files.

- fontcolor
--> Usage: fontcolor (colorclassname) (red ) (green ) (blue )
Description: Change the console font color.

- bgcolor
--> Usage: bgcolor (alpha ) (red ) (green ) (blue )
Description: Change the console background color.

- highlightcolor
--> Usage: highlightcolor (alpha ) (red ) (green ) (blue )
Description: Change the highlighted text color.

- fontsize
--> Usage: fontsize ()
Description: Set the console font size.

- font
--> Usage: font (fontname)
Description: Set the console font face, be sure to use the .ttf file name.

- consolelines
--> Usage: consolelines ()
Description: Set the console viewscreen size. This is also do-able by clicking the bottom of the console and dragging it to a desired size.

- clear
--> Description: Clears all text in the console window.

- proportionaltext
--> Description: Makes the text proportional, example below.
Example: Test Text = T e s t T e x t

- spacing
--> Usage: spacing (size)
Description: Sets the spacing between text in pixels.

- settings
--> Usage: settings ()
Description: Returns information about the console.

- default
--> Description: Returns console preferences to their default values.

- closeconsole
--> Description: Closes the console.

Default Command List:

- help
--> Usage: help (topic)
Description: Displays help information about the requested category.

- quit
--> Description: Exits the program to desktop.

- ver
--> Description: Displays the current version and build date.

- set
--> Usage: set (variable) (value)
Description: Sets a variable to the defined value.

- cvar_reset
--> Usage: cvar_reset (cvar)
Description: Sets the value of a CVar to it's startup value.

- cvar_default
--> Description: Sets the value of a CVar to it's color coded default value.

- cvarlist
--> Description: Lists every CVar.

- gxColorBits
--> Usage: gxcolorbits (16, 24, or 30)
Description: Sets the color bits to be used.

- gxDepthBits
--> Usage: gxdepthbits (16, 24, or 32)
Description: Sets the color depth to be used.

- gxResolution
--> Usage: gxresolution (resolution)
Example: gxresolution x
Description: Sets the color depth to be used.

- gxRefresh
--> Usage: gxrefresh (refreshrate)
Description: Sets the refresh rate.
Note: Must be one of 60, 70, 72, 75, 85, 90, , , , ,

- gxApi
--> Usage: gxapi (api)
Description: Sets the 3d api to render.
Note: Must be either Direct3d, OpenGL.

- gxVSync
--> Usage: gxvsync ()
Description: Toggles vertical sync on/off.

- gxWindow
--> Usage: gxwindow ()
Description: Toggles windowed mode on/off.

- hwDetect
--> Usage: hwdetect ()
Description: Toggles hardware detection on/off.

- lod
--> Usage: lod ()
Description: Toggles land smoothing on/off.

- fullAlpha
--> Usage: fullalpha ()
Description: Toggles full alpha on doodads on/off.

- doodadAnim
--> Usage: doodadanim ()
Description: Toggles doodad animation on/off.

- mapShadows
--> Usage: mapshadows ()
Description: Toggles terrain shadows on/off.

- lightMaps
--> Description: Always returns (null).

- lodDist
--> Usage: loddist <>
Description: Sets the land smoothing maximum distance from player in feet.

- SmallCull
--> Usage: smallcull ()
Description: Sets the doodad culling level.

- DistCull
--> Usage: distcull ()
Description: Sets the doodad culling level.

- MaxLights
--> Usage: maxlights ()
Description: Sets the maximum number of simultaenous light sources.

- shadowLevel
--> Usage: shadowlevel ()
Description: Toggles the shadow mip level on/off.

- alphaLevel
--> Usage: alphalevel ()
Description: Toggles the alpha mip level on/off.

- texLodBias
--> Usage: textlodbias ( - )
Description: Unknown.

- trilinear
--> Usage: trilinear ()
Description: Toggles trilinear filtering on/off.

- detailDensity
--> Usage: detaildensity ()
Description: Sets doodad density levels.

- farclip
--> Usage: farclip ()
Description: Sets the maximum distance you can see.

- nearclip
--> Usage: nearclip ()
Description: Sets the maximum distance you can see.

- fov
--> Usage: fov ()
Description: Sets your characters field of view.

- specular
--> Usage: specular ()
Description: Toggles specular shading on/off.

- pixelShaders
--> Usage: pixelshaders ()
Description: Toggles pixel shading shading on/off.

- particleDensity
--> Usage: particledensity ()
Description: Sets particle density level.

- unitDrawDist
--> Usage: unitdrawdist ()
Description: Sets the unit draw maximum distance.

- waterLOD
--> Usage: waterlod ()
Description: Toggles water smoothing effects on/off.

- baseMip
--> Usage: basemip ()
Description: Toggles basemip on/off.

- anisotropic
--> Usage: anisotropic ()
Description: Sets "anisotropic" filtering level.

- textureLodDist
--> Usage: textureloddist ()
Description: Sets the maximum distance for the game to texture.

- ErrorFileLog

- Errors
--> Usage: errors ()
Description: Toggles error display on/off.

- ErrorLevelMin
- ErrorLevelMax

- ErrorFilter
--> Usage: errorfilter (filter)
Filters: general / world / ui / animation / models / objects / all
Note: Use "except" to invert mask.

- debugTargetInfo
--> Usage: debugtargetinfo ()
Description: Toggles displaying target debugging information tooltips on/off.

- showGUIDs
--> Usage: showguids ()
Description: Toggles displaying GUID tooltips on/off.

- DesktopGamma
- Gamma

- realmName
--> Description: Displays the realm name.

- realmAddress
--> Description: Displays the realm address.

- profanityFilter
--> Usage: profanityfilter ()
Description: Toggles the builtin profanity filter on/off.

- SoundOutputSystem
- SoundDriver
- SoundMixer
- SoundBufferSize
- SoundMinHardwareChannels
- SoundMixRate
- SoundSoftwareChannels
- SoundInitFlags
- SoundMemoryCache
- Music
- MasterVolume
- MasterSoundEffects

- EnableMusic
--> Usage: enablemusic ()
Description: Toggles enabling music on/off.

- EnableSound
--> Usage: enablesound ()
Description: Toggles enabling sound on/off.

- realmList
--> Description: Shows a list of all current realms.

- Joystick

- mouseInvertYaw
--> Usage: mouseinvertyaw ()
Description: Toggles mouse inversion on/off.

- mouseInvertPitch
--> Usage: mouseinvertpitch ()
Description: Sets mouse inversion pitch level.

- camerasmooth
- cameraSmoothingRate
- cameraLinearSpeed
- cameraAngularSpeed
- cameraAngleA
- cameraDistanceA
- cameraAngleB
- cameraDirection
- cameraAngleC
- cameraDistanceC
- cameraAngleD
- cameraDistanceD

- EnableGroupSpeech
--> Usage: enablesound ()
Description: Toggles enabling hearing group speech on/off.

- EnableErrorSpeech
--> Usage: enableerrorspeech ()
Description: Toggles enabling error sounds on/off.

- AmbienceVolume

- EnableAmbience
--> Usage: enableambience ()
Description: Toggles enabling ambience sounds on/off.

- MapWaterSounds
--> Usage: mapwatersounds ()
Description: Toggles enabling water sounds on/off.

- statusBarText
--> Usage: statusbartext ()
Description: Toggles status bar text on/off.

- assistAttack
- minimapZoom
- minimapInsideZoom

- combatLogOn
--> Usage: combatlogon ()
Description: Toggles combat logging on/off.

- PlayerFadeMouseOver
- PlayerFadeInRate
- PlayerFadeOutRate
- PlayerFadeOutAlpha
- DamageFontHeight
- DamageFontOutline
- DamageFontFadeInTime
- DamageFontTotalTime
- DamageFontConeAngle

- showsmartrects
--> Usage: showsmartrects ()
Description: Toggles showing "smart" rectangles on/off.

- UnitNameRenderMode
- UnitNamePlayerName
- UnitNamePlayerGuild
- UnitNamePlayerTitle
- UnitName
- UnitNameUnitTitle
- UnitNameUnitSummonedBy

- weapontrails
--> Usage: showsmartrects ()
Description: Toggles weapon trails on/off.

- ObjectSelectionCircle
--> Usage: showsmartrects ()
Description: Toggles the object selection circle or not. Turning it off will be confusing.

- DebugTargetPath

- FootstepSounds
--> Usage: footstepsounds ()
Description: Toggles playing footstep sounds on/off.

- CombatLogRange
- CombatDeathLogRange
- CombatLogPeriodicSpells

- showfootprints
--> Usage: showfootprints ()
Description: Toggles showing footprints on/off.

- showfootprintparticles
--> Usage: showfootprintparticles ()
Description: Toggles showing footprints particulates on/off.

- ShowBreath
--> Usage: showbreath ()
Description: Toggles showing characters breath on/off.

- violenceLevel
--> Usage: violencelevel ()
Description: Sets the violence level.

- SkyCloudLOD
--> Usage: skycloudlod ()
Description: Toggles sky texture effects/smoothing on/off.

- logout
--> Description: Logs you out of the current realm.

- script
--> Usage: script (
Description: Executes the specifed wtf file on the client.



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Originally Posted by PhanxView Post
Use something like this to figure out when the cvars are being changed:


local cvars = { cameraYawMoveSpeed = "35", cameraPitchMovespeed = "18", } for k, v in pairs(cvars) do SetCVar(k, v) end local f = CreateFrame("Frame") f:RegisterAllEvents() f:SetScript("OnEvent", function(self, event) for k, v in pairs(cvars) do if GetCVar(k) ~= v then print(event, k, v) SetCVar(k, v) end end end)
This should print a message to the chat frame any time anyevent fires, if one of the given CVars doesn't have the desired value. Once you figure out which event is changing it, change your code to listen for that event instead of (or in addition to) VARIABLES_LOADED.

(Definitely do not use RegisterAllEvents in any normal, non-testing code if you like your framerate.)
I used exactly the code you posted, and it worked! The cvars are applied ingame. The only event i've ever seen printed is simply "ADDON_LOADED" once when i log in. (every time)
However, i tried changing the line f:RegisterAllEvents() to f:RegisterEvent("VARIABLES_LOADED") and it stopped working again.
[EDIT] i changed it to ADDON_LOADED and now it works. Thanks m89!

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