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I am trying to edit the save file in SNES Mini so that I can change my stats and inventory. Here's what I was able to do so far based on reading different posts on this topic.

  • Using Hakchi, downloaded the saved file to PC
  • changed .clvs extension to .tar.gz and opened it with 7zip

On the zip file, I noticed cartridge.sram file along with folder for each save states (suspendpoint1, suspendpoint2, suspenpoint3, suspenpoint4).

Now, here are my questions.

  • Which file should I modify if I want to update my savestate #3 for example? Within each suspendpoint folders, i don't see any files that I can modify. For example, within these folders, there are only 3 files (rollback, state.png and state.time).
  • Does this mean that all 4 saved files are stored under cartridge.sram file?
  • If yes, how do i tell which part of this file is for save 1, save 2, etc..
  • Lastly, I am planning to use hex editor to modify the file. Once the file is updated with hex editor, do I need to do anything special before replacing the file, zip the files again, rename the file back to .clvs and import the file using hakchi?

I apologize for many questions. I am trying to help my son with this and after spending hours on the internet looking for answers, this is my last resort.

My experience is fairly limited, so I don't know much about the suspend points, other than the SNES side of things has those folders so I'm not sure where the actual save is, while the NES stores more easily found *.state files.

If you're using 7zip, you should just be able to double click the *.clvs file to open without renaming it.

On the SNES Classic saves, you can use SFROM Tool to easily convert the cartridge.sram file to a standard emulator *.srm file and then edit that with the EarthBound save editor:
Then SFROM Tool can convert it back to cartridge.sram and you can plop it back into the *.clvs archive to overwrite the old file.

As for NES Classic saves, I still haven't found any way to convert them to use elsewhere or import any existing save.

This is about all I know on the subject 🤷

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hansim4 (Topic Creator)1 year ago#3

Thank you. I have not used SFROM tool before but I will give it a try.

hansim4 (Topic Creator)1 year ago#4

I followed the direction above but I got stuck at SFROM tool. I downloaded the tool and opened the cartridge.sram file to convert to .srm file. However, when I do this, nothing happens and the tool just closes. I tried everything and each time, the tool just closes. I am not sure what I am doing wrong here. Is it not possible to convert cartridge.sram file to cartridge.srm file using the SFROM tool?

hansim4 posted...
I am not sure what I am doing wrong here neither. I had an earlier version of SFROM Tool when I posted before but have since downloaded the newest version and had the same problem you did. I should know by now to always keep a copy of the earlier version on hand just in case, but I deleted it and can't find it back...

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hansim4 (Topic Creator)1 year ago#6

Thanks for your message. I was able to download earlier version (v1.1) from a different website ( but this tool is now giving me an error message: "Error: Invalid Canoe SRAM file". I am using the latest Hakchi program for Earthbound. Is the saved file from Hakchi not a Canoe SRAM file? Should I use a different emulator in Hakchi? Or, is this because I have 4 saved games in this file? In other words, if I just save one game on this save file, can that solve this issue?

Apologize for so many questions but if anyone can help me, that would be great.



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Earthbound is known to be particularly cruel. Illegal copies bombard players with extra enemies and, at key points in the game, wipe out saved data. has an in depth article about the lengths Nintendo went to cripple Ness’ adventure for pirates including this video below. Watch as all the saved files are erased moments before completing Earthbound.




Are there any other creative anti-piracy methods you are aware of?

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Sorry for all these past posts, but I need to know how to delete save states. I accidentaly hit whatever button automatically loads it and it deleted all my saves and put me back at where I used it, because I didnt know how to save. So how do I delete save states so this doesn't happen again?
If you know where the savestate files are located, you can just delete them like any other file. They're probably either being saved in the same folder as the game, or in a specific folder that the emulator uses for savestates.

People confuse me.

Ok so which file is it? I have Earthbound.cht, .smc, .srm, and .zst.

I would guess .zst is the type, try making a new savestate and see if a new .zst is made.
.sram is the ingame save file, and .smc is the game itself. Not sure what the other one is. Maybe cheats?

People confuse me.

Sounds like you're using ZSNES. .zst is the extension for save state files. .zst, .zs1, .zs2, etc...


Earthbound Savestates

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At the beginning of the game with Ness at level 99by NonamerpgDownloadReport
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At Saturn Valley, average party level 70s, ready to enter warp machine for final dungeonby LayZeeDownloadReport
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Ness, Paula and Jeff, all named after college friends, levels ranging from 25 to 30. First visit to the Dusty Dunes Desert, for people who agree with me that the game picks up after you complete the first three Illogical_ToasterDownloadReport
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Saved at the last save point. Ness is level 80, all others are level 70, 69. Poo has Sword of Kings equippedby CrossbladesDownloadReport
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Files earthbound save

Click the link(s) below to download the desired game save file for Earthbound (SNES). Click here for information about the Save Archive and instructions. You can also view the description page for this game to learn more.

File: EarthboundSaturnValley.7z


Ness, Jeff, and Paula start in Saturn Valley just before the fight with Belch. The party has plenty of money and gear that is appropriate for this point in the game. Average level is roughly 30.

Emulator Version: SNES9x 1.53 Win32 for Windows PC

File: EarthboundEndGame.7z

This save was created in Onette near the end of the game. Ness and his friends are about level 80 and have over $500,000 as well as all of Poo’s equipment. This save does not have some rare items, such as the Holy Fry Pan or Star Pendant, but they can still be farmed as the entire game is open to the player.

Emulator Version: SNES9x 1.53 Win32 for Windows PC

**Attention** does not distribute or endorse the distribution of ROMs or ISOs. All download files are save files for games and not ROMs or ISOs. Please do not ask us where to find ROMs or ISOs as the distribution of them is a violation of copyright laws.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy your Earthbound for the SNES save file.

Evolution of SAVE LOCATIONS in EarthBound/MOTHER

Hey guys, since I needed a save after each event/action in Earthbound to get back to when creating Earthbound in Saturn Valley Online I figured I might as well share them with everyone. This list is way more extensive than the one found on Google. It’s not finished yet but I’ll add more saves over the next few weeks.

Click here to go to The Earthbound Save File Archive. I’m still tweaking the layout and sections, feel free to give me some suggestions Also if you got save files for SNES9X or ZSNES or even VBA (for Mother 3 saves) I’d really appreciate it if you sent them to me (check the site to see how to submit them)

As said in the byline, these only work for Snes9x.

Current list of saves:

1. Right at the start, just after naming everything.
2. After Intro sequence.
3. After changing clothes.
4. Back home, after talking to Pokey.
5. Pokey came to your house, changed clothes.
6. Talked to dad, King & Pokey joined.
7. At the meteor, King leaves.
8. The Finch’s house, Pokey & Pickey leave.
9. Got soundstone, first photograph.
10. Wandering in Onett, got cap, Onett map.
11. Grinding for levels on Sharks.
12. Right before battling Frank.
13. Getting the key from the mayor.
14. Giant Step Entrance.
15. Right before Titantic Ant battle.
16. First Sanctuary acquired.
17. Exiting Giant Step.
18. Paula sends a message.
19. Defeated Captain strong.
20. Entrance of Twoson.
21. Defeated Everdred, talking to Apple Kid.
22. Checking out the Giant Pencil.
23. Revisiting Apple Kid.
24. Erasing the Pencil.
25. Happy Happy Village entrance.
26. Visiting Paula in prison.
27. Inside Happy Happy HQ.
28. Right before Mr. Carpainter fight.
29. Freeing Paula from the cabin.
30. Entrance of the cave to Lilliput Steps.
31. Right before fighting Mondo Mole.
32. Acquiring Lilliput Steps sound.
33. Back in Happy Happy Village.
34. At the fixed bridge.
35. Talking to Everdred.
36. At the Chaos Theater.
37. Runaway Five show.
38. Paying the bill for the Runaway Five.

Saturn Valley Online
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