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The Rarest Yu-Gi-Oh Cards And What They’re Worth

When Yu-Gi-Oh! first came out all the way back in Japan in the year 1997, nobody could have ever predicted that it would go on to spawn one of the largest trading card games in the world right up there with Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering. Given its worldwide popularity and the fact that it has been going strong ever since 1998, it's not surprising that thousands and thousands of cards have been made of the various monster, spell, and trap cards in its 30-year history.

Most of those, however, aren't worth a thing. Many players go through their collections at one time or another, hoping that they'll be able to buy something by selling their old cards — but they often amount to little more than a hill of beans. But if you were a hardcore player who attended the highest-level tournaments, then you might have some of the cards on this list.

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What separates a valuable card from a cheap one comes down to a few things. If your card is part of the first printing of the card, that's a good start. Another factor is if the card was printed in limited amounts. Some cards on this list are literally one-of-a-kind and you better believe they cost vast fortunes. Finally, the older a card, the higher its value. So let's get this list of the rarest Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in existence started.

Updated September 11, 2021 by Johnny Garcia: With how long Yu-Gi-Oh! has been going on, the value of cards is only getting higher. Many cards have stopped being printed, with some never getting more than just one. While some modern cards are released and go for over $100, this does not hold a candle to what many other cards are worth. With the pool of cards getting consistently larger, the rarity and scarcity of other cards goes up. Many cards are in the hundreds range, but some can be in the thousands, making some Yu-Gi-Oh! cards the most valuable trading cards between any of the major trading card games.

20 Dark Magician Girl (#G311): $7,500

Dark Magician Girl is one of the most beloved and iconic monsters in all of Yu-Gi-Oh! The printing of this particular Dark Magician Girl was a Japan-exclusive as part of the... are you ready for this title? The Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters III: Tri-Holy God Advent Official Tournament Street Duel Legend of Power. Imagine fitting that on a poster.

Anyway, you could have obtained this beautiful card from the very limited event. While there have been plenty of printings of Dark Magician Girl since then, the #G3-11 printing can fetch you a pretty penny, with the PSA10 Graded copies of the card averaging out to a value of $7,500.

19 Mirror Force (Bandai): $8,000

Before Konami became the exclusive manufacturer of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Bandai obtained the license from Toei Animation to produce Yu-Gi-Oh! cards of their own. This partnership was incredibly short-lived, as Konami took full control after only a year. This led to less than 200 Bandai branded Yu-Gi-Oh! cards being printed.

The most valuable of these cards would be the iconic Mirror Force. The most stressful Trap card of the early days, Mirror Force has an iconic status for many. Its high rarity in the Bandai packs led to Bandai's Mirror Force being the rarest of the Bandai era. Currently, you can get a copy for a hefty $8,000.

18 Iron Knight Of Revolution (2017-EN002): $13,000

Iron Knight Of Revolution was the first-ever prize card that was a Link Monster. It was given to the winners of the 2017 Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships. While the card is not playable in duels, that doesn't mean the card lacks value. Due to how prestigious the event is, players who obtained Iron Knight Of Revolution are few and far in between.

Iron Knight Of Revolution was sold once before for about $12,000 and was later put up for $13,000, its value only getting greater.

17 Amatsu-Okami Of The Divine Peaks (2018-EN002): $18,888

The most recent card released on this list, Amatsu-Okami Of The Divine Peaks was the prize card of the 2018 Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships. Like all Prize Cards, Amatsu is illegal to use in duels with the effect to win an entire match.

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Since it's such a fresh card released into the pool, those who managed to snag a copy of Amatsu-Okami Of The Divine Peaks generally don't want to let go of it. However, there is someone who put it up for auction at $18,888.

16 Stardust Divinity (2010-EN001): $20,000

Despite coming out in 2008, the first Synchro Monster Prize Card wouldn't come out until the 2010 Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships. Over the years, Stardust Divinity has been sold a few times, with its first appearance on the internet auction scene in 2014.

The price of Stardust Divinity has slowly gone up, currently resting at an astounding $20,000. Stardust Divinity is especially unique and rare, as it's the only Prize Card that is a Synchro Monster.

15 Gold Sarcophagus (PT-03-EN001): $26,000

An early staple in the early days of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Gold Sarcophagus has seen play on and off depending on the meta, and is currently limited in the game. It can search literally any card from your deck, and Gold Sarcophagus was the card that ultimately defeated the Pharoah in the final episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. It also was released as a prize card for the Pharaoh Tour 2007.

Unlike some other Prize Cards, this one was totally playable and might be part of the reason why it was so valued aside from its prize status. While Gold Sarcophagus has had plenty of printings cheap, the PT-03-EN0001 version given as a prize has fluctuated in price — it's currently worth about $26,000.

14 Sakyo, Swordmaster Of The Far East (2015-EN002): $28,000

One of the many Pendulum Monster Prize Cards, Sakyo, Swordmaster Of The Far East was one of the prizes for those lucky enough to take part in the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships in 2015. It also holds the distinction of being the most expensive and rarest Pendulum Monster in all of Yu-Gi-Oh!

The value of Sakyo, Swordmaster Of The Far East has remained rather static, being worth about $28,000, which is certainly nothing to scoff at.

13 Cyber-Stein (SJC-EN001): $29,500

Here we have it, folks, the very first Shonen Jump Championships Prize Card from all the way back in 2004, Cyber Stein! Fans of the game know just how devastating Cyber-Stein can be, and with how many Monsters it can summon now it can be game-breaking. It's lived a good part of its life on the banlist, though was recently set to Limited.

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While Cyber-Stein was originally a prize card, it would later be released in Dark Beginning 2 a year after the 2004 SJC. The other printings of Cyber-Stein are hardly valuable, but the SJC-EN001 printing will put $29,500 in your pocket.

12 Cyber Dragon (MF-03-EN009): $30,000

Back during the GX Anime, a series of toy tie-ins came with it. These were exclusive to the department store Sears and would come with cards of the toy. However, during the release of the third series of these toys, the cards were pulled before the shipping of them. These cards were believed to be lost, with some doubting their existence.

However, in late 2020 Reddit user loserchris found a copy in their closet, finding gold in the way of Cyber Dragon. It was confirmed to be real, and was auctioned off in a now-defunct Discord server for $30,000.

11 Grizzly, The Red Star Beast (2010-EN002): $31,888

Grizzly, The Red Star Beast is the other Prize Card from the 2010 Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships alongside Stardust Divinity. These two Synchro Monsters hold the distinction of being the rarest and most valuable Synchro Monsters in the history of Yu-Gi-Oh!

It was a good time to be a Worlds competitor in 2010, as you would obtain some of the rarest cards ever released. Grizzly, The Red Star Beast in particular goes for $31,888.

10 E[Star]HERO Pit Boss (2013-EN002): $50,951

E[Star]HERO Pit Boss is a Prize Card given out during the 2013 Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships, and instantly set itself as one of the rarest Xyz Monsters out there, and especially the rarest HERO Monster in the game. While some Evil HEROs are worth hundreds of dollars, they don't come close to Pit Boss.

Auctions of E[Star] HERO Pit Boss have popped up quite a few times at fluctuating prices, with it currently being valued at $50,951.

9 Grandopolis, The Eternal City (2013-EN001): $54,984

Grandopolis, The Eternal City was the last ever Xyz Monster Prize Card, given during the 2013 Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships. This distinction has allowed it to enter into the top echelon of rare Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.

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Grandopolis, The Eternal City has had a varied price, sometimes as high as $130,000. But it's currently worth $54,944. It was sold around quite a bit during 2020, and after a down period, has returned for 2021.

8 Legendary Magician Of Dark (2012-EN002): $76,000

Is it any surprise that the rarest and most valuable Xyz Monster is a Dark Magician card? Legendary Magician Of Dark was a Prize Card during the tenth Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships in 2010. Since it was a milestone, both Prize Cards were based on Dark Magician and Blue-Eyes respectively, but Legendary Magician Of Dark has held a much higher status in rarity and value.

Listings for the card didn't pop up until 2020, but Legendary Magician Of Dark is worth $76,000 now, and the price you'll have to pay for the most prestigious and hardest to find Dark Magician collectible.

7 Shrink (SJC-EN003): $119,097

Shrink was one of the signature spell cards of anime staple Seto Kaiba. Shrink is far from a fantastic card, but for the first two years of its existence, you could only obtain it through tournaments — most notably as a Prize Card from the third Shoen Jump Championships in 2006.

Shrink has had multiple printings, including in multiple Structure Decks that you can pick up for dimes. However, the Prize Card version has retained its value and rarity, with it going for $119,097, not bad for a bad Spell card!

6 Des Volstgalph (SJC-EN002): $150,000

A card used by Yugi once in the anime, Des Volstgalph was the prize card for the second-ever Shoen Jump Championships in 2005. It's one of the hardest cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! to find. While other Prize cards were reprinted for the general public fairly quickly, it took four years for Des Volstgalp to be easily obtainable without taking out a loan.

If you're after the SJC Prize Card version, however, you'll need a hefty amount of $150,000. Des Volstgalph has had a steady increase in value as time passes, so that number will likely only increase.

5 Tyr, The Vanquishing Warlord (WCPS-EN801): $167,000

Tyr, The Vanquishing Warlord is the rarest and most valuable Prize Card that could be obtained from a Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship, with Tyr being the prize for the 2008 event. Its esteemed status has made it one of the most sought-after Prize Cards, and one of the rarest Yu-Gi-Oh! cards ever.

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Tyr, The Vanquishing Warlord, like many other Prize Cards, has a steadily increasing value, with its last known pricing value at about $167,000.

4 Crush Card Virus (SJCS-EN004): $250,000

Crush Card Virus is an infamous card, and for a while was one of the hardest cards to obtain. Used by Kaiba in the original anime, only the winners of the 2007 Shoen Jump Championships could use it in real life. It was later printed in future sets, eventually winding up on the banlist before getting an errata.

Crush Card Virus' Prize Card version is by far the rarest and most valuable Trap Card, and it's not even close. Thanks to its iconic status in both the anime and the actual TCG, the Shonen Jump version will fetch you a quarter of a million dollars.

3 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (T3-01): $400,000

The mightiest monster in Seto Kaiba's deck, it took years for the card to be printed in English. Japan, on the other hand, got a version of the card as early as 1999. In 2001, the Asia Championships occurred, with first-place getting a copy of Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, complete in casing signed by the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Kazuki Takahashi himself.

It popped up on sale at Card Shop Spiral in Japan, going for a whopping $400,000 (or 45 million yen). It's the rarest Blue-Eyes and Fusion Monster, as this version of the card is one of a kind. Only one has ever been made.

2 Black Luster Soldier (Stainless Steel): $10,000,000

Black Luster Soldier was used by Yugi in the original anime and is nothing more than a vanilla Ritual Monster. While these versions aren't rare or valuable at all, a special version of Black Luster Soldier was given to the winner of the first-ever Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament Duel Monsters 1 — it was printed on Stainless Steel.

As reported by Kotaku in 2013, the owner decided to put it up for sale for ten million dollars, the highest price for any card from any trading card game ever. There's only one in existence, and it's the only time cards were printed on stainless steel, making it one of the rarest, if not the rarest trading card of all time.

1 Tyler The Great Warrior: Priceless

Despite the price of the Stainless Steel Black Luster Soldier, there's another card that's even rarer than that. In 2002, a young boy named Tyler was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer and had to go through rigorous surgery to treat it. Make-A-Wish caught wind of the story and got in touch with both Tyler as well as 4Kids to allow the boy to design his own card.

This led to the creation of Tyler The Great Warrior, the only Make-A-Wish promo card in the history of Yu-Gi-Oh! The story has a happy ending as well, as Tyler beat cancer and is currently living a healthy life. He has reportedly received offers to buy the card, but he appears to have no intention of selling it.

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Subterror Fiendess 6 $0.95 Buy 133. Subterror Final Battle 6 $1.03 Buy 134. Subterror Guru 6 $0.83 Buy 135. Survival's End 6 $0.86 Buy 136. The Hidden City 6 $5.99 Buy 137. The Phantom Knights of Torn Scales 6 $3.20 Buy 138. Upstart Goblin 6 $2.03 Buy 139. Zoodiac Boarbow 6 $1.23 Buy 140. Absorouter Dragon 5 $1.41 Buy 141. Black Dragon Collapserpent 5 $0.95 Buy 142. Chaos Dragon Levianeer 5 $2.95 Buy 143. Constellar Ptolemy M7 5 $1.01 Buy 144. Crystron Halqifibrax 5 $39.99 Buy 145. Cyber Dragon Nova 5 $0.99 Buy 146. Dragunity Knight - Romulus 5 $1.50 Buy 147. Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay 5 $3.85 Buy 148. Guardragon Elpy 5 $1.18 Buy 149. Guardragon Pisty 5 $1.27 Buy 150. Lilith, Lady of Lament 5 $3.99 Buy 151. Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands 5 $3.54 Buy 152. Number 39: Utopia Beyond 5 $1.75 Buy 153. Number 75: Bamboozling Gossip Shadow 5 $1.45 Buy 154. Omni Dragon Brotaur 5 $1.75 Buy 155. One for One 5 $2.18 Buy 156. Paleozoic Dinomischus 5 $1.97 Buy 157. Phantom Knights' Fog Blade 5 $3.06 Buy 158. Pot of Duality 5 $1.00 Buy 159. Rokket Synchron 5 $0.94 Buy 160. Shaddoll Schism 5 $3.00 Buy 161. Skill Drain 5 $9.49 Buy 162. Summon Limit 5 $4.48 Buy 163. Super Polymerization 5 $2.99 Buy 164. White Dragon Wyverburster 5 $0.98 Buy 165. Zoodiac Drident 5 $1.10 Buy 166. Animadorned Archosaur 4 $2.00 Buy 167. Apollousa, Bow of the Goddess 4 $8.77 Buy 168. Aussa the Earth Charmer, Immovable 4 $1.15 Buy 169. Babycerasaurus 4 $1.42 Buy 170. Book of Moon 4 $1.26 Buy 171. Chaofeng, Phantom of the Yang Zing 4 $1.04 Buy 172. Cyber Angel Natasha 4 $1.64 Buy 173. Cyber Petit Angel 4 $0.88 Buy 174. Dawn Knight 4 $1.03 Buy 175. Double Evolution Pill 4 $1.46 Buy 176. Dragon Ravine 4 $1.93 Buy 177. Dragunity Divine Lance 4 $1.52 Buy 178. Dragunity Phalanx 4 $0.68 Buy 179. Drytron Gamma Eltanin 4 $0.40 Buy 180. Eva 4 $2.96 Buy 181. Evolzar Dolkka 4 $1.99 Buy 182. Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger 4 $2.91 Buy 183. Invoked Augoeides 4 $1.08 Buy 184. Meteonis Drytron 4 $4.75 Buy 185. Mystic Mine 4 $4.84 Buy 186. Pot of Avarice 4 $1.15 Buy 187. Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon 4 $2.23 Buy 188. Reeshaddoll Wendi 4 $1.20 Buy 189. Starving Venom Fusion Dragon 4 $2.98 Buy 190. The Phantom Knights of Ancient Cloak 4 $1.18 Buy 191. The Phantom Knights of Silent Boots 4 $3.28 Buy 192. Toadally Awesome 4 $4.99 Buy 193. Tornado Dragon 4 $1.53 Buy 194. Ultimate Conductor Tyranno 4 $1.98 Buy 195. Zoodiac Barrage 4 $3.46 Buy 196. Abyss Dweller 3 $1.29 Buy 197. Allure of Darkness 3 $3.24 Buy 198. Altergeist Hexstia 3 $0.96 Buy 199. Altergeist Marionetter 3 $2.95 Buy 200. Altergeist Meluseek 3 $5.79 Buy 201. Altergeist Multifaker 3 $2.44 Buy 202. Appointer of the Red Lotus 3 $1.12 Buy 203. Apprentice Illusion Magician 3 $10.48 Buy 204. Artifact Scythe 3 $3.23 Buy 205. Chamber Dragonmaid 3 $72.39 Buy 206. Chaos Ruler, the Chaotic Magical Dragon 3 $2.00 Buy 207. Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus 3 $0.96 Buy 208. Crystal Bond 3 $3.38 Buy 209. Crystal Promise 3 $1.45 Buy 210. Cyber Dragon 3 $0.88 Buy 211. Cyber Dragon Core 3 $0.93 Buy 212. Cyber Dragon Herz 3 $5.99 Buy 213. Cyber Dragon Nachster 3 $1.99 Buy 214. Domain of the True Monarchs 3 $1.14 Buy 215. Dragon Buster Destruction Sword 3 $0.95 Buy 216. Dupe Frog 3 $1.11 Buy 217. Edea the Heavenly Squire 3 $4.73 Buy 218. Ehther the Heavenly Monarch 3 $1.59 Buy 219. Eidos the Underworld Squire 3 $1.52 Buy 220. Erebus the Underworld Monarch 3 $1.99 Buy 221. Forbidden Chalice 3 $1.04 Buy 222. Fury of Kairyu-Shin 3 $0.84 Buy 223. Fusion Destiny 3 $2.99 Buy 224. Geonator Transverser 3 $1.01 Buy 225. Girsu, the Orcust Mekk-Knight 3 $2.40 Buy 226. Gizmek Uka, the Festive Fox of Fecundity 3 $1.15 Buy 227. Herald of Mirage Lights 3 $0.98 Buy 228. Herald of Ultimateness 3 $1.03 Buy 229. Herald of the Arc Light 3 $1.74 Buy 230. Inspector Boarder 3 $0.93 Buy 231. Invoked Purgatrio 3 $0.94 Buy 232. Kagemucha Knight 3 $6.49 Buy 233. Kikinagashi Fucho 3 $0.80 Buy 234. Knightmare Cerberus 3 $3.77 Buy 235. Linkross 3 $1.99 Buy 236. Lyrilusc - Assembled Nightingale 3 $2.23 Buy 237. Machine Duplication 3 $1.78 Buy 238. Majesty's Fiend 3 $0.88 Buy 239. Martial Metal Marcher 3 $1.01 Buy 240. Mask Change 3 $0.98 Buy 241. Mekk-Knight Blue Sky 3 $5.28 Buy 242. Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax 3 $4.00 Buy 243. Mekk-Knight Purple Nightfall 3 $8.44 Buy 244. Mudragon of the Swamp 3 $0.98 Buy 245. My Body as a Shield 3 $0.93 Buy 246. Orcust Knightmare 3 $0.93 Buy 247. Paleozoic Canadia 3 $1.82 Buy 248. Paleozoic Olenoides 3 $2.24 Buy 249. Pantheism of the Monarchs 3 $3.48 Buy 250. Personal Spoofing 3 $2.04 Buy
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Hey there, duelists! Today, I wanted to bring you something light and fun.

Many duelists out in the world love discussing just how incredibly expensive this game can be. Seriously, you want a playset of Eldlich the Golden Lord? That's a pretty penny. But over the course of the game's storied history, there have been some cards that just stand above the rest when it comes to sheer cost. Today, we're going to look at the ten most expensive cards of all time.

Now, before we jump in, I want to clarify a few house rules I have for this list. Right off the bat, prize cards are out. They're expensive by virtue of their extremely limited availabbility, so that's no fun. Furthermore, cards like the iconic Tyler The Great Warrior and the original version of The Seal Of Orichalcos printed for Upper Deck staff's use in Duel The Master events are out. Those were never actually in circulation, so that's not fair either. In fact, I'd wager that most of you reading haven't even SEEN the version of Orichalcos I'm referring to. It's that old and rare.

I'm also specifically going off of TCGplayer listings only. Because I have no shame, and I want to plug the site more.

Lastly, I'm not counting Starlight Rares either, since they're so new and we don't have enough long-term data to actually have their prices set; they don't really work for this piece. And finally we're not going to count misprints or Easter Eggs, because that skews the data further. Perhaps in the future, if you want it, I'll do an article on those crazy things! But not today.

Let's jump in.

#10 Astral Pack 4 Maxx "C"

Originally released in Storm of Ragnarok in February of 2011, Maxx "C" finally got a much-deserved upgrade to Ultimate Rare in 2014. A competitive mainstay in its tournament legal lifespan, it sat at a minimum of $100 USD until it was Forbidden. Now, the cheapest copy on the market's an astounding $380.00 for a single Near Mint copy. You could literally buy a set of Eldlich the Golden Lord and have enough money left over for a nice meal, or buy one copy of a card that's led many duelists to howl into the night as they awake from the horrifying nightmares we all have from time to time, reliving the absurd power of Maxx "C".

Let that sink in. This one card, that's currently Forbidden, is more than an entire Adamancipator deck minus Three Tactics Talent.

#9 Tournament Pack 5 Needle Worm

Throughout this article you're going to get an idea of how old I am compared to most players these days, and this is a good example. I remember pulling one of these and thinking it was horrible. Was I stupid? Yes. Did I get ripped off for it? You bet. Am I still upset? My therapist would have you believe so.

Released in March 2003, Tournament Pack 3 was the third installment of the original OTS promo pack series. The original Tournament Packs were atrocious, honestly. Most of the cards were useless, but oh boy was it cool to crack a pack of tournament series cards, even if you'd probably just open jank and be disappointed.

Sitting at a cool $400 Market Price today, I only gave this a spot over Maxx "C'' because there wasn't a single near Near Mint on TCGplayer as of this writing. The average Market Price is all I had to go on, so here we are. I don't really recall ever seeing Needle Worm have true success in competition, but the mere fact that I can consider the question and think back that far reminds me that I am ancient.

#8 Champion Pack 1 Book Of Moon

Chances are, if you're a competitive player you've heard the tales sung by bards of old, about the days when Book of Moon reigned supreme over us as players, and how skillful of a card it was to correctly use, yada yada yada.

If you're a Goat Control fan (a format from 2005 that Kelly wrote about over here ), you're intimately familiar with one of the most iconic Super Rare cards in the history of the game. Seriously. There are very few cards that are more respected than the CP01 Book of Moon, and its price shows it. The lowest English copy on the marketplace right now is $470, and it's currently for sale from a former United States National Champion, who also happened to win when he was eleven and there was no Dragon Duel for youth duelists.

Which is nothing short of cool.

Fun history lesson for those unaware, CP01 Book of Moon was easier to acquire in German than in English, which is why the English copies hold more value. Which is kind of neat since usually English cards aren't as valuable as their European counterparts.

#7 Tournament Pack 7 Fortress Whale

Chances are, most players hadn't ever given Fortress Whale a single thought outside of serious collectors until last year, when it received a Speed Duel reprint and made the playerbase scream in collective anguish that Konami would dare reprint one of the most sought after collector's items in the SAME RARITY IT FIRST APPEARED IN.

The level of outrage over Fortress Whale – repeat, outrage over Fortress Whale – was incredible, and yet the price has only gone up since then. I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen Fortress Whale in Mint condition outside of a collection of an old friend of mine. Released in 2005, this may be the most useless card on the list but make no mistake: if you want to purchase one of these oceanic titans it'll set you back a smooth $470, same as Book of Moon.

For a point of comparison, Blair Hunter's Infernoble deck from the Remote Duel Invitational costs less than this single card.

#6 Dark Duel Stories Dark Magician

Okay, time to give you all a clue of how old this card is. If you can vote, you might be older than this Dark Magician.

Released as part of a set of promos in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories Gameboy game on March 18th 2002, the saddest part is that this uber-sought-after card isn't even the most expensive from that game on this list (shocking).

Having never been competitively viable for most of its run, this Dark Magician was purely collectible until this year. Thanks to Red Eyes Dark Dragoon that changed, and if I ever see someone using a copy of this version I'm going to claw my eyes out because they're playing a $600 engine requirement. That level of flex is just completely unnecessary, and I love it.

I'm going to go cry now, since I sold mine over a decade ago, and I am depressed.

#5 Dark Revelation Volume 4 D.D. Assailant

Long ago, before you kids and your new-fangled "Mega Packs", we had to hope that the Dark Beginning and Dark Revelation reprint sets would include our favorite cards. They were effectively the Mega Packs of old, taking hundreds of cards and compressing them into a single giant set.

They always had some gems, but Dark Revelation 4 however, is the true diamond of the series, reissuing many fan favorite cards in rarities that most duelists have never even seen. For example, D.D. Assailant, a huge old school pick and a collectible piece of history, got a rarity boost to Secret Rare in DR04.

The problem? The set was incredibly hard to get due to low supply, and getting those higher rarity cards was even harder. So you have the perfect recipe for expensive cards. How expensive, you might be wondering? Well, you'd be looking at a small fee of $650 to add this version of D.D. Assailant to your collection.

Ya' know. Nothing too major.

#4 Tournament Pack 8 Harpie's Feather Duster

Yet another tournament pack card on the list, this is one of the more recent additions to the treasure trove of collector's items. Always worth a decent amount, Harpie's Feather Duster spiked in the last two years to a jaw-dropping $950.

That single card is a measly $26 less than Ryan Levine's ENTIRE Synchro Eldlich Dogmatika deck. Being the most iconic spell card Mai Valentine used definitely helps its appeal, but being an alternate art version from a Tournament Pack didn't hurt either. How do I feel about all that?


#3 Dark Duel Stories Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Bringing up the bronze in our list, this is the most iconic card from Dark Duel Stories. There's never been a time in the game's history that this specific version of Blue-Eyes White Dragon wasn't sought after, to such a degree that Kaiba himself would be proud.

Unfortunately, there has been a recent plague on the market of extremely good counterfeits being sold, fooling even some relatively seasoned collectors, so finding a price on a Near Mint copy is impossible. However, you can nab one in moderately played condition for about $750. I can only imagine how expensive a Mint copy of this icon would be.

#2 Gladiator's Assault Magic Formula

Not to be outdone by Kaiba, Yugi's final card on the list is Magic Formula from Gladiators Assault. Released in November of 2007, Gladiators Assault has aged like a fine wine. With some of the most expensive Secret Rares in the game, Magic Formula is the real winner of the release coming in at a hot $1200.

I remember buying one of these for $200 and thinking I was overspending; boy was I wrong. Despite never seeing any competitive play, it was an incredibly hard pull used by the flagship show's protagonist, and that does wonderful things for a card's value.

And finally, we arrive at the crown jewel of the game.

#1 Tournament Pack: Season 2 Morphing Jar

Released in October of 2002, Tournament Pack: Season 2 Morphing Jar is THE most expensive card on this list by a very, very wide margin. Floating in and out of competitive play for years, most players have never actually held a TP2 Morphing Jar, let alone owned one. For an idea of how old you'd have to be to remember this card being in circulation, if you can't rent a car, you definitely weren't around for this. I barely remember it, and I was playing in tournaments constantly.

I remember one night, I was preparing for a local tournament when a fellow collector and close friend of mine called me up at midnight and was stunned. He'd recently bought a Morphing Jar online, and once in a while he'd treat himself to a few TP2 packs for fun. He managed to pull another one out of a pack, which is so rare I can't even put it into words. It might be the single most amazing pack he's ever opened, and he still owns that exact copy to this day.

Let's say you want to buy a copy. Well you'll head over to the Marketplace, look it up and see that the cheapest Near Mint copy is a heart-stopping $3,000. Oh, and that's the only copy available on TCGplayer that's Near Mint and not graded.

That's going to do it for me today! I hope you're all doing well and enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. If you're into this sort of history lesson I'd love to hear about it over on Twitter, so I can write more on these sorts of topics. Also be sure to check out my YouTube channel, which is constantly updated, and will soon feature my next haul of Remote Duel spoils.

Until next time.

Sours: https://infinite.tcgplayer.com/article/The-Top-10-Yu-Gi-Oh-Cards-Of-All-Time/6cffb10f-7945-499a-a7a7-b55e5b15c9fe/

Yu-Gi-Oh: The 15 Most Powerful Cards, Ranked

Next to Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! is one of the oldest and most popular collectible trading card games out there. Inspired by a manga series created by Kazuki Takahashi, Konami printed the first Duel Monsters cards in 1999. Since then, the franchise has received numerous updates and expansions over the years.

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Today, we're going to look at 15 of best Duel Monsters cards out there. We've included some notorious cards on principal. We've added others due to their real-life tournament win rates and popularity. Finally, we've added a handful of cards that even a die-hard duelist won't expect. So without further ado, it's time to d-d-d-d decide which 15 Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are the most powerful!

Updated by Caleb Bailey on March 4th, 2020: Before we reveal our d-d-d-d decisions, we wanted to put the spotlight on several upcoming Yu-Gi-Oh! events. Multiple release dates for Yu-Gi-Oh card packs were released in January of this year, as well as the start date for the Lost Art Promotion 2020 in North and Latin America. Numerous major card packs were given release dates in February of this year as well - such as the re-release of Jaden Yuki's Duelist Pack and Korea's LINK VRAINS pack 3. Suffice it to say that 2020 is going to be a bust year for Yu-Gi-Oh! The way we see it, that just means that we'll probably have even more OP cards to analyze by the end of this year.

15 Jinzo

At first glance, you might not think much of Jinzo; he's got relatively unimpressive stats, and he looks like a bargain bin version of Pinhead from the Hellraiser franchise. In reality, Jinzo was once such a powerful card that nearly every Duelist ran him in their decks. You see, Jinzo possessed the insanely OP ability to negate almost every Trap card in the game! Unless your opponent possessed one of Jinzo's few counters, they'd effectively be powerless to stop him and his persistent, board-dominating effect. Jinzo is proof that you should never judge a book - or a Yu-Gi-Oh! card - by its cover.

14 Elemental HERO Stratos

Stratos is yet another OP Monster who's might isn't apparent just from looking at him; he's got 1800 Attack, 300 Defense, and 2 big ol' CD player wing things glued to his back. In the wrong hands, Stratos will do very little to change the course of any given Duel. In the right hands, however, Stratos possesses an ungodly amount of utility; he can specifically search for any other HERO Monster in your deck, or he can destroy your opponents' Trap and Spell type cards. Stratos was such a powerful card that he was banned from competitive play in 2013.

13 Confiscation

Whether or not you win or lose in a card game, you probably won't have a sever case of sour grapes if you felt like you had a fair shot at winning; you managed to play all of your cards and implement your strategies, but your opponent simply outplayed in the end. Fair enough - you can hold your head up high and genuinely tell your opponent "good game." What feels bad when you're playing a CCG is not having a fighting chance at all. For 1000 Life Points, Confiscation can rob your opponent of a fair game by forcing them to discard a card of your choice. Confiscation was such an un-fun card to play against, that it was banned from the competitive scene.

12 Cyber Dragon Infinity

Unlike a lot of the other cards in this article, Cyber Dragon Infinity looks and sounds as overpowered as it is. This stinkin' thing looks like a hidden Super Boss from a Final Fantasy game, or the most powerful form of an anime villain. It also has the word "infinity" in its name, as in "I've got an infinite number of ways to beat the brakes off your deck." While that might be an exaggeration, Cyber Dragon Infinity is one of the strongest Duel Monsters to ever enter play. Infinity gobbles up other monsters, then adds their stats to its own - making a mathematical monstrosity that most players simply don't have the answer to.

11 Dark Strike Fighter

OTK means One Turn Kill in the CCG world. It doesn't necessarily mean that you'll defeat your opponent on the first turn per se. However, the ultimate goal of all OTK decks is to achieve your win condition on one turn. Typically, OTK decks are extremely risky and require tons of skill to effectively play. That isn't the case with Dark Strike Fighter. This bulky douche-bag commits two major offenses; it assaults the senses with its poop-brown color scheme, then it wrecks players' faces by dealing damage equal to the level of a Monster that you'll have to sacrifice. Times 200! With the proper set up, Dark Strike Fighter could OTK players very early on in a match.

10 Dark Hole

A wise man once said "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." In the realm of CCGs, this age old adage often rings true; most of the other cards in this article either require tons of effort to properly use, or necessitate immense amounts of technical skill from the Duelist who plays them - or both, in the cases of some extremely OP cards. However, the opposite is precisely what makes Dark Hole such a terrifying Spell card; you don't need to be the greatest Duelist to ever play the game, nor do you need set this card up. You simply play Dark Hole, and do exactly what its flavor text says - you "destroy all monsters on the field" in one fell swoop.

9 Solemn Judgement

SJ is one of the Yu-Gi-Oh cards that got banned due to overuse. The funny thing is that this card didn't see much play early on. Solemn Judgement allows you to negate an opponent's monster summoning or spell activation attempts once. The catch is that you have to pay half your Life Points to make SJ work!

Most players initially wrote Solemn Judgement off - why bring yourself closer to defeat just to stop one play? But a few players realized SJ's potential and kept using it. Before long, Solemn Judgement users could shut down mass summoning plays and OTK's with just one card.

8 Toadally Awesome

This Yu-Gi-Oh card might look silly but it has strong negation properties. Toadally Awesome has the unique ability to detach Xyz Material during the Standby Phase. With a bit of know-how, a duelist can then set up their opponents later in the match. The next time your foe tries to activate a Spell or Trap card, you can negate it!

TA is more balanced than most of the other cards on this list. As strong as its negation powers are, they only work once per turn. Toadally Awesome is also very easy to target and take out of the game - at least in comparison to other monsters in this article.

7 Wightprincess

This Yu-Gi-Oh card proves that big things can come in small packages. On her own, the Wightprincess isn't too strong. However, she can reduce the attack power of all enemies monsters to zero once combined with the right cards. To be more specific, Wightprincess becomes an absolute terror when she teams up with Skull Servant and King of the Skull Servants.

By triggering her effects, a player can shut even the machine cards and declaw the deadliest dragons! Most Wightprincess/ King of the Skull Servants decks tend to have very high win rates across the board. The caveat is that it takes a lot of skill to use them.

6 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

This beast of a Dragon-Type card is a gift that keeps on giving. Not only does it look like something that flew off the cover of a Judas Priest album, but Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon is also crazy strong! If you banish one of your face-up Dragon cards, you can summon Red-Eyes once per turn.

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In turn, Red-Eyes can special summon another dragon from the graveyard. The catch is that you can only have one Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon in your deck. And no, Red-Eyes can't summon itself from the Graveyard. An experienced duelist can play multiple cards with this metal menace! An inexperienced player will at least have a cool card to lose with.

5 The Winged Dragon Of Ra

Egyptian God cards are some of the most powerful in Yu-Gi-Oh by default. The Duel Monsters manga and anime went to great lengths to display how powerful these beings are! The Winged Dragon of Ra is a tough customer. For years, he's graced the tournament scene with his divine presence. His aid also doesn't come cheap by any stretch of the imagination.

To summon Ra, you have to sacrifice 3 tributes. Once Ra enters the arena, other cards and effects can't activate for a time. As a test of one's devotion, Ra demands that a duelist use their Life points to fuel his power. If you transfer a 1000 LP to Ra, he'll instantly destroy an enemy monster!

4 Super Quantal Mech King Great Magnus

This Yu-Gi-Oh is as overpowered as its name is overly long! It's like someone at Konami was angry one day and decided to make a card that immediately kills the fun of any duel when played. If you're dueling against a friend and they whip out this card, you might find yourself reevaluating that relationship.

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Super Quantal Mech King Great Magnus takes a lot of effort to put in play - a player has to sacrifice six or more materials before their opponent can beat them. Should they succeed, said duelist will gain a Rank 12 Infinite machine that prevents enemies from adding cards to their hands! As an added bonus, it looks like a mech from Power Rangers.

3 Exodia, The Forbidden One

At the beginning of this article, we briefly brought up the term OTK. For those who don't know, it's an acronym that stands for 'One Turn Kill.' Entire decks exist for the sole purpose of reaching their win conditions as soon as possible. Others drag matches out and aim to stall for as long as possible.

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Exodia, the Forbidden One is the king of OTK's in the Yu-Gi-Oh universe. He isn't one card - rather, he's split up into five separate pieces. If a duelist can assemble all five parts before their opponent can beat them, Exodia will instantly end the game! Exodia is to Yu-Gi-Oh what Thanos was to the MCU.

2 Apoqliphort Towers

Apoqliphort Towers is another Yu-Gi-Oh card that comes straight off the ban list! AT can't be special summoned and demands the blood of three Qliphort monsters. If a duelist manages to pay that high cost, however, they'll earn a wrecking ball of a machine!

Immunity is what makes Apoqliphort Towers so overpowered; it can resist the effects of most Spell and Trap cards with ease. It's also immune to effects of any monsters with a lower level than itself. AT is a Level 10 card. For added context, most monsters cap out at level 12! Link Monsters eventually helped even things out.

1 Last Turn

You're near the end of a heated duel with a very skilled opponent. Via a series of top tier plays, they've drained your life points below the 1000 point threshold. Things aren't looking good for you at all; most of your best monsters are chilling in the Graveyard, and you're all out of Spell and Trap cards. Without a doubt, your opponent's next turn will be your last.

Then you draw this insanely powerful card - Last Turn. You choose one of your few remaining monsters, banish all others to the Graveyard, and allow your foe to special summon a monster as well. And if you chose a monster that prevents special summons, then you instantly win the game!

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The 10 Most Expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards (& How Much They’re Going For)

By Sarah ShervellUpdated


Some Yu-Gi-Oh! cards have accumulated some insane value over the years. These are the most expensive and valuable of them all.

While there are plenty of collectible card games to choose from these days, few have stood the test of time as well as Yu Gi Oh!. The game recently celebrated its 20 year anniversary on April 18th, and when you've been around that long there's bound to be a few rare cards worth their weight in gold.

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Players have likely heard urban legends of vintage cards selling for millions of dollars, but what's the most expensive card you can actually buy right now? We've scoured eBay to find the most pricey cards, so let's take a look at what they sold for.

Updated on April 22nd, 2021 by Emma Majoros: The world of gaming is full of wonder and excitement. As does every type of hobby, it starts with some investment, like buying the right computer, the gaming systems, the games, etc. But the spending doesn't stop there. For those die-hard fans of basically any game, there will be collectibles that no one wants to miss out on. The top games that have the danger of sucking fans into buying all collectibles, are games like Pokemon, Super Mario, and the forever classic Yu Gi Oh!, which has over 22 billion cards in circulation today. These cards can be fairly cheap, for the basic fans of the game, or can be plain outrageous, in which case it's best left to the die-hardest of fans.

10 Swords Of Revealing Light - Retro Pack ($1,999 USD)

This spell card as a part of the Retro Pack goes for a heaping $1,999, and fans aren't even phased by it. This unique find remains a fan favorite, and those who have the mint condition Retro Pack edition can be very proud of themselves and show off their possession to anyone who'll listen.

9 Amatsu-Okami Of The Divine Peaks - Yu Gi Oh! World Championship 2019 Japanese National Qualifiers Prize Card ($2,805 USD)

The 2019 Japanese National Qualifiers prize card was a mint condition Amatsu-Okami of the Divine Peaks card. This amazing find goes for almost 3000 dollars, and while it looks awesome, real fans know that it's power is much deeper than just pure looks.

8 Morphing Jar - Tournament Pack 2nd Season ($7,995 USD)

Morphing Jar is a card that seems pretty unremarkable to those, not in the know. Released in 2002 as part of the Tournament Pack 2, Morphing Jar is another classic card with restrictions on its use. It's been reprinted a number of times, including as recently as 2018, but mint condition first editions are worth well more than their weight in gold.

7 Blue-Eyes White Dragon - Yu Gi Oh! Dark Duel Stories Promotional Cards ($14,500 USD)

It's no surprise to see Blue-Eyes White Dragon so high on this list, especially considering it's the signature card of notoriously wealthy Seito Kaiba in the anime. This card is the namesake of the original Legend of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon booster set, and also featured in a Seto Kaiba-themed starter deck.

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Blue-Eyes had a lot of support cards dedicated to it in the early days of Yu Gi Oh!. Though newer cards may be more effective now, its sheer popularity means it has never fallen from its place amongst the most expensive cards.

6 Blood Mefist - Yu Gi Oh! Championship Series Prize Card ($15,600 USD)

We're entering the four-figure mark with another Yu Gi Oh! Championship Series prize card. No other genuine copies of this card could be found on eBay at the time of writing, so it's no wonder this Super Rare sold for $1,300 USD. Blood Mefist is likely to retain its value for years to come, as it doesn't look like Konami has plans to reprint it any time soon. Whereas other prize cards like Chaos Emperor, The Dragon Of Armageddon have been reprinted barely a year after their initial release, it's been nearly nine years since we've heard anything about Blood Mefist.

5 Cyber-Stein - Shonen Jump Championship 2004 Prize Card ($22,025 USD)

A lot of different versions of the Cyber-Stein card cost a lot of money, but nothing tops the Shonen Jump Championship prize of 2004, which goes for all the marbles. While only 18 of them were made for the championship, more were released all over the world in the upcoming years, and its value only got higher and higher as time went on.

4 Dark Magician Girl - Japanese Lottery Award ($50,000 USD)

A Japan-exclusive lottery gave out 100 of these unique cards. Ever since then, the race is on for this elusive card that features the female version of the fan-favorite Dark Magician card. People who have the financial background for it shouldn't hesitate upon finding one, because it's one of the most sought after Yu Gi Oh! cards in the world, and it will most definitely sell to someone else in no time.

3 Tyler The Great Warrior - Custom Made Card ($150,000 USD)

This card was specially made for Tyler Gressle's Make-A-Wish Foundation wish when he was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer in 2002. In response to his wish to have a specially made exclusive Yu Gi Oh! card, Tyler the Great Warrior was born.

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Due to its heart-warming story, and its one-of-a-kind rarity, Tyler has been offered up to 150,000 dollars for the card. It's unlikely to be ever sold due to its sentimental value, but the amount offered was no joke nonetheless.

2 Signed Japanese Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon - 2001 Asian Championships Tournament Prize Card ($421,000 USD)

This is one of the most expensive cards in the world. Awarded to the winner of the 2001 Asian Championships tournament, the Signed Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon was jokingly offered for $934 million dollars on Twitter by the winner, but later on a shop in Akihabara, Tokyo legitimately tried to sell it for $421,000. There is no evidence that anyone actually bought it for almost half a million dollars, but it's still out there for those ultimate fans.

1 Tournament Black Luster Soldier - 1999 Yu Gi Oh! Tournament Exclusive Prize Card ($2,000,000 USD)

The most expensive Yu Gi Oh! card in history, this beauty is the MVP of Yu Gi Oh! cards everywhere. This one-of-a-kind stainless steel card was the exclusive prize card in the 1999 Yu Gi Oh! tournament. While it has been listed in the past for less, the highest transaction for this card was $2 million in 2013. It's not likely to ever sell for that high in the future, but it's the most significant in the list nonetheless. And for those still hoping to get their hands on it, they better start saving up!

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Top 10 Cards That Are Annoying to Use in YuGiOh

The 11 most rare and expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! cards

In 1996 Japanese magazine Weekly Shonen Jump published Yu-Gi-Oh!, a manga series created by Kazuki Takahashi, introducing protagonist Yugi Mutou and his mysterious millennium puzzle to the world. Upon said puzzle’s completion, Yugi unlocks a dark spirit of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, who uses Yugi’s body as a host whilst competing in several wicked and nefarious games.

The manga’s popularity saw the swift production of two anime series. The first was a short-lived 27 episode Japan-only series, which mirrors the manga’s dark themes and multi-game focus, whereas the second was Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (known simply as Yu-Gi-Oh! outside Japan), a 224-episode spectacle primarily involving Yugi and friends using illustrated cards comprising numerous fictional monsters, spells and traps to compete in card games.

The latter’s success led to entertainment conglomerate Konami launching real-life counterparts of the anime cards - and thus the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game was born. The Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG is one of the most profitable card games around, generating almost $10 billion and counting since its inception. Undoubtedly some Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are worth more than others - this list gathers together some of the rarest and most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! cards you can find today.

Rarest and most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! cards

We’re only looking at the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, the version of the game released to Western audiences in 2002. This is different to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game, which was first released in 1999. Both games differ slightly, with certain unique rules and exclusive cards, among other things.

With one notable exception, we’ve also stuck to sold cards, rather than ongoing or unsold listings. As such, the stainless steel Black Luster Soldier, a prize card from Yu-Gi-Oh!’s first tournament, listed in 2013 for 998 million yen (around $9 million) and a 45 million yen (around $400,000) Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon spotted for sale in 2018 are off the table, as rare and valuable as they may be.

While you can get common versions of these Yu-Gi-Oh! cards for under $5, it’s the particular sets they come in and the actual quality of the card that make them so valuable. The rarest and most expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are graded by PSA, a professional company that has assessed their condition and placed a numerical value on their quality.

11. United We Stand #EN001 (Remote Duel at Home 2020 promo)

A recent rare Yu-Gi-Oh! card that's strong, but few, in numbers

Sold for $6,500 in December 2020

The first card on this list is the one released most recently, which is unusual as rare and valuable Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are often older releases. In an effort to raise spirits during the COVID-19 pandemic, Konami launched the Remote Duel at Home promo, a promotional sweepstake in North America where 300 Secret Rare copies of the spell card United We Stand were handed to fortunate housebound duelists. In order to be eligible, duelists had to interact with either of the official Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Twitter or Instagram accounts, providing a photo of their remote duel setup along with the hashtag #YGORemoteDuel.

United We Stand #EN001 is an equip spell that boosts a monster’s attack and defence by 800 points for each monster that you control. This means that if you have all five monster zones used, you can potentially boost your monster’s attack by 4000, allowing you to bring down your opponent’s life points in one or two turns (both duelists start with 8000 life points). The choice of card is fittingly apt by Konami, as the whole world is united together in an effort to fight the global pandemic.

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In light of the positive response, subsequent promos were launched such as the Yu-Gi-Oh! at Home Sweepstakes and the Palladium Oracle Mahad Sweepstakes. These gave out Secret Rares of the monsters Guardian Angel Joan and Palladium Oracle Mahad respectively.

A copy of United We Stand #EN001 (Remote Duel at Home) sold for $6,500 in December 2020, only three months after release. It was graded at Gem Mint 10, the highest quality a card can be awarded by PSA.

10. 2002 LOB Monster Reborn #118 (1st Edition)

A charmingly expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! card

Sold for $6,600 in May 2021

One of Yu-Gi-Oh!’s most valuable spell cards, Monster Reborn was first released as a Super Rare in the TCG’s first-ever set of booster packs - Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon (LOB) - in March 2002.

Monster Reborn allows you to special summon any available monster in either player’s graveyard, letting you potentially use your opponent’s strongest monster against them. This rare card is so mighty that it’s currently in the Limited section of the Forbidden and Limited Card List, meaning you can only carry one copy in your deck as opposed to the usual limit of three per card.

Something interesting to note is for the first three Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG sets, spell cards were known as magic cards, with some speculating a change to avoid potential legal troubles from Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: The Gathering. The English dubbing of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime referred to them as magic cards for their entire run, much longer than the TCG, with the change coming only after the release of the second anime series, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, to Western audiences in 2005.

A PSA Gem Mint 10 2002 LOB Monster Reborn #118 sold on eBay for $6,600 in May 2021. It was a first edition card, making it part of the first batch of cards printed in the set. The code above the top right of the description box indicates it is card number 115 from the LOB set.

9. 2002 LOB Exodia the Forbidden One #124 (1st Edition)

Don’t tell him he’s on the list

Sold for $8,000 in November 2020

In Yu-Gi-Oh! lore Exodia was an immensely powerful beast that was split up into five distinct parts, each of them chained and sealed with magic, to prevent its power being unleashed upon the world.

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, this works by having five distinct Exodia cards: Exodia the Forbidden One, Right Leg of the Forbidden One, Left Leg of the Forbidden One, Right Arm of the Forbidden One and Left Arm of the Forbidden One. If you successfully manage to have all five in your hand at the same time you win the duel automatically, regardless of how you are currently faring, as Yugi did against his arch-rival Seto Kaiba in the anime’s opening episode.

As with Monster Reborn, all five pieces of Exodia are Limited cards. The five were first released as Ultra Rares in LOB, making them very difficult to find at the time. This has resulted in well-maintained versions being extremely rare and expensive Yu-Gi-Oh! cards all selling for solid four-figure sums.

Nonetheless it is the head of the beast, the only effect monster Exodia the Forbidden One #124, that fetches the most, with a PSA Gem Mint 10 first-edition copy selling for $8,000 in November 2020. Of the other four cards (all normal monsters), curiously the left leg sells for the most, a lot more than the other limbs, with one selling in October 2020 for $6,621. Perhaps Exodia is a Messi-esque footballer in his free time, with his left peg significantly better than his right.

8. 2003 Magician's Force (MFC) Dark Magician Girl #000 (1st Edition)

An iconic Yu-Gi-Oh! monster that ranks as among its most popular - and valuable - cards

Sold for $9,100 in November 2020

One of Yugi’s most treasured cards, the Dark Magician Girl is adored by fans worldwide and equally highly valued. The level 6 card, which boasts a solid 2000 attack and 1700 defence points, significantly aided Yugi during her anime debut in episode 62 - the conclusion of a high-stakes three-episode duel which saw Yugi face off against a malevolent magician named Arkana.

The Dark Magician Girl was first released in the TCG as part of the North American-only set Magician’s Force (MFC) in October 2003, a 108-card set that focused on providing support to Spellcasters. The rest of the TCG world would have to wait until October 2005 to attempt to pull the rare Dark Magician Girl, where Magician’s Force was one of the booster packs in the compilation set Master Collection Volume 2.

The Dark Magician Girl is also notable for the censoring she had while making her move to the West from Japan, with many content edits in both the TCG and anime. This has resulted in several variants of the card artwork, but it is the original one (the one owned by Yugi in the anime) that sells for the most, with a PSA Gem Mint 10 first-edition 2003 MFC Dark Magician Girl #000 selling for $9,100 in November 2020.

7. 2002 LOB Red-Eyes B. Dragon #070 (1st Edition)

Your eyes will light up if you get hold on one of these

Sold for $10,600 in January 2021

One of Yu-Gi-Oh!’s original powerhouses, with its ferocious 2400 attack and 2000 defence points, the Red-Eyes Black Dragon became the fan-favourite of many because of its status as Joey Wheeler’s signature card.

Known as Katsuya Jonouchi in Japan, Joey is a lovable rascal who serves as Yugi’s best friend and primary aide in the anime, with their friendship even inspiring a card of its own. Sporting dirty blonde locks and a thick Brooklyn accent in the dub, Joey’s storyline sees him trying to win the prize money at the Duelist Kingdom tournament so he can pay for an operation to repair his ill sister’s eyesight. What’s not to love about that?

Joey’s popularity saw the release of Starter Deck Joey (SDJ) in 2003, which made Red-Eyes Black Dragon widely available as the opening card of the deck. However, the first release of this card was in Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon, where lucky pack owners would hope to pull it as one of the ten Ultra Rares in the set.

A flawless PSA Gem Mint 10 copy of the level 7 fire-breather sold for a dollar shy of $10,000 in October 2020, with another first-edition copy of 2002 LOB Red-Eyes B. Dragon #070 fetching over that amount in January 2021, so rest assured the extremely rare Yu-Gi-Oh! card is currently worth around five digits.

6. 2008 Shonen Jump Championship Series Doomcaliber Knight #EN006

Your bank balance is doomed

Sold for $15,300 in March 2021

After seeing the rapid rise of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, Shonen Jump (the English counterpart to Weekly Shonen Jump) decided to create the Shonen Jump Championships. The SJCs were a series of North American tournaments held between 2004 and 2010 with prize cards being distributed to worthy winners across the region. A total of seven different card types were handed out at 75 different tournaments. As only two or three cards were handed out at most tournaments, these particular Yu-Gi-Oh! cards (identifiable with an SJC code) are very rare and very expensive.

Doomcaliber Knight #EN006 was the sixth such card to be handed out, with only 68 copies being given away between March 2008’s Costa Mesa tournament and the Houston tournament in January 2009. It’s one of the best monsters you can normal summon immediately from your hand - something you can only do for level 1 to 4 monsters - as it has a fierce 1900 attack and 1800 defence points.

Doomcaliber Knight also has a neat quick effect (an effect that can be used on either player’s turn) that negates the effect of and destroys one of your opponent’s monsters.

A PSA Near-Mint 7 2008 Shonen Jump Championship Series Doomcaliber Knight #EN006 fetched a substantial five-figure sum at auction in March 2021, selling for over $15,000. We can only imagine what higher grades of this highly valuable Yu-Gi-Oh! card would be worth.

5. 2004 Shonen Jump Championship Series Cyber-Stein #SJC-EN001

A monstrously rare Yu-Gi-Oh! card

Sold for $30,100 in October 2020

Cyber-Stein was the first ever SJC prize card, handed out at the first batch of championships between December 2004 and July 2005. There were nine tournaments in total in this batch, the first being at GenCon SoCal (held at Anaheim, California on December 4th 2004), a short-lived regional version of the huge North American tabletop game convention Gen Con.

There were 18 copies released in total, with only two being given away per tournament; however an extra two copies were given out at the 2008 Costa Mesa SJC, as it was the 50th edition of the SJCs. One was embedded in a material called lucite (presumably for display) and approximately 126 copies were released at a February 2009 promotional event called Upper Deck Day. This means that there are only around 147 copies of this Cyber-Stein ever to be made, making it one of the rarest Yu-Gi-Oh! cards of all time.

Clearly inspired by Frankenstein’s monster, Cyber-Stein is a level 2 effect monster that allows you to special summon any fusion monster from your extra deck, providing you pay the hefty price of 5000 life points. Cyber-Stein’s ability is extremely valuable, as it gives easy access to strong fusion monsters with numerous powerful effects. It’s for this reason that it is currently Limited; like Monster Reborn, so you can only carry one copy in your deck.

A PSA Gem Mint 10 copy of the 2004 Shonen Jump Championship Series Cyber-Stein #SJC-EN001 sold in October 2020 for more than $30,000. Another copy sold the following month for a similar amount, indicating that the rare Yu-Gi-Oh! card is certainly worth a scary amount.

4. 2007 Shonen Jump Championship Series Crush Card Virus #EN004

This highly valuable Yu-Gi-Oh! card will crush your savings

Sold for $49,999 in June 2020

Crush Card Virus was the fourth SJC prize card handed out, with only 40 copies distributed at the ten championships between January and July 2007. Like Cyber-Stein, there were an extra two copies made for the 2008 Costa Mesa SJC and one for placing in lucite. A minimum of three were also accidentally released at a sneak preview event, so there are only around 46 copies of this particular form of Crush Card Virus.

The valuable Yu-Gi-Oh! card is a trap card that causes some confusion over its use, partly due to the fact that its description has been altered four times over the years. One of Seto Kaiba’s most destructive weapons, the basic principle is that you get to destroy your opponent’s high attack monsters that they control and in their hand. By looking through their hand, you also get the added bonus of planning for what their future strategy may be.

This card was on the Forbidden section of the Forbidden and Limited Card List for many years, meaning you couldn’t actually use it in official duels, but changes to the way it works made it much less overpowering, so you can now carry up to three in your deck.

Listings for this extremely rare Yu-Gi-Oh! card are scarce, but a PSA Gem Mint 10 Crush Card Virus #EN004 sold for a dollar shy of $50,000 in June 2020, one of only two sales ever recorded on the PSA website.

3. 2002 Legend of Blue Eyes Dark Magician (1st Edition)

The main man’s main card sells for an incredible sum

Sold for $85,000 in June 2021

Described as “the ultimate wizard in terms of attack and defence”, the Dark Magician is Yugi Mutou’s signature card. Boasting an impressive 2500 attack and 2100 defence points, the level 7 Spellcaster was one of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG’s original formidable forces - so it’s no wonder that a well looked-after version fetches a lump sum. Surprisingly though, it’s not Yugi’s Dark Magician that ranks as one of the most valuable Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.

The Dark Magician that claims that title is the red variant owned by Arkana, which debuted in episode 60, the start of Arkana’s duel with Yugi. Both duelists have Dark Magicians sent to the graveyard and revived throughout the duel, but eventually Yugi defeats Arkana’s Dark Magician using the effect of his Dark Magician Girl, which gains a 600 attack point boost as both duelists have a Dark Magician in the graveyard at the time. This overpowers a Dark Magician Arkana has on the field (he actually has three copies in his deck) and proves to be the key to Yugi winning the duel.

The red Dark Magician copy sold for an astonishing $85,000 in June 2021 was also a PSA Gem Mint 10 first-edition, which like Red-Eyes Black Dragon was an Ultra Rare in the LOB set.

Similar to Joey, Yugi’s classic purple Dark Magician was the opening card of Starter Deck Yugi (SDY), a readily-available deck released in March 2002. If you want a rare version of Yugi’s Dark Magician though, you’ll need to look for one from the Dark Duel Stories (DDS) promo. Dark Duel Stories is a Game Boy Color game (remember those!) that was the first Yu-Gi-Oh! game to be released outside of Japan, which like SDY was released in March 2002. Accompanying the international release was a set of six promotional cards - of which Dark Magician is one - with them all being very rare and very valuable Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. The six cards were all released as Prismatic Secret Rares, a unique rarity typically reserved for promo cards.

A PSA Gem Mint 10 Dark Magician from DDS sold in November 2020 for a dollar shy of $10,000. Pricey indeed.

2. 2002 LOB Blue-Eyes White Dragon (1st Edition)

A fan-favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! card that goes for an eye-watering amount

Sold for $85,100 in October 2020

Seto Kaiba’s signature card, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon gathered reverence as one of the strongest monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! - if not the strongest - at the time of its first release. The level 8 behemoth has a fierce 3000 attack, the highest of normal monsters to date, along with 2500 defence points, ensuring its correct description as “a powerful engine of destruction” on the card itself. Kaiba uses this card frequently to the detriment of Yugi and other duelists, with the card’s popularity resulting in several support cards to aid its devastation over the years, as well as many different card arts.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon was evidently part of the Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon set, in which it was an Ultra Rare. A PSA Gem Mint 10 first-edition 2002 LOB Blue-Eyes White Dragon sold in October 2020 for a staggering amount, fetching north of $85,000. No wonder Yugi and friends were aghast when Kaiba tears Yugi’s grandfather’s one in half during the anime’s opening episode.

The LOB card art is not the one shown in the anime. That Blue-Eyes White Dragon was released in Starter Deck Kaiba (SDK) in March 2002 where, as you may have guessed, it was the first card of the deck.

As with the classic Dark Magician, classic Blue-Eyes White Dragon was also one of the six Prismatic Secret Rares given out with the Dark Duel Stories game. A PSA Gem Mint 10 copy from the DDS promo sold for a sizable $25,100 in February 2021, making it one of the most valuable Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards sold in recent years.

1. Tyler, the Great Warrior

A one-of-a-kind Yu-Gi-Oh! card for a real-life warrior

In 2002, a 14-year-old Yu-Gi-Oh! fan named Tyler Gressle was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer. Upon hearing of his ongoing battle, the wonderful Make-A-Wish Foundation stepped in to grant him a wish. Gressle chose to create his own Yu-Gi-Oh! card, which was ultimately made possible after the charity put him in contact with 4Kids Entertainment. 4Kids, who handled the North American production of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime from 2000 to 2012, gave Gressle and his father a tour of their Yu-Gi-Oh! facility in New York City in August 2005, where they unveiled the very card that he created: Tyler, the Great Warrior.

The card is a level 8 Warrior type with a prodigious 3000 attack and 1500 defence points. Tyler, the Great Warrior is an official TCG card, with Gressle even being given his own TYL card set code. Its design is based on the character Future Trunks, a valiant swordsman from the Dragon Ball franchise, and the titular warrior appears to be fighting with shuriken stars in a colosseum. The card also has a great effect that applies effect damage to the opponent’s life points each time Tyler, the Great Warrior successfully destroys one of their monsters and sends it to the graveyard. This effect is the same as Elemental Hero Flame Wingman, one of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX protagonist Jaden Yuki’s signature cards, with many wondering which card came first as both were created around the same time.

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The most important thing here is Gressle survived his fight with cancer. Not much is known about the adult Gressle, but he was interviewed in 2015 by high end card collector Asianyensation, where it was confirmed via Instagram that Tyler still owned the card. We’re unsure if Tyler still owns the card today, but we hope he holds on to it, as a memento for his triumph in overcoming a difficult period in his life. Should Tyler Gressle seek to sell Tyler, the Great Warrior, the price is his to name, so its value is potentially limitless, making it the rarest and most valuable Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG card of all time.

Sours: https://www.dicebreaker.com/games/yu-gi-oh-tcg/best-games/rarest-most-expensive-yu-gi-oh-cards

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Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards (Updated 2020)

Check out our list of the best Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. We've picked out cards from classics, to legendaries, and even to Exodia himself. Check it out!

By Philip PlotnickiPublished


The year is 2005. People are competing in a match of Beyblade with their friends, trading Pokémon cards, and dueling opponents on their Digimon Digivices. But there is one game that still holds its reputation as one of the best trading card games in the pop culture-infested world. That game is Yu-Gi-Oh!, and it has been popular ever since its release in 1996.

Yu-Gi-Oh! began as a Japanese manga series about gaming, written and illustrated by Kazuki Takahashi, who has since expanded the branded universe into various spin-off series, video games, and the most popular being the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, where millions of players still duel at their friends' home or attending worldwide tournaments to this day.

This guide will review some of the best cards that Yu-Gi-Oh! had to offer in its prime time, focusing only on the cards most known in the first and main Yu-Gi-Oh! series.

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One of the most powerful spirits in the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe, and one of the three Egyptian Gods, Slifer The Sky Dragon is known as the best of three Egyptian God cards for players, along with Obelisk The Tormentor and The Winged Dragon Of Ra. In the universe, these monsters were only capable of being summoned by the chosen Pharaoh.

In the game, Slifer The Sky Dragon requires three tributes to summon the monster and gains 1,000 Attack and Defense Points for every card in the player's hand. If a monster is summoned on the opponent's field, that monster loses 2,000 Attack Points and is destroyed after being defeated by the player's monster.

Slifer The Sky Dragon is an archetype of DIVINE Beast Monster cards not released during its appearance until 2012 in Shonen Jump's July 2012 issue that included the promotional Monster card. After that release, Slifer continued along with the other Egyptian God cards through Konami's Legendary Deck collections and further promotional collections.

Slifer The Sky Dragon is of Ultra Rare rarity and Secret Rare rarity, the highest rarity status in the Trading Card Game, being impossible to obtain during the show's appearance but has gotten easier to obtain over time.

With its rarity and extremely powerful effects, Slifer The Sky Dragon is banned from all Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game tournaments that occur worldwide, ending up as the collective card for players to brag about owning.

Key Features
  • One of the Egyptian God Cards
  • Gains 1,000 Attack and Defense Points for every card in player's hand
  • An archetype of DIVINE Beast Monster cards
  • Reduces the Attack Points of an opponent's monster by 2,000 Points.
  • Number of Cards: 1
  • Rare Cards Included?: Ultra Rare, Secret Rare
  • Language: Divine Beast
  • Brand: Konami
  • Card effect allows for players to have an incredible upper-hand during a duel
  • Various versions of the card are released for people to collect
  • Gains 1,000 Attack and Defense Points for every card in player's hand
  • Reduces the Attack Points of an opponent's monster by 2,000 Points.
  • Requires 3 Monster cards to act as tribute on the playing field to special summon
  • Forbidden from worldwide tournaments

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Exodia the Forbidden One (also known as "Forbidden One") is a set of cards to stop all cards. It is an archetype of DARK Spellcaster monsters released in the Legend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon card packs. Forbidden One was one of the first deck themes and remains one of the most popular ones to date.

While many people refer to the Forbidden One cards as "Exodia" cards, the "Exodia" archetype is a separate but related archetype, and the only Forbidden One card to be a part of it is "Exodia the Forbidden One" (the head).

Exodia's backstory and pharaoh-like appearance seemed to be a reference to the famous Egyptian legend of Osiris. Osiris was the god Egyptians believed brought them civilization, such as the knowledge of architecture, farming, and establishing the line of pharaohs. However, Osiris was betrayed by his jealous brother Set and was cut into several pieces, which were then scattered across Egypt. This leads the story to the explanation of Exodia's card set in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.

There are five cards that complete The Forbidden One, them being: the head; the left leg; the left arm; the right leg; and the right arm. When all five are in the player's hand, the player declares an automatic win to end the duel.

As many players state that it is extremely difficult to collect all five cards into the player's hand, this is a set that gives the player an automatic win, no matter how low their Life Points are in the match.

Originally, the complete "Forbidden One" set was extremely hard to obtain, with all five pieces being Ultra Rare. They have since been reprinted into lesser rarities, making a complete set easier to obtain. Often, Exodia The Forbidden One is printed as an Ultra Rare card, and the limbs are Commons. Yugi's Legendary Deck prints all five pieces as Fixed Rarity Ultra Rares.

If you're willing to risk the match by unleashing Exodia The Forbidden One, then be the legend that can hold all five cards together to defeat any opponent that comes at you.

Key Features
  • Automatic win when holding all 5 cards
  • Must collect all 5 cards to complete the unbreakable win
  • Many cards after Exodia The Forbidden One was released
  • Number of Cards: 5
  • Rare Cards Included?: Ultra Rare, Common
  • Language: Spellcaster
  • Brand: Konami
  • Player wins when holding all 5 cards in hand
  • No Monster, Spell or Trap card can defeat the card set once activated
  • Acts as a monster card
  • Forbidden from official Trading Card Game tournaments

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Completing the list of the best Yu-Gi-Oh! cards is Relinquished, a unique but strong Ritual Monster card to have for a player's deck. Known to have a never-ending effect during a duel, players are able to have this DARK Ritual Monster card on the field from the first turn until their last.

To explain Relinquished's card effect, the card text is as follows: "You can Ritual Summon this card with 'Black Illusion Ritual'. Once per turn: You can target 1 monster your opponent controls; equip that target to this card (max. 1). This card's ATK/DEF (Attack/Defense) become equal to that equipped monster's. If this card would be destroyed by battle, destroy that equipped monster instead. While equipped with that monster, any battle damage you take from battle involving this card inflicts equal effect damage to your opponent."

Relinquished is easily a valuable card to have in a player's deck if Black Illusion Ritual is also in the inventory. When playing, Ritual Summoning is a turn to lose but it's not a problem at all when having it on the playing field. The most likely way to defeat the monster is through Spell and Trap cards. However, if that is not executed properly, expect Monster cards facing Relinquished to be absorbed and destroyed in an instant.

Relinquished is eligible for Trading Card Game tournaments, having Common rarity but defeating opponents most of the time during duels. Having this card will make you one of the best players in the game, so be sure to collect it!

Key Features
  • The card is of Common rarity
  • The card is a Ritual Monster card
  • Absorbs any Monster card the opponent has on the field
  • Number of Cards: 1
  • Rare Cards Included?: Common
  • Language: Ritual Spellcaster
  • Brand: Konami
  • Nearly unbeatable, can absorb any Monster card the opponent has
  • Destroys the absorbed Monster card before it being destroyed
  • Ritual Monster card
  • Ritual Summoning makes the player lose a turn before summoning the card

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Yugi's signature card and a must-have to add to your collection, Dark Magician is one of the most known cards and characters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe. In the series, Yugi held this card as his main weapon throughout the series, acting as a monumental card for all fans and players.

Dark Magician was first introduced early on at the very beginning of Episode 1 of the Yu-Gi-Oh! series. Yugi summons him during his very first casual duel between himself and Joey Wheeler, his classmate and longtime friend.

Dark Magician can only be summoned by sacrificing a Monster card already on the playing field. The DARK Spellcaster card has a star level of seven with 2,500 Attack Points and 2,100 Defense Points. As for its eligibility for Trading Card Game tournaments, Dark Magician is allowed to be used in-game.

The ability of Dark Magician, unfortunately, has no effect. However, it is part of the Magician archetype that can be a trump set of a deck if a player has various Spellcaster Monster cards in hand. For example, Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, and another Spellcaster-type Monster card can be fused to create The Dark Magicians, a fusion card with an effect and higher Attack and Defense Points. This being just one of the many fusions that are possible to be created with Spellcaster-type Monster card, it can be done to build up an advantagable deck with different Magicians.

Key Features
  • Common Rarity card
  • From the Yugi's Legendary Decks collection
  • 1st Edition version of the card
  • Number of Cards: 1
  • Rare Cards Included?: Common
  • Language: Spellcaster
  • Brand: Konami
  • Dark Magician can be used as a base for stronger Spellcaster-type fusions
  • Takes only 1 tribute from Monster cards to summon the card
  • 1st Edition version of the card
  • No effect included, acting as just a Monster card with high Attack and Defense Points

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Seto Kaiba's trump card, the legendary Blue-Eyes White Dragon, is definitely the most, if not the most, recognizable cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe.

In the main series, the story goes that Kaiba won Solomon Mouto's Blue-Eyes White Dragon card, then destroying it. Leaving only three Blue-Eyes White Dragons in the world for himself, Kaiba became very obsessed with them, liking to decorate everything he possesses as Blue-Eyes. Kaiba gained the status of being the only character in the series that is worthy and powerful enough to control the monsters. Not only is it the most beautiful Dragon Monster card in Yu-Gi-Oh!, but it's also the basic foundation for some of the most powerful cards of all time. Blue-Eyes alone has 3,000 Attack Points and 2,500 Defense Points. As stated before in this list: Combine three of these Monster cards together and you will fuse them into the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon with 4,500 Attack Points; Combine the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon with Black Luster Soldier, and you will get the Dragon Master Knight with 5,000 Attack Points; Spare one of your Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragons to send out a Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon. This whole structure of building incredible Monster cards comes from the base Monster card, Blue-Eyes. Truly a powerful card right there, you can't get any of the above Monster cards without starting with Blue-Eyes.

Blue-Eyes White Dragon is eligible in worldwide tournaments, leaving players to use and combine the Monster card as they please to. Its special summoning of tributing two Monster cards on the field leave the LIGHT Dragon Monster to rule the playing field against any Monster card that comes its way.

Key Features
  • Card of Common rarity
  • From the Legendary Decks II collection
  • It is a 1st Edition version of the card
  • Number of Cards: 1
  • Rare Cards Included?: Common
  • Language: Dragon
  • Brand: Konami
  • A legendary dragon in the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe
  • High Attack and Defense Points make it a great weapon
  • Eligible to be used in Trading Card Game tournaments
  • No effect included behind the card making it less efficient in battle

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The Winged Dragon Of Ra, also known as Winged God Dragon Of Ra, is one of the most powerful monster spirits in the Egyptian Gods along with Obelisk The Tormentor and Slifer The Sky Dragon. In the Yu-Gi-Oh! series, its Monster card is considered to be the most powerful card during battle. In the universe, these monsters were only capable of being summoned by the chosen Pharaoh.

In the game, The Winged Dragon Of Ra cannot be summoned normally or specially as the other Monster cards in the Trading Card Game. The monster requires three tributes to summon it completely. When summoned, other cards and effects cannot be activated when the card is on the field. A special feature that the card has is that a player can pay Life Points during a match until the player has 100 Life Points left, gaining the card's Attack Points and Defense Points equal to the amount of Life Points paid. A player is able to pay 1,000 Life Points and target one monster on the field to destroy it.

Like its neighboring Egyptian God cards, The Winged Dragon Of Ra is an archetype of DIVINE Beast Monster cards not released during its appearance until Shonen Jump's January 2011 issue that included its promotional card. After its promotional release, The Winged Dragon Of Ra was able to be purchased through its Legendary Deck collection and other promotional collections.

The Winged Dragon Of Ra is of Ultra Rare rarity and Secret Rare rarity, the highest rarity status in the Trading Card Game, being impossible to obtain during the show's appearance, but has since been easier to obtain over time.

Like the other Egyptian God card, The Winged Dragon Of Ra is banned from all Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game tournaments that occur worldwide and cannot be in a player's tournament deck, thus being reputable as the strongest Egyptian God card in the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe.

Key Features
  • The strongest Egyptian God card in the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe
  • Gains Attack and Defense Points by spending player's Life Points
  • Monster Card
  • Number of Cards: 1
  • Rare Cards Included?: Ultra Rare, Secret Rare
  • Language: Divine Beast
  • Brand: Konami
  • No other card effects can be activated when The Winged Dragon Of Ra is present on the field
  • Spend to a limit of 100 Life Points left to raise the card's Attack and Defense Points to high levels
  • One of the three Egyptian God cards
  • Banned from all Trading Card Game tournaments

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The third and final Egyptian God card, Obelisk The Tormentor, is known to be one of the most powerful Monster cards in the Trading Card Game. In the Yu-Gi-Oh! lore, it states that "the descent of this mighty creature shall be heralded by burning winds and twisted land. And with the coming of this horror, those who draw breath shall know the true meaning of eternal slumber."

Obelisk The Tormentor was introduced during the Duelist City Tournament arc in the Yu-Gi-Oh! series, and has always been a sight to see in various episodes or on the card itself. The card's appearance is both menacing and powerful when comparing it to the other Egyptian God cards.

A DIVINE Beast Monster card, Obelisk can be summoned by tributing three monsters that are present on the field. It is of Secret Rare and Ultra Rare rarity, and it also banned from all Trading Card Game tournaments. Just like the other Egyptian God cards, Obelisk The Tormentor could only be obtained until many years after its appearance in the series, in the 2012 issues of Shonen Jump with its promotional card. Obelisk The Tormentor is a fan-favorite for Yu-Gi-Oh! fanatics far and wide due to its reputation held in the main series and cards that people can collect. The card's legend and continuing legacy grasps the hearts of many who remember the monster's appearance in 2003. To this day, Obelisk remains a statute of strength and unbelievable power for Trading Card Game players to enjoy and play.

Key Features
  • One of three Egyptian God Cards that hone strength and power
  • 4,000 Attack and Defense Points adds a great advantage to the playing field
  • Monster card
  • Number of Cards: 1
  • Rare Cards Included?: Ultra Rare, Secret Rare
  • Language: Divine Beast
  • Brand: Konami
  • High Attack and Defense Points allows the player to use the card to act as a destroyer on the playing field
  • Ultra Rare rarity becomes a one-of-a-kind card to add to a player's collection
  • Monster card
  • Banned from all Trading Card Game tournaments

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The fused version of Seto Kaiba's signature card, the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, is of ultimate strength during any duel. The first Fusion Monster card on this list, it is a card that can only be summoned by fusing three Blue-Eyes White Dragon's together, creating a monster that can destroy almost any monster on the field.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon was first introduced in Episode 23 in the Yu-Gi-Oh! series when Kaiba uses the card during his duel against Yugi. Kaiba summons it via the Polymerization card. After the card was summoned, Kaiba uses Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon to attack and destroy Yugi's Soldier of Stone.

Being less known than its preceding Blue-Eyes White Dragons, the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is still of Ultra Rare rarity, making it a must-have card to add to the collection.

Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is the first LIGHT Dragon Monster card on this list only being able to be summoned using the fusion technique. It has a star level of 12 with 4,500 Attack Points and 3,800 Defense Points. Compared to the other monster cards listed so far, Ultimate Dragon can be used in tournaments and elsewhere, acting as more than just a collectible in the Yu-Gi-Oh! card database.

Even though the card can be fusion summoned by fusing three Blue-Eyes White Dragons together, it doesn't stop there. If possible in a duel, the player can also fuse Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon and Black Luster Soldier together to summon Dragon Master Knight, a Monster card beyond belief with 5,000 Attack and Defense Points. While difficult to make that move, it still serves a purpose to destroy the opponent during a match.

The Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is of abnormal strength, making it a strategic addition to any player's deck.

Key Features
  • Card is of Ultra Rare rarity
  • Fusion Monster card
  • Star level of 12
  • Number of Cards: 1
  • Rare Cards Included?: Ultra Rare
  • Language: Fusion Dragon
  • Brand: Konami
  • Impeccable strength in Attack and Defense Points
  • Fusion Monster card allows to easily attack opponent's monster on the field
  • Fusion Monster card
  • Difficult to go through the fusing process of playing 3 separate Blue-Eyes White Dragons beforehand

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Continuing with the best Yu-Gi-Oh! cards list with dragons is the breathtaking Five-Headed Dragon, another Fusion Monster card that has unbelievable power on the playing field. Introduced during the Legendary Heroes arc and the Capsule Monsters arc, Five-Headed Dragon has an incredible amount of Attack and Defense Points, along with a wild effect: "The Monster card cannot be destroyed by battle with a DARK, WATER, FIRE, or WIND Monster." This makes Five-Headed Dragon truly a menace on the playing field.

With a Common rarity, Five-Headed Dragon is not a card that is difficult to obtain in Monster card packs, however, it does do well when in duels, being an eligible card for players to use when battling with fellow Yu-Gi-Oh! players, with many stating that Five-Headed Dragon is "almost impossible to destroy."

Continuing on with how it can be summoned, a player must have five Dragon-type Monster cards in hand of any kind, meaning that a player may use the feeble Baby Dragon or the immense Blue-Eyes White Dragon to Fusion summon Five-Headed Dragon.

Five-Headed Dragon can be found in collections and card packs since 2006 in the Dinosaur's Rage Structure Deck, the Gold Series Collection, the Millenium Pack, and the Battles of Legends Collection most recently released in 2019.

This is an unbeatable Monster card to obtain if you have a Dragon-themed deck in the Trading Card Game, guaranteeing the destruction of at least one or multiple monsters on the field, and probably winning the entire match. Be sure to acquire the unbreakable Five-Headed Dragon!

Key Features
  • From the Millenium Pack 1 collection
  • It is the 1st Edition version of this card
  • Fusion Monster card
  • Number of Cards: 1
  • Rare Cards Included?: Common
  • Language: Fusion Dragon
  • Brand: Konami
  • Extremely high Attack and Defense Points of 5,000 Points each
  • Eligible in Trading Card Game tournaments
  • Monster card cannot be destroyed by DARK, EARTH, WATER, FIRE, or WIND Monster cards
  • Difficult to complete the Fusion process
Sours: https://screenrant.com/best-yu-gi-oh-cards/

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