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'My Hero Academia' Confirms Two Heroes' Dark Fates

My Hero Academia's latest episode, "End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End", saw the Pro Hero world and U.A. High School settling down to deal with the fallout of the Hideout Raid operation, and All Might's decisive battle with his nemesis, All For One. Amidst all of the the comedic and emotional events of that episode, there was one important update that some fans may have missed:

My Hero Academia Ragdoll and Best Jeanist Injury Report Death

(Click for Hi-Res Version)

As you can see above, pro hero Best Jeanist and Wild, Wild, Pussycats' member Rag Doll are not quite as dead or comatose as previous scenes from recent season 3 episodes would suggest.

Ragdoll was kinapped by the Vanguard Action Squad, during their raid on the Pussycats' mountain training camp. Her quirk (ability to monitor up 100 people, including location and weak points) was stolen by All For One, which left her Comatose. She was rescued by her teammate Tiger during the Hideout Raid operation in Kamino - but as we now learn, she is quirkless, and therefore no longer a Pro Hero.

Beast Jeanist is one of the top pro heroes (and trendsetters) in the game, but he wasn't prepared to confront All For One, when the boss villain made his appearance at the Kamino Nomu factory. Despite seeing Best Jeanist's body laid out in the factory rubble, it's now confirmed that he survived - but whatever state he's in, it's not one where he'll be serving as a pro hero or teacher for some time.


In the subsequent manga chapters, Ragdoll makes a a small cameo appearance when the Pussycats visit the new U.A. dorms, but she remains quirkless, and retired from pro hero life. Best Jeanist is next seen making an appearance on the stage at the next official pro hero rankings; even recovered, he still chooses to stay off of pro hero duty for an extended time, though his bravery in the Hideout Raid operation is honored by advancing him from No. 4 to No. 3 in the pro hero rankings.


If anything, the report card above just continues to show how much detail is worked into the anime episodes of My Hero Academia. It's just one reason why the series is worth multiple viewings - whether it's streaming the subs multiple times, or rewatching the series in the dub airings on Toonami. Either way, more of My Hero is always better.

Catch new episodes of My Hero Academia streaming on Saturday mornings; however, there will be some brief breaks coming up, so be aware.

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My Hero Academia: 10 Facts You Completely Missed About Ragdoll

Ragdoll. She's not a character that had much screen time during My Hero Academia, but she still made an impact on many a fan. As a member of the Wild, Wild Pussycats, she was asked to help the students at U.A. advance their quirks (and hopefully their odds at becoming heroes – and surviving).

This is something she did with gusto. Unfortunately, as we all know – the summer camp training didn't go as planned. This whole experience altered Ragdoll's path in life – permanently. That being said, there's still a lot we can pick up and learn about her character. So let's do exactly that, shall we?

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10 Energy Levels

Ragdoll is arguably one of the most energetic characters out of the entire series, which is honestly saying quite a lot. She's constantly moving, constantly happy and bubbly. And she's constantly trying to be a pro hero worth talking about.

It's no wonder she felt confident that she'd have the energy to keep up with a bunch of teenagers. She could probably outrun and out talk, all of them combined, and still have energy at the end of the day to torment them some more. That's impressive...and a little bit terrifying.

9 The Meaning Of A Name

You may have noticed a trend for the characters in My Hero Academia. Most of their names carry a certain level of meaning – usually relating directly to their personality or the quirks themselves.

That is the case for Ragdoll as well. Her name, Shiretoko Tomoko when broken up, means 'to know' or 'wisdom' and 'bed' or 'padding.' The first name makes sense, given her quirk (more on that later) where the second part is enough us to stop and think. Could it be a reference to the cute padding on her paws, perhaps?

8 A Correlation

Speaking of names, there's no doubt in our mind about the connection for her hero name. Her hero name, Ragdoll suits her costume quite nicely. Not counting the bright yellow coloring, that is. For those that don't understand what we're talking about: A Ragdoll is a type of cat.

They're a fluffy and adorable type of cat, which suits Ragdoll's personality and preference perfectly. No wonder she went with that name. It also suits the general theme of her hero group. So it's perfect.

7 Wild, Wild Pussycats

Speaking of her hero group, Wild, Wild Pussycats is a group of four pro heroes. Mandalay, Pixie-Bob, Ragdoll, and Tiger. But did you know that it was Ragdoll herself who established the group? Given her energy levels, that actually makes quite a bit of sense – she has plenty of energy to create and run a group.

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Each member of the Wild, Wild Pussycats follows a dress code. They all wear a different colored version of the same thing, really. They wear cat paws, a sleeveless shirt (which has a bell on it, of course), and a ruffled skirt. We're betting that Ragdoll came up with the design.

6 A Dominant Personality

This fact will hopefully be fairly obvious to anybody who has seen her for more than two seconds, but Ragdoll has a highly dominant personality. She's charming and positive, and ever so upbeat.

In her mind, everybody who wants to be a hero also wants to help people. And helping people is cheerful – and active work. We're sure she's aware of the horrible sides of being a hero – she's both witnessed and experienced those sides of it. But that doesn't seem to slow her down much.

5 Adoration

The Wild, Wild Pussycats are not a high ranking hero organization. But they are honestly extremely loyal and fond of each other. It's clear that none of them ever once considered breaking off and finding their own path in life.

We do know that Ragdoll cares for her teammates more than almost anything else in this life. As far as she's concerned, Mandalay, Pixie-Bob, and Tiger are basically her family. That is why her teammates' nephew is essentially treated as her nephew at the same time.

4 Search

Ragdoll's quirk is known as search, or rather, it was. It's actually an extremely impressive quirk and one that didn't get enough credit at the time. She can observe and monitor all people in a given location.

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That means that she knows their location, weak points, and everything else. Her limit is one hundred people – which is actually extremely impressive. It's also what made her such a highly prized target.

3 First Named Victim

Speaking of her being targeted, Ragdoll is the first known and named victim of All For One's plan. She was specifically targeted and kidnapped during the attack at the training camp, and with a very specific reason.

All For One wanted to capture her so that he could take her quirk away. He saw just how useful it could be, and he presumably wanted it for himself. Or he wanted it to barter with another one of his allies. We don't yet know where her quirk ended up – but that's probably for the best for now. Seeing it will just be a painful reminder of what was lost.

2 Her Recovery

As we already mentioned, Ragdoll was kidnapped during the events at the training camp. That's because All For One couldn't remove her quirk on site (since he didn't go along on the mission), and instead needed her brought to him.

Thankfully, in the massive raid that occurred, the heroes were able to find Ragdoll during the Kamino incident. Ragdoll was found, alive but unconscious. And very much without her quirk. That would be a devastating thing to wake up to, and it is something eagle-eyed fans likely spotted. In the background, you can actually see Ragdoll sobbing into Pixie-Bob's arms – obviously due to her loss. Who can blame her for that emotional reaction?

1 Moving Forward

Ragdoll has lost a lot, her quirk was her ability to be a hero. It was a good quirk and one that she made excellent use of. One might imagine that she'd step out of the Wild, Wild Pussycats and retire from that life.

But you'd be wrong. The manga has hinted at Ragdoll returning to the team, though her capacity to help has changed. Now she helps organize the team, doing anything one might expect for somebody without a quirk. Who knows, maybe with time Eri can help resolve this dilemma?

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My Hero Academia: 10 Things About Ragdoll And The Wild, Wild Pussycats Fans Never Knew

A quirky band of search-and-rescue heroes, here are 10 things fans of the My Hero Academia anime may not have known about the Wild, Wild Pussycats.

The Wild, Wild Pussycats are an important squad in My Hero Academia whose main work consists of recovery and relief exercises in hilly regions. They have been around for 12 years, making them highly specialized professionals in their specific department.

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There are four known heroes part of the team, all of whom are affiliated with the Pussycat Agency: Ryuko Tsuchikawa, Yawara Chatora, Tomoko Shiretoko, and Shino Sosaki. In addition to their hero duties, the Wild, Wild Pussycats, as observed in the story, are skilled trainers who regularly assist the UA faculty program. They're only featured in one main arc of the anime, though, so there's plenty about them that most fans don't know.

10 Named After Cat Varieties

Three of the Wild, Wild Pussy cats are direct references to house cats. For instance, Shino is Mandalay, a New Zealand feline variety known for its extremely sleek pitch-black coat.

Ryuko is Pixie-Bob, named so because they resemble the wild bobcat, even though there has been no genetic association observed, and Tomoko is Ragdoll, a common variety with dark patches on their face, paws, and tail. Then, there is Yawara, who just goes by Tiger.

9 Their Names And Their Quirks

Shino Sosaki's name includes the words "truth" and "transmission," which makes sense, given that her Quirk revolves around telepathy. Ryuko Tsuchikawa consists of "river," "flow," and "earth," drawing a connection to her Earth Flow powers.

On the other hand, Yawara's kanji covers "tiger," "soft," and "tea," which doesn't really refer to his Pliabody Quirk. Similarly, Tomoko's name is based around the words for "knowledge" and "floor/bed," which has no parallel with her Search abilities, at least not directly.

8 Yawara Chatora Is A Trans Man

The only "masculine" member of the Wild, Wild Pussycats, Yawara Chatora has been officially revealed to be a trans man, according to the Extras section of Volume 9 in the manga. It is said that he had been AFAB (assigned female at birth), but apparently travels to Thailand to physically transition to match his real gender identity.

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Interestingly, Kenji Hikiishi, also known as Magne, a member of the League of Villains, is a trans woman, which is quite a progressive statement to make in a shonen narrative.

7 Costume Modifications

The Wild, Wild Pussycats had initially planned to keep a simple outfit system: the original squad's pair had a light and dark motif. Currently, their uniforms are identical to each other, as they all sport a bodyfit top with a collar and lacking sleeves, and a skirt held in place by a utility belt of sorts.

They also wear knee-high boots that taper with a fluffy ruff at the legend, as well as cat paw gloves and cat "ears." Of course, each of their costumes has been assigned a color: Shino is red, Ryuko is blue, Tomoko is yellow, and Yawara is brown.

6 Pixie-Bob's Earth Beast

Pixie-Bob's Earth Flow Quirk is quite an effective technique, given that she can control how the substance moves and is able to redirect it with pinpoint accuracy and astonishing speed.

Her special technique, though, is Earth Beast. This allows her to produce gigantic beings composed of earthen materials such as pebbles, mud, and other debris that act in a semi-sentient manner in that they are able to perform whatever tasks she assigns them. How she is capable of this feat remains a mystery.

5 Their Focus On Mountain Rescues

As mentioned earlier, the Wild, Wild Pussycats have dedicated themselves to the field of "mountain rescues missions"," which presumably means that they help stranded mountaineers and people who have gotten lost in the dense forests around the slope.

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In fact, their headquarters is located in the midst of a lush mountain and is considered to be their private space. This is where they are first introduced in the storyline.

4 Tiger Can Handle One For All (To A Point)

Deku's 5% Detroit Smash is quite an overwhelming force, to the point that it actually manages to make contact with Hero Killer: Stain—although it might be argued that the villain only lets him perform the move in order to get some of his blood.

Nevertheless, when he tries the same thing against Tiger, the latter easily avoids the attack by bending his body in an upward curve, following it with a magnificent "Cat-Punch."

3 The Limit On Mandalay's Quirk

Mandalay is a Telepath, which means she can transfer thoughts, information, and important news straight into another person's brain. The breadth of her Quirk is enormous, being capable of transmitting to dozens of characters, simultaneously.

Unfortunately, this technique is not a two-way street; Mandalay has no restrictions on the amount of messages she can psionically dispatch. However, she's limited in her ability to telepathically receive messages, and she's not able to "read minds," so to speak.

2 Tomoko Has Lost Her Quirk (For Now?)

The League of Villains abducts Tomoko, but she is later saved by her teammate, Yawara, as well as Mountain Lady and Best Jeanist. During this period, at some point, she loses her Search Quirk to All For One thanks to his unconquerable Quirk, who arrogantly announces that he has always wanted the ability, most likely to pass on Tomura Shigaraki, his "successor."

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However, now that Eri has been introduced, she might be able to restore Tomoko's Quirk, just as she does for Lemillion in the manga.

1 Ragdoll's Personality Undergoes A Serious Change

For most of her career, Tomoko, aka Ragdoll, is an extremely enthusiastic and dynamic character; her cheer is infectious and her attitude is warm and sprightly.

Sadly, post the removal of Search, she is depicted as incredibly lost and distressed, even partially entering a comatose state when she is found by the other Pro-Heroes. Unsurprisingly, though, Ragdoll has come to terms with her new status and has taken up a more auxiliary position in the Wild, Wild Pussycats.

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My Hero Academia Cosplay Gets Furry With Ragdoll

Though the primary female heroes of My Hero Academia include the likes of Uravity, Froppy, Midnight, Mt. Lady, and others, one fan of the Shonen franchise has decided to highlight one of the lesser-seen heroes in the member of the Wild, Wild Pusscats, Ragdoll. Attempting to stop the advance of the League of Villains in the third season of the anime, as the antagonists had Bakugo directly in their sights, the former number thirty-two hero joined her feline colleagues in their heroic bid to stop Shigaraki from transforming the young hero into one of their latest recruits.

The story of Ragdoll was a tragic one, as following the "Forest Training Camp Arc", the feline heroine had her career brought to a close when it was revealed that the villain All For One had stolen her Quirk for himself, putting her into a comatose state in the process. Though she is no longer hitting the battlefield as a professional hero, Tomoko Shiretoko is continuing to act as a member of the Pussycats, performing office work that will assist the heroes in the field. Ragdoll's presence might be done in the anime for now, but definitely expect her to make a return appearance in a season down the road.

Instagram Cosplayer Stella Lasaurus shared this unique take on the member of the Wild, Wild Pussycats who has been benched from the crime-fighting scene directly following the loss of her Quirk at the hand of the villain, All For One:

Ragdoll's Quirk was an interesting one in that "Search" allowed her to track up to one hundred targets, as well as point out weaknesses of said targets. While this Quirk wasn't exactly feline-related, it definitely came in handy on more than a few occasions and will add a terrifying new ability to All For One's ever-expanding power set. The Wild, Wild Pussycats were definitely some of the most bizarre heroes that My Hero Academia introduced Shonen fans to, which is definitely saying something considering how odd things can get in Kohei Horikoshi's franchise.


Who is your favorite member of the Pussycats? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy.

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