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Garbage Collection

Garbage Collection

  • Garbage must be set at the curb or in the alley in plain sight depending on address.
  • Garbage can be set out no earlier than 6 PM the night before service.
  • Collection service starts at 7 AM. Material set out after 7 AM may not be collected.
  • Garbage must be placed within an approved bag or box weighing 50lbs or less.
    • Bags used for garbage can not be small carry-out grocery bags.
    • If a box is used the lids must be closed. (No chemicals, paint, or pesticides) 

Garbage collection is provided by Community Waste Disposal, CWD. Please contact CWD Customer Service with any service concerns or questions. CWD Customer Service is available Weekdays 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM; Saturday 8 AM to 2 PM or visit CWD

The Dallas County Home Chemical Collection CenterHome Chemical Collection Center at 11234 Plano Road, Dallas, 75243 is the appropriate drop off for household chemicals, paint or pesticides. Do not place household chemicals out with regular garbage.

Drop off of trash, recycling, brush and bulky waste Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM at the Citizen Collection Station.


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Trash & Recycling

Bulk and Unbundled Brush Collection (for single-family Residents ONLY)

To request a bulk, brush or HHW collection, please click here.

Addison staff will conduct a home pickup for bulk items and brush.

We do not collect propane tanks or white goods (refrigerators, freezers, air-conditioning units, etc..) that have not had refrigerants removed from the appliance. Documentation must be provided by the resident prior to the collection of any item that had refrigerant removed. 

Please allow a minimum of 48 business hours for staff to collect; emergencies and special job operations may delay field crew response time.  

Brush that is generated by a private service provider is the responsibility of the contractor to dispose of. The Town only picks up for basic residential maintenance and work that was performed by the resident.

Collection for these items can be arranged by contacting the Public Works and Engineering Department at 972-450-2871, for the collection from single-family residences. Items such as hot water heaters, appliances, furniture, tree limbs, bags of leaves, paint, and batteries (among many other items) qualify for a special collection at no extra charge to you!

Residential Service

(Pickup on Monday and Thursday)

Addison contracts with CWD for garbage and recycling collection from single-family residences. Collection days are Monday (for trash and recycling) and Thursday (trash only) beginning at 7am. Please do not put trash or recycling items out any sooner than 6pm the night before collection day, per Town Ordinance.

Holiday service is suspended for Thanksgiving and Christmas if the holiday falls on a Monday or Thursday.

You should place garbage in one way receptacles (i.e. garbage bags) of sufficient strength to hold 35 pounds.  Please put Garbage bags 3 feet away from your recycling cart.

If your trash or recycling pick up is missed, please contact CWD at 972-392-9300, Option 2.

Commercial and Multi-Family

Addison does not provide commercial and multi-family solid waste collection services. Businesses and apartment complexes contract with private collection companies of their choice. Please contact your building management for information.

Household Chemicals -  All Addison Residents (including apartment residents):

The House Hazardous Waste Program allows all residents to dispose of household chemical products the responsible way. Click here for more information regarding the Household Hazardous Waste Program.  If you live in a house, you may call our department for a pick up 972-450-2871.  

Electronics Disposal - All Addison Residents (including apartment residents):

Addison partners with Bubb Fundraising to offer free recycling of electronics and other textile goods to Addison residents during Addison Earth Day and Sustainability Events. All proceeds are donated to Metrocrest Services. These events take place twice a year in April and October at the Addison Service Center at 16801 Westgrove Rd.

In addition, residents may dispose of small electronics free of charge at the Dallas County Collection Center, located at 11234 Plano Road in Dallas. You may call them at 214-553-1765 or click here for more information.   

Electronic Disposal/Recycling useful information:

  • Erecycler- recycling for businesses, organizations, and communities. They work with the Town of Addison to provide free recycling for residents twice a year.  
  • Snappy Salads- Each location recycles compact fluorescent light bulbs and batteries at no cost. Twice a year, they have an electronic waste recycling roundup.
  • Target- Customers may recycle cell phones, ink cartridges, MP3 players, plastic bags, plastic bottles, cans, and glass.  
  • Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
  • United Electronic Recycling- Recycle most electronics for free. Provides collection events most Saturdays of the month or you may drop off items at their Farmers Branch office.   

Medical Waste

Do you or someone you know have needles or syringes that need to be thrown away? The good news is they are not medical waste so they can be thrown out with your normal refuse collection. However, for the safety of yourself and others the Town of Addison does recommend the following four easy steps to promote safe disposal:

  1. Place needles in a hard plastic or metal container with a tightly secured lid. Label the container “Sharps” or “Needles”.
  2. Keep the container out of the reach of children and pets.
  3. When the container is full, seal and reinforce its lid with heavy duty tape.
  4. Dispose of the sealed container in the household trash.

Do you have unwanted or expired medicines for disposal? 

Learn more on how you can be environmentally conscious at our Stormwater & Pollution Prevention page.

Resources for Recycling Other Items

  • Wheels for Wishes benefits Make-A-Wish North Texas: They tow away, auction off and recycle old cars free of charge.
  • Metrocrest Services benefits families, individuals, and senior adults who are coping with a crisis situation. You may recycle gently used items by donating to their resale store. They cover individuals living in Addison, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Coppell and the Dallas zip code 75287.   
  • Operation Kindness benefits homeless cats and dogs. Founded in 1976, it is the oldest and largest no-kill shelter in North Texas. You may recycle gently used items by donating to their thrift store. Please visit their website or call 972-438-5463.  
  • OIG provides a complete source for commercial lifecycle management (furniture, electronics, and other items). 
  • Target & Walmart provide plastic bag recycling to customers. You will find the bins near the entrance of both stores.

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