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Optimal Tree Spades for Every Job

We carry spade models for every size rootball, soil type, and size of machine you might need. Mounting brackets, hydraulic hoses length, hydraulic connections, and control harness length are customized to fit your machine. Optimal tree spades are sold “Ready to dig ” so these factors are included in the price, there are no surprises. Our spades cover all nursery standards for root ball diameters and depths.
The C-line models offer a lighter weight implement per ball size with the ability to dig in tight row spacing by design. The pointed curved blades dig 20% more lateral roots than a straight bladed spade. These rounded hang dug looking rootballs mean better survivability and more product loaded on a truck.
The T-line models carry on the tradition and proven durability of the older CareTree spades with a 25° semi truncated rootball and are built to the same high standards of German engineering as the C-line models.


Inquire about a
Used Tree Spade

Joining the BIG JOHN family means getting great customer service! If you are interested in any of our BIG JOHN tree spades please contact Stephen Choate or Danny Sanders with any inquiries about pricing or other information for any of the following used items.


2007 Model 80D Big John Tree Spade

Stock #1 – Used 2007 Model 80D Big John Tree Spade mounted to this 2007 Mack CTP713 with 8 speed trans 370 horse power with a 400 gal water tank hydraulic water pump and in cab air system ready to move trees.

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Used 90E BIG JOHN Tree Spade

Stock #2 – Used 90E BIG JOHN tree spade on freightliner truck. 400 gallon water tank and hydraulic water system.

Learn More

2008 Freightliner and BIG JOHN 90C

Stock #3 — 2008 Freightliner and Big John 90C

Learn More

Used 62DL

Stock #4 — Used 62DL 2017 wireless remote set up for a John Deer 644 wheel loader.

Learn More

2004 65-3 pod trailer

Stock #5 — 2004 65-3 pod trailer

Learn More

2016 Kenworth with a 2015 Model 90D

Stock #6 — 2016 Kenworth T880 trans 4500RDS 550Hp mile 3,466 with a 2015 Model 90D unit is in amazing shape

Learn More


2019 Demo 36” skid mounted spade

Stock #7: 2019 Demo 36” skid mounted spade ready for your job.

Learn More

2004 International 90″ BIG JOHN Spade

Stock #8 – 2004 International 90″ Truck Mounted BIG JOHN tree spade

Learn More

Used 80D Big John Tree Spade

Stock # 9 – Used 80D Big John Tree Spade mounted to this RD Mack 400 gal water tank hydraulic water system good tires ready to move trees.

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Used custom spade

Stock #10 — Used custom spade digs a 100” hole up to a 135” with change of blades made for custom jobs and big trees

Learn More

Used Optimal 1400

Stock #11 – Digs a 48-55” rootball

Learn More

1994 Model 8000 Vermeer 80” Tree Spade

Stock #12 — 1994 Model 8000 Vermeer 80” Tree Spade mounted to a 1980 Mack 688 with 350 HP 8LL trans new tires also has a 2-pod 80” trailer with package

Learn More

Used 45

Stock #13 — Used 45. Spade only

Learn More

Model 100D

Stock #14 – Model 100D Big John Tree Spade mounted to this great 2017 Pet 567 truck. 1,069 miles Cummins X15 450 Hp Fuller Eaton 8LL trans

Learn More

Used 90″ Spade on Loader

Stock #15 – Used 90″ BIG JOHN tree spade mounted on Loader. Features remote control and additional controls in cab.

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Used 90” 2 Pod With 2 Extra Pods

Stock #16 – Used 90” 2 Pod With 2 Extra Pods

Learn More

Used Limb Lifter

Stock #17 – Used Limb Lifter

Learn More

Used 90B BIG JOHN Truck Mounted Spade

Stock #19 – Used 90B BIG JOHN Truck Mounted Tree Spade

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65” 3 pod trailer

Stock #22 — 65” 3 pod trailer.

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Dutchman 380i Tree Spade

Stock # 25: Dutchman 380i Tree spade

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Used 80B Tree Spade

Stock#26 – Used 2002 80B mounted to 1993 International truck ready to dig located in Canada. $67,000

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Dutchman 48″ Tree spade

Stock #27 – Dutchman 48″ Tree spade

Learn More

32″ Caretree

Stock #28 — 32″ Caretree. All new hoses. All feet intact.

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28″ Caretree Spade

Stock #29 — 28″ Caretree Spade. All new hydraulic lines.All feet in place.

Learn More

Used 2002 55DTD Digger Trailer

Stock #34 — Used 2002 55DTD Digger Trailer ready to work.

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Tree Spade 30"


With the Dirt Works Tree Spade, your skid steer loader can be converted into a transplanting unit. Increase production and dramatically reduce manual labor costs. Designed for profit conscious owners, this transplant unit is economical, rugged and durable. Thoroughly tested in a variety of soil conditions, the Dirt Works Tree Spade not only digs trees, it also loads them on a truck or trailer in minutes.

The tree spade is simple to operate with complete control from the loader seat. The unique hydraulics combination provides tree and shrub digging capabilities that are fast and dependable. A tree can be dug and transported, or loaded, without the operator leaving the loader. Our tree spade design is simple and cost effective. We eliminated unnecessary wearable pivot points and focused on one thing – transplanting trees and shrubs.

With over twenty years of engineering, design change and field testing, the Dirt Works Tree Spade has evolved into a cost effective solution for transplanting trees and shrubs. Our truncated style pointed design blades are 1/4" Grade 50 plate with reinforced centers and sharpened edges to aid in ground penetration. Other spades on the market use 3/8" blades which require extra weight to penetrate the ground, requiring a larger and heavier machine to operate. 3/8" blades have little flexibility, and the extra force needed for penetration can cause damage to frame structures. Also watch for manufacturers who claim to have hardened steel blades. Hardened blades are brittle, instead of bending, they crack, which requires a costly five-step repair process.

We reduced our costs by leaving over-engineered options off; thus creating a simple reliable design. The three spaded fixed frame design offers ample opening to reach around trees and shrubs without expensive, complicated and unnecessary swing out designs. The Dirt Works unit has truncated style pointed spade type blades with bend lines that are parallel to the cylinder.

Throughout the years other manufactures have attempted to copy our design. We have seen our competitors build larger three spaded units (32"- 36"). Larger units require larger blades and heavier machines to operate. We have also seen other manufacturers sell units with cone style blades. Cone style blades will not penetrate the ground. Beware of blades with bend lines starting at the tip and flaring out at the top, unparallel to the cylinder.


Video: 30" Tractor Mounted Tree Spade

Video: Tranplanting Birch Tree

Video: Transplanting Pine Tree

Video: Tree Spade with Tractor Mount

Video: Transplanting with Compact Tractors

(Tree spade can be modified to attach to compact tractors. Please contact us for more information.)

Optional Tree Spade Accessories

Video: Highlights of 3-Point Down Pressure

Video: Tree Spade with Adjustable Legs

Info: Gain an extra 8" with our optional swing arm.

Option - Attach the Dirt Works Tree Spade to the 3 point hitch on your tractor with our Universal 3 Point Adaptor .

Tree Transport Pods

Info: Tree Pod Product Overview

Video: How to Use with Tree Pods

Video: Tree Spade in Action

How to Transplant Trees / General Tips

Need general information on how to plant trees properly?
Check out these tips provided by the Arbor Day Foundation!


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2014 Bobcat TS36T Tree Spade Attachment For Skid Steer Loader With Out Riggers For Sale Nice

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