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Best Lalique Perfumes For Women

Best Lalique Perfumes For Women

Exquisiteness and originality are two words that define Lalique, a French fashion company born in René Lalique, a French jeweler to whom we must attribute a good part of this company’s success. However, we don’t want to focus on your jewelry, but on Lalique perfumes, specifically, those designed for women. That’s how we want to present The 11 Best Lalique Perfumes For Women, a perfectly designed selection so that you can choose from the best options designed by experts and make you feel satisfied with their exuberant and also original perfumes. Now is not the time to look elsewhere, focus on this select Lalique review.


Best Lalique Women Perfumes & Colognes to Buy in 2021


1. Azalee by Lalique

So we start with Lalique’s Azalée, this perfume designed by the famous French company has to give you a power that few perfumes can boast: make you totally feminine, this is kind of touch in most perfumes that are mixed with many other fragrances far from the concept of pure feminism, but with this perfume and its patchouli notes by sharing a place with floral notes, you will be able to grace any man in his most ostentatious state of femininity.

Azalee by Lalique



Similarly. Let’s not forget that this perfume is perfect especially for spring, making its moderate longevity and the gentle trail not misplaced.


2. Le Parfum by Lalique

Now we continue with Le Parfum by Lalique, a really important perfume that is presented as a definitive option if we are talking about fragrances. Launched in 1992, Le Parfum is an extremely masterful option, especially to ensure that you can always be in perfect order within, while still allowing yourself to be a woman of great personality.

Le Parfum by Lalique


This strong and perhaps arrogant personality comes from its notes of vanilla, sandalwood, and jasmine that give it a lot of feminism, but without being as sweet as many people think. The spring is also great for this fragrance that has high longevity and a trail that lasts in the environment, both very useful combinations for your overall composition.


3. Amethyst by Lalique

Loaded with an air of impulse and very good feelings, Lalique Amethyst arrives, it is positioned as one of the best possible options of this renowned French company and it is that it will give you simple, but without leaving the originality and optic that characterizes them.

Amethyst by Lalique


With its fragrance, the time of year does not matter much, as it is made to be always included, thanks to the fact that it has notes of black currant, blueberries, and also blackberry, which also make it invade the environment with a certain mystery. decipher even your own style.

It has to be said in the same way that it has a heavy track and moderate longevity, suitable for any woman, regardless of her favorite style.


4. Nilang by Lalique

Now comes Nilang by Lalique, a perfume that has a very fine fragrance, linked in all aspects of its manufacture to the fascination for the quality of framing and also the luxury of this French company.

Nilang by Lalique


When you have it in your hands, it will have a very important scent, without needing longevity or strong awakening, as both are soft and soft.

It is found as a spectacular option for autumn and is what its notes of patchouli, amber, or vanilla allow to catch a glimpse. It was undoubtedly a pleasant surprise for millions of women to find a perfume that makes them adopt an air of superiority.


5. Woody Gold by Lalique

The luxury is present in every part of this perfume, they have specialized in give it the pompous, masterful and, of course, expensive in its design.

Woody Gold by Lalique


Woody Gold by Lalique will be presented to you as a perfume that doesn’t care about anything and irreverence will lead you to never leave it. These are the highlights of perfume with notes of lily of the valley or Egyptian jasmine.

But it is interesting for its ample luxury content from the natural point of view, thus obtaining a really powerful fragrance. This is perfect for summer and we can’t fail to say that moderation follows its rhythm and so does longevity.


6. Lalique by Lalique

We now have for you Lalique de Lalique, this perfume contains everything that the company itself professes, but is contained in a single bottle.

Lalique by Lalique


This perfume is made for women who like to be original, but who also like to stand out without appearing inaccessible, this is how it will awaken in you a feeling of great charisma without giving up your highest ideals.

Contains notes of vanilla and musk, so that around you you will perceive a sweet perfume to which a smooth trail and longevity with a similar characteristic must be added in the same way, making it a perfect option for autumn, so you can give life to everything you touch or look at.


7. Pearls by Lalique

The seventh place in this article is given to talk about Perles by Lalique, this is a truly everyday perfume, made for your daily routine without losing that style.

Pearls by Lalique


With Perles, you can notice a substantial change in everything you do, as it allows you to walk quickly or use public transport as if it were a red carpet, perfect for not leaving your activities.

It has notes of rose, iris, or pepper for a certain combination of energy, but also spicy. Perles is provided for you to enjoy the summer, and its longevity and alertness are moderated so as not to present extravagant problems.


8. Satine by Lalique

Satine de Lalique presents itself as a perfume to which you should have a lot of respect. This is because its main attraction is to make you feel beautiful inside and out, and with this as a reference, you will notice that it is a perfume that has a really tasty interior and is rich in spectacularity, but it is still an ideal option for formal meetings or parties with friends.

Satine by Lalique


It is made from notes of jasmine, gardenia, or heliotrope. This allowed it to be a perfect fragrance for you to enjoy spring and its beautiful birth of new flowers or trees. Its alertness and longevity are strong to accompany you anywhere.


9. L’Amour by Lalique

A tribute to love, this is how we want to define L’Amour, a perfume that you will enjoy especially in the company of the person you love the most because it has a really powerful profile if we refer to love and beautiful sensations.

L'Amour by Lalique


With its fragrance, you will always be very striking and never lose your personal distinction, as it has rose or bergamot notes to make you feel very in tune with the feelings of your favorite person.

Without a doubt, with this scent, your ideal season is where you have the opportunity to wear it and shine along with your moderate trail or longevity of the same choice.


10. Amethyst Eclat by Lalique

Now it’s time to talk about Lalique’s Amethyst Éclat, a much more renewed version of its previous line, as it reaches a younger audience, but without rubbing the typical immaturity of some other perfumes.

Amethyst Eclat by Lalique


With this, you will get a lot of cheerfulness and energy that are so easy to find in this type of person, and this is because your versatility is another of the added values ​​that you have, although I want to emphasize that summer is the ideal time to use it. constant thanks to the fact that it also has notes of magnolia, peony, or rose. Its longevity is strong and its footprint is heavy.


11. Living Lalique by Lalique

We close with Living Lalique by Lalique, a more than a perfect option for you to always live life to the full in any of its facets. Living Lalique will make you explode internally with its energy, but also with the feeling of partying that the most daring women love so much.


This was made possible by its notes of pepper, mint, or lavender, a combination that extracts a little of everything and where moderation takes its longevity and awakening so you can use it any time of year. A really interesting option indeed.


Final Considerations

The 11 Best Lalique Perfumes for Women in 2021 are very useful options and have a lot of power of interest, as they offer original originality, but also several variants so that you can always be very active. Perhaps this is the greatest achievement of your feminine perfumes, or the power to make women not use them under any concept, as a versatility assumes its use.

That’s why we recommend that you buy any fragrance before presenting it. You will be able to see if you can use it in very important meetings, as well as in informal settings, it was no different.

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Lalique Lalique 1992 Eau de Parfum

"Lalique de Lalique", released in 1992, has already become a classic, always extremely beautifully presented in various collector's editions. It harks back to the days of floral perfumes done in a "symphonic" style. (And it was created by Sophia Grojsman!). Sumptuous and opulent, it smells as if it was intended to be the expression of Lalique's reputation for the most beautiful perfume vessels on the planet. "Lalique de Lalique" combines all ingredients of elegance from its top notes of jasmine and clove to its heart of iris, rose, jonquil, orange blossom and vanilla, all embedded into a beautiful accord of amber, sandalwood and musk. A deadly serious perfume, very luxurious, but somehow a bit conventional. I guess you could call it "classy" with its arrangement of beautiful flowers - and that's the idea behind it. The clues here are obvious when you think of the Lalique tradition. You'll feel like a lady wearing this perfume which is the olfactory opposite of vulgar. With its innate poise and confidence, "Lalique de Lalique" is perfect for sophisticated, "mature" and self-confident women, pour la "grande dame".
I'm afraid that many women and men under 40 will probably dislike it, because they were brought up with lighter, fruitier and fresher fragrances. Nevertheless worth a try if you're into the floral category.

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Lalique Perfume For Women By Lalique

No hidden charges, no minimum orders!

Lalique Perfume levels

Lalique Perfume is made of natural or synthetic fragrant oil extracts diluted in water or high-grade alcohol. The dilutions of these oil extracts determine the strength of the Lalique Perfume which, in turn, exacts the lasting power of the scent. Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne are generally interchangeable, particularly in Men's fragrances. After Shave has the least amount of oil extract. The different perfume strengths are as follows:
Eau de Cologne - least concentrated with fragrance lasting up to 1 hour
Eau de Toilette - concentrated with fragrance lasting up to 2 hours
Eau de Parfum - concentrated with fragrance lasting up to 3-4 hours
Cologne or Parfum Classic - highly concentrated with fragrance lasting up to 5-6 hours

Lalique Perfume notes

Lalique Perfume is comprised of many different scents. These scents are called fragrance notes.
Top notes are very light and last but a few minutes (5-10 minutes).
Middle notes become apparent in about 15 minutes after application. They can last up to an hour or more.
Bottom or base notes last the longest, usually for several hours.

Some Lalique Perfumes last much longer than others

People with dry skin usually find their Lalique Perfume holding time shorter than those with oily skin because oily skin has more natural moisture to hold in the fragrance. PH levels (amount of acidity in our skin) also vary slightly from person to person. Our individual levels of PH will determine how each ingredient in Lalique will react.

Making Lalique Perfume last longer

A perfume will last longer on some people than on others because of differences in skin (oily or dry) and PH levels. To achieve a longer effect, try layering your Lalique. Using the Lalique bath gel, moisturizer, or powder before applying the actual fragrance will usually have a longer lasting effect. Apply the perfume low on your body allowing the scent to rise. Also, apply it behind your ears and neck. A light spray on your hair can last all day.

Differences between a Lalique Perfume Splash and a Spray

There is absolutely no difference in the perfume. The difference is only in the application. A Spray bottle, being ostensibly sealed all the time, may actually have a longer shelf life. Making the decision between Lalique Spray and Splash is entirely a matter of personal preference.

Lalique Perfume Testers

Lalique Perfume Testers are created to help promote the fragrance. Although the majority of our products are NOT Testers, the Testers we do carry are clearly marked as such in the Available Selections column of every product page. Testers are provided to large retail stores to allow their customers to “test” the actual Lalique Perfume before buying it. It is the same Lalique Perfume that one finds in full size Lalique bottles. Testers may come in a variety sizes and forms of packaging. Some are offered in simple generic plain white or brown boxes with or without a cap. Some bottles may have “Tester” or “Demonstration” written on the bottle. Some are even without boxes, while others may come ornately wrapped. Regardless of packaging, the quality of the perfume is not affected. The contents of testers are the same as in the standard full priced packaged item. One can enjoy their favorite Lalique Perfume at the lowest prices. We sell only new and unused testers free from damage and defect.

Lalique Perfume usually contains alcohol

Alcohol makes the Lalique Perfume emanate from your skin. Without alcohol, you would be the only person who knew you were wearing any perfume at all.

Keeping Lalique Perfume from going bad

Keep Lalique Perfume in a cool, dry area away from windows, as sunlight and heat can unbalance Lalique ingredients. Any opened Lalique bottle should be kept in its box to ensure a longer life.

The difference between Cologne and After Shave

The fragrance of Cologne will generally last much longer than that of After Shave. However, many men choose to wear both. One can use less of each, the overall scent will last longer and still have the facial benefit of after shave.

Differences between After Shave Lotion, Gel, and Balm

After Shave Lotion will usually sting while helping to close the pores after shaving.
After Shave Balm soothes the skin.
After Shave Gel soothes and cools the skin while relieving razor burn.


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Lalique is a fairly popular brand in the fragrance world, with a whole host of scents available, for both men and women. This French brand is known for jewelry and other fashion staples and has been around for many decades. In this post, I want to take a bit of a closer look at their fragrance lineup. I have selected five of what can be considered the best smelling fragrances for women by Lalique.


What are the Best Smelling Lalique Perfumes?

Most Popular Berries

Amethyst by Lalique for Women 3.3 oz Eau de Parfum Spray Amethyst is probably the most popular Lalique perfume for her. It is full of delicious black and blueberries and a sweet tart note of black currant.

This is a juicy fruit fragrance with some light musk and rose notes, in the background of the scent. It’s not too sweet, nor too loud, but a nice daily wear scent for those who dig these fruit notes.

During the latter stages, there is a woody base to solidify things, and it plays nicely off of the berries.

Light Peachy Musk

Lalique Reve D’infini Eau de Parfum Spray, 3.3 Fl Oz Reve d’Infini is a light and easy to wear perfume, with a nice bright fruity top act, which transitions into more of a floral/musk scent.

The sillage isn’t too heavy but the performance is good overall. It has a peachy sort of aroma to it and dries down with a dash of vanilla.

Spicy Power

Lalïquë Pêrles De Lalïquë Perfume for Women 3.3 fl.Oz Eau De Parfum Spray– Perles de Lalique takes a different tact from the other perfumes on the list. This is an outdoorsy fragrance for ladies with a peppery scent that is laden with patchouli.

Beyond that, you get a dry slightly rosy dry down, with a solid cedar note at the base. This has a stronger sillage than some of the others and is wholly distinct from the others.

Clean Powder Fragrance

Lalique Perfume for Women 3.3 oz Eau de Parfum Spray– This is an older scent, but one the more popular ones. Lalique for Women is a fruity and powdery scent, with a nice iris note floating throughout the heart. It is clean with a pear note and creamy with sandalwood.

Lalique is well blended and a solid performing daily wear, with the juicy blackberry note being the main highlight, of the scent.

Summertime Citrus Floral

Lalique L’Amour Eau de Parfum, 3.3 Fl Oz– L’Amour is one for the floral lovers. Most of the rest of the list, is fruity/floral dominant. While this does have a citrus zest at the top, L’Amour, is loaded with jasmine, gardenia, and neroli.

It is light and fun, a great wear for the spring and summer months, for work or casual or even more formal occasions. The sillage here is light, but the good news is, that it has such great versatility. L’Amour is really a Jack of all trades, kind of scent. Nice soft floral, with a light musk, and citrus top.

There you have it, the five best scents for ladies by Lalique. I will come back and make any changes needed to this post, over time, and potentially add some more selections. As for now, these five should get the job done just fine.

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