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Bernina Q20 / Q24 Longarm Quilting Machine

FeaturesFrom the Very First Stitch, You Will Appreciate the Thought Behind Every Detail

Perfect free-motion stitches
• Achieve perfect stitches with the integrated BERNINA Longarm Stitch Regulation
• Keep the stitch length consistent at any speed
• Stay flexible with three regulation modes
• Simple customizing via the machine's touch screen
• Precise sensing of machine/fabric movement with dual sensors

Unique user interface
• Simple navigation via color touch screen
• Totally customizable
• Stitch counter, five user profiles, built-in tutorials and help functionalities

Easy threading and bobbin winding
• Thoughtfully positioned spool holders and forward threading path are easy to reach and simple to follow
• On-board bobbin winder (M Class bobbin) makes it convenient to wind coordinating bobbin threads for your projects, independent of machine operation

Unique programmable, fully adjustable handles
• Fully, 8-way adjustable handles for your comfort
• Quilt in your perfect position
• Individually programmable buttons to keep your frequently used functions at your fingertips

Unique digital tension control
• Exclusive tension system with numeric tension settings making it very easy to use a wide range of thread types with success
• No external tension assembly required
• Presser foot tension release for threading ease

Fast and precise stitching
• High speed precision stitching for hand-guided quilting with up to 2,200 stitches per minute
• Complete more quilts more quickly than ever

Enhanced visibility
• 50 bright LED lights along the length of the machine and above the needle
• Illuminate your quilt for enhanced visibility

• Fully operated from the front
• Dual handwheels (front and back) for easy manual needle positioning
• Front handwheel is disengaged when using the electronic needle positioner

KickStart Function (Q20 Only)
The KickStart function allows quilting in a continuous sewing mode without having to keep the foot control constantly pressed. The currently programmed function of the back kick as well as the front kick, are temporarily overwritten and will become active again as soon as the KickStart function has been deactivated.

Technical Data
• Throat space
    • Q24: 24" (610mm)
    • Q20: 20" (508mm)
• Color touch screen: 4.3"
• Illumination of the full length of the freearm (50 LEDs)
• M Class Rotary Hook system
• Threader: Yes
• Thread tension: Electronically/digitally adjustable
• Electronic presser foot lift
• Upper thread break sensor
• Dual Stitch Regulators
• Connection (basic): USB host/slave
• Connection (additional purpose): HDMI
• Updatable
• Sewing speed: Maximum 2,200spm
• Stitch length minimum: 1.05mm (24spi)
• Stitch length maximum: 25.4mm (1spi)
• 5 User profiles
• Bobbin thread indicator
• On-board bobbin winder
• Compatible with domestic machine needles
• Compatible with Bernina free-motion feet

Frame Features
• Adjustable foot pads for perfect leveling
• Continuous X and Y axis track system with no joints
• Angled tracks and wheel axles for accurate and smooth movement of the sew head to allow even quilting
• Friction-free 16-wheel system
• Leg system for maximum stability
• Multi-step ratchet system for perfect fabric tension
• Integrated latch system for maximum fabric holding power, yet easy release
• Pivot pick-up of magnetically-secured top rail, which allows fabric separation to smooth batting
• Dead bar for perfect fabric height no matter the length of your quilt
• Large diameter rails eliminate rail flex when tensioning the quilt
• Heavy duty canvas leaders with positioning markings for years of quilt loading ease
• Pantograph tabletop to easily align your rolled patterns
• 4 bungee clamps to align every quilt to perfection
• Convenient tool trays for your longarm quilting tools

Bernina Q24/Q20 on Frame

Size (length & depth)13' × 3.9'
4.0 × 1.2 m12' × 3.9'
3.6 × 1.2 m9' × 3.9'
2.75 × 1.2 mMaximum quilt sizeca. 120"
ca. 3.05 mca. 108"
ca. 2,75 m ca. 71"
ca.1,8 mLeaders132” / 11’
3.36 m120” / 10’
 3.07 m83” / 6.9’
2.12 mAdjustable frame height35” -  47”
0.9 - 1.2 m35” - 47”
0.9 - 1.2 m35” - 47”
0.9 - 1.2 mTotal weight*352 - 552 lbs
160 - 250 kg330 - 508 lbs
150 - 230 kg330 - 508 lbs
115 - 120 kgNumber of legs664Hydraulic liftoptionaloptionalnot available
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Bernina Quilt Frame-What Machine to put on it?

Old 10-23-2011, 05:21 PM

I have a Bernina Quilt frame and love it. I have a Bernina 430 on it, and don't love it. The machine is great but the space is very limited, and then so is my creativity. My choice of machines is limited because the size of the platform. I have priced the Bernina 820, it will give me 5 more inches than I have. A nolting fun quilter will give me 10 more, but do not know if it will fit. If I go with the 820, I still have a great machine when and if I go long arm. Is there anyone out there that has a 820(830) setup and a Bernina quilt frame?
SuzieQuilts is offline  
Old 10-24-2011, 05:26 AM

I got the Bernina quilt frame with my new 820, bought in June. I haven't set up the frame yet, but my thinking was that if I didn't take to frame quilting, I'd still have a superb, luxury sewing machine. And it truly is just that fabulous and worth every cent. When I have the space and time, I'll set up the frame, but I might end up putting a 9" straight stitcher on it, because it'll be hard to give up the 820 from sewing.
Maia B is offline  
Old 10-24-2011, 01:41 PM

Originally Posted by BKrenning
Your frame looks like it is a Grace Pinnacle which will take a machine with up to an 18" throat unless Bernina has ordered the carriage to be modified somehow but I don't know why they would do that.

I do have to say that seeing the picture of the high end sewing/embroidery machine sitting on a quilt frame is a little startling. You really only need a straight stitch machine for machine quilting. I thought my Elna 7200 was overkill but I bought it to do both frame quilting & everything else which it did very well for 5 years before I got a Voyager.

I don't know what other advantages upgrading your 430 to an 820/830 might give you but I would use the money for a used Nolting or HandiQuilter unless you really want some of the other features on the 820/830.
Because Bernina has a software package that allows the 830 to do computerized quilting designs on the frame!! That's why it's not startling to me .
Candace is offline  
Old 10-24-2011, 02:07 PM
Location: Houston County, GA

The Bernina dealer in Duluth, GA had two quilt frames set up. One had the 440QE and the other was a Babylock Crown Jewel. The Babylock is much larger than the 440QE so I don't think you will have a problem with a larger machine on the Bernina quilt frame.
GAgal is offline  
Old 10-24-2011, 04:15 PM
Location: Ontario, Canada

I've seen the 830 on the Bernina frame and it is SWEEEET! She had the computer hooked up to it and it stitched a perfect feathered wreath in about 5 minutes. If I was more computer savvy, that's one I'd love!
Tartan is offline  
Old 10-24-2011, 06:28 PM

When you go to set up your frame, contact me I can save you a lot of headache. The set up itself is great, but the directions for attaching the quilt itself are terrible. I think a man wrote both. I have learned some tricks through trial and error, and it is really easy. I will share those tips with you when you are ready.
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