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The Complete Meaning Behind Al's Blood Seal - FMA

So, if Alphonse Elric is such a brilliant alchemist, how could he be duped into misinterpreting his own blood seal and being scared that his brother just created him (and believing the words of a sketchy criminal hanging around some abdandoned lab)??
Well, I just recently did the same thing. If you want to know the full meaning of the components of Al's blood seal, here's what I've found:
I came across this little tidbit on DA the other day: Basic Alchemy Symbols by Notshurly. That one symbol there on the left (creation) looks astonishingly similar to something we FMA fans are so familiar with: Al's blood seal Al's blood seal by Journie. (I don't know how much credibility you give to DA alchemists, though, so just in case, here's another sourcereinforcing the same thing.) Well, if that little squiggle there represents the soul (which would be your first assumption, right?), then holy crap! That sounds like it would mean that seal is the creation of a soul, exactly what Alphonse was afraid of, right? So I went scouring the internet looking for proof that that little squiggle is the symbol for the soul. The closest thing I found was this right here. Look at that third one over from silver. K5595786 by Journie  Considering I found nothing else even close to resembling that squiggle any more than that symbol for silver right there, I looked up some alchemical meanings of silver. One meaning I found was bascially, that silver=moon=spirit, and I though "Wahla, there it is." But in actuality, the spirit is not the same thing as the soul.
Many philosophers (Descartes is coming to mind right now, but if I'm not mistaken, there were a bunch of others around this time) believed that there was a material in the human body which connected the soul to the body, and this material was sometimes called the spirit. So the array that Edward drew with his blood is literally the creation of the bond between a body and a soul.
Unfortunately, that didn't turn out to be the dark theory I'd hoped it'd be, but hopefully you learned something from this like I did.
At the least, you can see that Al's fear wasn't completely unfounded. He wasn't just being a gullible little kid believing the words of random criminals. The meaning of the blood seal was easily misinterpreted.

Blood Seal from Fullmetal Alchemist

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Blood seal FMA fan art pendant can be looped through a cord or joined with jump rings by drilling a small hole at the top. Pictured version has been printed in glass fiber PETG filament, sanded and painted.

Favorite Filaments

  • Matte Fiber HTPLA 2.85 mm:
  • Matte Fiber HTPLA 1.75 mm:
  • Cheetah Filament 3 mm:
  • Cheetah Filament 1.75 mm:
  • Sainsmart TPU 3 mm:
  • Sainsmart TPU 1.75 mm:

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Technical Information

Date published17/08/2019
Dimensioni42.93mm x 46.67mm x 5.3mm
Supporto Gratuito YES

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A Blood Rune, also known as a Blood Seal (血印, Ketsuin), is an alchemical technique used to bind someone's soul to an inanimate metal object. The iron in the blood will interact with the metal it is on, causing the object and the blood rune to form a symbiosis.

The Process

The practitioner must draw a rune in blood on an inanimate metal object (usually armour) which will bind with the iron in the blood. If the person whose soul is to be bound is through the Gate, the alchemist performing the transmutation must give a part of their body as a toll in order to pass through, retrieve the soul and bind it to the host object.

Positive effects

A person whose soul is bound to an inanimate object feels no pain, hunger, or fatigue, thus enabling them to perform immense physical feats. Also, as the person has no body, they can sustain more damage than normal humans, placing the person in a state of high invulnerability.

Negative effects

They have a weak point, the rune itself. If the rune is damaged in some way, the person's soul will start to fade from the object. This makes the protection of the blood rune the most important task of the bound soul. Sometimes, the person inside the object can start to question their own existence. This can be very dangerous to the person's mental health. Although never mentioned in the 2003 anime (and as such, presumably not applicable to as it was ending when this fact was acknowledged in the manga) there is an even greater danger; if one's soul is bound to an inanimate object for too long, the soul and object will eventually start to repel each other. The person will start to experience moments of exhaustion, which cause that person's soul to disappear from the object, as stated by Al, who compares his body to a time bomb. This can lead to the complete destruction of the soul as it slips away to The Gate. This makes the blood rune only a temporarily effective technique.




Al's blood rune.

Barry's blood rune

Barry the Chopper's blood rune.

Slicer Rune Body

Number 48's body blood rune in the 2009 anime.

Slicer Rune Body Manga

Number 48's body blood rune in the manga.

Slicer Rune Head

Number 48's head blood rune in the 2009 anime.

Slicer Rune Head Manga

Number 48's head blood rune in the manga.


Blood seal fma

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