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Bigidesign Ti Arto EDC Pen Black BG70276

So what’s the big idea? EDC, or Every Day Carry - the gear you carry with you all the time. It has to be right. That means different things to different people - but if you’re the sort of person who cares deeply about those everyday items in your pockets or bag, BIGiDESIGN are with you, and should probably be on your shortlist. They make a variety of neat little tools and accessories, but it is, of course, the pens that most interest us.

They are titanium, tough, beautifully made, and they look good in a simple and utilitarian way that we find very appealing.

If there’s a single pen that gives you more choices of refills to use than the Ti Arto EDC, we don’t know what it is, and we do know quite a lot of pens. BIGiDESIGN lists over 750 refills they have tested, and in our testing, we struggled to find much that didn’t fit. They’ve achieved this thanks to some very clever design tricks.

For the variety in length, there’s an adjustment at the back of the barrel - the end section can be screwed up and down, changing the length of the barrel to fit the refill you’ve put in. It can extend out long enough to use standard ‘euro-format’ rollerball refills, which gives you a lot of choice right there. Screw it down so the pen is shorter, and it can use the most commonly used standard for good quality ballpoint refills - ‘Parker-style’ G2 refills. This gives you a lot of choices for ballpoint refills, along with some smaller gel ink refills. Many other refills fit within the length range too, giving you even more options.

Then there’s a little clutch mechanism, like a clutch pencil uses, at the very tip. This does two things. Firstly, it can hold even smaller refills in place, down to tiny little D1 ‘multipen’ refills. They won’t push against the back of the pen, but the clutch holds them firmly enough. As a bonus, it eliminates the slight rattle that many pens have at the tip, by holding the refill at that point. This is one of those things that doesn’t bother most people, but some find really annoying. If it bothers you, you might just love this pen! Even if it doesn’t, it’s rather nice when it’s not there.

It’s made from titanium, too, which helps to keep it strong and light, while looking good.

9.5mm wide at grip, 11mm wide body. 96 to 118mm long, depending on adjustment, 136mm long when posted. 111mm to 132mm long capped, depending on adjustment. Weighs 24g without refill, or just 16g without the cap.

Additional Information

Product Code:BG70276
Advance Mechanism:Capped
Ink Type:Gel Ink, Liquid Ink, Oil-based
Item Colour:Black
Item Material:Metal, Titanium
Refill Type:Refillable, D1 Mini Refill, Euro Refill, Parker-style G2 Refill, Pen Refill
Tip Type:Ball
Sours: https://www.cultpens.com/i/q/BG70276/bigidesign-ti-arto-edc-pen-black

Best Titanium Pens Tactical Survival EDC Space

The best titanium pens are more than your ordinary pen, built to use anywhere you go. You can even smash out a window with a titanium pen. This is not your plastic pen.

No, the best titanium pens will be part of your everyday carry arsenal. Whether you’re taking notes in a meeting or writing love letters, your titanium pen will always rise to the occasion. So, check out these titanium scribblers and you will find the one that’s perfect for you.

RovyVon C10
Best Titanium Pens Tactical Survival EDC Space
Take on the world with this titanium pen, which can be used as a tactical weapon if you need it. Sign those checks and then bust open a window or two. You never know when you’re going to be pinned down and challenged by Shakespeare or someone wielding a spear. Either way, you’ve got a titanium answer.

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Valtcan Impel Titanium Bolt Pen
Best Titanium Pens Tactical Survival EDC Space
The matte finish on this pen is a nice touch. It’s like having a little spear in your hand, only you can write with it too. The black ballpoint ink means business, and once you take it out of its gift box, you’ll find that you will never let it leave your side.

Buy Here

Ti Pocket Pro
Best Titanium Pens Tactical Survival EDC Space
Once you have a good titanium pen, you’re going to want to know how to refill it when the ink runs dry. The Ti Pocket Pro is designed specifically to accommodate over 80 different refills, which means you won’t have to hunt for the perfect refill that fits your pen. This pen takes them all.

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Best Titanium Pens Tactical Survival EDC Space
This titanium pen is marked by bamboo styling, giving it a little more flare than just a slab of titanium. And it is compatible with most refills. All that, and you can crunch a window to save a baby in an overheated car. Are you the hero? Or is it the pen?

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Ti Arto Pen
Best Titanium Pens Tactical Survival EDC Space
The pen comes with a felt sleeve because a pen this good deserves some pampering. The pen also has a specifically designed grip pattern, which will help you get into a really nice groove with your new titanium pen. Maybe take it out for dinner?

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RovyVon Tactical Pen
Best Titanium Pens Tactical Survival EDC Space
Listen, when they start calling the pens “tactical pens”, you know you’ve got something that’s gonna do the job for you. Maybe that’s just working on that crossword puzzle or maybe someone tries to mug you and you end up blinding him with your pen. Either way.

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TACRAY Tactical Pen
Best Titanium Pens Tactical Survival EDC Space
Let your titanium pen shine with some color with this tactical pen. It does all the hits: it writes, it breaks windows, you can stab someone with it, and it’s made in Germany. If any country is going to turn a pen into a weapon, well, you know it’s gonna be Germany.

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TISUR Titanium Mini Pen
Best Titanium Pens Tactical Survival EDC Space
Hook this little titanium badass to your keychain and it will roll with you everywhere you go. It has a non-slip grip, which is good when dealing with mini pens hanging from keychains. Perfect for signing a restaurant check or for writing a very small book. And, of course, you can use it to break stuff.

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SmootherPro Titanium Bolt Action Pen
Best Titanium Pens Tactical Survival EDC Space
Lightweight, yet unbreakable. That is what you want to hear about your pen, and that’s what this one offers. And it is tipped with Tungsten, which is what makes it such a good every day carry glass breaker. You break stuff and then you write about it, which is how you know you’re an artist.

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TITANER Titanium Tactical Survival Pen
Best Titanium Pens Tactical Survival EDC Space
Hey, it says it right there in the name, you need this pen to survive. It has a rugged titanium build, which is ultra-durable, and yet it is elegant enough to be used in the office every day. Outdoors or in that office, your life depends on this pen.

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Ti Click EDC Pen
Best Titanium Pens Tactical Survival EDC Space
The anti-slip grip design is a nice touch for anyone who wants a controlled signature. And, unlike other pens in this class, you can adjust the length of the pen to make it suitable for virtually any refill.

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Fisher Space Bullet Space Pen
Best Titanium Pens Tactical Survival EDC Space
Okay, there’s a lot going on in that name, with bullets and space being mentioned. Dig a little deeper and it actually might be true. This pen can write in any angle in zero gravity, and can write in temperatures ranging from -30F to 250F. So, just in case you’re ever planning to write while your skin literally melts from your body, this pen will be there for you.

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While the original Ti Arto is my favourite machined pen, the newer Ti Arto EDC comes in at a close second. Like its older BIGiDESIGN brother, the Ti Arto EDC is a machined titanium pen which can accept hundreds of different refills with no need for hacks or spacers and with no tip wiggle. Unlike the Ti Arto it comes in three different finishes, accepts many more refills, and can be adjusted in length.

The Ti Arto EDC looks a lot like a slightly slimmer version of the Ti Arto, with a bigger step down in the end section, and almost no gap between the section and the body.

Those looks are a little deceiving, because this the Ti Arto EDC has a completely different build. The end of the pen can be extended or retracted, unlike the Ti Arto, where it is static. In the Ti Arto EDC the end of the pen is also what you unscrew to change refills, unlike the Ti Arto, where the grip unscrews. If you assume that they’re the same, as on a cursory glance it looks like the Ti Arto EDC’s grip section unscrews (and it really, really doesn’t).

The body of the Ti Arto EDC is slightly slimmer, and the entire pen is slightly lighter than the Ti Arto. It comes in a machined raw finish (like the Ti Arto), in a stonewashed finish (which you can see in the pictures) and in a midnight black finish (which you can see on my Ti Click EDC). Of the three, the stonewashed finish has the best grip and feel, and it also shows wear and tear the best.

The trick with the extendable end section is where the cleverness of this pen lies, and that’s what allows you to use more refill types in this pen, and to extend or compress this pen’s length (to the limits of the refill size). The two o-rings make the end section action super smooth, and the same dual thread design allows you to cap and post this pen super securely. Nothing on this pen is going anywhere without your permission.

The Ti logo, elegant and understated, is the only branding on this pen. You can see how substantial the clip is and how the pen wear in the photo above. It’s like an old pair of jeans, so the stonewashed name for this finish is totally appropriate.

Fully extended, the Ti Arto EDC is the same length of the Ti Arto. However, depending on the refill you use, this pen can get pretty tiny.

I use the Uni-ball UMR-85N refill in this pen, and this is as far as it will contract. If you use a Parker or Schmidt refill the end section can be screwed in almost all the way. However, even partially extended the Ti Arto EDC is a more pocketable pen than its predecessor.

So why do I prefer the Ti Arto more? For longer writing sessions the Ti Arto’s wider girth makes it more comfortable to use than the Ti Arto EDC, although the difference is minor. The Ti Arto is also slightly less ungainly than the Ti Arto EDC, having a more streamlined design, with no step down. I don’t mind the Ti Arto’s gap between the grip and the pen body, and I don’t need a pen that accepts more refills than the Ti Arto. As you may have noticed by now, the choice between the Arto and the Arto EDC is likely going be one of personal taste and preference. Either pen is an excellent choice for a machined pen, an EDC pen, or a titanium pen.

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Sours: https://writingatlarge.com/2019/07/24/ti-arto-edc-review/

I am a big fan of Big Idea Design’s pens (the Ti Arto is my daily carry pen), and so of course I joined the Kickstarter for the Ti Click EDC Pen. Since I hadn’t tried their black anodised pens before, that’s the finish I opted for. It arrived yesterday, and even though I’ve been using it exclusively all day, I’l be the first to admit that these are only my preliminary thoughts on it. (See updates in the end for more detailed thoughts on this pen).

The packaging, as usual with BIGiDESIGN, is compact and neat. The pen comes with everything you need to fix it, should you need to (I’ve never needed to), and in a pretty nifty box.

The finish on this pen is shiny and black, but it’s surprisingly not a fingerprint magnet, as I would have imagined:

The pen came with a Scheider Gelion 39 0.4 mm gel ink refill. This is a new refill for me, and I can’t say I’m a fan. It’s as wide as a 0.7-0.8 mm refill, and I much prefer the Uni-Ball Signo UMR-85N refill that the BIGiDESIGN pens used to be shipped with (it’s me favourite gel refill).

As part of the kickstarter, the pen came with a cool Bioworkz sticker, which you can see below:

The pen itself is about the length of the Ti Arto, when the Ti Arto is capped, but the grip is much wider, about the size of the Ti Pocket Pro. That’s a bit large for an EDC pen, and it’s definitely not a pocket pen. The grip feels weird at first, but it’s very comfortable and well designed. You can see how the Ti Click EDC compares to the Ti Arto (on the left) and the Ti Pocket Pro (on the right) in the various finish options that the Ti pens come in (machined raw, midnight black, and stonewashed). My machined raw Ti Arto shows scratches much more than my stonewashed Ti Pocket Pro, but I’ve no idea yet how the midnight black finish wears.

This brings me to the only minus that the Ti Click EDC has – the click mechanism. It’s silent (no satisfying click), which will probably turn off those planning on using it as a fidget toy, and it doesn’t always engage properly. It’s especially prone to not engaging after you replace the refill. Make sure that you use the provided instructions to switch refills (and like other BIGiDESIGN pens this one accepts dozens of refills without using any spacers or requiring any special hacks), and take into account that you might have to fiddle with the grip a bit until most clicks work. This is not a minor drawback, as the whole point of the pen is its click mechanism. It should work 100% of the time and feel satisfying, not “soft” as it feels now.

For the price of the Ti Click EDC you could buy a Ti Arto (still their best pen), or a Ti Pocket Pro (if portability is super important to you), have some change for a bunch of refills and get a much better pen. I love supporting BIGiDESIGN and I’m glad that I got to try this pen, but for now it looks like the Ti Arto will continue to reign supreme in my rotation.

Update: After using this pen almost exclusively for a week, I stand by my first impressions. It’s slightly more comfortable to use in long form writing, but the click mechanism is garbage.

Update 2: The BIGiDESIGN guys contacted me and it turns out that you can significantly improve the click mechanism with some silicone grease. Using the clip fixing kit that came with the pen and their simple instructional video on how to use it you can get to the click mechanism, and then apply some silicone grease, which you can buy at Goulet Pens for example. I happened to have grease around, so I had no problem trying this out, and it fixes the problem of the click mechanism not engaging properly.

The click is now solid, but it’s still not much fun to use – there’s no satisfying click or solid feedback once the thing is engaged. You just push past a point, and then the mechanism partially bounces back. It’s a disappointment because most $2-3 pens have more satisfying click mechanisms and even Karas Kustoms EDK pen, which has a similar click mechanism, offers more feedback and an audible click once it’s engaged.

I don’t know how many Ti Click EDC pens were affected by this problem, and I’m glad that I have at least a “mostly OK” click mechanism for my pen now, but I stand by my initial review, that for a pen that advertises its click mechanism so prominently, this is not a great buy. Spend your money on the Ti Arto, it’s a pen worth having, or go for the Ti Pocket Pro if you’re looking for an EDC pen. Those are truly great pens, while the Ti Click EDC is OK to “sort of good” at best.

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Sours: https://writingatlarge.com/2018/12/19/ti-click-edc-pen-review/

Pen ti edc

BIGiDESIGN Ti Arto EDC Titanium Pen - Machined Raw

Colors & Sizes (3)

Recommended Refills/Parts (887)

Able to use a staggering 750+ refills—and that's just the ones we carry!—and compact enough to fit in your pocket, the Ti Arto EDC just might be the last pen you'll ever need. Its lightweight, adjustable body is easy to customize to a comfortable length, making it perfect for your everyday carry.

From a tiny D1 multi pen refill to a full-size Hi-Tec-C refill, this pen can hold nearly any refill with no wiggling or rattling and with no hacks or modifications required. The secret is in the clutch mechanism built into the pen's tip. Like the clutch mechanism of a craft knife, the clutch tightens as you screw down the grip section, letting it hold virtually any refill up to 12.5 cm in length and with a tip shaft between 1.6 and 3.7 mm in diameter. You can even use it to hold 2 mm leads!

The body of the pen can be made longer by twisting the back post counterclockwise. To make the pen shorter, twist the back post clockwise.

To refill the pen, gently twist the pen's grip section to loosen the clutch mechanism. Then unscrew the back post to remove the refill and insert a new one. Adjust the refill until it is sticking as far out as you want, then tighten the grip section until the clutch is holding the refill securely. Screw the back post on again to close the pen.

Other features include:

  • Pen body and cap machined from Grade 5 titanium alloy, renowned for its outstanding strength, light weight, scratch resistance, and corrosion resistance.
  • Ridged grip section that prevents slipping.
  • Clip made from Grade 4 titanium for optimal balance of spring and shape retention.
  • Flat acme-style threading to prevent discomfort.
  • One 0.4 mm black Schneider refill and four spare o-rings included.
  • Gift box included.
Compare Colors & SizesSours: https://www.jetpens.com/
Valtcan Paladin Titanium Click Pen - Military Design EDC Pen

BIGiDESIGN Ti Click EDC Titanium Pen Review

(Jeff Abbott is a regular contributor at The Pen Addict. You can find more from Jeff online at Draft Evolution and Twitter.)

With the recent explosion of custom machined pens in the last few years, the pen community has had such a rich pool of pen bodies to choose from to fit their favorite refills. This is convenient because one pen design can usually fit a couple of more different refills as long as they are similarly sized. Some really popular refill defaults are the Pilot G2 and Parker designs. The ability to buy a pen that can fit any G2 refill has been amazing, and the same goes for pens that are a little shorter to fit the Parker style. But what if you could have one pen that does both, plus more?

The Ti Click EDC Titanium Pen from BIGiDESIGN promises just that, and it delivers with elegance. This isn't the first time they've produced a pen that fits dozens of different refills (See the Ti Arto EDC). They've been at it for a while, iterating on their design every step of the way. The Ti Click is the most elegant and well-designed implementation of that idea that I've seen yet, and it's been a joy to use with my favorite refills. With the Ti Click, they claim it is compatible with 100+ refills, "with no hacks, mods, or fuss." In my experience, this isn't just shiny marketing.

If you've never played with a BIGiDESIGN pen before, you're probably really curious how they manage to work with so many different refills. With all the different lengths and diameters of the refills out there, that has to be difficult, right? Yep. In previous models, the installation of a refill could be a little fussy, but that's not the case with the Ti Click. Simply unscrew the grip section from the body, insert a compatible refill, and screw the grip section back onto the pen. Now, there's a little more to it than that, so let's take a closer look.

The threads on the grip section aren't normal threads you've seen on most pens. They're larger and have a higher angle of attack, which makes it easy to adjust the refill to the proper length so that it extends and retracts properly once installed. On the body, there are two small O-rings that provide enough friction on the grip section to keep it from loosening or tightening as you use and transport the pen. It doesn't take a lot of effort to unscrew/screw the grip section from the body, but there's enough friction there to keep it secure unless you want to swap out the refill. I've never had any problem with the pen losing its "calibration" over time.

The other thing you have to do after inserting the refill into the grip section is to ensure the pen is clicked to the extended position. Then, just screw the grip section onto the body, effectively shortening the length of the pen, and stop once the refill tip pokes out enough for comfortable writing. Just make sure it also has enough space to fully retract! It really is a simple process to swap out refills in this pen.

Once the refill is installed, the pen works just like you'd expect. Click it to extend the refill, and click again to retract. The click mechanism is incredibly smooth and quiet. It's fun to use as a fidget toy on its own.

Aside from the unique system that allows the dozens and dozens of refills to work smoothly with this pen, there's also a well-designed clip. Also made of titanium, it's broad and strong and has not problem hanging on to whatever you clip it to. There's a small Ti logo on the top of the clip, but you really have to look for it. I love the design of the clip, and I've had no problems with it being too weak or getting bent out of shape.

But, if you do happen to bend the clip and want to fix it, BIGiDESIGN include a keychain tool that allows you to unscrew the top finial so that you can remove the clip and straighten it out. You could also remove the clip entirely if that's your aesthetic, but there will be a small opening under the finial where the clip is meant to rest. The special keychain tool is really a round wrench with a proprietary set of prongs to match the tiny sockets on the finial. It's a nice touch, but one that I don't think I'll ever have to use given the strength of the clip!

Custom designed and machined pens definitely look cool, but looks can be deceiving when it comes to actually writing with these instruments. With the Ti Click, comfort is about as high as it can get when comparing with other metal pens. The light weight makes it comfortable to use and handle for long periods of writing, and the textured grip feels great in the hand. Depending on the length of the refill, the body length will vary, which means the overall balance of the pen will shift slightly. In my experience, it doesn't shift enough to change the writing feel. No matter what kind of refill you put in this pen, it still feels like the same pen when you're writing and holding it. That's important to me, and I feel like BIGiDESIGN did a fantastic job on this.

Aside from the mechanic comfort and feel of the pen, it's only as good as the refill you choose to put inside! My current favorite is a 0.7mm Pentel Energel in Turquoise Blue.

When it comes down to color options, you have three with the Ti Click. The color featured in this review is the raw titanium, but you can also get Stonewashed and Black. I really love the look and feel of plain titanium, but the other two options look really attractive as well. You really can't go wrong with any of the colors, so good luck picking one.

The Ti Click comes at $100 even, which seems like a fair price considering the design and engineering that went into this pen along with the premium materials and finish. It's slightly high compared to other metal machined pens, but those pens can't fit hundreds of different refills. It's a great value that matches a fantastic body and pen mechanism with your favorite refills. There's no better way to dress up a boring plastic pen than by slipping a new metal body around the refill to improve the aesthetic and writing feel.

I can't recommend the Ti Click enough. If you have several different refills that you'd like to improve with a custom machined pen body, this is an easy answer that can easily switch between all the most common refill sizes. And, the added convenience of a click style makes this pen even more attractive. Throw all the practical points into a streamlined and attractive little package, and you have a real winner that delivers a lot of value at $100. The hardest part is going to be picking a color!

(JetPens provided this product at no charge to The Pen Addict for review purposes.)

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Sours: https://www.penaddict.com/blog/2019/10/9/bigidesign-ti-click-edc-titanium-pen-review

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The 15 Best Titanium Everyday Carry Pens

Everyone should own and haul around at least one solid everyday carry pen. And no, we don’t mean one of those cheap plastic ones you lifted from your bank or doctor’s office. Rather, anyone who values being prepared should put a bit of time and effort into choosing a writing utensil specifically for the purpose of adding it to your EDC loadout.

If you’re really particular about your writing utensil and don’t want to mess around with things that you might discover to be unworthy, investing in something with a legendary level of durability might do you some good. In that case, we sugged you consider picking up a titanium everyday carry pen. And to make your search (and your life) just a little bit easier, we’ve rounded up 15 of the absolute best below.

Photo: Big Idea Design Ti Pocket Pro

Why Choose Titanium?

Super Metal Benefits

Although it seems like a thoroughly modern material, titanium actually dates back hundreds of years. It was actually discovered independently back in the late-1700s by two men: William Gregor from Great Britain and Martin Heinrich Klaproth of Germany — the latter of which gave the metal its iconic name (a reference to the Titans of Greek myth). In spite of its discovery in the 18th century, it wouldn’t be developed and widely used until much later.

Starting in the 1950s and 1960s, the Soviet Union spearheaded the use of titanium in military applications — like in the construction of nuclear submarines. Shortly thereafter, it would be used extensively in the aerospace industry, especially in high-performance aircraft like the SR-71 Blackbird, Lockheed’s A-12, and the Air Force’s F-100 Super Sabre. Following the extensive integration into the military, the Department of Defense also widely supported the commercialization of titanium — bringing the substance into civilian-facing industries. Today, it’s still a relative rarity, but titanium is widely available in purchasable gear — like wallets, folding knives, pens, and a lot more. And it’s also quite popular because of its technical properties.

The reason titanium is so valuable comes primarily in its inherently high level of strength with a remarkably low weight. In fact, it’s been said that titanium is up to 50% lighter than traditional steel while still retaining the same toughness and durability. Granted, the tradeoff is a higher entry price — but for some folks, the near-indestructibility and lack of bulk of the material are more than worth it. If you fall into the same line of thinking, incorporating it into your everyday carry is an excellent way to take advantage of the miracle metal. And any of the following 15 pens will serve you well day-in and day-out.

TEC Accessories Titanium Picopen

At just 4.2″ long, this minuscule everyday carry pen is small enough that you can attach it to your carabiner or keychain and you’ll probably forget about it — until you need it, that is. Yet, thanks to its aerospace-grade titanium construction, it’s still insanely tough and durable. It also comes complete with a Zebra F-Refill cartridge, has a Neodymium rare-Earth magnetic cap for quick-access and ease of use, and weighs just over a half ounce.

Deployment Type: Magnetic Cap
Included Cartridge: Zebra F-Refill

Purchase: $43

Fenix T5Ti Halberd Titanium Tactical Pen

Every writing utensil can be used in self-defense applications, but there are some that are specifically built to survive such uses. The Fenix T5Ti Halberd Titanium Tactical Pen is amongst the latter. Boasting a Schmidt P950M pressurized refill, this pen is an exceptional note-taking tool, but it also features a titanium alloy construction with a hardened steel strike bezel made specifically for impacts. It’s also handsome, lightweight, and has an ergonomic shape that feels good in your hand whether you’re writing down notes or swinging away.

Deployment Type: Screw Top
Included Cartridge: Schmidt P950M

Purchase: $70

Big Idea Design Ti Pocket Pro Pen

Even some of the most versatile pens in the world are still only compatible with a small number of refill cartridges. The Big Idea Design Ti Pocket Pro, by contrast, is a powerhouse capable of auto-adjusting to accept a whopping 80+ different refill types. Yes, that includes all the most popular varieties, like Fisher Space Pen, Schmidt, rollerball, ballpoint, and much more. Pair that with a simple twist-operated deployment and tough titanium construction, and this is one of the most all-around solid titanium everyday carry pens.

Deployment Type: Twist-Operated
Included Cartridge: Schneider Gel 0.4

Purchase: $75

Nitecore NTP10 Titanium Tactical Pen

While a pen you might carry needs to be useful as a writing utensil, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring in its appearance. Case in point: Nitecore’s NTP10 Titanium Tactical Pen is one of the most eye-catching writing utensils we’ve ever had the pleasure to see. It’s ultra-clean in its silhouette, but with a unique spiral-bored barrel design that’s almost reminiscent of the rifling in firearms. Of course, it’s not just good looks — it also features a sturdy design with a click-on cap, a tungsten tip for emergency or self-defense usage, and compatibility with the famous Fisher Space Pen pressurized cartridges.

Deployment Type: Click-On Cap
Included Cartridge: Fisher Space Pen

Purchase: $85

Tactile Turn Titanium Shaker Pen

If you’re fond of Bauhaus — the minimalist German design school that hinges on the belief that form follows function — then the Tactile Turn Titanium Shaker Pen might be the EDC writing utensil for you. Minimalist and elegant, this clicker-style titanium everyday carry pen is made in the USA, fits all Parker-style refills, has an all-metal clicker that’s sturdier than similar plastic ones, and comes equipped with a Schmitt Easy Flow 9000 cartridge. If you’re one to think that beauty lies in simplicity, this is the pen for you.

Deployment Type: Clicker
Included Cartridge: Schmidt Easy Flow 9000

Purchase: $99

TEC Accessories KO-Axis Titanium Rail Pen

With most pens, even when cleverly engraved, they’re little more than a cylinder with an ink cartridge at their center. And while most folks are fine with a basic writing utensil, those who appreciate uniqueness might want something with a bit more flair. In that case, there’s the TEC Accessories KO-Axis Titanium Rail Pen. Boasting a singularly flat and ergonomic design, this magnificent piece of carry features a magnetic slider deployment; a construction of titanium, stainless steel, and aluminum; is symmetrical in its design (and therefore ambidextrous); and is compatible with D1-style refills — like those made by Fisher Space Pen.

Deployment Type: Slider
Included Cartridge: Fisher Space Pen

Purchase: $140

Boker Plus K.I.D. cal .50 Titan Pen

As it was first largely used in military applications, seeing titanium used in the construction of a tactical pen is kind of like a match made in heaven — and the Boker Plus K.I.D. cal .50 you see here is one of the greats. Featuring a firearm-inspired bolt-action deployment, a hefty and ergonomic body, and compatibility with Fisher Space Pen’s pressurized cartridges, this is an exceptional note-taking tool. And its sturdy construction has the added bonus of being made tough enough to weather self-defense applications, as well.

Deployment Type: Bolt Action
Included Cartridge: Fisher Space Pen

Purchase: $143

Fellhoelter TiBolt Pens

Simply put, Fellhoelter’s entire collection of TiBolt everyday carry pens is legendary amongst the EDC community — and for good reason. They’re handsome, easy to use without seeming boring (thanks to the bolt-action deployment), and come in a number of different finishes — so you can choose the color and format that suits your desires and budget best. The one problem? They’re also insanely popular and don’t stay stocked very long between production runs. If you want one of these exceptional titanium pens, you’ll want to act quickly.

Deployment Type: Bolt Action
Included Cartridge: Schmidt Easy Flow 9000

Purchase: $150+

Tactile Turn DLC Titanium Slider Pen

Another excellent offering from Tactile Turn, their Slider pen is a sleek and modern writing utensil for those who like just a touch of tactical styling in their everyday carry. In this case, that can be found in the bolt-action deployment, titanium construction, and blacked-out DLC coating (which serves to make it more sinister in its appearance and adds more overall durability). This beautiful all-black piece of EDC is also made in the USA, comes with a Schmidt Easy Flow 9000 cartridge, and is compatible with all Parker-style refills.

Deployment Type: Bolt Action
Included Cartridge: Schmidt Easy Flow 9000

Purchase: $159

Tuff-Writer Precision Press Tactical Pen

As you might imagine from their company name, Tuff-Writer specializes in making writing utensils that are practically indestructible. And one of our favorites, the Precision Press Tactical Pen, also happens to be made out of sturdy titanium. Completely overbuilt and over-engineered, this apocalypse-ready clicker pen is balanced, lightweight without feeling flimsy, handsome, and was made to house a number of different ink refills (including those from Fisher Space Pen, Parker, Schmidt, and more). Showy without being flamboyant, this is a tactical pen that will never let you down.

Deployment Type: Clicker
Included Cartridge: Fisher Space Pen

Purchase: $205

Prometheus Lights Titanium Alpha Pen

Sometimes, a high price doesn’t necessarily mean a solid construction. Luckily, that’s not at all the case with the Prometheus Lights Titanium Alpha Pen. Featuring a unique and ergonomic body, a reliable screw-top closure, and compatibility with Montblanc Fineliner and Rollerball ink cartridges, this marvelous writing utensil is exactly as good as it looks. That fact is only aided by its balance, 1.6-ounce weight, 5″ length, and the fact that it was made here in the USA. You could try to find a better EDC pen than this one, but we doubt you will.

Deployment Type: Screw-On Cap
Included Cartridge: Monteverde Rollerball

Purchase: $250

Benchmade 1100 Titanium Series Pen

Known for their everyday carry knives that brilliantly balance urban styling with tactical durability, Benchmade knows how to make a solid piece of pocketable gear. So it should come as no surprise that their 1100 Titanium Series pens are built to the exact same standards and with the exact same level of quality. Sturdy, beautiful, unique, and tough as nails, this is both a handy writing utensil and a self-defense weapon of the highest caliber. It’s also compatible with Fisher Space Pen refills and was made here in the USA.

Deployment Type: Click-On Cap
Included Cartridge: Fisher Space Pen

Purchase: $285

The 12 Best Titanium Wallets For Everyday Carry

Once limited to aerospace and military applications, titanium is now widely available in commercial markets — including a wide variety of everyday carry gear. In fact, if you’ve got a titanium EDC pen, you can match it with one of the best titanium wallets.

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