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The Second Annual Rougarou Classic

The Atlas Strength Shop will be hosting the 2nd Annual Rougarou Classic on Saturday October 30th at 10:00am.

Weigh ins will be from 9:00am-1:00pm and again from 2:00pm-5:00pm on Friday October 29th then again at 8:00am on October 30th

Rules meeting Starts at 9:00am on Saturday October 30th

Rules: (Copies will be handed out at weigh ins as well)

Event 1: Max Log Press; Wessell’s Rule, 60 seconds per attempt, only reps with a down command will be counted, if the log is disrespected (at the judge’s discretion) you will receive and automatic ZERO in the event.

Equipment Allowed: Grip Shirts, Knee Sleeves, Elbow Sleeves, Wrist Wraps, Belts, (soft belts too)

Event 2: Yoke Run; 50 feet there and back, Drops Allowed, Front of the yoke must cross the cones at the 50 foot mark and back of the yoke must cross at the finish.  Event will be judged by speed for people who finish and distance for people that don’t.  Max time :60 seconds

Equipment Allowed: Grip Shirt, Chalk, Knee Sleeve, Knee Wraps, Elbow Sleeves, Wrist Wraps, Belt (soft belts too)

Event 3: 13” Axle Deadlift; Max Reps in 60 seconds, athlete begins with their hands on the bar, reps without a down command will not count

Equipment Allowed: Chalk, Knee Sleeves, Elbow Sleeves, Wrist Wraps, Straps, Belt, Soft Belt, Deadlift Suit (the show will not wait for you to put it on)

Event 4: Hercules Hold; Hold on for as long as you possibly can.  We’re planning for ring handles similar to the Donnie Stones.

Equipment Allowed: Chalk, Knee Sleeves, Elbow Sleeves, Wrist Wraps, Belt, Soft Belt

Event 5: 6 Stone Atlas Stone Series; Athletes will start on the far left side with their forearms on the platform and when the timekeeper yell’s “Go” they will have 90 seconds to lift as many stones to the platform as the can from lightest to heaviest.  

Equipment Allowed: Chalk, Tacky, Stone Sleeves, Tape, Grip Shirts, Knee Sleeves,  Tacky will remain in the designated area ONLY.


Strength Shop Double Layer Strongman Sandbag

Tyrone W.

great quality and good price

Tyrone W.

this product is top of the line and very faired price

Darren C.

Just Getting Started Fill you in when there's more action to report

Darren C.

I made it a 150#

Darren C.

Just what u needed to get back to strength training. Very good quality product. Thank you

Maria K.

Exactly what I was looking for. Super heavy duty. Should last a long time.

Mike D.

This bag is legit. I have a Rogue Fitness 90kg bag, and this construction is top notch . It’s super easy to fill compared to the Rogue, heavy duty, and has great reinforced zipper and Velcro seals. I originally filled it with 125kg for now, and there isn’t a lot of excess, which is great. I’m going to add about 5kg to the bag every week (1-2 workouts a week) until I can do multiple clean and carries with the 140kg! Highly recommend! I also did a full video review of this bag on my (look under review playlist)!

Ross v.

Solid sandbag and easy to fill. My first impression is that it seems very rugged.

Benjamin R.

I got the 220 lb sandbag a few days ago. I filled it up and started working with it right away. I love it! This actually has an inner bag with Velcro closure that goes inside the outer bag, which makes it easy to fill and keeps sand grains from getting in the outer bag’s zipper, which was a problem with the Gym Reapers brand bag at my gym.

Steve P.

Absolutely love the bag. This thing is ridiculously over engineered. I am thoroughly convinced nothing short of a knife to the side could cause this to leak, and even then I'm not entirely convinced it would.

Darryl A.

Absolutely amazing!!! Ordered ams it arrived within a week. All of my questions were answered in real time. Great customer service!!!

Jefd N.

This sandbag is well constructed and a great value for the price. I got the 90 lb model and I'll echo what some other reviewers have said, there's room for more than the 90 lbs of sand I put in.

Dale H.

I've owned/used other bags (rogue) and this bag is the best. No snaps to rust. Inner lining holds the sand better, as well as another velco fixture on the outside. Extremely well made. Well worth the purchase.


Bag is good... I filled it with sand, and before I checked, it already weighed 150lbs (this was the 60kg/132lb) and there was still room to spare. I got the weight down to 132, and stuffed the rest of the space with some tshirts, which makes it quite off balance now, but the weight is fine. First use it was super stiff and super scratchy, my forearms got cut up like crazy. It’s gotten a little softer as it broke in but still rough. Strings pull off the Velcro pieces no matter what you do, it’s just gonna happen. Not a great bag, maybe I’m missing something with how to fill it... but it could be worse.

Jeremy B.

I decided to avoid the mess of sand and filled my bag with pea stone instead. So far so good, I'll most likely pick up a couple more.

Joseph N.

3 workouts in and no issues yet!

Zach K.

Overall impressed with the build of this sandbag. Although it's advertised at 60 kg, you can probably add more sand to it as mines still a bit 'sloshy' at 60 kg.

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The Atlas Strength Shop

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The Atlas Strength Shop welcomes all strength levels, encourages others to improve

Cameron Ray fell in love with lifting while he was deployed in Afghanistan. During his free time, he worked on getting his personal training certification where he began to conceptualize an idea of possibly opening up his own strength shop one day. 

When he returned home Ray got a job as a personal trainer at Snap Fitness in Baton Rouge, and soon after that, began to run the place. In 2017 he founded Atlas Strength Shop initially as his brand to do personal training while he collected equipment to one day open his own place. 

After accepting a flexible, full-time position with the Louisiana National Guard, ray was finally able to open his own strongman gym in late 2018. Soon, Atlas Strength Shop grew out of its initial location and had to move to their current location on Mammoth Avenue. 

Atlas Strength is a gym where beginners and world champions all train under the same roof and all feel welcomed and encouraged. 

“What brings them all together is we all share the desire to improve,” Ray said.  “Yesterday’s accomplishments aren’t good enough for today, so we all continue to work and chase our buddy that happens to be a little stronger than us that day.”

Atlas Strength places a strong emphasis on improvement and bettering oneself, no matter what level you’re on. 

“A lot of people think ‘strongman gym’ and think we’re going to be a bunch of overly aggressive jerks that seek to intimidate new people, and that couldn’t be further from the truth,” Ray said. “One of the things I’ve prided myself on is that everyone who walks through these doors will feel welcomed into the family and know that this is a place they can improve.”

Atlas Strength Shop is located at 9673 Mammoth Ave. Atlas Strength is hosting their first Strongman Competition on May 23 at Twin Peaks in Baton Rouge.


Strength shop atlas

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