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Used 2001 KIA SORENTO Under $750 for Sale


The superb Kia Sorento is Kia’s most famous SUV model. Besides earning the maximum 5-star safety rating in the U.S. and many European countries, its world-class engine, great looks and excellent handling garnered the New Zealand Autocar Magazine SUV of the Year award. Not to be outdone even by itself, the Kia Sorento stays on the cutting edge of performance and design.

Kia's reputation has seen quite a rise over the automaker's lifespan. This is due in large part to major improvements in build quality, making car buyers more confident in purchasing a used Kia vehicle. And the Sorento is no exception. This SUV is beautiful inside and out. With a sturdy, aesthetically pleasing frame, the Sorento grabs the attention of other drivers on the road. As for the interior, the Kia Sorento doesn't hold back on features. These features may include leather seating, steering wheel-mounted controls and dual zone climate control. Other features may include power equipment like doors, windows and seats. If you want a family SUV that matches your budget while being highly reliable, get a great used Kia Sorento from BE FORWARD. We have some of the best used SUV deals online, so check our stock out today!

Sours: https://www.beforward.jp/stocklist/make=313/model=1868/mfg_year_from=2001/mfg_year_to=2001/fob_price_to=750
  • The new 2021 Kia Sorento starts at $30,560, a significant increase from last year's model.
  • The hybrid model, a new addition to the lineup, starts at $34,760 and is rated at 37 mpg.
  • The 2021 Sorento is on sale now at dealerships.

Kia's new Sorento has arrived, and we now have pricing for the redesigned mid-size SUV. The 2021 Kia Sorento starts at $30,560 for the base LX model, representing an increase of $2450 compared with the 2020 model's base price. Because the previous Sorento's lowest-priced L trim level is no longer part of the lineup, though, prices for equivalent models are more in line with last year's. The new Sorento hybrid starts at $34,760 and the top SX Prestige X-Line model with AWD and a more powerful turbocharged engine is $43,760.

The 2021 Sorento's lower models, the LX and the S ($33,060), come standard with front-wheel drive and a 2.5-liter inline-four with 191 horsepower. The EX ($36,160) has a turbocharged 2.5-liter inline-four with 281 horsepower, as does the top SX ($39,160). All-wheel drive is an $1800 option on all of these models, and the SX model offers a $2600 Prestige package with desirable features such as cooled front seats, a heated steering wheel, and an upgraded audio system. The SX also offers a rugged-looking X-Line appearance package on AWD models.

A hybrid version of the Sorento is new for 2021, and it starts at $34,760 for the S trim level and $37,760 for the better equipped EX. It's offered only with front-wheel drive and is rated to deliver 37 mpg combined by the EPA.

All 2021 Sorentos come standard with a third row of seats; the seven-passenger LX and S have a second-row bench, while the six-passenger EX and SX have second-row captain's chairs. All Sorento hybrids have the captain's chairs.

2021 Kia Sorentos have already begun arriving at dealerships and are on sale now.

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Sours: https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a34758925/2021-kia-sorento-pricing/
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Kia Sorento

Acceleration Acceleration Acceleration tests are conducted on a smooth, flat pavement straightaway at the track. Time, speed, and distance measurements are taken with a precise GPS-based device that’s hooked to a data-logging computer.

0 to 60 mph 0 to 60 mph (sec.) The time in seconds that a vehicle takes to reach 60 mph from a standstill with the engine idling.

Transmission Transmission Transmission performance is determined by shifting smoothness, response, shifter action, and clutch actuation for manual transmissions.

Braking Braking The braking rating is a composite of wet and dry stopping distances and pedal feel. Braking distance is from 60 mph, with no wheels locked.

Emergency Handling Emergency Handling Several factors go into the rating, including the avoidance maneuver speed and confidence, as well as how the vehicle behaves when pushed to its limit.

Sours: https://www.consumerreports.org/cars/kia/sorento/2003/overview/

2001 Kia Sorento 2.5 CRDi

bodyworkBody type4/5 seater off-road vehicleNumber of doors5Designerdimensions & weightsmminchesWheelbase2710mm106.7inchesTrack/tread (front)1580 mm62.2 inchesTrack/tread (rear)1580 mm62.2 inchesLength4567mm179.8inchesWidth1863 mm73.3 inchesHeight1804 mm71 inchesGround clearancelength:wheelbase ratio1.69Kerb weight2056 kg4533 lbWeight distributionfuel tank capacityaerodynamicsDrag coefficientFrontal areaCdAengineengine type turbocharged diesel Engine manufacturerKiaEngine codeCylindersStraight 4Capacity2.5 litre
2497 cc
(152.376 cu in)Bore×Stroke91 × 96 mm
3.58 × 3.78 inBore/stroke ratio0.95Valve geardouble overhead camshaft (DOHC)
4 valves per cylinder
16 valves in total maximum power output140 PS (138 bhp) (103 kW)
at 3800 rpmSpecific output55.3 bhp/litre
0.91 bhp/cu inmaximum torque314 Nm (232 ft·lb) (32 kgm)
at 1850-2500 rpmSpecific torque 125.75 Nm/litre
1.52 ft·lb/cu3Engine constructionsumpcompression ratioFuel systemcommon rail direct diesel injectionbmep (brake mean effective pressure)1580.2 kPa (229.2 psi)Maximum RPMcrankshaft bearingsEngine coolantWaterUnitary capacity624.25 ccAspirationTurbo D.CompressorIntercoolerCatalytic converterYperformanceAcceleration 0-80km/h (50mph)Acceleration 0-60mphAcceleration 0-100km/h14.6 sAcceleration 0-160km/h (100mph)Standing quarter-mileStanding kilometreMaximum speed170 km/h (106 mph)Power-to-weight ratioHigher is better
68.05 PS/tonne (1000 kg)
0.07 PS/kg
50.05 kW/tonne (1000 kg)
0.05 kW/kg
67.12 bhp/tonne (1000 kg)
0.07 bhp/kg
0.03 bhp/lbWeight-to-power ratioLower is better
19.98 kg/kW
33.37 lb/bhp
fuel consumptionFuel consumption11.2/6.9/8.5 l/100km urban/extra-urban/combineduniversal fuel consumption (calculated from the above)litres/100km11.2/6.9/8.5 l/100km urban/extra-urban/combinedkm/litre8.9/14.5/11.8 km/l urban/extra-urban/combinedUK MPG25.2/40.9/33.2 UK MPG urban/extra-urban/combinedUS MPG21.0/34.1/27.7 US MPG urban/extra-urban/combinedCarbon dioxide emissions226.0 g/km NEDCCarfolio Calculated CO2?VED band (UK)LCO2 Effizienz (DE)chassisEngine positionfrontEngine layoutlongitudinalDrive wheelsfour wheel drive   Torque splitSteeringpower assisted rack & pinionturns lock-to-lockTurning circle12.00 mFront suspensionI.DW.CS.ARB.Rear suspensionI.CS.Wheel size frontWheel size rearTyres front245/70 R 16Tyres rear245/70 R 16Brakes F/RVeDi/VeDi-S-ABS Front brake diameterRear brake diameterBraked areaGearbox 5 speed manual Top gear ratio0.79Final drive ratio4.18generalCarfolio.com ID112695Production totalModel codeRAC rating20.5Insurance classificationNo information availableTax bandNo information available2001 Kia Sorento 2.5 CRDi added 2003-08-04.
Last modified 2013-02-28.
Sours: https://www.carfolio.com/kia-sorento-2.5-crdi-112695

Kia sorento 2001

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