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Fallout 4: The 10 Best Magazines, Ranked

There isn't much to do in Fallout 4's wasteland apart from popping bottlecaps, engaging in ghoul depopulation, and retaking some settlements. Still, you find some semblances of past civilizations every once in a while — among these vestiges, you'll find magazines. Surprisingly, some of them remained intact and also give out substantial bonuses and perks for your character.

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As with all relics of the past in Fallout 4, collecting them like a miserly antique enthusiast is quite the endeavor. You can easily spend dozens of hours locating these magazine issues, and some of them might not even be worth your time depending on your playstyle. So allow us to guide you in cherry-picking the magazines you'll want to prioritize at your leisure. Shaun can wait.

10 Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor

  • Number of issues: 8
  • Ideal for: Bartering

There are some in Fallout who prefer to be civilized by exhibiting financial capability instead of robbing merchants blind. Good for you! However, you'll never know if that very same merchant is swindling you because you look like a rich and pampered Vault Dweller.

Luckily, magazines like the Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor can help you lower the prices of their items. Each magazine issue will reduce the price of items being sold to you by 3 percent. It's all additive and can help if you're pinching bottle caps.

9 Tumblers Today

  • Number of issues: 5
  • Ideal for: Lockpicking

Who needs keys when you have all five issues of Tumblers Today magazine? These colorful pamphlets are made by the wretches, for the wretches. Tumblers Today makes lockpicking easier by increasing the "sweet spots" for locks, therefore making them more vulnerable.

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How and why a magazine can somehow affect the physical makeup of metal objects beats us. However, that's probably something you won't question if the locked items are bottlecaps or weapon upgrades. Each issue adds a small decimal point to that "sweet spot" increase.

8 Guns and Bullets

  • Number of issues: 10
  • Ideal for: Ballistic weapons with solid ammunition

For something a little more straightforward than utility, then Guns and Bullets ought to sate your lust for lead. It's a retro gun magazine, plain and simple. Guns and Bullets makes it so that your guns' critical damage becomes higher with every issue found.

Each copy of the magazine adds 5 percent to the total critical damage. It bloats up to a maximum multiplier of 1.50 if all 10 issues are found. The implications of such a perk are significant enough, especially when you use VATS often.

7 Tesla Science Magazine

  • Number of issues: 9
  • Ideal for: Ballistic weapons that use energy ammunition

The Tesla Science Magazine is pretty much the energy variant of Guns and Bullets. Likewise, it also adds up to the critical damage bonus of guns — except it's for the "smart" guns in the game, namely energy weapons. It just so happens that energy weapons can be more accurate or even deadlier than traditional guns.

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As usual, it adds a 5 percent critical damage bonus for every issue, up to a multiplier total of 1.45 with nine issues. In any case, that ought to be enough of a damage increase for energy weapons since their upgrades are more than lethal.

6 Grognak the Barbarian

  • Number of issues: 10
  • Ideal for: Melee weapons or unarmed combatants

True enough to its name, Grognak the Barbarian is literature for meatheads. It appeals to the caveman instincts of post-apocalypse players who prefer the more intimate allure of taking a life while seeing the faces of their enemies up close.

That means melee weapons or if you're brawny enough, fists. Grognak the Barbarian issues will increase the critical damage bonus of those aforementioned weapons by 5 percent each copy. It adds up to a multiplier of 1.50.

5 Massachusetts Surgical Journal

  • Number of issues: 9
  • Ideal for: Dismemberments with or without VATS

Relying on critical damage for guns or melee weapons can be a little narrow-minded. After all, most wasteland denizens have limbs — too many limbs. They don't deserve those. It's not like they worked hard for those limbs, so you can help them unload all that baggage by reading the Massachusetts Surgical Journal.

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It's a simple piece of literature that lets you deal more damage to those pesky limbs. That's regardless of the weapon, so it's a non-discriminatory perk that won't shove you down a singular playstyle. Limb damage is increased by 2 percent for each issue, up to a total multiplier of 1.18.

4 U.S. Covert Operations Manual

  • Number of issues: 10
  • Ideal for: Stealthy gameplay

Then again, seeking trouble unnecessarily makes the world an even darker place. Most people are already dying of radiation in Fallout 4's Boston anyway, so avoiding confrontations and letting them die on their own might be more cost-efficient.

At least, that's what the U.S. Covert Operations Manual seems to imply. It's a series of instruction booklets geared toward letting you sneak your way into victory. Each issue decreases the chance of enemies detecting you while you're sneaking by 4 percent. The total multiplier adds up to 0.40.


  • Number of issues: 5
  • Ideal for: All-around survival and combat

Being the Sole Survivor in Fallout 4 is a disheartening task. You wake up to a cruel and bleak world with no clean toilets or streaming services and filling yourself in the latest happenings or adapting is a Herculean chore. Thankfully, comic books like SCAV! sum it all up for you.

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This crude post-war art depicts and explains what and how life should be in the Boston wasteland. Too bad they only have five chapters, but each of them has its own unique perk:

  1. Increases speech challenge success chance.
  2. +25% combat knife and switchblade damage.
  3. +10% hand-to-hand weapon damage.
  4. +5% explosives damage.
  5. +1 Strength & +1 Endurance if you have <= 10,000 caps +2 Strength & +2 Endurance if you have <= 1,000 caps. +3 Strength & +3 Endurance if you have <= 100 caps.

2 Live & Love

  • Number of issues: 9
  • Ideal for: Social or pacifistic gameplay

Who would have thought that you can make Boston a better place with magazines? The Live & Love series lets you spread peace and coexistence while also ensuring that your companions act more like your capable bodyguards.

Live & Love give out perks that let you play into your Charisma stat. It lets you persuade more effectively on top of making sure that your companions are no pushovers. Each issue has a different benefit:

  1. Companions permanently gain +10 health.
  2. Companions permanently inflict +5% damage.
  3. Companions permanently gain +10 carry weight.
  4. Permanently gain +25% XP from persuading women.
  5. Permanently gain +1 Luck from alcohol when traveling with a companion.
  6. Companions permanently gain +5 Damage Resistance and Energy Resistance.
  7. Permanently gain +25% XP from persuading men.
  8. Permanently gain +5% XP while adventuring with a companion.
  9. Robot companions permanently inflict +5% damage.

1 Astoundingly Awesome Tales

  • Number of issues: 14
  • Ideal for: All-around survival and combat

Of course, being a smooth-talking noir detective in Fallout 4 might not be for everyone, especially if you're not as handsome as the Silver Shroud. Sometimes, you'll just have to be your own person and be independent as much as possible.

Astoundingly Awesome Tales let you do just that. Each issue of this comic book gives out some substantial, varying perks that ensure you remain the top irradiated apex predator in Boston.

  1. Do +5% damage against Mirelurks.
  2. Do +5% damage against Super Mutants.
  3. Do +5% damage at night.
  4. Do +5% damage with the Alien Blaster.
  5. Do +5% damage with the Cryolator.
  6. Regenerate 1 point of health per minute.
  7. Gain +5 Action Points.
  8. Take 5% less damage from robots.
  9. Your canine companion permanently takes 10% less damage.
  10. Gain +5 Poison Resistance.
  11. Do +5% damage with scoped weapons.
  12. Do +5% damage against Ghouls.
  13. Gain +5 Radiation Resistance.
  14. RadAway heals +5% radiation damage.

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Astoundingly Awesome Tales
Astoundingly Awesome Tales is a perk magazine in Fallout 4 that gives the player character ranks of the Astoundingly Awesome perk.

Each issue helps in combat. Many of them directly increase damage, while others assist with health or in other ways.

#6, Attack Of The Fishmen
On the restroom toilet below the cockpit.
Do +5% damage against Mirelurks.
On the lectern, by the steamer trunk at the east side of the church interior.
Do +5% damage against Super Mutants.
Deep Sea Terror! "Sinister Seafood Strikes!"
#4, Invasion of the Zetans
Top floor (the film studio), in the “star” restroom (southeast corner of room), on a table under an irradiated blood pack, near the steamer trunk.
Do +5% damage with the Alien Blaster.
When Apes Go Bananas!!! "A Gorilla Ate My Patrol Car!"
Inside Railroad HQ (Freedom Trail mission must be completed to open the Railroad HQ), on a metal desk just west of the central table.
Do +5% damage with the Cryolator.
My Brain and I... (A Twisted Love Tale)
Lower level bedroom, southwest corner, on a small table.
Regenerate 1 point of health per minute.
#8, The Man Who Could Stop Time
In the living quarters area, on a container in the blocked corridor, under the “Laundry” sign.
At the bottom of the pit below terminal #3, on a table near the steamer trunk.
Take 5% less damage from robots.
#12, Have Dog, Will Travel!
On the triangular table of the outside balcony, accessed via Holdren’s quarters, north of atrium.
Your canine companion permanently takes 10% less damage.
#4, The Mad Russian's Revenge
To the right of the steamer trunk (or on the floor infront) in the last tunnel chamber, where one meets Pickman.
Gain +5 Poison Resistance.
In the basement, on the toilet inside the locked cell (Expert lock or use terminal to unlock the cell), by the secured storage room.
Do +5% damage with scoped weapons.
#13, Curse of the Burned!
Top floor (up the stairs) of the central metal shack built into the western rocks.
Do +5% damage against Ghouls.
#10, Giant Insects Invade
In the first main area right at the start of Sentinel Site Prescott, in one of the outer hallway areas, under some stairs, this magazine is found on the desk as part of a large row of work terminals on the eastern side of the facility.
Gain +5 Radiation Resistance.
#12, Rise of the Radiated
East Boston Preparatory School
On a desk in the computer room, top floor, southeast corner.
RadAway heals +5% radiation damage.

  • Most of the issue numbers are torn off the magazines. However, The Art of Fallout 4 has clean versions of the issues where the numbers, if they have them, can be read.
Grognak the Barbarian is a perk magazine in Fallout 4 that gives the player character ranks of the Barbarian perk.

Grognak the Barbarian is a series of comic books published by Hubris Comics in the mid-21st century. The comic books relate the adventures of the titular character in a prehistoric world.

The magazines consist of a 10-issue run that each give an additional rank of the Barbarian perk, which raises the critical damage of unarmed or melee attacks by 5%. This stacks together to gain up to a 50% increase in melee or unarmed critical damage, if all comics have been found.

Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup
Southwest end of the main warehouse in the small office, on the desk with the key.
Inside an unmarked house north of Andrew Station
The house is located directly north of Andrew Station, and has a crashed bus on top of it. The comic book is located on a mattress on the third floor.
On the kitchen table of the House of Tomorrow, where Codsworth resides. For most players, this is the first magazine they will find.
In the Bosom of the Corsair Queen
Assembly level (top floor), in the raider metal hut accessed via catwalk bridge, near steamer trunk.
Demon Slaves, Demon Sands
  • On the bed, inside the Overseer’s office, top floor in Vault 75.
  • In the classroom of Vault 81, the magazine is given as a reward by Katy for completing the quest Short Stories.
Enter Maula: War Maiden of Mars
Boston Common, Swan's Pond
In the gazebo, near the skeleton, close to Park Street Station entrance.
On the toilet inside the Gunners camp, by the power armor station.
Lost in the Snows of Lust
On a living room table in the ruined upstairs apartment, near the TV and safe.
In the Lair of the Virgin Eater
In the raider camp on the roof of the buildings south of the main drag, on top of a safe behind a red couch.
On the table in the “dungeon” room, upper floor, south wall.
Mentioned only on the Hubris Comics store terminal.

  • Issue #09 "In the Lair of the Virgin Eater" is the same comic book that is on the cover of all Grognak the Barbarian comics in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas.
  • There are actually 11 Grognak the Barbarian comics to find across the Commonwealth, as Issue #05 "Demon Slaves, Demon Sands" has 2 copies, one in Vault 75 and one rewarded for the quest Short Stories. Regardless if one gathers all 11 or misses an issue, they will get the Barbarian perk ranked ten levels. However, getting 2 copies of "Demon Slaves, Demon Sands" will not rank the player character ten levels if they are retrieved before getting all the others. All separate issues are needed to rank 10 in the Barbarian perk.
  • In addition to the magazines, Grognak's axe and costume are located within the Hubris Comics building.
Guns and Bullets, stylized as Guns & Bullets, is a perk magazine in Fallout 4 that gives the player character ranks of the Guns and Bullets perk.

Guns and Bullets is an annual pre-War magazine that makes no apologies or excuses for what it really is. It presents itself as: "a magazine devoted to the practical use of firearms, and the occasional biased review".

Grants the Guns and Bullets perk for each issue read. The perk makes ballistic weapons do +5% critical damage, stacking for each issue read. A total of +50% critical damage is done if all ten issues are collected.

#10, The Future of Hunting?
On a desk in the chief’s office, bullpen room in the western part of the building.
Lasers & Hunting: Acceptable Overkill
On the oval table in the kitchen area, top floor, southeast area (access is through the parking garage stairs entrance).
#2, Little Guns For Little Ladies
On the lectern in the stage area, by the American flag and sandbags.
#4, Street Guns of Detroit
On a center table in the archive room, south corner of the second floor (inside the building).
#5, Avoid those Pesky Gun Laws!
Inside Barney’s bunker, on a metal desk near the lantern and filing cabinet.
The Moon: A Communist Doomsday Device?
Take the ramp through the church to the highest elevated freeway, in the Gunners camp, on a desk with a terminal, between the two big-rig trailers.
South Boston Military Checkpoint
Inside the checkpoint, on a metal desk, east wall.
#8, Bear Proofing Your Campsite:...
In the Expert-locked safe in the station chief’s office. Available only after Brotherhood reinforcements arrive at the station.
#8, Plasma - The Weapon of Tomorrow
On the radio operator’s desk, in the middle of the Castle grounds, outside.
#5, Guide to hunting Commies!
On the desk of the corner office, northwest corner, top floor.
Hot Rodder is a magazine in Fallout 4. Each issue collected unlocks a new custom paint job for power armor.

Hot Rodder is a pre-War magazine for automotive enthusiasts. By reading the Hot Rodder magazine, the Sole Survivor is able to unlock a new custom paint job for power armor. There are three Hot Rodder magazine paint jobs; all three grant a +1 Agility bonus when painted on a full set of power armor.
  • Flames - Red base with black flames
  • Hot Pink - Pink base with white scallops
  • Shark - Olive base with red edges, and eyes with a shark mouth on the torso
All paint jobs earned through the Hot Rodder magazines are free to apply, and no crafting ingredients are required.

On the bedside table in Zeke’s trailer.
By a table next to a bed on the top floor.
Inside the small concrete hut, on the desk with the terminal on it.
Islander's Almanac (Far Harbor)
Islander's Almanac is a perk magazine in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor that gives the player character ranks of the Islander's Almanac perk.

Islander's Almanac is a series of post-War magazines detailing various tips and tricks to better survive the Island's natural hazards. Due to the bonus it confers, as well as its overall visual style, it can be considered Far Harbor's equivalent of the Wasteland Survival Guide. Reading an almanac increases the rank of the perk of the same name.

Inside the quarry's interior area, on a bedside table at the top of the indoor shack.
Take 5% less damage from Mirelurk melee attacks.
Top of the lighthouse, on a small broken bookcase next to the cooking stove.
5% higher VATS chance against animals the player is in combat with.
Far Harbor Sightseer's Guide
On the table where Old Longfellow is sitting when first met.
Marks multiple locations on the map.
On Dejen's counter next to the group of candles.
Receive 10% less damage from radiation-based attacks.
National Park Visitor's Center
On the counter under a burnt trade magazine in the room to the right of the front entrance, i.e. the gift shop.
Unlocks sludge based recipes at chemistry stations.

  • The entrance to Northwood Ridge Quarry's interior area is somewhat out of the way. One needs to enter via a water intake around the corner of the location marker. Look for a turret and enter the door below.
La Coiffe is a magazine in Fallout 4.

La Coiffe is a pre-War magazine about hair styles. By reading issue the Sole Survivor unlocks additional hairstyles at the barber.

Fallon's Department Store
In the upper floor octagonal room, by the steamer trunk, west side of the building near the roof exit.
In a shopping basket on top of one of the washing machines. The actual location is southeast of Bunker Hill. The building has a Joe's Spuckie Billboard ontop of it. It's right beside the river.
Hornet's Nest (Female) Anchorage (Male)

  • Issue #2 respawns after a while and can be collected again, but does then not add anything new.
  • Issues #3, #4, and #5 were cut from the game.
    • The "Anchorage" haircut from issue #5 can still be obtained by collecting both uncut issues of La Coiffe.
  • The cut magazine covers can be seen in Fallout Shelter after building a Barbershop room.
Live & Love is a perk magazine in Fallout 4 that gives the player character ranks of the Live & Love perk.

Upon reading, issues of Live & Love grant a variant of the Live & Love perk. There are 9 issues in total, with each issue giving a different companion-themed perk.

#1, Fabulous 1st Issue: Life Long Best Friends!
On the small table (on the right), attic level, just after climbing the main staircase.
Companions permanently gain +10 health.
On the safe behind the counter, at the station entrance interior, before descending the stairs.
Companions permanently inflict +5% damage.
On the table near the recording desk and wall computer.
Companions permanently gain +10 carry weight.
#12, The Secretary Charmer
Fiddler's Green Trailer Estates
Inside the caravan trailer, east side of the estates (and swimming pool).
Permanently gain +25% XP from persuading women.
On the concrete blocks by the cooking pot and steamer trunk, inside the promenade building, upper floor.
Permanently gain +1 Luck from alcohol when traveling with a companion.
#4, Advice From Married Men
On top of the toilet, The Third Rail restroom, entrance area (north).
Companions permanently gain +5 Damage Resistance and Energy Resistance.
#5, Beware The Man Handler
At the top of the monument.
Permanently gain +25% XP from persuading men.
#10, An Experience to Remember
On the bar counter, just right of the entrance, in the lobby
Permanently gain +5% XP while adventuring with a companion.
Inside the schoolhouse bedroom, ground floor, on a concrete block near the beds.
Robot companions permanently inflict +5% damage.
Massachusetts Surgical Journal
Massachusetts Surgical Journal is a perk magazine in Fallout 4 that gives the player character ranks of the Massachusetts Surgery perk.

Reading Massachusetts Surgical Journal grants the Massachusetts Surgery perk for each issue read. There are 9 issues in total. The Massachusetts Surgery perk makes any weapon inflict +2% limb damage, stacking for each issue read.

Pay Now, Get Better Later!!
On the table between the two red sofas and dark carpet, in the long room of the third floor on the north side of the building.
In the book return terminal (southwest area). Purchase with 50 tokens via the terminal.
On the desk inside the Director’s office, above the reception area.
Parsons State Insane Asylum
Inside Lorenzo’s living quarters, at the very bottom floor of the facility.
Better Living Through Chems
Top floor bedroom, east side, on the wooden desk.
Cryo-Technology: Haven or Tomb!
Greater Mass Blood Clinic
In the analyst’s room (accessed via the wall terminal), on the desk.
Located on lowest floor. Entering the room where the Prevent is located, immediately to the right of the large central laboratory table on the corner of a smaller table with a broken terminal.
Medford Memorial Hospital
In the filing and storage room, west side balcony above the main lobby, one floor up from the ground.
Sandy Coves Convalescent Home
Behind the security door, next to the wall of safes, near the reception.

  • The issue numbers are not visible on the torn magazines and are taken from the clean versions from The Art of Fallout 4.
Picket Fences is a magazine in Fallout 4. It includes five issues found at various locations around the Commonwealth.

Reading an issue unlocks advanced settlement structures at settlement workshops.

#1, The House of Tomorrow...Today!
In the foreman’s concrete wall office, upper walkways of the main vat room, near the steamer trunk. Tower Tom is guarding this room.
You are now able to build picket fencing at settlement workshops.
In the upstairs office on the desk with the key, center of the building, near the steamer trunk.
You are now able to build high tech lights at settlement workshops.
Blast Furnace area, on the catwalk just below the steamer trunk and bobblehead.
You are now able to build new statues at settlement workshops.
On the formica table, ground level near the bar, in front of the main stage.
You are now able to build potted plants at settlement workshops.
Weston Water Treatment Plant
In the metal office overlooking the generator room, before descending to the main treatment chamber.
You are now able to build patio furniture at settlement workshops.

  • The Welcome Home! issue is not to be confused with a holotape from Nick Valentine.
  • According to the covers, each issue used to cost $32.99.
  • On the first issue, The House of Tomorrow...Today! is also written:
    • "Split level Convenience!"
    • "Modern Appliances for Ease of Living!"
    • "Nuclear Radiant Heat Flooring Inside & Out!"
    • "Grocery Sorting Conduits!"
    • "Self Stocking Bar!"
RobCo Fun is a collection of four magazines in Fallout 4.

Each issue of RobCo Fun collected adds a unique holotape to the Sole Survivor's inventory. When used, the holotape plays a game based on a retro video game. The holotapes can be used at any time, provided they are in the Survivor's inventory, and can be played on either their Pip-Boy or on any terminal. Additionally, the holotape can also be used on the Fallout Pip-Boy mobile app.

In the chamber above the front doors, where Preston is holed up, on Sturges' desk.
#12, Grognak & the Ruby Ruins
In the Memory Den, in Amari's back room sitting on a cabinet in the distant corner.
Command Center - adjacent to Kellogg's terminal under a table, in the chamber where Kellogg is spoken to.
Valentine Detective Agency
On a desk, inside the Valentine’s Detective Agency located in Diamond City Market.

  • Unlike most other magazines, RobCo Fun issues respawn and can be collected an infinite amount of times.
  • All of the magazines can be found in locations the player character will be directed to in the main story.
SCAV! is a magazine in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

SCAV magazines appear to be black and white hand-drawn comic books. The subject matter and art indicates that they were created post-War. Each issue that is collected adds its own SCAV! perk, ranging from damage modifiers to speech and SPECIAL boosts. There are 5 issues in total.

Behind Starport Nuka, on a brown crate near a campfire and sleeping mats, right next to an explosives box.
Increases speech challenge success chance by 10%
In a barn on the outskirts of the junkyard. On the top floor of the barn, sitting on a desk, next to a safe and an attacking animatronic alien.
+25% Combat Knife and Switchblade damage.
#3, Mutant Fists of Stephie Knuckles
Fun House. From the room with the rotating bottles, head into the Hypno Halls and use the tunnel on the right. Once through that tunnel, turn left and take the tunnel straight ahead. It is on the floor next to a raiders body.
+10% hand to hand weapon damage.
#4, Nuka Brahmin Stampede!
Grandchester Mystery Mansion
Behind the master lock leading to the attic, it is on a box to the right.
Dry Rock Gulch employee area, on a roof. Access it from the theater (inside, hop over the eastern wall) or once you have restored the power access it through a door in the wall.
+1 Strength & +1 Endurance if you have <= 10,000 caps.
+2 Strength & +2 Endurance if you have <= 1,000 caps.
+3 Strength & +3 Endurance if you have <= 100 caps.

  • Issue #2 also affects the Disciples blade.
Taboo Tattoos is a magazine in Fallout 4.

The magazine gives a free facial tattoo available at any facial reconstruction surgeon.

In a locked room to the south, next to Det. Perry's holotape.
4 leaf clover with wish-bone and '13' below it on cheek-bone.
In the scavenger’s sleeping area, close to the steamer trunk, western area near exit stairs.
Irish Pride Industries Shipyard
On a metal table, inside the docked ship, in the shipyard interior.
Radioactive skull on forehead.
On the lowest level of the atrium, in the barber's shop.
Upside-down horse shoe, "Bad Luck" on forehead.
In the metal trailer caravan on the marble edge (south) of the excavation area, close to two other trailers.
Anchor and stars on forehead.

  • Instead of an expected mermaid/anchor tattoo from "Sailor" issue #16, the "Bad Luck" tattoo from cut magazine issue #04 is used for it.
Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor
Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor is a perk magazine in Fallout 4 that gives the player character ranks of the Junktown Vendor perk.

The "Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor" series is a collection of books written by an unknown vendor of jerky from Junktown. In a manner similar to the Wasteland Survival Guide, it is a post-War publication, and the covers are hand-illustrated with simple black ink brush strokes.

Each issue grants the player a level of the Junktown Vendor perk, up to a maximum of 8, which decreases the prices of items bought from vendors by about 3% per level.

How to Run a Successful Vendor Stand
On the small table with the lantern, inside the caravan perched atop the containers, adjacent to the steamer trunk.
Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant
Basement locker room, on the bench, western side of the plant.
On the metal wire magazine stand, on the northwest wall in the main room, just right of the Milton General Hospital poster and next to the drugs dispensary.
Longneck Lukowski's Cannery
Inside the metal catwalk hut, northwest upper area of the main cannery room, with the Bobblehead.
Take Your Business on the Road
On the sideboard table by the TV, west wall, inside the building, just north of the main entrance.
Inside the building, on a desk, next to a terminal, in an office, upper level, along the northwest wall. Climb the pipes and catwalks to reach the office.
On the barrel with the lantern on it, inside the pipe tunnel interior cave.
Wreck of the FMS Northern Star
Upper level, mid-deck, on the parasol table, north side of the ship.
Tesla Science Magazine is a perk magazine in Fallout 4 that gives the player character ranks of the Tesla Science perk.

Reading issues of Tesla Science Magazine gives the player character a level of the Tesla Science perk, which makes energy weapons inflict +5% critical damage. This perk can stack up to nine times.

Will Robots Rule the World?
In the CEO's office on the second floor, next to his terminal.
In the upper floor office, on a metal desk against the west wall, directly above the entrance lobby.
Rocket Science for Toddlers
In Virgil’s laboratory on a broken fridge, just left of Virgil’s terminal.
Tomorrow's technology for today's Super Soldiers (Blast Off To Adventure!)
Lowest floor filleting room, on a small table, northwest corner. Room below the one with the steamer trunk.
On the computer bank, ninth floor southeast mezzanine room, upper offices above the glass floor.
Geckos and Gamma Radiation
Top floor, northern computer room, northeast corner on a small table. Access via the open curtains.
First floor, in the weaponization research lab, in the northeast corner.
On the metal desk with the bobblehead near the steamer trunk, in the central metal catwalk hut.
On the wooden bench in the kitchen of the warehouse, near the birthday sweetroll.
Total Hack is a magazine in Fallout 4 that gives the player character the ability to hack protectrons, spotlights or turrets.

Total Hack is a paperback magazine with aged covers. The details on the covers are done entirely in ASCII art, a style of illustration which uses assorted symbols on a computer to create a picture.

Reading an issue of Total Hack adds a holotape to the player character's inventory in a similar manner to RobCo Fun. Each holodisk can be loaded into a terminal controlling protectrons, spotlights or turrets to access unique options for all connected (and active) units of that specific type.

Wattz Consumer Electronics
Basement server room, on the terminal desk, north wall.
Held by the female mannequin standing on the table in the “game” room with the chessboard.
Under the tree in the center of the cemetery.

  • Each of the magazines contain a holotape which must be inserted to have access to additional options. Unlike other holodisks, these do not need to be ejected to be retained. It will automatically be ejected and the effects will be retained upon leaving the terminal.
Tumblers Today is a perk magazine in Fallout 4 that gives the player character ranks of the Tumblers Today perk.

Tumblers Today is a magazine containing information about the art of lockpicking and the latest in mechanical locks found in safes, footlockers and doors.

Reading issues of Tumblers Today gives the player character a level of the Tumblers Today perk, which gives a bonus to lockpicking, translating to a wider "sweet spot" when picking locks. This perk can be stacked up to five times.

#1, Bobby Pins – More Effective Than Lockpicks?
On the side chest by the black sofa, in the commentator’s area, southwest side of the racetrack.
#2, Confessions of a Housebreaker
Next to the holotape on the metal drawers, inside the “cell” area of the sewers, northwest catwalks and tunnels.
#3, Open Any Lock in 5 Seconds Flat
In the open locker, northern end of the eastern platform (in the maintenance room), next to the wall button.
#4, Locksmith Certification Special – Pass With Flying Colors
Inside one of the red freight train cars in the Raider camp after taking an elevator to the deepest part of this location.
#5, Mysteries of the Master Key Exposed!
Poseiden Energy Turbine #18-F
In the metal control room, northwest corner of the facility, by the steamer trunk, on a metal shelf.
U.S. Covert Operations Manual
U.S. Covert Operations Manual is a perk magazine in Fallout 4 that gives the player character ranks of the Covert Operations perk.

Each magazine gives a rank of the Covert Operations perk which makes one more difficult to detect while sneaking.

#1, Whistling in the Dark
Lexington: The Switchboard
On the desk by the terminal in the executive office above the open office and double stairwell area.
Ship interior, on a corner table inside the captain's cabin.
#3, Facepaint Fundamentals
On the main table in front of the sofa, in Red Tourette’s base, southeast tunnels near exit.
#4, Not the Soldiers You're Looking For
Abandoned Shack (Federal Surveillance Center K-21B)
In the federal surveillance center, deepest area, on the light blue metal computer bank, near the steamer trunk and terminal.
On the desk of General Brock, southwest corner of the ground floor.
#6, Squeaky Floorboard, Sudden Death
Fort Hagen Command Center
On the side table of the bedroom and kitchenette room, just east of the armory. The room can't be reached until the Reunions quest becomes active.
#7, Bushes, Boxes, and Beehives Camouflage Special
By the red chair and oil lamp on an exposed outlook on the main shanty ship, on the last level before the entrance to the captain's cabin, same level as the white metal cabin.
#8, Getting the Drop on Communists
National Guard Training Yard
On a table in the cafeteria of the barracks, near a cooler (northwest, ground floor).
In the shanty hut atop the central satellite support (without the dish).
#10, Tiptoe Through the Tulips
USAF Satellite Station Olivia
Inside the computer room (intel room) near the entrance unlocked by terminal (southeast interior) or with key found in last room on lower level in steamer trunk, on the desk with the mini nuke.
Unstoppables is a perk magazine in Fallout 4 that gives the player character ranks of the Unstoppable perk.

The Unstoppables is a comic book published by Hubris Comics. The group is formed of the Silver Shroud, Mistress of Mystery, Inspector, Manta Man and Grognak the Barbarian; characters which all appear in different comics.

Upon reading, the Sole Survivor gains a level of the Unstoppable perk which gives a +1% chance of avoiding all damage from an attack. This perk can be stacked up to five times, giving a 5% chance to avoid all damage.

Dr. Brainwash and His Army of De-Capitalists!
Library office on the lower level, with the steamer trunk. North area.
Who Can Stop The Unstoppable Grog-Na-Rok?!
Don Bosco Technical High School
Basement level swimming pool, northwest corner wall, on a small round table, above a Fat Man and near the steamer trunk.
Commie-Kazi VS. Manta Man
On the shack floor, in the shack in the middle of the lake (take the wooden elevated bridge), with the lantern on the wooden floor near the mattress.
Trapped In The Dimension Of The Pterror-Dactyls!
Suffolk County Charter School
In the library room, upper floor, by the holotape and steamer trunk.
Visit the Ux-Ron Galaxy!!
On the shop counter, in front of the cheeky monkey and Grognak’s Axe in the display case.
Wasteland Survival Guide is a perk magazine in Fallout 4 that gives the player ranks of the Wasteland Survival perk.

Similar to Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor, the Wasteland Survival Guide is a post-War edition magazine series, written and illustrated with crude pen drawings.

Reading an issue of this comic will grant a variant of the Wasteland Survival perk, (except for two) focusing on increasing survival efficiency with a specific topic.

Inside the ship, on a table, under the bridge on the water's level.
Heal +50% more from fruits and vegetables.
#2, Insect Repellent Special
Western side of the crater, on the table, lower level of a stilt shack with a lantern and caps stash on a table.
Permanently take 5% less damage from insects.
#3, The Bright Side of Radiation Poisoning
On the counter of the diner and coolant recharge station.
Permanently heal +50% from irradiated packaged food and drink.
#4, The Scrapyard Home Decoration Guide
On the sleeping bag, inside the main shack with the steamer trunk.
Permanently unlock new decoration (two lawn flamingos) in workshop settlements (this perk won't be shown in your perk-list of your Pip-Boy).
#5, Guide To Diamond City
In the underground bunker (root cellar found on the floor in the cabin), follow the hallway all the way to the end, by the journal terminal, on a metal desk.
Diamond City is now permanently marked on your map. (This perk won't be shown in your perk-list of your Pip-Boy).
#6, Commonwealth Coupon Spectacular
Nahant Oceanological Society
On the metal desk with the typewriter, entrance room area, ground floor (it is not in the laboratory building).
Permanently gain +10% discount from food and drink vendors.
#7, Water Aerobics for Ghouls
On a concrete block inside the sinkhole, by the cooking pot station.
Permanently swim 25% faster.
On the sideboard table in the cabin.
Permanently take 5% less damage from melee attacks.
#9, Hunting in the Wastes
In the locked cabin near the silos, on the floor near a mattress and steamer trunk.
Permanently collect more meat from animal kills.
You're SPECIAL! is a book published and written for children by Vault-Tec. This book identifies the seven key attributes that are viewed the most desirable in a vault resident. The attributes are as follows in order: Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck (S.P.E.C.I.A.L.). Each of the attributes are given a brief description.

This book is the first opportunity the player character has for building their personality and skills. Each of the attributes are initially assigned five points. There are an additional five points for distributing across each attribute. This gives a total of forty points (5 x 7 = 35 points + 5 points = 40 points) that can be distributed among each attribute. The maximum number of points allotted to an attribute is ten points, with the minimum being one.

  • "S is for Strength, and that means I am strong! I can carry lots of toys and swing stuff all day long!"
  • "P is for Perception, a long funny word! It means what I tasted, smell, saw and heard!"
  • "E is for Endurance, and that's how long I can play! I'm always really healthy, and have energy all day!"
  • "C is for Charisma, it's why people think I'm great! I make my friends all laugh and smile, and never want to hate!"
  • "I is for Intelligence, it means I'm really smart! I use my brain for lots of stuff, like science, math and art!"
  • "A is for Agility, that's how I get around! I move real fast and easy, and I never make a sound!"
  • "L is for Luck, and it's simple, you see! It means that good things always happen to me!"

  • This book can be first found during the opening sequence of the game on the table beside Shaun's crib. At that point, the book can be interacted with, where the Sole Survivor will wonder what Shaun will grow up to be. The book can be found later in Sanctuary Hills in the ruins of the home of the Sole Survivor under or near the crib. It can be used to gain one SPECIAL point of choosing.
  • This book will not raise a stat that is 10 or more at the moment of reading, including buffs and debuffs. To raise a stat that has a permanent value of 9 or less the player might need to unequip gear and wait for beneficial effects to wear off. Raising a stat from 10 to 11 is possible, but only if a debuff is active, like chem or alcohol addiction. A good example is a melee character with 10 Strength taking Daytripper from the nearby Concord Speakeasy before picking up the book, addictions seem not to work this way.
  • If the player character raises a stat to 11 using the book, the stat can be raised to 12 later by picking up the corresponding bobblehead, if it has not already been collected.
  • Normally, the book can only be interacted with. However, it is possible to store it in inventory for later use by using the Sanctuary settlement interface and highlighting the book to be stored in the workshop.
  • The baby on the cover is also used in the quest icon for the quest Reunions.
Sours: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1464391359
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Fallout 4 Wiki Guide

Books and Magazine Locations

Books and magazines are found all over the Commonwealth, and are divided into different types of skill books - some of which add to a certain perk, and others that unlock different things for each issue found.

You're SPECIALLocation

You're SPECIAL Video Location

The children's book is unique and one of a kind, and lets you pick one extra point in the Attribute of your choosing.

Astoundingly Awesome Tales Locations

Astoundingly Awesome Tales Video Locations

Each issue of Astoundingly Awesome Tales will give a differerent bonus perks, usually extra damage or defense towards a certain type of enemy, or using a certian weapon.

Grognak the Barbarian Locations

Grognak the Barbarian Video Locations

Each issue of Grognak the Barbarian adds +5% damage to critical hits done with unarmed and melee attacks.

Grognak the Barbarian - Blood on the Harp
Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup
In a small office next to the warehouse
Grognak the Barbarian - Cometh the Trickster
Andrew Street Station
North of the station, on the top floor of an apartment with a bus crashed through the roof
Grognak the Barbarian - Demon Slaves, Demon Sands
Vault 75
In the Overseer's Personal Quarters, on a bed
Grognak the Barbarian - Enter Maula: War Maiden of Mars
Boston Common
North of Swan's Pond, on a bandstand surrounded by radioactive barrels
Grognak the Barbarian - Fatherless Cur
Mass Pike Interchange
On the South side of the camp next to a Power Armor Station, on a toilet
Grognak the Barbarian - In the Bosom of the Corsair Queen
Corvega Assembly Plant
In the Raider Leader Jared's quarters on the top floor of the assembly plant
Grognak the Barbarian - In the Lair of the Virgin Eaters
Hyde Park
On the highest raider camp in the town, behind a chair on top of a safe
Grognak the Barbarian - Jungle of the Bat Babies
In your old house, on the kitchen counter
Grognak the Barbarian - Lost in the Snows of Lust
Back Street Apparel
On the top floor of the shop in a living room, on a table in front of a red couch
Grognak the Barbarian - What Sorcery This?
Museum of Witchcraft
In the main floor of the museum, next to the second  display with two mannequins
Grognak the Barbarian - Alternate Issue
Vault 81
Given as a reward for telling the classroom a short story.

Guns and Bullets Locations

Guns and Bullets Video Locations

Each issue of Guns and Bullets increase your critical damage with any ballisitic weapon by +5%.

Hot Rodder Locations

Hot Rodder Video Locations

Each issue of the Hot Rodder Magazine will unlock a new paint scheme for you to apply to your Power Armor when using the PowerArmor Work Station. When all armor pieces have the same paint scheme, your agility will increase

La Coiffe Locations

La Coiffe Video Locations

Each issue of the La Coiffe magazines will unlock a new hairstyle for you to try out at any hair salon merchant.

Live and Love Locations

Live and Love Video Locations

Each issue of the Live and Love magazines will add benefical perks that affect your companion - and yourself too.

Massachusetts Surgical Journal Locations

Massachusetts Surgical Journal Video Locations

Each issue of the Massachusetts Surgical Journal will inflict +2% limb damage when combating opponents.

Picket Fences Locations

Picket Fences Video Locations

Each issue of the Picket Fences magazine will allow you to build more objects in your Settlements when in Build Mode.

RobCo Fun Locations

RobCo Fun Video Locations

Each issue of RobCo Fun includes a playable holotape game that you can collect and play in any terminal, or on your Pip Boy. These games mimic old-school games like Donkey Kong, Pit Fall, and more.

Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor Locations

Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor Video Locations

Each issue of the Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor will grant the player better prices when buying from a vendor in The Commonwealth.

Tesla Science Locations

Tesla Science Video Locations

Every issue of Tesla Science obtained will grant an additional +5% critical damage with Energy Weapons.

Taboo Tattoos Locations

Taboo Tattoos Video Locations

Each issue of Taboo Tattoos will unlock a new facial tattoo that you can apply when undergoing facial reconstruction surgery in the Diamond City Market.

Total Hack Locations

Total Hack Video Locations

Each issue of Total Hack will come with a hacking holotape that can be inserted into terminals tied to security devices to grant further options - such as disabling defenses or turning them against their owners.

Tumblers Today Locations

Tumblers Today Video Locations

Every issue of Tumblers Today obtained will increase the sweetspot of the lock, making lockpicking that much easier to complete.

U.S. Covert Operations Manual Locations

U.S. Covert Operations Manual Video Locations

Every issue of the U.S. Covert Operations Manual that you collect will grant you an additional bonus to remaining undetected while sneaking.

Unstoppables Locations

Unstoppables Video Locations

Each issue of the Unstoppables comic will grant you +1% chance to avoid all damage from a single attack.

Wasteland Survival Guide Locations

Wasteland Survival Guide Video Locations

Every issue of the Wasteland Survival Guide adds a different perk related to surviving in the wastes - including making the most of farming and food, swimming, and even the location of Diamond City

Sours: https://www.ign.com/wikis/fallout-4/Books_and_Magazines

There are a ton of magazines scattered throughout the wastelands in Fallout 4 for players to collect. While it can be fun to simply nurture our inner pack rat, it’s nice to know that these unique collectibles also offer special perks that can enhance a player’s existing skills, or implement entirely new ones. This Fallout 4 Magazine Locations Guide will tell you how to find them all.

There can be a lot to get your head around in Fallout 4, so if you need help with anything else to do with the game, then head on over to our Fallout 4 guides walkthrough hub.

For this Fallout 4 Magazine Location guide, we have composed a complete list of the various magazines players can find throughout the Commonwealth. The sections include details on how to find each magazine, and indicate the special perks that each publication offers.

Update: This guide has been updated to include videos from YouTube user PS4Trophies, who has created helpful videos for finding these magazines as well. The written descriptions are still available for your convenience.

Fallout 4 Magazine Locations

You’re S.P.E.C.I.A.L.! Magazine

This small book is found in the ruins of your old house, on the floor of Shaun’s bedroom at the foot of a dresser. This book instantly grants one free skill point to upgrade one of your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. perks how you see fit.

Astoundingly Awesome Tales Magazine Locations(1-14)

Magazine #1 - This magazine is found on the workshop in Outpost Zimonja. Its perk allows players to regenerate 1 point of Health per minute.

Magazine #2 - At Skylanes Flight 1981, this magazine is located on top of a restroom toilet below the cockpit of the plane. It allows players to do an additional +5% damage with scoped weapons.

Magazine #3 - Head to the Boston Mayoral Shelter to find this collectible on a table in the lower level bedroom in the southwest corner. With this issue, players take 5% less damage from robots.

Magazine #4 - Look for this issue at the bottom of the pit beneath terminal #3 at Dunwich Borers. Collect the magazine on the table to do an added +5% Damage using the Alien Blaster weapon.

Magazine #5 - Find this magazine at the East Boston Preparatory School, upon a desk in the top floor computer room. Its perk offers +5 Poison Resistance.

Magazine #6 - Travel to the Crater of Atom, and find this issue on the top floor of the middle metal shack built into the rocks. The perk provides an additional +5% damage against Mirelurks.

Magazine #7 - At the Sentinel Site, go to the far end of the tunnels and search the metal hut overlooking the stockpile chamber. The magazine located here has a perk that grants an additional +5% Damage at night.

Magazine #8 - This issue is found at the Coast Guard Pier, on top the toilet in the locked cell beside the secured storage room. Collect this copy to gain +5 Action Points.

Magazine #9 - Travel to The Institute, and head towards the outside balcony via Holdren’s quarters to the north of the atrium. The magazine is on a triangular table nearby, and has a perk that features a +5 Damage increase when using the Cryolator, found in Vault 111.

Magazine #10 - Located in Trinity Plaza along the east side of the church interior, look for this magazine upon the lectern near the Steamer Trunk. Players gain an added +5 Radiation Resistance as a perk for collecting this piece.

Magazine #11 - In the top floor restroom of Hubris Comics, locate this issue upon the table by the Steamer Trunk. RadAway heals an added +5% radiation damage.

Magazine #12 - This magazine is found within the last tunnel chamber at Pickman Gallery, where you initially meet Pickman. The perk for this copy allows your canine companion to permanently take 10% less damage.

Magazine #13 - Locate this issue inside the Railroad HQ at the Old North Church. It is on top of a metal desk in the brick crypt area along the western side of the room. This magazine grants a perk that allows players to do an additional +5% Damage against Ghouls.

Magazine #14 - Inside the living quarters at Park Street Station (Vault 114), look for this magazine issue on a container beneath the “Laundry” sign in the blocked corridor. Similarly to #13, this magazine has a perk that helps players do an additional +5% Damage against Super Mutants.

LIVE & LOVE Magazine Locations(1-9)

Magazine #1 - In Fiddler’s Green Trailer Estates, locate the magazine in a caravan trailer within the eastern section of the estates. Collecting this issue gives Companions a +10 Health increase.

Magazine #2 - At the Revere Beach Station, find this collectible inside the upper floor of the promenade building, on top of some concrete blocks near the cooking pot. This magazine causes Companions to do +5% Damage.

Magazine #3 - This magazine issue is found upon the table near the recording desk in the WRVR Broadcast Station, and its perk increases Companion carry weight by +10.

Magazine #4 - Inside the station entrance at College Square, before going down the stairs, look on top the safe behind the counter to find this magazine. This copy allows players to gain an extra +25% XP from persuading women.

Magazine #5 - Find this magazine copy at the very top of the monument at Bunker Hill. Collecting this issue grants players +1 Luck from alcohol when exploring with a Companion.

Magazine #6 - Inside the Diamond City Schoolhouse bedroom on the ground floor, locate the magazine atop the bedside table. This magazine offers a perk for Companions to gain +5 Damage Resistance and Energy Resistance.

Magazine #7 - Ascend the main staircase at Faneuil Hall to find this collectible sitting on top a small table at the attic level. Similar to #4, this magazine allows players to gain +25% XP from persuading men.

Magazine #8 - In the northern entrance of Goodneighbor, enter The Third Rail restroom to find this magazine atop the toilet. This issue allows players to gain +5% XP while exploring with a Companion.

Magazine #9 - While still in Goodneighbor, enter the lobby of Hotel Rexford and find this magazine atop a bar counter to the right of the entrance. Collecting this piece causes robot companions to permanently inflict an additional +5% Damage.

Grognak the Barbarian Magazine Location

Magazine #1 - This likely the first magazine you will collect, as it is found on the kitchen table of your old house where Codsworth lives.

Magazine #2 - In the Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup, locate a small office at the east side of the primary warehouse. Find the magazine in this room on the desk near the key.

Magazine #3 - On the top floor of Malden Middle School (Vault 75), this magazine is found upon the bed inside the Overseer’s office.

Magazine #4 - At the Corvega Assembly Plant on the top floor, search the metal Raider hut that can be reached using the catwalk bridge. This issue is inside the hut near a Steamer Trunk.

Magazine #5 - This issue can be found on top the toilet inside the Gunner Camp at Mass Pike Interchange. Look for a Power Armor Station nearby.

Magazine #6 - In Vault 81, Katy the teacher will give this magazine to the player as a reward for completing the Miscellaneous Quest: Short Stories in the Classroom.

Magazine #7 - Locate the “dungeon” room on the upper floor of the Museum of Witchcraft, and find the publication on the table near the south wall.

Magazine #8 - In the Raider camp at Hyde Park, search along the rooftops of the buildings south of the main path to find the magazine.

Magazine #9 - At Back Street Apparel, head upstairs into the apartment, and locate the collectible on a table in the living room, close to the TV and safe.

Magazine #10 - Nearby the Park Street Station entrance in Boston Common, find the magazine within the bandstand by the skeleton.

Magazine #11 - At the Bus and Apartment Wreckage near Andrew Street Station, look for this magazine on the comic book fan’s bed in the busted apartment.

Guns and Bullets Magazine Locations

Magazine #1 - At the top floor level of Fort Hagen, find the magazine on the oval table in the kitchen.

Magazine #2 - In the Rook Family House, locate Barney’s bunker to discover the magazine sitting on a metal desk beside the filing cabinet and lantern.

Magazine #3 - Enter the South Boston Military Checkpoint. Look for a copy of this publication on top of a metal desk by the east wall.

Magazine #4 - Head over to the Gunners Plaza and locate several mezzanine offices in the southern area. This issue will be on a table surrounded by sofas in the lounge on the top floor.

Magazine #5 - This magazine is located in the elevated freeway Gunners camp at Quincy ruins, between a pair of big-rig trailers. Find the collectible on top the desk near the computer terminal.

Magazine #6 - At the Cambridge Police Station, wait for the Brotherhood reinforcements to arrive, then look in the station chief’s office inside a locked safe to find the magazine.

Magazine #7 - This magazine is found on top a lectern in the stage area of Fraternal Post 115, near an American flag and some sandbags.

Magazine #8 - In the Ticonderoga Safehouse, head up to the northwest corner office on the top floor and locate the magazine on a desk inside.

Magazine #9 - At the BADTFL Regional Office, find the Chief’s office in the bullpen room on the western side of the building. This magazine issue is on the chief’s desk.

Magazine #10 - Travel to the Castle, and head to the center of the Castle grounds. The magazine is found on top the radio operator’s desk outside.

Massachusetts Surgical Journal Magazine Locations

Magazine #1 - At the Parsons State Insane Asylum, head down to the bottom level of the facility. This magazine is found inside Lorenzo’s quarters.

Magazine #2 - At Medford Memorial Hospital, locate the balcony on the west side, a floor up from the ground level. Search inside the filing and storage room for the collectible.

Magazine #3 - Travel to Med-Tek Research and go to the lowest floor where the Prevent is located. The magazine is found on a large lab table in the center.

Magazine #4 - At the Greater Mass Blood Clinic, use the terminal to access the analyst’s room and locate the magazine on the desk inside.

Magazine #5 - In Sandy Coves Convalescent Home, locate a security door close to the reception area. Look behind the door to find a copy of this publication near the wall of safes.

Magazine #6 - At Cambridge Polymer Labs, the Director’s office is located above the reception area. Enter the office to find this collectible on top the desk inside.

Magazine #7 - Travel to Greenetech Genetics, and locate a long room about halfway up the northern section of the building. Look for a pair of red sofas with a table in between to find the magazine here.

Magazine #8 - This copy requires players to have 50 Tokens to spend. Gather overdue books to trade for tokens, then locate the overdue book vending machine in the southeast section of Boston Public Library. Spend 50 Tokens to purchase and acquire a copy of this magazine.

Magazine #9 - In the top floor bedroom of the Cabot House, this magazine is found upon the wooden desk on the western side of the room.

Tumblers Today Magazine Locations

Magazine #1 - Travel to Malden Center, and head to the Raider camp deep into this location. This issue is found within one of the cargo carriages at the station, near a guard post.

Magazine #2 - Locate Poseidon Energy Turbine #18-F. In the northwest corner of the facility, look for the magazine near a Steamer Trunk on a metal shelf in the control room.

Magazine #3 - On the southwest side of the racetrack at Easy City Downs, find this issue on a chest near the black sofa in the commentator’s area.

Magazine #4 - At the West Roxbury Station, locate the maintenance room at the eastern platform to find this magazine in an open locker..

Magazine #5 - In the Fens Street Sewer, search around the cell-like area around the northwest tunnels and catwalks. This issue will be sitting near a Holotape on the metal drawers.

Tesla Science Magazine Locations

Magazine #1 - At Arcjet Systems, head up to the second floor where the CEO’s office is located. Find the magazine nearby his computer terminal.

Magazine #2 - Locate the filleting room on the lowest level of Mahkra Fishpacking, below the room with the Steamer Trunk. The magazine is on top of a table in the north east corner of the room.

Magazine #3 - This issue is found at Reeb Marina in the warehouse kitchen, on top of a wooden bench near a sweetroll.

Magazine #4 - Travel to the Rocky Cave, or Virgil’s Laboratory. Locate the magazine on the broken fridge to the left of Virgil’s terminal.

Magazine #5 - At Poseidon Energy, search the central metal catwalk hut for a desk near a Steamer Trunk. This issue is on top of the metal desk where a Bobblehead is also found.

Magazine #6 - Head to HalluciGen, Inc. On the first floor Weaponization Research Lab, locate the magazine in the northeast corner.

Magazine #7 - In the upper offices above the glass floor inside the Mass Fusion Building, look for the magazine on a computer bank in the southeast mezzanine.

Magazine #8 - At the General Atomics Factory, find this issue on a metal desk against the eastern wall in the upper floor office, above the entrance lobby.

Magazine #9 - Head to the top floor at University Point. Access the northern computer room via the open curtains, and locate the magazine on a small table in the corner.

Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor Magazine Locations

Magazine #1 - Inside the pipe tunnel of the interior cave at Walden Pond, locate this issue on the barrel with the lantern on top.

Magazine #2 - Enter the building at Mystic Pines. Search along the western wall north of the main entrance inside. The magazine is on a side table near the TV set.

Magazine #3 - Travel to the Super Duper Mart. To the right of a Milton General Hospital poster, look for a magazine stand along the wall to find a copy of this publication.

Magazine #4 - At Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery, search the metal catwalk hut in the upper area of the main cannery room. The magazine is found here along with a Bobblehead collectible.

Magazine #5 - Inside a caravan on top some containers at Big John’s Salvage, the magazine is found on top a small table with a lantern, somewhat near the Steamer Trunk.

Magazine #6 - Travel to the Wreck of the FMS Northern Star. On the upper level of the ship on the northern side, look for a parasol table about mid-deck to find this issue.

Magazine #7 - At the Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant, head to the basement locker room on the western side of the plant to locate this magazine on a nearby bench.

Magazine #8 - At the Gwinnett Brewery, go up to the metal catwalk hut along the upper level. Climb the pipes and catwalks to reach the magazine near the northwest wall.

U.S. Covert Operations Manual Magazine Locations

Magazine #1 - At USAF Satellite Station Olivia, locate a room in the southeast interior that can be unlocked via the computer terminal. Hack the terminal and unlock the door to find this magazine on the desk beside the miniature nuke.

Magazine #2 - Travel to Lexington, and enter Slocum Joe’s building. Go down to the basement, and take the elevator further down to the lowest level. Head through the hallways until you reach the executive office, at the top of the double stairwells. The magazine is on the desk beside the terminal.

Magazine #3 - At the National Guard Training Yard, head to the cafeteria inside the Barracks. This magazine is found beside a cooler on top of a table.

Magazine #4 - In the Revere Satellite Array in the east, locate the satellite in the center area that doesn’t have a dish on top. Ascend the staircase up the satellite tower until you reach the hut at the top. The magazine is on a small table beside a lantern.

Magazine #5 - Travel to the Federal Ration Stockpile. Look for Red Tourette’s base up a staircase in the southeast tunnels, close to the exit. Find the magazine on the main table in front of the sofa.

Magazine #6 - In the Fort Hagan Command Center, locate a bedroom to the east of the armory. This issue is found on top the nightstand beside the bed, in front of the radio.

Magazine #7 - This magazine copy is found in Libertalia. Climb about halfway up the main shanty ship, and look for a red chair near the edge of a walkway. The magazine is on the small table beside the chair.

Magazine #8 - At Fort Strong, pick the locks on a couple doors in the southeast corner of the ground level to gain access to General Brock’s office. The magazine is on the desk beside the terminal.

Magazine #9 - Locate an Abandoned Shack to the southwest. Enter the floor hatch and descend to the Federal Survival Center on the lowest level. The magazine can be found on top the light blue computer bank beside a terminal and Steamer Trunk.

Magazine #10 - At the USS Constitution, this issue is found within the Captain’s cabin inside the ship, on a corner table. This may require the completion of a quest to access this room.

Unstoppables Magazine Locations

Magazine #1 - At the Westing Estate, find this issue on top the shack near the river that has a lantern on the floor by the mattress.

Magazine #2 - Head over to Shaw High School. Enter the Library office in the north area, and locate a Steamer Trunk on the lower level. The magazine should be nearby.

Magazine #3 - Travel to the Suffolk County Charter School. The issue is found in the upper floor library room, near a Holotape and steamer trunk.

Magazine #4 - On top the shop counter of Hubris Comics, you’ll find this issue just in front of Grognak’s Axe in the display case.

Magazine #5 - At D.B. Technical High School, head to the basement level swimming pool and search near the northwest corner wall. The magazine is on a table above the Fat Man.

Wasteland Survival Guides Magazine Locations (1-9)

Magazine #1 - Found atop the sideboard table inside the Ranger Cabin. This issue increases the amount of healing from fruits and vegetables by 50%.

Magazine #2 - Inside the underground bunker of Gorski Cabin, find this magazine on a metal desk near the journal terminal. This issue allows players to take 5% less damage from insects.

Magazine #3 - At the Sunshine Tidings Co-op, this issue is found on the floor inside a locked cabin near the silos. It's beside the mattress and Steamer Trunk. This magazine grants 50% healing from irradiated packaged food & drinks.

Magazine #6 - On the western side of the crater at Crater House, locate this issue on a table at the lower level of a stilt shack. Finding this magazine reduces the price of food and drinks from vendors by 10%.

Magazine #7 - Head to the Nahant Oceanological Society. In the entrance room on the ground floor, look on the metal desk with the typewriter. This issue allows players to swim 25% faster.

Magazine #8 - At the Egret Tours Marina, locate this issue atop the diner counter near the coolant recharge station. This magazine causes players to take 5% less damage from melee attacks.

Magazine #9 - Inside the wreckage of the USS Riptide, you'll find this magazine on a table beneath the bridge on the water's level, which allows you to collect more meat from animal kills.

Other Magazines - Locations

Rather than perks, these magazines allow players to unlock fun bonus content.

RobCo FUN!

Holotape #1 - Inside the cafeteria area in the northeast part of Vault 111, access the computer terminal to play and collect the Red Menace Holotape game. Only the Holotape is available, no magazine.

Magazine #2 - On the top floor of the Museum of Freedom where you meet Preston Garvey and his crew, find the magazine on Sturges’ desk beside the terminal, unlocking the Atomic Command holotape.

Magazine #3 - Found at the Fort Hagen Command Center, in the room where you speak to Kellogg. Look behind a desks where the white computer terminal is located to find the magazine on the floor with the Pip Fall holotape.

Magazine #4 - Head to Diamond City and enter Valentine’s Detective Agency. Sitting on the desk at the back right corner is the magazine and Zeta Invaders game.

Magazine #5 - Head to Goodneighbor and go inside the Memory Den. Go down to the Memory Lounger room in the basement to find the magazine on a metal desk along the back left wall. This includes the Grognak & the Ruby Ruins Holotape.

Hot Rodder

Magazine #1 - Inside the concrete hut at Robotics Disposal Ground where the computer terminal is located, on top the desk.

Magazine #2 - Found inside Zeke’s trailer at Atom Cats Garage, on top the bedside table.

Magazine #3 - In the parking lot Funhouse west of the Hospital at the West Roxbury, found in the top floor sleeping quarters next to the prize cells.

La Coiffe

Magazine #1 -. Head toward the roof exit on the west side of Fallon’s Department Store. Look for the magazine on the upper floor in the octagonally shaped room, near the Steamer Trunk.

Magazine #2 - At Charlestown Laundry, find this issue inside a shopping basket on top the washing machines.

Picket Fences

Magazine #1 - In the Blast Furnace area of Saugus Ironworks, look on the catwalk just below where you found the Bobblehead and Steamer Trunk.

Magazine #2 - Prior to descending into the main treatment chamber of Weston Water Treatment Plant, locate the magazine inside the metal office that overlooks the generator room.

Magazine #3 - In the main room of Beantown Brewery with the vat, this issue is located in the foreman’s concrete wall offices on the upper walkways.

Magazine #4 - In the center of the building in Hardware Town, head upstairs to the office to find this magazine on the desk with the key.

Magazine #5 - In the Combat Zone in front of the main stage, find this issue on a formica table near the bar on the ground level.

Taboo Tattoos

Magazine #1 - Near two trailers in the Thicket Excavations area, look for this magazine inside the metal trailer caravan in the excavation area on the marble edge.

Magazine #2 - Found in the scavenger’s sleeping area of Concord Civic Access, in the western area beside the stairs. It’s on the floor next to the Steamer Trunk.

Magazine #3 - Head to the Irish Pride Industries Shipyard and enter the docked ship to find this magazine on the metal bench inside.

Magazine #4 - Locate this magazine inside Horatio’s barber shop at the main atrium area of Vault 81.

Magazine #5 - Find this magazine within the central interior tunnels of the Mass Pike Tunnel, next to a skeleton near the Power Armor station.

Total Hack

Magazine #1 - This magazine is found beneath the tree in the center of the Wildwood Cemetery, and allows Protectrons to be hacked.

Magazine #2 - At Wattz Consumer Electronics, locate this issue on the terminal desk along the north wall of the basement server room. It unlocks the ability to hack spotlights.

Magazine #3 - At the Shamrock Taphouse, a female mannequin standing atop the table in the so called “game” room will be holding this magazine. This unlocks players to hack turrets.

Wasteland Survival Guides #4-5

Issue #4 - This issue unlocks new settlement decorations. It’s found inside the main shack at Lynn Woods, atop a sleeping bag near the Steamer Trunk.

Issue #5 - This issue allows Diamond City to be permanently marked on your map. At the Old Gullet Sinkhole, search inside the sinkhole itself to find this issue next to the cooking pot station on a concrete block.

Hopefully this guide has helped you track down all the magazines you were looking for.

Sours: https://www.usgamer.net/articles/26-09-2017-fallout-4-all-magazine-locations-and-types

4 magazines fallout

Whether you’re starting out, or a veteran of the wasteland, this Fallout 4 Magazines guide will help you figure out which ones to look out for!

Fallout 4 has been out a hot minute. The 2015 title is Bethesda’s latest single-player entry into the ever-popular series. Fallout 76 may not have stuck the landing, but that doesn’t take away from Fallout 4’s improvements on Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. One of these improvements was the perks system implemented throughout the game. Another great addition is the collectible magazines that are hidden throughout the wasteland. 

These collectables aren’t just to look at, though. They also offer your character bonus statistics. Below, we have listed every magazine that appears throughout Fallout 4 and what effects they have. The format will be the following:

Magazine NameMagazine  Effect

Fallout 4 Magazines And Their Effects

Astoundingly Awesome Tales
Astoundingly Awesome 1Regenerate 1 HP per minute.
Astoundingly Awesome 2+5% damage with scoped weapons.
Astoundingly Awesome 3Take 5% less damage from robots.
Astoundingly Awesome 4+5% damage with the Alien Blaster.
Astoundingly Awesome 5+5 Poison Resistance.
Astoundingly Awesome 6+5% damage against Mirelurks.
Astoundingly Awesome 7+5% damage at night.
Astoundingly Awesome 8+5 Action Points.
Astoundingly Awesome 9+5% damage with the Cryolator.
Astoundingly Awesome 10+5 Radiation Resistance.
Astoundingly Awesome 11RadAway heals +5% radiation damage.
Astoundingly Awesome 12Canine Companion takes 10% less damage.
Astoundingly Awesome 13+5% damage against Ghouls.
Astoundingly Awesome 14+5% damage against Super Mutants.
Astoundingly Awesome 15Canine Companion takes a further 10% less damage.
Grognak The Barbarian
Barbarian+5% damage to critical hits with unarmed and melee attacks.
Guns And Bullets
Guns and Bullets+5% critical damage for ballistic weapons.
La Coiffe
La CoiffeUnlock additional hairstyles.
Live & Love
Live & Love 1Companions gain +10 health.
Live & Love 2Companions do +5% damage.
Live & Love 3Companions have +10 carry weight.
Live & Love 4+25% XP when persuading women.
Live & Love 5+1 LCK from alcohol when adventuring with a companion.
Live & Love 6Companions have +5 Damage and Energy Resistance.
Live & Love 7+25% XP when persuading men.
Live & Love 8+5% XP while adventuring with a companion.
Live & Love 9+5% damage for robot companions.
Live & Love 10+5% damage for all companions.
Massachusetts Surgical Journal
Massachusetts SurgeryInflict 2% additional limb damage.
Picket Fences
Picket Fences Now able to build picket fencing at settlement workshops.
Picket Fences Now able to build high tech lights at settlement workshops.
Picket Fences Now able to build new statues at settlement workshops.
Picket Fences Now able to build potted plants at settlement workshops.
Picket Fences Now able to build patio furniture at settlement workshops.
Tales Of A Junktown Jerky Vendor
Junktown VendorGet better prices from buying vendors.
Tesla Science Magazine
Tesla Science+5% critical damage with energy weapons.
Tumblers Today
Tumblers TodayGain a bonus to lockpicking.
U.S. Covert Operations Manual
Covert OperationsYou are harder to detect while sneaking.
Unstoppable+1% chance to avoid damage from an attack.
Wasteland Survival Guide
Wasteland Survival 1+50% healing from fruits and vegetables.
Wasteland Survival 2Take 5% less damage from insects.
Wasteland Survival 3+50% healing from irradiated food and drink.
Wasteland Survival 4Gain access to new decorative items in workshop settlements.
Wasteland Survival 5Permanently mark Diamond City on your map.
Wasteland Survival 6+10% discount from food and drink vendors.
Wasteland Survival 7+25% speed when swimming.
Wasteland Survival 8Take 5% less damage from melee attacks.
Wasteland Survival 9Gain extra meat from animal kills.

Fallout 4 magazines are more than just collectibles. They increase several stats and give you a few extra bonuses, too. However, they aren’t the only perks and bonuses you can get in Fallout 4

Check out here for Fallout 4 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Perks Chart.

Then, check out here for Fallout 4 Bobbleheads Perks.

 Also, check out here for Fallout 4 Companion Perks.

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Fallout 4 Comic Book and Magazine locations guide

Fallout 4 Comic Book and Magazine locations are the perfect distraction when you’re tired of scavenging raider outposts for scraps of food and you don’t quite fancy setting up a raid on a group of irradiated mutants camping in an old abandoned mine. There’s not an awful lot of leisure items left intact in Fallout 4’s version of New England, though, so it can be quite hard to take your mind of the stressful life you find yourself living. At least a couple of books and magazines have survived, though – not only do they provide ample entertainment, but they also offer pretty handy stat boosts.

There are 17 different publications that you can discover in total, and each one will increase a different aspect of your build – from increasing your stats to unlocking new perks, you’ll earn a different benefit from sitting back and taking each title in. How nice! It should be noted that the following guide doesn’t include the RobCo Fun magazines since they have their own Fallout 4 Holotape Game locations guide. So take a look at which title you want to find, figure out which skill you want to improve and get hunting. Long live print media!

Astoundingly Awesome Tales

There are 14 issues of Astounding Awesome tales to find, with all the perks pertaining to combat.

Issue #01 My Brain and I... (A Twisted Love Tale) - Boston Mayoral Shelter

Picking up the first issue will let you regenerate one point of health per minute.

Head to the southwest of Fort Hagen to find the Boston Mayoral Shelter.

To gain access to the shelter, enter the office to the right of the shelter.

Use the terminal in here to open the door to the shelter.

Take the elevator down, and keep heading downwards to the living quarters on the lowest floor.

Make your way to the bedroom at the end of the corridor in the southwest corner.

Head inside and over to the table to the right of the bed.

The comic is on here.

Issue #02 The Starlet Sniper - Coast Guard Pier 

Do +5% damage with scoped weapons after finding this issue.

The Coast Guard Pier is to the south of Vault 81.

Head inside and down to the bottom floor.

You need to open the cell to the immediate right as you enter. You can either pick the lock, use the terminal on the desk, or find the key in the nearby plane wreckage.

The comic is on top of the loo in here.

Issue #03 Attack of the Metal Men - Dunwich Borers

Issue number three will reduce the damage from robots by 5%.

Dunwich Borers is over on the east side of the map, to the northeast of Saugus Ironworks.

Look for the entrance to the northeast.

It's down a side passage in the quarry. A set of stairs lead down to the entrance.

Follow the steps down from Station 3 where you'll face the miniboss Bedlam at the bottom.

Once you've dealt with him, head over to the armour workbench.

The comic is on here. Head further in to find the Sneak bobblehead.

Issue #04 Invasion of the Zetans - Hubris Comics

The Zetans are real and you can do +5% more damage with one of their Alien Blasters.

Make your way to Hubris Comics in the downtown Boston area.

The place is full of Ghouls with a particularly tough glowing one on the top floor, which is exactly where we're headed.

The top floor is home to the Silver Shroud set, where you can find the Silver Shroud costume on the mannequin. We want to go around to the left.

Go on into the 'dressing room'.

The comic is on the table next to the armchair.

Issue #05 The Mad Russian's Revenge - Pickman Gallery

Aside from making you lament the fact you'll never have an armoured bear of your own to ride about the place, picking this up will increase your resistance to poison.

Pickman Gallery can be found in the northern part of downtown Boston.

Head to the basement and into the tunnels underneath until you reach the area where Pickman is being confronted by the raiders.

Drop down and kill the raiders. You'll find the comic on the floor at the back of the room, by the steamer trunk. The Lockpicking bobblehead is also down here.

Issue #06 Attack of the Fishermen - Skylanes Flight 1981

There are a huge amount of Mirelurks terrorising the wasteland and you'll come across a number of variations that are pretty hardcore. So the extra +5% damage this issue grants against them is a godsend.

The downed plane is just to the southeast of the Tenpines Bluff settlement.

Enter the plane via the ramp on the side.

There's a bathroom ahead of you, beneath the cockpit area.

The comic is on top of the toilet.

Issue #07 Deep Sea Terror! "Sinister Seafood Strikes!!" - Outpost Zimonja

Do +5% damage at night with issue #07 of Astoundingly Awesome Tales.

Outpost Zimonja is at the top of the map, to the northeast of Tenpines Bluff.

Head into the outpost.

The comic is lying on the workshop station.

Issue #08 The Man Who Could Stop Time - Vault 114

This issue will give you +5 AP points and you can swing by this location as part of the main story, so it's worth picking up.

The vault is beneath Park Street Station.

The entrance is next to Swan's Pond.

After freeing Nick Valentine, follow him through the vault.

You'll eventually reach a locked door that Nick will open for you.

At the top of the stairs is a small area where you'll be attacked by a couple of enemies.

There are some metallic crates against the far wall with a couple of candles sitting on top of them.The comic is on here.

Issue #09 When Apes Go Bananas!!! "A Gorilla Ate My Patrol Car!" - Railroad HQ

This issue is specific to the Cryolator, letting you do +5% damage with it.

You'll need to have completed the Freedom Trail quest to access the Railroaad HQ in downtown Boston beneath the Old North Church.

Take the stairs down to the Railroad HQ and go on inside.

Turn left and head past the desk with the animal skull on it.

Go over to the desk with the broken terminal.

The comic is lying on here.

Issue #10 Giant Insects Invade - Sentinel Site

Another handy perk will be bestowed upon you when you read this issue, giving you +5 radiation resistance.

The Sentinel Site is right down in the southwest corner of the map - just to the southeast of the Crater of Atom.

You're going to need a hazmat suit venturing this far south.

Sours: https://www.gamesradar.com/fallout-4-comic-book-magazine-locations-guide/

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