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Burberry Handbags and Purses

Universally renowned for its trench coats, footwear, leather goods and other accessories, luxury British fashion house Burberry has undergone several transformations since its inception in the 19th century.

When the 21-year-old apprentice draper Thomas Burberry (1835–1926) opened a small clothing outfitter in Basingstoke, Hampshire, in 1856, he catered to the needs of the local population, focusing on weatherproof clothing designed for outdoor activities like hunting, riding and fishing. Building on his success, Burberry researched more fabrics that would be suitable for these country pursuits. In 1888, he patented gabardine, a durable, breathable fabric that was ready for any British weather. The material was groundbreaking for rainwear, which previously had been bulky and heavy. Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen wore it on his 1893 North Pole expedition and Burberry later outfitted Sir Ernest Shackleton on his Antarctic expeditions. These high-profile demonstrations of its design for extreme conditions fueled Burberry’s growth as a trusted brand.

The Tielocken coat — a forerunner to the trench coat — was patented in 1912, featuring just a button at the collar and a single strap. Higher-ranking British officers during World War I donned trench coats designed by the likes of Burberry, Aquascutum and other firms. The Burberry’s classic trench design demonstrated a consideration of the demand for both weather protection and function on the battlefield, with every element having its purpose, whether it was the epaulets for an officer’s rank or the gun flap at the breast. When the now-familiar check — a plaid check with black, white and red stripes on a background of beige — was added as a lining during the 1920s, a fashion icon was born. Scarves and other items featuring the pattern rendered the Burberry plaid an instantly recognizable hallmark of the house around the globe.

The brand continued to gain popularity throughout the 20th century, but by the 1990s, it was in dire need of a refresh. By the time Christopher Bailey was named design director at Burberry in 2001, the check was so ubiquitous through rampant knockoffs that it had become a reference for kitsch rather than quality.

Drawing on its heritage of craftsmanship with a new streetwear edge, Bailey helped rebuild Burberry’s relevance as a reputable fashion brand. Key to this reimagining was developing an understanding of how to democratically market high-end luxury fashion. Milestones in this regard materialized in 2010, when Burberry became the first brand to livestream a fashion show (and did so using 3D technology), and in 2020, when the house brought its London Fashion Week presentation to Twitch, a popular American livestreaming service. The international visibility brought with it renewed interest in the brand, which eventually revived its tartan after dropping it from many of its clothes, including in a 2018 collaboration with Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy that swathed shirts, dresses, coats and bags in the check.

Although tastes have changed, the signature trench coats that date back to Burberry’s beginnings remain at the brand’s core, with new fabrics and fits continuing to adapt this British style classic to contemporary trends.

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Ways you can spot a fake Burberry handbag

No matter where you go, the most important statement piece that you need to have is a bag. A Burberry bag is the perfect choice for you to compliment your look from day to night. On top of that, the brand is well-known for their clothing too. If you are heading to the office or even for a date night, as it would definitely make heads turn. The company continues to embrace innovation and tides of change seen in the fashion world but never fails to maintain its true classic British essence particularly with their Burberry handbags. Nonetheless, when it comes to purchasing items online, there are still plenty of fakes out there. Here's how you can spot the fake within the authentic.


Typically, Burberry bags are made from PVC or commonly known as vinyl-coated canvas. It bears similarities to leather in terms of its looks and the way it feels.


The classic Burberry bags have a very distinct pattern which is their checks. There are two types of designs which are classic check and Nova check which are also the brand’s most popular handbags. The classic check has a tan background with black, white, and red stripes running vertically and horizontally. There is also a knight insignia where the red stripes meet. If the knight insignia is faded, it is a big giveaway that the bag is fake. On the other hand, the Nova check consists of a cream colour with light yellow undertone with black vertical and horizontal stripes.


It will be slightly difficult to check the stitching if you are purchasing the bag online. Nonetheless, you may still want to delve into the seams, particularly if the merchants provide close-up pictures of the interior of the bag and take a look at how the handles and linings are sewn together. The stitching should be straight, neat, even, and clean. There will rarely be any loose threads as Burberry is well-known for their thorough craftsmanship.

Interior plaque

Every Burberry bag should contain either a metal plaque engraved with Burberry-London or leather tag with embossed words such as “Made in Italy”. The colour of the bag’s hardware should match the colour of the metal plaque. On top of that, the solid metal will not flake or chip. Most of the products are lined with smooth, polished leather in red, brown or black. Observe the crisp embossing and clean lines as well as the placement of the letter. The size and spacing should be proportionate to each other.

Dust cover

The newer version of Burberry dust bag is tan in colour with a black drawstring. For the older version of the dust bags, it is navy blue with the London wording printed on the front in light blue.

Sours: https://iprice.ph/burberry/bags/
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