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Part 1:

Tina's last year in high school has passed, but not the opportunity to find her soulmate. The night she turns 18 she jumps out of bed to find a red string attached to her ring finger. Who is on the other end? Will it end the way she wanted it too or will it be a clumsy yet romantic mess? All she knows is, she has to find them, even if it's in her pj's at midnight.

Part 2:

Gene, after years of waiting, is ready to propose to his soulmate. They were separated by love and work, but now they are back together and better than ever. He takes his soulmate to Marshmallow's Bar and Club to perform a songposal, will his songwriting skills rock not only the stage but his lover's heart?

Tina's hormonal, hungry, and crampy. Something is going on here. She sends her soulmate and husband away to get her food while she gets down to the source of the problem. It's probably just period cramps..... right?

Louise gets accepted for police training and reminisces with her soulmate about how they first found each other. Through fever, punches, and many inhaler puffs, their lives change forever.

Part 3:

The whole family gets together to share their news. How will the family react?


Bob's Burgers: Regular Sized Rudy Is the Hero the World Needs

Out of the dozens of child characters on Bob's Burgers, Regular Sized Rudy has become one of the most fearless.

While the Belchers are the core of Bob's Burgers, fans of the show know that the funniest characters on the series are the ones in their orbit. In particular, friends of the Belcher kids are unbelievably hilarious. But there's one kid on that show who embodies the best of humanity in his average frame. His name is Regular Sized Rudy, and he is the greatest hero on television.

For eleven seasons, a seemingly endless cavalcade of students from Wagstaff School have entertained fans of the Bob's Burgers. Jimmy Junior, Zeke, Tammy and more fill out the Belchers' crew, though some of them are much more reliable than others. Tammy is more likely to stab Tina in the back than help her, but she's still pitches in from time to time — just in the most selfish way possible.

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Then, there's Andy and Ollie, Jimmy Junior's younger twin brothers, two of the most concerning individuals on the planet. They're pretty much up for anything, though they're easily distracted. If they're needed to complete a very specific task, Andy might just end up pulling Ollie's hair out one strand at a time. They need constant supervision. That's why it's important that Rudy is part of the squad.

Rudolph Stieblitz is better known to fans of Bob's Burgers as Regular Sized Rudy. He was given his nickname because there's another Rudy at Wagstaff who is incredibly short. His nickname is Pocket Sized Rudy and he has yet to fully appear on the show. As such, the Rudy fans know and love became Regular Sized Rudy.

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Great nickname aside, Regular Sized Rudy has a lot of problems. He has severe asthma, and needs to take a puff off of his inhaler every couple of hours or he might die. His parents are divorced, which isn't a problem on its own, but his father in particular puts a lot of stress on him. What's incredible about Rudy is that he continues to thrive and live life to its relative fullest. He is still a kid after all, but anyone who rides shotgun with Louise has earned respect.

He first appeared in an episode that featured Bob chaperoning a school trip to the natural history museum. Rudy was partnered with Louise and they went off tour with Bob. It was the first time that Rudy took the more dangerous path. He got a taste of life and loved it. From that day on, Rudy became an increasingly integral part of the Belcher's posse. All fans have to do is watch the episode about the gang stealing chocolate on the wine train to see how much of a badass Rudy is.

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Possibly the most impressive thing about Rudy is that he actually might be the one to prove that Louise has emotions. Over the years, it's become apparent that Rudy is a little sweet on Louise and vice versa. They even shared their first kiss together. The soft spot Louise has for Rudy is uncharacteristic, but not surprising. Rudy is a fearless warrior who can handle any situation. Louise needs a partner who is ready for whatever war she drags that person into.

What is so fantastic about Rudy is his incredible level of perseverance. Despite his crippling asthma, he has grown his self-confidence by leaps and bounds each season since his introduction. In many ways, Rudy is the kind of hero the world needs these days. He's a regular sized fearless leviathan and caring individual who takes on virtually any challenge.

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Fun hurts my lungs.

— Regular Sized Rudy

Rudolph Stieblitz is a student at Wagstaff School. He is more frequently known as either Regular Sized Rudy or just Rudy. He first appeared in "Carpe Museum" as Louise's assigned field trip buddy, followed by "The Unnatural", where he took part in Diamond Deuces's baseball camp along with Gene & The Pesto twins. Rudy has appeared regularly throughout Season 4 and onwards.



Rudy has a close buzz-cut that is light-ginger. He wears a light navy blue shirt, with red shorts, white tube socks and brown shoes. Fans have speculated whether or not Rudy's appearance is based on Bobby Hill from Mike Judge's TV series, King of the Hill, as the two share similar characteristics. He is 4'1".


In "Carpe Museum", on a school trip to the Museum of Natural History, led by Mr. Frond and chaperoned by Bob, Rudy is assigned Louise as a buddy throughout the trip. He follows the lead of Louise to the offset Amazon Room in the museum, however, their trip takes a turn for the worst when they are on top of the exhibit without a ladder. Bob, Louise's father, is also stuck with them when he ran after the two. The problem goes from bad to worse when Rudy does not have his inhaler, but luckily, Bob uses his vest to make a zipline and all three glide down. He then finds Rudy's backpack which has his inhaler and gives it to him. Bob, Louise & Rudy all get on board the school bus.

In the last episode of season 3, it mainly focuses on Gene trying to live out his dream of becoming a baseball player, while his family scrambles to pay for it. He is seen somewhere near the end at the '' baseball camp'' with Gene and others.



Rudy's parents are divorced and share joint custody with his father having him on weekends.

His father, Sylvester, is a self-described "middle-aged man" who's "trying to get back out there," and his mother is yet to be seen, but according to Rudy in the episode "Carpe Museum", she "hates fun" and is seemingly overprotective of her son since he also claimed that she "barely allowed" him to go on the field trip to the museum in the first place. According to Rudy; his mother once told him that he'd "never climb a tree" and he says this to himself while climbing a fake dead tree while at the 'Amazon Exhibit' in the museum.

Love Interests

Rudy really has the right balance of enabling and shutting Louise down when need be. He does not try to change her, but can speak up. They work because he sees the fun he has with her and the other Belchers ("Dawn of the Peck"), but knows when to walk away. They have come a long way since "Carpe Museum" and in "Bob Actually", it's proven that Louise like-likes Rudy and she definitely holds a soft spot in her heart for Rudy; Which he holds for her as well, stepping far out of his comfort zone for her.


  • Rudy's nickname was devised to distinguish him from Pocket Sized Rudy, a shorter student at Wagstaff School.
  • He is left-handed since he wears his watch on his right wrist which; a common practice for left-handed people, as seen in the "The Kids Rob a Train".
  • He is also musically gifted and can play the cymbals in the episode, "Carpe Museum", as well as the drums in the episode, "The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee", when he played in Gene's temporary newfound band.
  • In the episode "Midday Run", he worked alongside Tina as a hall monitor at Wagstaff School. His rank was known as a "hall minnow" since he was still a beginner.
  • He has some medical problems like his asthma and desperately requires his inhaler "every 2 hours" because he could possibly die without it; he came really close to doing so in the episode "Carpe Museum". He also as a couple of allergies such as poultry, because in the episode "Dawn of the Peck", he says, "Who wants to be in charge of my EpiPen?", "I'm allergic to geese and ducks!" while the crazy birds were surrounding him and the others on the ride. Also in the episode "The Kids Rob a Train", he claims that he is allergic to chocolate; however, he still had no problem eating it, but it's alright because he states, "I just get a rash on my back."
  • In the episode "Teen-a Witch", he won the annual Halloween costume contest dressed as legendary French actor/mime artist, Marcel Marceau.
  • He is best friends with Louise and had his very first kiss with her, which was her first kiss as well, in the episode, "Bob Actually".
  • He seems to have recently become the love interest for Louise in season 7, or at least her feelings for him have become much more noticeable in that season, since she did get jealous of the other girl that he had a crush on.
  • In the episode "Mom, Lies, and Videotape", while Louise was telling Linda her made up version of her school play for Mother's day; she imagined Rudy as the "town sheriff" while imagining herself as his mom who was also an "ex out law," and had her and him acting together side-by-side in the story of her play.
  • In the episode "A Fish Called Tina", he tells Zeke that his favorite color is "green."
  • He is on the Wagstaff School Thinkgineers team ("Prank You for Being a Friend").
  • He claims he his backpack caught on fire at Olive Garden.
  • He celebrates his ninth birthday in "House of 1000 Bounces" even though he has appeared in Ms. LaBonz's fourth-grade class. If Rudy is indeed in fourth-grade, he would be expected to have turned ten within the academic year. However, it is possible that he skipped a grade or the episode takes place before said academic year.


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Every time Louise and Rudy Interact (Season 8)

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