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✔Drum percolator
✔ Several water swirls cool & filter the smoke
✔ Herb bowl with handle included


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Black Leaf Bongs – In Weed We Trust

Black Leaf – “In Weed We Trust” This motto is also the building ethos for their whole bong range.

Black Leaf has been for over 20 years the cult name for cool design and high-quality workmanship on all glassware cannabis paraphernalia like Bongs, Pipes and more.

Black Leaf is more than a sales structure. The designs and produces most of its products on its own. For more than twenty years now. In close cooperation with production partners from all over the world, Black leaf design office is constantly developing new products for new trends such as dabbing or vaporising.

In addition to its innovations, the Black Leaf range impresses with its variety of products and offers in every product segment. The range not only offers a huge selection of bongs in every size, material and application, but also an accessory range that is second to none.

It started with a few freaks who constructed laboratory equipment (this is the reason for the standard ground glass fittings that are still used today) – for a neutral-tasting Kick. The basic form of the classic bong has been retained.

Today glass bongs are qualitatively higher than laboratory equipment and have been developed for Connoisseurs with particularly high demands.

This is in part due to the accessories that may be attached, for every purpose. There are Glass bongs that come in the standard form but also as Percolator, Dabbing, Ice Bongs or Bubblers.

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    If you are looking for high quality but affordable glass, than Black Leaf Bongs are a perfect match for you. Not only do they look amazing, but also they are extremely easy to use, easy to clean and if you are a clumsy person you can relax, these bongsare damn sturdy!

    And if you are searching the web for Black Leaf bongs for sale but don’t know which bong to buy, well let us break down what they make. Black Leaf design and make straight bongs, beaker bongs, percolator bongs, pipes, vaporizers and pretty much most smoking paraphernalia you can think of.

    Click Here To Shop For Black Leaf Bongs


    The cost-effective straight bongs by Black Leaf come in a range of sizes. Made with strong glass and a circular base for extra security, so you can be sure you are buying a decent bong. Each straight bong comes etched with the classic black logo to add to the look.


    Beaker bongs are probably the most popular types of bongs and Black Leaf makes some of the best at the most reasonable prices. Designed in all sorts of sizes, Black Leaf has made a beaker bong for all smokers, whether you are new to it or not.


    Percolator bongs have become much more popular since cannabis laws have been more relaxed in the states and again Black Leaf produce some of the very best perc bongs on the market. You have plenty to choose from, they even make a Black Leaf percolator ice bong that is a sure thing to be as smooth as anything is.

    Golden Dragon Series

    The glass Black Leaf Golden Dragon Series bongs is a great line of cylinder bongs, polished off with the logo and painted in gold. This series of bongs have a glass thickness of 4mm and is a great addition to any Chinese or dragon lover.

    Flaming Skull

    The Black Leaf flaming skull bong series are perfect for the percolator lovers out there. Normally painted in blue with a fiery skull etched into the glass, these bongs are a perfect mix of quality and affordability.

    Party Bong

    The Black Leaf Party bong is as you guessed great for parties or for using at any social gathering. If you love to share than this party bong is for you.

    Elite Bong

    The Black Leaf Elite bong is perfect for beaker and diffusion lovers. This bong comes with a 6-arm slitted tree percolator. What more could you want?

    Final Thoughts

    I have to say that I am impressed with the well balance of price and quality on the Black Leaf glass bongs. I think you can be pretty confident in purchasing one of these beautiful bongs.

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    Bongs black leaf

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    Black Leaf Bong Review - Black Leaf Dome Perc Bong with Ash Catcher

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