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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: 8 Best Pistols

It should come as no surprise that as a highly trained soldier, Commander Shepard possesses a diverse collection of weaponry. Different weapons can come in handy depending on the circumstances. However, one fact always remains constant. A reliable sidearm is invariably useful no matter the situation.

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Like the other classes of weaponry, pistols come in a variety of shapes and sizes in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Some pack a heavier punch, while others are lighter and more versatile. Regardless of playstyle, having a proper pistol strapped to one's side might just prevent a quick and untimely death. Players can never go wrong with these sidearms in their inventories.

8 Karpov X

For players looking to pack as much power as possible into their pistol, the Karpov X is one of the best. With a damage output of , it's second only to the highest-tiered Spectre pistol. Boasting an accuracy rating of 75, the Karpov X is still a precise weapon, capable of dishing out decent damage from a moderate range. The slightly less powerful Karpov IX is also an excellent choice.

The player will need to be at a relatively high level in the first Mass Effect for the best quality items to start appearing as random loot. Purchasing the Rosenkov Materials armory license is another good method when trying to obtain a Karpov X. Some merchants may have it in stock, so keep those eyes peeled!

7 M-5 Phalanx

The M-5 Phalanx is Mass Effect's version of the magnum. It possesses incredible stopping power, able to shred through even the thickest armor. Although weaker against shields and biotic barriers, the Phalanx can still stop an enemy dead in his tracks with a well-aimed shot.

This particular sidearm appears in both Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. In both cases, the Phalanx can be found on Tuchanka. It can be bought from Ratch in Mass Effect 2 and can be found during the "Priority: Tuchanka" mission in Mass Effect 3.

6 M-6 Carnifex

A favored weapon among the galaxy's mercenaries, the M-6 Carnifex is yet another high damage-dealing pistol. Although the recoil effects can be significant, there's no denying the Carnifex's deadliness, especially at close range. Similar to the Phalanx, the M-6 Carnifex is best employed against either unarmored or armored enemies.

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There's nothing convoluted about acquiring the Carnifex. Mordin Solus gives this weapon to the player in the midst of the former's recruitment mission on Omega. As such, it's a sidearm the player is guaranteed to obtain in the course of Mass Effect 2's campaign.

5 M Suppressor

The M is a silenced pistol ideal for stealthy situations. The strength of this weapon can be witnessed by landing clean and accurate headshots. The critical hit damage inflicted on enemies is massive and can easily clear a room in a matter of seconds. Just keep a steady aim and watch those melons pop!

The M Suppressor only appears in Mass Effect 3. More specifically, it's obtained automatically in The Citadel DLC during the "Citadel Wards: Ambush" mission.

4 M Talon

The M Talon is a rather unique weapon. It's essentially a shotgun/pistol hybrid, remarkably effective at close range. High-powered shotgun pellets are released when the trigger is pulled, blasting anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in its path. It's most effective against unarmored enemies and becomes less useful at longer ranges.

The Talon is another pistol that's only available in Mass Effect 3. It can be found during the "Priority: Citadel II" mission inside a locked room. Once the locks are bypassed, the pistol is there for the taking.

3 HMWP Master Pistol X

There's no better gear in the first Mass Effect entry than the Spectre equipment. The Level X version of the Spectre pistol is hands-down the best sidearm in the game. At damage and an 88 accuracy rating, this pistol is a legitimate beast.

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Nevertheless, obtaining the Spectre gear requires some hard work on the player's part. First, Shepard needs to become a Spectre, which occurs automatically early in the story. To unlock the most valuable equipment, the player also needs to reach at least level

2 Arc Pistol

The Arc Pistol is one of the more versatile sidearms that Shepard can acquire. It possesses two primary modes of fire: semi-automatic and charged. The semi-automatic version uses less ammo, but the damage it inflicts is average. Conversely, charging the shot makes the Arc pistol extremely powerful, but eats up more ammo in the process.

Found in Mass Effect 3, the Arc Pistol is obtained during the "Priority: Geth Dreadnought" mission. Tali will set the weapon aside for Shepard to take. For some reason, if the player still misses it, the Arc Pistol can be purchased later from Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies.

1 Acolyte

Whereas most of the pistols on this list are known for their armor-piercing capabilities, the Acolyte takes a different approach. This pistol fires unique ammunition that makes it positively devastating against shields and biotic barriers. The downside, of course, is that the Acolyte is a lot less effective against heavily armored foes.

The Acolyte was originally a piece of DLC for Mass Effect 3. In the Legendary Edition, the Acolyte can be purchased from the Nos Astra Sporting Goods terminal in the Presidium Commons on the Citadel. The base price is listed at 10, credits.

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Mass Effect Carnifex Hand Cannon

This is the newest version of my Carnifex Hand Cannon Model from Mass Effect video game with room for electronics. Cut into small parts so that it can be printed on smaller print beds. Here you can find out more about my process of making this project come alive. 

The Carniflex is a highly accurate and lethal sidearm. Effective against armor; weak against shields and biotic barriers. Upgrades the Predator heavy pistol. The Carnifex is a favored sidearm of mercenary leaders and Eclipse mercenary tech specialists. An expensive but powerful weapon. Its marketing materials feature a charging krogan with the slogan, "Don't you wish Carnifex was at your side?"

Mass Effect is a science fiction action role-playing third person shooter video game series. The trilogy revolves around a soldier by the name of Commander Shepard, whose mission is to save the galaxy from a race of powerful mechanical beings known as the Reapers and their agents.

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M-6 Carnifex

Weapon TypeHeavy Pistols
Fire Rate

M-6 Carnifex is a Heavy Pistol in Mass Effect 3. Heavy Pistols  are one of the six types of Weapons available in Mass Effect 3 and despite their size, they are massive damage dealing Weapons. Weapons in Mass Effect 3 are used to inflict damage to both Enemies or Bosses alongside Powers. Unlike the previous game, Classes do not limit the type of weaponry at your disposal.


M-6 Carnifex Information

A highly accurate and lethal pistol. The Carnifex is a favored sidearm of mercenary leaders and Eclipse mercenary tech specialists. An expensive but powerful weapon, its marketing materials feature a charging Krogan with the slogan "Don't you wish Carnifex was at your side?"

  • Manufacturer: Unknown
  • Fire Mode: Semi-Automatic
  • Clip Size: 6
  • Reserve: 30


M-6 Carnifex Location


M-6 Carnifex Available Upgrades

Heavy Pistols can have two active upgrades at the same time. In order to apply these upgrades, you have to do it at a weapon bench:


M-6 Carnifex Tips & Notes

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  • ??




Effect carnifex mass 3

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Acquisition Edit

Single-player: Purchased from Kassa Fabrication kiosk in the Presidium Commons. Can be picked up during Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists after leaving the scientists.

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Mass effect 3, M-11 Suppressor is balanced and fair

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