Kenma x insecure reader

Kenma x insecure reader DEFAULT

. — hi, yes i'm not ded Kenma x reader Genre :...


hi, yes i’m not ded

Kenma x reader

Genre : fluff

Warnings : um….none? Insecurity?

< kenma loves apple pies, but he loves you more………maybe >


“what is it?” his soft voice laced with concern as he drew soothing circles on your hips, making you raise an eyebrow, only now realizing you’d been dozing off, you mind out of your head on a runaway to god knows where,

But he brought you back with a hand on the nape of your neck, caressing the exposed skin before inching closer and trailing his nose up the side od yours, his long black hair a mix with the fading bleach back from highschool days, brushing against your cheeks before claiming as your own

“tell me” a command delivered ever so gently, like a fallen leaf down a small river, as not to startle the sleeping fishes below, flowing smoothly, that’s what his voice is like.

How lucky are you to be the one to hear it up close, so close.

How lucky are you to be the one in his shirt, in his arms.

How lucky are you to be the one that he looks at, the one who holds his heart, the one he love oh so much.

These thoughts only further more blur your mind, do you deserve this? Do you deserve him? That’s obviously a no, he’s way too good for this world, let alone you.

But does he deserve you? You’d often think about this one. He’s a young ceo, a successful man, and of course he’s very handsome and so much more.

He could have just about anyone he wants, yet he choose you, most of the time you’d brush it off, but tonight though, with his hands on your waist and yours around his neck, the close almost none gap between the two of you only made you realize it more, how he deserves so much more

“i’m….no model you know….” your voice is just a whisper, as thin as air, had he move his attention just a bit he wouldn’t have heard you, but he did, clear as day despite the moon being up and awake.

“what is that supposed to mean?” his voice doesn’t waver not one bit, with a slight frown on his brows you can tell he did not like what you just said and wanted an explanation.

You only gave him a shrug before averting your eyes to elsewhere much better than his own, though from the corner of your eyes you can see his head tilt and his frown slightly deepen before he reaches to move your chin to face him once more.

His raised eyebrows is more than enough to tell you what he wants, so with a sigh you succumb into the swirling thoughts you had tried to push away,

“you could have anyone you want….why….me” if you were whispering at the beginning of the sentence, your voice is long gone down the cliff by the time you finished it, only mouthing the words with your dry lips.

His only response is to once again furrow his brows, before letting out a sigh, his confused eyes now a color of love mixed with a tiny hint of sadness.

He pulled you closer to kiss your the side of your head before guiding it to rest at his chest, this time kissing the top of your head.

You stayed like that for a while, the gears in his head working to find what to say, he finally did found it after that while you spent in silence, he starts his sentence slowly, making sure you hear each and every word he say

“listen to me very carefully, i don’t need a model, and i don’t want anyone else, i love you, and only you”

he paused as he pulled away too look you in the eyes, an adoring smile painted his lips, he then kissed the soft skin right under you eye before continuing,

“i wouldn’t trade you for the world” now it’s your turn to raise your eyebrows, in slight shock more than confusion,

“really?” your small voice asking for assurance only set the butterflies in his stomach even wilder reaching his face and lifting the corners of his lips even higher,

“really.” with a few small nods he answered, tracing his nose up and down yours before pecking the tip of it, making you breath out a giggle.

“would you trade me for the galaxy then?”

“i told you, i wouldn’t trade you for anything”



“what about for the last slice of apple pie in the universe?”


“you won’t right?”







Thanks for reading!

Hope you liked itt ♡

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• hq boys always…

• genre : fluff

Bokuto always open doors for you (car doors too) and then would offer his hand for you to hold on

Kuroo always has your products stocked in his bathroom, from pads all the way to hand lotion

Sakusa always has a hand on your lower back, it doesn’t touch you though, he’s a man of respect

Kenma always spares time when you’re about to sleep, doesn’t matter if he needs to pause his stream

Akaashi always holds your hand, be it at a public place or even when you’re just making a simple tea

Atsumu always intertwines your hands, he likes the comforting feeling of protecting you, his love

Osamu always makes you bentos, he pays attention to your likes & dislikes while balancing the nutritions

Kageyama always drives you places, no matter how busy his practice schedule is, he insists

Ushijima always makes sure the flowers in the vase are fresh, because you bought him a bouquet once


mtfuji: “Ivan Castro ” Isnt this elsa’s mountain?

Isnt this elsa’s mountain?

the likeness of a lover

ushijima wakatoshi is a lot of things. he is strong and reliable, blunt and honest, stoic and relentless. most of all, ushijima wakatoshi is confident.

when it comes to you, however, he is anything but.

the first time he talked to you, the way you looked at him — eyes sparkling, lips upturned into a soft smile, head nodding along as you listened to him with undivided attention — had him mesmerized, making him stumble over his own words under your gaze. he had proceeded to promptly, and politely (at least to him), cut your discussion short before he embarrassed himself any further. looking back now even ushijima had the mind to know that supplementary classes weren't a topic interesting enough for you to have looked as enticed.

ushijima thought he was safe after that. but then you started smiling at him whenever you saw him in the hallway, sometimes waving a hand in greeting, but other times (and he dreaded these times) walking over to engage in conversation, making small talk as you both walked to wherever you were headed to next. you were ever cheerful, doing most of the talking, oblivious to the way nervousness coursed through the veins of the boy beside you, his heart hammering in his chest.

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Summary : bro idk

Genre : crack

Warning : probably some swearing

Note : idk if anyone done this yet but here's mine anyways



  • dark vibes
  • The punk who wears chains and eyeliner
  • But like, dumb, yall get it?
  • He'll be playing with his necklace and the next second he got his hair caught in it
  • LMAO
  • Popular bcs of the laugh but he thinks its because he handsome asf


  • ✨ facts you don't know abt paradis ✨
  • He's into astrology stuff
  • The contents of his tiktoks are actually interesting
  • Eventually got verified because boy has quality content


  • Hot girl that does nothing
  • Iiterally
  • Her tiktoks are just of her doing everyday shit
  • But it blows up somehow
  • She only plays because she know eren plays and hopes she got to his fyp


  • His tiktoks are the pov ones, yk the ones that are like
  • [ pov : u r the new girl and met the popular boy on ur first day in the sc ]
  • Keyword : tries
  • His acc got suspended 2x because he asked connie to hack tiktok to verify him


  • Mukbang asmr tiktok
  • Thats it.
  • Sometimes connie joins her


  • The crackhead of tiktok
  • Tries weird experiments so yall dont have to
  • People who go to connie's profile will automatically lose half their braincells


  • I hate to say it. But canon levi attitude would have him be a grumpy confused grandpa tiktok
  • He cannot for the love of sina turn the camera around
  • His acc is mostly run by hange who films him secretly
  • Hange filmed him working out once and it blew up so hard that the phone broke
  • He got verified because of that one tiktok lmaoooooo


  • ..........he is the confused teacher
  • Talks about history
  • He doesn't know tiktoks only last for 30-60 sevonds and keeps talking even after the cam stop recording
  • Even then he very rarely uploads any, probably bcs he doesn't know how to
  • *squints at phone to read comments*


Lmk if u wanna see more!!

Shimizu senshu is very alike with ushijima…



zoppzoop asked:


hi v!!! its been a while!!!


「 🍪 」


Anonymous asked:

「 💧 」


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Kenma Kozume x Reader |Distraction|

Literature Text

"Hey, Kenma, did you know cats are proven to lower blood pressure?"

"I don't have a cat, though."

You perk up, eyeing him warily. He gave you a response, that's an improvement! Kenma looks up from his console for only a moment, his face unreadable. Smiling, you feel a sense of accomplishment.

Whenever you tried to talk to him before now, he only responded in grunts, and one ward responses. The  hope you have that he'll finally pay attention to you diminishes when he returns to playing his game. 'A cruel fate.'

A pout replacing your previous smile, you dramatically collapse onto his couch. He doesn't seem to mind.

"I can't believe you've been playing Pokemon for the past hour."

Kenma responds with a hum, analytic eyes surveying his screen. Despite liking Pokemon yourself, you can't comprehend why he won't just play it when you leave. Even if you may or may not have invited yourself over, you were the guest. You'd figure Kenma would provide some form of entertainment. But no, he's been steadily gazing at his console the entire time.  

You suddenly decide to change tactics.

"So, what is it you're trying to do, exactly?" you inquire, shortening the gap between you two on the couch by moving closer to him. He tenses for a moment, taking notice of the lack of space between you two.

"I'm trying to find a shiny ralts." his voice wavers when you press up against him, head hovering above his shoulder. Blinking inquisitively, you gaze at his screen. He shuffles next to you, breathing uneven.

A comfortable silence looms. Kenma continues to play, running back in forth in grass, hoping to encounter what it was he was looking for. You entertain yourself by watching him, taking notes on his characteristics. Your favorite being, whenever you move so much as a centimeter closer to him, his face is an odd cross of delight and unease. You can't help but indulge your own thoughts, wondering if that was a sign pointing to something larger. You could only hope.

Time continues ticking by. Before, once again, you find yourself feeling bored.

If anything, you have to admire Kenma's patience. It's difficult for you to stay on a repetitive task for too long without giving up. Kenma must have incredible tolerance that you lack.

"Kenma." you beckon, drawing out his name playfully. He gulps when noticing your tone, but tries to keep a steady appearance. His gaze shifts over in your direction.

"Do you really want a shiny ralts this much? You've easily been trying for over an hour."

And just like that, his eyes return to that irritating screen. You notice him biting his lip, eyebrows knitting together.

"Yeah," he pauses for a moment, as if contemplating something. "It's... easier when you're around."

You blink. Did you hear him right? For Kenma, that was incredibly daring. Not to mention odd. But nonetheless endearing.

When what he says finally settles, you smile. Despite your adoration for him, it wouldn't hurt to poke a little fun, right? It might even give you insight towards his feelings for you!

"Oh? And what do you mean by that?" you shoot him a teasing look. He keeps his eyes glued to his screen, and you swear there's a light red dusting over his cheeks. It's gone as soon as you notice it.

"I mean, uh, your presence. It's nice. Soothing, I guess." he looks unsure of himself for a moment, but continues talking anyway. "Beats being alone."

Your heart begins thumping against your chest.

"Well, I'm glad you didn't shut the door on me when I knocked." you joke. He shakes his head.

"I wouldn't do that to you," he trails off. Kenma contemplates for a moment, before adding, "Probably."

"Wow. What a Prince Charming." you murmur sarcastically. The corner of Kenma's lips turn up for a brief second.

When you don't continue the conversation, he returns to his game.

You're not surprised by this point, so why you feel disappointment is beyond you. At least you got a few lines out of him, that's the most you've accomplished from this visit. That, and learning a few of his habits.

Even if sitting in silence and watching him play had its own charm, nothing beats talking to him.

'I need to think of a good conversation starter! Uh, I could ask for his middle name. Wait, I don't know what to do after he tells me. Maybe tell him some more cat trivia? Possibly a cat pun? Well, it's meow or never.'

You snicker. Kenma furrows his eyebrows together, before shrugging, and resuming his task.

"Hey, Kenma, can I see your team?" you inquire. Kenma immediately stiffens next to you. It was worse than when you were scooting closer to him a while ago. Before you could jokingly ask if he wants a massage, he shoots a hurried response your way.

"That's not a good idea."

This is enough to provoke your curiosity.

"Why's that?"

He continues to avoid eye contact with you.


You snort, before reaching for his console. He sucks in a sharp breath, but doesn't put up a fight. He allows you to gingerly take his console, and open up to see his team.

That's when you freeze.

Right there, in pixelated form, is a shiny ralts staring back at you. Not only that -- but its name was [First].

The gears in your head are turning, as you try to figure out what was going on. Why would Kenma lie about something so minor as catching a shiny ralts? Did you actually just waste the past two hours of your life? And hold on, why was it named after you? This was more confusing than your latest math test. Which you failed.

"Kenma?" he can tell by your tone that you're awaiting an explanation. Once again, he sheepishly looks down at his lap. If you weren't so busy feeling bewildered you might've felt bad for the guy.

"I caught it just before you knocked," he murmurs, twiddling his thumbs. "I'm not the best with people, and I guess... I didn't want you to leave if I wasn't able to hold a conversation. I thought this would be an easier route."

His eyes soften for a moment.

"Like I said. It's nice hanging out with you. And... since the shiny ralts is special to me, might as well name it after someone special. Yeah."

You gape at him, words unable to manifest. How could you respond to such an adorable proclamation? Your heart continues to beat erratically, and it feels like a century before you're able to come up with a decent response.

"I feel the same way about you," you blurt out. You put your hands up in defense when you realize how that could be interpreted, and begin to ramble on. "I mean! It's nice. And-- you don't need to worry about holding a conversation. I suck at that stuff too. But I think we're doing alright."

He nods his head.

"Yeah." he mumbles in agreement, before finally catching eyes with you. He looks uncharacteristically determined.

"Do you have anymore cat... facts?"

"How could you even ask that. Of course I do."

  1. A tacs camo
  2. Android pie hotspot hack
  3. Vertical square water tank

"Good Lord, Kenma, how the hell do you have that many sweet rolls in your inventory!" I said incredulously as I looked at Kenma's character screen on Skyrim. "They aren't even essential to gameplay!"

Kuroo laughed loudly in between munching Cheetos on Kenma's living room couch. "Yeah man you should be stocking up on health potions instead cause you're gonna need 'em once you run into a frost troll!" Kenma irritably clicked his tongue, eyes still glued to the screen.

"I'd like to see you try and play this..." he mumbled. I giggled and continued watching Kenma play. He and Kuroo had just had practice about an hour beforehand and, being one of Kenma's best friends, I accepted the invitation they gave me to come over and play video games at his house. I wanted to come see Kenma play Skyrim since I had considered getting it over the weekend, so was learning the basics while watching Kenma.

Kuroo signed heavily and looked into his now empty bag of Cheetos.

"Yo, Kenma, Im gonna go head over to the convenience store to grab some more snacks. See ya in fifteen." With that he got up and walked out of Kenma's room tossing the empty bag in the trashcan. I watched Kuroo leave and quickly took his spot on the couch with a cunning smile.

"Guess whose not gettin' their seat back." I said under my breathe with a chuckle. I watched as Kenma serenely continued playing his game. All of a sudden his phone buzzed. He paused and picked it up. It seemed like he tensed up a bit and I thought his ears turned a bit red but it was probably just the lighting.  I leaned over his shoulder a bit.

"Hey is that Snapchat?" Kenma jumped and quickly hid his phone looking quite nervous. I put my hands in the air defensivly.

"Woah, chill, I was just curious." I said.

"Don't you have a Snapchat, (f/n)?" Kenma asked. I looked around and rubbed the back of my head.

"No...not really. I kind of avoid social media and consists of selfies and all that stuff..." I said awkwardly, my face a little pink. Kenma raised an eyebrow.

"Why is that? Its a pretty cool way to share pictures." he suggested. I frantically shook my head and laughed nervously. I wasn't sure if he would laugh at me for what I was about to say or agree with me. I found it kind of hard to find the words to tell Kenma what I thought about myself since I've had a crush on him since I transferred to Nekoma.

"Its just...most people on social media post pictures of themselves if they have the looks for it...which is something I'm lacking. And believe me the world has seen enough of my face already." I tried to laugh like I just made a lame joke until I saw Kenmas face.

He looked at me with wide eyes which soon turned angry...well, angry for Kenma.

"Why would you say such a thing about yourself!? Is that what you really think!?" I was genuinely surprised and I felt my face redden but I kept my composer.

"Well yeah. I mean it's not like I'm actually attractive or anything. I seriously have the same boring (h/c) hair everyday, I wear  jeans and a sweatshirt everyday, and when I actually try to put make up on and stuff I just look like I'm trying too hard to be something I 'm's simple really." Kenma looked down and stared intently and the ground with his cat-like irises.

"(f/n)...did you ever had your appearance commented" He asked in a dark tone. I felt a dull ache grow in my heart  and tears sting in my eyes but I still kept my smile.

"I guess...I posted some selfies a while back and...and people told the truth about what they thought..." Kenma drew closer and I felt his hand caress my cheek. I was crying? When did that happen?

"What did they say." Kenma asked. Thats when my mask shattered and I started crying. At first it started off as broken words then gradually more tears fell.

"I-it was the reason I moved...people were making fun of me at school and online...I was finding hate mail in my friends were turning on started because...the girl I was running  against for class president hated me...she got a hold of some pictures I had posted...she started pointing out every flaw and made up stuff about me...and sent a list to the whole school...and some of the comments were..." I gasped a little as the tears continued. "I-I really dont want to believe the things she said...but every time I look in the mirror now...deep down I know they are true..."

I sat there for a while shaking and weak. That was until I realized Kenma was hugging me. His arms were wrapped tightly around me and my face was buried in the crook of his neck among his fluffy locks of blonde hair. Normally I would have been embarrassed and pull away, but I couldnt help but return his embrace.

"Listen to me." He said in a surprisingly heartfelt voice."If there is one thing I am terrified of it's being judged by others. And one thing I know is that people are liars. Some people will say terrible and untruthful things for their own benefit and don't give a damn about who it hurts. All those people are liars. All the things that came out of their mouths were lies. And I just want you to know that-"

His voice caught in his throat and he pulled away. He sat there looking at the floor shuffling uncomfortably. Kenma's face was a deep scarlet and his brow was furrowed with concentration.

"I-I want you t-to k-know that...I um...ahh..." It looked like he was really struggling and he pulled at his collar. He met my eyes once, became even more red, and quickly pulled his hood over his face.I sat there confused with my heart in my throat.

"I-I want you to know that e-everything about you is w-wonderful. You are the p-prettiest girl I have ever laid eyes on and...I like you...a lot."

I sat there staring and felt my face burn and my heart slam against my chest. I couldn't help but smile like an idiot and I clasped my hand over my mouth to try stifle a giggle. Kenma curled up in a little ball.

"D-don't laugh at me...t-that was difficult." he mumbled from his sweat-shirt ball. I nervously tucked my hair behind my ear. Why am I doing this! I leaned closer to Kenma and gently tapped his shoulder.

"Hey...Kenma?" I said sweetly.

"What?" he said, lifting his head, still avoiding my eyes. Before he could do anything, I grabbed both sides of his hood and pulled him forward. I placed a slow but gentle kiss on his lips. I heard him sharply inhale and sit their frozen. I finally pulled away and stared the the ground. We were still very close.

Kenma's hood fell away to reveal his face, which was dark red and had a very shocked expression.

"" He tried to form words but it seemed I had broken him. I giggled.

"You are very cute when you stutter, Kenma. And when you blush..."I said, once and a while glancing up at his face. At this he looked even more embarrassed. I quickly grabbed a pillow and used it to hide my face.

"And I like you, too!" I almost yelled. I peaked over the top of my pillow to see Kenma with a smile on his face he was trying to cover up.

"I KNEW IT!!" Both Kenma and I nearly jumped out of our skins as Kuroo appeared in the doorway, arms filled with snacks. Kenma and I both moved away from each other as fast as they possibly could. Kuroo was laughing with triumph.

"I knew you would have the guts to confess today! You saw my Snapchat right?" he asked. Overcoming my embarrasment, I looked curiously at Kenma, who looked terrified.

"Please dont show her..."

"Show me what?" Kuroo took out his phone with a sly look on his face and held the screen in front of me. It was a picture of Kuroo with the stupidest look on his face in front of a stand of Pocky at the convenience store and it read ; 

"box of pocky on me if u confess, u and (f/n) can share if u know what i mean ;D"

Kuroo grinned like a cat as he dangled a box of Pocky in front of me.

"Why dont you and Kenma here go play the Pocky game or somethin...isnt that what you kids do these days?"

Kenma immediately stood up and dragged Kuroo outside his room and slammed the door. But not before grabbing the box of Pocky first...


Akaashi's Baby Girl — Could I request HeadCanons of Kenma with as/o...

torucr asked:

Could I request HeadCanons of Kenma with as/o who’s insecure about her body in general ? And how he helps comfort her ? Just general fluff pls 🥺👉👈 Btw , love your writing 💞💕💖💝💓💘💗

helping comfort an insecure reader

pairings: kenma x reader

warnings: none

a/n: reminder that all requests are currently closed. do not request until you see my requests say they’re open

  • When he first hears that you are insecure about your body he’s really just like
  • I wouldn’t say confused, because he’s not confuse at all
  •  it’s a really normal feeling for a person to be insecure about what they look like and he gets that
  • He will throw his headphones on and set an listen to you talk about why you feel so insecure about your body like what you don’t like about yourself that makes you just hate your body and what you look like in general
  • and with everyone of those reasons, he’s going to find a way to counter that and say something good about it
  • he doesn’t care really how long it takes him to come up with things that he loves about your body because he already knows so many things that he love sleep the way you look, the way you feel, how soft your skin is etc etc
  • he doesn’t need to come off in any rude way with a why don’t you like what you look like because again he knows it’s a general normal feeling and it goes around with different people and everyone feels like that
  • He’s not gonna have a pressure you to tell him anything about how you’re feeling or what’s going on inside your head that’s making you feel this horrible way
  • but as I was saying before he will find all the reasons why he loves your body
  • He tells you that there is nothing you should be worried about as you are so fucking beautiful and that you shouldn’t stress over what you look like because it really doesn’t matter towards anyone else
  • You’re important to him and your family and he tells you that everyone that loves you loves the way that you look like
  • he’s not going to be one of those people who like, they’re just saying that because they’re jealous of you, because he knows that that’s really not affective and that’s what everyone gets told and half the time it’s not true
  • there will definitely be a night where kenma Puts his controller down, terms of his games and he will sit down on the bed with you laying down next to him and the both of you would just be with your clothes off
  • It’s not in any sexual inappropriate way but he wants to see your whole body
  • he’s going to press kisses down every single part of your body and just compliment you and tell you how much he loves you and your body

© all content belongs to akaashisbabygirl 2020, do not repost or change

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Anonymous asked:

hi i’ve been thinking about this a lot and i love your writing soooo how would you think your favourite hq boys would realise they’re in love with you <3

realising they are in love with you

every time he saw a picture of you, he found himself staring at it for too long with adoration in his eyes - daichi, kuroo, yaku, oikawa, futakuchi, semi, atsumu, suna

you’re on his mind 24/7 - sugawara, hinata, tanaka, nishinoya, iwaizumi, matsukawa, hanamaki, koganegawa, bokuto, shirabu, terushima

he began to realise that he felt at home when the two of you would hang out together - kageyama, tsukishima, kenma, kyōtani, akaashi, tendou, ushijima, osamu

he got lost in your eyes and your smile - asahi, yamaguchi, lev, kunimi, aone, konoha, goshiki, kita, aran

© all content belongs to akaashisbabygirl 2021, do not repost or change

i’m so sorry for being gone for so long! i’m gonna work on some requests now

reminder that i’m still here and still working away :’( i’ll try and have some posts up soon

hi my loves!! what animes have you been watching lately? i’ve been watching black clover and tokyo revengers!!

Anonymous asked:

Okay but like Akaashi with an s/o who always wants to be the bigger spoon and is always holding his hand and holding his face. But this one time she oversteps her boundaries and she retreats completely cause she’s worried she’ll do it again. Pls do head canons or your take on it.

s/o pulling away after overstepping boundaries

pairings: akaashi x reader

warnings: none

a/n: i wasn’t 100% sure with what you wanted me to write, so i wrote what i thought was correct. i hope thats okay !!

Keep reading

killersanesthetic asked:

Hi!! Noticed your requests were open so uh here’s me sending one? IDNDUSIDJDHR anyways could you do head cannons about like cute date things (cute things they would do on a date or something like that) of atsumu x reader? Hopes this makes sense!

Anonymous asked:

Tsukishima kei idk he gives me sadistic vibes can u also write a smau about him pretty plz

sadistic tsukishima

pairings: tsukishima x reader

warnings: none

a/n: i apologise, i wasn’t really sure what to write for this. i kinda tried to base what i wrote on the definition of ‘sadistic’ so i’m really sorry if it’s not what you were expecting

Keep reading

Anonymous asked:

can u write a headcanon with kuroo based on Why Don't We - Look At Me? I think this song suits him

look at me

pairings: kuroo x reader

warnings: none

a/n: i’m not sure if you wanted this to be a nsfw request, so i made it sfw, i hope thats okay!!

Keep reading

Anonymous asked:

oikawa, akaashi, and sugawara for the medical student s/o too pretty please 🥺

i apologise, my requests are currently closed

Anonymous asked:

omg hi i hope ur doing fine this day:) could i maybe request suna and/or mattsun with a medical student s/o? you can add/remove characters as you please, i just rlly need some mad comfort rn as a med student having it rough:( thank you sm and i hope u get this<3

having a medical student s/o

pairings: suna x reader, matsukawa x reader

warnings: none

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X insecure reader kenma

bunnyywritings — trends and insecurity Kozume Kenma x...

trends and insecurity

Kozume Kenma x bestfriend!reader


𝕡𝕣𝕖𝕧𝕚𝕠𝕦𝕤 - 𝕤𝕖𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕤 𝕞𝕒𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕝𝕚𝕤𝕥 - 𝕟𝕖𝕩𝕥

[a/n: It’s 3am so I’m not sure how well I proof read this but here’s part 2 of cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater, this one is slightly angsty so, enjoy! -yours truly, bunnyy -`ღ´- ps. Trigger warning: (y/n) gets catcalled]

Today, the coaches decided to do a joint practice, meaning that both the guys’ club and the girls’ club would end up having a practice match as well. You were pumped. You had practiced with the boys before but never had a full on match. You bounded excitedly into the gym, smirking once you spotted Kuroo and dashed towards him.

“(Y/n)-” Kenma watched in amusement as you jumped onto the captain’s back, clinging onto him like a koala.

“ACK! What the-” Kuroo turned his head, your noses were inches apart.

“Hello~” You smiled before jumping off of him.

“(Y/N)!!” You turned towards a smiley Lev.

“My child!” You shouted, arms open. He made his way towards you and wrapped you up in his arms. Picking you up and spinning you around. Your eyes widened as you gripped onto his shoulders for dear life since you were a good 500 ft off the ground.

“Lev! Be careful!” Yaku scolded before Lev stopped and put me down. Dizzy, you stumbled around before Kenma caught you in his arms before you could trip on air.

“Thanks Kozu..”you mumbled, hiding your face in his shoulder so no one would see you blush. Kuroo smirked when he saw Kenma blush and look away so the others wouldn’t see his flustered expression.

“Alright everyone! Let’s start with passing drills! Let’s go!” Coach Nekomata instructed. A chorus of groans, including your own, rang throughout the gym. “Did I hear correctly? You guys want punishment dives around the gym? No? Then hustle!” He chuckled. The two teams split up, gathering on either side of the court and started passing drills. The boys took a break while the girls did their spike/blocking drills since they had only set up one net.

Kenma couldn’t stop himself from watching as you bent your knees in a squat, readying yourself to set up for a spike. The way the black spandex hugged the curves of your hips, the way your supple yet firm thighs strained against the shiny fabric–

“Wow Kenma~ So naughty, staring at (y/n)-chan like that~” Kuroo teased his friend. Anyone else would’ve thought that the pigment on his cheeks and his chest heaving for oxygen was from all the physically strenuous activity but Kuroo knew better. You had literally stolen his friends’ breath away. They both watched as you jumped, back curved in the perfect form for a spike before the palm of your hand met the ball in a powerful swing and you sent the ball straight down, the sound of it smacking against the hardwood floor was intimidating. There was a reason why you were the ace of the girls’ team.

Kenma smiled as he watched you land on the ground, victorious grin splitting your lips while you gave a little fist pump in the air.

The rest of the girls went before they switched with the boys to take their break. The entire time, you couldn’t take your eyes off of Kenma. Sure, his spikes and blocks were a bit lack luster but when he was setting up the ball, you couldn’t look away. The way his jaw was clenched, the way his eyes were sharp and focused, and his hands…how they pushed the ball up into the air and–

“You’re staring again.” An amused voice snapped you out of your trance.

“I know Kenji, I just can’t help it.” You sighed quietly, your captain giggled and patted your shoulder.

“I take it that you still haven’t told him.” She handed you your water bottle.

“Of course I haven’t.” You scoffed before taking a greedy sip of water. “He’s been my best friend since we were babies, he could never see me as more than that.” She just rolled her eyes.

“I honestly do not understand how you could be so oblivious.” Kenji muttered before the coach blew the whistle. It was finally time for the match. 

After a vigorous match, and going to 3 sets, the boys won. That meant that the girls had to clean the gym. That was your least favorite thing about volleyball. The clean up. So there you guys were. Collecting volleyballs, putting the net away, and mopping the sweat and spilled water off of the floor before finally being able to shower and change back into our uniforms.

“Hey Kenji!” She had stopped and waited for me to catch up. “Me and the guys are going into downtown to grab a bite to eat, wanna come? Kuroo’s gonna be there~” You wiggled your eyebrows. You and her were pretty good friends and you knew for a fact that she had a FAT crush on her fellow captain.

“Stop that…” She groaned, playfully flicking your forehead. “And as much as I’d love to join you, I can’t. I have an essay to turn in tonight and I have done absolutely nothing. Maybe next time.” She smiled.

“Alright then, see you tomorrow.” You squinted at her skeptically.

“Goodbye! Oh and don’t be late for morning practice tomorrow!” She called as you jogged towards the exit of the school.

“I won’t!” You called over your shoulder.

“It’s about damn time.” Kuroo threw his arms up dramatically.

“Shut up beanpole, we had to clean the ENTIRE gym.”

“Maybe you should just win the match next time.” Lev shrugged smugly.

This made you gasp in mock offense, “Do my ears deceive me? Is my baby boy insulting the ace of the volleyball team when he can’t even properly bump receive a ball?”

“Senpai!~” He whined, jutting out his bottom lip in a cute pout.

“Plus, that setter dump that Kenma made last minute was totally uncalled for.” You huffed.

“That’s kinda the whole point, (y/n).” Kenma looked up from his game with a small grin.

“Whatever Kozu…now let’s go! I’m starving.”

You guys took a short 10 minute train ride to Downtown Tokyo before making your way to the convenience store that had THE BEST ramen ever. You and Yamamoto paid for your food, the others grabbing whatever they were going to munch on. As you waited for the ramen to cool, you got an idea. There was a trend going around tiktok where you dance in front of your s/o, or your friends or whatever and you’d secretly record their reactions and you had made sure not to send any to Kuroo or Kenma for the sole reason of being able to get their reactions. So you set up your phone and angled it perfectly so it got their reactions but it looked like it was recording you.

“Do you have to do that here?” Yaku groaned playfully in annoyance.

“You’re just jealous cause I get more likes on my videos than you.” You grinned, sticking your tongue out at him childishly. Kenma watched quietly as you set the timer and took a couple steps away from the phone. The countdown started, and when the music flowed out of the speaker, his eyes widened slightly when you started to dance. He couldn’t deny how cute your little smile was as the video went on.

“OOH SENPAI~ You’re so good at dancing!~” Lev, ever the hypeman, grinned and continued to give you compliments. Kuroo followed along, doing the moves while in his seat. Inuoka bobbed his head to the music as he watched you dance. Yamamoto was just slurping up his ramen while watching you. All of the reactions were what you had expected. What you hadn’t noticed was Kenma’s reaction. He was watching intently over the top of his psp as you danced, blush evident on his cheeks, lips parted slightly is awe. They were all pretty tame reactions, the song ended and you grabbed your phone.

“Ooh let me see!” Kuroo reached out for your phone. You handed it to him and made your way to grab your ramen.

“Hey!” You turned as someone called out, there was two boys standing a little ways away.

“Hey?” You asked, confusion evident in your voice.

“You’re pretty cute, are you single?” The one that had called to you smirked.

“Uhm…yeah? ” You frowned when he disgustingly ran his eyes over your figure.

“Oh come on. A girl like you, with a body like that? There’s no way you’re single.” The other bit his lip.

“Well I am and I’m definitely not interested in either of you so…you can go.”

“Ooh feisty! Don’t be shy cutie, we were enjoying the show.”

All 6 boys were watching in disbelief and anger.

Kuroo’s fist clenched at his side, he had kinda hoped that Kenma would say something but knew that confrontation wasn’t his thing but he sure as hell looked angry.

“You heard her. She’s not interested so move along you dweebs.” The captain had gotten off of the bench and came over to you. His 6′2 figure towering over your own as he slung an arm over your shoulder and pulled you into him protectively.

The two boys scoffed. “Why do you care? You’re obviously not her boyfriend.”

“That’s true but we’re her friends…and you’re making her uncomfortable.” Lev had also stood up and made his way toward you and Kuroo with the most intimidating face he could muster.

“You should get out of here douche bags, if you keep bothering her, it won’t end well for you.” Yamamoto put down his ramen and made his ‘intimidating’ scowl. Kuroo noticed that you were gripping the back of his vest tightly and your eyes were shining with un-shed tears. Even though you had come out of your shell since he met you, he knew that intense social situations like the current one, made you extremely uncomfortable.

“Whatever man, she seems like a prude anyways.” One scoffed in offense.

“She should take it as a compliment. She’s in public in such a short skirt and dancing around like that, she’s basically asking for it.”

“You two idiots better shut your goddamn mouths right now and leave.” Kuroo growled. “It’s pathetic to think that you deserve anything from her after being so disrespectful.” Kuroo growled. That was the final nail in the coffin. The two boys dismissed it and finally walked away, muttering profanities under their breath. “You okay?” Kuroo asked softly once they were a good ways away.

You bit your lip to stop it from trembling and could only nod as you slowly pulled away from him.

“What jerks, I’m sorry (y/n).” Yaku comforted.

“Yeah, no one should disrespect our senpai like that.” Lev nodded determinedly, Inuoka nodded in agreement. You weakly nodded and sat in between Kuroo and Kenma, appetite gone. Kenma’s heart thumped painfully when he noticed a tear or two slide down your cheek. He took a deep breath and slipped his hand into yours, interlacing your fingers with his and holding your hand so softly. You pushed the feeling of butterflies in your belly aside and leaned your head against his shoulder. He pulled out his earphones and gave you an earbud.

Frowning in confusion, you put in in your ear and he put the other in his. Your confusion was quelled when he opened tiktok and went to his favorites. The first video he pulled up was of a frog in the front pocket of someone’s overalls.

“I’m gonna get one, you know.” You sniffled, a soft laugh leaving your lips.

“Of course you are.” The smile never leaving his lips as he looked down at you. He had to restrain himself because he was at the perfect angle to kiss your forehead, and he so badly wanted to give you a sweet kiss and comfort you after the incident that just happened. After years of being friends with you, he knew how much you enjoyed physical touch. Mainly hugs and cuddles.

After a couple of minutes, everyone finished eating and whatever and decided that it was time to go home. Everyone went their separate ways after saying goodbye.

“Uhm hey, did you maybe want to come over? We could do homework then maybe play some animal crossing? I can show you how to blackmail Tom Nook.” His offer made you grin.

“That sounds great Kozu.”

“Great. Do you have your Switch?”

He watched as you patted your bag and gave him a thumbs up. “Always.”

He quickly shot his mom a text to let her know you would be coming over. “My mom wants to know if you’ll stay for dinner?”

“How could I pass that up? You know I love her cooking.” His heart skipped a beat as he sent his mom your response.

The two of you continued to walk to his house, talking about the possibilities of a parallel universe.

“But it’s not ridiculous Kozu! Seriously, just hear me out. What if the shows and movies we’re watching are things that actually happened in a parallel universe. Like, what if ‘A Silent Voice’ was a real thing that happened in a universe where people’s everyday lives were televised as tv shows and movies in our universe.”

“That seems pretty unlikely, (y/n)”

“Does it though? Does it really?” You squinted at him.

“Yes. That’s like saying that someone in a parallel universe is watching this exact conversation happen, as we speak, on their tv. Just listen to how ridiculous it sounds.”

“But it doesn’t! That’s my point!” You flung your arms in the air.

He shook his head fondly as you guys reached the front door and he unlocked it. “We’re home!” He called quietly as the two of you slipped off your shoes.

“Oh, welcome back! (y/n), It’s wonderful to see you again!” His mom came and gave you a big hug, one that you happily returned.

“It’s good to see you too! I hope I’m not intruding.” You smiled nervously, you were literally there a couple days ago.

“Don’t be silly, sweetheart! We love having you here, come over whenever you like. Even if Kenma isn’t here, just come in and we can have some tea.” She smiled sweetly.

“I think I’ll take you up on that offer.” Kenma watched the interaction as his heart filled with warmth.

“Do you two want a snack while you wait for dinner? I can cut up some fruit if you like?” You and Kenma looked at each other and nodded.

“Yeah, that sounds good mom. We’re gonna be doing homework in my room.”

“Okay then, don’t overwork yourselves!” She called as you two made your way upstairs. Once in his room, he handed you the sweats that you keep in his drawer and one of his pullovers. While you changed, he pulled on his own sweats and a black t-shirt.

You put your clothes on the spinny chair at his desk and sat beside him on his bed. “So, what first? Chem or math?” You asked, placing your binder down in front of you.

“Hmm Chem, just so we can get it out of the way.”

A couple minutes in, his mom knocked and came in with two bowls of cut fruit. You missed the way Kenma blushed when his mom gave him a knowing smile before she left the two of you alone. The unit you were working on was fairly easy, the only bothersome things were all the damn conversions you had to do.

“Why is this even necessary? Like when am I ever gonna need to know how to change the measurement of boron from mole to kilogram?” He was going to answer but he noticed that it wasn’t directed at him, he watched in amusement as you shoved a strawberry in your mouth.

“Ha, boron…” the amusement in your voice was clear, even when it was muffled by strawberry. With a shake of his head, he looked back down at his notebook.

“Finally!” You tossed your binder onto the ground. “Now teach me how to blackmail that annoying little racoon.” Kenma chuckled at your enthusiasm as you grabbed your Switch from your bag. He sat up against the headboard and you crawled into the space next to him, instantly snuggling into his warmth.

“Alright, so here’s how you do it-”

So there the two of you were. He had an arm around your waist, his hand was resting on the top of your thigh. He hadn’t really realized how touchy he was being, neither had you. It wasn’t necessarily the first time the two of you had cuddled but it was different this time around. Kenma subconsciously felt guilty for not doing more earlier, for not doing more to protect you. So, he was overcompensating for it now. 

You frowned as you looked up and called out to him softly once more. “Kenma…kenma~”

“Hmm?” He blinked a couple of times before meeting your eyes.

“Is everything okay, Kozu?” You put down the game and turned your body so you could get a proper look at him. At his hesitation, you grew more worried. “Kenma what’s wrong?” He knew you wouldn’t take a shrug of the shoulders or a mumbled, ‘nothing.’ as an answer.

“Well, I-I just feel like I failed as your friend.”

“Why do you feel like that?” You bit your lips nervously.

“Because I didn’t do anything to defend you earlier, I just…sat and watched while those guys disrespected you and made you uncomfortable.” He was looking down at his lap, refusing to look you in the eye.

“Oh Kenma…it’s okay. Really. You didn’t have to say anything. Only you could comfort me like you did. No words needed, just cuddles, and frog memes.” He felt pride swell in him at your words, “Please look at me Kenma.” He hesitantly looked into your eyes. “You could never fail me. Ever.” You wrapped your arms around his waist and nuzzled into his chest. He had a MASSIVE blush burning his cheeks. “You’re always there for me when I need you, and I don’t thank you enough for it but I really do appreciate it, Kozu. I appreciate you.” His blush started to cool down as he wrapped his own arms around you. He held you and relished in your warmth. He was confused and a little flustered when you looked up at him, an unknown emotion in your eyes but he felt it. The sudden tension between the two of you as you glanced down at his lips before looking back into his eyes.

He couldn’t help but lean into you, it was like you were a gravitational force that was pulling him in.

“Kozu, I-” he could feel your breath on his lips, your soft voice pulling him into a trance. Your forehead met his, he nervously looked into your eyes. This was very new to the both of you. Hearts beating erratically, both of you hoping the other couldn’t hear the thunderous thumps against your rib cages. Your lips looked soft and plush, he wanted to feel them against his own. To taste them on his own. His sudden confidence surprised him, and you, as his hand shakily came up to cup your cheek, thumb running over your cheek as the tension grew, breaths getting heavier. Heavy eyelids slipping closed when-

“Kids! Dinner is ready!” The sudden shout from his mom causing a squeak to leave your throat as you both jolted away from each other. Kenma quickly climbed out of the bed, standing awkwardly and fiddling with his hands.

“We should-” He swallowed heavily, “We should go eat.”

“Right…we should.” He frowned when the statement that left your lips came out as a dejected whisper. He followed as you walked out the door and down stairs, greeting his father before sitting down for dinner.

Even though you were smiley and enthusiastic throughout the meal, he could feel that you were somewhat upset.

He thought about it as he laid in bed after you left, picking up his phone, he scrolled before finding Kuroo’s contact.

To Kuroo:
I think I messed up….I don’t know what to do

Once you got home, you couldn’t stop thinking about what happened. Was Kuroo wrong? Maybe he really didn’t like you like that…maybe you were wrong. You couldn’t stop the tears that had collected in your eyes as you grabbed your phone.

To Tetsuhoe:
I guess I was right, I am just a friend

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“Jealous and Insecure” -- kuroo tetsurou, Kenma kozume x listener -- Haikyuu

s/o is jealous/insecure | kenma & kuroo

kuroo tetsurou


Originally posted by hq-kurootetsurou

  • you guys were spending a date at the science museum and kuroo was so excited over all the exhibitions, blabbering on excitedly about his favourite elements and how cool induced dipole dipoles are
  • whilst you weren’t hugely interested in chemistry and didn’t quite understand the maxwell-boltzmann distribution, you still loved to see the excitement in your boyfriend’s eyes and it made you happy
  • that all dropped the moment you witness kuroo engaging with one of the museum employees. they were pretty and smart, grinning as they and kuroo chattered away about all the different chemistry things that were a blur to you
  • “wait- electron shells aren’t actually round??”
  • you knew kuroo fully appreciated and loved you. he paid attention to you, always gave you affection and complimented you but sometimes you just didn’t feel smart enough. he was so nerdy with science and it felt strange when you couldn’t laugh at his jokes or when he’d be studying and you felt so stupid next to him. poisonous doubts started to fill you head as the employee laughed particularly loud at one of kuroo’s science jokes. did he really like you or did your lack of scientific knowledge bother him? did he feel sparks and a connection with that clever employee that he didn’t feel with you?
  • once the museum employee was called away by someone else, kuroo finally rejoined you, beaming and elated as he took your hand in his, telling you all about the passionate conversation he had just had
  • being perceptive and analytical, kuroo noticed the drop in your mood immediately- the way your shoulders were drooping, feet shuffling against the floor, eyes avoiding his gaze
  • he stopped, taking you aside and slowly places his fingertips on your chin and tilting your head up to meet his eyes
  • “hey, what’s wrong? did something happen?”
  • you sighed heavily, looking away to let your eyes flicker around the museum as you tried to avoid his heavy gaze
  • “i just- do you like speaking to me?”
  • kuroo blinks at your question, almost laughing at the absurdity of it
  • “what? of course- you’re my s/o.” he quickly frowns when he notices his amused grin is making you pout more and his fingertips start to caress your jaw. “baby, what’s wrong?”
  • you feel the tears start to sting and in a quiet mumble, all your worries and insecurities begin to tumble out
  • “you’re just so smart and clever and i’m not- especially with science- and i don’t ever get what you talk about and it just makes me feel like you could do so much better. you could have someone so much smarter than me who actually understands you.”
  • kuroo’s face drops as his sharp eyes follow your gaze to fall on the museum employee
  • “y/n, look at me.”
  • with tears still blurring your vision, you force your glossy orbs to lock with kuroo’s, your stomach turning at the seriousness of his face
  • “first of all, you are incredibly smart. being smart in science isn’t the only way to be intelligent- you’re so good at so many other things so you are smart.” his voice was stern and snappy, leaving you with no chance to doubt his words. “and secondly, i wouldn’t change anything about you. i don’t even care if i could turn you into ernest rutherford right now, i wouldn’t change you for the world because you’re absolutely perfect the way you are and that’s why i’m in love with you. i don’t want you any different. there’s no way there’s someone who could be better for me than you because i already know you’re the best thing in my life and i’m lucky to have you.”
  • you were silent and stunned. kuroo was affectionate, but he had never gushed about you so endearingly like this before with a cold, stern seriousness about him that made sure you knew there was no way he wasn’t being 100% serious
  • tears began to spill from your eyes but for a different reason altogether
  • “i love you so much.” you wept with happiness and overwhelming love as kuroo chuckled, letting you engulf him in a tight hug as he pressed a kiss to your forehead
  • “i love you too. now come on, they have an interactive periodic table quiz over there!”

kozume kenma


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  • before the two of you had begun dating, you knew kenma was addicted to games
  • he played them all the time but that didn’t mean he neglected you. both being introverted but enjoying each other’s presence, you both liked to sit together, kenma gaming and you doing your own thing
  • you would share a bowl of snacks and occasionally stop what you’re doing to press a kiss to kenma’s cheek (he always blushed so endearingly) and as soon as enough time had passed, he would switch off the monitor and spend time with you
  • but games were important and took up a huge part of kenma’s life so he really tried to get you involved. he made you gaming accounts, asked you to join his parties and play with his friends and even added you to his discord server but games just weren’t for you, especially not the type of games he played so eventually he gave up, not wanting to push you too much
  • one day you came over as kenma was gaming. you took out your books to start studying, happy to do it with his soft murmurs and game soundtrack in the background but then you realised he had a new friend. her voice was pretty as it leaked out of the speakers, unmistakable to your ears and the grip on your pencil got tighter and tighter as she and kenma discussed how amazing the game was, how they complimented each other’s kills and how she squealed for kenma to come save her, her giggles far too loud for your liking.
  • “kenma-san, you have such a pretty voice.” she kept giggling
  • once kenma had finished the game, he said goodbye and promised to look at the gaming memes she had apparently sent him before he came and sat next to you on the edge of the bed
  • gently, kenma wrapped his arm around your shoulders, pressing his lips to your hair as you stared down at your books, the words all just a blur
  • “you okay? you haven’t done much work today.” his fingers were dancing against your upper arm from where he still had his arms around your shoulders, his feline-like eyes piercing into you as you avoided meeting them
  • he was silent but from the way his fingertips were brushing over you and how heavy his stare was, you knew he was waiting for you to talk
  • “i- uh- i’m sorry i can’t play games with you.”
  • kenma’s fingers immediately stopped their ministrations and he took his arm off you completely, frowning slightly as he turned to fully face you. he was still quiet, blinking at you and suddenly you had began rambling
  • “i really wish i could be into them because i know how much you’d like a girlfriend to play games with and i wish i could be that for you- i wish i was so much more suited for you like…” you trailed off, glancing back at his monitor before staring down at your lap, hoping the tears wouldn’t begin to fall
  • “is this about the new girl kuroo added to our discord- the one i was playing with?” you shyly nodded. there was no way of hiding your jealousy anyway because kenma was too perceptive
  • he sighed. not being the most physically affection, he brought his hands up to gently stroke your cheek, his thumb swiping across your pouting lips and up across the soft skin of your cheekbone
  • “i don’t care what you do with your time, y/n, as long as it makes you happy.” his voice was soft but his words abrupt and straightforward, the truthfulness clearly apparent. “i like you for you and you already suit me so well- why would i want to change any part of you?”
  • that was the end of it because kenma was a man of little words. as you looked up to him, you could see how much adoration and affection was present in his beautiful cat-like eyes and you melted into palm of his hand, smiling as he rubbed your cheek
  • you understood; maybe you and kenma had very different interests but he still loved you and that was all that mattered

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Welcome! — hey, can you do headcanons on some haikyuu boys...

Anonymous asked:

hey, can you do headcanons on some haikyuu boys having a very insecure gf (kenma,kageyama,tendou,akaashi,iwaizumi and tsukki)

Hello! Of course I can 💕


Originally posted by volleygifs


  • Kenma is a observent boyfriend so don’t be suprised when he comes up and asks you about it.
  • He notices your change of posture and how your eyes sometimes avoid the mirrors. As if you were ashamed to look at your own reflection.
  • Every time he sees this he feels a slight pain in his heart. He thinks you are stunning and for you not to recognise your own beauty….it really hurts him.
  • One day you were sat in Kenma’s lap when out of the blue he quietly says,
  • Kenma: “(y/n)……you know you are so pretty, right?”
  • You: “……I’m not sure what you mean…”
  • He doesn’t push you too much. Your boyfriend is veryyy careful about the subject because he can relate to the pain you are going through.
  • Sooooo he has his little ways to make you feel good about yourself.
  • Like when looking in the mirror he will come up behind you, wrapping his hands around you and placing a kiss on your shoulder. Sometimes even whispering,
  • Kenma: “….my girlfriend is so beautiful…”
  • When out in public and you seem to wrap your arms around you or when you feel uncomfortable in yourself he will be there to hold your hand.
  • He will give you his jacket if you ever feel too insecure (when I’m insecure I usually like to cover myself with a jacket soooo I’m kinda basing it off experience???)
  • He may not be the type to use his words but his actions alone show you how much he adores you and your body.

Originally posted by volleygifs


  • Kageyama is a shyyyy boy and he can be a bit oblivious at times. But this boy truly adores you~
  • So when he sees tears streaming down your face of course he is going to be concerned…..he can feel his stomach turn. He never wants to see his girlfriend so sad.
  • Kageyama: “(y/n)……w-what’s w-wrong??? Did something happen??? Are you ok??”
  • The poor boy is freaking out as you look up at him with those puffy eyes…
  • Even crying you manage to make this boys face flush red… are just stunning.
  • You: “Kageyama why do you date me? Look at me…I’m ugly!. I’m annoying!”
  • His eyes widen. Posture stiffened. How could you say that about yourself???
  • Kageyama: “you are not!!!! Y-y-you are…..g-gorgeous…”
  • Your boyfriend gets very flustered with his words but he will so anything. Anything. To make you realise how worthy you are. How much he loves you.
  • Everyday. Every morning. Every night. He will constantly remind you how loved you are. He is so determined to show you how loved you really are!
  • And that was the first time you have ever heard Kageyama say,
  • “(Y/n) I love you! I love everything about you”

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  • Tendon is a supportive boyfriend and isn’t afraid to say it how it is!
  • So when he sees how you look in the mirror and he does not miss a beat. As his eyes meet your sad glossy eyes.
  • Tendou: “(Y/n)~channnn why such a sad face on my beautiful girlfriend???”
  • Everytime you stare at your insecurities he will always be there to kiss them away. Are you insecure of your legs?? Bby he will kiss them insecurities away!! Your nose?? So many cute little nose kisses. Maybe you don’t think you are ever good enough? He will make you feel so worthy. So loved.
  • Now that he knows you can get insecure expect him to be more clingier (how is that possible-) just know when in public he will has his arm around you.
  • When the other boys are around he lovessss to show of his perfect girl.
  • Tendou: “MY beautiful girlfriend~ Could I have a sweet kiss?? Semi semiii why are you watching my girlfriend??? She is mine~ !”
  • You will feel so so much love. Laughter will become normal. Whenever you are feeling down or insecure he is here to make you feel loved. Just as you are there to make him feel loved, you make him feel like he is not a monster.

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  • Akaashi is a very observent boyfriend and will always want this best for you.
  • He can see the pain behind that mask you are wearing. He can also see the cracks in that mask. The hurt in your eyes hurt him.
  • Akaashi tends to rely on his actions more than his words. But when he does use his words they can be powerful. All your insecurities with be dissolved.
  • If you ever feel not good enough or too annoying, he will know. When you apologise so much, even when there is no need to apologise. All that goes on in his mind is, who hurt her???
  • When you are having a bad day in particular he will always organise a cute date. Maybe self care, cuddles or a nice homemade meal.
  • Akaashi: “Babe…you don’t have to feel insecure I fell in love with you meaning I fell in love with all of your cute flaws.”
  • If you ever get too insecure he will do anything in his power to make you feel loved. He will eradicate all those venomous thoughts that plague your mind, those hateful thoughts will be overthrown by self love, just so much love.
  • Akaashi is like your medicine, he will always be there for you~

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  • When you were having a bad day with insecurities Iwaizumi caught on immediately. He is a very supportive boyfriend.
  • He can also be blunt at times. When he notices your insecurity he will ask you about it,
  • Iwaizumi: “are you insecure? If so I just want to say I love you, I love everything about you”
  • These words hit you hard. So many emotions where evident in your eyes. Tears threatened to escape your eyes.
  • Inside his head he is freaking out!!! SAD GIRLFRIEND ALERT!!! He will be running over to you and hands placed on your shoulders.
  • To calm you down he wraps you up in his strong arms. Telling you how worthy you are. How beautiful you are to him.
  • Ever since that day he has been so understanding. You get much more compliments. Bonus you will see a blushy Iwa-chan.
  • One day Iwaizumi declared that he will be your mirror. He will tell you how beautiful and gorgeous you are everytime your eyes are set on the mirror. When he is not here he will place sticky notes over the mirror. Saying all the little things he loves about you.
  • As time passes that weight slowly gets lifted from your shoulders. You find yourself smiling more often, so much more vibrant, and genuinly happy.

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  • You know Tsukki loves you and he shows you that with lots of teasing-
  • He is also a very observent boyfriend. I feel like he will secretly know the whole time about how you are feeling. But when you do say it… it hurts that you feel that way.
  • Tsukishima is the boyfriend who never shows his vulnerable side. So when he sees you so vulnerable he may not know how to handle it, or struggle to express how much he truly loves you.
  • You have never seen such an expression on your boyfriends face. He really looks pained that you feel that way about yourself. And how much pain you must have been going through.
  • His hands hesitantly cup your face as he looks right into your eyes.
  • Tsukki: “S-stupid g-girl….you are my perfect girlfriend. Tch beauty is in the eye of the beholder….”
  • It was all so new to you. So refreshing. Tsukishima trusts you so much. Loves you so much. Only you can see this vulnerable side.
  • He pulls you into his chest. No more words leave his mouth. The comfortable silence took over as it all just hit you. You really are loved, your flaws are loved. Everything.
  • Just know he will remind you everyday how gorgeous you are. He may even be more careful about his teasing.

Hellllooo I really hope you like this!!! I’m sorry it took me a while. Please have a good day/night~


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Ehehehehhehe sorry I was gone for a bit but good news >:3 I don’t have to use crutches anymore :D

haikyuu x (manager?) reader pt 2 - Nekoma -

hihi :) so as you can tell, this one is slightly different than the karasuno one. for this one it’s kinda free range as of who the reader is to each character (manager, friend, s/o, etc) and all that. i hope that’s alright n i hope you guys enjoy it :)

not proof-read, please tell me if somethings off

you can read the first/karasuno part here

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