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How to Unlock Dark Iron Dwarves Fast in Shadowlands [2021]

A guide to all steps required to unlock the Dark Iron Dwarfs allied race in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Unlocking the various allied races in Shadowlands can be confusing. Since all of the races were introduced in past expansions, they require you to complete old content to unlock them. If you didn’t play that content, you might not even know where to begin. Hopefully, this guide can help you as I cover every requirement to unlock the Dark Iron Dwarf allied race.

Overall, there are two things you need to do to unlock Dark Iron Dwarves in Shadowlands.

  1. Complete the first part of the Alliance war campaign to earn Ready for War.
  2. Do a short series of recruitment quests (requires level 50+ Alliance character).

Things need to be done in that exact order. To begin the recruitment quests, you need to have finished the 1st part of the war campaign. Additionally, you cannot start the war campaign until you reach level 35 and have travelled to Boralus Harbor in Kul Tiras.

How to get to Kul Tiras (Boralus Harbor) in Shadowlands (2021)

Boralus Harbor in World of Warcraft

Suppose you have been to Kul Tiras and Boralus Harbor before. In that case, you can get back by taking the Boralus portal from the Mage Quarter tower in Stormwind. To unlock the portal, you will need to pick up a quest called The Tides of War in Stormwind’s Trade District.

You can also get to Boralus Harbor by taking the southern-most ship from Stormwind harbor. However, if you take the boat without first doing The Tides of War, there won’t be any quests when you arrive.

Horde players can get to Kul Tiras in Shadowlands by doing the Horde war campaign starting at level 35. This will allow you to set up footholds on Kul Tiras that you can reach by taking the ship from the docks in Dazar’alor. If you don’t have the portal to Dazar’alor (from Orgrimmar), you must complete the Mission Statement quest first.

The War Campaign

Footholds – Level 35+

To begin the war campaign, you will want to have a level 35+ Alliance character. You can start the campaign at level 35, however, some of the later chapters are gated behind a level 50 requirement. Whether you want to get started on it while leveling or wait is up to you.

You can begin the campaign on the boat in Boralus Harbor at /way 70, 27. If you aren’t sure how to use coordinates and waypoints, check out the guide I wrote on the TomTom addon.

As long as you are level 35, you should see an orange exclamation point on the boat to start the war campaign. The first 3 chapters of Ready for War require you to set up footholds behind enemy (Horde) lines.  You can set up the first 2 at level 35 and the last one after reaching level 40.

Campaign Storylines – Level 50+

Once you have all 3 footholds, you will need to reach level 50 to continue the campaign. The next portion of the campaign begins with the Overseas Assassination quest offered by Halford Wyrmbane on the same boat.

If Halford isn’t offering the quest (and you are level 50+), you will need to first obtain The Heart of Azeroth (a legendary necklace). You can do this by completing the A Dying World quest chain, which should pop up once you reach level 50 and visit Boralus Harbor.

If it doesn’t pop up, you can grab it from the Earthen Guardian who is found near the Scrap-o-Matic machine in the Boralus.

Earthen Guardian in Boralus Harbor

Once you have your legendary necklace and Overseas Assassination, you can follow that quest chain to earn Ready for War. Here is a little graphic that lists all the storylines and starting quests to help you out.

Dark Iron Dwarves war campaign requirments

With that done, you are ready for war and ready to start the Dark Iron Dwarf recruitment questline!

Do the recruitment quests

Now that you are done with the first part of the war campaign out of the way, it is time to recruit the Dark Iron Dwarves into the noble Alliance (and onto your character creation screen).

The first quest in the recruitment chain is called Blackrock Depths. It can be picked up from the Stormwind Embassy. Picking up the quest requires a level 50+ Alliance character, which shouldn’t be a problem if you have completed the war campaign.

From there, simply follow the chain and take the portals to travel between objectives.

Dark Iron Dwarves recruitment quest starting point in Stormwind.

There are 6 quests in the recruitment chain, with several of them requiring you to enter old dungeons or raids. As a side note, the dungeon requirements will be removed when Patch 9.1.5 releases (most likely in November or December 2021).

Once you finish the recruitment chain, you can now create your own Dark Iron Dwarf complete with Dark Iron Core Hound mount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take to unlock Dark Iron Dwarves?

If you have BFA flying unlocked, it will take around 3 – 4 hours to unlock Dark Iron Dwarfs. Without BFA flying or a level 50 Alliance character, it could easily take you anywhere from 6 – 8 hours or longer.

Q. What racial traits do Dark Iron Dwarves have?

Dark Iron Dwarves have 2 active racial abilities and 3 racial passives.

Their first active ability is called Fireblood. This is a simple 2-minute cooldown that removes debuffs (like poison, disease, etc.…) and increases your primary stat for 8 seconds.

The second racial ability is even more interesting. It is called Mole Machine, and it allows you to summon a drill anywhere which can teleport you to many different zones in the game (on a 30-minute cooldown).

Their racial passives include:
·        Dungeon Delver– Moves 4% faster indoors
·        Forged in Flames  – Takes 1% less physical damage
·        Mass Production– Increases Blacksmithing skill and speed

Q. Where are the Dark Iron Dwarf Mole Machines?

To add a teleport location to your Mole Machine racial, you need to first find them in-game. There are well over a dozen to find, but you can use it for rapid travel once you add it to your collection. You can find a list of every known mole machine in the game below and the TomTom addon command you can enter in chat to get directions to them.

You can enter these line by line or use an addon called Paste to put multiple in at once. To use Paste, you just need to install the addon and then open the Paste window with /paste show. Now you can paste multiple lines in at the same time!

Eastern Kingdoms
/way Ironforge 61.29 37.18 Ironforge
/way Stormwind 63.33 37.34 Stormwind
/way Blasted Lands 61.97 12.80 Nethergarde Keep
/way The Hinterlands 13.53 46.80 Aerie Peak
/way Searing Gorge 24.63 74.5 The Masonry
/way Shadowforge City 61.44 24.35 Shadowforge City

/way Un’Goro Crater 52.88 55.76 Fire Plume Ridge
/way Mount Hyjal 57.18 77.11 Throne of Flame
/way Southern Barrens 39.11 9.3 The Great Divide

/way Hellfire Peninsula 53.15 64.89 Honor Hold
/way Shadowmoon Valley:Outland 50.77 35.30 Fel Pits
/way Blade’s Edge Mountains 72.42 17.64 Skald

/way Icecrown 76.97 18.66 Argent Tournament Grounds
/way Dragonblight 45.35 49.92 Ruby Dragonshrine

/way Kun-Lai Summit 57.68 62.81 One Keg
/way Valley of the Four Winds 31.51 73.59 Stormstout Brewery

/way Gorgrond 46.69 38.76 Blackrock Foundry Overlook
/way Nagrand:Draenor 65.75 8.25 Elemental Plateau

Broken Isles
/way Highmountain 44.66 72.90 Neltharion’s Vault
/way The Broken Shore 71.69 47.99 The Broken Shore

Q. How do I get the Dark Iron Dwarf heritage armor in Shadowlands?

Once you have unlocked Dark Iron Dwarves, you can begin working on acquiring their heritage armor. To do this, you need to earn the Heritage of the Dark Iron achievement. This requires you to reach level 50 on a new dwarf.

As an important side note, you will not earn the achievement if you reach level 50 by using a level boosts, race change, or recruit a friend levels to unlock the armor.   

Final Thoughts

The process of unlocking Dark Iron Dwarves has 2 major requirements — completion of the first part of the Alliance War Campaign and a short recruitment quest chain. Beginning the war campaign requires a level 35+ Alliance character; however, later chapters are gated behind a level 50 requirement. Because of this, you can choose to start working on the campaign while leveling or wait until level 50.

If you are looking to unlock other allied races, please check out my other guides in the table below. I plan on writing one for each race but still have one more to write. The ones I have done have links attached and are blue.


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This article is about the Dark Iron dwarf lore. For the playable race, see Dark Iron dwarf (playable).
Axe Flinger HS.jpg
Faction/AffiliationDark Iron clan, Alliance, Thorium Brotherhood, Cult of Ragnaros, Twilight's Hammer, Old Gods' forces, Venture Company, Independent
Character classes

WoW Icon update.pngHunter, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior
Assassin, Death knight,[1]Sorcerer

Icon-RPG.pngBombardier, Elementalist, Tinker
Racial capitalAllianceShadowforge City
Racial leader(s)Alliance  Moira Thaurissan
Neutral  Overseer Oilfist
Mob  High Justice Grimstone
Racial mountIconSmall CoreHound.gifCore hound
IconSmall Ram.gifRam[2]
Area(s)Eastern Kingdoms, Kul Tiras, Zandalar, Pandaria, Alternate Draenor
Language(s)Dwarven, Common, Gnomish, Kalimag

The Dark Iron dwarves,[3][4] also spelled as dark iron dwarves[5] and known as dark dwarves[6] are a sub-race of dwarves at par with hill, mountain and frost dwarves.[6] Though the majority of them are members of the Dark Iron clan, many are also members of independent organizations such as the Twilight's Hammer, Thorium Brotherhood, Venture Company, and Mountain-Lord Rendan's followers.

Some dwarves from the Dark Iron clan became the cursed skardyn that roam Grim Batol after the War of the Three Hammers.[7]


Main articles: Dark Iron clan#History, Thorium Brotherhood

Physical appearance

In World of Warcraft, Dark Iron dwarves have darkish gray or black skin, with red glowing eyes. As of Battle for Azeroth, their hair glows slightly and embers flake off the ends.

They are fire-resistant.[8]


Dark Iron dwarves are known for being manipulative, underhanded, greedy, cruel, and despotic but Franclorn Forgewright states that they were not always that way and that these evil traits may have been caused by the influence of Ragnaros.[9] This may be true as certain individuals such as General Angerforge, Franclorn Forgewright, and the Thorium Brotherhood have shown themselves to be stalwart, valorous, and even honorable; despite their history of strife with the other dwarven clans and even among themselves. Predominantly, Dark Iron dwarves are known for their fiery tempers and fierce determination.[10]

Dark Iron politics is both treacherous and brutal. There is only one punishment for crimes committed against the Dark Iron dwarves: death. Ancient tradition calls for the guilty to pay the blood price in the Ring of the Law by battling savage creatures gathered from across Azeroth. To date, it is unknown if anyone has ever survived this brutal crucible. Dark Iron dwarves are also known for their craftsmanship, their sorcery, and their sturdy architecture.

Dark Irons have a habit of bringing their own food and drink with them when traveling. This developed from the fact that among their clan, poisoning is not uncommon. A host should not take offense, as it's not meant to be a slight against them.[11]

Dark Iron dwarves need a lot of rest and they have a hard time sleeping without pillows.[12]

The hammer  [Ironfoe], forged by Franclorn Forgewright, is one of the Dark Irons' most sacred artifacts.[13]

Just like the dwarves of Ironforge, some Dark Iron dwarves have adopted the values ​​and philosophy of the Church of the Light, becoming followers and practitioners of the Holy Light. Its notably the case of their Queen, Moira Thaurissan, who joined the Conclave as a priestess with Betild Deepanvil and other Dark Iron priests.[14] The paladin and Champion of the Light Frida Ironbellows was also present during the Battle of Dazar'alor, accompanied by Anointed Disciples and a Darkforged Crusader. Thus, some Dark Iron priests were present in the Arathi Highlands, during the Battle for Stromgarde, fighting alongside the Alliance.


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Neutral  Sorcerer-Thane ThaurissanThane of the Dark Irons during the War of the Three Hammers; summoned Ragnaros into AzerothDark Iron clanGhostAthenaeum, Blackwing Descent
Neutral  ModgudWife of Sorcerer-thane ThaurissanDark Iron clanDeceasedUnknown
Boss  Dagran ThaurissanFormer emperor of the Dark Iron clan Dark Iron clan, Old Gods' forcesDeceased-KillableImperial Seat, Blackrock Depths
Alliance  Dagran Thaurissan IISon of Dagran Thaurissan and Moira Bronzebeard, heir to Ironforge and the Dark Iron clan Dark Iron clan, IronforgeAliveHigh Seat, Ironforge
Boss  Coren DirebrewAttempting to disrupt BrewfestDark Iron clanKillableGrim Guzzler, Blackrock Depths
Neutral  Franclorn ForgewrightFormer chief architect of the Dark Iron clan Dark Iron clanGhostMolten Span, Blackrock Mountain
Boss  Fineous DarkvireDark Iron chief architect Dark Iron clanKillableHall of Crafting, Blackrock Depths
Alliance  Fenella DarkvireDaughter of Fineous, one of Moira's premier architects Dark Iron clan, AllianceAliveShadowforge City
Boss  General AngerforgeDark Iron general Dark Iron clanKillableWest Garrison, Blackrock Depths
Neutral  Mountain-Lord RendanIndependent master of the Iron SummitIndependentAliveIron Summit, Searing Gorge
Neutral  Overseer OilfistOverseer of Thorium Point and the Thorium BrotherhoodThorium BrotherhoodAliveThorium Point, Searing Gorge
Mob  Taskmaster FizzuleFormer spy sent by the Shattered Hand to gather information about the Venture CompanyShattered Hand (formerly) KillableThe Barrens
Boss  Frida IronbellowsPart of the Alliance's assault on Dazar'alor AllianceKillableBattle of Dazar'alor

Clans and organizations

Additionally, the skardyn are a race of cursed descendants of Dark Iron dwarves from below Grim Batol.

In the RPG

Physical appearance

Dark Iron dwarves easily stand out from the other two clans. They physically resemble Bronzebeard dwarves, but they are less stocky and more dexterous. Their skin is pale white to sickly gray, and their hair and beards are white, black, or orange. Their eyes glow with orange flame - one of many gifts from their fiery master, Ragnaros.[18]


Once, long ago, three clans lived in Ironforge peacefully. The Wildhammer faction was drawn to the foothills and crags around the base of the mountain, while Bronzebeard dwarves chose to mine the mountain itself. The Dark Irons became fascinated with the mountains’ depths, where fire and brimstone simmer. Here they discovered dark iron, as well as forged a connection with the magma below. They also gained an unnatural obsession with arcane magic, and many had at least some training in spellcasting. Some say whatever they discovered below eventually corrupted the race.

During the War of the Three Hammers, the Bronzebeards cast out the Wildhammers and Dark Irons. Founding Thaurissan in the Redridge Mountains to the south, the sorcerer-thane built up his armies and unleashed a two-pronged assault; one on Ironforge and one on Grim Batol, intent on ruling all dwarves. Despite overwhelming forces and several near losses, the Bronzebeards beat back Thaurissan’s forces, while the Wildhammers slew Modgud at Grim Batol. After this crushing defeat, Thaurissan withdrew back to his city, and the Wildhammer clan joined the Bronzebeards in marching to finish this war.

Two combined armies marched south, intent on destroying Thaurissan once and for all. However, their thane had other ideas. The mad king still believed he could win, and sent out powerful magics, seeking something powerful enough to wipe out both armies. Ruled by fear, Thaurissan didn’t know what he was getting himself into when his spell found something far worse than defeat in the war.

In his self-empowering madness, Thaurissan freed Ragnaros the greatest fire elemental ever from his prison who was long ago imprisoned by the titans. His eruption into the world destroyed 80% of the Redridge Mountain range, and nestled in the middle of the devastation rose the great volcano now known as Blackrock Mountain. The Searing Gorge bordered it to the north, while the Burning Steppes, formerly lush and beautiful but now destroyed, formed in the south. Ragnaros’s rebirth killed Thaurissan and destroyed his city. His kin, however, survived, and to this day they live within Blackrock Depths, in servitude to Ragnaros and his elemental minions.

Other dwarves long thought that the Dark Irons were destroyed when the spell that summoned Ragnaros destroyed much of the range. However, it wasn’t to be. To this day they pay for Thaurissan’s colossal mistake by serving Ragnaros in his armies. Their lives revolve around Ragnaros’s will.[19]


Dark Iron dwarves avoid straight combat, preferring ambushes and ranged assaults. Dark Irons are self-serving, with little of the clan loyalty so dominant in the other two dwarven clans. A Dark Iron willingly flees or betrays his allies in order to save his own life.[18]

Dark Iron dwarves speak Common and Dwarven. Dark Iron dwarves sometimes learn Goblin and Low Common to speak with the creatures around their territory, and their elemental masters teach some of them their ancient language, Kalimag.[20]


Like most dwarves, Dark Iron dwarves follow a rigid and militarized organization. Every Dark Iron dwarf soldier is well trained and well-armed, often with the finest equipment he can afford. However, the years under the dirt, as well as a diabolical outlook on life, change the Dark Irons’ tactics. Skullduggery and backstabbing are just as potent as a good line formation. Even better, in some cases.

Dark Iron dwarves are cunning, and quicker than other dwarves. Whereas a unit of Bronzebeard dwarves would march straight into enemy lines, Dark Iron dwarves prefer setting up ambushes, or sending lightning-fast strikes. Dark Iron dwarves grew comfortable in the shadows over the many years of their exile and enslavement, and are not above petty tricks such as traps and assassination.

Most Dark Iron dwarves form smaller units than their Bronzebeard cousins, to spread their numbers and allow for flanking and pincer maneuvers. Rogues and assassins mix evenly with warriors and marksmen.

Dark Iron dwarves are also well versed in arcane magic, more so than any other dwarven race. Due to untold years of living next to molten lava and fire, the Dark Iron clan developed a strong link to flames and fire magic. Fire-aligned elementalists battle alongside elite marksmen and stealthy skulkers, raining death on Blackrock Depths’ enemies. Battles against Dark Iron dwarves are often hellish, taxing both sides as the Dark Iron elementalists grow overzealous.

Dark Iron dwarves are still dwarves and bring heavy firepower to the field. However, as in all elements of Dark Iron warfare, the dwarves prize subterfuge and sneak attacks over direct confrontation. Dark Iron snipers lie in wait for incoming enemies, while dwarven bombardiers place bombs in strategic places. Great siege engines rumble softly, set to ambush tight passes or simply mow over enemies with great disregard. Occasionally Dark Iron tinkers unleash entire payloads of flame and brimstone on opposing forces.

Dark Iron dwarves have unconventional backup as well. Fire elementals, servants of Ragnaros, appear intermittently with dwarven forces. Unlike the dwarves, fire elementals have no care for the art of subtlety. Lava elementals and flamewakers roar through battle, burning anything that gets in their way.[21]




World of Warcraft
  • Dark Iron dwarf NPC before the Warlords of Draenor model update.

  • Dark Iron dwarf NPC after 6.0.

Sours: https://wowpedia.fandom.com/wiki/Dark_Iron_dwarf
  1. Eufy monitor replacement
  2. Sexy raven fan art
  3. Telluride mountain bike
  4. Best cc checker
For the Dark Iron dwarf lore, see Dark Iron dwarf and Dark Iron clan.
Dark Iron dwarf (playable).jpg
Character classesBattle for AzerothHunter, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior
ShadowlandsDeath Knight
Main languageDwarven
Secondary languageCommon
Starting zoneBattle for AzerothShadowforge City, Blackrock Depths, Blackrock Mountain
Racial leader Moira Thaurissan
CapitalShadowforge City
Racial mount [Dark Iron Core Hound]

The Dark Iron dwarves are one of the playable Allianceallied races in World of Warcraft, introduced in Battle for Azeroth. Notorious for their gifts of magic and history of treachery, the Dark Irons had long battled the Alliance and Horde under the command of evil forces. Now under the united rule of their queen regent Moira Thaurissan, the clan is, at last, a member of the Alliance.

Dark Iron dwarves first emerge in the bowels of Shadowforge City, before reporting to their faction's embassy (much like all other allied races). Unlike their surface cousins, they prize core hounds as reliable mounts in the sweltering depths of their volcanic homeland. Dark Irons speak Dwarven as their main language. Common is used to communicate with other races.


Main article: Dark Iron clan#History

Race preview

Known for their fiery tempers and fierce determination, Dark Iron dwarves have a turbulent history with the other clans. A failed coup in Ironforge ignited the War of the Three Hammers, and many of the Dark Iron once fought in the service of Ragnaros the Firelord. Though one faction of the dwarves is pledged to Queen-Regent Moira Thaurissan, others refuse to stand alongside their kin. The Alliance seeks a united Dark Iron clan to harness the power of Azerite and aid their struggle against the Horde.[1]

Creation screen description

Known for their fiery tempers and fierce determination, the Dark Iron have a history of strife with the other dwarven clans--as well as their own kin. Queen-Regeant[sic] Moira seeks to unite her people and lead them in the fight to save Azeroth.

Opening cutscene

Moira Thaurissan:The mountain gives us life. Grants us strength. The same blood that flows through our veins... flows through Azeroth's as well. Upon hammer and anvil, our kingdom was forged. With hearts o' fire... and wills o' iron. This world must be defended. Forward, Dark Irons! Tae battle we march!


Dark Iron dwarves can be unlocked by Alliance players who complete the achievement Alliance  [Ready for War].

Once these requirements are met, players must then complete the following recruitment questline:

  1. A [50] Blackrock Depths
  2. A [50] The MOTHERLODE!!: Ironfoe
  3. A [50] Molten Core
  4. A [50] Firelands
  5. A [50] Forged in Fire an' Flame
  6. A [50] Dark Iron Dwarves


Racial traits



Main articles: Jokes#Dark Iron dwarf male, Jokes#Dark Iron dwarf female
Main articles: Flirt#Dark Iron dwarf male, Flirt#Dark Iron dwarf female

Notes and trivia

  • Dark Iron dwarf paladins have a special ram mount with a unique model. Hunters start with a unique appearance darkhound pet.
  • Dark Iron dwarves of all subclans speak in a Scottish accent.
  • Dark Iron dwarves are the only allied race, whose recruitment questline requires going through a dungeon (MOTHERLODE!!)
  • The females are voiced by Moira Quirk. The voice actor for the Dark Iron dwarven men is not yet known.
  • The female Dark Iron once had a bird pet named "Sooty".[2]


Patch changes


Sours: https://wowpedia.fandom.com/wiki/Dark_Iron_dwarf_(playable)

World of Warcraft, developed by Blizzard Entertainment, is an MMORPG that involves endless hours of playthroughs, completing quests, finding loot, unlocking new items, and leveling up your characters ranging from fourteen different races in the game. Naturally, over the course of the last 17 years, the game has undergone substantial changes and received tons of content additions via expansions. After the Tides of Vengeance update, players have access to ten allied races from which the dark iron dwarves are pretty interesting. However, not many players know how to unlock dark iron dwarves. So, we have curated this guide to help these poor souls who roam Boralus or Zandalar in search of answers or clues to unlock the said allied race.

How to Unlock Dark Iron Dwarves

Unlike the Zandalari troll, unlocking Dark Iron Dwarves is much easier and requires you to follow a two-staged process to be able to create dark iron dwarves. The process is a straight shot; however, it is a tad bit long as it requires you to earn ‘Ready for War’ achievement by completing the Alliance War campaign. Once you pull off the first step, the second one is pretty straightforward and requires you to go through a recruitment process.

Ready for War

Players get unique quests for ‘Ready for War’ achievement depending on the faction they are playing the World of Warcraft. If you are rocking an Alliance character, your quests will start in Kul Tiras and end in Zandalar. However, the scenario becomes the other way around if you are using a Horde character in the game. Other than that, here are the following criteria for each faction you need to complete to unlock ‘Ready for War’ achievement and advance the progression of how to unlock dark iron dwarves in World of Warcraft.

Ready for War Alliance CriteriaReady for War Horde Criteria
Nazmir FootholdDrustvar Foothold
Zuldazar FootholdStormsong Valley Foothold
Chasing DarknessThe Marshal’s Grave
Blood in the WaterAt the Bottom of the Sea
Vol’dun FootholdTiragarde Sound Foothold
Blood on the SandThe First Assault
A Golden OpportunityDeath of a Sage
The Strike on ZuldazarThe Strike on Boralus

Now that we mentioned all the criteria for Alliance and Horde factions, there should not be further confusion regarding how to unlock dark iron dwarves in World of Warcraft. All you need to do is complete the quests mentioned above, and you should unlock the ‘Ready for War’ achievement.

The Allied Races Recruitment

Let us assume you received the achievement and successfully pulled off the war campaign, and now the next stop is Stormwind Embassy. Since dark iron dwarves are a part of allied races, you need to recruit them first to your cause to be able to play with them in the game. It is why the second stage of how to unlock dark iron dwarves questline involves a recruitment process.

To kick start the second part of the quest, you must find Moira Thaurissan at Stormwind Embassy and interact with her. She is the NPC that helps you in the recruitment of the dark iron dwarves under your wing. To find her or the embassy, go North-West of the Dwarven District in Stormwind, and you will eventually stumble upon Moira Thaurissan.

Accessing the Class – Dark Iron Dwarves

After completing the recruitment scenario, you should see a relevant achievement titled ‘Allied Races: Dark Iron Dwarf’. It indicates that you have completed the unlocking process in its entirety. So, to access this newly unlocked playable class, you need to log out from the game and log back in by going through creating a new character option. Once you do that, you should be able to see dark iron dwarves race on the menu screen. Also, just like other races in the game, you can select a male or female dark iron dwarf. This solves the tale of how to unlock dark iron dwarves in World of Warcraft.

Upgrades Related to Dark Iron Dwarves

Once you finalize creating a dark iron dwarf character, you will begin with level 20 in the game. After that, a couple of unlockables/upgrades associated with the race await that must be completed to give your character the edge it needs in the game.

Heritage Armor – Cosmetic Upgrade

You will start at level 20 after creating your dark iron dwarf character. A sweet cosmetic upgrade awaits if you reach level 50 with this character. Regardless of the male or female character, the Heritage Armor gives a dark iron dwarf the extra tanky and brute look-a-like appearance that every dwarf, in my opinion, should have. Here is an image of dark iron dwarf rocking the fancy Heritage armor cosmetic upgrade.

how to unlock dark iron dwarves

Dark Iron Core Hound – Mount

To find a dark iron core hound, you need to visit Blackrock Depths. Here is an image for your reference to find the mount’s exact location.

how to unlock dark iron dwarves

Things You Should Know About Dark Iron Dwarves

There are certain in-game tidbits that you need to know while embarking on the journey of how to unlock dark iron dwarves or their unlockables. After making your character and starting at level 20, DO NOT use character boost tokens to reach level 50 or 110 for quick upgrades or rewards associated at the said levels. If you used the token and reached level 50, the Heritage Armor set will not unlock.

The same applies if you change the faction or race of your character. So, DO NOT alternate between faction and race while you are upgrading your dark iron dwarf character. It will hamper your progression and reward unlocking system.

Your progression will also be affected if you try to level up faster via Recruit a Friend option. Once again, DO NOT rush and destroy the progression of your character.

Dark iron dwarf Heritage armor cosmetic set is only usable by the said class. No other class can equip this item.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about how to unlock dark iron dwarves. Did you find your guide helpful? Did you unlock the dark iron dwarves race and its unlockables after going through the guide? Let us know more about it in the comments section below.

Sours: https://exputer.com/guides/how-to-unlock-dark-iron-dwarves/

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Asmongold Unlocks Dark Iron Dwarfs

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