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Shrek Retold

fan-made recreation of the film Shrek

Shrek Retold

The film's thumbnail on YouTube, featuring the titular character in various mediums

Directed byGrant Duffrin
Based onShrek
by DreamWorks
Produced by
  • Christopher Carlone
  • Nolan Cooney
  • Justin Silverman
  • Bryan Stickley
  • Lee Terwilliger
Edited byGrant Duffrin
Music by

Peter Vartanian

  • Kevin Gonring
  • Oditharge
  • Ryan Dorin
  • DJ Douggpound
  • Chris Carlone
  • Raymond Allen
  • Damon Scott
  • Helior Colorado
  • Esteban Proaño
  • Marc M
  • Urethra Heap
  • David Liebe Hart
  • Dumb Fidelity
  • Hot Dad
  • Grant Duffrin
  • T.O.S.O.
  • Mowtendoo
  • Morrano
  • Woongi
  • dead dungeon killa snake and slice of life
  • Pigeon
  • Joseph Le Roy
  • Res the 2nd
  • Christopher Carlone
  • Nick Hubler
  • Ben Strohbeen


3GI Industries

Release date

November 29,

Running time

90 minutes

Shrek Retold is a fan-madeshot-for-shotrecreation of the film Shrek. Released on November 29, to YouTube, the project was led by YouTuber Grant Duffrin ("3GI") and features the work of over creators, each contributing to a portion of the recreation.


As a recreation, Shrek Retold follows the plot of the original film with only some deviations.[1] The main difference between Shrek Retold and the original is in its reinterpretation; as a collaborative effort with over contributors,[2][3][4][5] the art style, voice acting, and music change from scene to scene, often being wildly different from the original.[6][7] Unlike the original Shrek which is entirely 3D animated, Shrek Retold features 2D and 3D animation, live action, stop motion, and other mediums.[8] The film's contributors include many internet personalities and actors, such as David Liebe Hart,[9] Michael Cusack,[10] Ratboy Genius,[10]Anthony Fantano,[11] and SiIvaGunner.[α]

Production and release[edit]

I have no idea if it's possible to like something ironically. It's like, could you enjoy ice cream ironically? Could you eat ice cream as a joke?

Grant Duffin, interview with Quartz[12]

Shrek Retold was produced as collaborative, but segmented effort; director Grant Duffrin split the film into different scenes of varying length, and each scene was recreated by a contributor.[6] In an interview with Quartz, Duffrin stated his love of Shrek was genuine, contrary to the "ironic" Shrekinternet memes of the time.[12] Shortly prior to release, a trailer for the film was uploaded to the 3GI channel which received significant news coverage.[4][5][7][α] The film premiered on YouTube to a live audience on November 29, , and has since remained on the site.[13][β] On November 29, , it was announced that the film would be available for purchase in VHS format and as a free digital download.[γ] In March , Shrek Retold was followed up by Sonic Rebuilt, a similar recreation of the Sonic the Hedgehog film.[δ]


Shrek Retold was received well by critics, who mainly praised its impressive scope for a fan project and its bizarre content.[3][14][13]


Shrek Retold (Official Soundtrack)
LabelAutumn Sounds

The soundtrack was released on streaming services and cassette for the film's first anniversary on 29, November It features covers of songs featured in the original Shrek's soundtrack and additional original songs written specifically for the project.

1."Peter Vartanian Fauxny & Kevin Gonring - All Star"
2."Oditharge (Feat. Ray Sipe) - Makin' Waffles"
3."Nolan Cooney - Pina Colada"
4."Ryan Dorin "Ratboy Genius" - Welcome to Dulac"
5."DJ Douggpound - Donkey Look Out"
6."Chris Carlone - I'm On My Way"
7."Larry Inc 64 - Some Moon"
8."Raymond Allen - Shed"
9."Dumb Fidelity & Roughy - Singing Princess"
"Damon Scott 'Broken Pixels', Helior Colorado & Esteban Proano - Merry Men"
"Marc M 'Sick Animation' - Shrek Love"
"Urethra Heap - You Belong To Me"
"Grant Duffrin - Eleven Months"
"David Liebe Hart & Dumb Fidelity - Hallelujah"
"Hot Dad - Believer"
"Grant Duffrin - Stay Home"
"TOSO - Best Years Of Our Lives"
"Mowtendoo - Like Wow"
"Morrano - It Is You (I Have Loved)"
"Grant Duffrin - Trailer Song"

Upcoming Shrek 2 Retold project[edit]

Originally, on April 1st , 3GI posted an April Fools video titled Shrek 2 Retold[15] in which the project director discussed the creation of Shrek Retold. During Shrekfest it was announced that Shrek 2 Retold was no longer just a joke and is actually happening via an animated announcement trailer.[16] The Shrek 2 Retold Twitter[17] posts public updates about the project. On April 22 , as a celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the original film, 3GI posted an official teaser trailer of Shrek 2 Retold. [18]



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Where To Watch Every Shrek Movie Online

The Shrek franchise was a hit with fans from the very beginning. Here's where the movies are available to stream on Netflix, Prime Video, and more.

One of the most well-endowed of animated franchises, Shrek has been DreamWorks Animation's primary crowd-pleaser for years, as the film that established them as a worthy competitor to Pixar has a massive fanbase even today. The franchise's humor, which appeals to both kids and adults, seems to be the "key factor" that's still bringing in viewers; and thanks to the magic of the Internet, whether you want to relive the wit and charm of the original or the spin-off, there's a place you can buy and watch it online.

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Here's a brief list of each Shrek film, including a list of online retailers where you can watch Shrek online, including both rental and purchase options as well as a brief summary of its premise, critical reception, and final box office gross.

5 Shrek () – Available on Hulu

DreamWorks Animation's fifth feature film, 's Shrek, follows a reclusive ogre (the titular character) who finds his isolated way of living interrupted when his swamp is overrun by a swarm of fairy tale characters banished from the outside kingdom. Intending to petition for his property to be left alone, Shrek, accompanied by a mythic talking donkey, goes to meet the sinister Lord Farquaad. However, through a bizarre turn of events, Shrek is forced into going on a dangerous rescue mission to retrieve the princess Farquaad intends to wed (who's hiding an incredible secret of her own), assumedly in exchange for the aforementioned swamp being cleared of its extraneous inhabitants.

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Heralded by many as one of the most groundbreaking animated films of our time, Shrek received praise from critics for its visuals, acting, and adult-oriented humor (including a multitude of pop culture references). It was also a massive box office success, making $ million on a budget of $60 million and going on to win the first-ever Oscar for Best Animated Feature (beating Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and Monsters, Inc.)

4 Shrek 2 () – Available on Hulu

Inspired by the plot of the Spencer Tracy comedy-drama Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, 's Shrek 2follows Princess Fiona as she attempts to introduce her now-beau Shrek to her very human parents - with mixed results. Meanwhile, an evil Fairy Godmother schemes to get rid of Shrek so the door will be open for her beloved son, Prince Charming himself, to wed Fiona. This forces the dynamic duo of Shrek and Donkey (alongside a new ally - the Zorro-like fairy tale feline Puss in Boots) to put an end to her sinister scheme. Obviously, the significant budget increase on this second installment (which cost $ million to make) led to improved visuals and that, combined with the - admittedly slightly dated - style of humor employed by the original, impressed critics a second time around.

Even with this level of critical praise, no one could predict was what a box office sensation Shrek's second outing would be. With a gross of almost $ million, it became the highest-grossing animated film of all time (although it was later surpassed by 's Toy Story 3) as well as the highest-grossing film of ; it is, to this day, DreamWorks' most successful release ever. Like its predecessor, Shrek 2 received an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature - though it lost to Pixar's The Incredibles.

3 Shrek The Third () – Available to rent on Prime Video

Shrek the Third begins with Shrek poised to inherit the kingdom of Far Far Away. However, he becomes very conflicted about this, as he complains of his own inadequacy, claiming an ogre is not fit to rule. Oddly enough, the defeated Prince Charming is thinking the same thing, as he begins to set in motion master plans to overthrow the kingdom - and, of course, the only ones who can stop the vengeance-seeking villain are Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, and Boots.

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Critics and audiences weren't as enamored with Shrek the Third as they had been with the franchise's previous installments, with some saying that the franchise was beginning to lose its appeal. Still, several outlets gave the film a positive review, with the shared reason primarily being that number three, while formulaic, still captured the original's humor and charm while creating its own singular experience. Box-office-wise, DreamWorks proved whatever negative critical reception there was had very little impact on the film's performance - destined from the start to become a summer blockbuster, it managed a whopping $ million on a budget of $ million. This made it the fourth-biggest film to be released in , behind new installments from the (much bigger) Spider-Man, Harry Potter, and Pirates of the Caribbean franchises.

2 Shrek Forever After () – Available on Sling

's Shrek Forever After follows the titular character - now one half of a parental unit - as his patience begins to wear thin for both his tepid family life and his tiring celebrity status. After stumbling upon the magical Rumpelstiltskin, Shrek requests one day to live out his previous triumphs as a "true" ogre. Secretly seeking revenge for a past wrong, Rumpel creates a contract that will allow this in exchange for the erasure of a forgotten moment from Shrek's childhood - purportedly with no ill effects whatsoever. However, when the day erased turns out to be his own birthday, Shrek - now in an alternate universe where he doesn't even exist - has just 24 hours to break the contract and return home before he disappears forever. While many critics noted that much of the franchise's trademark charm was lost to number four by the film's habit of taking heavily from its predecessors, others claimed that it was still noticeably different; they argued that the tone was both more unique and more nuanced, and praised the film's humor and emotion.

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Middling critical reception couldn't take down the veritable cinematic behemoth that is the Shrek franchise, and Forever After still managed to shake up the box office, delivering $ million on a budget of around $ million.

1 Puss in Boots () – Available on Netflix

One of the Shrek franchise's most beloved characters, Antonio Banderas' Puss in Boots, became the focus of his own film in The film takes place before his first meeting with Shrek, as the adventurous feline attempts to retrieve a set of magic beans that will allow him to reach the goose that lays the golden eggs, an adventure that will pit him against many different adversaries.

What seemed like a pointless spin-off at first glance actually turned out to be a spark of life for the Shrek franchise, as critics appreciated the film's effort despite not seeing it as being particularly revolutionary for animated cinema. Making $ million on a budget of "just" $ million, Puss in Boots proved that even the most tired of franchises can make surprising strides with enough talent and creativity.

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Here's How You Can Watch Every Movie In The Shrek Series

While we wait for confirmation of a fifth Shrek movie, or that rumored reboot, it's a great time to revisit the entire franchise from the beginning. However, at the time of this writing, there are no streaming services that offer all four films for viewers to watch back-to-back. However, you can often find at least one of them on a subscription-based streaming service, so depending on which platforms you've signed up for, you may be able to watch at least one move from the Shrek series for free.

For instance, the first Shrek movie, which was released in , is available to stream on Hulu, so you can watch it as often as you like at no extra charge if you're a subscriber. If you also have a subscription to Hungama, you can follow it up with Shrek 2. While the elusive Shrek the Third isn't available on any subscription streaming platforms at the moment, you can find the movie for a fee in all the typical locations. Rounding out the original series is Shrek Forever After, which is available to Amazon Prime Video subscribers. And while none of the first four Shrek films are available on Netflix, the spin-off movie Puss in Boots is.

If you don't have a subscription to any of the streaming services but you still want to watch every movie in the Shrek series, don't worry — there are other ways to watch them all. According to DreamWorks, you can rent all of the Shrek movies and Puss In Boots for $ on the following platforms: YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, Apple TV, Vudu, Fandango, Xfinity, Redbox, and Amazon Prime. You can also purchase them from Redbox for $ or Microsoft for $

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