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Just how dysfunctional is California’s unemployment department?

Apparently so dysfunctional that Bank of America, which since 2010 has had an exclusive contract with the state to deliver unemployment benefits through prepaid debit cards, wants to end the contract — even though the Employment Development Department just renewed it for another two years.

The news, first reported by ABC 7 in San Francisco, comes about a month after a federal judge — as part of a class-action lawsuit first reported by CalMatters — ordered Bank of America to stop using an automated fraud filter that blocked tens of thousands of legitimate claimants from accessing their benefits after they reported suspicious account activity. The bank said it received 230,000 claims of debit card fraud from October 2020 through March 2021.

Bank of America’s desire to end the contract is striking, given that both the bank and the state rake in merchant fees whenever an unemployment debit card is swiped. EDD has pocketed millions in fees amid the pandemic: It earned more than $47 million from March 2020 through April 2021, even though the claims of more than 1.1 million jobless Californians remain in limbo.

However, Bank of America told state lawmakers it lost “hundreds of millions” of dollars on the contract last year as it scrambled to respond to California’s rampant unemployment fraud, which experts say could total upward of $31 billion.

  • Bank of America: “We have advised the state that we would like to exit this business as soon as possible.”

Ultimately, the cost of California’s unemployment fraud will likely fall on taxpayers. And businesses will likely shoulder the staggering weight of California’s unemployment insurance debt, which experts estimate could reach $26.7 billion by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, EDD is still struggling to answer the millions of calls it receives each week — so much so that California’s 80 state assemblymembers were just given the green light to hire two staffers each to handle EDD problems.

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The coronavirus bottom line: As of Wednesday, California had 3,721,006 confirmed cases(+0.04% from previous day) and 63,259 deaths(+0.03% from previous day), according to a CalMatters tracker.

California has administered42,087,777vaccine doses, and 59.8% of eligible Californians are fully vaccinated.

Plus: CalMatters regularly updates this pandemic timeline tracking the state’s daily actions. We’re also tracking the state’s coronavirus hospitalizations by county and lawsuits against COVID-19 restrictions.

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1.State prison rules upheld for now

California can keep its rules that give 76,000 inmates the opportunity to shorten their prison sentences — for now, according to a superior court judge’s tentative Tuesday ruling. The order is a temporary rebuke to Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert, a 2022 attorney general contender who sued Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration with 43 other district attorneys — though the judge said there is a “likelihood” the prosecutors will ultimately prevail. In challenging the new California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation policy, which was quietly adopted in May, the prosecutors said it violated state law and endangered public safety. The Newsom administration said it encouraged good inmate behavior.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Rob Bonta on Wednesday established a team to investigate officer-involved shootings that result in the death of unarmed civilians and joined a coalition of 36 other states to sue Google for violating state and federal antitrust laws.

2. CA considers sterilization reparations

Stacy Cordova, whose aunt was a victim of California's forced sterilization program that began in 1909, holds a framed photo of her aunt Mary Franco on July 5, 2021, in Azusa, Calif. Franco was sterilized when she was 13 in 1934. Franco has since died, but Cordova has been advocating for reparations on her behalf. Photo by Jae C. Hong, AP Photo

Some of the thousands of women forcibly sterilized by California’s government could receive reparations payments of up to $25,000 each once Newsom signs into law the $263 billion budget recently passed by state lawmakers, the Associated Press reports. The budget sets aside $7.5 million for a reparations program that experts say could benefit around 600 women — of the more than 20,000 people California sterilized under a eugenics law deeming certain residents unfit to have children, the vast majority are dead. But even after the state repealed its eugenics law in 1979, sterilization continued in state prisons, where the Center for Investigative Reporting found at least 148 women were sterilized between 2006 and 2010 without required approvals.

Meanwhile, California on Friday will continue considering how the state might compensate African Americans for slavery and its lingering effects at the second meeting of its first-in-the-nation reparations task force.

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July 13: How can California support its small businesses as they recover from a recession and global pandemic? Join a CalMatters and Milken Institute virtual conversation with leading policymakers, including Small Business Administration Administrator Isabel Casillas Guzman. Register here.

CalMatters columnist Dan Walters: As California water interests joust over management of the state’s supply, two decrees from Washington change the game.

Water shouldn’t go to the highest bidder: California’s congressional delegation should co-sponsor the federal Water Act to make the state stop entrusting public water to corporate interests that fail to manage it responsibly, argues Alexandra Nagy of Food & Water Watch.

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    Federal Judge Pushes Bank of America To Resolve EDD Debit Card Hacks

    SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A possible day of reckoning lies ahead for Bank of America, in connection with an epidemic of hacking attacks on unemployment debit cards that KPIX 5 was first to expose last fall.

    RELATED: KPIX EDD Fraud Special Section

    READ MORE: Roseville Woman Who Used Feinstein's Name, SS# For COVID Fraud Admits Stealing EDD Benefits

    A federal judge says he is prepared to issue a preliminary injunction against the bank that would force it to unfreeze accounts and start paying victims back. But he’s giving the bank one more chance to work it out with plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit.

    Statement from Bank of America spokesperson Bill Halldin:
    “We appreciate the judge’s recognition of the difficult situation that EDD and Bank of America have faced given the pandemic and unprecedented criminal fraud as we continue to work to ensure legitimate claimants get the benefits to which they are entitled. We welcome the opportunity to discuss this further with plaintiffs and the magistrate judge.”

    In court filings Bank of America reveals it has received approximately 255,000 claims, 150,000 were denied. Of those denied 27,000 asked for reconsideration. Of those, there were 15,000 decisions reversed.

    As we have been reporting one of the biggest problems with Bank of America EDD debit cards is that they don’t have a security chip. That makes it all too easy for fraudsters to duplicate the cards and siphon cash out of legitimate accounts.

    So for the hundreds of thousands of people who have one of these cards and had money stolen help can’t come soon enough. Among them, Robert Leonard. He says he found out his card was hacked when he went to Lucky supermarket to use the ATM.

    “It said maximum withdrawal had been reached,” Leonard said.

    So he says he called Bank of America.

    “They said, well, $1,003 was taken from a Wells Fargo ATM in San Francisco. I said, well, that wasn’t me,” said Leonard. He has been out of work for months and so he and his therapy dog Albie desperately need the money to survive. “My card was copied. And how did they get a pin number?” Leonard said.

    The San Francisco resident is the latest victim to contact KPIX with what has become a sadly all to familiar story. Tatiana Solorzano was one of them.

    “My heart dropped. I was scared, you know, I thought they were going to do it again, you know,” Solorzano said.

    Over the past 7 months we have interviewed dozens of people whose unemployment debit cards were hacked. Many told us their funds were stolen in cash from ATMs.

    “Pulled out a thousand dollars, next day a thousand dollars, next day a thousand dollars” Brian Birkhoffer said.

    Others got big ticket charges on their card from high end stores, like Brooke Suchomel.

    It had been drained overnight, before the rent was due,” Suchomel said.

    And some accounts were literally hijacked.

    “They had removed my bank account information, they had put their routing information, their bank account,” Michelle Brrionuevo Mazzini said.

    READ MORE: South Bay Pastor Another Target In Unemployment Debit Card Scam

    But despite providing police reports and other evidence all the victims got the same letter from the bank, denying their claim with no provisional credit even though it’s required by law.

    “They’re just writing me off for my money?” said Robert Leonard.

    “The letter was dated the 20th, I didn’t make the initial claim until the 19th, so nothing was investigated,” said another victim, Erica Young.

    Throughout the many months of covering this story Bank of America denied our requests for interviews. In the bank’s one and only appearance in Sacramento in January, lawmakers were stonewalled as well.

    But now a federal judge is stepping into the fray. After reading affidavits from dozens of fraud victims in a class action lawsuit the judge has ordered Bank of America to meet with the plaintiffs to work out some immediate solutions.

    “The court issued a very strong order that the plaintiffs have shown a strong likelihood of success,” said Brian Danitz with the firm Cotchett, Pitre and McCarthy, LLP.

    Danitz represents Jennifer Yick, the lead plaintiff in the federal complaint.

    “We are looking for relief that will require Bank of America to investigate claims of unauthorized transactions in good faith and provide provisional credit as required under federal law,” Danitz said.

    Meanwhile back in Sacramento the push is on to bypass Bank of America altogether.

    AB 74 sponsored by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez would require EDD to provide claimants another option: Direct deposit.

    “When you’re dealing with a third party bank it’s not their priority to serve you,” Gonzalez said. “And so this just makes sense and it makes more and more sense the further we get into this and we realize all the potential fraud and problems that have been created through the Bank of America debit card.”

    But cutting ties with the bank may not be as simple as it might seem. That’s because the current contract with EDD is a revenue-sharing agreement. That means EDD gives the bank the taxpayer funds to distribute and the bank in return pays EDD for the privilege of handling the money. So it’s profitable for both Bank of America and EDD.

    Bank of America won’t disclose how much money it has made during the pandemic

    But we were able to obtain monthly revenue figures for EDD. Back in March of 2020 before the start of the pandemic, EDD received $290,000 from Bank of America. In May, that shot up to $2.4 million, reaching a peak of $5.7 million for the month of September.

    “Actually I didn’t know those numbers,” Gonzalez said. “So you know it’s time to review what we are doing.”

    Back in San Francisco Robert Leonard and his sidekick Albie just want their thousand dollars back. And after calling KPIX 5 they got it.

    MORE NEWS: Victims Of EDD Bank Of America Debit Card Fraud Could Be Taxed On Benefits They Never Received

    “Son of a gun I got a call this morning. So that was a good thing. And I thank KPIX Channel 5 News,” Leonard said.


    Edd card boa

    Money is a leading cause of divorce, but it’s also at the root of the unhappy marriage between the Bank of America and California's Employment Development Department.

    The bank has said publicly it wants nothing more to do with the EDD. 

    Nevertheless, the state agency has just extended its agreement with Bank of America for another two years to provide unemployment insurance debit cards to Californians. 

    This is how bad things are at the EDD.  

    Bank of America has contracted with the agency since 2010 to help provide unemployment insurance payments to Californians. 

    The bank has made about $47 million in fees during the pandemic, but if it were up to the bank, the relationship would end immediately. 

    The decision to extend the EDD’s contract with Bank of America for another two years wasn’t up to Bank of America. 

    Per their contract, EDD had all the power to unilaterally make the decision to extend the contract and last week, they did.

    Over objections from Bank of America, which says it has lost hundreds of millions of dollars on the contract in the last year, and taken a reputational hit for its affiliation with EDD and the rampant fraud that’s happened during the pandemic. 

    It's estimated that $31 billion in benefits have been lost to fraud. 

    Bank of America has been sued for freezing 230,000 accounts suspected of fraud since last October. 

    The I-Team asked Bank of America about its wish to end its business relationship with EDD and in an email the bank responded, “under the contract, the state has the sole option to extend and chose to do so. We have advised the state that we would like to exit this business as soon as possible. In the meantime, we will continue to administer the unemployment payments and meet the requirements of the contract.”

    The I-Team asked EDD for a response to Bank of America publicly stating it no longer wants to do business with the agency, EDD says, “to help ensure continued service to claimants, EDD has exercised its right under the existing contract with Bank of America to continue providing debit card services. Additionally, to improve card security, EDD is working with the bank to implement chip-enabled debit cards.”

    EDD also says it’s working to identify vendors who can provide direct deposit for benefit payments.

    While the drama between EDD and Bank of America is playing out, EDD is still struggling to answer the phone calls of frustrated Californians.  

    So much so that the state's 80 assembly members just got approval to hire two employees a piece, just to handle all the calls and emails about EDD related problems. 

    So if you are having trouble reaching EDD, reach out to your elected assembly member, and their staffs should be able to escalate your claims. 

    Fraudulent Charges Appearing On Bank Of America EDD Debit Cards Of 350,000 Unemployed Californians.

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