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Places to Purchase a Patio Egg Chair!

If you are like me, then shelter in place has been an opportunity to focus on making our home an even more comfortable place to be. For our patio surrounding the pool, I wanted some comfortable seating and after seeing the egg chair at Target, I wanted one of my own! In my research, I’ve found chairs that span across a wide price spectrum, so depending on your patio budget a chair might be in your future! Here are some options for a patio egg chair!

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Tips for Picking a Patio Egg Chair

  • Measure your space and pay special attention to the height of a chair and the width before purchasing.
  • Make sure to protect your cushions with Scotchguard before setting your chair outside.
  • Consider where you will store your chair during the winter months. You might want to invest in a storage shed or an outdoor cover!


I managed to finally snag a Walmart ventura egg chair in my area after waiting almost 8 months for it to come back in stock. Go here for a complete review of what I think is the most affordable patio egg chair on the market!


15 Chic Yet Affordable Egg Chairs To Elevate The Look Of A Patio Or An Indoor Space

Are you searching for ways to amp up the chic factor of your abode? There’s nothing better and stunning than a well-styled egg chair. It can amplify the whimsy look of your indoor as well outdoor space. From enjoying the summer breeze to loving the winter sun, an egg chair will stick with you through thick and thin. You can either go for swing ones or the ones with a self-stand, but both ways, it’ll update the whole essence of your abode.

An egg chair can satiate the minimalist obsession as well as the need to make your house look alluring. There’s nothing more comforting and aesthetically pleasing than owning an egg chair for your abode. So, without any further ado, go ahead and give your home a new sense of chicness with an egg chair.

1. Wayfair

Wayfair Burnam Wicker Teardrop Chair ($329.99)

Constructed from the classic blend of teardrop shape and intricate abstract design, this egg chair will give your abode a contemporary twist quite effortlessly. The grey tone and stable stand of the chair will make you never want to leave it.

2. CB2

CB2 POD Hanging Chair With Cushion ($899)

Stylishly suspended from the ceiling, this hanging egg chair will invite tranquility into your house with its aesthetically pleasing design and color combination.

3. Bee & Willow™

Bee & Willow™ Home Stationary Egg Chair in Brown ($450)

Not sure if you have enough space to mount a hanging chair? Don’t worry; this one will let you enjoy the bliss with its self-standing design. Whether you want to infuse a bohemian vibe or elegant look, this one will work for both.

4. Wayfair

Wayfair Wellow Baytree Egg Swivel Patio Chair with Cushions ($509.99)

Turn up the stylish look of your house outdoors with this egg patio chair offering cuddly and soft cushions. The rust-proof black metal frame of the chair gives a sophisticated look to the home.

5. Opalhouse

Opalhouse Latigo Swivel Patio Egg Chair Brown ($400)

This one is for sure going to be the statement piece of your backyard. Perfect for relaxing and enjoying a podcast or book, this chair offers a deep-seater design and dark finish for a stunning contrast look.

6. Christopher Knight Home

Christopher Knight Home Cutter Teardrop Wicker Lounge Chair with Cushion ($520.09)

Snuggle, chill, and enjoy the aesthetic vibe of your backyard with this lounge chair offering a soft cushion. Made of all-weather wicker around a metal frame, this chair in teardrop shape will stand the test of time.

7. Stylewell

Stylewell Brown Wicker Outdoor Swivel Patio Egg Lounge Chair with Cushions ($349)

Give your house a cozy and stylish twist with this brown wicker egg chair. Perfect for lounging all day long, this chair is perfect to elevate the look of your exterior.

8. Opalhouse™

Opalhouse™ Southport Patio Egg Chair ($500)

Spruce up the vibe and look of your entire house with this modern-looking and all-weather wicker patio chair. This chair is exactly what your home’s outdoor is craving right now.

9. Wayfair

Wayfair Valletta Swing Chair with Stand$729.99

Speaking of elegant yet playful egg chairs, this hanging stand chair definitely has some heavenly and cute appeal. It’s not often that you come across seating with such a stylish look and comfort.

10. Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens Ventura Boho Stationary Wicker Egg Chair ($297)

There’s no way that you can resist the boho vibe of this brown lounge egg chair. The rust-resistant metal frame and wicker accent of the chair will prove to be the standout furniture of your home.

11. Wayfair

Wayfair Furkan Swing Chair with Stand$429.99

This chair will add a punch of elegance in a pinch to any outdoor space. If black and white colored furniture isn’t for you, this bark brown-toned chair will be a perfect choice.

12. Opalhouse™

Opalhouse™ Britanna Patio Hanging Egg Chair ($500)

A stylish hanging chair that will add an eye-catching design as well as comfort to your place. Place it anywhere, this chair will make the spot most frequented and loved part of your home.

13. Wayfair

Wayfair Anner Tear Drop Swing Chair with Stand ($374.99)

Constructed from thick brown meshed wicker, this chair will give your patio space a quirky yet sophisticated touch quite effortlessly. So swing all day and enjoy the breeze in this chair.

14. Wayfair

Wayfair Swing Chair with Stand ($339.99)

Be it for stretching out with your favorite book to summer lounging; you can always count on this one. The combination of nylon and metal makes it so stellar.

15. CB2

CB2 Acapulco Black Outdoor Chair$269

Take the modern and opulent look of the house to a whole new level with this black patio chair, built of powder-coated steel tube frame. The handwoven black PVC cord makes this chair a must-have for everyone.

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1Burnam Wicker Teardrop Swing Chair


Within the wicker-and-metal frame of this chair is a super-comfortable water-resistant cushion, allowing for maximum relaxation outdoors.

2Swing Chair


Whether you’re suspending this swinging egg chair from a tree or a pergola, it’s the perfect addition to complete your outdoor oasis.

3Ellen Outdoor Wicker Swivel Egg Chair with Cushion


This one swivels, enabling easier outdoor conversations with family and friends.

4Wisconsin Swing Chair


Now you can feel as if you’re being cradled while you relax outside with a good book.

5Schwartz Wicker Hanging Egg Swing Chair with Stand


This teardrop-shaped seat—with pops of neon!—will certainly brighten up any patio.

6Hampton Bay Brown Wicker Outdoor Patio Egg Lounge Chair

Lounge & Co.


A wicker lounge chair would be a chic addition to your patio, sure—but the steel construction of this option means it’s built to last.

7Heri Swing Chair with Stand


The outer frame of this handwoven contemporary swing chair is designed to be rust-resistant; the cushion covered in a Sunbrella fabric is another plus.

8Teardrop Patio Chair with Cushions


This simple yet sophisticated model will easily elevate your backyard or patio.

9Dustan Wicker Swing Chair

$659 AT MACY'S

This swing chair—it’s like a beautifully spun wicker cocoon—brings new meaning to the phrase hanging out.

10Capistrano Outdoor Hanging Chair & Stand


Throw a few outdoor cushions on this scoop-shaped stand-alone hanging chair to complete the look of your patio sanctuary.

11Outdoor Patio All-Weather Wicker Stationary Egg Chair



A built-in cup holder and magazine storage? Yes, please. You’ll have no problem relaxing outside for hours in this handwoven model.

12Peacock Indoor/Outdoor Hanging Chair


This charming boho swing seat will automatically become the focal point of any outdoor—or indoor—space. 

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