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COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KBTX) - A big announcement on this Independence Day from Texas A&M and C.C. Creations.

Plans are in the works to recreate an iconic image at Kyle Field for the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

20 years ago our community came together as our nation grieved.

Famous images captured an iconic moment at Kyle Field when football fans dressed in red, white and blue t-shirts in solidarity.

“We are honoring 9/11. We’re honoring the 20 year anniversary but we’re also you know saying that we’re Aggies and we stand for our football,” said Kenny Lawson, C.C. Creations CEO.

C.C. Creations helped turn Kyle Field red, white and blue in 2001. Now they plan to recreate it at the Aggies’ home opener against Kent State.

“We’re going to print 100,000 shirts to fill Kyle Field and we’re excited about it,” Lawson added.

The t-shirts go on sale Monday, July 5 at area retailers and online for $12.

Student organizations like Maroon Out are helping with the project which also celebrates the 100th anniversary of the 12th Man.

“We will be selling the red, white, and blue shirts during Howdy Week on campus. We’ll also be selling them the week of the game, as well as the day of the game. So you won’t miss your chance to get your shirt,” said Kim Ngyuen, a Texas A&M Student and Maroon Out Membership Director.

“After 9/11 as America, we did come together just to be there for one another and to repair those bonds that were lost that day. We hope to recreate what they did and to really just remember those lives that were lost,” said Celina Hernandez, a Texas A&M Student and Maroon Out Director of Outreach.

“We had 7 days to do it the first time. Clay this time you know we’ve got a couple of months to get ready so we’re excited. It’s going to be a great thing for Texas A&M on a national level,” said Lawson.

Part of the proceeds from those t-shirt sales will support President George H.W. Bush’s Points of Light Foundation.

The home opener against Kent State is scheduled for September 4.

Those shirts will be at retailers including the C.C. Creations Warehouse, Aggieland Outfitters, Barnes & Noble Bookstore on campus, Brookshire Brothers, Academy, and also Fanatics.

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