Wire hanging basket shelves

Wire hanging basket shelves DEFAULT
  • STACKING HANGING WALL MOUNT: the wire baskets give you several storage options for your kitchen, pantry, bathroom, garage or bedroom. Stack the baskets on your kitchen counter to store vegetables or fruits. Hang the baskets on shelves with the included arms to take advantage of extra space in your cabinets or linen closets. They also feature 2 drill holes so you can create additional basket storage on any wall
  • STORAGE ORGANIZER: the perfect basket set for getting your home organized and creating extra space
  • DEEP BASKETS: Each basket measures 13.5" Width x 17.2" Depth x 5.5" Height allowing the wire baskets to hold a variety of produce, kitchen accessories and other items to be displayed
  • DURABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: Each basket has been crafted from a durable steel and may be used for a stand-alone basket or stacked for convenience. The baskets are also lightweight so you can easily carry them when you need to
  • DIMENSIONS: External: 16.4" Width x 10.6" Depth x 6.8" Height. Weight: 4 lbs.

BirdRock Home Stacking Wire Baskets are the perfect solution for kitchen storage. Simply store produce (fruit & Vegetables), kitchen utensils, towels, cleaning products and more within the baskets. Each basket measures 16.4" Width x 10.6" Depth x 6.8" Height allowing the wire baskets to hold a variety of produce, kitchen accessories, and other items to be displayed. Each basket has been crafted from a durable steel and may be used for a stand-alone basket or stacked for convenience.

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15 Stunning Wire Basket Storage Ideas (In 2021)

There is no talk that goes beyond baskets when it comes to organizing one’s home. Be it your kitchen, your living room or your bathroom, wire baskets play an important role in providing a tidy and stylish look to your space. Storage baskets are an inexpensive way to give a contemporary look to your home or office. It serves three purposes: decor, store, and organize. 





Baskets come in a wide range of varieties. It completely depends on what type of basket you want to use for your interior. Here, we shalll focus on wire basket storage options that you can use in different parts of your home. 



15 Stunning Wire Basket Storage Ideas (2020) - Infographics



In Your Bathroom


For Towels

If your bathroom’s lack of cabinets and options to store fresh towels frustrate you, the best way to go about it is to roll and fit them in a wire basket storage. It’s in situations like this when the wire basket organization becomes very handy: it not only keeps the towel handy but also gives your bathroom a fresher look.  



This iDesign chrome wire basket has a versatile design and open top to make it the perfect choice to load towels. Its black finish matches with various interiors and makes it a purposeful purchase for any homeowner. Available in a set of one, two, or three, you can get these baskets for a reasonable price.



For Toilet Papers

Did you ever think that toilet papers can also serve as wall decor? Yes, you heard it right! A lack of storage invented this idea. Put your toilet papers in a black tempting wire basket storage number and hang it on the wall. You now have a spot to place your toilet paper while serving as a beautiful wall decor. 



Look at this wire basket storage mounted on the wall. Its rustic farm look makes it a good decorative piece for your bathroom. It serves both as a toilet paper dispenser and holder. This basket can hold an extra toilet paper roll, but you can also add a small flower pot to give your bathroom a more natural flair. It is available in three colors.



3. For Under Counters

Grab the baskets that can fit properly under your cabinets or washbasins and place them there. This will add extra storage to your bathroom. You can utilize these metal baskets for storing soaps, towels, tissues, and other bath-time essentials.



This multipurpose mesh organizer can be magical storage for your bathroom. It has two sliding basket drawers and spacious enough to hold large shampoo bottles. You can place it easily under the washbasin so that it wouldn’t get in the way. It is designed with the motive of bathroom use since it comes with a rubber grip so that it cannot move in the water. 



You can also add small wire baskets in your bathroom at the countertop to hold toothbrushes, toothpaste and hair combs.



In Your Kitchen


4. For The Pantry 


It is always backbreaking to manage your pantry, especially when you have just been to a supermarket. We always get puzzled on how to store the bulk of food and goods we just bought. This is where kitchen wire baskets become very handy. The best option is to categorize them according to their usage, their packaging, or expiration dates and keep them accordingly in metal baskets that can fit perfectly in your kitchen cabinets. This not only keeps your stock arranged but also gives a modern look to your kitchen.



These copper-finished wire basket storage are made up of strong steel wires that are rust-free. These are not only durable and can handle your groceries, but are also easy to handle. The bonus point is you can stack these baskets over each other to save on space. Available in a set of three, grab it for added storage flexibility to your pantry. 



5. For Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables do not have a long shelf life and rot if they are not stored properly. We can make them last a little longer by stocking them in properly, and this is where wire baskets enter. Use metal baskets to store root vegetables to keep them dry and prevent them from being wasted. Store these in a cool dark place and use them for delicious dishes.




These black metal baskets are deep enough to hold plenty of fruits and vegetables. Ideal for kitchen storage, these baskets can be customized as it is made with black metal labels. You can buy as many of these as your specific storage needs require. 



In Your Kids’ Room


6. For Kids’ Toys

Tired of telling your children off about their messy toys? Make sure that you provide them with a proper metal basket to store all of their precious belongings after their playtime. Metal storage containers are perfect for your kids’ room because they are lightweight yet durable. They can more than withstand any type of play your little ones would be playing.



This metal basket is a great addition to your kids’ room because it is lightweight yet durable. It can handle a lot of your little one’s toys without worrying that it will break. With this wire basket storage, you can turn cleanup into a little game of your own where you would compete with your children on who can store their toys first. This basket will be a reliable tool for years to come.



7. For Craft Supplies

When you don’t have a dedicated room for arts & crafts, it gives birth to a treasure hunt you wouldn’t want to participate in. Now, you would be wondering how? That’s because whenever you plan a craft day, you keep searching for the necessary stuff here and there. Sometimes, it can be impossible to find your paintbrush or colors and you lose the will to find and even begin your project. To avoid such a situation, it’s better to arrange your craft supplies in metal wire basket storage so you can focus on your craft without any problems.



If you have a craft room, then it is also good to keep the things sorted in baskets. You can mount these baskets behind the door or on walls to keep the floor spacious. These wire baskets are finished with a fabric lining to give it a stylish appearance. Due to this fabric lining, it can hold your mini craft supplies. These metal storage baskets can also be used as desk organizers. 


8. For Diaper Storage

For a home with toddlers, keeping their essentials handy is a must. You may need their napkins, clothes, diapers anywhere, anytime. You wouldn’t want to be caught scrambling for your baby’s diaper when they soil it, do you? Arranging your baby’s stuff in a wire basket storage can help you ease that pressure when that unfortunate time comes. 



This elephant stamped white metal basket is not only useful but is also very fitting for your little one’s needs. It completely gives the feel of a baby basket. Stock it with baby diapers or other baby essentials that will be needed for any occasion. 



For Your Utility Room


9. For Laundry

When you mention wire basket storage, you immediately think of the laundry room. We always get stuck with a mess of clothes and keep shuffling which clothes you should wash together. Having dedicated baskets can help you keep clothes sorted with minimal time and effort. 



The sleek design and white color of this large metal wire basket says it all. Assembled with four wheels, this Yamazaki Home product is easy to handle and load with any amount of clothes. Install multiple baskets in your laundry room to keep your family’s clothes sorted.



10. For Wardrobe Organization

Having a tidy and well-organized closet can save you time in the morning rush. Install pull-out metal baskets on your closet to organize your clothes and earn some more reasons to get it stacked with outfits you’ll use for the day. 


You can have dedicated wire baskets for your belongings as well. One pull-out wire drawer can be for lingerie, another for socks and handkerchiefs, another one still for T-shirts, and so on. You can also fit small metal drawers for your fragrances and cosmetics. A small door hanging two-tier or three-tier baskets would be perfect for your accessories. 


Slider wire baskets are no doubt an essential fit for your closet. These metal storage containers are triple-coated with chrome to make them long-lasting. Arrange your wardrobe with these drawers like a celebrity and never panic about considering what to wear ever again. 



In Your Living Room


11. For Bed Liners

Before you buy any wire basket for storing bed linens, give the amount of storage a thought. These metal baskets may come in various shapes and sizes, but we would recommend storing beddings in long baskets so that its every nook and cranny can get utilized. You can also add labels to these baskets by bed size (like king-size and queen-size) or by room (like a guest room, kids’ room) so that you nail down the correct basket for a certain room. 



This product serves two purposes: it functions both as a viable storage option and a sturdy side table. These long wire storage containers are a perfect fit for your bed linens. It does not hold any extra space in your home due to its build, but it will always be enchanting to look at them as side tables.


12. For Books

The majority of us have a soft spot for creating a library in our house. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. All of us have a few books or magazines that need organizing, and we can arrange these books in cute little colorful wire baskets. We can then put these baskets over a desk or wall mount near our favorite reading nook so we can grab one whenever we feel like reading.



Wide enough to hold your books and magazines, these metal wire baskets are made up of sturdy, rust-free material. It is built with two hooks to give you an option to either place it on a table or wall mount. You can also store reading essentials like spectacles, pens, and highlighters in it.



13. For Firewood

Proper firewood storage increases its lifespan so you can warm your rooms during the winter. Fresh firewood may have some water content, and storing them in a packed container increases pest attack and wood decay. So, it is always a better option to store them in an open wire basket and keep them in a corner where there is proper sunlight. 


You can also keep it near the fireplace if you have already dried wood. You can use long bucket-shaped wire baskets and keep them in the backyard of your house as well. 



These wire baskets on wheels are a superb solution for your firewood storage problems. Firewood is heavy in nature, and storing them in these baskets makes it easy to transfer to the fireplace from any corner of the house. Available in a set of two, you can get them at a nominal price that won’t burn a hole through your pocket.





14. For Planters

Above all the essential use of wire baskets, you would be glad to know that one can employ metal baskets in gardening, too. Wall-mount these wire baskets in two or three tiers and keep your cute little buddies hanging on the garden wall. This will add a spectacular view to your garden.



This set of two little metal baskets with coco liners will give an impeccable view to your garden wall. You can order them in bulk to cover an entire wall with these suspended garden pots. Its rust-free metal construction will safeguard it in the rainy season and ensures prolonged outdoor use. Plant your succulents, vines, flowers in them and give your garden a splendid view.



15. For Decoration

Still left with more metal baskets or wanna add some more to your collection? It’s all right! We have got some more ideas for you to use these wire baskets. There are some astonishing metal baskets available in the market which you can convert into DIY decor like wire chandeliers, wall arts, candle stand, cutlery shelf and much more. You can also use flat wire baskets as a serving tray. Just roam around your house, watch every corner like a detective, assemble the scenes in your mind, and think of what will fit where. 



We hope we have stuffed you with enough wire basket ideas to use in almost every corner of your house. You can also add some creativity to make more ingenious ideas more effective and mind-blowing than the ones we presented above. Try these brilliant wire basket hacks and expect praise from family and friends to come trickling in. 

Sours: https://storables.com/storage-ideas/storage-baskets/wire-basket-storage/
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Features: *100% brand new and high quality *Made of high quality material, durable and practical to use *Add extra space:maximize storage in pantries, cabinets, and closets; great for sandwich bags, foil, food, lightweight dishes, clothing, towels, toiletries and more. *Function: holds food wraps, napkins, dish towels, dinnerware, bathroom accessories, etc. *Easy to install:simply slide it onto a shelf in your cabinet, pantry room or bathroom, no other hardware needed. *Multiple use: widely use these hanging baskets to under shelf for wardrobe clothing closet, kitchen storage, bookshelf, bathroom or any cabinet. *Please noted: the baskets slides under shelf would fit for most cabinet shelf: slide-in arm height 1.18 inch,but please must measure the thickness of your cabinet shelf (< 1.18 inch) before the purchase. Specifications: *Material:Iron *Optional Color:Black/White(As Pictures Show) *Size:23.5x15x21cm(Approx.) *Quantity:1pc Package Contents: 1*Storage Rack Note: 1. The real color of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on website caused by many factors such as brightness of your monitor and light brightness. 2. Please allow slight manual measurement deviation for the data.

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Under shelf storage basket for pantry pantry organization and storage 4 PACK Kitchen closet refrigerator organization storage wire hanging basket shelves

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Hanging shelves wire basket

ダンロップ スタッドレス ウィンターマックス02 185/70R14 &ヴェルバスポルト2 14 x 5.5 100/4H + 38 カローラランクス ZZE123 2001/01 ~ 離島・沖縄配送


【超歓迎】 ダンロップ スタッドレス ウィンターマックス02 185/70R14 &ヴェルバスポルト2 14 x 5.5 100/4H + 38 カローラランクス ZZE123 2001/01 ~ 離島・沖縄配送:【限定品】

ダンロップ スタッドレス ウィンターマックス02 185/70R14 &ヴェルバスポルト2 14 x 5.5 100/4H + 38 カローラランクス ZZE123 2001/01 ~ 離島・沖縄配送
当店通常価格61750円 (税込)

こちらの商品は、ダンロップ スタッドレス タイヤ 『 ウィンターマックス02』と 、
アルミホイール『ヴェルバスポルト2 』の組込バランス調整済みの4本セットとなります。



●商品名:ウインターMAXX WM02/ヴェルバスポルト2
●年式:2001/01 ~
●ホイールサイズ:14 x 5.5 100/4H + 38

発送詳細 ●発送は宅急便での発送となり、送料は「お支払い・送料」に
● 発送業者のご指定は出来ません事を予めご了承下さい。
支払方法 ●支払い方法につきましては、ショッピングガイドを御参照下さい。
注意事項 ●商品手配後(入金後)のキャンセル・商品変更・数量変更は出来ませんので、ご了承下さい。
画像について ● 商品掲載画像はイメージの為、タイヤに装着されております

ダンロップ スタッドレス ウィンターマックス02 185/70R14 &ヴェルバスポルト2 14 x 5.5 100/4H + 38 カローラランクス ZZE123 2001/01 ~ 離島・沖縄配送 






組込工賃無料 手数料無料 グッドイヤー スタッドレスタイヤ & アルミホイール 4本セット。ダンロップ スタッドレス ウィンターマックス02 185/70R14 &ヴェルバスポルト2 14 x 5.5 100/4H + 38 カローラランクス ZZE123 2001/01 ~ 離島・沖縄配送


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Metal Wire Under Shelf Hanging Storage Basket Space Saving Cabinet Organizer

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