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Hotels are a great option for a quick flyby, but a wise wanderer wants deeper insight into a new place. Booking an apartment is your opportunity to really taste the flavor of Greenwood and become a temporary resident. We can help you secure the cozy or luxury apartment you want to make your adventure as chic or comfy as you desire.

With an apartment, you feel right at home—even in the heart of a new city. Choose an apartment with a full kitchen or kitchenette so you can whip up a scrumptious breakfast in the morning, or pack a lunch before beginning your adventure for the day. Would you rather stay in with your someone special? Enjoy the privacy your apartment offers as you sip wine and settle in for a well-deserved evening on the couch.

Travelocity offers apartments throughout Greenwood, including luxury apartments where you can gaze out at the sweeping views of local landmarks from a grand balcony. Would you rather spend your vacation funds on amazing concerts or that gastropub right on the corner? Then opt for one of our cheap apartments near the best destinations to stretch your dollar as far as it will go.

Choose from many different apartments for the one that best suits your travel style. Studio apartments are an excellent choice for lone wolf or business travelers who need a snug den to relax in between outings. Planning on bringing the whole family? Serviced apartments mean cleaned sheets and vacuumed floors, so you can feel at home without having to actually perform the domestic drudgery during your time off.

If you want to eat, breathe, and live like a local in Greenwood, then there’s really only one choice. Check out our many apartment options throughout Greenwood. Your perfect retreat is calling your name!


Welcome to Greenwood Place Apartments!


    Get comfortable. We designed your home from the start to set a new ideal in rental community living.


    Stop by our beautifully-landscaped community today. Now offering a great place to call home.


    With plenty of outdoor and indoor space, you've found the perfect place to balance your busy life.


    We have a variety of rooms that best suit your stage of life. The beauty is defined in the details.

Our Affordable, Pet Friendly, 1 and 2 bedroom apartment homes are uniquely designed with large walk-in closets, abundant storage space and washer & dryer connections to fit every lifestyle. We are nestled in the heart of Pleasure Ridge Park with lush scenic landscaping containing a serene pond with a variety of Geese.  In addition, our community is located near plenty of shopping and an assortment of eateries. For our fitness enthusiast we are conveniently located near Waverly or Iroquois’ Parks.

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366 Apartments for rent in Greenwood, IN

Greenwood, Indiana, is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Since 2000, when the population was at a respectable 36,000 residents, there has been a population boom that spurred the community to a whopping 50,000.

Greenwood, Indiana, is one of those towns where the government officials saw the writing on the wall and decided to do something positive for the community. While many areas around it were hit hard by the economic downturn, Greenwood redoubled its efforts to attract and keep businesses that provided good-paying jobs for its citizens. As a result, this is a thriving city that is one of the fastest growing in the nation. It helps, a lot, that it is located so close to Indianapolis. With this prime location, the residents of Greenwood can take advantage of all that Indy, as it is called by Hoosiers, has to offer while retreating back to the lovely community of Greenwood when the party is over.

Moving to Greenwood

Moving here is about as easy as it gets. Try to avoid moving in winter because it does get cold and snowy. It's not generally a problem, but considering Murphy's Law, moving day will turn into a blizzard.

As for getting your papers in order, that's not a problem here. People are pretty laid back when it comes to renting, but you can expect a credit check. If your credit is less than outstanding and you want to move to a high-demand area, you might want to include a few references from your previous landlord as well as proof of income. Pets are the norm here, but you should include a reference for them as well. It can help you avoid a pet deposit and/or a monthly pet fee. Plan to pay a good-sized security deposit at most apartment complexes.

If you are from virtually anyplace in the United States, you will be amazed by how inexpensive it is to live in the Midwest. The cost of living here is not bad compared to the nation as a whole, and it's downright cheap compared to most cities of this size.


With the exception of Indianapolis, you will not find neighborhood designations in Indiana that mean anything more than a designation of where you go to vote or what school you attend. Carving towns and cities up like a Thanksgiving turkey seems to run contrary to the Hoosier spirit. Still, people of like minds do tend to live close to each other for various reasons, and as such, some neighborhoods feel different from others.

Waterloo:This is a prime location with lots of doctors, lawyers, and retirees. It also, thanks to the average rents, has almost no vacancies. That's a bummer because the average commute time here is roughly about 30 minutes. $$$$$

Frances: This is an affluent area that is absolutely stuffed with government workers, most at the city level. Those who don't work for the government are primarily mid- to upper-level executives and other professionals. There are few vacancies here, so you can't negotiate rates. The apartment homes are very nice, mostly 2 to 3 bedrooms apartments that are moderately sized. Just be ready to rent one as soon as it becomes available. $$$$

Smith Valley: This area is the home of the executive set! This is where you will find the upper-level managers, the CEOs and the local wheelers and dealers. There's an average number of vacancies here but not so many that you have negotiating power. The schools are good, the people are friendly and this is a nice place to settle. The area also boasts great commute times, which average around 20 minutes or so. $$$$

McCarty: This area is a bit longer on the commute time, but it's not horrible at around 30 minutes one way. Expect to find middle managers, teachers and some IT professionals inhabiting this area. It's quiet here, and the schools are good, so people put up with the commute. $$$

Critchfield:This neighborhood is pretty much middle everything, except commute times. It's full of middle-level managers, middle-aged people and middle-range rents for apartment rentals that are about middle range on size. The commutes, however, are beyond outstanding; the average person has only a 15-minute or less commute to work. If you are living in one of the larger urban areas, you are swooning right now. Admit it! $$$

Spring Hill: This is a great place to start off your new life in Greenwood. Most people here have a fairly short commute at around 20 minutes one way. There are also a lot of vacancies here, so you can negotiate a better rate. Roughly a 5th of the places are empty, so you have a big bargaining chip. The neighbors are great here as well. This is a prime location for college graduates to live in while they work their way up the corporate ladder, start a family and pay off their student loans. $$

Imperial Hillsand Rocklane: This is a strange little part of the community. You have a lot of teachers, cops and work-from-home IT people. It's a rather strange mix, but the cops keep the place safe, the teachers educate the kids and the IT guys keep everyone connected! It's about average on vacancies, so no negotiating here. The rents are reasonable though, so it shouldn't be a problem. $$

Sheek:This is where you go to find young families just starting out and retirees who are waiting for the grandchildren to come visit. There aren't many rental vacancies here, but the few that exist are nicely done and reasonably priced. $$

City Center:This is the historic part of town. It's been well maintained and there's a fair number of vacancies. These are primarily older homes and mansions that were converted into apartment rentals. They are generally spacious, remodeled within the past few years and fairly inexpensive, even by Greenwood standards. The best part is that the average commute time is under 15 minutes. Sweet! $

Living in Greenwood

If you're relocating from another part of Indiana, you already understand Hoosiers. For those relocating from out of state, or heaven forbid, from one of the coasts, you need to understand a few things about living in Indiana. This is the heart of the Midwest, and the people here take a largely no-nonsense approach to most of life. That is not to say that they aren't happy, friendly people who know how to have a good time; nothing could be further from the truth! But in Indiana, you are going to find that people work hard. They play hard too, but there is no overlap between work and play. This work ethic permeates throughout Indiana and especially Greenwood.

Life here is very good and generally very simple. The norm here is to go to work Monday through Friday, mow the grass and wash the car on Saturday, and attend church on Sunday. There's lunch with the family after church and then a nap. That's how Ma and Pa did it and their ma and pa before them. Think Little House on the Prairie meets _Leave it to Beaver, _without all the drama or corsets.

Frivolity is tightly regulated and controlled by means of local community events. Do not be surprised to see churches on every corner and as part of the daily life; that is an Indiana trait. The big festivals all have religious input, and there is no more obvious example than the yearly Freedom Festival held over the 4th of July weekend. The only thing that Hoosiers take more seriously than their jobs is their patriotism. This festival is chock full of bands, flags and speeches. Of course, there's also a street fair, carnival, truck pull and fireworks.

The best local mall is the Greenwood Park Mall. Many people drive into Indy to attend concerts, and all of the big names have appeared there. Local dining is very good, with several local places rivaling the big chains. Stone Creek on North State Road is great, and its steaks receive rave reviews from locals and visitors alike. Be sure to try the garlic potatoes and the Durango Beef Medallions as well. For a touch of whimsey as well as some great food, pay a visit to Roscoe's Tacos on Madison. Its tacos are considered tops in the area.



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