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Raised Bed Garden Kit 4'x8'x11 by Infinite Cedar

Our handcrafted 4’×8’x11” Raised Garden Bed features all of your most wanted elements, in one complete garden bed. A combination of premium quality and modern convenience. Our handcrafted 4×8 Cedar Raised Garden Beds are designed for easy assembly and to last longer than common raised garden beds. Assembly takes just a few minutes and all garden boards are made from premium 1″ cedar deck boards, much thicker than the industry standard. Our 4×8 Cedar Raised Garden Bed It’s an ideal raised garden bed to provide a good sized family garden and growing a variety of plants. With 32 square feet of planting area, you can comfortably grow a nice variety of plants. Our Passion for Quality Quality is what we do at Infinite Cedar. We don’t build our 4×8 Cedar Raised Garden Bed just for you to like it, we build it so you’ll love it! Everything we make is built to last and work well now and down the road. We want you to love your garden, not just for a single season, but for years to come!

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/Raised-Garden-4x8x11-Infinite-Cedar/dp/B07G5KGZZZ

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As any gardener who has ever had their plants ravaged by little burrowing animals, in-ground insects, or traveling weeds can tell you, doing certain types of gardening right in the ground can come with some risks. As is the case with anything you’ve invested a lot of work into, it’s always disheartening to see something interrupt or inhibit your efforts, especially when there are ways to avoid that. Having had a lack of success in our own gardening endeavors last year, we’ve decided to look into raised garden beds this season for myriad reasons.

Best Raised Garden Beds

Before we began our search, we (and most people we spoke to around us) didn’t realize just how affordable raised garden beds can be, nor how accessible and easily they can be to purchase online. Since we value the way online shopping provides extra time to compare and contrast option features, we’ve been gathering the links to the best-raised garden beds we could find.

What is a raised garden bed?

Rather than planting your herbs, flowers, vegetables, or other plants in a garden bed set directly into the ground in your yard, a raised garden bed is a plot that’s set into some kind of platform up off the ground instead. This is most often some kind of box (usually made of wood, metal, or occasionally plastic) that lets you simulate a garden bed but with protection and solidity around the edges, kind of like when you plant flowers in a window box.

Why purchase a kit?

Of course, you can always make your very own raised garden bed rather easily if you’re a handy person who has experienced building simple standing structures. However, for the most part, people enjoy investing in kits because they come with everything you need right off the bat, included in one place and for one price. Pieces for edges, bottoms, and stands are already measured, the nails or screws are packaged up in appropriate quantities, and simple instructions are there to help you out.

People also often choose to purchase kits rather than make the beds from scratch because some kits come with awesome bonus features. You might find a kit that has:

  • Extendable legs for different heights
  • Attachable greenhouse covers for certain plants or times of year
  • Built-in irrigation systems
  • Protective gates

Best Raised Garden Bed Kits

If you’re still feeling like you might be in need of some guidance when it comes to choosing the kit that’s truly the best for your needs, check out this pros and cons style outline of the 12 best easily-assembled raised garden beds we came across in our search.

1. Expandable, tool-free raised garden bed with irrigation

Expandable, tool free raised garden bed with irrigation

If you’re looking for something very simple indeed, in terms of both its building and its gardening use, then Garden in Minutes has what you need right off the bat. This kit can be selected in a range of sizes, giving you some customizability without you have to do any real woodworking. In fact, assembly of this garden bed is so easy that it’s actually tool-free! This wooden box stays low to the ground like a traditional garden bed but with raised walls and a protective bottom that keep the plants safe. It also comes with an irrigation and watering system that keep the plants hydrated evenly for you. This is pre-assembled and just needs to be clicked into place.

Although assembly is extremely easy, you’ll want to make absolutely sure that you do all of the steps in order. If you try to click things into place in a different order than listed in the manual, certain things won’t fit properly together, and the irrigation system won’t actually be effective. It’s truly a practice in following basic instructions.

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  • Extremely simple to assemble, with no tools required
  • Can be purchased in a range of dimensions according to the size of plot you want to plant
  • Conveniently pre-assembled irrigation system that provides easy, even watering after planting
  • Good 8″ planting depth that suits all types of root systems


  • Assembled each thing in order according to the steps in the manual specifically, or certain things won’t fit properly

2. Raised 48 by 48 by 15 inch garden box kit

Raised 48 by 48 by 15 inch garden box kit

Do you like the simple nature of the raised garden box above, but you’re also hoping to plant things with deeper root possibilities, so you think you might need a box with a little more depth? Then check out this design from NuVue Products. Besides having a sleek, fresh white mock wood look, this sizeable square planter gives you an above-ground planting depth of 15 inches. Like the previous box, it doesn’t require any tools for assembly and instead is built with an easy snap-lock system. The box’s sides are made of heavy-duty vinyl that’s easy to clean, durable, and weather-resistant.

Be aware that this rained garden kit does not come with a bottom included. Instead, this kit provides you with a low fence style of protection. This is great if you are simply trying to, say, protect your plants from kids and pets or simply give the yard a neat, organized look. However, it might not be the most effective option if you were actually looking to get your root systems up out of the ground so they don’t get strangled by traveling weeds that are native to and prevalent where you live.

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  • 15″ side height/planting depth
  • Fresh, clean white look
  • Simple snap lock assembly system that doesn’t require tools
  • Weather-resistant, durable, and easy to clean materiality thanks to using vinyl siding

3. Elevated cedar planter with greenhouse cover

Elevated cedar planter with greenhouse cover

If you’re looking for something raised a little higher, and that might help you grow something more specialized in its care requirements, then we’re pretty sure Cedar Craft has the kind of thing you’re looking for. This stunning cedar planter kit is raised more like a table, sitting 30 inches off the ground and providing you a generous but reasonable planting depth. This height makes tending to vegetables like tomatoes simpler while also protecting them from small scavenging animals. The wood for the planter is reclaimed Canadian cedar. It features custom edges that the detachable greenhouse hood can clip onto to help you create a microclimate that’s best for the plants growing there even if your other greenery doesn’t need a larger greenhouse space.

Although the size of this piece makes it perfect for patio and balcony gardening as well as backyard gardening, making the size a pro rather than a con for some people, others find it a little too small for the number of vegetables they’ve like to plant. This is particularly true if what you’re planting has a tendency to grow very tall. The greenhouse piece is extremely helpful in nurturing the plans and establishing the right climate, but it doesn’t extend any higher.

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  • Made from beautiful reclaimed wood
  • Keeps roots systems and plants safe from scavenging animals
  • Eases pressure on knees and back while tending to garden thanks to raised height
  • Easily detachable greenhouse piece helps you create a micro-climate for those plants specifically


  • Greenhouse piece does not extend any higher, making its use limited for plants that climb or grow very tall
  • Some people found the box’s dimensions a little too small for the kind of plant they might have liked to use with the greenhouse piece

4. Cedar raised garden kit

Cedar raised garden kit

If natural and reclaimed wood was the detail that caught your attention above, but you don’t need your beds to sit quite so high, then you might prefer this design offered by Greenes Fence. This raised garden box is made from 100% chemical-free wood that is naturally rot-free and insect resistant. Besides the decorative post tops, which require a screwdriver, the posts and sides attach using a sliding mechanism that doesn’t need to be fastened with tools. This box keeps your garden low to the ground in a more classic way but still gives you a generous planting depth of 14 inches.

Although it’s not a detail that was truly regarded as a con by any previous buyers, it’s worth noting that the natural knots or notches in the wood these planter sides are made of can make the pieces a little bit difficult to slide into place here and there. The pieces are custom-made to fit together well, but the variances in the wood cause some pieces in some units to momentarily stick on their way down into position, requiring a little more elbow grease here and there in assembly.

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  • Beautiful reclaimed wood that’s naturally rot-free and insect resistant
  • Good planting depth of 14 inches
  • Tool-free assembly using a sliding system at the corner posts (except the decorative post tops, which only require a screwdriver)


  • Some pieces in some units might experience momentary sticking when you slide the pieces together and into place due to the natural knots, notches, and inconsistencies in the reclaimed wood, requiring you to put a little more power in

5. EZ-Gro garden raised bed

Ez gro garden raised bed

Are you a bit more of a novice gardener, and you’re just looking to add some simple greenery to your small space, but in a low maintenance way that accounts for your lack of yard and beginner-level skills? Then you’re the perfect person to try out this planter from Victory 8 Garden. Rather than just protecting your plants from the potential dangers of being planted in a yard, this fabric pop-up planter lets you make a simple garden where you otherwise couldn’t (i.e., on essentially any flat surface). It’s made from AeroFlow fabric that is very durable, UV resistant, and porous enough for good airflow and moisture drainage.

Although most reviews for this handy folding garden bed are very positive, some buyers have reported that they had trouble getting anything to grow in it indoors. The product is advertised as being a great option for both indoors and outdoors because it works on essentially any flat surface, but something about the airflow changes inside that stunt growth. Additionally, you should consider putting pads of some kind under it if you use them indoors since the porous material does encourage moisture runoff, and you’ll want to protect whatever surface you set it on from getting damp.

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  • Easy to set up and portable folding fabric design
  • Deep planting space, despite the conservative size
  • It can be set up on any flat surface
  • Fabric is good for airflow and moisture drainage and is also durable and UV resistant


  • Might not foster the best results inside, despite advertised ability, likely due to changes in airflow
  • Put something protective underneath to protect the indoor surface you set this planter on from getting damp since it’s porous enough for moisture runoff.

6. Wooden raised garden planter box kit

Wooden raised garden planter box kit

Are you still preferring the wooden look and aiming for something simple but also aware that durability is a priority as well? Then check out this slightly standing solid wood design from Boldly Growing. This natural, unstained wood blends well into most outdoor landscapes but is also easy to finish with a stain or paint however you please. It’s built from naturally strong, and rot-resistant wood and its slightly squat dimensions make it even more solid in its shape and height, despite still raising your garden off the ground. The legs are good for weight-bearing, making it no problem when you fill it with soil. This wood will also easily withstand watering and ever-growing plants without cracking.

Despite the fact that the pieces are prepared for very easy assembly, the occasional unit has been shipped out with one of two problems. Firstly, a number of past buyers have found that the very natural, nearly rustic finish of the wood, though beautiful, can give you splinters in setup, so they recommend wearing gloves while you build it. Secondly, a small number of units have arrived missing a peg hole or two, despite the rest being pre-drilled for you. They ended up having to drill those holes in the right spots themselves with their own power drill.

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  • Natural wood suits any scenery and landscape but is also easy to paint or stain if you prefer
  • Wood is naturally rot-resistant and very durable
  • Legs are good weight bearers, even when the planter is entirely filled with soil
  • The bottom is resistant to cracking or damage from watering and growing roots


  • Occasional unit has been sent out missing one or two pre-drilled holes, requiring independent drilling on arrival
  • Natural finish of wood can give splinters in building, so consider wearing gloves

7. Galvanized raised garden beds

Galvanized raised garden beds

Are you absolutely interested in durability, but your home has an aesthetic that’s much more suited to industrial chic materials than reclaimed wood? Then you might prefer this garden box kit from Foyuee instead. This piece is made entirely from galvanized metal that features an anti-rust coating and reinforcement brackets at each corner edge. The open bottom style of this box allows for great drainage in watering and natural nutrient gathering from the ground rather than just the soil immediately around the plants. The size is also generous enough that the plants have space inside without growing right up against the metal. It’s very easy to assemble, requiring only pliers to tighten the nuts onto the bolts for each hole.

Although the techniques that go into the assembly of this piece are quite easy, quite a few previous buyers still had a bit of trouble near the corner brackets. The trick is to follow the steps precisely and very closely, doing each tiny step in order. Otherwise, you’ll end up either one piece short or will an extra piece left over, neither of which is correct. Additionally, this durable bed doesn’t actually raise your plants out of the ground, so it might not be suitable for years with pervasive crawling weeds that can grow under barriers, though it will protect your plants from more average weeds like dandelions.

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  • Durable galvanized metal treated with an anti-rust coating
  • Reinforced corners for even strong construction that will stand up to harsh weather
  • Efficient design for good drainage after watering


  • Setup at corner brackets can be a little confusing; steps must be followed precisely in order
  • Garden be is bottomless, meaning that it will protect your plants from some kinds of weeds but not others because it doesn’t actually lift them off the ground

8. Set of 2 plastic raised garden beds

Set of 2 plastic raised garden beds

Do you have small gardens that will absolutely suit the average raised box size in mind, but you were feeling intent on planting two different things, and you know they can’t be planted together? Then perhaps a dual-box raised garden like this one from Outsunny is the best design for you! Their model gives you a visually pleasing tiered effect that’s also great for keeping separate plants from tangling together as they grow. The exterior of this unit, which is made from durable, lightweight, and weatherproof plastic, features a pretty faux basket weave pattern for detail. Each box also features a self-watering disc with an excess water reservoir, giving plants the chance to fully absorb enough water over time without overwatering.

Naturally, even weatherproof plastic is not necessarily as durable as wood or galvanized metal, which might be a consideration for some people who live in harsh climates. If you’re from a plastic that experiences high winds, large snowfalls, and other harsh conditions, you might want to break down and store these planters away in the off-season until you need them again in order to help them last longer.

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  • Lightweight, durable, and weather-resistant plastic materiality
  • Cute faux basketweave exterior design for detail and character
  • Tiered double box layout to allow for planting of different things without tangling or one plant strangling the other off
  • Self-watering system and bottom reservoir to allow for full water absorption without overwatering


  • Plastic is naturally not as durable as many metals and woods, so you might consider taking this piece down and storing it safely for the offseason if you live in a place with very harsh winters

9. Deer-proof “just add lumber” vegetable garden kit

Deer proof just add lumber vegetable garden kit

Have you actually been searching for something much larger and more comprehensive because you have big hardening plans this season, but you need an easy way to keep larger animals out? Then you just might find what you need, thanks to Gardens To Go. The purpose of this kit is basically to enable you to build your own entirely enclosed and sizeable vegetable garden with as little hassle and as much ease as possible. The design is so safe that it even has high walls and a door so you can access your plants, but leaf-loving animals like rabbits and even deer cannot. The kit gives you what you need to build 12 raised garden beds, a black vinyl-coated steel wire perimeter gate, black netting trellises for climbing plants, and an access door.

Although this kit is wildly helpful, it’s essential to note here that the actual lumber you need to build the boxes, walls, and door is not included. That’s denoted by the collection name “Just Add Lumber,” of course, but it’s a detail some people still missing. The kid provides you with all other materials, streamlining the process exponentially, but you’ll still have to purchase your own lumber that is cut to the specified measurements provided in the kit’s guide.

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  • Provides necessary materials for raised boxes, trellis walls, and a gate with a lock
  • Protects plants from larger animals, from rabbits to deer
  • Features 12 different boxes so various plants can be grown without interfering with one another
  • Easy assembly with a full instruction guide, includes illustration


  • Keep in mind that lumber is not included even though everything else is; you must purchase lumber separately for this kit, cut to specifically listed sizes

10. “Just Add Lumber” 8 x 8 vegetable garden kit

Just add lumber 8 x 8 vegetable garden kit

Are you really feeling this whole “everything but the lumber” kit idea because you like the handiwork element it leaves you, but you’re not sure you need a garden with tall walls? Then you might prefer this smaller vegetable garden, also from Gardens To Go. This kit includes brackets, plastic fencing grids, nylon trellis netting, hinges, and a lock that will help you make a series of raised garden boxes enclosed with a half-height gate for safety. They even show you how to include a trellis wall at the back for plants that creep and climb. This design is ideal for small vegetable gardens that you want to protect from kids, pets, and wild rabbits.

Like the kit above, this package does not come with the lumber it requires included. You will need to purchase your lumber separately and cut it (or have it cut) to the dimensions specified in the guide. You will then be able to assemble all of that lumber using what the kit provides, building your own enclosed veggie garden that way.

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  • Good opportunity to practice simple woodworking and building techniques
  • Will protect vegetables and other plants from small animals and children
  • Trellis wall to support climbing plants
  • Kit provides all non-wood essentials and pieces, streamlining process exponentially


  • Lumber is not provided and must be purchased and cut to size separately, adding to the cost of the overall project, which might take this kit out of some budget ranges

11. Cedar elevated garden box with legs

Cedar elevated garden box with legs

Are you still thinking about simple tabletop-style planting boxes, but you’re looking for something with better dimensions for flower display? Then this raised box from Cyanhope might be a little more up your alley. This table height planter makes for a physically low maintenance garden experience that can happen essentially anywhere, rather than just on your lawn. The wood is durable cedar that has a natural finish but would be easy to paint or stain if you wanted to. The bottom of the planting box feaures strategically placed holes to allow drainage after watering, letting the plants absorb from the soil without over-hydrating.

Although it’s nice that this raised planter is easily put together with minimal tool requirements thanks to a peg and hole system, it’s not unheard of for this kind of assembly process to be a little harder in practice than in theory. Watch out for holes that were drilled slightly too small for their corresponding pegs (or possibly forgotten), and try not to outright force anything so that your pegs break. We’d suggest keeping your drill and perhaps a mallet on hand just in case.

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  • Convenient table height for physically low impact gardening
  • Strategically placed drainage holes allow for well-regulated watering without over-hydrating
  • Durable cedar wood that’s naturally rot-and-weather-resistant but would also be easy to paint or stain
  • Easy peg and hole system that requires minimal tool use


  • Some holds for assembly might be a tighter fit than intended for their corresponding pegs, and one or two might be missing, so having tools on hand just in case isn’t a terrible idea during assembly, even though it’s simple

12. 2 x 8 x 7 cedar raised garden kit

2 x 8 x 7 cedar raised garden kit

Have you mostly been looking to build a small protective barrier around your plants for simple weed protection, but you’d like a wider but shallower design for the shape of your yard? Then you might be better off with something like this garden box from Greenes Fence. This garden box is made from ethically sourced American cedar that’s naturally-rot-and-insect-resistant, which also makes it unlikely to crack. Rather than requiring tools, the ends of the sideboards slide into place within the posts nice and easy. The decorative tops do work best with a screwdriver, but the setup does not need power tools. This kid gives you a planting depth of 14 inches and lets you separate the length into two boxes so you can plant two distinct types of seeds separately.

Like some of the other natural lumber options you’ve seen, the only real snag in the otherwise very easy assembly process is the propensity of natural, unfinished wood to get slightly stuck at its knots and other imperfections. Where the surface might be interrupted slightly, so might the motion while you’re sliding the board ends down into the rivets n the end posts. This will just require you to apply a little extra energy while you’re working.

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  • Naturally finished wood that’s easy to stain or paint if you please
  • Cedar that is already rot and insect resistant and not prone to cracking
  • Generous 14 inch planting depth and separator wall for creating two distinct planter boxes for different seeds’ needs
  • Simple sliding and lock design for assembly, only requiring a screwdriver to affix the decorative end post tops


  • Spots, where knots and other marks in the wood’s surface are present, might momentarily stick during the slide and lock process when you’re assembling the planters, requiring a little more power and effort

What are the biggest perks of planting in a raised garden bed?

People choose to use raised garden beds for all kinds of reasons, but most find the idea beneficial because they can:

  • Let you cultivate a more well-fertilized garden even if you live in an area with dry ground that doesn’t naturally grow well
  • Help protect your plants from burrowing animals that might eat them from tunnels underneath the beds
  • Help protect your plants from some kinds of insects that access roots or leaves from the ground directly
  • Help protect your plants from crawling or traveling lawn weeds that might steal their nutrients and take over the root systems
  • Make gardening more accessible for those who can’t be down on their knees to tend to their plants
  • Provide space-efficient alternatives for those who don’t have full yards or spare ground space for in-ground beds
  • Give you additional gardening opportunity and space if you’ve already planted as many gardens plots as your yard can handle naturally
  • Help protect your plants from getting trampled on the ground by running feet while your kids and pets play
  • Let you mix a different kind of custom soils to specifically benefit plants with special nutrient requirements that not all of your plants might grow well in

Which kind of raised garden bed kit is best for you?

Of course, the answer to this question depends entirely on your space, the climate where you live, and what you intend to plant. There’s not always a right or wrong answer, but there are certain elements that you can analyze and research that will help you determine which kind you should be aiming for. Some factors to consider might include:

  • What kind of light your chosen plant needs to thrive
  • What kind of soil and fertilizer you might be required to use
  • What kind of “predators” your plant is most likely to attract, if any
  • Whether your plant might try to travel or climb, and whether it will require support
  • What height of raised bed might be most accessible for you based on your personal physicality, comfort, and range of movement

Do you know another gardening enthusiast who has been thinking about investing in their own raised garden box kit but who doesn’t know where to start looking? Share this post with them, so they have some quality options to start with.

Sours: https://www.diys.com/raised-garden-bed-kit/
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The Best Raised Garden Beds On Amazon

Whether you have a sprawling backyard or a terrace, the best raised garden beds will help you grow a rich vegetable or flower patch by providing your plants with the right conditions they need to thrive. You'll find a lot of variety in material, size, and style when looking at big planters, and depending on where and what you're planting, some will be a better fit than others.

The first thing you'll want to do is to settle on which material will be best for you:

  • Wood: Planters made from wood have a natural look and feel that's harmonious with nature, but they're also prone to rot and weathering over time so the type of wood you choose matters. Cedar is naturally rot- and insect-resistant, giving you 10-15 years of use though it's also more expensive. Fir wood is a popular alternative to cedar, and will still look, and function well for five to seven years of use.
  • Plastic: Durable and weather-resistant plastic and resin garden boxes can look new throughout their lifetime, which is typically longer than wood. Apart from the ecological footprint, the drawback with plastic containers is that they are often more pliable and can bend (though not break) under the weight of soil.
  • Metal: Metal garden beds have a polished, modern appearance, but you'll want to look for one that's galvanized and/or labeled as rust-resistant in order to ensure it stays pristine for as long as possible. There's also a risk they can trap some heat, which can be an advantage in mild climates, but if you live in one that leans hotter you'll want to consider placement and watering needs.
  • Fabric: The most breathable of the lot, garden beds made from high-quality, porous fabric will support your plant's oxygen supply and aerate the soil. Though they're often the most affordable, they're not as aesthetically pleasing as other types of garden beds.

You should also consider the overall construction of your container. Many raised garden beds do not have a bottom and should sit directly on the ground, so they can release and take up water more easily. For patios and terraces, models with legs are much more suitable because they have bottoms with drainage holes and even water reservoirs that will keep your plants happy without making a mess.

Wherever you plan to root your garden, check the bed's exterior dimensions against your space to make sure it will fit. Then, take note of the depth— you'll want at least 6 inches for most herbs, while many root vegetables could benefit from a generous 12-24 inches.

Ahead, eight of the best raised garden beds that will go far in helping you succeed in growing herbs, veggies, and flowers right at home.

1. This Easy-To-Assemble Cedar Box

Exterior dimensions: 48 x 24 x 10.5 inches (length x width x height)

The cedar planks of this raised garden bed slide and lock into corner posts, without the need for hammering in nails, making assembly a breeze. The four-way posts have additional ridges, which means you can connect other gardening beds from the brand, and configure them in the way that best fits your space. You will need a Philips screwdriver to secure decorative tops (screws included). An additional aspect some gardeners will love is that the cedar is untreated and chemical-free, making it an especially good choice for an edible garden. The square box does not have a liner or any planks on the bottom, so this garden bed should be installed directly on the ground, where plant roots will get plenty of drainage and aeration.

One gardener's take: "I have now bought two of these kits. I bought the first last year. And I love them. It was surprisingly easy to fit everything together. I think each time, it took less than a half an hour to build the boxes, fill them with soil and plant my seedlings... Aside from digging up my plants at the end of the season last year, I did nothing to preserve the wood. And yet, it held up remarkably well through all sorts of weather and is doing fine on its second go-round this year."

2. Or, This Free-Standing Option That's Perfect For Patios

Exterior dimensions: 48.5 x 24.5 x 30 inches (length x width x height)

If you love the look and durability of cedar, but don't have a huge outdoor space, this elevated cedar garden bed can still provide a generous harvest, without taking up a ton of room. The box itself is 7.1 inches deep, just big enough for herbs, tomatoes, and other veggies with smaller root systems. Drainage holes in the bottom will help prevent rot and helps plants recover from overwatering or a downpour. The cedar garden bed also comes with a liner that separates the wood from the soil, keeping the planter in excellent condition, minimizing soil loss after watering, and preventing weeds and pests from making their way in. Like with the previous pick, assembly is easy and the slats slide into place, though you'll need a screwdriver to drive in the provided screws for stability. The compact planter is a hit with Amazon shoppers, who gave it more than 1,300 five-star ratings.

One gardener's take: "I've got a nice herb garden going in this on my patio now. Assembly was easy, requiring only a bit of hammering to get things to fit together. It comes with a lining to keep the dirt in, and I've had no drainage issues. They've been outside in the most miserable spring in my state's history and show no sign of being worse for the weather. And I've filled it completely with soil and the weight is no issue at all. Checks all the boxes for me."

3. A Sleek Metal Garden Bed At A Great Price

Exterior dimensions: 47 x 35.25 x 11 inches (length x width x height)

You can grow a ton of flowers or greens in this metal planter, at a very reasonable price. The planter is made from powder-coated steel plates that have a rust-resistant finish and can be assembled in no time using the hardware and wingnut tool included (though you might want a buddy to help you put it together even faster). There is no bottom or liner, so it's best used in the garden or on a lawn. The dark gray planter is also available in a larger size that's 72 inches long and an inch deeper.

One gardener's take: "We purchased 3 of these raised beds in order to make a new strawberry patch. My husband had no problem assembling them. They look great, and remain sturdy and don't bulge after being filled with soil. We are very pleased. Can almost taste the strawberries."

4. An Affordable Fabric Garden Bed With Great Aeration

Exterior dimensions: 50 x 12 inches (diameter x height)

Made from porous, non-woven fabric, this pop-up garden bed is surprisingly durable and affordable, with many reviewers mentioning that theirs still looks brand new even after years of use. The fabric's unique design warms up in a flash in colder temperatures, protecting fragile roots, and releases excess heat during the summer, preventing plants from drying up. The woven material also provides drainage and creates aeration, allowing roots and beneficial bacteria to breathe. In fact, many gardeners found their plants grew stronger in this planter than in others, with one satisfied shopper writing, "I have never in 25 years of gardening grown such happy plants." In addition to black, the planter is also available in purple. The garden beds are also available in two smaller sizes. It will drain easily, but given that there's no fabric bottom, this pick may not be the best for apartment terraces where it will likely make a mess.

One gardener's take: "This thing is amazing! I wish my patio had enough room for another one. Very durable fabric, drains well and doesn't heat up the roots. I'm going to order some smaller sized Smart Pots to go with this big boy! It's deep enough I could add my small trellis without it tipping over. Make sure you know where you want it before you fill it with soil because it's very heavy."

5. An Elevated Plastic Garden Box With A Fool-Proof Watering System

Exterior dimensions: 32.3 x 14.7 x 30.7 inches (length x width x height)

The watering system in this elevated garden bed includes a reservoir tray that collects water so plants don't sit in liquid, causing root rot. The reservoir can be emptied out with a tap if it gets too full and the planter has a water gauge that lets you know when plants are thirsty. The stand is made out of durable resin and has a weatherproof charcoal gray finish that looks more expensive than it is. As one reviewer wrote, "I was expecting something with a bit more plastic-y look and feel and that is not the case." The planter is 12 inches deep, so you can grow almost anything with confidence, and it comes with a seed-starting tray to help you grow your garden from scratch. It also comes with two removable dividers to help you with spacing when you're first planting. Assembly requires no tools and is remarkably easy, according to reviewers.

One gardener's take: "I have two of these planters on my small patio off the kitchen. They are super easy to assemble (<5 min each) and the watering feature makes it nearly fool-proof for even the most novice gardener...I am now growing MOUNDS of sage, mint, and oregano, and my tomato plants are absolutely humongous--so much so that I've had to stake them. Would recommend these to anyone who is new to gardening or just wants an easy way to grow lots of herbs."

6. This Multi-Tier Raised Vegetable Garden For A Diverse Harvest

Exterior dimensions: 47.24 x 47.24 x 22.05 inches (length x width x height)

Top planter dimensions: 47.2 x 17.3 x 8 inches (length x width x height)

Middle planter dimensions: 47.2 x 33.9 x 8 inches (length x width x height)

Bottom planter dimensions: 47.2 x 47.2 x 8 inches (length x width x height)

The three tiers of this garden bed are made from fir wood. The three, stackable planters don't have any planks on the bottom, so in this configuration, you can use the lower tier for herbs, the middle to grow veggies like peppers, and the top for root veggies like carrots or potatoes that need more space underground. The containers can also be placed next to —rather than on top of — each other. Just keep in mind that you'll end up with three planters that are all 8 inches tall. Whichever configuration you choose, they are easy to assemble with the provided screws and your screwdriver.

One gardener's take: "Sturdy, easy to assemble and exactly what we needed to add some planting space to our roof deck. Took two adults about 20 minutes to put together, and now we’ve got room for cukes, squash, zucchini and more."

7. A Stylish Metal Cart That’s Perfect For Terrace Gardens

Exterior dimensions: 40.5 x 15.5 x 31.5 inches (length x width x height)

Another great terrace option, this modern cart is made from galvanized steel and has an anti-rust coating for protection from the elements. It's designed to be easy to move around, and in addition to two wheels has a large handle that together turn your garden into a moveable feast. The planter itself is 8 inches deep and has a drainage hole at the bottom, as well as grooves that work to channel excess water toward the drain, preventing water-logging that can lead to root rot. There's also a lower level for storage or additional small pots of flowers. All necessary hardware is included, though you'll need pliers and a screwdriver. Reviewers found the assembly process easy, especially with another person present to help keep parts level as you tighten screws. Another popular Amazon find, this cart has a 4.7-star average rating after more than 1,000 shoppers weighed in.

One gardener's take: "This planter is wonderful. It fits on my small deck nicely, and the wheels make it so that I can move the planter around if we're grilling or whatever. It is a lot sturdier than I thought it would be. ... I planted parsley, green onion, and jalapeno peppers actually and they're doing well! The shelf underneath holds my gloves, little shovel, and watering can nicely. Picking my herbs is so easy since it is at waist height. Highly recommend!"

8. A Set Of Large Plastic Beds To Make An Impressive Vegetable Patch

Exterior dimensions: 48.75 x 48.75 x 9 inches (each planter; length x width x height)

If you have the outdoor space, why not design an entire vegetable or butterfly garden using these sturdy, and affordable planters? Each one is made from high-density polyethylene plastic that's weather-resistant and UV-protected, so it won't fade. You can stack two planters on top of each other to create a two-tier display and double the depth for growing plants with strong root systems. These beds do not have bottoms or liners, so your best bet is to put them directly on the ground before filling them up with soil. You'll need a wrench for assembly, but the rest of the hardware is included. The plastic garden beds have earned a 4.7-star average with more than 1,000 customers weighing in. They're also available for sale individually, or in a two-set with a protective covering, but this three-pack is by far the best deal.

One gardener's take: "Great product. I was going to build my own raised garden using safe lumber, but when I saw these at a good price, thought I would try them out. These raised beds are VERY easy to assemble (no tools or special skills required). They are sturdy and the dirt stays in place. We left most as single-level beds, but created one double raised bed for deep-root veggies. These beds are lightweight but strong. Look great too. Highly recommended."

Sours: https://www.bustle.com/life/best-raised-garden-beds

12 best raised garden beds in 2021, according to experts

Gardening is often associated with planting flowers and vegetables directly in the ground, making it seemingly inaccessible for people without a large piece of property at their disposal. But raised garden beds allow you to plant a garden almost anywhere, from a small patch of grass to a patio. Carmen DeVito, founder of Garden Cult, a garden and landscape design company, said raised garden beds are also great for beginner gardeners since they allow you to control the size of your garden, as well as factors like soil conditions.

“Raised-bed gardening is an easy way for new gardeners to get their feet wet, experiment and try new things without being overwhelmed,” DeVito, a certified New York State landscape professional, said. “It’s like gardening with training wheels.”

We talked to experts about the benefits raised garden beds offer, and compiled some tips for planting in them. We also rounded up highly rated raised garden beds from retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart and more.


Types of raised garden beds

Venelin Dimitrov, senior product manager for gardening company Burpee, said there are three types of raised garden beds: raised ground beds, supported raised beds and containerized raised beds. All three work to lift plants and their root systems above ground.

Raised ground beds are flat-topped mounds of soil that are 6 to 8 inches high and do not have support frames. Dimitrov said they’re the simplest above-ground gardening option since they only require soil, and they’re sometimes referred to as built-in raised beds. He noted that they’re specifically useful for gardeners who have large areas to plant but do not want the added expense of building support frames.

Supported raised beds consist of a mound of soil surrounded by a supportive edge or frame. Dimitrov said these beds are especially useful for sloped or uneven ground — you can build a flat surface on top of an uneven surface with this type of raised bed.

Containerized raised beds are what most people typically think of when they talk about raised garden beds. DeVito said they’re essentially large planters or pots. Containerized raised beds have taller sides and a base, and they can be used on lawns, walkways, decks, patios, driveways and porches. Dimitrov said you should just be sure wherever you put the raised bed can tolerate its weight and the moisture it may give off. He noted that you need to use more soil to fill a containerized raised bed, but they’re versatile and work well in high-traffic areas.

As for materials, DeVito said raised garden beds are usually made from wood, metal or plastic and they can last for multiple years. If you plan to make your garden permanent or live in an area where you can garden year round, she suggested investing in a rot-resistant wood bed.

Additionally, some companies sell raised garden beds made from fabric, which DeVito said are more affordable raised garden bed options. She recommended using smaller sized options, which are easy to move. Fabric raised garden beds should be put on top of gravel, soil or stone — DeVito said they would make a deck too wet.


Best raised garden beds of 2021

Best containerized raised beds

Best Choice Products Raised Garden Bed

This weather- and warp-resistant wood raised garden bed has a 4.3-star average rating from over 2,900 reviews on Amazon, and it’s the retailer's No.1 bestseller in Planter Raised Beds. It comes with a liner that separates the wood from the soil, preserving the structure’s condition over time. The raised bed has holes in its base to allow excess water to drain out, too. It’s available in two sizes — 5 cubic feet or 8.4 cubic feet — and Best Choice Products also makes a similar raised garden bed on wheels if you’re looking for portability.

Jumbl Raised Canadian Cedar Garden Bed

Jumbl’s raised garden bed is made from cedar wood, which the brand said prevents warping and wood rot, as well as repels insects. The bed comes with all the parts and hardware you need to assemble it, and it stands 30 inches above the ground. A liner is also included with the bed, which is available in four sizes. The bed has a 4.5-star average rating from over 700 reviews on Amazon.

Mixc Raised Garden Bed

You can move this raised garden bed around your patio, deck or backyard as it has two wheels and a handle to roll like a wheelbarrow. The bed has a shelf on the bottom and hooks on the side to store tools and other items, and its planter box features drainage holes. It comes in two sizes, both of which stand 31 inches tall. The bed has a 4.3-star average rating from 97 ratings on Amazon.


YaheeTech 3 Tier Raised Garden Bed

You can stack the boxes of this garden bed to create a three-tier structure, or use each box individually on the ground. The bed is made from fir wood and comes with all the hardware needed for assembly. It has a 4.6-star average rating from over 490 reviews on Amazon.

Giantex Raised Garden Bed

Adding a pop of color to your deck or yard, this bright green raised garden bed has a 4.2-star average rating from over 180 reviews on Amazon. It’s available in three sizes and features drainage holes. The bed is constructed from steel panels and has reinforced corners, too. It comes with all the hardware you need for assembly.


Best supported raised beds

Foyuee Galvanized Raised Garden Bed

Measuring 8 feet long and 4 feet wide, this bed provides you with space to plant a large garden. It’s built with thick galvanized metal and features crossbars with an anti-rust coating to stand up to the elements season after season. The bed has a 4.7-star average rating from over 1,200 reviews on Amazon.

Greenes Fence Raised Garden Bed

Made from pine wood, Greenes Fence’s garden beds come in over a dozen different shapes and sizes — you can choose the one that best fits your property. All beds can be assembled without tools as their walls slide into posts to create the frame. Beds can also be stacked on top of each other to add height, or arranged next to one another to create longer and wider areas to garden in. Green Fences’ raised garden beds have a 4.3-star average rating from over 200 reviews on Amazon.

Zizin Metal Raised Garden Bed

Zizin’s raised garden bed is constructed from galvanized metal and it features a reinforced frame and corners to remain intact for multiple seasons. The bed is available in two sizes — 5.7 feet long and 6 feet long— and it can be assembled without additional tools. It has a 4.5-star average rating from over 200 reviews on Amazon.


King Bird Reinforced Card Frame Raised Garden Bed

This bed is constructed from 2-ply galvanized steel and can be assembled without tools. It comes with two pairs of gardening gloves and gardening tags, and has a 4.5-star average rating from more than 900 reviews on Amazon. The bed is sold in two sizes: 17 cubic feet and 31 cubic feet. The smaller bed is available in Grey, Ivory and Jade-Green, while the larger bed can be purchased in Charcoal-Grey and Green.

Clean Earth Earth Works Vinyl Raised Garden Bed

Made from white vinyl, this square bed slides together without tools. It’s lightweight, too, so you can move it around your yard or deck between seasons if you want to change the location of your garden. The bed has a 4.6-star average rating from over 100 reviews on Amazon.

Apipi Fabric Raised Garden Planter

These fabric garden beds from Apipi are made from a water-resistant polypropylene material and feature drain holes. Each garden bed has four divided sections so you can organize the different flowers or vegetables you’re growing. The brand’s planters are sold individually or in a pack of two, and they have a 4.4-star average rating from over 1,600 reviews on Amazon.


Benefits of raised-bed gardening

Dimitrov said raised garden beds are popular because they allow gardeners to control the soil quality they’re planting in. When you’re planting in the ground, it’s hard to know the exact composure of the soil or if it has the proper nutrients your plants need to thrive. But you fill raised garden beds with the soil of your choosing, and you can be sure it’s not contaminated or stripped of essential vitamins and minerals. Dimitrov added that other benefits of raised garden beds include the soil’s ability to thaw and warm up faster than the ground, and that the beds offer better drainage.

Additionally, DeVito said raised garden beds are beneficial if your property is filled with tree roots, large shrubs or aggressive plants that make it challenging to dig in certain areas. Planting in raised garden beds is essentially a blank slate — you can start from scratch and avoid some of the challenges that come with in-ground gardening. DeVito also noted that raised garden beds make gardening easier for people with physical challenges or disabilities that make it difficult to bend over, work on their knees or squat down close to the ground.


How to fill and water a raised garden bed


The first step to preparing your raised garden bed for planting is filling it with soil. DeVito said what you’re planting often dictates what type of soil you should use, but as a general rule, she relies on screened topsoil — soil without any rocks, sticks or clumps — mixed with compost. Dimitrov said you can also purchase soil that’s premixed with compost, and to look for options that feature 50 percent soil and 50 percent compost.


Dimitrov said there’s no special way you need to water plants in a raised garden bed. In fact, raised garden beds are able to drain excess water from heavy rains away from plants’ root zones, which ensures that they don’t get over-saturated. DeVito said raised-bed gardens tend to dry out more than in-ground gardens, which may mean plants need to be watered more often, especially during the hot, dry summer. Overall, she recommended hand-watering plants using a hose with a shower nozzle attachment, or, for larger raised garden beds, setting up an automatic soaker hose system.

What to plant in raised gardening beds

DeVito said the only plants she would not put in a raised garden are large trees or shrubs that require a lot of space for their root systems, leaves or branches. Raised garden beds are most often used for growing food like vegetables, herbs and fruit. You can also use them for a cut flower garden or small shrubs. Devito also noted that raised garden beds are a great way to introduce kids to gardening. She said the contained area gives kids their own space to explore working with dirt and seeds, and she recommended starting kids off with growing easy, low maintenance vegetables like radishes and beans.


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Zoe Malin

Zoe Malin is a digital editorial intern for Select on NBC News.

Sours: https://www.nbcnews.com/select/shopping/best-raised-garden-beds-ncna1268061

Kit amazon bed raised

Raised Bed Garden Kit 3'x6'x11" by Infinite Cedar

Made in the USA from Western Red Cedar, a durable and naturally rot-resistant wood, these raised beds are sturdy and easy to assemble. Raised bed corners are half-lapped, with rods going down through the assembly, which keeps the corners from working loose over time. It's easy to stack the boards to make raised beds in many different heights. Innovative Design: These beds are made from Western Red Cedar, a rot-resistant wood that can be painted or stained, or left unfinished to gray naturally. The simple design of these kits allow wood to shrink and swell, for better strength and durability in wet/dry conditions. Hardware like screws and nails eventually loosen as wood ages. Our beds assemble with rust-free aluminum metal pins set securely through the ends of each board. So after years of exposure the planter won't fall apart, and yet can be disassembled by hand if needed. No tools necessary. Assembly takes just minutes. Raised beds do not need to be finished. You can stain the outside of the boards if you want them to blend in with your patio or fencing design. Each height come with pins that are the same height as the bed, so you can put the bed on hard ground or a patio if needed, and the tops of the pins will be flush with the top of the bed. Raised garden beds help maximize harvests by efficient use of space. Raised beds are easy to set up, plant and maintain, producing high yields in a compact space with less digging and weeding. And now you'll find just the right size and shape bed for your needs. Use raised beds to grow vegetables, or install the beds along a perimeter to create stunning border gardens. You can even build a pyramid garden by stacking smaller beds atop larger ones.

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/Infinite-Cedar-Raised-Garden-Bed/dp/B00IXO7YUY
DIY Raised Garden Bed With Cement Board! No Wood

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