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Short haircuts for women can be a huge dilemma, especially for the owners of long and thick hair. To tell the truth, do not be afraid to experiment a little. If you won’t like your short cut, you can return to your long hair in a couple of months.
By the way, short haircuts for curls look even better. Thick curly hair is extremely difficult to style because of its texture. Short hair will be perfect for this type of curly texture, and any other textures as well. Now, let's check out how short hair can help you take it up a notch for your look!

How Much Do Short Haircuts Cost?

Hair Salons

Short HairMedium HairLong Hair
Haircuts Prices starts from
Best Cuts19,99$24,99$29,99$
Hollywood Hairstyles Studio25,00$25,00$35,00$
Fringe Hair Design20,00$25,00$35,00$
The Roose Parlour & Spa45,00$55,00$70,00$
Fox & Jane Salon56,00$77,00$87,00$
Smith And Davis85,00$95,00$110,00$
Fringe Hair Art25,00$40,00$70,00$
Patrice Vinci Salon60,00$85,00$150,00$
Trephin Hair Salon70,00$100,00$125,00$
Skyline Downtown Salon40,00$50,00$60,00$
Gold + Arrow50,00$55,00$60,00$
KY Michaels Salon50,00$60,00$70,00$
Bird's Barber Shop30,00$37,00$49,00$

Short hair cuts: Celebrity Choices

Short hair allows women to feel the freedom of styling and sharpness of image they couldn't even dream of. As a matter of fact, wearing short haircuts in 2021 is a trend that has taken over women from all around the globe, and celebrities were the first fans on the list. Have a look at the latest iconic short cuts captured on the red carpet!

Credit photo: Jaguar PS/Shutterstock

If you are about to copy someone’s look, why don’t you steal it from your favorite celebrity? You’ve seen charming Anne Hathaway with many different lengths, and here she opts for a pixie haircut that shows off her best features while giving a slight frame to the forehead. A well-groomed long pixie accompanied by side-swept bangs is nothing but the best compliment to oval face shapes.

Karen Gillan With Pixie-Bob And Wavy Upswept Bangs

Credit photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

For one of her premiere looks, Karen Gillan also decided to show up with a shorter-than-usual haircut. This short version of pixie-bob gives a lot of volume to the back portion, and to keep the perfect balance in the front, the actress chose to go for wavy upswept bangs.

Credit photo: Jaguar PS/Shutterstock

Michelle Williams’s hairstylists know that one can’t go wrong with a side-parted bang and pixie. Though her audience is used to seeing her with relatively long and full chevelure, such a well balanced and immaculate silhouette did impress everyone.

Long Pixie With Undercut - Perfect Rihanna’s Style

Credit photo: Everett Collection/Shutterstock

Sometimes we think that someone should write a book about Rihanna’s transformation history. And this long pixie with an undercut really should be in the first chapter! The shaved sides make the dramatic top even more voluminous, and the play of colors does the attention-grabbing job.

Emma Stone's Blunt Bob With Bangs

Credit photo: Andrea Raffin/Shutterstock

According to many looks of Emma Stone, a premiere look without bangs is a look wasted! Even though it's a simple blunt bob, the way everything in her appearance harmonizes is worth walking down the red carpet.

Short Layered Bob For Krysta Rodriguez

Credit photo: DFree/Shutterstock

While many women think that short haircuts come into our lives as a commitment, this opinion has nothing to do with a layered bob like the one sported by Krysta Rodriguez! Not only do the layers give a decent shape to her bob but they also create a long-lasting volumetric body that won't disappear after her hair grows out.

Jessica Stroup's Classic Chin-Length Bob

Credit photo: Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

This minimalist premiere Jessica Stroup's bob haircut is here to show all ladies with fine hair that their locks won't always fall flat. With the length that slightly hits your chin and a soft, round angle, you can forget about plain looks once and for all.

Milla's Curly Bob

Credit photo: Andrea Raffin/Shutterstock

Milla Jovovich loves to amaze cameras with waves and curls, not for nothing. Such an effortless texture nicely softens her angled facial features while the short length keeps up with the bounce and volume.

Perfectly Sleek Bob On Kylie Jenner

Credit photo: Ovidiu Hrubaru/Shutterstock

Everything that Kylie Jenner's stylists touch turns to gold: this fashionable look is living proof. She's tried lots of different colors and lengths, yet, this bob is still the most natural-looking idea. It's sleek and slightly asymmetrical cut, that's why it looks so refined.

Taylor Swift Style: Stacked Bob With Blunt Bangs

Credit photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock

Taylor Swift seems to have personalized the idea of blunt bangs. Besides the voluminous body, her stacked bob gives a nice flaw-concealing touch, hiding up her big forehead.

Straight Bob Haircut Like Jennifer Aniston

Credit photo: Tinseltown/ShutterstockCredit photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock

Lucy Liu`s Short Bob

Credit photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock

Spiked Up Pixie Haircut Like Halle Berry

Credit photo: Tinseltown/ShutterstockCredit photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock

Perfect Short Haircuts To Make Facial Features More Distinctive

Unfortunately, we do not know who we should owe this trend to, but frankly speaking, these short haircuts are bomb dot com. Despite the fact that cutting your hair short has some disadvantages, the advantages are much bigger. A nice short haircut just line shag cut can make your facial features more distinctive, bring attention to your neck and shoulders, and it is easy to take care of.

Pushed Up Pixie Cut For Oval Face

Credit photo:

This is an absolutely sexy pixie cut. With the use of your preferred hair gels or pomades, you can make this look your very own. Of all the short haircuts for oval faces, this would have to be one of my favorites. Its seductive flare makes one almost irresistible. This cut is also one of a confident woman who is not afraid to make sure that everyone knows that she is comfortable in her own skin. The smoky eye makeup only enhances the seductive attributes of this cut.

Silver Pixie Haircut For Square Face

Credit photo:

If you’re wanting to acquire a short haircut for square faces, you’ll want to look at the pixie cut. You can keep everyone intrigued if you go the route of silver hair. Feel free to explore the platinum blonde and gray hues to intrigue even the hardest of hearts. If you decide to add in some bangs that wouldn’t hurt the sleek look either. Also, be sure when if you’re going with a short pixie that you are certain of your choice as that these hues typically appear better on a longer pixie.

Credit photo: Pixie Style For Heart Shaped Face

The long pixie is also a long-time favorite of short hair wearers. It is one of the best short haircuts in 2021 for long faces because it complements the facial features rather than isolating them drawing undue attention. Often worn on the side-swept hairstyle it is easily maintainable and easily styled. Simply blow dry with a round brush in the desired direction and you’re done. This specific style seems to be timeless with this cut.

Voluminous Pixie For Triangle Face

Credit photo:

It was once thought that if a woman continually wore a short haircut that she was a tomboy. That is no longer the case. In modern times even the shorter pixie hairstyles are very feminine and classy. If you have dark hair you can still add some color to spice things up a bit. Although various body types wear this style length and layers complement the short haircuts for triangular faces. Be bold be daring and step outside of the box with your new, sassy, voluminous, pixie cut.

Choppy Pixie Style For Heart Shaped Face

Credit photo:

This pixie cut is definitely very charming with the soft wavy hair gently flowing downward. The lady’s hair strands are quite thin and thus the addition of short layers creates enough volume and texture for this awesome pixie. Likewise, the short soft bangs create a lovely aura that is very innocent and charming. These so-called choppy haircuts have become increasingly popular with the messy hairstyle coming to the forefront in popularity. It performs excessively well as one of the premier short haircuts for heart-shaped faces.

Pixie Short Haircuts For Women

By getting short hair in 2021, you don't limit yourself; you open new horizons of the modern fashion world, as well as take a chance to see your beauty from a new perspective. Pixie haircuts stand on the top of the world's most requested short haircuts. Below you're going to see how far you can go with them.

Classic Short Pixie

Credit photo:

A shorter pixie looks pretty cool, and that is why many women, including fashion icons, choose such cuts. Plus, you won’t have any difficulty in styling it in the morning. If to think about it, really, what can be less maintenance than a shorter pixie? These choppy best short haircuts appear fun, bold, and cool. Just pair this haircut with the most flattering color, and you will get the look that is the maximum effect and minimum effort.

Sweet Pixie With Bangs

Credit photo:

For short hair fans, this sweet pixie haircut with bangs is a must-try! Trimmed and tapered ends that do not reach the nape of the neck emphasize your neck and shoulders.

With longer bangs, this pixie cut suits face shapes that have a broad forehead. These bangs will highlight the other features of your face like your eyes. With no complications in styling, all you need to do is use a hair straightener to help the bangs fall easily.

Shattered Pixie

Credit photo:

For those who want to take their short hairstyle to the next level, add some color to your pixie cut. The purple with the hints of blue creates a mesmerizing combination among the different layers of this haircut.

This pixie cut for thick hair includes adding bangs in the front. For women who have a stronger face cut like a square face or a diamond face shape, the long pixie cut with bangs can soften your features.

Cool Long Pixie

Credit photo:

If you have fine hair you should explore the joy that awaits the world of the long pixie cut. As women age, their hair tends to become more fine and harder to style. Thin layers and lots of them will boost fine hair into looking full and thick. Among short hairstyles, this long pixie is a very popular choice. It also appeals to those who are in search of their gray hair revolution. Whether they are seeking it as a fashion statement or accepting of mother nature's ability to strip us even of our natural hair color. The long pixie is an avenue worth walking down.

Layered Long Pixie Hairstyle

Credit photo:

Short layered hairstyles are all the rage in the hairstyle industry today. Whether you are going for the sweet, sassy or sultry look, it can be obtained with the layered cut. Short layers to long layers, either can be adjusted to suit any age, young or old. There are also styles that range from messy to sleek to work for any occasion. If you wish to add texture to your hairstyle, then short layers are the answer for you. Diversity is certainly an option with this chic hairstyle.

Glamour Blonde Pixie

Credit photo:

It is often said blonde is more fun. It is also said that they have more fun If you have blonde hair you, whether it is natural or not, you can attest to these statements. The long pixie cut above is strangely close to a bob with a longer top. The long bangs do tend to give it this effect however, it is a pixie none the less. The deep side part accentuates the client's darker roots, allowing for some contrast to the style.

Textured Pixie With Balayage

Credit photo:

When one is in search of a textured haircut one must pursue the idea of multitudes of layers being present in their cut. The model above is sporting a fine example of a pixie balayage hair. The multiple layers included in this style has the appearance of a difficult styling procedure. However, that is not the case since the layers are cut in such a way as to make styling hassle-free. The clean sides and back have a very professional air making this the perfect power haircut.

Middle-Parted Sleek Pixie

Credit photo:

Show this pic to all ladies who think that a pixie haircut is all about styling limitations. With a pixie, you can get yourself a sexy disheveled look, effortless waves, slicked-back hairstyle; and that’s only the beginning! Moreover, pixies are your best friends when some special occasion is knocking at the door: you can create a refined look in minutes.

This middle-parted sleek pixie will be a gorgeous match for anything from formal dresses to sophisticated suits. And you know what? It will also give your face a little framing touch!

Asymmetrical Black Straight Pixie

Credit photo:

Another amazing stylish trick you can do with your pixie is to let asymmetry into your look. Besides a different and unusual appearance, such a haircut will build the needed balance for ladies with square and round face shapes, drawing attention from the prominent features of their faces. On top of that, with an asymmetrical pixie, you will always have tons of volume on the top, as this haircut is super flexible, especially in terms of volumetric styling.

Undercut Pixie

Credit photo:

A pixie is a perfect choice for women who do not lack self-confidence. But an undercut pixie will work for the most daring only. Show ‘em all how wild you are! Plus, in case you hate spending much time on styling your tresses every morning, one of these haircuts will work great for you. Just wake up, wash, and then go! Your hair already looks perfect. And as you can see, pixie haircuts are quite versatile when it comes to the color choice. You can look awesome whether you opt for a more natural or a super vivid hair shade.

Credit photo:

This idea is meant for bold women who are not shy to be different. It shows that pixies not only open up your face, but they can also create a very dramatic and wavy look. How do you like the contrasts of lengths? The clean shorter sides that are partly hidden by the messy waves of your side-parted pixie. If you show up with such a hairdo, be ready for the most flattering compliments.

Layered Messy Pixie-Bob With Rose Highlights

Credit photo:

You already know how powerful messy silhouettes and layers are. So how about you reveal their beauty by getting yourself a seductive pixie bob? This cut gives you a bit asymmetrical body, adding more volume to the crown. As for the color, these subtle rose highlights that roughly transit to darker roots can spice up any haircut, and yours won’t be an exception.

Straight Layered Blonde Pixie-Bob

Credit photo:

Do you know the main advantage of rocking short hair? This length has an approach to any hair type while long hair may look dull and lifeless on some textures. If you struggle with fine hair that tends to fall flat or you have to deal with thin hair that looks too sparse, properly cut short hair can be your saving grace.

You can ask your stylist for a pixie bob with layers throughout the length and forget about styling troubles once and for all. First, the length of pixie won’t weight down your locks, always keeping it pretty voluminous. Second, layers will make your silhouette even fuller, enhancing the voluminous crown of the cut.

Dark Blonde Straight Long Pixie

Credit photo:

We know that we should discuss the latest short haircuts for women here, but, let us take a moment to appreciate dark blonde, please! As a matter of fact, a perfect look consists not only of a properly chosen haircut but also of a correctly picked shade. For that reason, we’d like to mention that such a compromise between brunette and blonde hair colors is something that goes well with any complexion. Plus, it looks fab on pixies!

This time, the pixie is side-parted and precisely chopped at the edges. What makes it so special apart from the color is that it’s actually cut to be styled to the side. In other words, you can ask your stylist to shape the cut so that it always lies in the direction you like. In this way, styling will take literally minutes.

Asymmetrical Blonde Pixie Cut

Credit photo:

Apart from creating a fantastic visual frame that draws attention from the most prominent facial features, asymmetrical pixies can add some drama. To be more exact, a whole lotta drama! Here, you can see how an asymmetric flip of the heavier side turns into a voluminous bang. Even though this cut looks like a red-carpet idea, it’s actually nothing but a properly styled elongated pixie.

The best part about pixies is that even a mere inch of hair is enough to drastically change the haircut. For example, once you let a super short pixie grow a little, you will be able to style it with popular soft spikes. Similarly, with the longest type of pixie, you can let your styling imagination run wild. Plus, you can experiment with the structure of the cut. Undoubtedly, there’s nothing like an asymmetric long pixie.

Short Pixie-Bob With Balayage

Credit photo:

There’s a haircut that embraces the best features of the most popular short haircuts for women, giving birth to another ageless trend. Yes, we’re talking about the fascinating, daring, and cute pixie bob. Here, it’s accentuated with balayage and individualized with a textured crop on the top.

The best thing about this haircut is that even though it’s too short for braids or updos, you can always change something in the look with some texturizing product or a creative crop. There airy, messy layers nicely deal with thick hair, giving it a modern and hip appearance, while balayage makes each layer more profound.

Ultra Modern Buzz Cut

Credit photo:

Some girls don’t even have the guts to imagine themselves rocking a buzz cut, so we can officially add this haircut to the dictionary as the synonym of true daring!

As it turned out, if you buzz off the whole length and leave just an inch of it, you will still look gorgeous: nothing can hide the femininity that bursts inside you. In fact, such a modern cut suits women who are absolutely comfortable with their face shapes and are not afraid to show them without framing details.

With a good shade on the top, the right makeup on the face, and fancy earrings, you simply will nail modernity! Needless to say, it’s a fun rest from the tiresome styling routine.

Golden Crop

A short undercut with a long top section makes this short haircut stand out among the crowd. Also known as the pixie cut, this hairstyle is convenient to maintain and needs minimum styling.

Bleach the ends of the hair and keep the roots darker to give the top of your head some volume. When the hair grows out slightly making this hairstyle a long pixie, running a flat iron on the ends can make the look more playful.

Credit photo:

This particular style is a very bold and daring one. The seeming unicorn look has a classic taper hair cut with a poufy top. What is more, this side shaved and lined color palate is the epitome of one who is not concerned with others' opinions of them. While this style would not be widely accepted on the corporate scene it is a fun style for a more relaxed work environment. The use of multiple hair colors and lined out sections on this cut make it even more thought-provoking.

Long Pixie With Blue Color Fade

Credit photo:

When you are about to get an accentuating finish that will put you in the spotlight, the hottest short haircuts for women never come alone. They come with a bright color accompanying them!

This long pixie looks unbelievably dimensional and well-balanced due to the unusual play of shades and nicely chopped layers. To achieve such a lively play of colors, ask your stylist to place the brighter color to the lower pixie layer on the back of the head, gradually stretching it to the top and making it look transparent. Or just take this pic with you!

Credit photo:

Another haircut that only brave-hearted ladies can recreate! Well, that’s what actually makes it so unique; you won’t see it on every single girl passing you by.

Shaved sides can reveal the rebel that you’ve been keeping inside for too long, and the long, well-shaped, and textured top will show that you’re a sophisticated, stylish woman. Besides, you will not just make a statement with your hair; you will get the most comfortable haircut for the hot summer days.

Wavy Long Pixie With Blonde Highlights

Credit photo:

Nothing can beat wavy texture when it comes to styling a long pixie! Waves can add tons of life and movement to the hair, taking fine and thin hair types to a whole new level. When choosing a new haircut, modern hairstylists recommend women considering new hair colors as well. As a matter of fact, the right haircut goes hand in hand when you’re about to create a totally fabulous transformation. Just look how nicely blonde highlights complement this brunette pixie! Light layers stand out from the dark shade, thus bringing out the top.

Thick Bowl Long Pixie Cut

Credit photo:

Short Hair, Don’t Care.

Short hairstyles for women are styled haircuts that fall between a pixie and a neck-length bob cut. Having short hair creates the appearance of thicker hair and there are many types of hairstyles to choose from.

These cuts range from edgy cropped cuts, pixies, choppy layers, modern lob, to a gorgeous stacked bob.

Whether you’re a woman with the type of hair that’s thick, thin, wavy, curly or straight, you’ll find the perfect short hair idea and inspiration.

Here is the ultimate collection of pictures for this year’s best haircuts and hairstyles for women with short hair.

The best short haircuts and hairstyles for women in 2021
  • 34 Flattering Short Haircuts for Older Women in 2021

    Last updated on October 5, 2021

    Do you have short hair and want to take years off of your face and look younger? Find your next chic and modern short style right here. They are your ticket to the foundation of youth.

  • Pixie Cut

    The 9 Cutest Pixie Cuts EVER

    Last updated on October 5, 2021

    These stunning super short pixies will not only launch you to the front of fashion chic, but they also have very low-maintenance; blow-dry optional. Show off your femininity with one of these brown, red or blonde pixie haircuts.

  • Short hair with bangs

    23 Short Hair with Bangs Hairstyle Ideas (Photos Included)

    Last updated on September 22, 2021

    It's time to spice up your look by going with a sexy fringe! From side-swept bangs, deep side-part, center part, to wispy and blunt, one of these short cuts will look great on you. Check them out!

  • Short shag haircuts

    Top 27 Short Shag Haircuts to Get in 2021

    Last updated on October 6, 2021

    Shag hairstyles are back and better than ever! Come check out these outstanding textured short hairstyle ideas for that perfect shaggy hair look.

  • Short to medium haircuts

    Top 9 Medium Short Haircuts for Women Trending in 2021

    Last updated on July 14, 2021

    Not too long and not too short, these are some of the cutest medium to short hairstyles you'll see! If you're looking to give your long hair a chop, try settling for something more in the middle like these.

  • Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

    28 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair This Year

    Last updated on August 30, 2021

    Attention, short-haired ladies: celebrate the big day in style with an absolutely adorable fancy-but-chic wedding hairstyle! We’ve got you covered with this collection of the best short wedding hairstyles we’ve ever seen!

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1Miley Cyrus

We're calling this one the Beanie Baby, and it makes us want to grab the scissors and snip-snap ourselves a mullet. Added bonus: if you've run out of dry shampoo, no one has to see the grease.

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2Natalie Portman

A piece-y bob is oh so French Girl-chic, and subtle highlights throughout add dimension for some extra swishy movement.

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3Jordan Alexander

The Gossip Girl star's tight shave is enough to convince us to pick up the clippers. If you've been considering The Big Chop, this fall might be the time.

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4Victoria Pedretti

Updos aren't reserved for those with long locks. Tease the crown of your head with a comb and some hairspray, wind your hair up, then secure with some pearl-studded pins.

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5Dua Lipa

This bold, blonde bun can be yours with just a hair tie and some gel, and some pins. Slick your hair back with gel, running it through the ends, then wind it into a bun. Add pins to highlight a little flip at the end, and voila.

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6Maisie Williams

A classic bob is always chic, but 2020 has been the year of mullets. A shaggy, '70s bob is the new look for fierce, edgy women. Add some choppy bangs to really complete the look.

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7Zoë Kravitz

Chances are, your eyes are fixated on the allure of Kravitz's ravishing red lipstick. But her face-framing pixie cut, which complements her features so well, also plays its part with choppy layers subdued with an inky-black hair color for peak chicness.

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8Barbie Ferreira

While we're waiting for Euphoria season two, get prepped by copying Barbie's classic chop. This look is perfect for both fine and thick hair. Clip some sections back with barrettes for a face-focused style.

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9Ruth Bell

Ruth Bell, who formerly rocked an amazing buzzcut, grew out her strands to this amazing Mia Farrow-esque look. A little pomade helps keep strands in place, for a effortlessly chic style.

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10Jodie Turner-Smith

Allow Queen & Slim breakout actress Turner-Smith to take your breath away. In case you needed further confirmation, this constructive cut shows that natural curls can be worn in endless ways.

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11Karlie Kloss

A classic clavicle-brushing lob is an unbeatable classic. A sharp middle part helps achieve the model-esque look, but switch it up with a side part for an edgier look.

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12Kendall Jenner

Try cutting a classic lob into a super-sharp, asymmetrical, angular shape for added dimension. Playing up the style with barrettes makes this look even more your own.

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P!nk has been rocking her edgy cropped look for a long as we can remember. Get a shorter shave on the side with longer lengths on top to mimic her iconic look.

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14Kaia Gerber

Gerber looks all grown up with the bob she debuted summer 2019. The supermodel has stuck to the chin-length cut for a while. Her slightly off-centered part and flippy ends matches her effortless appeal.

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15Ryan Destiny

Actress Destiny looks incredible no matter the style, but this glossy-textured bob, made piece-y with a few perfectly placed stray hairs and wispy ends, is one our favorites.

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16Sophie Turner

Turner looked nearly unrecognizable to Team MC's eyes at the 2019 Billboards Awards with her bright blonde lob. Take a flat-iron and add soft bends wherever you want more body to lift an otherwise flat lob with more volume.

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17Zoey Deutch

The Politician actress Deutch told Marie Claire in an interview that this slicked-back, flipped bob is her favorite red carpet beauty look. We must agree.

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18Rowan Blanchard

This might be a hard ask, but I never want Blanchard to grow out her again. Short hair is made for the actress. If you don't feel like fussing with your hair at all, try this back-swept style to let your makeup steal the show.

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19Margot Robbie

Feast your eyes on Robbie at the 86th Academy Awards, which should have featured a "Best Lob of the Night" award. This bright blonde, blunt cut lob accentuates her neckline so beautifully.

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20Bella Hadid

This fall called for a bobbed-up Bella. Although everyone was saying this style is very KKW, this sultry dark chocolate shade and chin-grazing cut looked incredible on the supermodel. Another takeaway: your part doesn't have to be perfect. Let it go!

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21Ashley Benson

Benson's been known to move on from hairstyles quick, but one thing she's kept consistent the past year is a short cut. Team MC has kept up with her ever-changing hair in 2019, but these golden mermaid waves reign supreme. Case in point: figuring out the shade that complements your skin tone the most should be a priority.

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22Irina Shayk

Long hair Shayk is no longer, and the dramatic change to a sleek, angular bob is for the better. TBH, when you have a breathtaking bone structure like this do you even need hair to begin with?!?

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23Selena Gomez

Warm shades of caramel peeking through is the reason Gomez's graduated bob doesn't look juvenile curled under. You can revive and modernize this '90s style with color.

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24Ruby Rose

What sets Rose's salt and pepper pixie a part from the rest is her shaved sides. Sure, it's badass, but you're a badass too.

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25Cynthia Erivo

Erivo showcases the most tried-and-true way to jazz up a buzzcut: color (but make it fun). The gradient effect of this platinum shade is eye-catching in the best way.

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26Mila Kunis

Kunis' deep side part stylizes this cut so easily by adding structure. If you're sick of a straight-edge lob, get a little risqué with a shorter cut on one side.

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27Michelle Weaver

OWN's Love Is actress Weaver is giving us '90s Halle Berry vibes with close-cut curls. The answer is no, this pixie style will never get old.

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28Saoirse Ronan

There's nothing much more minimalist than a sleek, center-parted, blunt cut bob. Ronan is proof that this classic cut is peak elegance.

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29Leighton Meester

Some extra styling, like a half bun à la Gossip Girl's Meester, takes the guesswork out of how to make a look your own. Plus, it'll show off your hair color if you also have ombré dip-dyed ends.

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30Demi Lovato

Lovato's layered all the way up, which breathes life into an otherwise shapeless lob. The motto: the piece-ier, the messier, the better.

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31Dua Lipa

A slightly asymmetrical bob like Lipa's will do nothing but accentuate your gorgeous jawline and give you more room to dress up your bare neckline with whatever you see fit.

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32 Damaris Goddrie

These defined curls look so gorgeous on Goddrie, and will look so goregous on you. You can always depend on tight ringlets for added dimension.

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33Halle Berry

You can't talk about short hair without paying homage to Berry's iconic pixie cut. There's a reason this style goes down in beauty's history books.

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34Meagan Good

Good's skin looks so flawless, and there's no doubt her bright blonde pixie cut, which complements her complexion, has a lot to do with that glow.

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35Tilda Swinton

Swinton is the epitome of très chic with this structural cut. There are three words to describe this cut: cooler than cool.

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36Taraji P. Henson

Henson dressed up her lob with an asymmetrical cut, which adds fullness and volume to this sleek style.

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37Lupita Nyong'o

It's impossible to pick just one of the "best" short styles Lupita Nyong'o has worn so well throughout the years. She honestly deserves her own gallery, because this woman makes magic with her natural hair. Can't choose between an afro and a buzzcut? Do both!

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38Charlize Theron

How can we not talk about Marie Claire's latest cover star, Charlize Theron, and her inimitable, chin-grazing, dark brown bob she stunned the 2019 Oscars red carpet with? A sleek, a-line cut coupled with a fresh dye job will transform your entire look, and shave 10 years off of you.

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39Lucy Boynton

Stop trying to smooth down your flyaways, and work with them instead. Everything about Lucy Boynton's graphic eyeliner, brushed-up brows, and choppy bob is a vibe.

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40Danai Gurira

Danai Gurira's braided lob stole the show at the 2019 Vanity Fair Oscars Party. Trying different textured styles, like braids, passion twists, bantu knots, and more look so good with bobs.

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41Yara Shahidi

Curls can do anything. So much yes for Yara Shahidi's curly side bangs and blunt cut. Ugh, and that blue eyeshadow. I can't.

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42Cardi B.

Long live the pixie cut Cardi B debuted at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards. Celeb stylist Tokyo Styles is responsible for this wig, which paid homage to Halle Berry's famous '90s 'do in the best way. Leave it to Cardi to make this throwback style feel completey fresh.

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43Hailey Baldwin

Over the years, Hailey Baldwin has experimented with several hair colors. She's transformed her locks from chestnut brown to pastel pink. But Baldwin keeps going back to blonde, and considering how good this wavy bob looks in that hue, we 100-percent support the decision.

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Halsey's cotton-candy pink hair is serving retro vibes, and we're here for it. Notice how much volume she has...on short hair. Don't let anyone tell you it has to be otherwise.

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45Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles (who I like to call Solo the Songstress) stuns in every style. However, her natural curls kept short and dipped in platinum might arguably be my favorite. Just look at those perfect ringlets!

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46Tessa Thompson

Major heart eyes for actress Tessa Thompson's latest starring role in Creed II AND this gorgeous chin-grazing cut we'll never get over. Romantic waves dress up this bob beautifully.

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47Amandla Stenberg

Fact: Amandla Stenberg changes her hair as often as the weather (and we love it). On this day, she decided to go with a deep side-part and slicked curls. Be sure to use a pomade to finger-through your curls so they'll look extra defined like this.

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48Lucy Hale

Jet-black hair is a lewk. Try pairing this inky color with a subtle asymmetrical cut, like Hale's, and you'll instantly become the coolest-looking girl in the room.

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49DeWanda Wise

Tip: Glorious curls and a subtle touch of color will breathe so much life into a standard bob. Doesn't actress DeWanda Wise's textured cut make you want to try curly bangs? Same.

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50Emilia Clarke

The GoT's star's grown-out pixie manages to look mature and fresh, edgy and sophisticated, all at once. Plus, her high-contrast color job adds major dimension. Are we bold enough to bring this pic to our stylist? We just might be...

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51Samile Bermannelli

Let us all bow down to these insanely gorgeous curls that manage to stay voluminous on top thanks to a smattering of short, graduated layers. For even more of a heart-shaped lewk, create a deep side-part over the arch of one eyebrow, like Bermannelli's.

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52Kristen Stewart

In which Kristen Stewart convinces us that shaved, bleached hair is definitely one badass way to keep your head cool in the heat (now, if only we had her courage to go through with it).

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53Julia Garner

Curly haired gals, we've got you: use a diffuser when you're drying hair to boost volume at the rooms. Or, look for a half-inch curler if you want to create your own corkscrew curls.

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54Lily-Rose Depp

Depp keeps it classic with this elegant, ever-so-slightly rounded-at-the-ends style.

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55Janelle Monáe

Monáe's been experimenting with all kinds of beauty looks for her Hidden Figures press tour, from Minnie Mouse ears adorned with safety pins to extravagant top knots. But for the everyday, we're all about the sophisticated puffy curls that give this blunt look so much more character.

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Maya AllenFormer Digital Beauty EditorMaya Allen is the former Digital Beauty Editor at where she covered makeup, skincare, haircare, wellness, you name it!

Taylore GlynnTaylore Glynn is the Beauty and Health Editor at Marie Claire, covering skincare, makeup, fragrance, wellness, and more.

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90 Classy and Simple Short Hairstyles for Women over 50

A woman doesn’t stop being a woman with age: changing looks and experimenting with styles is in her nature. It is not only boring to have the same hair ‘do for decades, we also strive for more comfort with years, opting for low-maintenance short haircuts. And it doesn’t mean having one of these old woman’s helmet-like ‘dos! Short hairstyles for women over 50 can be stylish and even edgy, and we have 90 great images to prove that.

Recommendations on Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Women over 50 strive for respectable yet modern hairstyles. There are several rules that will help you achieve such a look. First, comb your locks back to look open up your face and look elegant. Avoid shaggy hairstyles as they appear sloppy and awkward on older women.

Bangs are ok since they make you look younger, but try to keep them neat and thin or styled to one side so that your forehead is not completely covered.

Consider lighter hair hues as they will easily take years off your face. Silver hair may look extremely flattering on older women. If you are not ready to transition to grey hair yet, think of brown to blonde solutions or highlights.

In addition, make sure you stick to general recommendations on how to choose a hairstyle for your face shape and hair texture. For example, fine hair looks cuter when cut short and layered, while thick coarse tresses feel better in elongated cuts. They don’t have to be long; Lisa Rinna’s short-to-medium hairstyle is a very good option to go for.

Classy and Simple Short Hairstyles for Older Women

Below, there are the brightest examples of short hairstyles for older ladies you might want to try.

#1: Blonde Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are a popular variant for older women thanks to their mix of ease and playful style. Choppy layers are a perfect way to add texture and dimension to the classic cut, which is key to keeping your look youthful and not staid.

#2: Bouncy Bob for Women 50+

The only way to create shape within short haircuts for women is with an expert layered cut. If you have straight hair, you can give it extra body by flipping out the ends with a large barrel curling iron.

#3: Mature Short Layered Cut

Short haircuts for women are a good choice when you’re looking for something low maintenance. You don’t have to worry about searching for lost hair ties anymore. What’s more, the short cut is sassy and shows that style always comes first, despite your age.

#4: Youthful Pixie Haircut

Too often, women keep their hair long even though the length may be not flattering. If your stylist recommends going for a chop, don’t panic. A right pixie cut can not only give a younger appearance, but it will also save hours of styling time.

#5: Voluminous Gray Pixie Cut

In your senior years, embrace the beauty of silvery strands. It’s a beautiful hue that Millennials often turn to themselves. To add even more drama, be sure to tease those cute feathered layers.

#6: Angled Ash Blonde Cut

Older women sometimes experience softness in the face as they age. An angled cut adds sharpness to the curved edges and draws attention to the narrowness of a pointed chin.

#7: Layered Platinum Bob

Hairstyles for older women can use graying hair to their advantage. If you go for a platinum hairstyle, the color perfectly masks any pesky grey, so that you don’t have to worry about constant touch ups. Pump up the volume with a few piecey layers. It creates movement, and you can fully enjoy rocking your beautiful feathered hair.

#8: Rounded Bob with Stacked Nape

Rounded bobs are a classic choice for mature women’s haircuts, as they are full of elegance and sophistication. Build an enviable height around the crown of your head when you are blow drying with a round brush.

#9: Pixie Undercut for Women Over 50

Pixies with an undercut show us how short hairstyles for women over 50 can come packed with a punch! Luscious waves soften the edgy cut, giving the hairstyle a sassy aesthetic.

#10: Choppy Blonde Pixie with Long Side Bangs

The pixie is one of the most popular short haircuts for older women. This is because it adds texture and a tousled finish to thin hair. If you team the pixie with long side bangs and choppy layers, you can easily create a style that’s fun, youthful, and easy to manage.

#11: Angled Undercut Hairstyle

Women can rock the traditionally masculine undercut just as well as any man can. Make it feminine with a long, straight top and a blonde hue with ample highlights. To dial up the volume (and avoid the pageboy look), have your stylist add in subtle layers.

#12: Long Curly Salt and Pepper Pixie

Textured fine hair can benefit from a pixie cut. Worn in a natural salt and pepper coloring, curls appear bouncy and fluffy. Enhance this youthful essence by leaving a longer face-framing strand on your forehead and styling with mousse or water-based wax products.

#13: Short Voluminous Feathered Hairstyle

Feathered hairstyles generate soft, fluent looks for short and lackluster locks. They also add dimension to your hair while still allowing easy maintenance. Simply apply a smoothing cream to your bed head and you’re good to go for the rest of the day!

#14: Layered Pixie with Textured Bangs

Who said senior ladies can’t rock punk-inspired ‘dos? Simple but statement-making, the layered pixie with textured bangs suits straight hair perfectly. Top off with streaks of your favorite fun colors.

#15: Airy Gray Pixie with Lots of Layers

For ladies who are struggling to keep their hair luscious and rich in color as they age gracefully, the airy gray pixie might be a good haircut to try. It entails lots of layers to keep your locks looking funky and stylish. It also exposes your ears enough to make room for some dazzling statement earrings for smarter occasions.

#16: Wispy Silver Bob

While bob is a staple haircut, there are countless ways to make it unique to express your personal style. Have your hair cut at an angle for some drama. Then, opt for loose, tousled curls to enhance the volume. Accentuate your beautiful gray locks with a balayage that brings more depth to the cut.

#17: Pixie Bob with Nape Undercut

Out of all haircuts for older women, pixie bobs are arguably the most popular. Give your pixie cut some edge with a nape undercut that brings individuality and spice — formal in the front, modern party in the back!

#18: Gray Bob with Delicate Layers

Delicate layers soften any bob and appear extra feminine when worn in a clear, shiny gray. If you have thin hair, consider this hairstyle, as the white highlighted pieces give enough dimension and sophisticated appeal to your hair, making it fuller and visually more interesting.

#19: Feminine Shorter Hairstyle for Curly Hair

One of the prettiest hairstyles for older women, this cut is perfect for those with authentically curly or wavy tresses. Feminine and chic, it looks fabulous with any color, complements the natural grain of your hair, and allows you to style with ease.

#20: Tapered Gray Pixie with Textured Crown

Short hair doesn’t limit styling options that much — adding a textured crown to your pixie is a simple but effective way to smarten up your cut. Perfect for professional environments, tapered cuts look particularly vivacious in salt and pepper.

#21: Pure Blonde Ambition

From Audrey Hepburn’s to Anne Hathaway’s, the pixie cut has become a by-word for chic hair; it’s endlessly elegant with just the right level of nonchalance. A slight update of the old style goes a long way. Experiment with texture to add a modern twist to this classic crop. With trendy highlights, shorter hairstyles for older women instantly become contemporary, without being faddish.

#22: Choppy Gray Pixie

Short haircuts for women over 50 should look contemporary to take years off your looks. This style has side bangs, a mildly defined taper, and textured layers around the crown proving that customizations can completely alter the look of your tried and true pixie!

#23: Short Messy Lilac Hairstyle

Don’t just throw out the rulebook, burn it. Fun, fashionable hair is no longer just for the young. Whatever your age, it’s time to experiment and go as wild as you like with your short haircut. Leave your self-doubt at the door and step your style up a notch with pastel highlights.

#24: Short Layered Blonde Hairstyle

Very short hair doesn’t flatter everyone. If you prefer longer hair to short styles, keep your cut on the lengthier side with a chic pixie bob. A trendy light color like platinum, gray or ash blonde will illuminate your face and prove to be a low-maintenance hairstyle if you want to cover natural grey hair or make it look purposeful.

#25: Edgy Pixie Bob

There’s something timeless about a good bob hairstyle. This shorter take blends the classy look of a bob with an edgy pixie cut. The end result is incredibly chic. Invest in a good flat iron as the styling will take a some time if you want to get all of those layers smooth.

#26: One-Length Balayage Bob with Bangs

One can never go wrong with a one-length bob. Minimal layers create a cute shape to your cut. It’s short hair that still can be styled in different ways – straight, curly or wavy. A modern balayage color will make the style completely current.

#27: Short Bob with Long V-Cut Layers

To create a fashionably elegant and sophisticated look, you can opt for a simple layered bob. Ask your hair stylist for long V-cut layers: this adds texture and body while simultaneously taking the weight out of thick hair.

#28: Layered Tousled Salt and Pepper Bob

When the color of your hair looks like a blend of your natural hue and gray, it’s known as “salt and pepper” hair. It’s undeniably striking in layered and tousled bobs. Designed to appear messy and effortless, they suit almost every face shape and skin tone.

#29: Textured Pixie with Highlights

A tailored pixie has been #1 on the “short haircuts for older women list” for a while. What sets this one apart is the detailing. Notice the deep side part that leads to a fun bang and the two tone coloring. The highlights are rich in the front to not draw too much attention to the face and then get sparser in the back to add some dimension.

#30: Short Haircut with Neat Side Fringe

Short haircuts are usually completed with short, medium or long bangs. Next time you’re at the salon, make sure you ask your hairstylist for a side-swept fringe. With a layered short cut, this will instantly slim and flatter your face.

#31: Long Ash Blonde Pixie for Fine Hair

Go to the ashier range of blonde for a more subdued vibe that still carries just as much impact as bolder images. Fine hair benefits from a longer-cut pixie with short structured layers in the back. Don’t be afraid of the grown in roots look — it makes your hair appear thicker and adds to visual impact!

#32: Brown and Blonde Graduated Bob

Graduated haircuts are marvelous for mature ladies, as they ooze elegance and class. With age, our hair may become finer, so graduated locks give the desired appearance of fullness and volume.

#33: Feathered Back-Swept Crop

Luckily, gray hair is more popular today than ever before, and that means you can embrace your real hair color and flaunt it proudly. If your hair is fairly thick, pick a feathered cut and style it with a root lift that gives the desired volume and air. Short hairstyles for women over 50 have never been more elegant and modern!

#34: Silver Pixie for Fine Hair

Silver has become a trendy color option recently for women of all ages. We can definitely credit our lovely mature ladies with being the founding mothers of this fad. The cool tone accentuates blue eyes and pairs well with all short haircut styles.

#35: Blonde Balayage Bob with Angled Layers

Angled layers in short hairstyles for older women bring edge and definition, which in turn create a youthful and fresh essence! It’s important to let a professional hairdresser guide you as to how to style your cut, so you can show off your chic balayage bob at its best.

#36: Short Choppy Hairstyle for Thick Hair

Thick hair can be extremely difficult to deal with and style on an everyday basis. The short haircuts for women over 50 that tend to work best when it comes to thick, coarse hair are those of the choppy nature. These cuts might be slightly less contemporary than others, but they’re so much easier to manage and care for.

#37: Jaw-Length Bob with Layers for Fine Hair

More versatile than an average bob, a jaw-length cut allows different styling options. This hairstyle produces the best visual results when left natural; however, it’s nice to have the option to curl the front pieces for dressier occasions. Pair with glasses to create a smart, classy everyday look.

#38: Asymmetrical Silver Pixie

How do you transform a simple pixie cut into a head-turning style? Make it asymmetrical. This unexpected shape instantly adds drama and an elegant twist. It’s a great option for showing off your cheekbones. Pair with a rich metallic color and embrace that sassy silver fox you see in the mirror.

#39: Playful Blonde Curls

Tight curls, loose waves – whatever the mix, don’t let your natural style droop. Have your hair cropped into layers to encourage your natural root lift to find its own direction. All curly short haircuts for women require a little help in the definition department, so purchase a smoothing serum for that added extra attitude.

#40: Short Layered Hairstyle for Thick Hair

If you’re blessed with a thick mane, textured layers will be your best friend! Not only do they make your life easier (in terms of regular washing/styling time), they also provide beautiful texture and fundamental structure to cuts.

#41: Lovely in Lavender

Use white hair to your advantage. It makes a great backdrop for the softest pastel colors without the tedious effort of bleaching and toning. Create fullness with short feathered layers and wispy fringe for a funky and fun style.

#42: Choppy Pixie with Tapered Nape

For a quirky yet modern ‘do for short hair, ask your hairdresser for a choppy tapered pixie cut. The taper gradually shortens the length of your tresses from the top of your head down to the nape of your neck. It might be one of the shortest haircuts, but it sure is fashion-forward.

#43: Chic Chocolate Layers

Many believe that the babylights technique — where very fine, delicate highlights are woven throughout—is only for blonde hair. But, it can actually work for any color as long as you make the highlights a few shades lighter than the base. The result is the natural-looking shimmer like in the photo.

#44: Voluminous Classic Cut

Voluminous classic short cut is a beautiful way to wear some older women hairstyles that will never seem too boring or stuffy. With a bit of product and a hair-dryer you can create a fresh and flirtatious short hairdo at any age.

#45: Cropped Gray Pixie with Swoopy Bangs

A pixie is a classic hairstyle and a timeless cut that always looks good. Tailor yours to suit your facial features and your personality. See how the long side-swept bangs bring out the funky frames and amazing cheekbones.

#46: Pixie for Women Over 50

Pixies are among the most popular short hairstyles for women, but they best suit women with slim faces because they show off high cheekbones. Cropped cuts are perfect for older females because they provide texture for limp thinning strands.

#47: Short Ruffled Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights

Curly and wavy hair styles offer movement while softening facial features, which is crucial to women concerned about fine lines or wrinkles. Staying away from rigid cuts and styles makes you look younger.

#48: Honey Blonde Layered Bob with Short Back

Hairstyles for older women look extra sweet in honey blonde and are usually full of layers, as varying lengths builds volume and boosts texture. Add grain with texturizing sprays and maintain luster of locks by using products for hair shine.

#49: Silver and Sophisticated

Silver hair makes a striking statement in super short styles because it looks cool and chic at the same time. To create depth, mix in a dark charcoal hue at the roots.

#50: Over 50 Pixie with Lots of Piece-y Layers

A more traditional cut for women over 50 may be the right fit if lean more towards the classic style. Don’t forget to show off all the piece-y layers by accentuating them with highlights!

#51: Ruffled Pixie

Short edgy pixie with highlighted ends is effortless in styling and fabulous-looking in day-to-day wear. Besides, it’s a great coloristic pattern for gray hair in brunettes. You are going to look much younger, fresher and brighter.

#52: Volume and Shagginess

Raquel Welch is simply irresistible. Her edgy voluminous shag screams with beautiful texture and wonderful choice of hair hues. A nice lift at the roots and layers of flicks for fairly thick hair are exactly what it takes to achieve this fabulous effect.

#53: Gorgeous Feathered Look

Fun texture and fabulous volume around the crown with tapered sides and the back create this incredible short hairstyle with a cute feathered finish. It bears just the right amount of sassiness to make an impression of a modern and active lady. Is that you?

#54: Burnt Orange Bob with Highlights

A bob cut is above time, it’s elegant and classy. It’s a good solution for transition from long locks to shorter hairstyles which are, however, not extremely short. Pair it with thin bangs and consider illusive highlights for a modern quirk.

#55: Soft Auburn Look

Here is a layered chin-length haircut combed back to open the facial contours. Backcombing close to the roots and nonchalant bangs caressing the forehead bring this sweet look to perfection.

#56: Short Wispy Style for Fine Locks

Fine tresses seem thicker when cut short. With brown blonde coloristic solution like this and subtle backcombing, you’ll add some more body to your short tresses. Style them backwards for a gorgeous elegant look with a tint of carelessness.

#57: Sassy Pixie

Sharon Stone demonstrates one of the most inspiring examples of short hairstyles which are sassy, stylish and quite acceptable over 50. This texturized pixie is enhanced with a few bold nonchalant spikes on top. We would recommend this to women with oval faces and regular facial features.

#58: Two-Tone Spiky Short Haircut

Maybe you don’t want to embrace your grays. There is no shame in that! Go bold with a two-tone pixie: a blonde top and brunette bottom. Mix some darker lowlights through the crown to add dimension and tie the look together.

#59: Short and Simple Cut for Women Over 50

When you are retired, you want a hairstyle that requires minimal effort and won’t need frequent trips to the salon. Short layers will retain the shape of the cut as it grows out. Plus, it doesn’t require much prep work in the morning — just brush and go.

#60: Short Curly Hairstyle

Show off your curls with a short cut. If you opt for a warm hue, use highlights to break up the color and accentuate the texture. Want to know how to style this look on your own? It’s as simple as wash and go, just tousle your ringlets with a little bit of product to enhance the curl pattern.

#61: Spiky Gray Pixie Cut

Some short hairstyles for women over 50 can require some serious styling time. A spiky pixie is an ideal way to keep your hair very short and manageable with minimum styling. Just make sure you have a styling wax on hand to separate and define the shortest layers. The sweeping bang softens the look without adding too much maintenance.

#62: Classy Slanted Blonde Bob

Consider simple and classy short hairstyles for women over 50, such as the slanted bob, also called the angled bob. This haircut is just as sleek as it is chic. The cut tends to work best for ladies with naturally straight hair as the angle is further enhanced when your locks are styled smooth. However, the slanted bob can also be styled wavy, curly, or textured for a change.

#63: Short Wavy Inverted Bob

Women’s bobs can come in all shapes and sizes, the inverted bob being a popular hairstyle for younger, middle-aged and older ladies. This cut is different from the classic bob: it’s all about stacking layers at the back and gradually elongating lines towards the front to create a unique, low-maintenance shape. The hairstyle works great for both streight and naturally wavy tresses.

#64: Voluminous Two-Tone Cut

Short layers around the crown of the head are key for adding volume to your cut. This is especially useful for ladies with a round face as the height will lengthen the overall shape. Adding some bold contrasting colors on the sides visually balances the volume on top.

#65: Salt and Pepper Voluminous Cut

Intertwined shades of black and silver give women a very natural-looking yet gorgeous hairstyle. Compliment this palette with an elegant short bob that features long feathered layers. Apply some root lifting mousse to damp hair and blow dry it backwards with a round brush for added volume and polish.

#66: Gray Hair with High Layers

When looking through hairstyles for older women, focus on those that don’t make the face look too severe. As we age, our features become sharper, which is especially true for slim women. Feathered layers styled away from the face will help add movement and soften facial features. Iconic Jane Fonda is often seen with such a classy style.

#67: Chic Blonde Pixie Bob for Over 50

The mom-that-has-it-all-‘do is the best way to describe this haircut. There’s nothing simple about this chic cut, as it has so many bright details: long, sweeping strands near the face, short pixie layers at the crown, and the stacked bob at the back.

#68: Short Bob with Feathered Layers

Feathering is another way to update women’s short haircuts. Reduce the stiffness of a more structured cut by using razor-cutting tools and choosing subdued, not harsh shades like the forgiving salt and pepper.

#69: Short Asymmetrical Bob

Guess it would be nice to refresh your traditional bob? Try a trendy asymmetrical style. This option works great with fine straight hair and can be used to draw attention to your beautiful jawline.

#70: Messy Salt and Pepper Pixie

Hollywood celebrities are often seen with a messy pixie. However, you don’t have to be a pop or a movie star to pull off this edgy style. The laid-back color palette allows for a funkier finish without seeming over the top.

#71: Layered Bob for Fine Hair

Often, our hair texture changes as we age becomming thinner. This is why layers are a recurring feature of short haircuts for women over 50. The stacked lengths instantly add volume to the style, which is a blessing for women with fine hair.

#72: Messy Pixie Bob

The pixie bob is one of the best short haircuts if you still want some length to play with. Stacked layers in the back are easy to manage, and the elongated pieces in the front frame your face nicely. Style straight for a crisp finish or with waves for a bed head look.

#73: Platinum Pixie Cut

Mature women have a unique benefit of rocking platinum hair and still looking completely natural. Such a striking color can really stand on its own with no variation of shade. The cool tones will spotlight the workmanship put into the cut.

#74: Pixie Bob with Blonde Babylights

Babylights are highlights that are very subtle and add a sun-kissed look to your hair. Shown here, they lift the top layers to keep the style from looking flat. It’s a technique that can be used in all short hairstyles for older women and it’s especially useful if you have fine hair.

#75: Silver Bob with Hint of Purple

A side-parted bob that sweeps across the forehead frames the face and works very well for women with glasses. Such a tailored cut turns out to be the perfect base for an unexpected pop of color. Thin streaks of purple are a gorgeous addition to a head of silver hair.

#76: Messy Pixie with Chunky Highlights

A pixie with a messy finish is a great way for women with straight hair to achieve some movement. It’s also a low-maintenance option in comparison to other short styles. A quick dry, a bit of styling wax, and you’re set. Chunky highlights will add drama and accentuate the varying directions of your locks.

#77: Gray Pixie for Thick Hair

Shorter haircuts for older women with thick hair naturally feature lots of volume and texture. This means that you can sport shorter cuts without looking flat.

#78: Blonde Bob with Bangs

Pop culture is obsessed with taking things like “dad hats” and making them cool. Next up: the mom bob. Short hair cuts that typically have been styles of busy moms on-the-go are now desirable with many different age brackets. A nice mix of ash blonde and brown tones makes them modern.

#79: Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

Meryl Streep redefined the asymmetrical bob in The Devil Wears Prada. The short length paired with a sweeping exaggerated bang screamed chic and was not off-limits for the mainstream. There are many great pictures of this exact style floating around, so take a few to your stylist and tailor it to make it your own.

#80: Sassy and Stacked

Stacked hair styles are beneficial for women over 50 for a couple of reasons. First, placing multiple short layers on top of each other allows achieving a voluminous bump. Second, they provide a modern and youthful edge to basic bob cuts.

#81: Straight Bob with Bangs

Modern short women’s haircuts never fail to deliver the perfect style for ladies of all ages, so make sure you have them on your radar. Take this bob, for instance: it is sleek, sophisticated, age-defying and simply timeless.

#82: Stacked Bob with Bangs

The stacked bob delivers beautiful height to your hair. Bangs balance the tapered back, while caramel highlights bring warmth to the brunette color. The chocolatey hue exudes youthful style that is simply irresistible.

#83: Dark Brown Cut with Textured Tresses

Next time you hit the hairdresser, make sure to ask for added texture. Why? Not just is it ‘cool’, but it’s wearable. It’s daring and youthful without being outrageous. And, it’s modern and interesting without requiring much maintenance. Professionals suggest mussing a pixie cut with your fingers after a shower to lift roots and to get the right texture.

#84: Pixie Bob with Soft Blonde Highlights

As a face ages, it is important to let hair compliment its changing complexion. A short hairstyle for a woman that softens the silhouette and the shade can be an excellent way to distract from the small effects of advancing age. For a fresh new spin on the pixie, diffuse harsh, solid-color blocks of your short hairstyle with layers of warm and delicate, dimensional hues.

#85: Purple Haze Update

Hair inevitably goes gray after a certain age, and it’s best to surf the silver wave rather than fight it. That said, there’s no need to totally embrace grey and live with it forever. With natural gray hair, your locks no longer need to be bleached to show color. So, you may try a light pastel shade and experiment with technicolor highlights.

#86: Blonde Bob with Smoky Violet Highlights

We vote for no more boring short hairstyles for women. Step up your classy blonde bob with the flick of an unexpected color. Reign supreme with a double-take purple streak or pep your pixie up with a slick lick of pink.

#87: Gray Pixie for Over 50

Here is a wash-and-go hairstyle that everyone will love. It even doesn’t need any styling products! A great idea for straight hair of decent thickness and an oval or triangular face shape.

#88: Black Choppy Pixie with Red Bangs

Long live rock & roll! You don’t have to commit to a whole head of a bright color; mere adding some colorful peek-a-boo highlights to your bangs injects a dose of edge into your classic short hair style.

#89: Carol Brady Inspired Hairdo

Here’s a wonderful example of a short women’s haircut inspired by TV icon, Carol Brady, and her signature mock mullet. Although that may not sound too stylish, it works well for older ladies. There are layers and volume on top tapered towards the cute feathers covering the nape.

#90: Sleek Gray Bob with Balayage

Embrace the gray with a subtle balayage that brings dimension to your strands. The popular coloring will accentuate your hair’s high and low notes. Pair that with a sleek bob, and you’re a bonafide silver fox.

Dear ladies, we know how important it is for you to find a hairstyle that would look great on you throughout your fifties. Choose from the examples above or check hairstyles of older celebrities to find the way to define your new self. Remember, hair of older women can look gorgeous while remaining lively and natural.


Women short haircuts

Top 50 Short Haircuts for Women Over 50

Stylists always say that by choosing the right hairstyle, a 50-year-old woman may become 10, or even 15 years younger. At this age, ladies can safely experiment with their images, looking for something unusual. Let’s review the most interesting short hairstyles for women over 50 with photos!

1. Charming Boyish Cut. It has a pronounced rejuvenating effect, since it visually makes the contours of the face clearer, and the cheekbones – more lifted.

2. Messy Long Undercut Pixie. An undercut pixie is one of the best age-defying short hairstyles for women over 50. Tousled long pixie hairstyles have this youthful appeal and sassiness females over 50 are looking for. Sweep the bangs to any side for a chic effect. The layered haircut makes your mane appear fuller, while the side-swept fringe helps to neatly cover any forehead wrinkles. Dye your hair a light hair color or throw in some highlights for a trendy, picture-perfect look.

3. Wedge Short Haircut for Older Women. Modern wedge haircuts are among the top short hair ideas for women over 50 with straight hair. They work wonders for thick locks and for thin hair too. The hairstyle comes with this flair that says ‘mature and classy’. The back is cut short with stacked layers while the front layers are long and wispy. And never underrate the power of highlights for short hair!

4. Gray Bob with Dark Roots. The staked bob is a dainty, casual and low-maintenance haircut. Besides, the dark roots make the silver color look more well-groomed and young.

5. Short Undercut Pixie. Such short haircuts for women over 50 suit both perfectly straight and stubborn curly hair. Also, they’re visually slimming!

6. Universal Pixie with Highlights. Pixie cuts are among short haircuts for older women that will never go out of style. Doesn’t matter how old you are! Feel vibrant with this short hairstyle and add some highlights for additional dimension.

7. Salt-and-Pepper Short Shag. Embrace your natural colors with one of the most refreshing short haircuts for women over 50. To top it all off – it’s minimalistic and easy to maintain! Stay classy and full of grace with different variations of salt and pepper.

8. Silver Feathered Pixie Haircut for Older Women. Undoubtedly, pixie hairstyles are at the forefront of the trendiest and most low-maintenance short haircuts for older women. Cover your grays with a light blonde shade for a more fashionable and youthful appeal. Her silver hair color has made her fine hair appear thick, full, and fascinating.

9. White Blonde Shaggy Pixie Haircut. Pixie haircuts for older women vary in shapes and colors. However, the short shaggy silver pixie is a never-dying classic. Shaggy pixies are playful and sassy, but quite mature and age-appropriate. You can play with spiky layers to create an eternally-chic pixie like hers.

10. Over 50 Shattered Long Pixie. A classic and effortless hairstyle, the pixie cut is prevalent in any list of short haircuts for women over 50. Not only is it a nice throwback to the 1960’s Twiggy-style pixie, but it’s also fit for any generation! This pixie cut achieves that “shattered” look by cutting the ends of the hair with a razor, adding and defining the hair’s texture.

11. Short Layered Bob with Balayage. Layered short hair styles with highlights bring you more texture and additional dimension. Give life to your hair and let it play with different shades of blonde or brown. Define the ends for an elegant flair!

12. Short Spiky Pixie. Stay in style with this stunning hairstyle for over 50 and overweight ladies – it will surely make you stand out. Lavender shades work best with cool skin tones but will also flatter warmer undertones depending on your style!

13. Crisp Layered Rounded Bob. Nothing screams grace and elegance at a mature age like a crisp, layered rounded bob. An upgrade in age also means an upgrade in your experience, and this hairstyle matches your candor without making you look out of style.

14. Stacked Very Short Bob Haircut. A modern twist on the classic short bob hairstyle, this female haircut works not only for thin hair but also for thick hair types. Here is a dazzling before and after picture evidence. The cute short bob haircut is a perfect short hairstyle for women over 50, especially those who are proud of their thick manes. The hair is cut short at the nape to enhance the model’s neck length. The layered bangs swept to the side softly caress one side of her face giving her this adorably cute look.

15. Laconic Gray Pixie. The pixie is a wonderful and easy option for straight hair. In addition, this rejuvenating short haircut will go good with elegant facial features and a slim figure.

16. Voluminous Layered Silver Bob. Embrace your naturally gray hair color and enhance it by trying a silver balayage bob! Such short haircuts for women have been popular with the youngsters, but who says you can’t be an eye-catcher? It’s also fluffy, modern, and fits any aesthetic you’re interested in.

17. Over 50 Sleek Inverted Bob. Short hair in the back that gets longer towards the face is what inverted bobs are all about. Any list featuring short hairstyles for women is incomplete without them. Although it’s best for those with small faces, this chic bob can be styled to flatter almost anyone!

18. Choppy Short Salt-And-Pepper Bob Hairstyle. If you’re looking for a head-turning hairstyle for women over 50, this is it. Add a captivating dimension to your classic short bob hairstyle by cutting your hair in uneven choppy layers. Pair this with blunt-cut edges for a fascinating finish. Lovely blonde highlights, especially in ashy or silver blonde shades, add a gorgeous twist to the mix.

19. Neat Chin-Length Bob with Layers. As its name, this bob hits at your chin to show off your cheekbones and jawline. It adds definition to your face’s natural curves and makes you look younger. Layers are popular in short haircuts for women as they are created through cutting the hair at different lengths to give it more texture.

20. Undercut Gray Pixie. Take advantage of volume and shape with one of the most beautiful short haircuts for women – the tapered pixie. Choose a shade of metallic gray for more glamour or simply stay true to your natural color.

21. Feathered Gray Pixie. Short hairstyles for women can be fun, and here is the proof! Use soft feathered layers for more volume and babylights for a subtle sparkle. Stay forever young!

22. Short Tapered Feathered Pixie. Want something shorter than a bob? Then the tapered pixie is the one for you. Add some texture by slicing the hair so that it looks like bird feathers. This technique was inspired by 1980s Charlie’s Angels and remains popular now. Go bold and short with the tapered, feathered pixie!

23. Bob with Balayage. The stacked nape and the contrast between brown and blonde shades create a three-dimensional effect even on thin hair.

24. Short Curly Haircut for Senior Women. A classy short haircut for women over 50 who have naturally curly hair. This marvelous short hairstyle transforms your everyday curls into a super-fashionable, super-stunning curly haircut. The hairstyle usually goes with an undercut or a lower cut in the back to accentuate a slender neck and also give volume to your hair. A curly pixie may also be a great short hair idea for thin hair as the short piece-y curls make your hair appear full and elegant.

25. Fly Away Shaggy Bob with Bangs. If you want a messy but still stylish look, go for a shaggy bob! Even if it was lifted from the 70s, the shaggy bob is still as trendy as it was first discovered. This hairstyle is best for oval face shapes and fits whether you have thick or fine hair.

26. Short Shag Haircut. A shag hairstyle can be sexy, business-like and romantic, depending on the styling option. So, if you’re a bright and mischievous person, feel free to try it!

27. Asymmetrical Side-Swept Short Pixie Haircut. If you want a pixie haircut for older women that will make you look effortlessly bold and stylish, try this very short pixie cut. The foxy hairstyle for older women oozes beauty and confidence. The short side, long shaggy layers, and side-swept fringe add edgy sophistication to the gray crop.

28. Layered Bob with Highlights and Lowlights. We often see highlights and lowlights in short hairstyles for women over 50. Now we know why! The highlights give the hair a graceful touchable feel. The lowlights create dimension. This fabulous simple-and-stylish no-fuss short bob without the traditional sleekness features funky layers with defined ends and oozes a super-modern flair. This is also a great short hair idea for overweight women.

29. Feathered Pixie with Nape Undercut. Relaxed and sophisticated, any list of short hairstyles for women should include at least one daring cut. Nape undercuts are flexible, and you can choose a very subtle style or settle with an attention-grabbing shave.

30. Spiky Blonde Pixie. Relive your younger years with this queen of hair styles for short hair – a fresh and stylish short textured pixie. The mix of blondes looks very youthful.

31. Short Blonde Bob with Tousled Waves. Been wondering what are the best short hairstyles for women over 50 when you have fine hair? Then you’ve been looking for a tousled bob! Pair it with a blonde shade, and you’ll achieve a velvety hairstyle that is undoubtedly a head-turner!

32. Short Shag Haircut in Brown. Keep your vibe casual and fun with this messy and sassy hairstyle that’s always on-trend. Achieve the disheveled look and be ready for any event!

33. Tousled Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs. Frame your face nicely with side-swept bangs and try lifted crown layers with this chic tousled pixie. Add some highlights for an even more refreshing look.

34. Modern Graduated Bob. The bob with graduated layers suits even thin and sparse hair. This versatile haircut refreshes the face and makes the image modern and sexy.

35. Layered Bob for Overweight Ladies. The medium length feathered bob successfully hides all the imperfections and unclear lines of the round face. It’s a gorgeous hairstyle for plus size women.

36. Short Feathered Pastel Hairstyle. Who said that women over 50 can’t have fun? If your soul needs magic and a fairy tale, color your hair with unicorn shades, and every day will be fabulous!

37. Gorgeous Stacked Bronde Bob. Among many short haircuts for older women, the stacked bob has been one style that continues to fit women of any age – before and after 50. Combining it with the “bronde” trend that mixes brown and blonde will result in a lovely variation of this fashionable bob. A product of the 60s, this bob is suited for any hair texture and face shape with its infinite varieties!

38. Blonde Layered Bob. It’s convenient to cover with feathered strands the parts you want to hide from prying eyes – for example, some wrinkles on the forehead and on the neck.

39. Natural Gray Pixie. Bright white or silver hair looks elegant and chic. This pixie is suitable for oval faces, and its version with longer layers on the top of the head – for round ones.

40. Spiky Gray Pixie. Both front and back view of this pixie look so cool! The hair is voluminous on the top of the head, but in the back it’s very short…with glasses, the look will be perfect and complete!

41. Short Graduated Pixie-Bob. Choppy strands near the face flatter the expressive cheekbones and chin. And the stylish coloring emphasizes the hair texture.

42. Short Feminine Bob. An ageless classic style that remains attractive and trendy each season. This hairstyle with graceful and soft layers forms a flattering rounded shape.

43. Bob with Piece-y Bangs. Layered short hairstyles for older women are a great solution to achieve a softer look. Choppy bangs help to give more definition and dimension to your style, while the A-Line bob shape adds grace and chic.

44. Stacked Bob with Subtle Highlights. Lowlights and highlights will naturally hide the undesirable gray hair and visually add some density.

45. Simple but Relevant Pixie. With the pixie cut, you can experiment every day – make a sleek or a messy hairstyle, using different styling products.

46. Classic Stacked Bob. The perfectly stacked and blown out bob with bangs instantly makes the face younger and brings out the eyes.

47. Contrasting Choppy Pixie. A bold choppy pixie with highlights is the right choice for women 50 plus who want to create stylish and active images.

48. Feathered Blonde Pixie. If you want to be on-trend, there are plenty of short hairstyles for women over 50 to reach your goals. However, this rose gold pixie definitely stands out. An exceptional cut and color for sophisticated ladies.

49. Pixie with Side-Swept Bangs. Such a sexy haircut is flattering for different face shapes including oval, oblong round, and square faces.

50. Choppy Piece-y Pixie. A choppy pixie is another popular choice among short female haircuts. It shows off your personality by properly blending classic and modern vibes.

Ladies want to stay stylish and spectacular at any age – we carefully choose wardrobe items, taking into account the latest fashion trends, as well as popular treatments. With these short hairstyles for women over 50, you’ll look good and feel even better!

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