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Our premium USA made metal flakes for custom paint & powdercoat are a great way to add sparkle to any paint, plasti-dip, cerakote or powdercoat job. Our hexagon flake and Gooch&#;s Beard Clippings flake are easy to spray, solvent resistant and thinner than the rest. They are heat resistant to º F up to º F. Unlike other companies, each jar is measured by weight, not the volume of the jar. This gives you more product for your money. They can be used in many different mediums and even our small ″ micro metal flakes have been known to give off big sparkle for a low price. Several sellers on Ebay are actually buying our flakes, doubling the price, and reselling them. Since the creation of the paint manufacturing division of the company in , we have taken over the top spot for custom paint metal flakes in the US.  All of our flakes are solvent resistant so that they can be mixed into the toughest paints without fading or bleeding like the hobby store glitters do. When using a black base coat, our ″ metal flakes can cover an entire car using 1 jar. As we often say, one jar does a car! We have seen people use many more for extra sparkle, though.  Get a great deal on metal flake for paint when you shop at Cande Shop.

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Midnight Blue Metal Flake

Our Midnight Blue Metal Flake additives are very versatile and is used in so many applications.

Try this in epoxy resin, polishes, sealers or other coatings for a great custom effect!

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Treats Quarts of sprayable ( oz) clear base or binder.

Check that you have the correct ratio of pigment to clear base and ALWAYS spray a test panel first!

  • Great for Airbrush, HVLP Guns, Brush on Applications, Powder Coating equipment, Dip Sprayers, Concrete Sealing, Leather wipe-on coatings, and Plastic Manufacturing.
  • Micro Flakes are &#; in size, and are the easiest to spray with no knockdown and easy to cover. They go around door edges and hood edges seamlessly. High impact without the work.
  • Mini Flakes (&#;) are for people looking for more flash, and willing to work a bit harder.
  • Bass Boat flakes (&#;) are for those who just plain want to get that 70&#;s big flake look and are willing to work for it.
  • Flakes have a temperature tolerance of degrees, making them fine under heat lamps and in Powder Coating Booths.
  • A little bit goes a long way. When you use about a tablespoon per quart, &#;One Jar Does a Car.&#;
  • Solvent resistant. Used in Automotive Paint, Nail Polish, Dip, Epoxy Concrete Sealer, Water-Based Coatings, Powder-Coatings, Fiberglass, and even Elmer&#;s Glue ®.

We now offer all sizes of flakes in many of our popular colors. We personally like the small flakes, because of the ease of use, but there are a lot of people out there who want larger metal flakes, so we are giving them to you.


Creating a great Midnight Blue metal flake paint job is super simple with our flakes. Just choose your base coat (black is good if you want the paint to take on the color of the flakes), and add a heaping tablespoon of our flake to any base clear coat (although we recommend a base clear for mixing the flake into, like PPG&#;s DBC, or HOK&#;s inter coat clear).

Keep in mind, that even though they are called &#;Midnight Blue metal flake&#;additives, most of our flakes are made from special solvent-resistant polyesters that can withstand the chemicals in the clear coat. See our tips pages for more information, our download our instructional PDF. Remember, unlike some flakes that people dust onto wet clear-coat dry and spend about bucks for 20 jars of flake to paint a single auto, our system is much more efficient. As we say around here, &#;One jar paints a car.&#;

Not only are all of our Metal Flakes completely compatible with liquid wrap or other coatings, we were the first to supply the coatings companies with pigments.  If you have any reservations about whether our products work in any other coatings, you should know that we were the pioneers who introduced Pearls to the world.

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Midnight Blue Metal Flake

Midnight Blue Metal Flake comes in many sizes, including &#;, &#;, &#;. It has a degree temperature threshold. Is for paint, powder coat, anything

Paint With Pearl

Manufactured by: Paint With Pearl

Model: MidnightBlueFLAKE

Product ID: MidnightBlueFLAKE


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Blue Holographic Metal Flake 4 oz Jar

These Metal Flakes work with any base clear, blender or binder for a fantastic paint job!

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Blue Holographic Metal Flake has a truly incredible effect under the light of the sun. It is one of the truly newest and hottest glitters on the market, and is incredibly brilliant. PPG has it&#;s own version of it called Prizmatique, and I believe HOK has one too, but mine do the same thing and costs about $ Compare and save! Comes in 4 fl. Oz. jar and is a fine &#; powdered flake. Easy to spray through all standard Paint Gun Tips.

Classically, metal flake paint is a staple in the custom painting world. The problem has always been the tons of extra work involved when painting with standard sized flakes. In most of the older flake jobs, the amount of extra knockdown and sanding involved with doing the overall paint job makes metal flake the lesser desirable option when using custom paint. We have seen some metal flake paint jobs that were such a disaster because the flakes were too large to go around the edges of doors, hoods, etc. The fact of the matter is that painters can still get big sparkle out of small flakes, so we choose to sell mainly the smallest metal flake, although we can get larger flake sizes for those who insist upon larger flakes. These can also be called &#;prism flakes&#; or &#;Prismatic flakes&#;. See our user&#;s pictures for a good idea of what these beautiful flakes can do for your custom paint job. Our flakes are so small, they give perfect coverage to even the smallest edges you can find in any applications. We order flakes in the &#; size (that&#;s 4 thousandths of an inch). Visit our FAQ page for  more answers to your questions, or contact us, we are always ready to answer questions.

All of our products work with car paint and are key to a great custom paint job.  Our full line can be used as epoxy pigment on tables and in resin applications. Pearl paint pigments and Candy Paint pigments are very versatile and easy to use in any clear paint application.  Give them a try!

Try this in epoxy resin, polishes, sealers or other coatings for a great custom effect!

Not only are all of our additives completely compatible with vehicle wrap, we were the first to supply the coatings companies with pigments.  If you have any reservations about whether our products work in vehicle coatings, you should know that we were the pioneers who introduced Pearls to the world.

We recommend 1 heaping tablespoon of flake per sprayable quart of clear paint/binder or per pound of clear powder coat.

Shop with us&#;the leader in paint and Pearl Pigments Since

Blue Holographic Metal Flake


Blue Holographic Metal Flake will not just add sparkle, but will add more colors than you can count. It creates a linear rainbow reflection like a prism.
Manufactured by: Kandypearls

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