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Medium bob haircuts have become so popular in 2020 that they even have their own name now – we call them mobs. This statement haircut has a shape that is universally flattering. Shoulder-length bobs have many pros and offer a variety of styling options. Therefore, it is not surprising that many ladies fancy such headline-making cuts.

Asymmetrical Wavy Bob

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Medium bob haircuts don’t need any publicity; their reputation speaks for itself. Needless to say, most famous women wouldn’t stay loyal to such hair ideas for no reason. Let’s face it: bobs are super beneficial.

Ellen Pompeo, for example, rocks a mid-length asymmetrical bob today. Since she has fine hair type, her locks always need a boost. And instead of hours of volumetric styling, she went for a simple but gorgeous haircut. In this way, the outweighed silhouettes make the natural volume stay with her all day long.

Straight Bob With Blunt Bangs

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To give her face a slight framing touch, Julie Ann Emery cut her hair to a bob length and finished the look with blunt bangs. Everything may seem to be simple at first sight. But, in fact, this simplicity is what makes the actress look so fresh and young. It’s no secret that bangs have the power to take years off. As for the straight bob, what can be better than pure classics?

Straight Bob With Long Center Parted Bangs

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This look of Violante Placido is here to show you another way to benefit from pairing your bob with bangs. This time, they’re long and layered, which allows the fringe to seamlessly blend with the rest of the hair.

As a result, a classic straight bob gets a pleasant volumetric twist at the front that changes the common image of the cut. Plus, this look gives some framing!

Middle-Parted Wavy Bob

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Everyone remembers Jennifer Love Hewitt not only for her ravishing acting talent but also for the stunning way she styles her hair. This woman has an absolutely sexy face shape, which, in its turn, requires a special hair approach to show up at its best.

Layers and middle parts have always been the number-one weapons of the actress, and now, she uses heavy artillery - a medium bob. And when it’s wavy, it leaves people speechless.

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Kristen Stewart is one of the few young actresses who prefers rocking extra short lengths to anything else. But, there’s something she can’t resist. Of course, we’re talking about the bob.

The celeb loves the way this comfortable length allows her to play with textures and partings. Here, she gives a nice fresh take at medium bob haircuts, showing up with wet waves parted to the side.

Slicked Back Straight Bob

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Alice Eve’s hair changes like the weather; today she can rock a long mane full of waves and tomorrow the slays cameras with a straight bob. Such experiments can help a woman to discover her new angles.

And here’s what we have discovered about her after seeing this straight bob: the actress has a diamond face shape that goes perfectly with slicked bob curving at the ends. As for the top, it adds more volume to the front, balancing out all facial features.

Bob With Hollywood Waves

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If you like to always be in the spotlight as much as Paris Hilton does, don’t forget to save this bob to favorites. Though the classic idea of Hollywood waves features long hair, nothing could stop the famous girl to add some Merilyn-inspired vibes. Besides, the shorter waves are more distinctive and thus more flattering to square faces, and this look is the best example.

Faux Bob

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Don’t worry; female celebrities can also be indecisive about their hair. When Emily Blunt wasn’t sure if she’s ready to cut her hair to medium length but still wanted to appear with a bob, she didn’t give up this idea.

With the help of some pins, you can fold your hair inwards and thus create a faux bob. The look was so gentle and feminine that no wonder if she went to her stylist the next day.

Messy Layered Bob

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Carrie Underwood with medium length hair. What a great surprise! Although the popular singer loves to flaunt with amazingly voluminous, long mane, she doesn’t restrict herself to playing around.

And it goes without saying that this layered messy bob is a success. The little layers provide tons of volume and movement while the messy style enhances the effect.

Middle Parted Straight Bob

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The luscious locks of Dua Lipa seem to be a piece of art. Whatever length, color or style she goes for always looks unforgettable. And when it comes to classics, this girl simply nails it.

There’s nothing easier than rocking a straight bob and part it to the center. Still, there’s nothing more beautiful than the charm of simplicity brought by the look. By the way, this way of parting can actually frame round faces.

Wavy Layered Medium Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/chrisjones_hair

Medium layered bob haircuts are known for their versatility. No matter your hair type or face shape, you can definitely adopt one for yourself. With such a length of the haircut, you will be able to accentuate your long graceful neck or make it seem like that.

Because it's cut in layers, this bob type will appear extremely flattering to girls with thin and flat hair. For added texture, apply a sea salt spray to your hair and curl it with a curling wand. To give the waves a natural and tousled appearance, rake the fingers through your locks. Additionally, you can highlight your layered haircut with skillful bronding.

Credit photo: instagram.com/chrisjones_hair

Among all of the women haircuts in 2021 medium bob is probably one of the most varied. If you've just got a fresh blonde balayage, you have a great opportunity to showcase its clearly displayed colors through straight sleek strands. What else makes this medium bob haircut stand out is the angled front, which gives more definition to the sharpness of the jawline. If you want to emphasize the edginess of the cut, harness it with a side part.

However, to keep your bob smooth and sleek, you'll need to make a little effort. Always wash your hair with straightening shampoo and conditioner. Before styling, don't forget to use a frizz-fighting product. To achieve the desired slickness, use either a straightener or a blow dryer with a round brush.

Messy Bob With Bangs

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If you want to make your face appear more proportionate, opt for medium bob haircuts with bangs. Bangs are a great way to frame your face and disguise an expansive forehead. A medium length blunt bob can be paired with any type of bangs, from wispy to pixie. Not to make it seem stiff, keep the movement intact by giving your hair a textured and disheveled look.

This messy bob has an effortless and relaxed breeze. To achieve this look, go for a soft blonde balayage and beachy waves. Cut your bangs so that they would skim your eyebrows for a sexy and soulful glance.

A-line Bob Haircut

Credit photo: instagram.com/apostoldiana

To get an A-line bob, you need to have your hair gradually cut so that it would be the shortest in the back and the longest in the front. Ideally, the angle should start from the nape and finish at the sternal notch. The best thing about this cut is its sheer versatility. It flatters most shapes of faces and types of hair. Oftentimes, an A-line bob haircut helps to frame the face highlighting its most prominent features.

There's another variation of a short back long front haircut, which is an inverted or graduated bob. However, the back in medium inverted bob haircuts is tapered and has stacked layers, which gives it a more curved appearance.

Curly Bob With Bangs

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Wavy and curly hair is bound to be sported in a bob. The perfect settings for such a hair type are medium length bob haircuts with bangs. They allow you to show off the beauty of your taut and bouncy locks while keeping them under control.

Cut your hair in even layers to create an ample and defined look that will perfectly frame your face. This is an instance of low maintenance medium bob haircuts that come out most attractive with minimum or no styling at all. Don't skimp on a special shampoo and conditioner for curly hair though. They'll help to hold your coils in shape and tame frizziness.

Leave your hair air dry after the shower and don't you dare brush it! By combing or brushing your ringlets, you may not only ruin their wiry shape but also damage the hairs themselves, which doesn't do good to your mane. When dry, highlight your stately black ringlets with a touch of soft gel for a glossy finish and enhanced texture.

Sharp Edges With A Touch Of Waves

Credit photo: instagram.com/headrushdesigns

If you're looking for perfect medium length bob haircuts for thick hair, then a blunt bob should be the cut of your choice. With its sharp edges, it creates a unique and stylish look that suits most face shapes. To give your medium bob haircut a less stiff appearance, style it in messy soft waves with a side or middle part. Color-wise, go for an ash blonde balayage with platinum highlights and natural roots.

Wavy Stacked Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/bleachedandblown

A stacked bob is an example of medium bob haircuts with layers that look great on everyone. To achieve the look, the back of the head should be layered in such a way that it stacks, hence the name. You can harness it side-parted or with bangs, styled any way, it will turn out chic and fabulous.

To make them cute medium bob haircuts can be coiffured in waves. Depending on your personal preferences, make them soft and dapper or ripple and asymmetrical. This cut looks extremely cool  in 2020 when the lighter side is tucked behind the ear.

Middle Parted Medium Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/headrushdesigns

If you don't want to go too elaborate with your hair and opt for classic medium length bob haircuts, you can play around with the color then. With a little tousled platinum blonde hair, you can easily achieve a gleaming ribbon effect that can’t be left without attention. Featuring a chin length, this hairstyle comes out textured and dimensional thanks to delicate inner layering. This, in turn, makes it extremely versatile.

Asymmetrical Bob Haircut

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Interestingly, the easiest way to get medium angled bob haircuts is to cut them symmetric. To create asymmetry, you simply divide your hair into two sections with a deep side part. The hair falls so that it creates one of the angled medium long bob haircuts with longer front and shorter back.

This is an easily manageable haircut, as all you need to do with regard to styling is to wrap a couple of random strands around the curling wand and apply a texturizing spray or hairspray with a light hold. Icy-blue and ash blonde highlights make the look more vivid and defined.

Wavy Bob With Bangs

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One of the best medium bob haircuts for fine hair is a wavy bob with bangs. Such medium shaggy bob haircuts are cut in layers, which makes them easier to style. The disheveled look this haircut has creates the impression of the full head of hair. Bangs, in turn, help to hide an expansive forehead or wide face. A caramel color with ginger streaks makes the hair look even more voluminous and dimensional.

Soft Blunt Bob With Natural Waves

Credit photo: instagram.com/chrisjones_hair

Although a blunt bob is just a one-length short haircut, it’s by no means boring! Not only does this haircut allow for various styling and coloring options but it also works equally well for thin and thick textures. On top of that, you can always enhance the natural movement and volume in your hair by getting layers.

Here, for example, you can see how subtle layers kiss the nicely chopped bob and reveal an effortless flowing wavy pattern. A soft shade of pink with contrastive roots accentuate the naturally wavy look, adding more individuality to it. Now, do you still think that you’ve got nothing to do with your a blunt cut?

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairbyfranco

Another pink bob with a totally different mood! Let’s focus on the beauty of wavy hair here. The first and foremost thing you should keep in mind when styling wavy hair is volume. Well, this is where a side fringe should come into your life. It will work wonders framing your face and giving an edge to your haircut.

Ask your hairstylist to blend the bangs with the rest of your hair so that they seamlessly form a well-shaped edgy body. By the way, some trendy, head-turning color is a fantastic way to make your look unique.

Bright Ombre Mix For Medium Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/lindseyblakehair

Whenever you think of bold changes, take your bob haircut as a canvas for color experiments. In fact, a classic medium-bob length is just what the doctor ordered for those addicted to playing with vivid shades. On short and mid-length locks, all the colors you mix are in the spotlight, so you will love how your short haircut reflects your endless creativity.

This idea, where different shades of bright pink and yellow blend with one another, is only the beginning of what you can achieve once you set your creativity into motion. So as not to damage your colored hair, style it by applying some texturizing + moisturizing product, leaving your locks to air dry.

Medium Bob With Textured Razored Ends

Credit photo: instagram.com/_colourgoddess

The ends of your cut can drastically change the way your hair looks. Despite being just a little detail, your ends define the structure of your whole cut, as well as the mood of your look. If you get your ends razored, they will amp up, becoming sharper and more lively than ever. In this way, you will get yourself a sassy flirty look you never knew you could have.

Besides looking hip, this idea is actually pretty beneficial for those with thick locks, as razored ends will give the needed sense of airiness to your hair. To get the most of such a texture, we recommend using salt sprays designed to enhance wavy texture.

Messy Deep Wavy Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

When we look at this amazingly textured and lightweight wavy bob, we realize that this hairstyle is the best way to fight flat looks. Even if you don’t have thin hair, you will not be able to take your eyes off the mirror once you recreate this masterpiece. Of course, everything starts with the right haircut. Should we tell you that medium bob haircuts are something with which you won’t ever go wrong?

To achieve this effortless and weightless look, you should go for layers first. Layering gets rid of the extra weight on your ends that outweighs your roots. Apply some wavy mousse to your conditioned hair and style it with a diffuser, tousling your locks with your fingers to add more movement. When the look is ready, define waves with salt spray.

Sleek A-line Bob Haircut

Credit photo: instagram.com/apostoldiana

Sleekness, precision, and reflection of natural shine in hair: it’s just too good to be true. While being a classic option, not all women know how to reach perfection when creating sleek hairstyles. Basically, it’s all about the state of your hair, as well as the structure of your haircut.

For the best results, prep your hair with softening conditioners and masks. Then, apply a shine-enhancing heat protectant and start styling your hair with a hairdryer and a round brush. When your hair is dry, give it a pass of a flat iron. Wondering how to make this visual impact even bigger? Just work with an A-line bob, as nothing can beat its dramatic gradual body.

Bob With Curtain Bangs

Credit photo: instagram.com/cutyourhair

When you think of bob with curtain bangs, what comes to your mind? If you’ve imagined a classic Matilda-inspired look, this idea is here to surprise you, showing how different classics can be. Unlike the most popular look of straight bangs, this fringe doesn’t fall on the forehead like a thick piece of hair; it rather kisses the brows with its soft shaggy finish. And the same goes for the bob: it features sharp long layers throughout the body, which literally make every single strand distinctive and visible.

It’s better to style this haircut with a blow dryer, but without a brush. Instead, run your fingers through your hair while blow-drying it to achieve this carefree look.

Graduated Textured Messy Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/bleachedandblown

There are so many details you can customize that there’s no way your bob will ever look basic! You can change anything from texture and structure to the shape of the ends, not to mention the styling approach, based on your preferences and facial features. This graduated and textured bob with a messy finish, for example, is a fantastic idea for women with thick hair and any face shape.

The volume and play of texture in this look are what make it so versatile for all face shapes. As for the graduated body and precise texture, these features can reveal the real potential of heavy locks, making them absolutely manageable.

Bob Haircut With Volumetric Blowouts

Credit photo: instagram.com/hairhunter

Here comes another masterpiece full of volume, movement, and dynamics. And since bob haircuts have always been the best base to build a perfectly balanced look, this idea is done on bob. Before you think that you can get blowouts only at home: this look is absolutely DIY! All you need is to be equipped with are a volume-boosting hair spray, good heat protectant, and salt spray for the finish.

First off, apply the spray and heat protectant to your wet hair. If you have layers (which is a win for such hairstyles) blowdry them separately. Then, do some tousling and complete the look with a salt spray. Voila! A bob with layers is enough to do everyone’s favorite blowouts at home.

Medium Highlighted Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

Don’t forget about the power of color when you’d like to freshen up your haircut. As a matter of fact, hair color is another detail that can change the way you look. That’s why we want you to consider highlights for your next salon appointment. This color technique can not only add more character to your look but also intensify the dynamics and movement of your haircut. In other words, highlights can enhance your bob.

The good news is, getting accents has nothing to do with damage. Even if you choose a shade that requires bleaching, it will hit only a couple of strands.

Textured Blonde Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhair

Have you ever seen that dramatic blonde hair? Everything in this look is absolutely harmonic and balanced, so no wonder it has become iconic. Textured beachy waves spice up the look with freedom spirit while the neutral shade of blonde makes everything look effortless.

If you don’t have a wavy pattern by default, you will need to use a flat iron and texturizing product to steal this look. Whatever hair type you have, it is recommended to condition and soften your hair with an oil-infused product so that waves will come out right. Wave your hair, working with small and thin sections. When all your hair is turned into waves, apply a texturizing product.

Shaggy Messy Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/kawaicat_white

Shag and messiness are like cheese and wine; they’re both are iconic, but simply unforgettable when combined. Shag is usually associated with freedom and carefree feel in hair that women love to accentuate with the good old messy styling. And the main reason why so many girls are obsessed with this idea (including us) is its versatility.

Whether you have thin and fine or thick and coarse hair, this idea will nicely work for your hair type and texture. Just ask your hairstylist for a layered shag! Also, remember to always specify how drastic or smooth you want your layers to be. If this look is your role model, soft layers are key.

Asymmetrical Straight Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/ro.hsiqueira

Seems like the seductive straight bob has just reached a new level. This ideally leveled and precisely cut asymmetrical straight bob is officially the best version of straight hair one could ever see. Asymmetry adds a bit of imbalance to the body, thus adding something new to the familiar cut. It also features thick front layers that help to build more volume for side parting.

Be ready for using a lot of heat to style this look the right way: you will need a flat iron and hairdryer. Though some women may consider such a styling routine as too damaging, there’s nothing to worry about if you work with good-quality heat protectants.

Copper Balayage With Soft Texture

Credit photo: instagram.com/styled_by_carolynn

Balayage usually consists of various similar or contrastive shades that form a harmonic whole and create dimensional looks. No, we’re not trying to blow your mind with the theory of this coloring technique. We’re just trying to tell that going for balayage is a ravishing way to improve your textured bob and accentuate its best features.

These light, dark, and bright copper hues not just blend with one another, they accentuate every single layer of this textured haircut, making it even more detailed.

Popular Medium Bob

Credit photo:instagram.com/_colourgoddess

Unlike short bob haircuts, mobs require less styling. Shorter hair is not that good at holding a styling product. Also, it might take a while when you wish to grow up a shorter bob.

Long Bob Haircuts

Credit photo: instagram.com/centro_degrade_joelle

And unlike long bob haircuts, mobs are less likely to appear straggly. So, mobs are just great. Also, there are so many styling and coloring options and the types of mob cuts to consider.

Light Curls Bob Haircuts

Credit photo: instagram.com/mila_kryshchykhina

For example, a classic mob reaches just below your chin and its interior layering is not very distinct. The styling is not difficult at all and can be easily done at home. You will need a blow dryer, a curling wand or iron, and hairspray.

Color Options Medium Bob

Credit photo: instagram.com/apostoldiana

First, create lift at its base with the help of a blow dryer. Try to smooth the ends. And then a curling wand or iron will assist you in curling pieces, one inch each, in alternating directions.

Cool Curls

Credit photo: instagram.com/salsalhairCredit photo: instagram.com/kawaicat_white

Stylists find it flattering when hair is curled sort of away from a face. To achieve a look that is not too polished, leave the very ends straight. When the curls are cool, finish the styling process with hairspray.

Medium Bobs With Bangs

Credit photo: instagram.com/chrisjones_hair

The bang is a very habile weapon in the struggle for female beauty: with its help one can hide a wide forehead or emphasize the face oval. But do not forget that cut bangs require daily styling. It is simple enough to make it: wet your hair and lay it, twisting the ends down with the help of a round brushing and hair dryer. For longer fixation, use some mousse or a hair spray.

Inverted Medium Bob Haircuts

Credit photo: instagram.com/headrushdesigns

The inverted bob is a rather interesting solution for haircuts. Your hair is both long and short at the same time. A shorter length at the back of the head will give the volume to the thin hair and will help to hide the irregularities of the skull, and longer curls on the face will emphasize the cheekbones, will make the features more expressive.

FAQ: Medium Bob Haircuts

Are bob haircuts flattering?

A bob is not only stylish. It is also low-maintenance and adaptable hairstyle that will make you look gorgeously lofty. Another benefit of the classic cut is that it is generally flattering, regardless of the shape of your face.

Do bob haircuts look good on everyone?

As long as a bob is fashioned to match the needs of your mane, hair experts agree that the short bob looks excellent on almost everyone. If you have fine hair, add some layers to the crown. This will make your hair look more volumetric.

Can anyone pull off a bob?

Basically, a bob can be pulled off by anyone, although different facial shapes and textures require different styling techniques. It’s crucial to think over all the details before you get started.

Sours: https://lovehairstyles.com/beautiful-medium-bob-haircuts/

60 Beautiful and Convenient Medium Bob Hairstyles

Medium bob hairstyles are classic and classy. They can look very different depending on your cut and the way of styling. Wavy and straight, shaggy and sleek, asymmetrical and symmetrical bobs offer you the modern look, diversity and convenience you want from a hairstyle. Check our gallery of 60 mid-length bobs and pick the most appealing versions to try!

Medium Bob Hairstyles

You’ll see many messy, natural-looking bobs in our selection, but there are also a couple of straight, polished varieties on our list, because they are classics.

#1: Textured Wavy Mid-Length Cut

This bob is composed of a ton of cute flicks, aptly chopped, tousled and skillfully toned to look this amazing. Go for a textured choppy bob with the length at the nape and angled front pieces. With a quality haircut on thick hair, styling your mane will be a breeze.

#2: Tapered Auburn Bob

Medium bob hairstyles with a tapered silhouette work best for fine and medium textured straight hair. It’s better to pair such a chic haircut with a rich monochromatic hair color and style with root volume. Lovely, classy and feminine!

#3: Shaved Back Bob

Make your hair lightweight and gorgeous with a slightly layered bob that features a surprise – nape undercut. Being hidden under the top layer of hair, the undercut is ideal for women who want to thin out their hair or use an easy styling trick to keep their locks in place.

#4: Blonde Balayage Bob with Soft Layers

Bob hairstyles are a great canvas to show off a balayage. Short and to the point, when the cut is paired with subtly-different shades of blonde, it exemplifies effortless style. Add in layers to enhance the dimension of your look. `

#5: Glossy Reddish Brown Bob with V-Cut Layers

Glossy hair is the result of a routine centered around the health of your hair. The best way to maintain moisture and shine is to balance the levels of moisture and protein in your hair. Identify the amount of porosity in the strands to find your ideal products. Highly porous hair will need more protein, whereas the locks that are less porous require hydrating care.

#6: Choppy Inverted Bronde Bob

Can’t decide between blonde and brunette? Go for both with the bronde trend. Messy layers teamed with a stacked back will make the out-of-the-ordinary color even more special. It gives the bob some sass and class rolled into one.

#7: Poker Straight Choppy Bob

The ever-popular medium bob looks even cuter given a choppy angled cut. Keep locks straight for a piece-y look that’ll have you the prettiest one on the block! Caramel highlights are the finishing touch.

#8: Shaggy Bronde Bob with Bright Highlights

Highlights are a fantastic way to bring a shaggy shoulder-length bob from drab to polished and chic. Balayage should only be one to two shades lighter than your base color. Adding lowlights or dark roots helps to accentuate the highlighting.

#9: Shaggy Bronde Bob with Razored Layers

We love this cute medium bob haircut with razored layers. The waves make the look relaxed and flirty while the sun-kissed blonde keeps it young and fresh. If you have bangs, no need to chop them off. They’ll work perfectly with a shaggy bob.

#10: One Length Bronde Bob with Feathered Layers

A medium bob with bangs and feathered layers is just the style you need for that glow-up you’ve been anticipating. This look will also work fine if you prefer a solid color.

#11: Blunt Metallic Blonde Bob

The metallic blonde bob may seem simple but if you’re a low-maintenance woman, it’s the style you want. A quick brush through in the morning is all you need! Point your hairdryer down to seal hair cuticles and keep frizz under control.

#12: Textured Caramel Cut with Swoopy Bangs

For those who would rather not opt for an A-line cut, swoopy side bangs provide enough movement and dimension to a medium layered bob without any excessive edginess.

#13: V-Cut and Razored Blonde Bob

Make your cute medium bob even cuter by teasing out your hair. This gives it body and texture, which straight hair often needs. Set it with hairspray, for all day volume.

#14: Razored Bronde Bob with Ashy Balayage

A razored crop has a lot of texture that pairs well with an ashy blonde. To keep your color cool toned, utilize a purple shampoo and conditioner. Consider getting a quality UV protectant spray to further guard your pretty dye job.

#15: Angled Dimensional Bronde Bob with Layers

A rooty blonde is the perfect idea if you want a lighter toned hair without all the high maintenance upkeep. Routine root touch ups are especially damaging and expensive for women with darker hair as they are scheduled more frequently and often require longer processing time.

#16: Neat One-Length Bob for Straight Hair

The texture, color, and shape of this stunning medium length bob are perfectly balanced. Subtly sexy for a night out but easily toned down for the office.

#17: Voluminous Layers and Dark Roots

If you want to make a statement, go for a high-contrast palette. The stark difference between the deep roots and platinum ends of this medium bob haircut gives the style so much life. The fullness of the look further amplifies its sexy allure.

#18: Medium Sweet Blunt Bronde Bob

A mid-length bob with an off-centre part will never go out of style. It creates an asymmetrical frame for the face that corrects the round face shape and softens angles of a square face. Ask for a blunt cut and keep locks pin-straight for a mod upgrade.

#19: Burgundy and Copper Balayage Bob for Brunettes

Warm tones are most suitable for those with olive or neutral skin undertones. Select golden, copper, or caramel hues to add a color detail to your current medium bob with layers.

#20: Brown Bob with Subtle Caramel Highlights

Above-the-shoulder hair is naturally lighter and, therefore, holds more volume and height. To emphasize body, tease the crown sections and brush hair over. Layers will naturally drape over the teased areas for a seamless look.

#21: Asymmetrical Straight Ash Blonde Bob

Another asymmetrical hairstyle, this angled ash blonde bob with dark roots oozes a mysterious vibe. On a date night, use a sparkly clip to pin hair back for that sophisticated look.

#22: Piece-y Bob with Face-Framing Highlights

A gorgeous season like fall deserves an equally gorgeous hairstyle to go with it. Rock this cute piece-y bob with bright blonde highlights and you’ll be eye candy.

#23: Cute Golden Blonde A-Line Bob

Blunt chin-length cuts are flattering and structured. If your hair is straight and lacks texture, give it this perfect shape and a beautiful color to shine and look flawless in simple hairstyles.

#24: Cropped Shoulder Length Cut

A shoulder length bob is one of the most popular lengths today because it is long enough to style in different ways while still retaining the ease of short hair. If you are a low maintenance gal who craves a no nonsense cut that still flaunts plenty of style, definitely go for a cropped shoulder length number. This works well on both fine and thick hair.

#25: Bronde Bob with Short Shaggy Layers

The shaggy layers on this neck-length bob are to die for. The subtle curls are soft, flirty, and feminine. Hair accessories such as headbands and little clips would be the finishing touches for a date night look.

#26: Disheveled Bob Style

With bob cuts you don’t have to worry about frizz or flyaways because they amplify the texture of your hair. Ample teasing and mousse will help keep the disheveled-trend, tame and stylish.

#27: Medium Length Straight Layered Bob

The long sides of the straight layered bob will allow you to keep the length you love but at a manageable maintenance level. Neck-length strands in the back create a flattering inverted shape for this pretty lob.

#28: Collarbone A-Line Bob for Thick Hair

Collarbone bob haircuts are making their presence known. This versatile cut can easily be dressed up for a professional look at work or toned down with scrunched in texture for those fun weekends out.

#29: Messy Bronde Bob with Jagged Ends

Nothing exudes cool girl vibes more than perfectly imperfect waves. Frizz and all, the shaggy tresses are easy and fun. If you want to recreate this modern take on the bob, use a large barrel curling wand on medium heat. Wrap small sections around the tool and hold for a few seconds. Once you’ve done this to the whole head, brush out the curls, give it a tousle and go.

#30: Gray Bob with Layers

A lot of layered bob haircuts are longer in the front and shorter in the back, which is the case with this medium length bob. The funky style benefits from long wispy layers that have been highlighted and brushed away from the face.

#31: Straight Ash Blonde Balayage Bob with Layers

Taking your length from mid back to collarbone is a big step. To be more comfortable with your big chop, ensure you do your research on hair stylists with an extensive portfolio. Otherwise, pay a visit to your regular hairdresser that you trust.

#32: Medium Length Wispy Rounded Bob

Prefer a shorter cut? An angled rounded bob such as this wispy wonder is perfect. It’s bold but definitely not boring, and the longer length in front will allow you to still do fun things such as delicate braids clipped back at the sides.

#33: Frizzy Shaggy Bob with Babylights

Are you a girly girl? A cute shaggy bob with tons of texture is the ultimate flirty and feminine go-to hairstyle. Never worry about driving with the windows down when you’re rocking a relaxed look like this!

#34: Disconnected Bob with Messy Waves

The disconnected layered look gives this neck-length bob more movement and texture. It’s easy to style, and the chunky highlights are a fun way to add extra detail.

#35: Sleek Blunt Brunette Bob

A chic cut like this blunt bob is sure to have Demi Lovato’s approval. Flat-iron for a smooth sleek look. Minimal layering may give off a simple vibe, but this stunning cut is anything but.

#36: Straight Choppy Blonde Bob

The shoulder-length bob angled and moderately layered gives a sleek appearance but it doesn’t lack movement. It’s sure to stun with its accurate shape and touchable texture. What a great choice for someone with straight thick hair!

#37: Dimensional Blonde Balayage Lob

The beauty of medium bob hairstyles is how easily you can find and create new and exciting ways to make the iconic cut unique to you. Bring some visual interest to yours with an inverted cut and high-contrast balayage. The shape is not only cute, but also gives your bob more movement.

#38: Classy Rounded Bob

Just because this bob cut is classic, doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Add a little bit of your personal style into the sleek cut with mermaid-hued highlights. Go ahead and try a subtle pink, lavender, teal – or whatever your favorite color might be.

#39: Ash Blonde Razored Bob with Bangs

Contemporary meets classic in this medium bob with bangs swept to the side. The shape of the cut is easy to pull off regardless of your face shape, which makes it a universally flattering style. The gray and platinum dye job keeps the look modern and cool.

#40: Gorgeous Bob with Enhanced Crown

The bigger the better. And that’s true with this cute medium bob. The stacked back contributes to its volume, with its many layers. You can amplify the bob cut further by teasing and using a small bouffant attached to a comb.

#41: A-Line Bob Haircut

Sometimes a unique hairstyle comes with just a little meddling with the measurement. Keep hair shorter on one side to bring an asymmetrical look that is gorgeous and fun to wear. Thin haired girls can rock the uneven look well, but it can be also pulled off with any texture.

#42: Curly Mid-Length Hairdo

This swanky hairstyle would work for a more formal occasion, but it is still casual enough to be suitable for everyday. The defined curls add fullness to the mid-length ‘do and show off the different brown highlights.

#43: Sun-Kissed Shoulder-Length Bob

Are your tired of the commitment to long hair? Here is a solution. Thin to medium textured hair will really shine with this style that brings a youthful, professional appearance to any pretty face.

#44: Angled Textured Silver Bob Hairstyle

When taking the plunge and getting a shorter style, such as a choppy, angled medium length bob, it is important to do your research to find the exact look you want to get. Gather pictures of different cut variations and show them to your stylist so they can have an idea of your goal and then tweak it to your unique face and body shape.

#45: Chamomile Blonde Bob with Razored layers

Medium bob haircuts vary in length from chin length to neck length. Which you should choose will depend on your age, features, and body type. Razored layers are a technique of cutting that is used to give a more edgy feel to your cut.

#46: Long Blonde Bob

Textured bobs like this always look cool and effortless. The combination of the choppy layers, blonde balayage color and soft beachy waves is just the right mix of polished yet relaxed. That is a tricky thing to achieve.

#47: Finely Chopped Honey Blonde Bob

This medium-length bob mixes feminine waves with choppy layers to create a style that is edgy yet still elegant. It’s a versatile haircut that you can easily dress up or down, for work or even a formal event.

#48: Concave Haircut for Curly Hair

Curly and wavy hair is literally made for stacked bob haircuts, and with thick hair it’s often better to opt for a shorter length instead of a shoulder length bob. Everything is beyond praise in this style – volume, shape, texture, length, and also the color. The secret of these thin blonde highlights is in their generous amount and the chosen ashy hue.

#49: Textured Medium Hairstyle

This textured above-the-shoulder haircut is the work of a pro. Mixing very dark and light hair colors can sometimes produce a chunky, striped effect, but that is not the case here. The different colors are distinct in the wavy bob but they melt together to produce one harmonious look thanks to the layering.

#50: Brown Bob with Bangs

Bobs with bangs are beautiful, especially if you are looking for a cut that will soften a wide forehead or round face. Go for blunt, straight-across bangs reminiscent of childhood, or else opt for a wispy, multi-length side fringe.

#51: Wavy Shoulder Length Bob

Hair that falls just above the shoulders can benefit from some extra body. Use a large barrel curling iron to bring in some loose waves that accentuate highlights and frame your face. Pairing this style with bangs brings extra softness.

#52: Choppy Angled Bob with Caramel Balayage

A stacked bob hair style is a rewarding approach to shorter hair in terms of shape. Subtle caramel tones throughout a dark chocolate brown base are a softer color choice to complement this bold haircut. The cut works equally well with straight, slightly wavy, and curly hair, as the shape remains evident regardless of texture.

#53: Inverted Blonde Bob with Messy Finish

Channel west-coast vibes with this cute bob. Between the luscious waves – that are perfectly tousled – and the bright blonde color, the hairstyle is ready for the warm weather. Even if you aren’t by a beach, this platinum cut will make you feel like you are.

#54: Messy Brunette Bob with Caramel Balayage

Play-up your shoulder-length bob with some loose curls. It will give your cut some texture while highlights brighten the dark strands. Tousle your hair with mousse for the perfectly fun-and-flirty appeal you crave.

#55: Pretty Brown Bob with Sun-Kissed Highlights

Elevate your bob style with the subtlest blonde highlights. This look is something easy to achieve if you’ve been growing out your balayage and are ready for a change. Chop off those bleached ends, when you want to give your hair a break from color, promoting healthier locks.

#56: Crisply Cut Blonde Bob

Classic and easy, the blunt bob cut is a style that never fails. Brighten it up with platinum highlights for a fresh finish. It keeps it sleek and easy to wear, day after day. The beauty of the bob is its fuss-free maintenance.

#57: Chic Bronde Bob for Straight Hair

If you want to upgrade your cute bob, it can be as simple as changing to a side part. The flipped-to-the-side look also brings fullness to straight hair. The bronde color complements the cut even more by giving it depth, with all the different shades melted together.

#58: Tousled Sandy Blonde Bob

Blow out your bob when you need a simple yet classy hairstyle that shows off your new cut and dye job. The blowout elevates the classic cut just enough.

#59: Long Choppy Platinum Bob

A medium-length bob in a bright platinum shade is a way to modernize the classic look. It’s young and daring, and is also great at covering up any grays. Whimsical waves throughout complement the fresh cut perfectly.

#60: Angled Sunny Blonde Bob for Straight Hair

Opt for a sleek bob style to showcase your blonde balayage. The colors are distinctly displayed across straight strands, emphasizing the boldness of the hairstyle. The slanted shape of the cut complements the svelte look with clean lines.

Bob haircuts are so fun and versatile – especially when you work in the medium length options that are ideal for girls who still love to be girly. Whether your hair is straight or curly, thin or ethnically natural, there is certainly a medium bob style that’s ready to work wonders on your mane.

Sours: https://therighthairstyles.com/medium-bob-hairstyles/
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50 Medium Length Bob Haircuts That Will Make You Pay Your Hairstylist a Visit!

They say that “Long hair inspires femininity,” but if you take a close look at these medium bob variations, you’ll forget about that in the blink of an eye! Waves, balayage, bangs, and layers – you can combine them all with a bob haircut, and you’ll never get enough of it! Get the attention you’ve always wished for with this ultra-chic cut!

So, the trendiest and the most beautiful medium bobs are:

1. Mid Choppy Bob. There’s no fresher look than a highlighted bob with accurately cut ends. These can be blunt or textured like in this example. Need no styling, and it’s perfect for effortless mornings.

2. Textured Blunt Bob. The bottom is as straight as it can be! The color is suitable for any skin tone and done on a haircut like this one, it gives your hair a sophisticated look.

3. Brunette Textured Bob. With every single hair strand defined, your hair will be a piece of art. A one-length bob is perfect for thick hair and for those who want to get a messy look.

4. Pretty Blonde Shag. A one-length cut with a shaggy finish stands out from the crowd. Be sure that this time everyone will notice your new haircut.

5. Smooth Smoky Bob. Waves and a balayage can do a total makeover with your dull and tired hair! Whether you have to go to a meeting or dinner with your boyfriend, this is the look you cannot fail with.

6. Shoulder Length Honey Blonde Bob. Smooth waves and colors that perfectly blend is a trend this year! Spruce up your bob and get a fresh, charming look.

7. Medium Wavy Bob. Every once in a while you need a new hair style, and a luscious long bob like this will reveal the best version of yourself.

8. Icy Blonde Midi Bob. It’s with an intense impact. It’s glamorous and needs only a simple tousle, and you’re ready to rock the world with hair like that!

9. Razored Bob with Layers. If you want a carefree look, you should give this fantastic haircut a chance. Just get up and be fabulous!

10. Beachy Bob. Can’t go to the beach? Bring the warm summer waves to you. Get a pretty sun-kissed look that you’ll adore.

11. Soft Side-Parted Bob. A chopped bob with side part is a must try if you want a nicely framed face. It’s outstandingly stylish, and it’s ideal for fine hair.

12. Blonde Blunt Bob. Medium bob haircuts can give you a classic appearance, but you can also give it a modern twist with stylish waves or curls.

13. Soft Shaggy Bob. Mix a wheat-blonde color with some soft waves, and the effect will be absolutely stunning! Get ready for tons of compliments!

14. Dark Rose Gold Bob. The color is impressive, that’s for sure! But take a look at that perfectly layered cut. Beyond comparison!

15. Mid-Length Bob with Side Bangs. That blend between the wispy blonde layers and bronde roots is gorgeous.

16. Shiny Wavy Bob. Curling wands make beautiful transformations with a medium bob, and if you have some highlighted strands, the outcome is even more delightful!

17. Textured A-Line Bob. If you are ready for an edgy look, this is one of the pictures you may use to show your stylist the look you want. Combine this haircut with a balayage and the effect will be rich and bold.

18. Easy Waved Bob. Who says going blonder is only meant for summer? No way! Balayage highlights work for every season now!

19. Bob with Face-Framing Highlights. Frame your face with some highlights and your classic bob will turn into a current look.

20. Mid-Length Messy Bob. Take a little bit of texture, add ashy lengths… and it looks like hair sorcery! No magic wand needed, just a pair of scissors and some beautiful colors.

21. Dry Cut Blonde Highlighted Bob. This disconnected choppy bronde bob will give your face a warm frame. Wash and slightly tousle with a product.

22. Bob with Side-Swept Bangs. The sophisticated bronde used for this sleek bob is low maintenance. It’s flattering for fair skin.

23. Dimensional Caramel Blonde Bob. Craving for a Hollywood look? You won’t be able to take your eyes off this dimensional bob, and neither those who will see your deliciously colored and perfectly shaped look.

24. Full Bodied Bob. Even fairytale princesses would be jealous of a hairstyle as pretty as this one! Rich, glamorous, shiny, it has everything you crave!

25. Layered Blonde Bob. Man, those hair strands look angelic! Have a fresh and sexy appearance every time you get out the door!

26. Dark Blonde Balayage Bob. It does look classy in the first place but why not spice things up a little with a tousle or some waves. So many hairstyles you can do with this!

27. Medium Layered Bob with Fringe. Layers, layers and more layers! Just tousle, that’s all you need to do to make your hair look great all the time. Nothing easier!

28. Blonde Angled Bob. That moment when an angled bob is mixed with warm and ashy tones changes everything. Don’t be afraid to transform your hair into a vivid blend of blonde shades!

29. Layered Bob with Bangs. This is the layering done right, girl! Style your swoopy bangs and get ready to yell confidence!

30. Angled Bob with Rounded Back. Not only this hairstyle looks astonishing, but its caramel color is so yummy! The highlights are well-blended, and the softened angled shape perfectly frames your face.

31. Icy Blonde Straight Bob. If you want to make a radical change, try a young and fresh white blonde look with darker roots.

32. Dark A-Line Bob. Medium bob hairstyles can entirely transform your mane; take for example this A-line cut with a well-defined shape.

33. Effortless Dimensional Bob. A highlighted medium bob suits all ages, and if it also implies a balayage, the impact is unimaginable.

34. Stacked Bob. Just WOW! Milky white chocolate in your hair, and you’ve never looked better!

35. Bob with Long Front Pieces. Not everyone has volume and texture, but this bob haircut is excellent for fine hair. If you make some waves and use a bit of hairspray, you’ll get the mane you’ve always desired.

36. Balayage Bob. The blend between these shades is marvelous. The shaggy disconnected ends work in tune with the color to show off the beauty of the shorter hair and a variety of its texture.

37. Graduated Bob. Not everyone wants to line up with trends, and this type of bob haircut does an excellent job for a bohemian girl. Dare to be different!

38. Medium Faded Bob. Delightful creamy shades combined with wispy layers create a dreamy look in no time.

39. Neck-Length Curly Bob. Whether you have straight or curly hair, a neat bob haircut will do a great job in both cases.

40. Messy Medium Length Bob. Are you ready to have fun? Choose your color, get a bob haircut that suits your texture and start playing with hairstyles. Mess it up just a little, and you’re good to go!

41. Razored Bob with Side-Swept Bangs. If you’re a lucky girl who has dense hair, get a bob hairstyle for thick hair to emphasize your precious locks with an accurate shape.

42. Waved Shaggy Blonde Bob. You’ll never grow old with a hairstyle like this one, that’s for sure! A bit of shagginess and wave, as well as a light blonde color, simply won’t let you.

43. Platinum Med Bob. The stylish choppy edges go hand in hand with a fresh platinum color and darker roots. Get ready to see some heads turn!

44. Bob with Highlighted Ends. What an awesome balayage! Those blonde highlights perfectly mix with the light brown base color.

45. Black Razored Bob with Bangs. Consider adding bangs to a shaggy bob, and you’ll find yourself feeling like a high school girl.

46. Bright Blonde Medium Bob. If ultra-chic is the style that defines you, blonde strands and dark roots will suit you. A feathered bob haircut might be just what you need.

47. Curly Bob with Ash Blonde Balayage. Come to the blonde side; we have cookies! Yes, we are sure that you won’t forget these ashy wavy strands with darker roots.

48. Classic Highlighted Bob. Do you want to highlight your face and at the same time keep a classic look? All you need to do is book an appointment at your favorite salon.

49. Burgundy and Red Bob. Tired of boring hairstyles? Try a red balayage with some smooth pink highlights and get noticed everywhere you go!

50. Blunt Inverted Bob. Everybody loves it and so should you! What’s not to like about the inverted bob! It’s simple to style, and you’ll get a fresh look in the blink of an eye!

When it comes to medium bob hairstyles, there are no limits. One thing’s for sure, they’re in trends, and they’ll make you look younger and fresher. And everybody seems to love them!

We can’t wait to know which one is your favorite, so tell us in the comment section below!

Sours: https://www.hadviser.com/medium-bob/

We've had a love-hate relationship with long hair over the past 12 months as the salons have opened and closed with the ebb and flow of pandemic restrictions. If you're anything like us, you've been to scared to give your hair a DIY chop, and have spent the past few months resembling the girl from The Ring.

That's exactly why we're craving a total overhaul for summer now that salons have finally reopened (praise be!) with many of us daring to go shorter than ever before.

But which look should you be plumping for to really stand out from the crowd when summer rolls around, and our social lives can fully resume post-21st June? Well, stylists are predicting those of us with long hair will be tempted to throw caution to the wind and take some serious length off our ends, signalling a fresh start during what's been a pretty full-on year.

You can forget bowl cuts or cringe-worthy page boy hair, the jaw-skimming styles that have already done the rounds with the likes of Kaia Gerber, Kim K and Dua Lipa, feel modern, refreshing and a little bit sexy (see the sliced bob and blunt bob for reference). It's no wonder the bob style recently took the crown as the most popular in the world with 222,580 average monthly searches (followed by the bun).

The question is, which cut to go for? It's no a longer one-size-fits-all approach. Bobs have been through a renaissance and the possibilities are endless. We personally can't get enough of the shaggy bob and the paper-cut bob, but there's also (deep breath): French bob, the shattered bob, the micro bob, the collarbone bob and the asymmetrical bob.

Hairdressers are also raving about the modern Diana bob. Inspired by the late Princess Diana, whose beauty look has been brought back to life via Emma Corrin on The Crown and Kristin Stewart in Spencer, this is the modern bob 2.0. The beauty of this hairstyle is that if it’s cut at a good length, like the cheekbones, it can be left to grow out beautifully and can be a very low-maintenance cut, which is ideal with future potential lockdowns forecast.

The 'French bob' is the cheekbone-skimming hairstyle for when you want a fresh chop

14 Photos

View Gallery

Bobs are typically divided into two main camps. The first is a blunt, squared-off shape that finishes just above the jaw: "It feels fresh and has a modern, youthful vibe. It's a bit braver,” says Jonathan Soons, Creative Ambassador for Headmasters Salons.

The second is the loose, breezy bob, which has a slightly less rigid shape and works just as beautifully cropped short as it does slightly longer.

There's also the longer-length bobs, made popular by the likes of Olivia Palermo and Daisy Edgar-Jones, whether that's sleek or slightly shaggy, it's perhaps

Either way, a new crop is a serious commitment that can't be easily reversed if it isn't quite right. Which is why, if you’re considering going in for the chop, it’s important to know exactly what you want before you get going. Jonathan Soons and Redken UK Ambassador Larry King have offered up a little advice.

The 'sliced bob' is the exquisitely sleek cut that does all the hard work for you

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Anyone can pull it off with the right styling

“Anyone can pull off a bob. However, there are definitely styling tricks that suit different face shapes and textures, so it’s important to take all of that into consideration before getting started,” says Larry.

Determine your face shape

“If you have a round face, you should opt for a bob that finishes closer to the collarbone to elongate your face. For those with a heart-shaped face, make your bob super short to accentuate the jaw line and cheekbones, and if you have a square face, go for a length that sits below the jaw and break it up with a grown-out fringe,” explains Larry. And if you have an oval-shape face? You’re in luck – you can take your pick.

Think about your neck

“If you have a long neck, it opens you up to a lot of choice on bob length. However, the shorter your neck, the more classic the bob needs to be. To avoid making your neck look any shorter, keep your cut jaw-length and above,” says Jonathan.

Consider your hair type

For those with thick hair, the risk of your cut turning mushroom-esque is all too real. “If your hair is thick, you need to keep it longer in order to weigh it down. Ask your stylist to slice into it, but refrain from cutting in layers,” says Larry.

If your hair is thinner and straight, you are blessed enough to pull-off the coveted 2020 jaw-length blunt cut with ease. Larry warns: “Make sure you keep it all one length, going higher at the nape can look a little dated.”

Blessed with curls? Make sure you sit down with your hair stylist before you go in for the chop. “Curls are better with layers. Ask your hairdresser to cut your bob wet to dry. This means they get the length while it’s wet, but cut in the layers and shape as the curls start to develop as it dries,” advises Larry.

Remember the aftercare

“Bobs require a lot more blow drying and heat styling than longer hairstyles do, so swap a conditioner for a nourishing mask to prevent strands from drying out. I love John Masters Organics Honey & Hibiscus Repair Mask, £39, for this,” says Jonathan. On top of heat styling, you should also be prepared to start investing in dry styling products such as powders and texturising sprays in order to keep your bob looking fresh and current.

Want something more specific? Check out theasymmetrical bob,faux bob,collarbone bob,micro bob,curly bobandblunt bobto see which style you like best.

Here's some bob inspiration to get you started...

Sours: https://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/gallery/celebrities-with-bobs-bob-cut-hairstyles

Length bob haircuts mid

19 Trendiest Medium Layered Bob Haircuts for Shoulder Length Hair

Textured and Layered Bob for Thin Hair

Medium length layered bob for thin hair

Instagram @hairbymissyredlands

Are you looking for a hairstyle to make your hair look fuller? This medium length layered bob haircut is perfect for thin, limp hair. The layers help give the illusion of volume and movement while also allowing for some styling versatility.

Trendy Medium Layered Angled Bob with an Undercut

Owner of Indie Salon in Colorado Springs, CO, and hairstylist Sara Michelle created this trendy medium layered undercut bob. “The back is not stacked at all, keeping it modern,” she states. “It has just a slight undercut, so it can work for women with dense hair as well.  Also, this medium bob with layers is so easy and quick to style!”

Medium layered bobs work best when styled straight with some volume in the back. If your hair has a lot of texture and you’re not committed to styling daily, a shoulder length bob with layers might not be for you.

For styling, Sara recommends you use Kenra blow dry spray all over and rough-dry about 70% of it. “Then spray Kenra root lifter at the roots and use a round brush for volume and smoothness,” she adds.”

Stylish Medium-Length Stacked Bob

This stylish medium-length stacked bob has a sharp angle and a soft stack. It was created by color specialist and stylist Kim Whitfield.

“This stacked bob style suits most facial shapes. It’s great for women that like to keep the length around their face, but want something shorter in the back. This bob style can compliment an array of different textures,” says Whitfield.

This isn’t a low maintenance hair style. With shorter hair comes the need to style more frequently than longer hair. That’s because you’re unable to just throw it in a bun and go. Get a great volumizing product and soft texture/ finishing spray.

Chic Asymmetrical Bob with Layers

Chic Asymmetrical Bob with Layers

Instagram @hairbymichellelea

Hair pieces with different lengths on each side make this medium layered hair look amazing. This gorgeous asymmetrical medium-length bob with layers can emphasize the asymmetry of your facial feature.

Pretty Bob with Side Bangs

Pretty Bob with Side Bangs

Instagram @nicolekeenen

When considering a medium layered bob haircut with side bangs you’ll want to consider the styling time.  Style it side-swept with a choppy deep side part for a fashionable unique style. A medium layered bob with bangs is super trendy right now.

Edgy Shoulder Length Razor Cut Bob

“This type of shoulder length layered bob is trendy right now,” says stylist and owner Kristeen Wade of Belu Salon Kennewick. “Adding negative space within a medium bob with razored layers, creates more movement. This allows you to see more texture in darker hair and removes the thickness in thicker hair. Razor cuts are a perfect way to achieve this mid length layered hair,” she states.

Medium length layered haircuts provide a lot of versatility. Whether it’s curly or straight, power dried or round brushed, you create a different style altogether. Yet, it’s still long enough to put up in the front.

“I would say go for medium length layered hairstyles if you’re wanting a sassy change of pace,” says Kristeen. “This cut isn’t your everyday soccer mom bob. Medium bob haircuts are perfect for women with thick hair, round, oval, or heart-shaped face.”

“Its texture and length make it easy for styling straight or curly,” states Wade. Using a good styling lotion or cream as well as a heat protectant, foaming pomade, and hairspray. Spray hairspray on your fingertips and run it through the ends of some of the finished curls. “This will make the texture stand out even more. You can power dry your medium hair with layers upside down or be more structured with it by using a round brush,” she adds.

Shaggy Medium Layered Bob

shaggy medium layered bob

Instagram @hairolines

This shaggy medium layered bob is packed with texture and volume! A gorgeous chop such as this is ideal for thick tresses, making them seem weightless. It has shaggy layers to add more body while removing bulkiness.

The Best A-Line Bob for Medium Length Hair

The Best A-Line Bob for Medium Length Hair

Instagram @lauraellebarrett

This is a popular type of mid-length layered A-line bob. You can easily let it down or pull up into a ponytail for a chic look! Style with full bangs to get a straight hair look with more volume!

Perfect for Medium Layered Fine Hair

perfect for medium layered fine hair

Instagram @alexaloveshair

This is a perfect layered bob for medium-length fine hair. Adding face-framing choppy layers give the illusion of volume by adding texture all around even with straight fine hair. Add full bangs if you want to highlight your pretty eyes and make your hair look fuller. Otherwise, ask your stylist to blend your bangs into your hair to open up your face and accentuate your cheekbones and facial features like the model in the picture above.

Layered Bob for Thick Hair

Layered Bob for Thick Hair

Instagram @stylebytaty

This is a great example of a shoulder-length layered bob for thick hair. Adding inside layers will help lighten up your locks. If you are tired of your plain bob, this wavy and choppy version can make any hairstyle look sexy. With the back cut short and the front cut long, this whole bob with long side bangs will leave you feeling confident with any outfit you try on.

Lovely Feathered Bob for Layered Hair

Lovely Feathered Bob for Layered Hair

Instagram @rasheda_t

A red gorgeously layered shoulder-length bob cut highlighted with blonde pieces is a sure way to turn heads with its hotness. Get inspired with this unique feathered haircut that suits any face shape and skin color. Layered haircuts for women like this are sexy!

Beautiful Medium Bob with Layers

medium bob with layers

Instagram @_hair.by.paigew_

Here’s a beautiful medium bob with layers that’s worth a try! It appears gorgeous when sleek and straight, while it looks glam when wavy. This short-medium layered bob is a perfect match with glossy hair color, such as a copper shade.

Flattering for Older Women

medium layered bob for older women

Instagram @dlaraque

A style that’s flattering for older women must be full of texture to look fun and classy. That style does a superb job on a medium-length bob. The texture and the layering of the chop enhance the hair to suit most face shapes. Adding lowlights and highlights are a great alternative to achieve a soft dimension.

Marvelous Mid Length Bob with Bangs

The mid-length layered bob with bangs is a favorite of freelance stylist and style creator Samantha Evans of Chicago, IL. “This shape works so well on many different textures. Based on the hair texture and face shape, you can alter where you concentrate their fringe. With the loose textured lines, it also grows out incredibly well,” she explains.

You can vary the fringe length and overall length to create more subtle or more dramatic shapes. This cut isn’t for women with very thin/fine hair, though. It will take too much weight out from the bottom and make your hair appear thinner.

“Less is more with medium layered hairstyles, for sure,” she adds. “It’s great as second or third-day hair as well, just blast some dry shampoo throughout and go!”

Easy Straight Bob

easy straight layered bob for medium hair

Instagram @ochanelperfeito

This easy straight bob is straight-up fire! It’s a classic medium-length bob. Know your hair type when considering a bob like this. If you have very thick, coarse hair, it may not lay quite the same on you.

Cute Inverted Bob

cute inverted layered bob

Instagram @rachelwstylist

A cute inverted bob that appears edgy and alluring, too! A medium layered inverted bob haircut is low-maintenance when it comes to styling. Give it a little texture, and that’s enough. A mid-length inverted bob with layers looks super cute in all hair types, but most especially in straight, thick locks.

Gorgeous Layered Curly Bob with Bangs

“A gorgeous layered medium bob for curly hair with 70’s disco era style is making a comeback,” states Dawn Archer, master stylist of Axis Hair Salons in Vancouver, BC. “The added layers on top of the soft graduation created the lift at the crown. The fringe gives it an updated feel,” she explains.

“First, consider how often you wear your curly hair naturally. Do you straighten your hair often? I think a truly modern haircut is relatively low maintenance. Products are important for curly hair as it tends to be dry and sometimes frizzy. Not all women look good with a fringe, so be careful cutting around the face with curly hair,” says Archer.

Sassy Wavy Bob with Layers

“This medium layered bob haircut is enhanced perfectly with a gorgeous rich copper color,” explains salon owner and stylist Kelly Shone-Adams of Neath, Neath Port Talbot. “Not only does it give the appearance of thickness down to the global color, but it’s easy to style,” she states.

In Kelly’s opinion, “the advantage of a layered bob haircut on medium hair is that it suits many different face shapes and hair texture. Anywhere from fine hair to thick hair. It’s a style that requires a styling product which will give hold and shine to the hair, therefore, creating volume.”

Modern Shaggy Bob

shaggy layered mid length bob

Instagram @edmundjamessalonwellington

A modern shaggy bob is an optimum option to upgrade tresses with texture and movement. Layers on medium-length hair give it more body. The great thing about the shaggy cut is that it can be tailored to any face shape and length. It can create an appearance of length or width to one’s facial structure. Bangs don’t only complete the style but are also helpful in accentuating the eyes.

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50 Fabulous Medium Length Layered Hairstyles

Do you feel like you could do with a change? Would you like to transform your hairstyle into one that turns heads and is easy to style? You’ve come to the right place! Medium length layered haircuts are incredibly popular among women of all ages, face shapes, and hair types. Their versatile nature means there’s a cut to suit every woman – and the added benefit of layers means your hair will enjoy more shape, texture, and even volume (if you need it, of course!).

And now check out these super gorgeous medium length layered haircuts we’ve handpicked for you! They’ll provide the inspiration you seek for spicing up your shoulder-length hair.

1. Textured Bob for Straight Hair. One of the main advantages of bob hairstyles is their versatility. They look great on wavy hair – and even hotter on straight strands!

2. Messy Lob with Bangs. Medium layered hair has everything for that trending messy effect many fashionistas strive to achieve these days. The layers create volume and texture, while the curtain bangs add the final touch.

3. Medium Layered Bob. A bob haircut is always at the top of our list. Add layers – and enjoy the low-maintenance movement!

4. Layered Cut with Blunt Bangs. The cheeky medium length layered hair paired with strict blunt bangs is the sweetest combo out there! Besides, this hairstyle offers a great opportunity to conceal a big forehead.

5. Layered Medium Length Hair. Create an illusion of thickness and movement with this beautiful, choppy cut for medium length hair.

6. Uneven Messy Lob. What’s great about uneven layers for medium-length layered hair is that they look stunning, create a delicate, romantic look, and add texture to your hair. Besides, you don’t need any special skills to style this low-maintenance hairdo.

7. Medium Choppy Graduated Bob. Want a haircut that’s super fun and flirty? Choppy hair hits the spot! It’s a bold cut that creates definition and movement, while still looking easy and effortless.

8. Sleek Shoulder-Length Bob. If you’ve been blessed with sleek and smooth hair, upgrade it with swoopy layers! Adding highlights will intensify dimension and thickness.

9. Elegant Feathered Lob. This mid length layered hair is a one-fits-all solution. Not only does it suit ladies of any age, but it also looks incredible with every hair type. It has been created for mid-length hair!

10. Medium Haircut with Sliced Ends. To get one of those trendy lifted and voluminous medium layered hairstyles, ask your stylist for sliced ends. Not only do they add air to thick hair, but they can also make even the thinnest strands appear bright and lively.

11. Long Layers for Thin Hair. Looking for a shoulder-length cut that adds volume to thin hair? Feathered layers do the job and look very feminine.

12. Layered Medium Length Cut. Don’t be discouraged if you have fine hair and want to rock medium layered hair! With this beautiful choppy medium layered hairstyle, you will add extra volume to your hair, creating an effortless, delightful look.

13. Shoulder-Length Layered Cut. The addition of layers is a great way to refresh your look and try another shape for your casual hairstyle. The razored layers prevent the hair from looking too heavy. That’s why many girls appreciate short and medium layered shag haircuts.

14. Layered Midi Shag with Bangs. Without a doubt, many women love this particular shag variation because it delivers additional feminine vibes, making you look playful and classy. You can wear your hair loose without having to cut your long locks completely!

15. Voluminous Curly Shaggy Lob. If you have beautiful curly locks, this shoulder-length layered hair style will allow you to feel trendy and attractive all day long. Just wash your hair, scrunch it with a product, and appreciate the magnificence and simplicity of present-day shags.

16. Layered Ombre Style. The shoulder length layered hair featuring an irresistible ombre is just a whole new level of beauty! The layers will make the color gradient look especially attractive. This style allows you to shine whether you have straight or wavy hair.

17. Lively Wavy Layered Hairstyle. Curling your layered hair is another amazing way to show off the shaggy cut. Style your medium layered bob with distinct curls to have the lionesque volume and royal dimension.

18. Two-Layer Cut. If you are looking for low-maintenance medium length layered hairstyles, this gem will be to your liking. Ask your stylist to create two tiers that will enhance the hair’s natural bounce and enjoy the lovely result!

19. Gorgeous Gray Layered Hairstyle. Embrace and enhance your natural grays with a hot balayage style. Medium layered hair with silver highlights can easily liven up and refresh your tired hair.

20. Shaggy Layers and Bangs. Shaggy layers in medium layered haircuts are adorable and make your hair look thick and healthy. Besides, regardless of your hair color, beach waves would look perfect with this cut.

21. Sophisticated Medium Bob. Is your hair crying out for some shape and movement? Check out this beautiful, medium bob!

22. Shoulder-Grazing Layered Wavy Bob. Curl up your shoulder-length layered hair and work your fingers through waves to achieve this elegant beachy style that will last a couple of days.

23. Bob Cut with Swoopy Layers. This is probably one of the most elegant hairdos for mid-length layered hair. The swoopy layers provide extreme volume and movement, and you can experiment by making them even, consistent, or asymmetrical.

24. Mid-Length Sliced Shag with Bangs. Imagine yourself in the early 90s inspired by an indie movie and try medium layered hair with bangs. The highest level of femininity!

25. Textured Bob. A short to medium hairstyle is a preferred choice of many modern women. The cute and playful textured bob is well-worth experimenting with!

26. Shoulder-Grazing Cut with Feathered Layers. Among many medium length layered hairstyles for straight hair, this old school one is a winner for all ages. Besides, it highlights your colored hair wonderfully.

27. Shoulder-Length Layered Cut. Some medium length hairstyles are pretty much universal, like this one here. All you have to do is choose which twist you want to complement it with, be it a specific hue or styling technique.

28. Voluminous Wavy Shag with Bangs. Full bangs are the best addition to shoulder-length medium layered haircuts. Let them flow into the shortest crown layers of your choppy wavy shag to achieve a playful lifted appeal when you curl those locks.

29. Two-Layer Haircut for Straight Hair. This style with V-cut layers works great for girls with straight hair. Medium layered hairstyles like this one can be shaped to flatter your unique facial features.

30. Mid-Length Flipped-Up Layers. This fancy layered hairstyle with golden locks is a magical styling option. With a stunning shine and captivating texture, this hairdo will definitely make you want to look in the mirror more often.

31. Disconnected Shag with Beachy Waves. Beachy waves are ideal for all young ladies who love medium-length layered hairstyles. The good news is a sea salt spray is enough to get perfect beachy waves. Summer mood is guaranteed!

32. Textured Cut for Shoulder-Length Hair. If you need a perfect add-on to your back-to-front balayage, choose a shoulder-length layered bob to go along with it. It fits all hair textures!

33. Stunning Caramel Brown Tones. Here’s a classy women’s hairstyle that suits at any age. We love the warm bronde tones and chunky layers, which together create a sophisticated effect.

34. Feathered Medium Layered Hairstyle. A luscious, flattering hairstyle for anyone looking to bring layers into their life!

35. Inverted Wavy Layered Lob. When your hair is wavy, and you’re lazy enough to avoid the styling fuss, an inverted bob will become your next ideal hairstyle. Soft side bangs can be a nice touch to balance out the frizzy hairdo.

36. Messy Lob with Choppy Layers. The perfect thing about lobs is that they are so easy to work around, plus you can wear them any way you like. Whether straight or wavy is your style of choice, the textured mess will be a hoot.

37. Dramatic Messy Layered Lob. Show off your ashy babylights with medium length layered hair. Add some texturizing product, and you’re all set for a few days of effortless chic.

38. Wavy Cut with Bangs for Frizzy Hair. Take your unruly hair under control with a hairstyle to solve all your hair problems. A wispy fringe with feathered ends, the proper hair care products, and a cut with soft layers can cancel your bad hair days.

39. Messy Layers. Think you’d like a layered cut that’s on the modern side? There’s nothing trendier than this messy, slightly undone layered medium hairstyle.

40. Glamorous Medium Brunette Hairstyle. Subtle highlights add an interesting twist to this gorgeous deep brown hair. We love the layered cut which makes the hair seem silky and weightless.

41. Wavy Lob with Razored Layers. The fantastic thing about shoulder length layered hairstyles is that you can shape them with a razor. Who doesn’t enjoy a perfectly shaggy lob with delicate highlights? We know we do.

42. Textured Medium Bob. Changing your hairstyle is the first step to an image transformation. Tired of your old looks? Dare to go for a captivating layered medium cut as in the picture – and bring your hair to life with layers and a stunning multitude of hues.

43. Feathered Medium Bob. Looking for a unique color to go with your medium layered haircut? Add rose-gold to the top of your must-try list!

44. Haircut with Flipped Up Ends. With these dynamic long layers, medium hair looks absolutely gorgeous. Spice up your hairstyle with a bright color or trendy balayage highlights and flip up the ends of your layers for a fancy look.

45. Pink and Copper Tones. Combining lowlights and highlights on your layered cut is a fail-proof way to add depth, dimension, and movement.

46. Blonde Textured Bob.Adding lowlights to medium length layered haircuts creates visual depth and volume (making your hair look great even a few days after washing!).

47. Beautiful Medium Cut with Feathered Ends. If you can’t afford to spend much time on styling, this low maintenance medium length haircut will save your morning routine. Dry your hair, keeping it down, and brush through the layers once you’re done for this easy hairdo.

48. Medium Layered Blonde. Here’s another version of a brilliant rooty blonde hairstyle layered to add volume and movement.

49. Flowy Piece-y Haircut for Medium Hair. The easiest cut that will have you showing off layers without much effort. Just blow your hair upside down, and the piece-y cut will take care of the rest.

50. Textured Shoulder-Length Bob. Choppy cuts frame the face and create an effortless, delightful look every time!

These beautiful medium length hairstyles will bring your hair to life and create a particularly striking look when paired with trendy hair colors of this season. Layers are a fantastic way to shape shoulder-length hair. They add volume to thin hair that desperately needs a boost, and can reduce weight in thick, heavy locks. We hope that this list of 50 gorgeous medium length layered haircuts has left you feeling inspired, with plenty of pictures to show to your stylist. Remember: confidence is what makes a hairstyle stand out, so wear it proudly!

Sours: https://www.hadviser.com/medium-length-layered-haircuts/

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39 Hottest Shoulder Length Bob Haircuts (Medium Length Bobs)

Burgundy Stacked Short to Medium-Length Bob

Burgundy Stacked Short to Medium-Length Bob

Instagram @glamiris

There’s nothing sexier than a literally flawless and perfectly cut stacked bob! These smooth and shiny straight strands on this medium bob haircut also gorgeously emphasize the vibrant burgundy shade.

Long Bob with Undercut

Long bob with undercut

Instagram @melhairandstyle

A long bob with undercut is suitable for thick-haired women with straight or wavy hair textures that want to amp up their style with a dose of edginess.

Long Choppy Angled Bob

Long choppy angled bob

Instagram @geribleach

A long choppy angled bob requires special products for hair color. The treatment needs to be intense to maintain the hair hue and to take care of the health of the hair.

Mid-Length Bob with Feathered Layers for Older Women

Mid-length bob with feathered layers for older women

Instagram @hairbykay02

A mid-length bob with feathered layers for older women is a fabulous choice if you are afraid to go too short. The mid-length still allows you to feel the length of your hair while the feathered layers work well to brighten your face. Highlights can complement this style in hiding the grays and creating a glow. A mid-length bob should be cut every 6-8 weeks, making it a fairly low maintenance cut.

Weave Mid-Length Bob Cut

Weave Mid-Length Bob Cut

Instagram @hairadornd_by_jessadore

A flawless sew-in neck-length bob like this will undeniably give you the confidence to look like you’re in your A-game at all times. This medium-length bob hairstyle is best for round faces. Having straight hair adds length to your face and makes your bone structure pop out!

Sew-in Bob for Medium-Length Hair

Sew-in Bob for Medium-Length Hair

Instagram @hairstylesbysherry

Reduce the time it takes to style your hair by having a naturally curly texture in a shoulder-length bob hairstyle. Such a popular medium bob haircut can gorgeously give you those feminine sexy vibes wherever you go!

Inverted Bob for Medium-Length Hair

Inverted Bob for Medium-Length Hair

Instagram @catcookhair

An inverted bob for medium-length hair is the perfect style for ladies looking to make a statement. Shoulder-length inverted bob haircuts have no layers and are best styled on sleek, straight hair.

Medium-Length Graduated Bob

Medium-Length Graduated Bob

Instagram @hair_by_sarah_brophy

Wear this long graduated bob or get a straight layered bob to add bulkiness to the hair without weighing it down. This medium-length bob cut is perfect with a sandy beige blonde shade. The layers and the chop’s rounded shape are what can enhance the dimension of the hair color.

Tapered Medium Bob Haircut with Long Side-Swept Bangs and Ash Blonde Hue

Tapered Medium Bob Haircut with Long Side-Swept Bangs and Ash Blonde Hue

Instagram @courtneyxcentrichair

If you have thin hair, you can add an ash blonde hue and layers to this wispy rounded bob to give the illusion of thickness. The subtle lowlights and side-swept bangs show off your tapered above-the-shoulder bob well.

Trendy Mid-Length Bob

trendy mid-length bob haircut

Instagram @eo_salon

The best thing about this mid-length bob haircut is the texture and how elegant it shapes the face.

This is a good cut for women who want an easy yet fun medium-bob haircut. There is a lot of versatility with mid-length bob hairstyles. You can make it straight and sleek or curl for waves. Also, you can still put it up and wear it down for a sleeker style.

Angled Bob for Medium Hair

angled bob for medium hair

Instagram @hairmood_bymary

A classic angled bob that never goes out of style! This medium-length angled bob haircut creates a low-maintenance style on straight, black tresses.

It’s the chop that reinforces the density of thick hair. Go for this haircut if you want to soften your jawline and add symmetry to your face.

Naturally Curly Bob on Medium-Length Hair

Naturally Curly Bob on Medium-Length Hair

Instagram @cheyenne.resch

A naturally curly bob brings out a cute and stunning statement. The texture isn’t the only thing that makes it beautiful. Curly hair must be neat and defined, too! Medium bob hairstyles like this are best when shiny, so don’t forget to keep the hair moisturized.

Icy Blonde Wavy Bob with Bangs

An icy blonde wavy bob with bangs is for women who love a youthful and stylish hair style. This shoulder-length bob with bangs, enhanced with waves, accentuates the best facial features. The haircut grazes the shoulders to keep the locks looking fuller.

Hairstylist Liz Sustaita of Los Angeles, CA created this hair idea. “It’s a chic A-line cut that has movement because of the soft/ invisible layers added to it. Also, long bangs that taper off to the sides, creating a soft face frame,” she explains.

When it comes to certain types of textures, Sustaita says, “These cuts really work on just about most hair textures and any hair type. It’s for women who want it short and long at the same time. It’s a shape that gives automatic style whether it’s worn straight or wavey you can see the chic shape in any form.”

Messy Shoulder-Length Brown to Blonde Ombre Bob

This brown-to-blonde medium bob was created by stylist Gabriel Deodato of Sao Paulo, Brazil. “This sun-kissed shoulder-length bob, besides being practical, is modern,” he states.

This shoulder bob features naturalness with low contrast. From the roots to the ends, there are three shades of difference.

For styling, Deodato says, “after blowdrying, you can use a salt spray to get a messy vibe.”

Brunette Medium-Length Bob with Auburn Highlights

This super modern and sophisticated medium bob was created by hair artisan Alexandre Silvestre of Sao Paulo, Brazil. He firmly believes it’s ideal for the modern woman.

For at-home maintenance, Silvestre advises, “use weekly hydration treatments at home and at least once a month, go to the salon for a deep treatment and color maintenance. Use texture products with a matte effect to maintain modern medium bob hairstyles like this!”

One-Length Blunt Bob

This is a blunt, one-length medium bob created by cosmetology student Kelsey Hoyt of Orem, UT. “Medium to long bobs are in style for a reason. They are fun and flattering,” she states.

This length looks good on all women and is especially flattering on women with thinner hair. Chop a lot of hair off to try out a blunt bob if you have longer hair.

If you want to get such a haircut, Hoyt says, “there is a lot to consider. You have to be willing to learn how to style your hair differently if you’ve never had short hair before. You also have to be willing to use hair product to really get the desired style. It takes some practice but is really simple once you learn how to curl your hair to fit the style of the cut.”

One-Length Bob with Wispy Bangs

One-Length Bob with Wispy Bangs

Instagram @luvlyly23

A one-length bob with wispy bangs makes a great combination for a romantic yet classic look. It’s a perfect cut and style that can be worn day and night. Style medium-length bob haircuts with all Aveda Smooth Infusion products and a small round brush to create a sleek straight finish.

Lived-In Medium-Length Shaggy Bob

This shaggy, piece-y bob was created by hairstylist Crystal Scyphers of Redlands, CA. She says it’s “A lived-in shag or a textured bob. You get a lot of versatility with a shag cut like this. It’s meant to be messy, very easy, and cool. The strategic removal of weight gives an airy texture and it can be worn  many different ways.”

Cuts like this are really flattering on so many women because you can really customize the layering to enhance your best features. It’s also great for women with a natural wave, but can also be worn straight or you can add loose waves with an iron.

When it comes to the length, Scyphers says, “it very easy to work with as long as you have the right tools and some great products. Volume and texture are key with this medium bob style. Apply a light volumizing mousse like Elevate from Unite to damp hair and then blowdry. To create the waves, use a 1 1/4-inch iron like the Stylewinder from BioIonic which is so easy to work with. Next Day Hair by L’Oréal Pro is an amazing dry texturizing spray used to finish the waves for that cool, lived-in feel.”

Dark to Light Chocolate Ombre Bob

“This shoulder-length bob haircut is chic, current, and effortless,” says hairstylist and creator Antonio Ceja of Chicago, IL.

Ceja says, “maintain shoulder-length bob haircuts every five to six weeks. Almost any face type can rock this cut. Your stylist can show you how to achieve the best finish based on your face shape. This particular cut is best suited for women with a bit of natural wave in their hair.”

For styling, he believes you should “power dry using Creme for Style by Oribe to bring out texture and movement, then follow up with curling the surface of your hair with a 2-inch iron. To protect from heat and to add hold, use FreeStyler by Oribe, followed with their Dry Texture Spray and a good shake.”

Versatile Angled Medium-Length Lob Haircut

This wavy hair is a lob that is shorter in the back and slightly angled downward as it transitions forward, explains style creator and stylist Danitza Aldana of Suisun City, CA. “This is the perfect shape if you are looking for something low maintenance or not,” she adds.

Aldana believes “this shoulder-grazing wavy angled bob is perfect for any face shape, just make sure you and your stylist are both sure about the length wanted in the front. You can style it by transitioning curls throughout and keeping the curls around your hairline away from the face. Use a light hairspray or texturizing spray for a more lived-in vibe.”

Straight Medium Bob for Thin Hair

Straight Medium Bob for Thin Hair

Instagram @ambervscott

A straight bob for thin hair is best when grazing the neck or the collarbone. The result is bolder and fuller! Straight mid-bobs are the go-to look when you want a big change. It makes an excellent cut, especially when transforming from long to short hair.

Sun-Kissed Wavy Medium Bob Hairstyle

“This mid bob is a natural, sun-kissed dirty blonde on dark roots with a natural textured wave that every girl wants. It’s such a fun, loose and edgy cut and style that it goes well on almost all women,” says hairstylist and style creator Maciel of Las Vegas, NV.

For styling, Maciel says, “you can use a smoothing iron, curling iron, or a wand to create these textured, loose wavy curls. Use a texture touchable spray, as well as a touch of serum to apply to the ends to give them some texture after the curls are done and set. Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum is a great product for this.”

This medium-length bob with blonde highlights goes well with all hair types. Because of the diversity of the cut, you can wear it with all sorts of hair textures. And depending on your face shape, it can suit some side bangs, too!

Medium-Length Bob for Thick Hair and Bangs

medium-length bob for thick hair and bangs

Instagram @bescene

With this medium bob with bangs, the hair can complement your face. That is one of the most important tasks for stylists to accomplish.

To complete the shoulder-length bob with bangs, style your hair with a serum, but you can also use an oil like Dark Oil from Sebastian for more shine.

Also, it’s often those with a round face or wide jawline that wear this look best because it gives length to their face contour.

Dark Brown Textured Shoulder-Length Layered Bob

This textured shoulder-length layered bob haircut was created by owner and stylist Danielle Leonard of Gainesville, FL. “It’s a fabulous cut for most face shapes and hair types. A shattered perimeter and textured long layers give this cut its signature tousled vibe,” she explains.

For styling, Leonard states, “healthy hair is beautiful hair, so use products that offer heat protection and keep the ends strong. For this medium-layered bob, first, apply Color Proof’s SuperRich Split Ends Mender to strengthen the textured ends and protect the hair from heat styling. Then apply LiftIt Mousse to your roots for volume.”

She adds, “once you’re blown out, go through with a 1 1/4-inch iron to create these perfect waves. Finished off your styling with Color Proof TextureCharge Texture and Finishing Spray to create additional volume and texture.”

Mid-Length Razor Cut Bob with Textured Ends

Mid-Length Razor Cut Bob with Textured Ends

Instagram @hair_by_mmarie

A razored bob haircut offers more detailed and textured ends. Thick hair can enjoy a razor cut such as this, making it seem lightweight. What most beauties will love about this messy bob is the versatility. Even without waves, the effect is still stylish!

Textured Shoulder-Length Blunt Bob

Textured Shoulder-Length Blunt Bob

Instagram @belximenes

A textured shoulder-length blunt bob is a good way to create movement in the hair. The layers and texture in this medium-length bob make styling easier and manageable.

They also create those subtle bends in the hair. Finish off with a dry spray wax like Evo She-Bang-A-Bang when styling blunt medium bobs like this.

A Classic Medium-Length Bob Style

This is a shiny and straight black medium bob hairstyle with a middle-part that frames the face. Its length grazes the shoulders, which will elongate a round face shape. Iron the ends for a more polished finish.

This was created by hairstylist Soso Vashimwung of Mumbai, IN. “A classic medium-length bob style will always add body to your hair. A classic bob haircut will never go out of style,” she explains.

Vashimwung states, “this is easy to maintain and works with most face shapes and hair types.”

Asymmetrical Bob for Medium-Length Hair

Asymmetrical Bob for Medium-Length Hair

Instagram @kendra_colorroomsalon

This haircut is one of those uneven, medium-length bob haircuts that offer edginess. It’s a great option to make thin, fine hair look fuller and healthier. The chop suits an oval face shape, too.

Bob Hairstyle with Old Hollywood Waves for Square Face Shapes

Bob Hairstyle with Old Hollywood Waves for Square Face Shapes

Instagram @matrimonymanes

This bob hairstyle with old Hollywood waves is giving us a major royal vibe! It makes a classy shoulder-length bob hairstyle that stands out in a fun, elegant ball. The style is perfect for adding movement and volume to straight, blonde locks.

Medium Relaxed Black Bob

Medium Relaxed Black Bob

Instagram @myfirstwig_com

Have a relaxed black bob, and look elegant every time! What’s great about this style is how natural it appears, especially on an oval face shape. This shoulder-length bob cut can be pulled off on casual days or formal events.

Sleek Medium-Length A-Line Bob

Sleek Medium-Length A-Line Bob

Instagram @kaatyamayhair

A sleek A-line bob screams sophistication. This hairstyle does the best job if your tresses are black and straight. The result is guaranteed to look classic. Opt for this medium-length A-line bob when looking for a gorgeous go-to cut.

Collarbone-Length Lob with Bronde Balayage

Collarbone-Length Lob with Bronde Balayage

Instagram @danae_edwardsandco

A collarbone-length lob with bronde balayage can freshen up your look and thicken your finer hair. This hairstyle works ideally for fine locks as you’re bringing the length into a blunt one-length bob. This keeps all the weight in the edges, keeping the hair to its fullest.

Cute Mid-Length Deep Side Part Bob

Cute Mid-Length Deep Side Part Bob

Instagram @yukistylist

Medium bob hairstyles like this deep side part bob never fail to offer a trendy, fashionable vibe. It’s a great alternative for straight hair that needs a root volume. Try styling it with texture, too, so it looks more graceful. What to love about it is it’s versatile, and this one isn’t an exception.

Middle Part A-Line Shoulder-Length Bob

Middle Part A-Line Shoulder-Length Bob

Instagram @thekriksters

A middle part a-line shoulder-length bob looks best on round-shaped faces as it helps elongate your face. A medium bob haircut with a middle-part has no layers and looks best with a sleek bob style.

Asymmetrical Shoulder-Length Bob with Subtle Golden Blonde Highlights

Asymmetrical Shoulder-Length Bob with Subtle Golden Blonde Highlights

Instagram @ocorteperfeitoo

An asymmetrical shoulder-length bob complements most hair textures. It adds a modern twist to a classic shoulder-length cut, too.

A medium-length asymmetrical bob emphasizes the side-part with an extra flowing length on one side. This adds a bit of glam to your style. Try a deeper side-part for more height for round or square face shapes.

Medium Formal Bob Hairstyle

Medium Formal Bob Hairstyle

Instagram @jhair_stylist

A formal long bob hairstyle goes well with chic and elegant attire. Shoulder-length bobs like this are a great length to add in curls for a gorgeous evening vibe.

The volume at the hairline brings out extra height to the mane, which suits women who have a heart face shape. Try Alterna’s Bamboo Shine Luminous Shine Mist to give your hair a weightless, mirror-like shine.

Blonde Shoulder-Length Bob with Layers

“A blonde shoulder-length bob with soft layers is a super hot trend right now,” says style creator and stylist Molly Jackson of Fort Worth, TX. “Revive your length with a shoulder-dusting blunt cut instead and a blonde color to pair it with!”

“Internal weight removal helps deflate overly dense hair so layers are minimal if any. Face-framing is minimal but can be customized according to face shape. It’s also a great length for any style bangs,” she says.

When it comes to hair texture, Jackson believes, “this medium bob with layers is great for straight to wavy textures (since most curls like more layering). Most densities work with this bob, but thicker hair may need more internal weight removal.”

Rockin’ Shoulder-Length Choppy Bob Shag with Bangs

Rockin' Shoulder-Length Choppy Bob Shag with Bangs

Instagram @belximenes

To achieve this rockin’ shoulder-length choppy bob shag with bangs, ask for interior textured layers. Opt for wispy curtain bangs above the eyebrow, and you won’t regret it.

This mid-length bob with short shaggy layers is a great cut for any face shape. When styling, use a texturizing spray and diffuse to create beach vibes all year round.

California Beachy Medium Blonde Bob

California Beachy Medium Blonde Bob

Instagram @danae_edwardsandco

Going blonder is a great way for women to show off dimension and texture in medium bob with jagged ends. Seek a stylist who specializes in blonding and balayage to achieve this long blonde bob.

The California beach blonde trend is currently the latest obsession, whether you have short, medium, or even long hair. Prep and style with It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-in Conditioner with Keratin to protect against sun and heat damage.

Sours: https://www.latest-hairstyles.com/medium/bob.html

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