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Rooflight, Dome Light, Top Light, All Taxi lights

Rooflights, Taxi Lights, Dome Lights, Top Lights

Taxidepot carry an efficient line of high visual-impact taxi lights. Also known as rooflight, dome lights and toplights.

365/24/7 taxi or not? Permanent Rooflights requires you to install the light drilling into the top of your car's rooftop, while Magnetic Roolights are plug and drive. 

GreenGo Rooflight
GreenGo Rooflight

from 74.00

GreenGo rooflight  monumental and magnificent unique to its kind, fusion of art deco and New York's Broadway style. Robust and sensitive, it is not just an exquisite well-designed rooflight. It does represents the gentleman behind the Cab.

Now Featuring 2 light zones, your clientele no longer will have to guess for your availability... just green and go.

Product detail:
Size: 21"x 7 3/4"x 6 3/4" In 

Bulbs, wire, aluminum base, and weather seal INCLUDED.


All Taxi Needs for Drivers and Fleets & Taxi Props for Movie and Commercial Production.

Taxidepot serves the Taxi industry with sales of equipment and Taxi technology for all fleets and drivers; and rents, for movie and commercial productions, Taxi movie props from Checker cabs, and Vintage meters, to all kinds of general Taxi memorabilia and custom Taxi works.

We are Headquartered in New York City, the capital Taxi of the world!!!

Taxidepot. Inc | 24-50 47th Street, Astoria, NY, 11103, United States

Sours: https://www.taxidepot.com/rooflights

Wireless Toplights!  Something new! Magnetic base toplights you place on the vehicle and control them inside the car with a key-fob remote like you use for your alarm or door locks! Several models have already been designed. If you need a different model, contact us for a quote and availability. Not all toplights are large enough to accept the required components, but many ARE! Call 760-345-4347 or e-mail [email protected] and have your model number ready! PLEASE ALLOW TIME FOR THIS MANUFACTURE PROCESS: These take about twice as long to produce as standard lights. 

This is a toplight with a magnetic base, rechargeable battery pack built-in! It has a remote control button you carry in your pocket, and NO WIRES! It has an AC charger, and you can order an optional SOLAR POWER trickle charger, and optional Cigarette Cable charge system. NO MORE HOLES drilled in your roof, no messing with wires... just place the light on the roof, click it, and GO! Easily removable when you go private, too!  Strong magnets hold well - many are on use without problems. ANY magnetic light can be blown off your car in a gale, so tell your drivers to use good sense! Magnetic toplights in Sandy or Katrina are not a good plan!

Every wireless toplight comes with a house-current charger that plugs in to 117V AC. You can also order the optional solar panel kit for trickle charge,  or an inexpensive cigarette lighter cable to charge your toplight from the car system. Oh, the solar panel kit includes cables that allow you to recharge your car battery from the sun... it's slow but it works! Better than being stranded, eh?

Yes,  normal choices (except screw-down mount) are available, colors, free custom lettering front and back and so-forth. All wireless lights are LED-type, no light bulbs. These signs are made when ordered and will normally take two to three weeks to receive. Some take a month! YOU MUST ALLOW SUFFICIENT TIME for production and shipping! Speed depends upon the factory work-load and size of orders as well as order particulars. We ALWAYS do our best to make wait time as short as possible.

Sours: https://www.taxisource.net/
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Taxi top light wireless

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The Items you NEED!! TAXI Top light,DIY

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