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Getting your home office storage spot on is key to creating a space that's functional, inspiring and that will help support your productivity when working from home.

Whether you've a whole room, a corner in the living room or nook in the hallway, ensuring you have the best storage solutions to keep this space tidy and well organised is crucial.

After all, bringing the best home office ideas to life wouldn't be possible without good storage behind it to hide daily clutter

1. Invest in a dual-purpose coffee table

(Image credit: Next)

Remote working has unearthed ways to work in different rooms in the home. While the bedroom offers a quiet space, the temptation to slide under the covers may be too risky for some.

Instead lounge areas probably provide the closest thing to a 'normal' working environment. And, while not great for your posture, coffee tables are commonly used for laptop perching and coffee nestling.

This light oak effect table with grey metal legs from Next features a cool lift up storage section transforming into a desk or dining surface. So if you're looking for a multipurpose home office storage idea that suits multifunctional living - we've got you!

2. Go Art Deco and use a drinks trolley in your office

(Image credit: Beaumonde)

TGIF! OK, so maybe you're not reading this on the last working day of the week, but you can still inject some fun into your home office storage ideas.

Used more commonly to serve guests in style, the humble drinks trolley is a glamorous way to display everything from stationary to folders and more.

Asides from the practical additions, adding a statement vase or some clayware will make your makeshift office space look expensive.

And, after hours or on weekends, it can return to its original purpose. 

3. Keep your desk tidy by using wall space

(Image credit: Furniture and Choice)

Working with a tiny workspace under the stairs or using an alcove? Keep clutter at bay by making use of wall decor. Think wire boards, fairy lights to hang things off, and of course, some floating shelves.

4. Create a cool co-working space with locker storage

(Image credit: IKEA)

From the pink swivel chair, to the plush and cozy corner, rattan lampshade and textured rugs – we'd be tempted to work all hours. But the stand out feature here is the storage locker. To recreate this look, simply stack IKEA's HÄLLAN cabinets and place the larger ones on legs. The pegboard, floating shelves and baskets offer extra up solutions to keep things clean and tidy.

Each member of the family can then personalize their container as they see fit with photographs, post-it notes or a spray paint design.

5. Invest in a desk designed for tiny spaces

(Image credit: John Lewis & Partners)

If a recent change in working from home had left you in a panic trying to find an appropriate space to work and store your laptop – you are not alone.

This pull-down home office storage desk from John Lewis and Partner's new Anyday range allows you to work and pack away your gear efficiently at the end of your shift. With internal shelves for storage and display, your weekends won't be wasted trying to nail extra shelving ideas into the wall.

6. Use magazine files to organize paperwork properly

(Image credit: Cambridge Imprint)

Cheap and cheerful, magazine files are great to organize magazines, brochures, pamphlets and documents in your home office.

But rather than opting for budget or plain colored ideas, consider printed designs that fit in with your room decor for a coordinated scheme.

These forest green and sage magazine files from Cambridge Imprint cost a little more than your standard box files, but are made by hand from sturdy wooden board. Lined inside and out with patterned paper, they make filing look fancy.

7. Repurpose an old dressing or hallway console table

(Image credit: Homescapes online)

Getting full use out of dressing and console tables by letting yours double up as a home office storage space is a wise move. And, there are lots of fine design tweaks that can make these tables easier on the eye. Consider painting yours the same color as your office interiors, or place inserts inside so that your stationery doesn't roll about inside.

This is one of many cost-effective budget home office ideas to save you forking out on expensive furniture. Now all you need is a good office chair to accompany it.

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

If you're looking for a chic bit of home office storage, look no further than this metal side table, available on Cuckooland.

With a black powder coated metal frame and will add an industrial element to your office. Styled in black with a glass table top, it's one stylish piece of furniture. 

Outside of working hours, use it as a modern living room idea and set aside some time to relax with a good book or glossy magazine. What's more, it comes already assembled and spillages or dust can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

9. Keep things separate with a letter tray design

(Image credit: Skagerak)

Keep loose paperwork tidy with a letter tray on your desk. Rather than going for a plastic or metal home office storage idea, this Skagerak Dania tray features three functional and oak trays on graduated levels and is the perfect Scandi chic and sustainable feature in your WFH setup. For added flexibility, pull out a tray and take it with you when you work away from your desk.

Keep your home office storage flexible

(Image credit: Bruce Hemming)

Look for adaptable storage systems that can grow and be altered as your storage needs change. Even if your work is largely paperless, the unavoidable creep of bills, post and archived documents needs to be pre-empted. 

Choose adjustable shelves that can be repositioned. This allows you to maximise the available space, fitting the shelves to your items, rather than being left with wasted voids.

Choose modular home office storage

(Image credit: Elfa)

A great home office storage idea is to build an adaptable storage wall with floor-to-ceiling supports and brackets. Open storage systems like this Elfa storage system really do offer total control over the storage space. Not only can you get shelves of every depth, but handy pegboard-style panels, or drawers can be added too for stationery.

Go for bespoke home office storage

(Image credit: Nest)

Many furniture companies and joinery specialists will be able to design and build home office storage to perfectly suit your requirements. No matter how big or small the space is, this can be the best way to make the most of every nook and cranny of the room.

Desks can be crafted as part of the storage, creating a coordinated look. Ask for a combination of open shelving (for pretty storage boxes and decorative items), as well as cupboards to hide away clutter and tech. Ask the designer to include trunking and portholes to keep unsightly tangled wires at bay.

Turn your home office storage into a feature

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Make the necessity of home office storage into something beautiful with an accent wall of shelving or pinned pictures. This is the perfect solution for those integrating a home office in to a living room or communal space. Remember to leave plenty of space to display treasured items keeping it as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

Choose a variety of storage solutions

(Image credit: Malcolm Menzies)

Go for a variety of home office storage types. Shelves for books, magazine files and ornaments; drawers with file hangers for paperwork; drawers for pens; and cupboards to hide away printers or bulky items.

Shared storage

(Image credit: malcolm menzies)

Sharing a workspace means squeezing the best desks and two people's paperwork and sundries into the space. Maximise the available room with a double desk and workstation with built in drawers under each. 

Foldaway looks

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

A foldaway desk is a space-saving solution for any room and provides enough work space for admin or using a laptop.

Using a shelf-cum-desk also means all of your storage is in arm's reach. The Morris bookcase comes in grey, mint and natural finishes.

Drawers where clutter is okay

(Image credit: John Lewis)

For a clutter-free office, look for a streamlined desk with drawers. Use the drawers for notepads and files, then make a feature of stationery storage with a selection of beautiful pen pots and magazine files.

We love this West Elm Mid-century style desk. It's got a generous worktop and three spacious drawers for hiding away clutter, sorry we mean we organizing important documents. 

Build wall-to-wall home office storage 

(Image credit: Neville Johnson)

Where space allows, fill a wall or corner with shelving for plenty of home office storage. Remember that if you are going for height, you will need to be able to reach the top shelves, and this is where a library-style ladder and rail comes in handy.

A desk is neatly nestled in the corner of this Grey Roma storage solution from Neville Johnson, making it the perfect choice in a multifunctional space like a living room.

No home office? No problem

(Image credit: Ikea)

If you don't have room in your home for a dedicated home office, finding places to store your papers, laptop, stationery, that sort of thing can be tricky. But just check out this ingenious hack; store it all in an ottoman. 

All you need to recreate this look is a cheap Ikea storage ottoman  and a mix of desk organisers. In this bedroom, a combination of Kuggis and Kvissle have been used, but you can obviously customize the inside of your ottoman to suit your storage needs.

Get your home office organized with a peg board 

(Image credit: Peg & Board)

We have a lot of time for the humble peg board, it looks cool, is super versatile and can be cut to fit pretty much any space.

Mount some peg board above your desk to keep everything you need at an easily grabable distance, you could even add shelves to your peg board for even more home office storage. 

Add a giant cork board to your home office

(Image credit: Furniture Choice)

Okay maybe a cork board doesn't exactly count as home office storage, but they are super handy to keep those all import documents in plain sight.

You can also use them to keep to do lists at hand plus they are a really cheap way to add some personality to your home office.

Choose wall mounted wire shelving 

(Image credit: Garden Trading )

If you like industrial vibe interiors, check out these wire offerings from Garden Trading for some home office storage ideas.

The memo board is ideal for storing reminders, to do lists, inspirational quotes, whatever. Plus there is a matching wall mounted shelf which is perfect if you don't want to clutter up your desk. 

Opt for open shelving (if you are neat enough)

(Image credit: Neptune)

If you can be organized and tidy in your office (perhaps you've invested in some lovely filing boxes), going for a pared back look with open shelving and plenty of space to display either attractive work kit (rolls of wallpaper, plans) or pretty home accessories, can help make the home office look neat and spacious.

Pick a home office cabinet to hide it all away

(Image credit: The Dormy House)

If your home office sits anywhere but in a designated home office, a hideaway cabinet or 'cloffice' is a fantastic solution.

By day, the doors can be open to provide you with a fully-functioning home office; by night, you shut the doors and hide it all away. This one is from The Dormy House and you can customize the colors and fabrics to suit your style.

Escape to an alcove

(Image credit: Pati Robins)

And a complete home office in itself if you want. A neglected alcove is just waiting to be transformed-into something more practical and building in a home office or some home office storage just makes sense.

You can actually DIY this home office storage idea yourself really easily, just check out our step-by-step guide to how to create an alcove office.

Create a walk-in library 

(Image credit: Neptune)

A truly extra home office storage idea is to build a walk-in home library, like a pantry but for your books and work stuff. 

Obviously in this gorgeous home, there was a small room conveniently already built onto the side of this massive home office, but if you are blessed with smaller proportions, you could build a stud partition wall in your current set up to create a similar (if not slightly less grand) effect. 

Color coordinated accessories 

(Image credit: Ikea )

We love this little home office nook, those colors are gorgeous! A simple palette like blue and white is great for a home office because it makes the space more interesting but is still calm and not distracting. 

Anyways, back to home office storage. Small accessories like these boxes and magazine files are great for clearing away the clutter you create through the day – use them to store notes, books, pens and paper but still keep them all very easy access.

How do I store things in my home office?

'Clever storage is king and a good de-clutter can make a home office area feel much bigger. Make the most of wall space to get everything up off the ground using shelving.', says Charlie Marshall, founder of Loaf.

'A great storage solution, shelves are the perfect way to store documents and office equipment as well as to show-off memories that you’ve collected over the years. Display your favorite knick-knacks, keepsakes and dog-eared books to give your home office personality. '

'Backless shelves can even be used to zone a room. A great solution if you’re looking to create a home office in an existing space such as a living room or kitchen area.

'Ensuring it’s backless will allow you to partition an area but still allow light to pass through, plus it’s a brilliant storage solution too.'

Buy Wall Shelves online
Buy Wall Shelves online

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A floating wall shelf of up to a height of 35 inches can usually hold the weight from 70 to 83 Kg.

What Are the Things to Consider While Buying Wall Shelves?

When you thought to buy wall shelves, then make sure whether it is made up of durable material or not. Also, check out how much weight the shelf can hold. Another important factor is that the color and texture of wall shelves must go with the available space and your interiors. 

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How to Organize a Home Office: 15 Storage Ideas

Struggling to keep your home office organized? With these 15 home office ideas, you can declutter your office space, improve office organization, and get more office storage!

Take Stock of Everything

The first step toward getting organized is to declutter. Go through what you have in your home office already. That includes furniture, home decor, and any files or paper documents. Separate them into groups of keep, donate, or toss. That way, you can clear out the things you don&#;t want or don&#;t need anymore. For more ideas, check out these home decluttering tips!

Differentiate Work Areas

Even if you’re working with a small office space at home, separating your workspace from your office storage is important. Maintaining a clean space for working can help you be more creative and productive, and having a designated place for supplies and documents will make locating these items easier.

Create a Paper Filing System

We might be living in the digital age, but if you’re running a home business, you&#;ll likely have some paper records and receipts to track. Home office organization ideas for files can be as simple as purchasing expandable folders, portable file boxes, or creating a DIY file organizer.

Utilize Wall Space for Files

Especially in small offices, it&#;s good to take advantage of vertical storage. Try mounting folders on the wall to free up desk space and keep what you need nearby. Or fasten baskets of wire file organizers to the wall for an easy filing system or mail center.

Try mounting folders on the wall to free up desk space and keep what you need nearby.Click to Tweet

Incorporate a Peg Board

Utilizing wall space with a pegboard is one of the best home office organization ideas because it saves room in drawers and allows you to display items that are important to you! Place one above your desk and add a sheet of cork for posting daily reminders, calendars, and memos.

Reuse Household Items

If you’re looking for budget-friendly home office storage ideas, look no further than what you already have at home! Old cans, mason jars, cookie tins, and tea containers can be transformed into cute desk utensil organizers.

Choose a Desk with Storage

Finding a desk that fits your needs can solve many storage issues. Having proper drawer space and attached shelving will keep your home office neat and tidy. Whether you’re shopping for a new desk or looking to add storage, there are many ways to make your desk a more productive workspace.

Consider Storage on Wheels

An easy way to keep what you need nearby is furniture on wheels. Rolling storage drawers, movable office desks, and filing cabinets on wheels all provide portable storage options and help you maintain a tidy small home office. Utility carts are also a fantastic home office storage idea, as they allow you move your work and any supples to another part of the house.

Take Advantage of Closet Storage

If your home office is located in an extra bedroom, utilizing closet space is another great home office storage solution. Take advantage of pre-existing shelves and hangers to neatly organize supplies or add movable cabinets to make the most of the space.

Give Floating Shelves a Shot

Floating shelves are a simple DIY option for adding more home office storage! If you’re working in a cramped room or you have a tight budget, this is a simple and inexpensive home office storage solution.

If you’re working in a cramped room or you have a tight budget, floating shelves are a simple and inexpensive home office storage solution.Click to Tweet

Invest in Storage Cabinets

There’s a reason why file cabinets are an office staple. They&#;re a classic storage solution for keeping files organized and tucking away supplies. You can find many versatile options at a wide range of price points at home office supply stores.

Buy a Desktop Organizer

If you&#;re not much of a DIYer or into craft projects, don&#;t worry! There are many office organizers that will help with home office organization. File sorters, letter trays, and stackable cubes can all sit on top of your desk and make more room for your work!

Try Hanging Storage

Do you have an extra canvas or plastic shoe organizer around the house? These cheap, versatile items are ideal for home office storage because they can store a myriad of items like pens, binder clips, and staplers on the back of any door.

Invest in a Cord Organizer

A cord organizer is the perfect home office solution for keeping wires from getting all tangled. It can also help you find which outlet each cord goes to. Buy one that already space for cords or make a DIY wire organizer using binder clips.

Embrace Portable Organization

Are you more inspired on the couch? Do your best ideas happen in bed? If you like to get away from your home office to do work every once in a while, try using a shower caddy to store office supplies. This organizing solution comes with a handle and makes working anywhere around the house a breeze!


Need more space at home? Extra Space Storage has convenient self storage facilities throughout the U.S. that can help you get more room. Find a storage unit near you!

Pinterest Graphic: Home Office: 15 Organization & Storage Ideas

Pinterest Graphic: Home Office: 15 Organization & Storage Ideas
creative home office wall storage ideas cover

Today many of us work at home, and even if you aren’t one of them, you still have some things to do at home, and you have at least a home office nook. The smaller your home office is, the more efficient organization and storage should be. Floor space may be not enough to accommodate everything, or you may want to save it, so wall storage is the best option anyway.

Pegboards, Memo Boards And Magnetic Boards

All these boards are aimed at storing documents, pictures, photos, stickers and all other kinds of papers you may need. They are very comfy as you won’t anything with such a board. Attaching papers to them may be different: magnets, tape, pins and even adhesives. Pegboards are the best ones because due to the structure you can also attach various shelves, planters, holders and hangers for everything.

magnet and memo boards to attach various papers

magnet and memo boards to attach various papers

magnet boards and hanging document compartments

magnet boards and hanging document compartments

magnetic and memo boards with IKEA ledges

magnetic and memo boards with IKEA ledges

pegboard for hanging memos, pics and plants

pegboard for hanging memos, pics and plants

Open Shelves

This is another super popular idea for any tight space. buy or make them and attach above your desk for easy access to your things or somewhere next to the desk. You can store and display here everything, from files and documents to planters and souvenirs. If you attach them over your desk, incorporate some lights into them to make working more comfortable.

floating shelves with lights

floating shelves with lights

open shelves perfectly fit on the wall

open shelves perfectly fit on the wall

raw wood shelves and desktops supported by iron brackets with shearling desk chair

raw wood shelves and desktops supported by iron brackets with shearling desk chair

simple floating shelves over the desks

simple floating shelves over the desks

simple open shelving on the wall allows comfortable storage and easy access

simple open shelving on the wall allows comfortable storage and easy access

wall shelving is the key to store everything necessary in an attic home office

wall shelving is the key to store everything necessary in an attic home office

wall-mounted open shelf with various compartment to hang above the desk

wall-mounted open shelf with various compartment to hang above the desk

white shelves against a chalkboard wall

white shelves against a chalkboard wall

Wire Grids And Baskets

Wire is a perfect thing for those who want to add some industrial charm to their home office. They are very durable and look cool, whatever color you use. They can be attached to some boards or used independently, and the price in any shop is very budget-friendly.

wire compartments and a magnet board

wire compartments and a magnet board

wire grid for hanging stuff

wire grid for hanging stuff

wire grid to hang next to the desk

wire grid to hang next to the desk

wire noticeboard that you can DIY

wire noticeboard that you can DIY

wire wall grid for hanging memos and pics

wire wall grid for hanging memos and pics

industrial wire baskets for mail and papers

industrial wire baskets for mail and papers

Modular Storage Units With Desk Tops

There exist some special wall-mounted shelving units that also include a desk top below, the whole construction is attached to the wall. It’s a very ergonomic unit that can be hung even in the smallest nook and you’ll get a complete home office!

modular shelving and desk wall-mounted system

modular shelving and desk wall-mounted system

modular storage unit with a desk top

modular storage unit with a desk top

built-in shelves and cabinets to accomodate everything necessary

built-in shelves and cabinets to accomodate everything necessary

wall-mounted shelving unit to comprise everything

wall-mounted shelving unit to comprise everything

Get more creative ideas below!

built-in shelves over the desk for easy storage and access

built-in shelves over the desk for easy storage and access

file and documents storage compartments

file and documents storage compartments

IKEA spice racks used for a home office

IKEA spice racks used for a home office

multipurpose wall storage for all kinds of stuff

multipurpose wall storage for all kinds of stuff

wall cabinets over the desk

wall cabinets over the desk

wall envelopes for storing documents

wall envelopes for storing documents

woven compartments with magnetic pen holders for a rustic touch

woven compartments with magnetic pen holders for a rustic touch

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Wall shelf organizers office

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