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Court Information for all Family Law Courts in DFW Metroplex

As a convenience for you, these are the various Family Law Courts and Court locations for Collin, Denton, Dallas, Tarrant, Grayson, Rockwall, Kaufman and Ellis County, with a few related tips and useful information you won’t find elsewhere

Tarrant County (Court located in Fort Worth, Texas)

The Tarrant County Family Law Center is located at 200 E. Weatherford St., Fort Worth, TX and opened for business on July 19, 2005. It is still very attractive and well designed. All the Family Law Courts and OAG Courts are located in the Family Law Center. The Family Law Center also houses the Family Court Services (social study) office, the District Clerks for the family law courts, the Lawyer’s Lounge (where the lawyers hang out and negotiate their cases) and other related offices. A parking garage is across the street on the East side of this courthouse (but fills quickly, be there by 8:45 am to get a spot).

All temporary hearings, discovery motions, many pretrial conferences, some motions for enforcement are heard by the Associate Judges. All final trials are heard by the District Judges in most cases. Like Dallas, each Family District Court has an Associate Judge. Here are the various courts:

231st District Court – Located on the 5th Floor -Judge Jesus Nevarez, Jr; Associate Judge Lindsay DeVos

233rd District Court – Located on the 5th Floor – Judge William Harris; Associate Judge Diane Haddock

322nd District Court – Located on the 4th Floor – Judge Nancy Berger; Associate Judge James Munford

324th District Court – Located on the 4th Floor – Judge Jerome Hennigan; Associate Judge Beth Poulos

325th District Court – Located on the 5th Floor – Judge Judith Wells; Associate Judge Terri White

360th District Court – Located on the 4th Floor – Judge Patricia Bennett; Associate Judge Matthew Riek

Dallas County (Court located in Dallas, Texas)

All Family Law courts are located in the George Allen Sr. Courts Bldg. Located at 600 Commerce Street, Dallas, Texas 75202. This court building is the 10 story White Granite building directly South of the Old Red Courthouse. This building is very old but had an expansion wing added a few years ago. Everyone calls the newer expansion section the “East Wing” and the older section the “West Wing”. The best place for parking is in the garage UNDERNEATH Old Red, with entrances off of Eastbound Commerce St. or Westbound Elm St. The price is $10.00 or less. The garage allows covered access to the George Allen Sr., Court Bldg. (as well as the Records Building where Probate Courts and County offices are located).

There are seven specialized Family Law District Courts. In Dallas County, as in Tarrant County, each Family District Court has both a District Judge and an Associate Judge. There are also three Attorney General Court (IV-D) Courts. All these Judges hear only Family Law cases. The Family Court Services (i.e., Social Study) office is on the 2nd floor of the East Wing. The Family District Clerk file desk is on the 1st floor. The Court Clerks for each court are on the same floor as their assigned court.

Each District Judge hears Final Trials, Motions to Enforce and some other matters and usually conducts Pre-Trial Conferences of some type so they can specially set the case for trial. Most of the Associate Judges’ dockets start at 9:00 a.m. or 9:30 a.m. and at 1:30 p.m.; they preside over Temporary Hearings, discovery disputes, and some Pre-Trial conferences. Each District Court has a Coordinator and its own Court Clerks. You cannot access the Judge and Coordinator’s offices behind the Courtrooms unless you have clearance from the Court Clerks.

The three IV-D courts are situated on the 3rd Floor of the West Wing and these hearings are set at 8:30 a.m.

Three of the District Courts are on the 3rd Floor of the East Wing, the other three are on the 4th Floor.

All of the Associate Judge’s Courtrooms are located on the 4th Floor of the West Wing except for the Associate Judge of the 256th which is located on the 3rd Floor of that wing.

254th District Court: District Judge Darlene Ewing; Associate Judge Donald Turner.

255th District Court: District Judge Kim Moore; Associate Judge Scott Beauchamp.

256th District Court: District Judge David Lopez; Associate Judge Regina Moore.

301st District Court: District Judge Mary Brown; Associate Judge Andrew Ten Eyck.

302nd District Court: District Judge Tena Callahan; Associate Jean Lee.

303rd District Court: District Judge Denise Garcia; Associate Judge Grace Olveira.

330th District Court: Andrea Plumlee; Associate Judge Danielle Diaz.

Collin County(Court located in McKinney, Texas)

The stately, still relatively new and recently expanded Collin County Courthouse is located at 2100 Bloomdale Rd., McKinney, Texas, at the NW corner of Bloomdale Rd., and US 75/N. Central Expressway.

Directions: Traveling North on Central Expwy., (US 75), pass Hwy. 380, take the Bloomdale Rd., exit (Exit 42B). Turn left at the stop sign. The courthouse is located on the NW corner of US 75 & Bloomdale Rd. Traveling South on Central Expwy., (US 75) take the Weston Rd., exit (Exit 43). Stay on the service road approximately 2 miles to the stop sign and turn right. The courthouse is located on the NW corner of US 75 & Bloomdale Rd.

Parking is free in front of the Courthouse on the south side of the building but is not covered. Prepare for a walk and bring an umbrella in case of inclement weather.

Update 9-1-15: There are now eleven District Courts in Collin County. Note that all these courts, except the two newest ones, the 469th and 470th, are “General Jurisdiction” courts, meaning the Judges will hear mostly Criminal and Civil District Court matters. They will still be presiding over a few Family Law cases; however, the 469th and 470th are now designated as strictly Family Law Courts and will hear the majority of Family Law matters. This means you may appear for your case only to find that another type of case is ahead of it which the court hears first. It has long been a tradition that the courts set all their cases for 9:00 a.m. This means you may be on the docket with a number of other cases and you may or may not get heard at 9:00 a.m.; instead, it usually will be later that morning or even that afternoon before your case is reached. Thankfully, some of the courts are starting to use afternoon settings. Each court has a Court Coordinator. The District Court Clerk’s Office is now centralized in the District Clerk’s Main Office on the first floor. Take a number!

Note that if you have had a case in one of these general courts in the past and are going back to court for a modification or enforcement, you should check to see whether your case is administratively transferred to one of the new 469th or 470th Family District Courts.

199th District Court – located on the 1st Floor, Judge Angela Tucker

219th District Court – located on the 2nd Floor, Judge Scott Becker

296th District Court – located on the 2nd Floor. Judge John Roach, Jr.

366th District Court– located on the 3rd Floor. Judge Ray Wheless

380th District Court – located on the 3rd Floor, Judge Benjamin Smith

401st District Court – located on the 3rd Floor, Judge Mark Rusch

416th District Court – located on the 2nd Floor, Judge Andrea Plummer

417th District Court – located on the 3rd Floor, Judge Cynthia Wheless

429th District Court – located on the 1st Floor, Judge Jill WillisNew Family Law Courts

469th District Court — Judge Piper McCraw

470th District Court — Judge Emily Miskel

(Locations of these two courts will be added)

NOTE: *There is also a “spill over” Court called Auxiliary Court where the sitting Judges bring in various retired Judges to preside over uncontested cases, hear agreements and preside over some actual contested matters and trials as needed. Aux. Court No. 3 on the First Floor is where this occurs. If your case is settled or uncontested, most “prove ups” will be done there.

**Another notable about Collin County is that it is the home of the infamous “20 minute” Rule. Collin County STILL does not have Associate Judges to hear temporary matters. This means that for ALL temporary hearings, no matter how involved or complex or how many witnesses, the Court will generally only give each side 20 minutes to present their case and cross-examine the other side. This makes Temporary Hearings extremely difficult. Make sure you prepare properly!

Denton County (Court located in Denton, Texas)

The Denton County Courthouse is located at 1450 E. McKinney Street, Denton, Texas 75209.

It, too, like Collin County, is a fairly new, very nice Courts building. There is uncovered parking on three sides of the Courthouse. Be aware, the parking is limited and on Mondays, when jurors are called in, the lot is often completely full and quite a walk may be in the works. Get there early (around 8:30 am) if possible!

There are now eight District Courts in Denton County. You should note that the 442nd District Court was created to hear most of the Family Law cases in Denton County. All the other Courts (except the newest one, the 442nd) are “General Jurisdiction” Courts, meaning the Judges hear not only Family Law but also Criminal and Civil District Court matters. This means you may appear for your case only to find that another type of case is ahead of it which the court hears first. Denton County, fortunately, staggers their cases our throughout the day instead of setting a hundred cases all at 9 am. Still, however, you may be on the docket with a number of other cases for your allotted time slot and you may or may not get heard on time. Each Court has a Coordinator. Clerks are centralized. As with all courts, you cannot access Judge’s or Coordinator’s offices unless you are buzzed through after identifying yourself and your business with the Court. Like Collin County, Denton County still does not yet have Associate Judges to preside over temporary or discovery matters, so there is a strict time limit on Temporary hearings, usually not more than one hour.

Note that if you have had a case in one of these general courts in the past and are going back to court for a modification or enforcement, you should check to see whether your case is administratively transferred to the new 442nd Dist. Court.

16th District Court- Located on the 3rd Floor – Judge Sherry Shipman

158th District Court – Located on the 3rd Floor – Judge Steve Burgess

211th District Court – Located on the 2nd Floor – Judge Brody Shanklin

362nd District Court – Located on the 3rd Floor – Judge Bruce McFarling

367th District Court – Located on the 3rd Floor – Judge Margaret Barnes

393rd District Court – Located on the 4th Floor – Judge Doug Robison

431st District Court – Located on the 2nd Floor – Judge Jonathan Bailey

442nd District Court — Located on the 2nd Floor in the former ceremonial courtroom — Judge Tiffany Haertling

Denton County courts are very formal, have their own “personality” and require strict adherence to rules of conduct and decorum. You MUST stand up to address the Court (which you should do always anyway, but Denton is more strict than others).

Grayson County (Court located in Sherman, Texas)

The three district courts listed below are all located at 200 S. Crockett Street, Sherman, Texas 75090. This is the new two-story Sub Courthouse located on the southwest corner of the square which is across the street from the Old Courthouse in the middle of the town square. Enter the building on the East side and elevators are available to the second floor. Also, three courts are located on the second floor. All three courts are General Jurisdiction Courts similar to all counties around except the counties of Dallas and Tarrant.

15th District Court – Judge James Fallon

59th District Court – Judge Rayburn “Rim” Nall

397th District Court – Judge Brian Gary

Each judge has a Coordinator behind the courtroom. Security or permitted access only.

The Courts offer staggered settings throughout the day to minimize wait time, which is appreciated.

Rockwall County (Court located in Rockwall, Texas)

The brand new attractive Rockwall County Courthouse sits facing I-30 and is located at 1111 E. Yellowjacket Lane, Rockwall, Texas 75087.

There are two District Courts in Rockwall County. These district courts are of General Jurisdiction and they hear civil, criminal and Family Law matters. Judge Hall has been on the bench for many years. Judge Rakow’s court was created more recently. Each judge has a Court Coordinator.

382nd District Court – District Judge Brett Hall

439th District Court – District Judge David Rakow

Kaufman County (Court located in Kaufman, Texas)

The courthouse address is in the middle of the town square at 100 West Mulberry, Kaufman, Texas 75142. There are two District Courts and both are of General Jurisdiction and they hear civil, criminal and family law matters. Judge Casey Blair’s court is on the second floor and Judge Chitty’s court is located on the first floor. Each has a Court Coordinator. Entrance to the courthouse is strictly monitored.

86th District Court – District Casey Blair (second floor)

422nd District Court – District Judge B. Michael Chitty (first floor)

Ellis County – (Court located in Waxahachie, Texas)

Granbury – (Court located in Hood County)

Address of the court is 1200 W. Pearl St., Fort Worth, Texas 76048

Sours: https://boydfamilylaw.com/court-information-for-all-family-law-courts-in-dfw-metroplex/

County Court


Honorable Allen B. Couch

  • Phone: 662-469-8317
  • Marilyn Culver, Administrator
    • Phone: 662-469-8317
    • Fax: 662-469-8318

County Court Cases

County Courts in Mississippi handle cases under its three divisions: Civil Division, Criminal Division and Youth Court Division.

Civil Matters

The County Court of DeSoto County has:

  • Jurisdiction concurrent with the Circuit and Chancery Courts in all civil matters of law and equity wherein the amount in controversy does not exceed $200,000
  • Jurisdiction concurrent with the Justice Court in all civil matters
  • Jurisdiction of all civil appeals from the Justice Court
  • Original jurisdiction of partition of personal property, replevin, eviction and unlawful entry and detainer cases
  • Exclusive jurisdiction of all eminent domain cases

These cases are filed in the Civil Division of the County Court.

Criminal Matters

The County Court has jurisdiction concurrent with the Justice Court in all criminal matters of misdemeanors and felony preliminary hearings; jurisdiction of felony cases, except capital offenses, when the Circuit Court transfers such cases to it; jurisdiction of criminal cases appealed from the Justice Court and Municipal Courts. These cases are files in the Civil Division and Criminal Division of the County Court.

Youth Court

The County Court has exclusive jurisdiction of all cases wherein a juvenile (a child younger than age 18) is alleged to be a child in need of supervision, an abused child, a neglected child or a delinquent child (one who commits a crime). These cases are filed in the Youth Court Division of the County Court.

Domestic Abuse Protection Orders (DAPO)

The Circuit Court handles Domestic Abuse Protection Orders (DAPO). A DAPO is a civil court order that may enhance the safety of some victims of abuse. It is specifically designed to help people who are being abused by someone to whom they are married or were formerly married, or someone with whom they have or formerly had an intimate or dating relationship, or someone with whom they have a close family relationship.

Sours: https://www.desotocountyms.gov/139/County-Court
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422nd District


General and Standing Orders COVID 19

Judge: Shelton Gibbs

Shelton T.W. Gibbs IV was elected Judge of the 422nd District Court July 14, 2020 and was sworn in January 1, 2021 as Kaufman County’s first African American district judge.

Judge Gibbs graduated from Terrell High School in 1998 with honors. In the fall of that same year, he attended Southwestern Christian College where he served as sophomore class president and graduated valedictorian with an Associates of Science Degree in 2000.

Gibbs next enrolled at Abilene Christian University. While there he received numerous scholastic and service awards including the University Scholar Award, the Trent and Meador Scholar Award, the Jack Pope Fellows Scholar Award, and the Honor Man Award.  Gibbs graduated with a bachelor’s of science degree in political science from Abilene Christian University, Summa Cum Laude, in 2002.

In the fall of 2002, Gibbs was admitted to Southern Methodist University’s Dedman School of Law.  While in law school he served as legal intern for Belo Corporation, a media conglomerate headquartered in Dallas, Texas.  He worked in the legal department with Belo executives on projects for its 20 subsidiary television and print companies, including WFAA-TV Channel 8, The Dallas Morning News in Dallas/Fort Worth, KHOU-TV in Houston, KING-TV in Seattle/Tacoma and KTVK-TV in Phoenix.

In June of 2007, Gibbs was hired as Assistant District Attorney for Kaufman County.  During his 13-year tenure as a prosecutor, Gibbs served as the Chief Felony Prosecutor for the 86th District Court and tried more than 60 jury trials to verdict.

Gibbs has participated in planning annual seminars for the Texas District & County Attorneys Association (TDCAA) training committee in Austin, Texas. He also conducted prosecutor trainings for TDCAA and key personnel throughout the state.

He currently serves on the board of trustees for Abilene Christian University, is a board member of the Terrell Excellence Foundation, Senior Connect and has previously served as a board member for the Crandall ISD Education Foundation from 2014 – 2016.

Gibbs was born into a legacy of Church of Christ ministers and currently also serves as the pulpit minister of Lawrence and Marder Street Church of Christ, where he has worked since March of 2012. He has been a guest speaker for many churches throughout the Unites States and has participated in lectureships, panels discussions, and inspirational talks.

Gibbs is married to Toni Francine Gibbs and is the proud father of three children, Shelton Gibbs V, Hamilton Gibbs, and Linden Gibbs.



Angela Endicott

Administrative/Civil/Family Court Coordinator

Direct Line: (469) 376-4668

Email: [email protected]


Yolanda Rodriguez

Criminal Court Coordinator

Direct Line: (469) 376-4666

Email: [email protected]


Peri Perkins

Court Reporter

(469) 376-4667

Email: [email protected]

Sours: https://www.kaufmancounty.net/county-government/county-courts/422nd-district/

Democrat Dana Huffman, Republican Piper McCraw Are Candidates for Judge of 469th District Court

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Sours: https://www.law.com/texaslawyer/2020/10/07/democrat-dana-huffman-republican-piper-mccraw-are-candidates-for-judge-of-469th-district-court/

District court judicial 469th

Dana Huffman, a Democratic judicial candidate for Texas’ 469th District Court, held a fundraising reception via Zoom Thursday night with Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot to discuss COVID-19’s impact on the application of criminal justice and Huffman’s campaign efforts. 

A press release promoting the event placed a special emphasis on the topic of qualified immunity, a doctrine which protects law enforcement officers from civil liability, but the conversation between Huffman and Creuzot centered mostly on COVID-19’s impact. 

“COVID has changed everything we’re doing across the board,” said Huffman. “We’re doing everything virtual right now.”

Moderated by Dallas attorney J. Steven Cooper, the panelists discussed how face-to-face social interactions are essential to campaigns and beseeched viewers to contribute to Huffman’s campaign to offset this impediment. When asked if Democratic candidates have an electoral disadvantage in Collin County, Huffman replied, “We think Collin County is very competitive right now for Democratic candidates.”

She added, “I’d be ready to start the first day, and I know I’d serve Collin County very well.”

Creuzot echoed this sentiment and gave an enthusiastic endorsement for Huffman in saying, “I’m very supportive of Dana and her tribe… I think Collin County will be well-served.”

Huffman’s opponent, incumbent Republican judge Piper McCraw, was appointed by Governor Greg Abbott to the 469th District Court in 2015. Prior to this tenure, she worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Collin County and cofounded law firm McCraw-Gantt, PLLC. The court was established two weeks before the start of McCraw’s first term, which makes her the court’s first presiding judge, and Huffman the first Democratic nominee to run for the seat.

About halfway through the reception, Creuzot and Huffman discussed how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting jails and jury trials. Creuzot stated that Dallas County officials are working to keep the number of occupants at the Dallas County jail down to 5,000 or less, and he expressed that Dallas County has converted two grand jury rooms to accommodate social distancing guidelines. 

“99.8% of all criminal cases are resolved without a jury,” Creuzot explained. “Even though we’re not having jury trials, it’s not affecting many of the dispositions.”

Despite the lack of jury trials happening in Dallas County, Creuzot and Huffman both contended that Zoom sessions impeded a criminal defendant’s right to confront witnesses. This right is outlined in the Sixth Amendment’s Confrontation Clause, which states, “[I]n all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right…to be confronted with the witnesses against him.”

The moderator, Steven Cooper, shoehorned a question on qualified immunity into the discussion about 10 minutes before its conclusion, while telling viewers to Google it.  

“As a criminal defense attorney, I’m always shocked when people are surprised that minorities are having the crap beaten out of them on a regular basis, or murdered,” Cooper said. “These bodycams, when the police turn them on – the proof’s in the pudding.”

Qualified immunity has been at the forefront of national debate since the May 25 death of Minnesota man George Floyd, who was killed after Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for approximately nine minutes. The incident sparked international outrage and was a catalyst to hundreds of Black Lives Matter protests, some of which have yielded to violent confrontations with law enforcement. 

Creuzot added to this in saying, “[Floyd’s death] was so graphic and so brutal and so uncaring in the manner in which it happened, and his pleas went unheeded…For some reason, that one caught the conscience of a lot of people.”

A time-pressed Cooper ended the session following scarce dialogue on qualified immunity. Despite the press release’s emphasis on the issue, Creuzot and Huffman briefly expounded on non-violent drug offenses and law enforcement’s use of body and dash cameras as a means of transparency. 

“I love the body cameras and the dash cameras,” Huffman said. “When I started, we didn’t have any of those things.”

Garrett Gravley is a Dallas-based writer, journalist and music critic. His work has appeared in the Dallas Observer, D Magazine, and Central Track. More by Garrett Gravley

Sours: https://localprofile.com/2020/07/13/democratic-judicial-candidate-for-469th-district-court-discusses-covid-19s-impact-on-the-justice-system-with-dallas-county-da-john-creuzot/
How Criminal Defense Attorneys Get Cases Dismissed


scott county ms courthouse2nd Chancery CourtDistrict

PO Box 434
Forest MS 39074
Phone: 601-469-2447
Fax: 601-469-3116
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.2ndchancerycourtdistrictms.org

Cases heard in the Chancery Court include domestic/family matters, divorce, child custody, property division, adoptions, alimony, estates of descendants, land issues (titles, contracts), emancipation (declaring a minor to be 21 for work purposes), property title confirmation, property disputes (over $50,000), insurance settlements to minors, and commitments of mentally disabled.

The following Judges preside over the Scott County Chancery District Court:

Need Legal Help?

Click here to visit the Mississippi Access to Justice Commission's website for legal resources.

Circuit Court District 8

Scott County Courthouse
100 E 1st St
Forest MS 39074
Phone: 601-469-3601
Fax: 601-469-5188

The Circuit Court has original jurisdiction over all civil and criminal matters not vested exclusively in another court. Most Circuit Court cases are heard by juries.

The following Judges preside over the Scott County Circuit Court:

  • Hon. Brian K. Burns
  • Hon. Mark Duncan

Justice Court

PO Box 371
Forest MS 39074
Phone: 601-469-4555
Fax: 601-469-5193
Justice Court Clerk - Betty Odom

The Justice Court resides over a myriad of matters, from civil suits to delinquent mobile home taxes. Traffic tickets issued by the State Highway Patrol and the Scott County Sheriff's Department are resolved in the Justice Court, as well as Public Service tickets, Gaming, Fishing and Marine Reserve tickets.

This Court hears all matters with regard to DUIs and violations of County ordinances. All felony cases are first heard in the Justice Court for an initial appearance and the filing of the affidavit. Judges from this office have court sessions at the jail three times each week to ensure each person's right to have an initial court appearance within three days of arrest.

The following Judges preside over the Scott County Justice Court:

  • Post 1 - Hon. Ben McCurdy
  • Post 2 - Hon. Bill Freeman

Youth Court

100 E 1st St
Forest MS 39074
Phone: 601-469-1922
Fax: 601-469-5180

Cases heard in the Youth Court include matters involving delinquent children, children in need of supervision, and neglected and/or abused children.

The following Judges preside over the Scott County Youth Court:

County Prosecuting Attorney

The County Prosecuting Attorney represents the state in all felony matters before the county's justice or county court. Also, the Prosecuting Attorney represents the state in criminal cases appealed from justice or county court to circuit court, can present matters to the grand jury, is responsible for all misdemeanor youth court proceedings and all other cases not specified to the District Attorney.

Tanya Carl, Prosecutor
PO Box 57
Forest MS 39074
Phone: 601-469-0112
Fax: 601-469-0712

District Attorney - 8th District

Steven Kilgore, District Attorney
P.O. Box 603
Philadelphia, MS 39350
Phone: 601-656-1991
Fax: 601-656-2287

Sours: https://www.scottcountyms.gov/courts

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