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Silvia is one of the main characters in the Eeveelution Squad web comic. She is Gai's younger sister and Frank's daughter. She has deep romantic feelings for Speed and acts in the story in a love triangle. Her full name is Silvia Sunsinger. She is currently in a relationship with Speed.


Silvia can be described as the naughty member of the gang. She's cheerful, naïve and likes to play with boys by attracting them to her. When she met Speed and Trace for the first time, Speed said that it wasn't working with him, so she kissed him trying to change his mind.



She lived with her family before the foundation of the squad. During that time, she made many friends. When she was 10, she met a Mythical Pokemon called Manaphy, who she named Mana, and managed to befriend her after spending time with her for almost a week. About a year later, she evolved into Sylveon.

One day, when she came back from playing with Mana, she met Pearl on her way home. A few days later, she accepted to live with her and the others.

After she moved in with the squad, she only visits Mana once a week instead of every day. She's quickly became close friends with Crystal, and usually spends her time with her, Black, or Sunshine.



Silvia met Speed by chance when they were kids. Silvia kissed him for no real reason then, but she developed romantic feeling for him soon after. Silvia had maintained a one sided crush on Speed for many years, much to the annoyance of Speed. However, there were moments when Speed thought that Silvia was an alright person and they got along well. Unfortunately, Silvia turn head over heels for Speed after he flirts with her. After Speed's disappearance from town, Silvia had searched for Speed for many years. When they moved into the tree house, they didn’t recognize each other for the most part and only called each other by their species names (Sylveon and Jolteon). However, in Main Chapter 5, Silvia learns that the Jolteon she has been living with was Speed the entire time.

In Special Chapter 7, Silvia and Pearl had their bodies swapped in order to find more on their love interests' opinions of them. Speed finally tells her that he didn’t want to be relationship when they younger and that her personality would only remind him of his sister, which Silvia understands. Silvia slightly restraints her feelings for Speed, but she still loves him. Speed and Silvia are on good terms now.

In Special Chapter 12B, Speed had noticed that Silvia as acting more like Lazuli. Speed wanted to know why she was acting this way and told her to speak up. She then told him that hanging out with him has nothing to do with love, but her feelings for him still have not changed. She then says Lazuli was fine with asking Speed out, even if Lazuli and Speed were already dating. While the conversation is going, they were interrupted by Turbo. Speed had to leave with Turbo, however, Speed kissed Silvia on the forehead and told her she can be his girlfriend, as long if Lazuli is okay with it.


Silvia met Crystal when they first moved into the treehouse. They became best friends instantly due to their behaviors and interests. They were a mischievous duo that planed things for their amusement, like making Speed and Lazuli go into the warehouse so they could "investigate" something, only for it to be a ploy to get Speed and Lazuli together in the same place.


Gai is her older brother. He knew that she kissed Speedy, as well as made others fall for her all the time. They care about each other, but in Silvia's eyes he can be pretty annoying sometimes.


Frank is her father. He does not wish to tell Silvia and Gai about their mother, who might be a Ditto.


Silvia plays with sunshine while Speed is gone, and tries to teach Sunshine her moveset. Sunshine and Silvia get along well and causes Sunshine to want to evolve into a Sylveon as well.


Silvia and Black get along well, but she is not interested in anything romantic. They are good friends regardless.


  • Silvia was Speed's first kiss, but Speed was the first and only person she kissed with meaning.
  • Silvia's hatch date was on 27 March, 6001.
  • On August 24, 2020, PKM-150 revealed Silvia's real name, along with the rest of the cast.


Sours: https://eeveelution-squad.fandom.com/wiki/Silvia


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 Misty - Cerulean City Gym leader
Everyone whom has ever watched (The first, second and third seasons) Pokemon should know whom Misty is, she was the fiery redhead that kept both Ash and Brock in check, while pokemon was in it's height. Despite having three older sisters who are known to be famous/ gorgeous, Misty was called the Tomboyish Mermaid. Some of her accolades are 

  • Beating Jessie in a Princess Day Tournament
  • Is the Current Cerulean City Gym Leader
  • IS the only Gym leader to appear in Super Smash Brothers (Trophy)
  • Is the youngest and only female trainer in Pokemon to be a water Gym leader. 
  • Champion of the Alto Mare Race in Pokemon Heroes
  • Champion of the Seaking catching Day
  • Top 8 in the whirl island tournies 

Despite all that she accomplished, she was replaced by May in the Third Generation. Misty's goal was simply to be the best Water Pokemon trainer, wheather it meant beating the girls or the Boy's her goal seemed to rival Ash's in a since. Though she makes appearances from time to time it's simply to appease long term fans. Misty had such a "swag" about her that just made her chemistry with Ash amazing. Ash and Misty had 3 battles with each other, the first was a tie, as Team Rocket interrupted, the Second Ash won, but Misty claimed the Prize, which was Togepi and the final Ash Won all of them considered to be the top battles in the history of the show.

I personally was never a fan of May, she was whiny, and overly emotional (but then again she is a 13 year old girl so i guess it's to be expected), I felt it was disrespectful to replace Misty with a girl whom didn't even like Pokemon! Eventually she tried it though starting her journey off with Torchic; in doing so becoming the first ever female Protagonist to start a journey. She had one Gym battle in her exploits and she was defeated, by Roxanne; she changed her mind and became a Pokemon coordinator. I hated the whole introduction of Pokemon contest it was Pokemon's way of saying. "You girl's aren't good enough to compete with Ash" . May eventually comes into her own and decides on what she wants to do. Win ribbons in different, regions and become the top coodinator. 


  • Collected 10 ribbons from different regions
  • Runner up at the Wallace Cup
  • Placed in the Top 8 in Kanto coordinator tourney's
  • Place in top 4 in the hoenn tourneys

May appeared a few times during the Diamond and Pearl Series, but she was eventually replaced by Dawn. What i hated about Dawn was that she was scared to make mistakes, this could possibly be because i was so used to Misty a trainer who knew what she was doing, (For the most part) that a new trainer really just seemed off. I guess it's not a stretch to think that I hated a trainer in Pokemon's Worst generation.  

 Then we get Dawn, and I knew she would be my favorite, when I watched the first episode of Pokemon and saw that Ash didn't show up until the last 10 mins. The thing about Dawn is she was essentially a female Ash; and she didn't take any crap from him either. They bickered they argued and still seemed to fit like brother and sister. Dawn started off a pokemon trainer and a coordinator, wanting to pursue being a pokemon champion. I applauded this at first, even though she would eventually be reduced to just contest.  Dawn had a strong since of confidence that is needed for being a pokemon trainer; which separates her from May. I believe Dawn was brought in to challenge Ash's right to be a main character. Dawn tried a few gym battles, and Ash tried a few Contest; neither of them succeding; For a brief time and period it seemed as if Dawn and her Hilarious Piplup where upstaging Ash. 

 5 Sinnoh Ribbons 
Heathrome Tag battle Contest Runner up 
Hearthrome Collection winner 
Pokemon Ping Pong tourney winner   
Twinleaf Festival battle winner 
Grand Festival Runner Up  Anyways we lose Dawn and now it's just blah, She was a great supporting character, unlike Brock who is starting to sound creepier as the series goes on. It would have been great to see her go up against the likes of Misty, Gary and Ritchie some of Ash's older rivals Anyways, she and Ash teamed up a few times during their time togather which are also ranked at the top as some of the best battles. 

 Now we have Iris, whom is in this 5th Generation of Pokemon. she is the 8th Gym leader of The Black and White series, which really gets confusing. Anyways not only do we lose, Dawn in the NEW GEN WE lost Brock as well. I haven't watched to much of the new series to know about IRIS , but she must be the first black female character. 

What is it about the series that just makes it easy to replace a long term character like Misty or Dawn for that matter, Misty traveled with Ash for 3 seasons and Two generation. May got 2 and Dawn got 2 but no one every makes it into the next gen why?
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Misty leaving was the worst thing that happened in the anime.

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What's this about replacing Brock?
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@Sexy Merc: You are correct sir 

@InnerVenom123: Brock has been replaced by Dent
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I haven't watched this in such a long time. So they replaced Dawn too, I see. Personally out of all the three that I have seen episodes of, I prefer Misty.

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@Savage :


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@ComicMan24: I preferred Misty Too, but i'd take Dawn over May. 

@InnerVenom123: LOL if you haven't been keeping up then you wont know him. He is the first gym leader of the Black and White games
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#8  Edited By Adnan

Who cares about the girls, what about Pidgeot?

...remember Pidgeot? Ash left him in...Viridian Forest, I think, saying that he'd be back after he sees Prof. Oak. So Pidgeot waited there.



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I don't like Iris' design though.

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The new pokemon for Black and White look suckish anyway.
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@InnerVenom123 said:

" @Savage : .... ADGWEOGNWOGFMAWOEFANOGAWEGFMAOWGWMAGOWRMGAORNGOERGNADKNGS.   The new pokemon for Black and White look suckish anyway. "

You don't like Ice Cream pokemon? ;)

Also, after playing the game for a while, most of the BW pokes have actually grown on me :o Even if there are one or two retarded ones (The first 150 had it's fair share of lame pokes too...mainly Voltorb ._.)
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@InnerVenom123 said:
" @Savage : .... ADGWEOGNWOGFMAWOEFANOGAWEGFMAOWGWMAGOWRMGAORNGOERGNADKNGS.   The new pokemon for Black and White look suckish anyway. "
Yeah, I didn't like their designs a lot too.
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@Savage : I've been on Serebi and seen the designs for all the new pokes..... not a fan.
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#15  Edited By Savage

Oh you mean the actual pokemon, i was talking about the game play

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I haven't watched this since May, so I don't know anything about Iris or Dawn. But I stopped watching cos Misty owned that show.
Plus, what is Pokemon without Brock?

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Explanation: In Japan, there hasn't been a new series of Pokemon every year. Instead, it just runs continually, the subtitle only changing when the generation changes. With the exception of Orange Islands (they introduced Tracey because they expected criticism about Brock when the anime was dubbed - but fans loved Brock, so they brought him back for Johto), cast changes always happen only when they move on to the next generation. Hence, the first series, Pocket Monsters, accounts for the first five dub seasons, the ones with Misty, and set in Kanto and Johto. Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation is the next four seasons, featuring May and set in Hoenn. Pocket Monsters Diamond and Pearl is next, which is the seasons with Dawn and set in Sinnoh. Then the current one, Pocket Monsters Best Wishes, which has Iris and is set in Unova. When Generation 6 comes out, you can be sure either Iris, Dent, or both will be replaced. But that's a few years away yet.

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Original cast was the best. I always found al the female characters past Misty were crap.  Ash and her had the best chemistry.   I watched every episode with Ash, Brock and Misty and watched the beginning and odd episodes of Johto.  But I've lost touch with them now.  I still watch the films and play the games.

I heard rumours that Ash is getting replaced?  Is this true?

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@Supreme Marvel said:
" Original cast was the best. I always found al the female characters past Misty were crap.  Ash and her had the best chemistry.   I watched every episode with Ash, Brock and Misty and watched the beginning and odd episodes of Johto.  But I've lost touch with them now.  I still watch the films and play the games.  I heard rumours that Ash is getting replaced?  Is this true? "
Really? Haven't heard of such rumour. Not a good idea IMO.
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I know, they should always have him.  I understand that the new girl represents that Pokémon area and that's why they replace them.  But you can't replace Ash.

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@Supreme Marvel said:
" I know, they should always have him.  I understand that the new girl represents that Pokémon area and that's why they replace them.  But you can't replace Ash. "
True. Plus having Ash out will most likely alienate any older viewers.
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@ComicMan24 said:
" @Supreme Marvel said:
" I know, they should always have him.  I understand that the new girl represents that Pokémon area and that's why they replace them.  But you can't replace Ash. "
True. Plus having Ash out will most likely alienate any older viewers. "


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@InnerVenom123 said:
" @ComicMan24 said:
" @Supreme Marvel said:
" I know, they should always have him.  I understand that the new girl represents that Pokémon area and that's why they replace them.  But you can't replace Ash. "
True. Plus having Ash out will most likely alienate any older viewers. "


LMAO Good one.
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@InnerVenom123: If that becomes true...I know where to hunt!!!
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In all honesty, I think people should stop bashing the current gen, and especially stop saying tings like "the first gen is the best gen". Sure, we have a right to our opinion, but the youngsters (i.e. the target audience) are gonna grow up with this gen and future ones, and these are the ones they'll think are cool. We should respect that, no?

Of course, when it comes to expendable females...that's a completely different story lol.

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Actually Misty had great premise she now have to take care of gym that is considered joke now. Cerulean City has lost a lot of respect because of her sisters.   The spin off series had potential but unfortunately they stopped it. I wished to see more development on misty and her sisters. I would see taking care of the gym.

Iris has something interesting to make up for having weak and unruly Pokémon she is strong physically. Due to dragon Pokémon being the most difficult to train she has to take care of a baby Axew. She has fear of ice Pokémon because their dragons weakness.   It was funny that she is mistaken as a Pokémon because of her hair. 

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Everything's falling apart!  

I just want to go back to the days of Generation I and II. 

Everyone apart from Ash, Brock, Mistry and Gary can go to hell, as far as recurring trainer characters are concerned (Tracey, Max, May, Dawn, Iris etc). From Generation III, I actually liked Drew.

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Here is a female character that deserves more attention. Casey the electabuzz fan was a first time trainer that never defeated Ash. She fought Ash’s Charzard was she was easily defeated. This is how a first time trainer should be. She shows how ash is far more skilled trainer. She was in generation 2 and has icon rivalry with ash. Ash is a pitcher she is a batter. We see Brock cheering for her we learn that he cheer for the underdog which is usually Ash. We see more character development and revealing in one episode of her and the entire cast than entire season for most season of pokemon.

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#29  Edited By Hazlenaut

Just to ask was there ever a female character that was the main protaganist in the comics? I am also including Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Misty was close to having a spin off which I would love to see the challenges a gym leader has to face. I think a new protaganist is needed because it is hard for coming of age character to stay the same age and recall him as a rookie event though he has 37 badges. He even made his own technique counter shield. I think it is time for him to be aside character as soon they make alternate evolution for pikachu. You know they will.

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@Ziccarra_Liafador: the lando calarisian of pokemon, perhaps...

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@InnerVenom123 said:

@ComicMan24 said:
" @Supreme Marvel said:
" I know, they should always have him. I understand that the new girl represents that Pokémon area and that's why they replace them. But you can't replace Ash. "
True. Plus having Ash out will most likely alienate any older viewers. "


You will be missed Brock, Greatly...
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#34  Edited By Jorgevy

@Ziccarra_Liafador: It's not a sex or gender thing, it's just the same with EVERY character that's not Ash. Anyways the show is too kiddie now and it has been going downhill. Atleast the Games have been getting better and better!!

Also, Im pretty sure it's not just females. Pokemon is probably one of the least sexist games in the world ever. They had the option to play as girl, plenty of girl NPCs, very important ones, gym leaders, rivals, pokemon who are female..... so it's just a thing they do because they think it's gonna help the show....getting rid of the old characters, like Brock, Misty, May, her brother and old rivals like Gary etc....

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#35  Edited By Rabbitearsblog

@Supreme Marvel said:

I know, they should always have him.  I understand that the new girl represents that Pokémon area and that's why they replace them.  But you can't replace Ash.

Yeah! That's like replacing Pikachu with a newer Pokemon. Since Ash and Pikachu are best friends, if Pokemon loses Ash, then they might lose Pikachu also and that would be a huge blow to the series because Pikachu is like the most iconic character on Pokemon or the most iconic Pokemon.
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#36  Edited By poisonfleur

I love all the girls.. except May.. 
And I love the addition of women of color: Isis and Lenora. (It's about time) (I thought Isis was middle eastern/ Indian, although Isis' hair looks of African American decent) (Lenora is Black for sure) (Either way, who cares!? I love em both!!!)
I hope Isis shows promise as the show continues!  
btw.. Misty is the Queen of Pokemon!

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#37  Edited By Hazlenaut

Speaking of expandable let’s talk about Gary cheerleading squad. They are considered a joke of how big an ego Gary is. With Gary acting more mature, they seemed to vanish and never to be heard from again. They are right next to Ash’s pidgeot and Glyscor, the two pallet town forgotten trainers, and more under gigantic plot hole or should I say plot canyon.

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#38  Edited By Supreme Marvel

Gary became awesome in Johto for me. Travelling alone with his Pokémon. That's just awesome. If I were in the Pokémon world I'd be travelling on my own. No one could hold me back and no one would see my techniques or my weaknesses in battle.

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#40  Edited By Hazlenaut

@Supreme Marvel: Gary is a great character and he concluded by later becoming researcher like his grandpa and probably being gym leader on the side. His story is concluded but his cheerleader have need of development with two other trainer fates unknown other than having 5 badges and ash as only trainer in pallet. I guessing they would find and motivate the other two trainers to get them back in the game.

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#41  Edited By TheBlueAngel93

Personally I liked May the most out of all the female characters, but I did start warming up to Dawn with Misty being my least favorite. But as of late I've simply stopped watching the TV show. I use to love the show but I could care less about Ash nowadays and really wish they would bring in some new characters, give the show a fresh start with completely new direction and characters and allow the previous ones (like Ash, Misty, Brock, etc.) to appear every now and then for fans.

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#42  Edited By Hazlenaut

Preferences aside, we can all agree that defiantly shown personality and have quirk that we like and we can aknowledged.

The ultimate example of expendable would be first female avatar which goes by the name of Kris. She was going to be in Red and Blue games but was delayed in to be in platinum. She never to be seen again in the remake she was replaced by Lyra and yet again with leaf. At least she gained counterpart or any remembrance with the animated character Marina.

Leaf would have been the character by Pokemon adventures but was replacing by blue/ green. Anyone else just willing to call the female protagonist Leaf it would feel so much easier.

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#43 Hazlenaut

You know I have to say after hearing this form the pokemon writers. They said that were out of ideas on how to use Misty. It started to show in Johto as she was merely background character like weak dragonball character appearing in Dragonball Z. They gave a good reason to exit as giving her the responsibility of taking care of the gym.

However they had good chances of bringing her back with the legendary pokemon kyogre or Team Aqua. Stories involving water and she is not around or even mention felt like a sin. Her possessed by kyogre could have been like the phoenix saga. Whether good or bad it would have gain attention.

one small blast of the past all it takes just look what happened with Charazard. There were rumors that Brock would be a member Team Plasma which made us shook up if it were to be true.

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#45  Edited By KnightRise

Jynxes ain't sh*t but Ho-ohs and Tricks

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#46 Hazlenaut

By the way I think there will be a new female protagonist coming soon.

I know people may be relieved for hearing “You’re such a kid” line but frankly I blame the writer. Remember Writers there is a limit for saying a catch phrase.

You know never bother to answer your question. You know the pokmon Bayneet the doll that was abandoned, so seeks by his/her owner and seeks vengeance. The girls in fandom is to be expected lose interest the fastest so they do not put much concern. It is odd because I thought pokemon is more gender neutral.

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Sours: https://comicvine.gamespot.com/pokemon/4060-53735/forums/what-makes-female-pokemon-trainers-so-expendable-590991/
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A New Pokemon-Style Magical Evolving Character To Join Suicide Squad

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We've already mentioned the not-Doctor Endless and Aladdin Green Lantern characters that will be joining the DC Universe with Suicide Squad: Black Files #1 by Jai Nitz and Scot Eaton. Well, there's one more to come.

Snarlgoyle/Tiamat, a black female character who first appears as Snarlgoyle before evolving into Tiamat, like a Pokemon, intended to be a major magical force for the DC Universe.

Jai Nitz believes that the first appearances of these three characters in the new Suicide Squad comic will be the equivalent of Rob Liefeld's New Mutants #98, the first appearance of Deadpool, Domino and…um… Gideon, wasn't it?

Gotta catch 'em all.

suicide squad comic

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This article is about the characters in the Pokémon Adventures manga series. For the characters in the Pokémon franchise, see List of Pokémon characters. For the characters in the anime TV series, see List of Pokémon anime characters. For the creatures known as "Pokémon", see List of Pokémon.

A collage of the series characters appearing in Pokémon Adventures. Clockwise: Emerald (center), Yellow (top center), Red, Gold, Ruby, Blue (right side), Silver, Sapphire, Green, Crystal (left side)

This is a list of fictional characters featured in the Pokémon Adventuresmanga.

Pokédex holders[edit]

Kanto Pokédex holders[edit]


Red (レッド, Reddo) is a Trainer who starts off in Pallet Town as an aspiring trainer with a Poliwhirl which later evolved into Poliwrath, believing himself to be superior to his peers. He starts his Pokémon journey with a Bulbasaur he received from Professor Oak, which evolved into Ivysaur and later Venusaur. He is rivals with Professor Oak's grandson, Blue. He caught a Pikachu that became his main Pokémon.

In the first arc, Red suffers his first overwhelming defeat when he fails to capture the mysterious Mew, leading him to Professor Oak for advice on becoming a better Pokémon trainer. Professor Oak gives him a Pokédex, and sends him on a long journey across Kanto to record all of the pokémon, crossing paths with Blue and Green along the way. During his journey, he is entangled in many plots by the nefarious Team Rocket, effectively foiling them each time. Together with Blue and Green, Red ultimately defeats Team Rocket when they tried to take control of Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. Red also defeats the Team Rocket leader Giovanni in a one-on-one Pokémon battle and captures Team Rocket's ultimate weapon, the genetically created Pokémon Mewtwo. Finally, Red participates in the Indigo Plateau Pokémon League Tournament, overcoming his rival Blue in the final match and becoming the Pokémon Champion.

Red plays a smaller role in the Yellow saga, during which he is captured by the Elite Four, a quartet of evil Pokémon trainers, after refusing to participate in their plans. He is later rescued by Giovanni, and defeats the Elite Four alongside his allies. In the Gold, Silver & Crystal saga, he attempts to become Gym Leader of Viridian City, but injuries sustained from when he was captured by the Elite Four prevent him from doing so. After recovering from his injuries, he aids his allies in fighting the Mask of Ice (Pryce), the leader of Neo Team Rocket.

Red returns to a leading role in the FireRed and LeafGreen saga, where he teams up with Blue and Green to rescue Professor Oak, who has been kidnapped and taken to the Sevii Islands. While there, he encounters a newly revived Team Rocket and the Pokémon Deoxys. After his team loses to them, Mewtwo appears to help them. The team then manage to defeat Giovanni and Deoxys and other companions but Red, along with Green, Blue, Yellow, and Silver, is turned into stone. He and his companions were eventually freed from their petrified forms in the Emerald saga.

Red appears again alongside Green in Hoenn when they went there during the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire saga and confronted Maxie and Archie. Though his Venusaur is capable of Mega Evolution, they are defeated after Groudon becomes Primal Groudon, but were saved thanks to Giovanni who took them on his airship.

Red's Pokémon include Saur (Venasaur), Poli (Poliwrath), Snor (Snorlax), Aero (Aerodactyl), Gyara (Gyarados), and Pika (Pikachu). While Red was frozen by the Elite Four, his Pika had to team up with Yellow, and while Red left for the hot springs, he again asked Yellow to take care of Pika. In Japan, Red was voted by readers from the series as its most popular character in 2005 & 2011.[1]


Blue, full name is Blue Oak, and known in Japan as Green Okido (オーキド・グリーン, Ōkido Gurīn) is a Trainer who starts his journey with a Charmander and continues to train it well throughout his adventures even after it evolves into Charizard. Starting out quite cocky and arrogant, Blue becomes more down-to-earth and aloof as the series progresses. He specializes in training Pokémon, even those that are not his. He is the rival of Red, though the ferocity of their rivalry has toned down as the series progresses. He is also Professor Oak's grandson, and he has a sister named Daisy.

In the first arc, Blue attempts to capture the mythical Pokémon Mew but backs down as soon as he realizes his opponent is far superior. Witnessing Red's attempt to catch it without hesitation sparks his resentment. He later encounters Red again in Viridian Forest, when he begins to dislike Red even more when he helps heal the wounded young of a Kangaskhan he has been trying to capture. Seeing each other's faults, Blue and Red become official rivals. After Red saves him when he becomes possessed by a wild Gastly in the Pokémon Tower, Blue collaborates with him to defeat Team Rocket member Koga. When they later encounter, they accidentally trade all their Pokémon with each other, so Blue takes the liberty of training Red's Pokémon to their limits. The two rivals work together again, this time with Blue, when Professor Oak is kidnapped by Team Rocket, narrowly defeating Koga again as well as the captured Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. Applying everything he learned from Red, Blue faces off against Red in the final match of the Indigo Plateau Pokémon League Tournament. Although he loses the battle, he considers Red to be a true friend and important companion.

In the Yellow saga, Blue helps train the rookie Pokémon trainer Yellow during her search for Red, who had been kidnapped by the Elite Four. Teaming up with his allies, as well as his former enemy Koga, Blue helps defeat the Elite Four. In the Gold, Silver & Crystal saga, Blue takes Red's place when he withdraws from a test to become the Gym Leader of Viridian City. He later defeats his childhood teacher, the Gym Leader Chuck, in a tournament pitting Johto Gym Leaders against the Kanto Leaders. He and the other Gym Leaders are tricked into boarding the Magnet Train while it is rigged to crash, but are rescued by Red. He accompanies his allies again to defeat the Mask of Ice of Neo Team Rocket. In the FireRed and LeafGreen saga, Blue helps Red disband the newly resurrected Team Rocket but is turned to stone. He is eventually released in the Emerald saga.

Blue returns in the X and Y chapter of the manga and while on a quest seeking their third Kalos legendary Pokémon Zygarde. His Charizard later Mega Evolves into Mega Charizard Y which was first seen alongside X's Mega Charizard X. He was voted as the eighth most popular character in the series in Japan 2011.[1]


Green, known in Japan as Blue (ブルー, Burū) is the thief who stole the starter Pokémon, Squirtle, from Professor Oak; having been kidnapped long ago by Ho-Oh, she could never have a Pokédex, nor her own Pokémon, because no one knew she was from Pallet Town, and no one would find reason to offer these gifts to a stranger. She makes her debut in Volume 2 when trying to sell fake items to Red after flirting with him. As the series progresses, however, she decides to team up with the other Pallet Town trainers, Red and Blue, in order to defeat Sabrina of Team Rocket.

Green returns later in the saga, having qualified for the Pokémon League Tournament. She progresses through the tournament and into the semifinals, but is defeated by Professor Oak, who uses bird Pokémon, as it was her phobia. Upon learning of her problem, Professor Oak takes pity on her, giving her the third Pokédex and forgiving her for stealing his Squirtle.

In the Yellow Saga, set two years later, Green is a sort of "shadow" trainer, trailing Yellow. She is the one who sends Yellow on a mission to find Red and disguise herself as a boy. In the third volume, it is revealed that Green had been snatched at the age of five by a mysterious bird Pokémon, which gave her a debilitating phobia of bird type Pokémon. Green blamed the Elite Four for this disaster, carrying a grudge against the Elite Four into the Gold/Silver saga.

In the Gold, Silver & Crystal saga, Green first appears in volume 13, when she is shown at a Pokémon Gym Leader's Tournament. It is revealed that she and Silver were two of the Masked Children, and had escaped from the grasp of the Mask of Ice, the leader of Neo Team Rocket, at a young age, while others abducted along with them remained and became the Mask of Ice's servants. Because of this, she shares a close bond with Silver and frequently treats him like a younger brother. She later helps out in the final battle against the Mask of Ice by using the three legendary birds with Red and Blue, and overcomes her bird phobia whilst protecting Silver.

In the FireRed and LeafGreen saga, Green appears while traveling to the Sevii Islands to meet her parents. However, Psychic Pokémon Deoxys captures her parents, causing Green to faint in shock when she is injured in the encounter with it. When she wakes, not fully recovered, she and Blue discover that Red was defeated by Deoxys, and rushes to his side after he runs away to recollect himself. She reveals to him the real reason why Professor Oak wanted Red and the others to return their Pokédex and Green resolves to train, despite not being fully healed, to fight against Team Rocket and Deoxys. In the end of this saga, they manage to stop Deoxys and disband the newly revived Team Rocket, however, she is turned to stone in the process.

She, along with the Kanto Pokédex holders, appears in the Emerald saga, but she is still encased in stone. At the end of the chapter, she escapes from the stone. She and the other Pokédex Holders defeat the fake Kyogre by unleashing all of their ultimate moves. In the aftermath, she participates in a tournament against the other nine Pokédex Holders.

After the events during the Emerald Saga, Green appears alongside Red in Hoenn, during the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire saga, confronting Maxie and Archie, defeating their Pokémon by Mega Evolving her Blastoise. Red and Green are then defeated when the two villains perform the "Primal Reversion" on Kyogre and Groudon, overpowering them and knocking them out. They are later revealed to have survived thanks to Giovanni who took them on his airship. Green's Pokémon include Blasty (Blastoise), Jiggly (Wigglytuff), a Snubbull, Clefty (Clefable), and Ditty (Ditto). Green originally has a Horsea, but returns it to its rightful trainer.

She was voted as the ninth most popular character in the series in Japan 2011.[1]


Yellow (イエロー, Ierō), also known as Amarillo del Bosque Verde, and known in Japan as Yellow de Tokiwa Grove (イエロー・デ・トキワグローブ, Ierō de Tokiwa Gurōbu, means "Yellow of Viridian Forest") is a Trainer born in the Viridian Forest. A character exclusive to Pokémon Adventures, she has the powers to heal Pokémon, hear their thoughts and slight psychokinesis, and it is said that there is only one child who inherits this power every ten years from Viridian Forest. She is a happy-go-lucky girl who isn't very good at Pokémon battles as she dislikes them because she cannot bring herself to hurt Pokémon. There have also been hints throughout the manga that she has a crush on Red.

She first appears in the final volume of the first arc, though her name is not revealed until the Yellow saga. Having lost her way in the Viridian Forest, Yellow is attacked by a wild Dratini. Red saves her and escorted her back to her hometown, Viridian City, and helps her catch her first Pokémon, a Rattata. Later, Yellow finds Red seriously injured following his battle with Giovanni, and helps him.

Two years later, Yellow shows up at Professor Oak's lab disguised as a boy, and obtains Red's Pokédex and pikachu. Green had sent her on a mission to rescue Red from the Kanto Elite Four, because of her mysterious powers that allow her to heal and communicate with Pokémon, which counter the same powers of Lance, the leader of the Elite Four. Yellow fights against the Elite Four while defending Pika, Red's pikachu, which had escaped from them. Despite opposition from the Kanto Leaders who are Red's friends, Yellow is supported by Professor Oak. Yellow encounters the Elite Four and meets Bill and Blaine. Yellow also trains with Blue. Yellow then joins forces with the Gym Leaders, Bill, Blue, Green, and the former members of Team Rocket. In the final battle, with the help of Giovanni, who also has the special powers, Yellow defeats Lance. She stops the Elite Four from gaining control of a mysterious, powerful, Pokémon, later revealed to be Lugia. Her true gender is revealed at the end of Volume 6, but she puts off informing Red of it.

In the Gold, Silver & Crystal saga, Yellow travels to Johto and meets up with Crystal while pursuing Lugia. It is revealed that Yellow was the one who woke up the three legendary beasts - Suicune, Raikou, and Entei - from within the Burned Tower in Ecruteak. Yellow and Crystal are then separated by Lugia at sea.

After the attack, Yellow and her uncle wash up on shore, where they are brought to the Pokémon daycare center run by an elderly couple. Soon, the center is attacked by a group of Neo Team Rocket members who seem only to be interested in Yellow's hat. In truth, the two feathers on her hat are the Silver Wing from Lugia and the Rainbow Wing from Ho-Oh, the keys to traveling in time, stolen from the Mask of Ice many years ago and planted there by Blue.

After fleeing from the center, Yellow continues to Ilex Forest, where she finds Crystal, Silver, Red, Blue, and Green battling the Mask of Ice. As the Mask of Ice captures Celebi and traveled back in time, they find that Gold is trapped within time and needes the feathers to be freed. Gold and Yellow finally realize that the feathers are on her hat, and she is forced to take it off in front of Red in order to save Gold. At this point, Red finally learns Yellow's true gender.[2]

During the FireRed and LeafGreen arc, Yellow (having grown older) returns to Viridian City. While there, she meets Silver, who believed that he may have originally come from this area and had ties to the Viridian Gym before he was kidnapped by Mask of Ice, and is now looking for his family. With her aid and the sudden arrival of the Team Rocket operatives Orm and Sird (whom the two promptly face in a battle), Silver learns that he was the son of Giovanni, former Viridian City Gym leader and head of Team Rocket. After he is kidnapped by the evil duo, Yellow gives chase on her Butterfree, and soon manages to break into the Team Rocket helicopter to rescue him. Yellow is not a fighter but as she grows angry, her Pokémons' levels rise to the eighties due her power and the special training by Blue earlier, making her as dangerous as the other Kanto champions in battle. She later reunites with Red, Blue and Green, and helps permanently disband Team Rocket in the Sevii Islands, but is turned to stone while doing so. She is freed from the stone in the Emerald Arc, where Yellow commands Pika (Red's Pikachu), Chuchu (her Pikachu), and Gold's Pichu to use Volt Tackle together to finish off Guile's giant Kyogre.

Yellow's Pokémon are Ratty (Raticate, her first and evolved Pokémon), Dody (Dodrio), Gravvy (Golem, given by Brock as a Graveler,) Omny, (Omaster, given by Misty as an Omanyte,) Kitty (Butterfree) and Chuchu (Pikachu). Yellow has a special bond with both her pikachu, Chuchu, and Red's pikachu, Pika, who have an egg together. Yellow was voted as the fourth most popular character in the series in Japan 2011.[1]

Johto Pokédex Holders[edit]


Gold (ゴールド, Gōrudo) is an athletic, somewhat goofy boy. He lives in a house full of various Pokémon in New Bark Town. Because of this, the neighbours have dubbed him "The Pokémon boy". He starts with the Pokémon Cyndaquil. Gold is immature and mischievous, and likes playing billiards, sometimes using his Pokémon to cheat. He often listens to the radio because of his idol, DJ Mary from the Goldenrod Radio Station. He usually wears a pair of goggles and travels on a scooter. Instead of throwing or kicking his Poké Balls, he uses a billiard cue to shoot them out. Gold's hobbies include gambling, skateboarding, and trying foods from different cities. Gold's special skill, as described by Professor Oak, is Pokémon hatching and is known as the "Breeder". He has the ability to draw out the largest potential of a baby Pokémon, having lived with Pokémon his whole life.

In truth, Gold is a kind-hearted but very hot-headed young man. When he first meets Bugsy, he mistakes him for a female and asked him out for tea. He also asks Jasmine, the Olivine City Gym Leader out on a date. However, he is quite smart, as shown when like when facing Lance's Dragonair, and when fighting at the Pokéathlon. When he first met Crystal he did not get along with her.

Along with his rival, Silver and Crystal, Gold fights with the other Pokédex holders against the Mask of Ice, managing to cure Pryce (the true identity of the Mask of Ice) of his sadness with the help of Celebi. He even sacrifices himself without hesitating to stop Pryce, then being saved by Celebi. After Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Silver are petrified into stone by the after-effects of the energy blast caused by Deoxys, Gold and Crystal appear in the Battle Frontier saga in hopes of reviving their old companions, the statues trapped at the end of the top room of the Battle Tower. After Gold's friends are released from stone, he, alongside Emerald and all previous Pokédex holders fight Guile Hideout, and after defeating him, host a Pokémon Battle tournament.

In the HeartGold and SoulSilver arc, Gold returns as a main character, and takes part in the Pokéathlon. Ultimately he bears the responsibility of calming Arceus down.

He was voted as the second most popular character in the series in Japan 2011.[1]


Silver (シルバー, Shirubā) is a boy who was kidnapped by the Mask of Ice as a child, and grew up alongside Green. Silver is very fond of Green and the two share a bond close to that of siblings. After the two children escaped, Green traveled to Kanto and Silver remained in Johto where he stole Elm's Totodile under Lance's orders. In the end of the saga, he reunites with Green and helps in defeating the Mask of Ice and disbanding his organization, Neo Team Rocket.

Silver makes his reappearance in the FireRed and LeafGreen arc as he is searching for clues to find his family. After seeking the help of Yellow in Virdian City, Sird of Team Rocket reveals Silver that he is Giovanni's son. Silver refuses to believe this, until Giovanni risks his life to save him. This caused Silver to accept Giovanni as his father, and decides to help him find redemption. In the end of the saga, he is turned to stone by Team Rocket. He is released in the Emerald Arc.

In the HeartGold and SoulSilver arc, Silver returns as a main character.

He was voted as the seventh most popular character in the series in Japan 2011.[1]


Crystal (クリスタル, Kurisutaru), also known as Crys (クリス, Kurisu) for short, is a specialist at capturing Pokémon, hired by Professor Oak. As a child, she fell after getting startled by an Arcanine, and broke both of her arms. Because of the accident, she learned to catch Pokémon by kicking Poké Balls, a habit she has kept long after her arms healed.

She has many Pokémon before first appearing, but her "starter" Pokémon is a Chikorita which escaped from Professor Elm's laboratory, desperate to go on a journey. Her Pokémon include a Smoochum (named Chumee), a Hitmonchan (Monlee), a Parasect (Parasee), an Arcanine (Archy), a Natu (Natee), and a Cubone (Bonee). She is chosen by Suicune, a legendary Pokémon to help defeat the Mask of Ice.

She dispatches Emerald to the Battle Frontier to find and capture Jirachi, as a way to free Silver, Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow from stone.

Crys is usually gentle and amiable, but also has a serious and perhaps intimidating side when it comes to working. Her aggressive and enthusiastic attitude in Pokémon capturing overwhelms Oak, terrifies Bill, and Gold is fond of calling her the "Representative of Club Serious". In the Emerald series, she successfully gets Ruby and Sapphire to join her side in scorning Gold's bragging, although the same cannot be said for Emerald. Crys currently works as Oak's assistant, and stations either at his Kanto, Johto, or Hoenn Science Lab branch.

According to the series, she has captured at least one of every non-legendary Pokémon in the world and has completed the Pokédex in every incarnation.

Crys's design is based on the female protagonist of Pokémon Crystal, the third sequel to Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver. Her appearance is almost identical to her game counterpart, with the exception of a pair of star-shaped earrings, and her hair colour, which is dark blue instead of the game character's greenish-blue.

In the HeartGold and SoulSilver arc, Crystal returns as the main character. She is forced by her mother to wear clothes similar to those of Lyra, the female protagonist in the Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver games.

She was voted as the twelfth most popular character in the series in Japan 2011.[1]

Hoenn Pokédex Holders[edit]


Ruby (ルビー, Rubī) is a Trainer from the kanto region. He moves with his mother to Hoenn to live closer to his father Norman, the Gym Leader of Petalburg City. Despite being a Gym Leader's son, Ruby hates battling and prefers Pokémon Contests.

Ruby is introduced as a vain and condescending young man but it is revealed that he does have a good heart. He arrives in Hoenn on his eleventh birthday, and runs away from his new home since he believes that his father Norman would not endorse his choice to be a Pokémon Coordinator. This is initially true, but Norman had decided to let Ruby become a Coordinator at this point.

After running away, he met Sapphire, the daughter of Professor Birch. Sapphire challenges Ruby with the bet that is eighty days, they would both travel around Hoenn, each trying to achieve their respective goals (he would try to win every Contest and she would try to win all eight Hoenn Gym Badges).

His first three Pokémon are Nana (a Poochyena), Kiki (a Skitty), and Rara (a Ralts). He lends Rara to Wally, but due to an earthquake which separates them, he does not get her back until much later. Ruby's other Pokémon are Feefee (a Feebas), Fofo (a Castform), and Mumu (a Mudkip). In Volume 22, it is revealed that Ruby also owns a Celebi that he came across in Johto.

Ruby may dislike Pokémon Battles, but he is a capable Pokémon Trainer in his own right. At the age of six, he actually liked climbing trees and battling Pokémon. However, when he injured himself while protecting a girl from a Salamence, the girl became frightened and cried. Ruby assumed at the time that the reason the girl was scared was because he fought too fiercely. From that day onwards, he tried not to battle, only resorting to it when no one else was watching him or he has no other choice, focusing only on the beauty and non-combat qualities of his Pokémon.

It is revealed in Volume 21 that Ruby likes Sapphire and she was the girl who Ruby had rescued, though neither of them recognized the other when they met at the beginning of the arc. Ruby realizes her identity when she reminisces the event, and reveals his identity to her by showing her a scar on his forehead, which he sustained while holding off the wild Salamence.

Ruby is based on Brendan in the Pokémon video games, just like how Sapphire is based on May. However, unlike Brendan, Ruby is a Pokémon Coordinator and Brendan a Pokémon Trainer.

In the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire arc, Ruby returns as a main character.

He was voted as the third most popular character in the series in Japan 2005 & 2011.[1]


Sapphire, full name is Sapphire Birch, and known in Japan as Sapphire Odamaki (オダマキ・サファイア, Odamaki Safaia) is a protagonist in the Ruby & Sapphire arc and recurring character in the Battle Frontier arc of the Pokémon Adventures manga, first appearing in Volume 15. She returns in the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire arc, as a main character.

The daughter of Professor Birch, Sapphire is a wild tomboy, with absolutely no manners, who usually wears clothing made out of leaves. She eventually encountered Ruby, the son of Petalburg Gym Leader Norman, who was in the process of running away from his new home in Littleroot Town.

While saving Ruby from two Mightyena, Sapphire injures herself. In gratitude for saving him, Ruby tends to her wounds makes made an outfit for her. In Volume 19, it is shown that the reason why Sapphire chose to wear the clothes he made for her was because he wrote, in a letter enclosed with the clothes, that the clothes would definitely fit her. Sapphire gets another outfit change at the end of Volume 19. Once again, Ruby makes the clothes for her, and told her personally that the new clothes would fit her.

Sapphire may be wild and tomboyish, but she is a devoted Pokémon Trainer who would go to any lengths to achieve her goals and protect what she treasures most. She is very upset by Ruby declaring that he would rather go back to Johto than stand beside the Gym Leaders as they prepare to face Team Aqua and Team Magma. She persuades Winona to battle her, and the Gym Leader is so impressed by her fighting spirit and her will to defend Hoenn that she gave Sapphire the Feather Badge.

In Volume 21, Sapphire is revealed to have a crush on Ruby, though it had been hinted on several occasions before that. In the Emerald arc, however, Ruby claims to have forgotten the events during the Groudon and Kyogre affair including their confession of their feelings for each other due to the time void while leaving Mirage Island; whether or not this is true, however, has yet to be proven. In the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire arc, it's hinted that Ruby was probably faking and that he seems to have feelings for Sapphire.

The reason for Sapphire's wild, tomboyish personality is due to an incident that occurred when she and Ruby met briefly at the age of five. The two were attacked by a wild (later revealed to be Zinnia's) Salamence. Ruby protected Sapphire, leading her to believe that she should stand up for herself more. It is highly probable that, because of this belief, she chose to abandon her docile personality, turning her attention to Pokémon Battles. She did not recognize Ruby when they encountered again, only realizing his identity when she saw the scar on his forehead which he received during the Salamence attack.

Sapphire is based on May. May is the female character from the video games. However, Sapphire's character is notably different from the other two versions of May, especially the version from the anime, in terms of personality and attitude.

In the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire arc, Sapphire returns as a main character.

She was voted as the fifth most popular character in the series in Japan 2011, tied with Diamond.[1]


Emerald (エメラルド, Emerarudo) is a challenger in the Battle Frontier. He is an excellent battler and has proved it several times by defeating several Frontier Brains. He is also considered to be exceptional at catching Pokémon, and for that Crystal has hired him to catch the legendary Jirachi.

Arrogant and impatient, despite his great interest and expert knowledge in Pokémon battling, he claims to not like Pokémon very much, claiming that his belief is that Pokémon cannot win in a battle by using the trainer's faith in them over strategy. However, this belief shifts when he acquires Sceptile, Sudowoodo and Dusclops from the Battle Frontier, coming to accept them more as friends rather than tools. He appears to be extremely short, and he is actually shorter than he looks. Under his long sleeved clothes he has high platform shoes, and he always holds a pair of external mechanical hands which he holds with his real hands. However, these are mostly tactical places to keep most of his capturing equipment; for example, his platform shoes include several rows with different kinds of Pokéballs. He also has a rare ability to calm Pokémon by making them remember their birthplace. Emerald does so using soil from the Pokémon's birthplace, which is compacted and placed into a special gun he carries. By shooting the ground the Pokémon is standing on, the feeling can calm the Pokémon in a matter of seconds.

When the Battle Frontier is attacked by rampaged Pokémon from the Battle Factory that Guile Hideout releases, Noland allowed Emerald to have a rampaged Snorlax, Mantine and Mr. Mime to help him out. These are the other three Pokémon in Emerald's main team. He is also good friends with the legendary Pokémon, Latios and Latias, who have affectionately given him the nickname Rald (ラルド, Rarudo).

In the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire arc, Emerald returns as a main character.

He was voted as the thirteenth most popular character in the series in Japan 2011.[1]

Sinnoh Pokédex Holders[edit]


Diamond (ダイヤモンド, Daiyamondo), also known as Dia (ダイヤ, Daiya) for short, is a character in the "Fourth Generation" of the Pokémon Special manga in Japan, based on the main male character from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Lucas. Being twelve years old, Diamond started out with a Munchlax called Lax.

Diamond is a good friend of Pearl and the pair form a Pokémon comedy duo, with Diamond acting as the boke (funny man) of the pair. Though seemingly dim-witted at first and possessing a perpetual habit of eating wherever he goes, Diamond is somewhat smarter than he looks. He stands up to foes in times of distress, and has been shown to be observant in a mishap involving wild Bidoof.

Due to a mix-up, Pearl believes that he and Diamond are on a reality television series; if they successfully escort Ms. Berlitz to Mt. Coronet, they will receive a prize (this is untrue, however, as Diamond has suspected something was wrong since the beginning, and chose to stay silent so that the journey could continue). Berlitz, believing the duo to be her bodyguards, gives them Pokédexes, Pokétches, and starter Pokémon from Professor Rowan. Diamond receives a Turtwig from her and nicknames it Tru. Tru has now evolved into a Torterra. He has also obtained a Shieldon named Don, from Byron. He also has a Lickilicky called Kit. Platinum just recently gave him a Mamoswine that he has named Moo. Diamond also bonded with the legendary Pokémon Regigigas.

During the Platinum arc Diamond and Pearl investigate the information in Charon's notebook, and ultimately end up having to stop Charon's evil plan of capturing all of Sinnoh's legends to take over the world.

He was voted as the fifth most popular character in the series in Japan 2011, tied with Sapphire.[1]


Pearl (パール, Pāru) is a character from Sinnoh and one of the three leading characters in the Diamond and Pearl arc of Pokémon Adventures.

Pearl has a hasty personality and a habit of butting into conversations along with exploding with rage if a person does not give him eye contact when he speaks to them. He and Diamond are friends, though Pearl is known for frequently getting them into trouble. Together, they form a Pokémon comedy duo with Pearl acting as the tsukkomi (straight man) of their duo.

Because of a mix-up, he thinks that escorting Ms. Berlitz to Mt. Coronet is part of a reality television show and by accomplishing this task, they will win a prize. Berlitz, believing the duo to be her bodyguards, gives them Pokédexes, Pokétches, and starter Pokémon from Professor Rowan. Pearl receives a Chimchar, which he nicknames "Chimler", from Berlitz, which has evolved into an Infernape. Along with Chimchar, he also has a Chatot named Chatler. Later he gets a Luxray, that he befriended when the Luxray was still a Luxio. Later, with the help of Crasher Wake, Pearl captures a Tauros, Diglett and a Buizel (which likes to attack Pearl).

During the Platinum arc Diamond and Pearl investigate the information in Charon's notebook, and ultimately end up having to stop Charon's evil plan of capturing all of Sinnoh's legends to take over the world.

His father is a fairly successful Pokémon trainer, and Pearl has learned some useful talents from him; such as the ability to tell what move a Pokémon is going to use just by its stance.

He is based on Barry, the rival character from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and its successor, Pokémon Platinum.

He was voted as the tenth most popular character in the series in Japan 2011.[1]


Platinum, full name is Platinum Berlitz (プラチナ・ベルリッツ, Purachina Berurittsu), also known as Lady or Lady Platinum Berlitz (Ojousama (お嬢さま, Ojōsama, roughly translated as "m'lady") in Japan) is the female protagonist for the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl story arc of Pokémon Adventures.

Platinum Berlitz comes from a 200-year-old family of wealthy scholars famous in Sinnoh and wears pearl and diamond rings. She does not give her name to "commoners"; therefore, her given name was previously unknown. However, her name was revealed as Platinum to coincide with the recently released (at the time) game, Pokémon Platinum Version.

The Berlitz family tradition is for members coming of age to travel to the peak of Mt. Coronet to obtain materials to make their personal family crest. At the suggestion of Berlitz's butler, Sebastian, her father hired two bodyguards to protect her in her journey. Professor Rowan provided her with three Pokédexes, three Pokétches, and three of his starter Pokémon so that Platinum would share them with her bodyguards to assist him in his research.

She owns a Piplup and a Ponyta. Her Piplup has evolved into a Prinplup then an Empoleon. Her Ponyta evolved into a Rapidash when she confronted Byron. Platinum is very competitive; over the course of her story, she has entered contests and battled gym leaders. She has caught a Lopunny, which she brings out for the first time during her battle with Candice. During the battle at Spear Pillar, Gardenia gives Platinum a Cherrim, Candice gives Platinum a Froslass and Volkner asked Maylene to give Platinum a Pachirisu.

In the Platinum arc, she works together with Looker, an officer of the International Police. Her aim is to find and rescue the two men originally hired to be her bodyguards, who had been banished to the Distortion World. Looker suggests challenging the Frontier Brains of the Sinnoh Battle Frontier so that they may reveal any information that they know.

Platinum's design is based on the female player character of Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Dawn.

She was voted as the eleventh most popular character in the series in Japan 2011.[1]

Unova Pokédex Holders[edit]


Black (ブラック, Burakku) is one of the protagonists of Pokémon Adventures. He is a hot-headed trainer and meets White in an accident with a Galvantula; White makes it her responsibility to repay damages caused by Black to a filming company, and hires Black to her recruitment firm. Black's design is based on the male character of Pokémon Black and White.

Black not only goes on a quest for the Gym Badges of Unova to enter the Pokémon League, but also makes it an objective to defeat Team Plasma. He ultimately becomes the "Hero of Truth" after awakening Reshiram from the Light Stone, and battles N, the "Hero of Ideals" who had long awakened Zekrom from the Dark Stone. Black wins, but is then sealed in the Light Stone along with Reshiram.

He was voted as the fifteenth most popular character in the series in Japan in 2011.[1]


White (ホワイト, Howaito) is one of the protagonists of Pokémon Adventures. She owns a female Tepig, named Gigi, and is the owner of a Pokémon recruitment firm called the BW Agency, which rents Pokémon to movies and ads.

White is very reluctant to battle, and had panicked when Black had once told her, while battling N of Team Plasma, that she may need to battle. She admitted to him that she had never battled before. When N's Purrloin had attacked Gigi, instead of commanding Gigi to attack or defend against Purrloin, she told Purrloin off for attacking an actress.

White's design is based on the female player of Pokémon Black and White.

After a successful opening of her latest brainchild, the Pokémon Musical, White is suddenly trapped in a Ferris wheel by N, who convinces Gigi to leave White. White recovers from the trauma of the event and takes up Pokémon battling. She is rewarded with a Pokédex after being given the opportunity to test her newly acquired skill. She also obtains N's Servine who follows her for a mysterious reason, which she evolves into Serperior and eventually grows close to.

She was voted as the twenty-second most popular character in the series in Japan in 2011.[1]


Blake, known in Japan as Lack-Two (ラクツ, Rakutsu) is the main protagonist of the Black 2 and White 2 arc, who first appears as a member of the International Police. As a member, he is given the task to search the previously defeated Neo Team Plasma. He initially appears to be a womanizer; however, he is actually a serious individual when he is on job. His International Police codename is Black No. 2 (黒の2号, Kuro no ni-gō), and also known as Mr. Perfect (ミスターパーフェクト, Misutā pāfekuto) since he is an elite of International Police.

Blake is based on the male player character option from Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. Unlike previous characters in Pokémon Adventures, his Japanese name "Lack-Two" is a corruption of his representative game's title (Black 2) rather than a direct application.


Whitley, known in Japan as Whi-Two (ファイツ, Faitsu) is one of the main characters of the Black 2 and White 2 arc. She is a former member of Team Plasma. Whitley is a very gentle girl who is against keeping her Pokémon in Pokeballs.

Whitley is designed after the female player character option from Pokémon Black 2 and White 2. Unlike previous characters in Pokémon Adventures, her Japanese name "Whi-Two" is a corruption of her representative game's title (White 2) rather than a direct application.

Kalos Pokédex Holders[edit]


X (エックス, Ekkusu) is one of the main characters of the X and Y arc. He has a nickname X-Ey (エッP, Eppī) called by Shauna. As a Junior Trainer, he won a major Pokémon Battle Tournament and everyone expects that he will become either a Gym Leader or a member of the Elite Four one day. The fame and paparazzi got to him, and he does not trust other people anymore, and he stays home as a shut in. It is only Y's urging that gets him to leave his house for the first time in several years and travel around Kalos. He possesses a Kangaskhan named Kanga (ガル), as well as her child Lil' Kanga (コガル), that he uses in battle. He temporarily uses Chespin in battle, but later decides to keep it, nicknaming it Marisso, which has presently evolved into its final form Chesnaught. He also gains a Charizard nicknamed Salamè, a Manentric nicknamed Élec, a Gengar nicknamed Garma and a Pinsir nicknamed Rute. X also has a Mega Ring that Mega Evolves Kanga so both Kanga and Lil' Kanga can battle, as well as most of his other Pokémon excluding Chesnaught (his Charizard possesses the Mega Stone for its Mega Charizard X form). Later during the battle against Zygarde, X borrows several Key Stones which allows him to use all of his Mega Pokémon at the same time. At the end of the arc, X plans on heading for Shalour City to officially become a Mega Evolution Successor.

X is designed after Calem from Pokémon X and Y.


Y (ワイ, Wai), full name is Yvonne Gabena, and known in Japan as Y na Gabena (ワイ・ナ・ガーベナ, Wai na Gābena) is one of the main characters of the X and Y arc. She has nickname Y-chan (ワイちゃん, Wai-chan) and YP (ワイP, Waipī) called by Shauna. She is a with her Fletchling, nicknamed Fletchy (ヤコちゃん (Yako-chan)), which eventually evolved into Fletchinder.

Y was originally a talented Rhyhorn Racer, like her mother, but decided to pursue a new life as a Sky Trainer. She organizes the traveling around Kalos for herself and her friends Trevor, Tierno, Shauna, and X, despite X's desire to stay home due to his bad experiences as a child. She temporarily uses Froakie in battle, but later decides to keep it, nicknaming it Croaky (けろけろ (Kerokero)) which eventually evolved into a Greninja. She also attempts to befriend an Eevee, and she nicknames it Veevee (ぶいぶい, Buibui). Veevee later evolves into a Sylveon during their first encounter with Team Flare. Y later obtains the legendary Pokémon Xerneas for her team, nicknaming it Xerxer, as well as Absol which can Mega Evolve, nicknaming it SolSol. During the final battle, Xerxer is lost when it reverted into a tree. At the end of the arc, she rests for her next semester at Sky Trainer Academy.

Y is designed after Serena from Pokémon X and Y.

Alola Pokédex Holders[edit]


Sun (サン, San) is one of the main characters of the Sun and Moon arc. He moved to Alola from the Kanto region. He is currently in debt 100 billion Yen for a yet to be known reason. Hence, he has many jobs and carries many packages to be delivered. He has been known by the nickname "The Courier". Sun has a Meowth in Alolan form nicknamed Cent (ダラー (Darā)) and a Litten nicknamed Dollar (エン (En)) that he got from Professor Kukui, and a Wishiwashi nicknamed Quarter (バーツ (Bātsu)) was join after defeating the Totem at Brooklet Hill.

Sun is designed after the male player, Elio from Pokémon Sun and Moon.


Moon (ムーン, Mūn) is one of the main characters of the Sun and Moon arc. She moved to Alola from Sinnoh region. She is a professional archer and skilled pharmacist. She was sent a Rotom to make the Rotom Pokédex. Her full name is Moon berlitz, which means she is Platinum's sister. Her main mission for coming to Alola was to find some berries that would cure a Pipulup she poisoned by accident.

Moon is designed after the female player, Selene from Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Galar Pokédex holders[edit]


Henry (Soudo), full name is Henry Sword (Soudo Tsurugi (剣 創人, Tsurugi Sōdo, Tsurugi means "sword", and Soudo is pronounced the same as sword)) is a boy from Galar. He has a nickname in the Japanese version Sou-chan (そーちゃん, Sou-chan)


Casey (Shieldmilia), full name is Casey Shield (Shieldmilia Tate (盾 シルドミリア, Tate Shirudomiria, Tate means "shield")) is a girl from Galar. She has a nickname Shi-chan (しーちゃん, Shi-chan) in the Japanese version or Schilly in the English fan translation.

Former Pokédex holders[edit]


Wally (ミツル, Mitsuru))


Cheren (チェレン, Cheren)


Bianca (ベル, Bel)

Pokémon League[edit]

Gym Leaders[edit]

Kanto Gym Leaders[edit]

  • Brock (Takeshi (タケシ)):
  • Misty (Kasumi (カスミ)):
  • Lt. Surge (Matis (マチス, Machisu):
  • Erika (エリカ):
  • Koga (Kyō (キョウ)):
  • Sabrina (Natsume (ナツメ)):
  • Blaine (Katsura (カツラ)):
  • Janine (Anzu (アンズ)):

Johto Gym Leaders[edit]

  • Falkner (Hayato (ハヤト)):
  • Bugsy (Tsukushi (ツクシ)):
  • Whitney (Akane (アカネ)):
  • Morty (Matsuba (マツバ)):
  • Chuck (Shijima (シジマ)):
  • Jasmine (Mikan (ミカン)):
  • Pryce (Yanagi (ヤナギ)) / Masked Man (ヤナギ):
  • Clair (Ibuki (イブキ)):

Hoenn Gym Leaders[edit]

  • Roxanne (Tsutsuji (ツツジ)):
  • Brawly (Tōki (トウキ)):
  • Wattson (Tessen (テッセン)):
  • Flannery (Asuna (アスナ)):
  • Norman (Senri (センリ)):
  • Winona (Nagi (ナギ)):
  • Tate and Liza (Fū & Lan (フウとラン, Fū to Ran)):
  • Wallace (Mikuri (ミクリ)):
  • Juan (Adan (アダン)):

Sinnoh Gym Leaders[edit]

  • Roark (Hyōta (ヒョウタ)):
  • Gardenia (Natane (ナタネ)):
  • Maylene (Sumomo (スモモ)):
  • Crasher Wake (Maximum Mask (マキシマム仮面, Makishimamu Kamen)):
  • Fantina (Melissa (メリッサ, Merissa)):
  • Byron (Tōgan (トウガン)):
  • Candice (Suzuna (スズナ)):
  • Volkner (Denji (デンジ)):

Unova Gym Leaders[edit]

  • Cilan (Dent (デント, Dento)), Chili (Pod (ポッド, Poddo)) and Cress (Corn (コーン, Kōn)):
  • Lenora (Aloe (アロエ, Aroe)):
  • Burgh (Arti (アーティ, Āti)):
  • Elesa (Kamitsure (カミツレ)):
  • Clay (Yacon (ヤーコン, Yākon)):
  • Skyla (Fūro (フウロ)):
  • Brycen (Hachiku (ハチク)):
  • Drayden (Shaga (シャガ)) and Iris (アイリス, Airisu):
  • Roxie (Homika (ホミカ)):
  • Marlon (Shizui (シズイ)):

Kalos Gym Leaders[edit]

  • Viola (ビオラ, Biora):
  • Grant (Zakuro (ザクロ)):
  • Korrina (Corni (コルニ, Koruni)):
  • Ramos (Fukuji (フクジ)):
  • Clemont (Citron (シトロン, Shitoron)):
  • Valerie (Mache (マーシュ, Māshu)):
  • Olympia (Gojika (ゴジカ)):
  • Wulfric (Urup (ウルップ, Uruppu)):

Galar Gym Leaders[edit]

  • Milo (Yarrow (ヤロー)):
  • Nessa (Rurina (ルリナ)):
  • Kabu (カブ):
  • Allister (Onion (オニオン)):
  • Opal (Poplar (ポプラ)):
  • Raihan (Kibana (キバナ)):

Alola Trial Captains and Island Kahunas[edit]

Trial Captains[edit]

  • Lana (Suiren (スイレン)):
  • Kiawe (Kaki (カキ)):
  • Mallow (Mao (マオ)):
  • llima (イリマ):
  • Acerola (アセロラ):
  • Sophocles (Mamane (マーマネ)):
  • Mina (Matsurika (マツリカ)):

Island Kahunas[edit]

  • Hala (ハラ):
  • Olivia (Lychee (ライチ, Raichi)):
  • Nanu (Kuchinashi (クチナシ)):
  • Hapu (ハプウ, Hāpu'u):

Elite Four and Champions[edit]

Kanto Elite Four and Champion[edit]

  • Lorelei (Kanna (カンナ)):
  • Bruno (Shiba (シバ)):
  • Agatha (Kikuko (キクコ)):
  • Lance (Wataru (ワタル)):

Johto Elite Four and Champion[edit]

  • Will (Itsuki (イツキ)):
  • Karen (Karin (カリン)):

Hoenn Elite Four and Champion[edit]

  • Sidney (Kagetsu (カゲツ)):
  • Phoebe (Fuyō (フヨウ)):
  • Glacia (Prim (プリム, Purimu)):
  • Drake (Genji (ゲンジ)):
  • Steven Stone (Daigo Tsuwabuki (ツワブキ・ダイゴ)):

Sinnoh Elite Four and Champion[edit]

  • Aaron (Ryō (リョウ)):
  • Bertha (Kikuno (キクノ)):
  • Flint (Ōba (オーバ)):
  • Lucian (Goyō (ゴヨウ)):
  • Cynthia (Shirona (シロナ)):

Unova Elite Four and Champion[edit]

  • Shauntal (Shikimi (シキミ)):
  • Grimsley (Gīma (ギーマ)):
  • Caitlin (Cattleya (カトレア, Katorea)):
  • Marshal (Renbu (レンブ)):
  • Alder (Adeku (アデク)):

Kalos Elite Four and Champion[edit]

  • Malva (Pachira (パキラ, Pakira)):
  • Siebold (Zumi (ズミ)):
  • Wikstrom (Gampi (ガンピ, Ganpi)):
  • Drasna (Dracaena (ドラセナ, Dorasena)):
  • Diantha (Carnet (カルネ, Karune)):

Alola Elite Four[edit]

Galar Champion[edit]

Battle facility leaders[edit]

Frontier Brain[edit]

Hoenn Frontier Brain[edit]

  • Factory Head Noland (Factory Head Datsura (ファクトリーヘッド ダツラ, Fakutorī Heddo Datsura)):
  • Pike Queen Lucy (Tube Queen Azami (チューブクイーン アザミ, Chūbu Kuīn Azami)):
  • Pyramid King Brandon (Pyramid King Jindai (ピラミッドキング ジンダイ, Piramiddo Kingu Jindai)):
  • Arena Tycoon Greta (Arena Captain Kogomi (アリーナキャプテン コゴミ, Arīna Kyaputen Kogomi)):
  • Dome Ace Tucker (Dome Superstar Heath (ドームスーパースター ヒース, Dōmu Sūpāsutā Hīsu)):
  • Palace Maven Spenser (Palace Guardian Ukon (パレスガーディアン ウコン, Paresu Gādian Ukon)):
  • Salon Maiden Anabel (Tower Tycoon Lila (タワータイクーン リラ, Tawā Taikūn Rira)):

Sinnoh Frontier Brain[edit]

  • Castle Valet Darach (Castle Butler Cochran (キャッスルバトラー コクラン, Kyassuru Batorā Kokuran)) and Lady Caitlin (Cattleya (カトレア, Katoreya)):
  • Arcade Star Dahlia (Roulette Goddess Dahlia (ルーレットゴーデス ダリア, Rūretto Gōdesu Daria)):
  • Factory Head Thorton (Factory Head Nejiki (ファクトリーヘッド ネジキ, Fakutorī Heddo Nejiki)):
  • Hall Matron Argenta (Stage Madonna Kate (ステージマドンナ ケイト, Sutēji Madonna Keito)):
  • Tower Tycoon Palmer (Tower Tycoon Kurotsugu (タワータイクーン クロツグ, Tawā Taikūn Kurotsugu)):

Other Battle facility leaders[edit]

  • Subway Boss Emmet (Subway Master Kudari (サブウェイマスタークダリ)):
  • Subway Boss Ingo (Subway Master Nobori (サブウェイマスターノボリ)):
  • Benga (Banjirō (バンジロウ)):

Pokémon groups[edit]

Legendary Pokémon[edit]

Kanto Legendary Pokémon[edit]

  • Articuno (Freezer (フリーザー, Furīzā)):
  • Zapdos (Thunder (サンダー, Sandā)):
  • Moltres (Fire (ファイヤー, Faiyā)):
  • Mewtwo (ミュウツー, Myūtsū):
    • Mega Mewtwo X (メガミュウツーX, Mega Myuutsuu X):
    • Mega Mewtwo Y (メガミュウツーY, Mega Myuutsuu Y):

Johto Legendary Pokémon[edit]

  • Ho-Oh (ホウオウ, Hōō):
  • Lugia (ルギア, Rugia):
  • Raikou (ライコウ, Raikō):
  • Entei (エンテイ, Entei):
  • Suicune (スイクン, Suikun):

Hoenn Legendary Pokémon[edit]

  • Regirock (レジロック, Rejirokku):
  • Regice (レジアイス, Rejiaisu):
  • Registeel (レジスチル, Rejisuchiru):
  • Groudon (グラードン, Gurādon):
    • Primal Groudon (ゲンシグラードン, Genshi Gurādon)
  • Kyogre (カイオーガ, Kaiōga):
    • Primal Kyogre (ゲンシカイオーガ, Genshi Kaiooga)
  • Rayquaza (レックウザ, Rekkūza):
    • Mega Rayquaza (メガレックウザ, Mega Rekkūza):
  • Latias (ラティアス, Ratiasu):
  • Latios (ラティオス, Ratiosu):
    • Mega Latios (メガラティオス, Mega Ratiosu):

Sinnoh Legendary Pokémon[edit]

  • Uxie (ユクシー, Yukushī):
  • Mesprit (エムリット, Emuritto):
  • Azelf (アグノム, Agunomu):
  • Dialga (ディアルガ, Diaruga):
  • Palkia (パルキア, Parukia):
  • Regigigas (レジギガス, Rejigigasu):
  • Giratina (ギラティナ, Giratina):
  • Heatran (ヒードラン, Hīdoran):
  • Cresselia (クレセリア, Kureseria):

Unova Legendary Pokémon[edit]

  • Thundurus (ボルトロス, Borutorosu)
  • Tornadus (トルネロス, Torunerosu):
  • Landorus (ランドロス, Randorosu):
  • Reshiram (レシラム, Reshiramu):
  • Zekrom (ゼクロム, Zekuromu):
  • Cobalion (コバルオン, Kobaruon):
  • Terrakion (テラキオン, Terakion):
  • Virizion (ビリジオン, Birijion):
  • Kyurem (キュレム, Kyuremu):

Kalos Legendary Pokémon[edit]

  • Xerneas (ゼルネアス, Zeruneasu):
  • Yveltal (イベルタル, Iberutaru):
  • Zygarde (ジガルデ, Jigarude):

Alola Legendary Pokémon[edit]

  • Tapu Koko (Kapu Kokeko (カプ・コケコ):
  • Tapu Lele (Kapu Tetefu (カプ・テテフ):
  • Tapu Bulu (Kapu Bururu (カプ・ブルル):
  • Tapu Fini (Kapu Rehile (カプ・レヒレ):
  • Cosmog (コスモッグ, Kosumoggu):
    • Cosmoem (コスモウム, Kosumoumu):
      • Solgaleo (ソルガレオ, Sorugareo):
      • Lunala (ルナアーラ, Runaāra):
  • Type: Null (タイプ:ヌル, Taipu: Nuru):
    • Silvally (シルヴァディ, Shiruvadi):
  • Necrozma (ネクロズマ, Nekurozuma):
    • Ultra Necrozma (ウルトラネクロズマ, Ultra Nekurozuma):
    • Dusk Mane Necrozma (日食ネクロズマ, Solar Eclipse Nekurozuma):
    • Dawn Wings Necrozma (月食ネクロズマ, Lunar Eclipse Nekurozuma):

Mythical Pokémon[edit]

  • Mew (ミュウ, Myū):
  • Celebi (セレビィ, Serebī):
  • Deoxys (デオキシス, Deokishisu):
  • Jirachi (ジラーチ, Jirāchi):
  • Darkrai (ダークライ, Dākurai):
  • Shaymin (シェイミ, Sheimi):
  • Manaphy (マナフィ, Manafi):
  • Phione (フィオネ, Fione):
  • Arceus (アルセウス, Aruseusu):
  • Victini (ビクティニ, Bikutini):
  • Meloetta (メロエッタ, Meroetta):
  • Keldeo (ケルディオ, Kerudio):
  • Genesect (ゲノセクト, Genosekuto):
  • Diancie (ディアンシー, Dianshī):
    • Mega Diancie (メガディアンシー, Mega Dianshī):
  • Hoopa (フーパ, Fūpa):

Ultra Beasts[edit]

  • Nihilego (ウツロイド, Utsuroido) (UB-01 Symbiont):
  • Buzzwole (マッシブーン, Masshibūn) (UB-02 Absorption):
  • Pheromosa (フェローチェ, Ferōche) (UB-02 Beauty):
  • Xurkitree (デンジュモク, Denjumoku) (UB-03 Lighting):
  • Celesteela (テッカグヤ, Tekkaguya) (UB-04 Blaster):
  • Kartana (カミツルギ, Kamitsurugi) (UB-04 Blade):
  • Guzzlord (アクジキング, Akujikingu) (UB-05 Glutton):
  • Blacephalon (ズガドーン, Zugadōn) (UB Burst):
  • Stakataka (ツンデツンデ, Tsundetsunde) (UB Assembly):
  • Poipole (ベベノム, Bebenomu) (UB Adhesive):
    • Naganadel (アーゴヨン, Āgoyon) (UB Stinger):

Villainous teams[edit]

Team Rocket/Neo Team Rocket[edit]

In Pokémon Adventures, Team Rocket has their own mnemonic for the word "Rocket": "Raid On the City, Knock out... Evil Tusks". Three Gym Leaders - Lt. Surge, Sabrina and Koga - serve directly under the first incarnation of Team Rocket. A fourth Gym Leader, Blaine, used to work for Team Rocket as their scientist, but now joins the alliance of Kanto Gym Leaders not affiliated with Team Rocket (Brock, Misty and Erika).

The first incarnation of Team Rocket is led by Giovanni - the Gym Leader of Viridian City and deputised by three high-profile members of Team Rocket - Ken, Al and Harry, which proclaim themselves as an "Elite Trio". They aim to exploit Pokémon and conquer the world.

Pryce, the Gym Leader of Mahogany Town, leads the first incarnation of Neo Team Rocket under a masked disguise called Mask of Ice. In the past, he captured Ho-Oh and used it to recruit six talented youngsters that would help him achieve his goal of travelling through time. Carl and Sham were based on the designs of the Neo Rocket Executives in Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver. Will and Karen, like Carl and Sham, were loyal to Pryce (and thus saw his face behind the mask) but after Pryce's disappearance, formed a new Elite Four with ex-Team Rocket deputy Koga and former Elite Four member Bruno. Finally, Green and Silver, who were kidnapped by Pryce and thus never saw his face, escaped from Pryce when they had the chance, becoming recognized Pokédex holders that contributed to Pryce's defeat in the voids of time.

Carr, Orm and Sird are the deputies of the second incarnation of Team Rocket, exclusive to Pokémon Adventures. They call themselves the Three Beasts. Carr reacted angrily when he found out that Giovanni was searching for his son, and thus tried to wrestle control of Team Rocket. He also attempted to revive Team Rocket at the start of the HeartGold & SoulSilver arc, but was stopped by the Four Generals, who claimed that those who do not follow Giovanni's ideal were not truly representative of Team Rocket. It was also revealed that Sird was originally a founding member of Team Galactic, who pretended to be loyal to Team Rocket but was in fact meant to capture Deoxys for Team Galactic. Before "joining" Team Rocket, she came across the weakened Maxie and Archie and presented a sword and armor to the winner of a fight to the death between Maxie and Archie. Due to an ankle injury sustained on her escape from Kanto, Sird assumed control of a Team Galactic grunt's body and continued operations using his body.

The second incarnation of Neo Team Rocket, led by Archer, Ariana, Proton and Petrel, who are collectively named as the Four Generals, appears in the HeartGold & SoulSilver arc. They aimed to control Arceus, the deity of Pokémon, in order to convince their former leader Giovanni to return. They achieved this by fooling the arc's main protagonists (Gold, Silver and Crystal) into helping them. Arceus created the creation trio of Dialga, Palkia and Giratina, and all appeared to be ready for Giovanni's return. Giovanni did indeed return, but with Lance and Pryce, both of which were antagonists of previous arcs, and worked together with the three main protagonists to stop the creation trio from destroying the world.

  • Giovanni (サカキ (Sakaki)):
  • Elite Trio (中隊長):
    • Ken (ケン):
    • Al (リョウ (Ryou))::
    • Harry (ハリー (Harii)):
  • Masked Children (イツキ・カリン):
    • Carl (カーツ (Kaatsu)):
    • Sham (シャム (Shamu)):
  • Three Beasts (三獣士 (Three Beast Warriors)):
    • Carr (チャクラ (Chakura)):
    • Orm (オウカ (Ouka)):
    • Sird (サキ (Saki)):
  • Four Generals (四将軍):
    • Archer (Apollo (アポロ, Aporo)):
    • Ariana (Athena (アテナ, Atena)):
    • Proton (Lance (ランス, Ransu)):
    • Petrel (Lambda (ラムダ, Ramuda)):

Team Aqua and Team Magma[edit]

Team Aqua and Team Magma are the criminal entities based in Hoenn. Led by Archie and Maxie respectively, the two teams are portrayed very differently in Pokémon Adventures. Team Aqua is the more established organization that aims to expand the sea; its leader is even the boss of a television station, thus allowing Team Aqua to cover up their actions, including the ending of volcanic activity at Mt. Chimney. Team Magma is the smaller, more disjointed organization that aims to expand the land, but often has little sense of direction. During the climax of the Ruby & Sapphire arc, the two leaders strike a deal to reach the bottom of the sea together. They later assume control of the Blue Orb and Red Orb respectively. However, Archie and Maxie lose control of the orbs, which sink into their bodies. Kyogre and Groudon eventually reach Sootopolis City and start clashing once again. Even after the orbs are knocked out of Archie and Maxie's bodies, the clash continues, and after the clash is stopped, Archie and Maxie re-emerge with greater wickedness and savagery in their minds, and announce their intention to crush anyone that dares to defy them.

In the Emerald arc, Guile Hideout's real identity was revealed as Archie. He was the one who had won the sword and armor from Sird, having beaten Maxie in a fight to the death, and managed to summon a giant Kyogre-like monster to expand the sea, but ultimately disappeared in a flash of light after losing his armour, as well as control of the Battle Frontier's rental Pokémon.

Team Aqua[edit]

  • Archie (Aogiri (アオギリ)) / Guile Hideout (ガイル・ハイダウト):
  • Subleaders of the Sea Scheme
    • Matt (Ushio (ウシオ)):
    • Shelly (Izumi (イズミ)):
    • Amber (シズク (Shizuku)):

Team Magma[edit]

  • Maxie (Matsubusa (マツブサ)):
  • Three Fires (Three Head Fires (三頭火)):
    • Courtney (Kagari (カガリ)):
    • Tabitha (Homura (ホムラ)):
    • Blaise (ホカゲ (Hokage)):

Team Galactic[edit]

Team Galactic is the criminal entity based in Sinnoh. Their aim of creating a new world had been planned for several years. At the end of the Diamond & Pearl arc, their leader Cyrus, who had been defeated by Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, is dragged into the Distortion World. In the Platinum arc, Team Galactic's scientist Charon becomes the new leader of the team, although the commanders - Mars, Jupiter and Saturn - still regarded Cyrus as their true boss, and tried to find him. In the Distortion World, Cyrus realized that his efforts to create a new world was all in vain - he only ended up creating a portal to the Distortion World. After Charon is ultimately stopped, Cyrus announced the disbandment of Team Galactic.

  • Cyrus (Akagi (アカギ)):
  • Mars (マーズ, Māzu):
  • Jupiter (ジュピター, Jupitā):
  • Saturn (サターン, Satān):
  • Charon (Pluto (プルート, Purūto)):
  • Advanced level Grunt (Advanced level Underling (上級SHITAPPA)):

Team Plasma/Neo Team Plasma[edit]

Team Plasma is the criminal entity based in Unova. The lesser members of the organization believe that N, a mysterious green-haired man, is their leader, and idolize him like a king. However, in truth N was brainwashed by Ghetsis, the true mastermind behind Team Plasma, whose aim is not to liberate Pokémon, but make all the Pokémon Team Plasma's. Neo Team Plasma is the new criminal entity based in Unova. They aim to rule Unova by freezing the region. They are led by Ghetsis, and surrogate led by Colress.

  • N (エヌ, Enu):
  • The Seven Sages (七賢人, Shichi Kenjin):
    • Ghetsis (G-Cis (ゲーチス, Gēchisu)):
    • Zinzolin (Vio (ヴィオ)):
    • Ryoku (Ryokushi (リョクシ)):
    • Giallo (ジャロ, Jaro):
    • Rood (Rot (ロット, Rotto)):
    • Bronius (Sumura (スムラ)):
    • Gorm (Asura (アスラ)):
  • The Shadow Triad ("Dark Trinity" (ダークトリニティ, Dāku Toriniti)):
  • Anthea (the Goddess of Love (愛の女神, Ai no Megami)) and Concordia (the Goddess of Peace (平和の女神, Heiwa no Megami)):
  • Colress (Achroma (アクロマ, Akuroma)) / Hood Man (フードマン):
  • Whitley's mother

Team Flare[edit]

Team Flare is the main evil organization of the Kalos region. They already appear to have a major influence over Kalos by owning the region's central media outlets to cover up their work. They seek to use X's Mega Ring to succeed in their plans, as well as seeking out Xerneas and Yveltal. Members include the leader Lysandre, scientists Xerosic, Aliana, Bryony, Celosia and Mable, newsreader Malva and butler Chalmers.

  • Lysandre (Fleur-de-Lis (フラダリ, Furadari)):
  • Aliana (Akebi (アケビ)):
  • Bryony (Bara (バラ)):
  • Celosia (Correa (コレア, Korea)):
  • Mable (Momiji (モミジ)):
  • Xerosic (Xerosicy (クセロシキ, Kuseroshiki)):
  • Chalmers (チャルマーズ, Charumaazu):
  • Lumiose Press editor-in-chief (Miare Press editor-in-chief (ミアレ出版の編集長)):

Team Skull and Aether Foundation[edit]

Team Skull is the criminal group in the Alola region that like to try and steal Pokémon and items from other people with Guzma being their boss. The Aether Foundation, also located in Alola on a man-made island, is a team of scientists working on "helping" injured or fallen Pokémon, however, they were secretly working on creating 3 powerful legendary Pokémon called Type: Full (or Silvally) to combat the strange Ultra Beasts. This didn't go so well when they were awakened they had to be restrained and renamed to Type: Null. One of them Gladion managed to rescue and evolve.

Team Skull[edit]

  • Guzma (グズマ):
  • Plumeria (プルメリ, Plumeri):
  • Gladion (グラジオ, Glazio):

Aether Foundation[edit]

  • Lusamine (ルザミーネ):
  • Faba (ザオボー, Sauboh):
  • Wicke (ビッケ):

Ultra Recon Squad[edit]

  • Dulse (ダルス):
  • Zossie (Amamo (アマモ)):
  • Soliera (Mirin (ミリン)):
  • Phyco (Shionira (シオニラ)):

Team Yell and Macro Cosmos[edit]

Team Yell[edit]

Team Yell are a group of troublemakers in the Galar region.

  • Piers (Nezu (ネズ)):
  • Marnie (Mary (マリィ)):

Macro Cosmos[edit]

  • Rose (ローズ):
  • Oleana (オリーヴ, Olive):


  • Professor Samuel Oak (Professor Yukinari Ōkido (オーキド・ユキナリ博士, Ōkido Yukinari-hakase)):
  • Professor Elm (Professor Utsugi (ウツギ博士, Utsugi-hakase)):
  • Professor Birch (Professor Odamaki (オダマキ博士, Odamaki-hakase)):
  • Professor Takao Cozmo (Professor Takao Soraishi (ソライシ・タカオ博士, Soraishi Takao-hakase)):
  • Professor Rowan (Professor Nanakamado (ナナカマド博士, Nanakamado-hakase)):
  • Professor Yanase Berlitz (ヤナセ・ベルリッツ教授, Berlitz Yanase-hakase):
  • Professor Aurea Juniper (Professor Araragi (アララギ博士, Araragi-hakase)):
  • Professor Cedric Juniper (Professor Araragi (アララギ博士, Araragi-hakase)):
  • Professor Augustine Sycamore (Professor Platane (プラターヌ博士, Puratānu-hakase)):
  • Professor Kukui (ククイ博士, Kukui-hakase):
  • Professor Burnet (バーネット博士, Burnet-hakase):
  • Professor Samson Oak (Professor Nariya Ōkido (ナリヤ・オーキド, Ōkido Nariya-hakase)):
  • Professor Magnolia (マグノリア博士, Magunoria-hakase):

Pokémon Storage System developers[edit]

  • Bill (Masaki Sonezaki (ソネザキ マサキ, Sonezaki Masaki)):
  • Celio (Nishiki (ニシキ)):
  • Brigette (Azusa (アズサ)):
  • Lanette (Mayumi (マユミ)):
  • Bebe (Mizuki (ミズキ)):
  • Amanita (Shōro (ショウロ)):
  • Cassius (Crocea (クロケア)):
  • Molayne (Mullein (マーレイン)):

Other characters[edit]


  • Announcer Chairtarō (チェアたろう)
  • Pokémon Fan Club Chairman (Pokémon Lovers Club President (ポケモン 大好きクラブ かいちょう)):
  • Baoba (バオバ)
  • Fisherman Wilton (Hidenori (ヒデノリ))
  • Daisy Oak (Nanami Okido (オーキド・ナナミ))
  • Camper Evan (Junji (ジュンジ))
  • Super Nerd Miles (Akihito (アキヒト))
  • Ultima (Kiwame (キワメ)):
  • Green's parents:


  • Joey (Gorō (ゴロウ))
  • Gold's mother
  • Eusine (Minaki (ミナキ)):
  • Kurt (Gantetsu (ガンテツ)):
  • Maizie (Chie (チエ)):
  • Mirei (ミレイ):
  • Walker (Hayate (ハヤテ)):
  • The Day-Care Couple (育て屋夫婦):
  • DJ Mary (Kurumi (クルミ):
  • Radio Director Hiro (ヒロオ, Hirō):
  • The Chairman of Pokémon Association:
  • Earl Dervish (Giovanni (ジョバンニ):
  • Jet (ジェット):
  • Magnus (Kobushi (コブシ)):
  • Maximo (Kejime (ケジメ)):


  • Ruby's mother:
  • Mr. Briney (Old Man Hagi (ハギ老人)):
  • Gabby (Mari (マリ)) and Ty (Dai (ダイ)):
  • Swimmer Jack (Hidenori (ヒデノリ)):
  • Joseph Stone (Mukuge Tsuwabuki (ツワブキ・ムクゲ)):
  • Trick Master (King of Tricks (カラクリ大王)):
  • Wanda (Michiru (ミチル)):
  • Captain Stern (Director Kusunoki (クスノキ館長)):
  • Dock (Tsuga (ツガ)):
  • Blind boy (目の不自由な少年):
  • Scott (Enishida (エニシダ)):
  • Todd Snap (Tōru (トオル)):
  • Zinnia (Higana (ヒガナ)):
  • Lisia (Lutia (ルチア, Ruchia)):
  • Chaz (Kazura (カズラ)):
  • Jinga (ジンガ):
  • Renza (レンザ):
  • Tomatoma (トマトマ):
  • The Elder of Meteor Village:
  • Aarune (Girī (ギリー)):


  • Mr. Berlitz (ベルリッツ氏):
  • Sebastian (セバスチャン):
  • Paka (パカ) and Uji (ウージ, Ūji):
  • Johanna (Ayako (アヤコ)):
  • Riley (Gen (ゲン)):
  • Roseanne (Hamana (ハマナ)):
  • Cynthia's grandmother:
  • Dr. Footstep (Futomaki (フトマキ)):
  • Rad Rickshaw (Jitensha Jinriki (じてんしゃ じんりき)):
  • Mr. Backlot (Urayama (ウラヤマ)):
  • Mr. Fuego (Mr. Tatara (タタラさん)):
  • Pokétch Co. President (Pokétch Company's president (ポケッチカンパニーのしゃちょう)):
  • "Looker" ("Handsome" (ハンサム, Hansamu)):
  • Eldritch (Namiki (ナミキ)):
  • Cheryl (Momi (モミ)):
  • Mira (Miru (ミル)):
  • Marley (Mai (マイ)):
  • Buck (Baku (バク))


  • Fennel (Makomo (マコモ)):
  • Bianca's father (Bel's papa (ベルパパ)):
  • Hawes (Kidachi (キダチ)):
  • The mayor of Nimbasa City:
  • Andy (Natsumi (ナツミ)):
  • Geoff (Shinnosuke (シンノスケ)):
  • Chris (Yoshie (ヨシエ)):
  • Logan (Teruyuki (テルユキ)):
  • Jeremy (Hideaki (ヒデアキ)):
  • Trish (トリッシュ):
  • Shoko (ショーコ, Shōko):
  • Kimi (Hisoka (ヒソカ)):
  • Leo (Petaci (ペタシ)):
  • Hugh (Hue (ヒュウ)):
  • Hugh's sister (Hyu's younger sister (ヒュウの妹)):
  • Yuko (ユウコ, Yūko):
  • Maya (Mayu (マユ)):
  • Yuki (ユキ):
  • Yancy (Ruri (ルリ)):
  • Curtis (Tetsu (テツ)):
  • The Magician (マジシャン):
  • Benga (Banjirō (バンジロウ)):
  • International Police Chief:


  • Trevor (トロバ, Trevor):
  • Shauna (サナ, Sana):
  • Tierno (ティエルノ, Tierno):
  • Grace (Saki (サキ)):
  • Alexa (Pansy (パンジー, Panjī)):
  • Sina (Sina (ジーナ)) & Dexio (Dexio (デクシオ)):
  • Gurkinn (Concombre (コンコンブル)):
  • Emma (Matiere (マチエール, Machiēru)) / Essentia (Esprit (エスプリ, Espuri)):
  • Bonnie (Eureka (ユリーカ)):
  • Yvette (Misora (ミソラ)):
  • AZ (AZ(エーゼット), Ē Zetto):


  • Lillie (Lilie (リーリエ)):
  • Hau (ハウ):
  • Ryuki (リュウキ, Ryūki):


  • Marvin (Manabu (マナブ)):
  • Sonia (ソニア):
  • Hop (ホップ):
  • Bede (Beet (ビート)):
  • The female announcer:


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Squad comic female pokemon

Green (Adventures)

If you were looking for the male character from the Pokémon Adventures manga who is known as Green in Japan, see Blue (Adventures).

Green (Japanese: ブルーBlue) is a main character in the manga series Pokémon Adventures.


As a young child, she was kidnapped by Ho-Oh and raised by the evil Masked Man, where she met and became close with Silver. This kidnapping led to her ornithophobia, which she manages to cure herself of in the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter. The two of them managed to escape and began plotting against the Masked Man to take him down for good.

Green is quite cunning and quick-witted. She can talk others into believing a bold-faced lie and talk her way out of many tight situations. At one point, she convinces Red to buy a bunch of useless items for his Pikachu. Green is also a master of disguise, she uses her Ditto, Ditty as a mask and is able to make herself look like anyone she wants.

The original Green was designed after the early sketches for a Lass and a female protagonist shown in early concept art for Pokémon Red and Green. When a female player character from Kanto finally appeared in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, Green changed her clothes to match Leaf's in-game appearance.

Green's special skill, as described by Professor Oak, is the knowledge of Pokémon Evolution, a skill she learned from her time as a Masked Child. For this skill, she is known as the "Evolver" (化える者Evolver).


Prior to Red, Green & Blue chapter

A native of Pallet Town, Green was kidnapped by a bird Pokémon and separated from her parents when she was only five years old (six years prior to the first chapter), on the orders of the Masked Man. She was taken to a secret hideout and was trained with several other Masked Children. There, she met Silver and learned about Evolution. Eventually, they managed to escape into freedom. Green spent years traveling alone.

Red, Green & Blue chapter

Green in the first chapter
Green with her team in the first chapter

Before her debut in this chapter, Green eventually discovered she was from Pallet Town, where two boys her age (Red and Blue) had each received a starter Pokémon, a Pokédex, and set out on a journey. Frustrated, she broke into Professor Oak's laboratory and stole a Squirtle.

Green first appears in Wartortle Wars, where she scams Red out of his money by selling him fake items. Angered, Red hunts her down to get what was taken from him back. After chasing Green down and defeating her, Red reclaims his stolen money, only to find out that Green managed to steal his Badges. Later, she is attacked by Team Rocket, who were after the data disk with information on Mew that she stole from them. She manages to fend them off with her Ditty, who uses its Transform to take the form of the opponents' Pokémon to defeat them.

After escaping with Red, who had disguised himself as a Rocket Grunt to get close to Green, the duo begins tracking Mew with the stolen data disk. Green reveals to Red that she intends on capturing Mew to make money off of it. To keep Team Rocket busy, she has Ditty take Mew's form to lead the villains away. They manage to find it, but Team Rocket catches up to them and tries to take Mew for themselves. Mew retaliates by defeating Team Rocket and leaving Red and Green unharmed. Mew leaves, and although she didn't get to capture it, Green is content with selling photographs of it to the newspaper. She thanks Red for his help and returns his stolen Badges to him.

Green is later seen failing an attempt to get into Saffron City. She spots Blue and tells him about the barrier around the city, suggesting that they team up. She later manages to convince Red and Blue to team up and remove the barrier, allowing her to sneak inside Silph Co. while they do all the work. After getting inside, Green is attacked by Sabrina, one of the Team Rocket commanding officers. Although Sabrina proves to be a powerful opponent with her psychic abilities, Green manages to get away by playing mind tricks and getting through Sabrina's illusions.

She continues on through the building by disguising herself as Sabrina and encounters Red with the Pokémon Badge Energy Amplifier. She lies to Red how it works by stating that it powers a Pokémon's strength, when it's really made to create a new Pokémon entirely. She trades the Marsh Badge she stole from Sabrina for Red's Moon Stone. When Sabrina finds them, Red attempts to use the Amplifier to power up Pika, only for it not to work since the two Badges Green returned to him earlier were actually fakes. She takes the Amplifier and leaves Red at Sabrina's mercy.

While the others are busy, Green puts the two remaining Badges in the Amplifier, which activates and fusing Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres into Thu-Fi-Zer. Seeing Thu-Fi-Zer causes Green to faint from shock, forcing Red to protect her while she's unconscious. In her stead, he uses the Moon Stone he traded with her to evolve her Clefy into Clefable. Clefy manages to damage Thu-Fi-Zer, but not enough to defeat it. Green eventually wakes up and helps defeat the bird Pokémon with a combination attack between Blasty, Charizard, and Saur. Thu-Fi-Zer is separated back into Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, who fly away back to the wild. After the battle had ended, Green avoids celebrating with her allies since Blue's grandfather, Professor Oak is there with them.

Afterwards, she competes in the 9th Pokémon League tournament, breezing through the qualifying elimination rounds. In the semifinals, she faces the mysterious Dr. O. By using bird Pokémon, Dr. O exploits Green's ornithophobia and manages to defeat her. Her opponent is revealed to actually be Professor Oak in disguise, who reveals that he knows about her childhood trauma and that she was the one who stole his Squirtle. Breaking down in tears, Green confesses to Professor Oak about why she stole his Pokémon. Professor Oak forgives Green and bestows to her the third Kanto Pokédex. Although he won the battle, Professor Oak gives the win to Green, effectively making her the second runner-up the tournament, after Blue and Red.

Prior to Yellow chapter

Green in the second chapter

Two years after the events of the Pokémon League, Green decided to search for the bird Pokémon that kidnapped her. Her journey led her to learn about the Elite Four, who she found out from an ally that they plan on using the power of a bird Pokémon. After finding Pika running away from one of the Elite Four's Pokémon, she meets Yellow, a young girl with the same powers as the Elite Four's leader. Green decides to use Yellow in gathering information on the Elite Four so that they can be defeated. She sends Yellow disguised as a boy to find Pika and investigate what happened to the missing Red.

Yellow chapter

Green makes her first appearance in the second chapter listening in on the battle between Yellow and Lorelei. She berates Yellow for ignoring her orders to not give away her name to the enemies, but also notes that it probably would not have stayed a secret for long anyway. After Yellow and Bill manage to escape Lorelei, Green steps in and prevents Lorelei from tracking them. She then disappears before being spotted.

Later, she sneaks into Bill's house to get data from the Pokémon Storage System to find out if the missing Red is still alive. After being mistaken for a burglar, Green explains to Bill that she was the one who sent Yellow on her quest. She also reveals that the Elite Four are behind the bird Pokémon that kidnapped her years ago. After hearing her story, Bill reluctantly decides to help Green, and while they find out Red is alive, a Hitmonlee destroys Bill's computer before they can figure out where he was last seen. Green manages to defeat Hitmonlee only to figure out that it was only a decoy to Lance in Vermilion City.

Later, they arrive at Cerise Island and meet up with Yellow. They sneak past Lorelei's guard Pokémon and enter the volcano's interior, where they meet up with Blue, Blaine, Sabrina, Koga, and Lt. Surge. The eight decide to work together and split up into four pairs of two and fight one of the Elite Four. Using her Spoons of Destiny to pair the groups, Sabrina is paired with Green and the two set off to face Lorelei.

After exploring more of the volcano, Green and Sabrina are attacked by Lorelei, who uses her abilities to tie the girls together with ice handcuffs. Due to their inability to work together properly, Green is accidentally knocked unconscious, leaving Sabrina to do the fighting by herself. When Sabrina is defeated, Green reveals that she was conscious the entire time. Green manages to steal the ice dolls that were keeping the handcuffs on her and Sabrina, but the commotion causes the handcuffs to break, separating Green's arm from her body. Once Lorelei claims victory, the severed arm reveals itself to be a disguised Ditty, who captures and defeats Lorelei. Hearing that Green was conscious the entire time angers Sabrina, who yells at Green for not telling her about what she was planning.

With all the battles except for Yellow's over, Sabrina leaves Green alone. Annoyed, Green notes how the Elite Four were so strong that she had to use all of her Pokémon except for Snubbull, her seventh one. When she notices a giant bird Pokémon appearing at the top of Cerise Island, she rushes over to the top, where she encounters Blue and Red. They have their Pokémon send energy to Yellow, giving her the strength to defeat Lance once and for all.

After the final battle had ended, Green calls her friend and tells them about the bird Pokémon Lance tried to control. While she is not sure whether it is the bird that kidnapped her years ago, Green asks her friend to investigate it in the Johto region.

Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter

Green in the third chapter

Green appears in the third chapter as a major supporting character. In her first appearances, she is only mentioned by Silver, who describes their past kidnapping at the hands of the Masked Man. She makes her first appearance in person in Heckled by Hitmontop, where she has Silver Teleported away so that he would be safe and not have to be involved with the final battle against the Masked Man.

She then travels to the Ilex Forest to prevent the Masked Man from capturing Celebi. There, she is attacked by Will and Karen, fellow Masked Children who use Ho-Oh and a captive Silver to defeat Green by using her past against her. After reconciling with Silver, Green manages to overcome her childhood trauma and reveals that she had already captured Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. Together with Red and Blue, Green uses the birds to free Ho-Oh and Lugia from the Masked Man's control. With Will and Karen defeated, Green, Red, and Blue join up with the other Pokédex holders to defeat the Masked Man once and for all.

She helps combat the Masked Man's ice dolls while Gold, Silver, and Crystal personally battle the Masked Man in the Crack in Time. Once they are defeated, Green and the other Pokédex holders help Gold destroy the GS Ball, freeing Celebi from the Masked Man's control, ending Neo Team Rocket in the process.

FireRed & LeafGreen chapter

In the fifth chapter, Green wears a change of clothing that she received from Silver. After some searching, Green has made it her mission to meet up with her long-lost parents, who she found are now living in the Sevii Islands. While on the boat traveling to One Island, she is attacked by an invisible Pokémon, who attempts to suck her into a black hole. When her parents see this, they rush over to meet their daughter and are accidentally sucked into the black hole instead. Shocked from seeing this, Green falls into a brief coma after Red and Blue come to rescue her.

Green eventually wakes up and learns that the Pokémon who kidnapped her parents is named Deoxys and was under the control of Team Rocket, who have her parents held captive. After helping Red out of his slump from his defeat by Deoxys's hands, Green decides to learn the Ultimate Water Attack, Hydro Cannon, from Ultima and rescue her parents. Together with Red, Blue, and Mewtwo, they travel to the Trainer Tower to rescue Green's parents and Professor Oak. After succeeding, Professor Oak has Green take him to where the Pokédexes Team Rocket stole from him are being held. Professor Oak manages to put together Red, Blue, and Green's new Pokédexes, though at the cost of two of the original three. The commotion exhausts everyone, leaving Red to face Giovanni alone with Mewtwo.

After traveling back to Kanto, Green helps stop the Team Rocket airship from crashing into Vermilion City. Although Team Rocket is defeated and Deoxys freed from their control, Sird, of the Three Beasts, attempts to recapture it. Green, Red, Blue, Silver, Yellow, and Mewtwo all jump in the way of Sird's attempt, but are turned into stone in the process.

Emerald chapter

Green in the sixth chapter

Two months after the events of the fifth chapter, Professor Oak has been frantically searching for a way to free the petrified Pokédex holders. He manages to discover the Mythical wish-granting Pokémon, Jirachi, who is going to awaken at the site of the Hoenn Battle Frontier. After getting permission from Scott, Green and the other Pokédex holders are shipped to the Battle Frontier while Emerald searches for Jirachi.

At the end of the sixth chapter, Emerald manages to convince Jirachi to free Green and the others from their stone prison. Along with the other nine Pokédex holders, Green defeats Guile Hideout, who used Jirachi's power for his own gains. At the end of the chapter, she competes in a tournament against her friends held in the Battle Dome. Although her final ranking is unknown despite eventually losing at some point, Crystal states that her first opponent was Green, who defeated her.

Diamond & Pearl chapter

In High-tailing It from Haunter, Green was briefly seen together with the other Pokédex holders from Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn when the Advanced level Grunt was talking to Diamond about the Pokédex.

In Double Trouble with Dialga and Palkia IV, at the Spear Pillar, Sird told the Team Galactic Commanders about how she escaped from Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Silver by turning them into stone with her Darkrai.

HeartGold & SoulSilver chapter

Green in the ninth chapter

In Dealing With A Koffing Fit, Silver reveals that Green was the one that gave him the Dusk Stone and Razor Claw, which later allowed his Murkrow and Sneasel evolve into Honchkrow and Weavile, respectively.

Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire chapter

In the thirteenth chapter, Red gets a call from Bill, who informs him that the Ruby and Sapphire shards that were taken from Team Rocket have begun transforming into Orbs. Fearing something may happen, Bill asks Red to come over to help him with the shards. Due to Blue being in another region, Red decides to ask Green to go with him. When Green, Red, and Daisy arrive at Bill's cottage, they find that Bill has been attacked. Bill reveals that two men attacked him and stole the Orbs and his boat. Green and Red leave Bill in Daisy's care while they use a tracking device to find the thieves.

They travel to the Hoenn region and catch up with the thieves, who are revealed to be Maxie and Archie. Overhearing their plans to use the Orbs for some purpose, Green and Red battle Maxie and Archie to avenge their injured friend and take the Orbs back. When Maxie and Archie start the battle by using Mega Evolution to power up their Pokémon, Green and Red counter by using their own Mega-Evolved Pokémon. Green and Red eventually manage to defeat their opponents, but are startled by the appearance of Groudon and Kyogre. Maxie and Archie use the Orbs to revert Groudon and Kyogre into their Primal forms. With its increased power Groudon easily defeats Green and Red by smashing them under a pile of rubble.

Afterward, Green and Red awaken inside a building, where they find that their belongings and Poké Balls have been taken away. There, they meet Blaise and Amber, who also had their stuff taken. The person responsible reveals himself to be Giovanni, who had taken the four aboard the Team Rocket airship. He reveals to them that he intends on helping stop the meteoroid.

Later, Green and others travel to Sootopolis City, where they find Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald discussing a plan to destroy the meteoroid. Green's group demonstrates that despite not being in a battle, activating Mega Evolution is still possible. With this revelation, Giovanni speculates that the meteoroid may actually be a Pokémon from space. Green then suggests that they gather allies from around Hoenn, Kanto, and Johto so that they may combine the power of their Pokémon to help slow down the meteoroid.


In the original version, most of Green's Pokémon nicknames are derived from the species' Japanese name, followed by a Japanese honorific. The exceptions are Jiggly, Granbull, and Ririri.

In the Chuang Yi translation, most of Green's Pokémon nicknames are derived from the species' English name with an -y at the end. The exceptions are Jiggly and Granbull, who doesn't have a nickname.

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Jiggly ♀
Main article: Jiggly

Jiggly (Japanese: ぷりりPuriri) was Green's first Pokémon that she had since she was a Jigglypuff. She can inflate herself and fly like a balloon, and serves as Green's usual means of aerial transport. She is level 77, has a Lax nature, and her Characteristic is "a sturdy body."

Debut Tauros the Tyrant
Green's Granbull

Green's Granbull
Snubbull → Granbull ♂
Granbull (Japanese: ブルーBulu), was once left in Silver's care in exchange for Silver's Horsea before they parted ways after escaping the Masked Man. Sometime during the Yellow chapter, he was returned to Green. He evolved into a Granbull in Give It Your Best, Blastoise. As of It Takes Patience, Knowledge and a Really Quick Beedrill, he is level 22, has a Timid nature, and his Characteristic is "quick to flee."

Granbull's known moves are Scary Face, Bite, Charm, and Take Down, and his Ability is Quick Feet as a Granbull and Run Away as a Snubbull.

Debut The Might of... Metapod?!
Main article: Ditty

Ditty (Japanese: メタちゃんMeta-chan) is Green's third known Pokémon. It is not that strong of a battler, but she uses it for disguising herself and for tricking people. It is level 60, has a Rash nature, and its Characteristic is "mischievous."

Debut Tauros the Tyrant

Clefy ♂
Clefy (Japanese: ピッくんPikkun) is Green's fourth known Pokémon that she had since he was a Clefairy. He was first used to battle Sabrina, where he managed to hold off her psychic abilities along with Jiggly. In The Winged Legends, he was used to battle Thu-Fi-Zer after evolving into a Clefable with Red's Moon Stone. There, he managed to hold it down for some time using his unpredictable Metronome attack. As of It Takes Patience, Knowledge and a Really Quick Beedrill, he is level 68, has a Naughty nature, and his Characteristic is "likes to fight."

Clefy's known moves are Growl, Metronome, and Minimize, and his Ability is Cute Charm.
Clefy has also used Quick Attack, Comet Punch, Hyper Beam, and Fury Swipes via Metronome.

Debut A Little Kadabra'll Do It

Nido (CY: Nidory) ♀
Nido (Japanese: ニドちゃんNido-chan), known as Nidory in the Chuang Yi translation, is Green's fifth known Pokémon that she had since she was a Nidoran♀. She was first seen in Just a Spearow Carrier at the Pokémon League in an attempt to trick a Fisherman into trading his Nidoran♂ for Green's Weedle. Prior to Valiant Venomoth!, Nido evolved into a Nidorina. During the battle against the Deoxys Duplicates in Give It Your Best, Blastoise, Green used a Moon Stone to evolve Nido into a Nidoqueen. As of It Takes Patience, Knowledge and a Really Quick Beedrill, she is level 69, has a Quiet nature, and her Characteristic is "very finicky."

Nido's known moves are Double Kick and Poison Sting*, and her Ability is Poison Point.

Debut Just a Spearow Carrier

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Badges obtained

Green stole a few of the Kanto Badges from Trainers and Gym Leaders. As of A Little Kadabra’ll Do It, all Badges have been returned to their proper owners.

Pokémon League

Green has competed in the following Pokémon Leagues:


  • Green is the oldest Pokédex Holder.
  • Green and Blue had their names switched around for the English translation. This is due to the complexity of Generation I’s game releases, where in Japan, Red Version was paired with Green Version (leaving Blue as the third), and in the rest of the world Red was paired with Blue (while there was no Green). Since she was not Red’s rival, the translators did not see it fitting that she have her name be that of Red’s "rival version". This name change is present in both the VIZ Media and Chuang Yi translations. Later, Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen would be released as remakes of the original Pokémon Red and Blue/Green, and unlike the original games, the remakes would feature a playable female character which Green is based on.
    • A panel in the original VIZ printing of Volume 3 forgets to make this change, however. When the Pokémon League scoreboard is shown, Red's rival is identified as “GREEN” and Green is identified as “BLUE”. This error was still present in the compilation volume The Best of Pokémon Adventures: Red, but was corrected for the 2009 second edition.
  • Her name in the European French translation of the manga is the same as Lorelei's name in the French versions of the games.
  • Green is 5'5" (165 cm) tall and weighs 105 lbs (48 kg).


Language Name Origin
Japanese ブルー BlueFrom Pokémon Blue
English, Brazilian Portuguese Green From Pokémon Green
French Verte*From Pokémon Version Vert (Pokémon Green)
Olga*From Olga (a female name)
German Grün*From Pokémon Grüne Edition (Pokémon Green)
Green*Same as her English name
Italian Verde*From Pokémon Versione Verde (Pokémon Green)
Blue*Same as the Japanese name
Spanish Verde From Pokémon Edición Verde (Pokémon Green)
Korean 블루 BlueTransliteration of her Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 小藍 / 小蓝 Xiǎo LánFrom 藍 / 蓝 lán, blue
Chinese (Cantonese) 小藍 Síu LaamFrom 藍 laam, blue
Thai บลู BlueTransliteration of her Japanese name
Vietnamese Blue Transliteration of her Japanese name


Green's Pokémon

Main article: Jiggly → Names
Main article: Blasty → Names
Main article: Ditty → Names


Language Name Origin
Japanese ブルー BuluFrom ブルー Bulu
English Bull*From Snubbull
French Bubull From Snubbull
German Nubby From Snubbull
Chinese (Mandarin) 小布盧 Xiǎo Bùlú*From 布盧 Bùlú
布庐 Bùlú*From 布卢 Bùlú
布芦 Bùlú*From 布卢 Bùlú
Brazilian Portuguese Snub From Snubbull
Vietnamese Bulu Transliteration of his Japanese name


Language Name Origin
Japanese ピッくん PikkunFrom ピッピ Pippi
English, Italian, Spanish Clefy From Clefairy
French Mémélo From Mélofée
German Pix From Piepi
Chinese (Mandarin) 小皮 Xiǎo PíFrom 皮皮 Pípí
Chinese (Cantonese) 小皮 Síu PèihFrom 皮皮 Pèihpèih
Brazilian Portuguese Clefinho*From Clefairy and the male diminutive suffix -inho
Clefinha*From Clefairy and the female diminutive suffix -inha
Vietnamese Cu Pi Transliteration of his Japanese name


Language Name Origin
Japanese ニドちゃん Nido-chanFrom ニドラン♀ Nidoran♀
English Nido*From Nidoran♀
Nidory*From Nidoran♀
French Nidodo From Nidoran♀
German, Italian, Spanish Nido From Nidoran♀
Chinese (Mandarin) 小尼多 Xiǎo Níduō*From 尼多蘭 / 尼多兰 Níduōlán
小尼多Xiǎo Ní*From 布卢 Bùlú
尼多 Níduō*From 尼多兰 Níduōlán
Chinese (Cantonese) 小尼 Síu NèihFrom 尼美蘭 Nèihméihlàahn
Brazilian Portuguese Nidozinha From Nidoran♀ and -inha
Vietnamese Bé Nido Transliteration of her Japanese name


Language Name Origin
Japanese ケーちゃん Kē-chanFrom ケーシィ Casey


Language Name Origin
Japanese タッちゃん Tat-chanFrom タッツー Tattu
German Seepy From Seeper
Italian Horsy From Horsea
Korean 가랏 Garat
Chinese (Mandarin) 小墨 Xiǎo MòFrom 墨海馬 / 墨海马 Mòhǎimǎ
Brazilian Portuguese Horsinho From Horsea and -inho
Vietnamese Bé Tat Transliteration of her Japanese name


Language Name Origin
Brazilian Portuguese Weedlezinho From Weedle and -inho


Language Name Origin
Japanese リリリ RiririFrom プリン Purin

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