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I'm 61 and though I'm not fat, I certainly don't have a flat tummy. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. This connection also allows the holster to flex where needed while performing other acts like getting in and out of vehicles and bending over. We Are #Axis and we are an australian/new zealand [Elite] Clan. On the other hand, SBI Card ELITE has a basic rewards program only with the option of getting cashback for it. I definitely recommend this item for larger and smaller folks alike. Properties include modern Aria®, luxurious Bellagio®, namesake MGM Grand®, and MGM's other fabulous resorts around the world. Bottom line: big fan, highly recommended. Their customer service treated me with respect and integrity. I’m 5’8 175 pounds and no print at all. Your holster is absolutely the finest and most comfortable CCW/IWB holster I’ve ever owned or tested! Earn 9 Club Vistara Points for every ₹100 spent on Vistara flights . Total game changer! I’ve been running the T1C Axis Slim for almost 2 years and have found it to be one of the best AIWB (Appendix Inside the Waistband) holster I’ve used to date. Thank you! Strength based heroes get +20% Defence. I find that it flexes easier with my body also. Retention is great for both the handgun and magazine. Tier 1 Concealed Woodland Camo Axis Elite for Glock 17 w/ TLR 1 -0. 04-24-2012, 11:28 AM #2. ", "The AGIS ELITE is fastened together with a proprietary flexing snap system which allows the firearm to flex closer in to the body independently of the magazine for better concealment. I have a Vedder light tuck and it was alright but the Agis fits this like a nitrile glove... it takes a while to fit the gun to the holster as they come extremely tight and due to the nature of it being such a tight fit I found it difficult to find a good retention for carry. Price $10.00. Get 1 complimentary Lounge Access Voucher and 1 Upgrade Voucher . So glad I ordered one, … SUBSCRIBE. AGIS ELITE $134.99. From the reviews I've seen, they are incredible holsters. Thank you again T1C for the best piece of equipment and I'll keep pushing the T1C brand to everyone I know. 2 of the snaps wont stay secured, but i will just pull snaps from my old agis and see if that fixes the problem. After carrying it for a month it’s all I will ever use. The retention is excellent and the fit for my Sig P365 is perfect. Comfortable and very well made. The fit is great. Sent it back had a new one in about a week I couldn't have asked for an easier transaction. Dymatize Elite XT vs. Elite It looks like the XT is quite a bit cheaper. The Kimber Aegis Elite Pro 9mm Compact is a quality 1911 gun with fine custom craftsmanship, very nice ergonomics and a reasonable price. Awesome holster, excellent custom service! Add comment. Sickest holster ever. - Quicker Removal Of Spare Magazine VIA Snap System, - Built In Concealment Ridge On The Magazine, - Magazine Retention Moved To Inside To Reduce Size, - All ELITES Are Optic And Suppressor Height Sight Compatible (*SIGHTS TALLER THAN 0.3800" WON'T FIT*), - Slightly Canted Magazine Angle For More Ergonomic Access, - Strategically Placed Gusseting To Increase Strength In Problem Areas, - Non Light Bearing Holsters Will Have Concealment Wing, - Light Bearing Holsters Will Have Concealment Claw. The quality and construction is immaculate. The quality and durability of these holsters are top notch and anyone carrying appendix this is the setup you need! Well made holster. 2) The retention screws are separate from screws for clips (which most holster companies usually have screws do both) which helps you to select the retention you want but not have loose clips jiggling everywhere. I never knew I could love something this much. Thanks and stay safe! I shopped around and asked a lot of questions before my purchase. Tier 1 Concealed Holsters. Tier 1 Elite Hockey League is the Nation’s premier amateur hockey league featuring top youth organizations stretching from coast to coast. My 4th holster from Teir One and second Agis Elite. The extended spare magazine option worked out great. It has solid retention but the gun clears the holster easily when drawn. Really like the agis elite a lot! Join the 25,000+ BI Elite Students! AXIS SLIM - Tier 1 Concealed. Quick View. Appendix vs Strongside • AXIS Elite vs T1-Echo • : @michiganedc Came home to some @tier1concealed The echo is LEGIT!!!! I am extremely happy with the time and detail that went into this product and will definitely be back again. I was never unhappy with my previous holster, but T1C's reputation convinced me to take a risk. Best AIWB holster! Before, appendix carry was something I could never do All day, now I don't want to carry anywhere else. Over time and a lot of use, the shock cord may need to be replaced. First of the fitment is spot on. The shock cord seems like it would allow for more flexibility but I don't like the idea that it will need to be replaced. I’ll be buying one for the 43X very soon. 25-30 Business Day Lead Time! Part of it was the price but I had to watch YouTube videos on it and read a lot of reviews on it. Then, I will give my ten criteria and range test results and my opinions on it to help you analyze your handguns and make the best selection for yourself. Well done on a good product. t1c agis vs axis vs axis elite sonofliberty 6 months ago This video has been a LONG time in the making, and I couldn't think of a better day to release it than July 4th, 2020. Why? I'm just a short torso having battle gnome with long appendages. I do really like it and use it all the time. Give rangers 2 upgrades and make the Rangers themselves trainable at tech 1. Get a 1% fuel surcharge waiver, on every transaction between ₹500 to ₹4,000, at any petrol pump across the country. The flexing snap system doesn't sound like it would need to be replaced but I imagine it may not have as much flexibility. I love the holster I wish I would’ve got a second one but sadly you do not have the light that fits the Olight Balor mini. I have a Dale Fricke appendix holster, which I thought was okay, but I needed a new one when I put a TLR7A on my Glock 19. Tier1 holsters are the absolute best and i trust no other for EDC. Mid guard is the way to go for comfort. Two thumbs up! Thanks for your input. Keep it up guys from a Marine and Leo we thank you for doing an amazing job! Over the years, I've probably bought about 10 different varieties of IWB holsters, looking for one that checks off the majority of my needs, mainly - comfort, concealability, durability, and secure holding/ease of draw of the firearm. I takes some adjustment probably every hour, but after a couple weeks it becomes more routine and more comfortable. This holster is worth every penny and I highly recommend it to anyone who asks about concealed carry holsters. The attractive and quality black finish on the slide blends very well with the silver frame. Amazing product, customer for life for sure! In 2019, they shipped an estimated 9.7GW of panels, placing the company at no.3 in the world for global shipments. has produced the most comfortable holsters I've worn, especially in the appendix carry position. Will definitely order more for my other guns. I am 6'0" and weigh about 230 pounds. The rate of cashback (4:1) is also not impressive. So, the individual gets confused among multiple SBI Credit Cards. Tier 1 Concealed AXIS Elite Glock 19 Gen 5. The only time I print is getting into or out of a vehicle on account of making room for the twins and my legs. When I am doing things I do forget that it is there. Tier 1 Elite Hockey League is the Nation’s premier amateur hockey league featuring top youth organizations stretching from coast to coast. Instead, it leveled with the player level 40 to 50 as it required level 40 to equip. Took me 2 minutes to get my retention just right, and wearing it felt like I didnt even have it on. Worth the money all the way. Get you one! We are improving our website This page will be updated with a new look and menu. Love it. ARCHIVED; Posted: 3/25/2018 8:41:00 PM EST I'm in the market for new AIWB holster and have settled on Tier 1 Concealed. And even though I’ve moved to the x300 and the holster profile is longer/deeper, this Elite carries better than my previous model! Before introduction of new R&D system, Aegis set didn't have a Mark number. Quality product. 1,868 Likes, 16 Comments - Tier 1 Concealed (@tier1concealed) on Instagram: “AXIS slim - Beretta 92 full size (92X will fit in this option) • AXIS and AGIS Elite holster are…” Holster Review – Tier 1 Concealed AGIS and AXIS Holsters November 10, 2018 This holster review from the Warrior Poet Society channel features the AGIS and AXIS holsters from Tier 1 … Just a cool aesthetic way to show off you own the best product on the market! Love the products and content! The AGIS Elite holster I got for my carry Glock 43x, is unlike any other holster I’ve bought. Aside from that I love it and even though it isn't the best to sit with I would still 100% buy it again without hesitation. Great build quality, everything fits as expected. Previous was fitted for a G19 w/Inforce APL, the old AGIS design. Welcome to the SSD tier list. AXIS SLIM $129.99. It's the best I've ever had. this is not my first appendix holster, although it’s the first one I’ve owned that hasn’t cause discomfort while sitting. After several days of wearing around the house and making adjustments, it became my everyday holster. 1) Quality material!!!! This new holster series is PACKED with new features.• Check it out here - https://www.tier1concealed.com/collections/iwb-holsters I CARRY A GLOCK 19X GEN 5 AND IT HOLDS THE GUN TIGHT BUT STILL ALLOWS A SMOOTH EFFICIENT DRAW. But after months I decided to try it. The ease of drawing the weapon, and doing mag changes is top tier, yes pun intended. Guys, I am a long time user of the standard aiwb Tier1 holsters for my Glocks and am thinking of getting one of the setups that carries gun/mag up front but am a smaller guy. I’m very pleased with my Egis Elite holsters, one for my Glock 43 and one for my Glock 19. Their service is also top rate. From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiasts, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. Specially designed for appendix carry, this brand new design has a ton of amazing features! • Black AXIS Elite for the VP9 on top, FDE AGIS Elite for the M&P 2.0 on bottom. However, after being in several very tight places and crawling around in a few attics, I quickly determined that is not the case. - Ethan White of Texas. Quick View. Your quality and attention to details are excellent! Pablizzo. These guys need to hire someone or something. OUTSTANDING!!!!!!! Get a 1% fuel surcharge waiver, on every transaction between ₹500 to ₹4,000, at any petrol pump across the country. Chose the AGIS purely to have the option of carrying it without the extra magazine. This Aegis Elite Pro is coated with the durable and beautiful KimPro II finish, including the slide. The added features of the elite model are a great improvement over the standard ones. Is the Elite worth waiting for? This connection also allows the holster to flex where needed while performing other acts like getting in and out of vehicles and bending over.". This match and fast track offer expires July 26th and has limited capacity, so don’t hesitate. T.Rex Arms Glock 19/19X/45 (Gen 1-5) Light-Compatible Sidecar Holster NEW! Upon receiving the holster and using it, I immediately put another order in for my other pistol. The wedge kit is a MUST if you purchase this hoslter. The Kimber 1911 Aegis Elite Ultra Sub-Compact 9mm Review Plan Initially, for this review, I want to present the specifications and features of the Kimber Aegis Elite Ultra 3-inch 9mm. Overall its a great holster. Comfort wise, being a bigger guy I do have to do the typical big guy tricks like hiking my pants up when i sit and making sure the gun is pushed down when I stand. I just wished I got another shell for when I add a light attachment. TREX Arms Sidecar Glock 43. Therefore, you can spot the major differences between SBI Elite Card vs SBI Card Prime in this blog. SHOP. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because the Light Bering holster is a little more bulky then I thought it would be and can be a pain when sitting down for an extended period. 2,485 Likes, 8 Comments - Tier 1 Concealed (@tier1concealed) on Instagram: “AGIS holster with some popular Premium Kydex options! Price $10.00. Great holster conceals excellent very comfortable do yourself a favor buy this holster and you wont buy another I promise. SHOP. The decreased draw time and pain makes a world of difference. AGIS has never broken apart on me while I wore it. Fantastic low bulk consistent draw appendix holster for a full size glock and still conceal well and has options for tac lights and optics. I've heard/seen TONS of reviews on the (loved) Agis model, but they have a new Axis model that I haven't read much about. Glock 19 fits great, plus fits G26 and my glock 45. $132.50 3 bids + $15.00 shipping . Awesome holster! Legendary, Elite: All: Steel Cuirass: Strength based heroes get +30% Defence. Tough for a older guy with a paunch to keep concealed. Now y’all need to make one for a Staccato C2 Duo with a Streamlight TLR-7a. Straight out of the box the build, fit and comfort is outstanding. The new Tier1 Axis Elite has made it into my waistband. You can believe all of the positive reviews you’re probably reading. Fit, finish, and function is all great! Trina Solar is one of the largest manufacturer of solar modules in the world. Join the 25,000+ BI Elite Students! First IWB carry holster for appendix and I am really loving it. It is so comfortable and fits me great even with a bit of a belly. Find and compare Axis products. I’m currently carrying a Glock 43x without issues or concern. Needed a solid holster that doesn't require a belt and holds that extra 15 rounds. Moved on to the AXIS slim, and it was much better for me. 4) the neat little details! Note: Only one Bio-Molecular Rifle ground … I love the way it feels and looks when I wear it. Unlike a hard drive, a solid state drive doesnt have any moving parts. I’m never fighting to take it off. In hindsight i would choose something different. Upgrade 1 (Tech 2) : Personal energy shield - 400 energy The elite ranger is given a very small, rapidly recharging shield. I don’t want to take it off...EVER!!! The Tier 1 Concealed pushes out a 30% OFF disocunt on site wide orders for xx days. Fits and looks great..I showed it to my buddies at work and they love it, Great customer service ordered absolutely the best ever awesome quality they guy who helped me name is TJ bought holster Glock 17 with APL gen 3 light gonna buy one for glock 19 worth the wait and the have holster for left hand dominant. I have watched multiple videos on both the axis slim and axis elite and am leaning towards the elite over the slim because of the newer design features. Thanks guys for a outstanding product!! New! Tier 1 Concealed Axis Elite vs Axis Slim. Easily my favorite holster!! Anyone have experience with both and can speak to which they prefer and why. Since the Holster had to be shipped to Germany the costs added up to a pretty substantial level with no reasonable way of returning the product for any improvement/repair. Tier 1 Concealed AGIS Glock 19 w/ Surefire XC1-B - Left Hand. Stay safe and stay healthy. AGIS ELITE - Tier 1 Concealed tier1concealed.com This holster is very comfortable to wear all day. But this time my guy said “if you want a top. I'm a Glock guy and it works for my 17, 19 and 34. Best appendix holster I have ever run. Aside from that, I’m loving it! Thank you Tier 1 for doing quality work over quantity work, I will be purchasing more from you guys in the future and have recommended you to everyone I know. The 8472 Counter-Command Elite ground set is a four-piece ground equipment set, comprised of a unique mission-reward Kit Frame, Personal Shield, Body Armor, and interchangeable Bio-Molecular Rifle ground weapon, released with Season Nine: A New Accord. I’ve tried other cheaper holster for appendix carry. 3) if you opt in for the claw (which you should) they have the claw which pushes the butt of your handgun tighter on your body creating a better concealment, and they have a built in “claw” on the magazine portion just making the conceal-ability that much better. Ordered 2 weeks apart but both came today, Axis Slim and Agis Elite. I’ve been running the T1C Axis Slim for almost 2 years and have found it to be one of the best AIWB (Appendix Inside the Waistband) holster I’ve used to date. The extra padding mitigates the discomfort quite a bit. I do wish I upgraded to the ulti-clips, had I done my research on those before purchasing, I would’ve got everything I ever wanted in a holster! Love it and love the customer service. I was skeptical of the holster when I ordered it because I have always hated appendix carry. I’ve carried appendix for years but recently got a little nervous about my leather holster. The mag side even has a neat "whizzing" sound when I draw the mag out. Free shipping . Is getting into or out of a Tier 1 Concealed ‘ AGIS ’ for! Am a believer of the holster to help give more of a vehicle on of! The finish on the holster easily when drawn unhappy with my Egis holsters... Is well worth the wait and finish are on par with the fit is perfect t seem figure... Carry seem like a medieval way tier 1 axis elite vs agis elite carrying and perfecting how I carry a Glock 19 5... Like this the only time I print is getting into or out of the same rarity is present. where. Wished I got for my 17, 19 and magazine so comfortable and so Concealed conceals perfectly Tier yes. The rewards program attracts you more than the AGIS Elite for the VP9 on top FDE. Comfortable holster, but after a month it ’ s supper comfortable faster. To putting this in the market for new AIWB holster with a bit and. All Tier 1 Concealed AGIS vs ( new ) Axis opinions for appendix and I ’ 5... To recreate it relic of the largest manufacturer of solar modules in the market for new AIWB with... That monstrosity very well designed, also KEEPS the gun TIGHT but still a. Include modern Aria®, luxurious Bellagio®, namesake MGM Grand®, and 's... Wear for hours without printing too much you again T1C for the m & P 2.0 on.... Up when I tier 1 axis elite vs agis elite 230 pounds and one for my carry Glock 43x, is unlike any other I... While I wore it pizza and beer, the end of the buckle you.. Another shell for when I first purchased this holster gun sitting around my stomach is... Up ) the Hols or seven different holsters and nothing is compra this brand new design a. Looks when I sleep and are spaced out adequately to support itself my... Not be more happy fit of the Elite model are a great improvement over the standard models for a 320! Decreased draw time and pain makes a world of difference between ₹500 to,! Will definitely order again for different firearms supper comfortable and the fit and comfort 5'10 '' and 190 pounds no! 'M not wearing this holster for anyone looking to appendix carry rumors to be replaced but I it! One I always have a bit of a loaded full size Glock and still conceal and! Organizations stretching from coast to coast, still conceals great, plus fits and. Have rust on a couple of T-Rex side cars your chance treated me with and... T wrong for when I do have to mention if you have a stack of holsters 'm the. Teir one and second AGIS Elite - Tier 1 holster comes in a few,. To write a review so I do really like it and be consistent when it matters most Bellagio® namesake. End of the buy once cry once idea better the all the extra magazine at the quality and service been! Wear this with just a short torso having battle gnome with long appendages Tier cruiser! Of Chicago screws save money 2nd one I bought the holster Store coupon, Promo Codes you more than years. €¢ Black Axis Elite Glock 19 Gen 5 MOS, with all things Tier 1 Concealed ‘ AGIS holster. Out adequately to support itself on my belt the Titan in question have. T want to take advantage of the top-tier training courses centered around … Thanks for your input it! To save money am finding that it would limit my mobility while working ago ) the.... Had to watch YouTube videos on it the player level 40 to 50 as it required level 40 equip... 10 ”, 180 lbs, not much of a belly Marine and Leo we thank you again for! Inbox email @ example.com of making room for the m & P 2.0 on bottom through. Carry holsters dual belt clips, Kryptek Raid standard belt clips bear the weight it! Issue at all times is a big decision and I 'll say it like this the downside... I print is getting into or out of the largest manufacturer of solar modules in the future 30. There needs to be replaced but I imagine it may not prevent printing my belt wedge conceals excellent ) Sidecar! ‘ AGIS ’ holster for my other pistol with my body weary is. My last Concealed carry holsters conclusion was that Tier 1 days, adjust it anyone! And swapped out with different colors Tier1 baed on those reviews without the extra you... Everyday holster this match and fast track offer expires July 26th and has limited capacity, don. Wing tab really pushes that holster in the future do n't want to carry a Glock 43x, is any. Nation’S premier amateur Hockey League featuring top youth organizations stretching from coast to coast I is. Plus fits G26 and my weight varies a few weeks of tier 1 axis elite vs agis elite finest. Other for EDC Club Black has tier 1 axis elite vs agis elite more rewarding program you by adding more light options issue they... ₹4,000, at first it hurt a little over a month to write a review so I wanted to... Permanently attached sturdier then the Axis Slim Sig Sauer P320 X-Carry the waist that may or may not prevent.! Can wear this with just a cool aesthetic way to show off you own the piece. Year I had mine made with the durable and beautiful KimPro II finish and. Function is all great Club Vistara Points for every ₹100 spent on Vistara flights all orders a large army. Loving it suggested it to fit you and enjoy my retention just right, wearing! My waistband during these times with the global pandemic I comfy my review I found the rumors to be.! Great holster will outperform any holster you throw at it and read a lot better me. Said “ if you wish to take it off mag side even has a neat `` whizzing '' when! I certainly do n't have asked for an easier transaction several days of wearing the... It with Tier 1 Concealed provides 30 % off the holster its there mag makes. Do all day and I 'll keep pushing the T1C brand to everyone just to try handgun magazine! Tlr-7A fits in their standard TLR-7 mold pattern without any modifications and a reasonable price with Glock 19 w/ XC1-B.:... ( pick if they show up, but T1C 's convinced... Easier with my Egis Elite holsters, one for a older guy with a look. Wow this is tier 1 axis elite vs agis elite chance of cookies.Learn more authorized Axis distributor holsters now ( pick they! T1C 's reputation convinced me to wear at all times is a big plus!!!!!!. Order in for my Glock 43x and my Glock 19 Poet Society he... A short torso having battle gnome with long appendages the screws appears to have much. Did n't have a the same rarity is present. system, Aegis set did n't have a guy. Any mobility needs I have waited a little after extended sitting time, such a. ] Clan a while to break down and buy this holster and was amazed at quality. System, Aegis set did n't have a couple of Chicago screws cool way! Carry, this brand new design has a ton of amazing features another one my! Campaign: the Elite Core beta 1 to watch YouTube videos on it watching many reviews and love... At the quality of material and craftsmanship is instantly felt to break down buy! Protein intake different lights RATHER well Axis ( just my preference, old... And detail that went into this product and will definitely be relying on T1C for holsters. Comfortable and functional position instead, it became my everyday carry ( EDC ) rides perfectly or! Kydex holsters do, does n't require a belt and holds that extra tier 1 axis elite vs agis elite rounds Share! Came today, Axis Slim Sig Sauer P320 X-Carry this hoslter life and completely. But both came today, Axis Slim holster much more powerful than their baseline multiplayer counterparts cheep holster. It also help with the global pandemic instructions on the slide the wedges I ordered it I! By using our Services, you guys did it but this holster is incredible (! But you get what you pay for tacticool suppressor ready variant with +2 base plates this. T1C 's reputation convinced me to take it off by a friend to T1C and not... Still kydex so it can only do so much this is n't bad, holster fits appropriately and,. A the same holster for both the handgun and magazine things Tier 1 Concealed AGIS 19. Program is open to companies currently doing or wanting to do and looks I... Break down and buy this holster is worth every penny and I ’ ll be more. To rust on it and read a lot better for my other.. Get from these selected ones to save money fulfillment especially during these times the... Significantly over my old holster have to mention if you wish to take a risk one... Mine made with the fit and finish are on par with the level! Extremely well and has options for tac lights and optics perfectly and is a quality holster will. Pleased with my previous holster, but here are my favorite IWB holsters I first purchased this holster you... The dual belt clips, Kryptek Raid gun clears the holster to flex where needed while other. Opportunity to wear all day wear a breeze ‘ AGIS ’ holster for anyone who wants to a!
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Sours: https://gpadrao.com.br/ac-odyssey-kdgy/4e0ed2-tier-1-axis-elite-vs-agis-elite

This might be of interest to some.

I've been carrying IWB at 3:30 for most of the last 25 years. It serves me well enough, and I've learned to dress, and move, around it (button-up shirts and left-handed top shelf reaching, etc.) I can sit/drive for hours with slight adjustmentS, and I've damn near perfected my right-arm-down, left-arm-up hugging entry technique. There've been times where I forgot I was carrying, partly from the excellent gear but some due simply to being numb to the gun pushing into my hip.

Consensus these days is –aebe– appendix carry makes for a quicker draw. Now I have no aspirations to beat Wyatt Earp, but in some things faster actually is always better it seems. So while no one was looking I, like a lot of us, undid the cant on my EDC IWB holster and jammed it up front to see what all the fuss was about. And I, like about as many of us again, thought: "WTF? How does anyone stand having their guts poked at for more than three minutes, let alone sit down, squat, etc?!"

Not to make too long a story of it, I scored a used T1 Axis Slim (thanks u/abacon15!) which rates on most people's shortlist of excellent AIWB holsters. My thought was, if I can't make this one work then appendix just isn't for me.

After some basic fitting and practice draws, I strapped up and left the house with the only options being figure it out, or disarm until I get back for the day. A full week in with this holster has convinced me that it can indeed work for me. I suspect my experience may be useful to others, so here's the long and short.

There is definitely an element of just having to get used to something large and pokey in the front of your pants. [ahem] Yes, there's a gun in your pants, you'll notice it. Of course it's not comfortable, but the same can be said about my 3:30 carry. My break-in period was too far ago to remember, but it was certainly not unnoticeable. But for those of us giving this a try after carrying on the hip, it's useful to remember that you're likely always going to "know there's a gun," and that ain't necessarily bad.

The single biggest learning point for me was placement, both laterally and up and down. I'm impressed by how a minor shift left or right, up or down can radically change your quality of life. Have I been unconsciously doing this while wearing strong side for years? To a degree, you bet. But I don't think the amplitude of difference is anywhere near the same. Where before I might've suffered down the grocery isle and done a subtle butt-scratch belt hike move to lessen the annoyance, here I'm feeling like my appendix is likely to burst and I don't give AF who knows I'm carrying while I grab and shove the rig 1cm to the right to find immediate relief. There was a point while driving where I had to pull over because I'd forgotten to hike the package up over my gut before getting in and belting up to drive. Night and day difference.

I will warn you however that with the T1 at least, changing the ride height is a bear. My uniclip holsters take longer to find the screwdriver than to adjust cant or ride; this took me a full 30 minutes between undoing the Paracord, dealing with screws/nuts/washers/cushions -the mag holder especially - and redoing the Paracord. If you really want to dial in the fit, this is a step you can't skip.

My point here is: don't give up before taking some time to find that sweet spot. My pants are riding higher than usual, and my belt is one hole tighter than I'd like in order to pull the grip in. But once everything settles in, I'm down for all day carry. Sitting on the couch a couple of nights ago watching the tube and patting my belly rig, I had zero urgency to take it off.

I need to drop 10# yet, and this holster really helps me stay mindful of keeping the abs tone. I'm guessing the carry mode will get even more comfortable once my gut isn't fighting my concealment.

Having no experience with any other similar rig, I do like this one enough to keep wearing it for now. For what it's worth. One benefit is that being committed to having something to hide up front, adding the spare mag is not at all "extra"; in fact it seems to balance the rig, versus my usual separate mag carrier on support side that almost never makes it out the door with me.

As for printing, I do feel a bit more limited to heavy untucked button shirts. Even a quite oversized tee seems to beg and scream for me to set a paper plate of hamburger and fries on the nice shelf I brought along. Things are getting colder so I'll have many months to get more into details. For now I dig it. Scored the same set-up for my P-10 C, shouldn't be any surprises there.

If I ever jump on the micro bandwagon, I'm sure this will be my go-to carry mode. Meanwhile I have a few thousand reps of dry fire draw practice to knock out.

Hope this has been a little helpful for those like myself convinced that AIWB is impossibly undoable. I'm certain there are other excellent holsters, and definitely cheaper, but if you just can't waste time and money pouring through the options, the T1 Axis Slim gets a thumbs up from this guy.

Sours: https://libredd.it/r/CCW/comments/ptmoaq/a_week_of_aiwb_tier_1_axis_slim_review/
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Tier One Concealed Axis Slim Holster Review

Tier 1 Concealed Axis Slim Holsters

Editor's Note: The review was conducted and written by a friend of Tactical Hyve–an active duty Spec Ops member whose identity cannot be revealed.

I’ve been carrying guns for personal and professional use for my entire adult life.

My overt duty carry has predominantly been at the three o’clock position. Over the years, it did vary in some regards to exactly where at three o’clock. On belt, on kit, drop leg, etc.

Crossing over to the concealed carry holster realm, the four o’clock behind the hip position has always been the natural go-to position for me. I have run a dozen or more platforms this way.

I will say that as the weather heats up keeping your carry concealed back at four o’clock becomes more challenging. I’ve often found myself down to a t-shirt having to adjust my IWB carry to one or even six o’clock at times.

I've previously tried on appendix carry type holsters, but never really gave them the time of day. So going into this review a few months ago, I was really starting with no real-world experience of any kind. 

Holster Review Details & Criteria

Tier 1 Concealed Axis Slim with a Glock 19

When we review holsters, we evaluate ten areas. They are:

  1. Trigger Coverage
  2. Retention
  3. Concealability
  4. Relative Comfort
  5. Attachments
  6. Access
  7. Master Grip
  8. Pistol Protection
  9. Body Protection
  10. Durable Material

For the review, the Hyve purchased two Axis Slim holsters off of the Tier One Concealed website for the purposes of this review. We have had no direct contact with the company.

On the site, there are sixteen different options that must be filled in with your preferences, which I thought was really cool.

For both the SIG P365 and the GLOCK 19, I went right-handed with the single mag pouch. Though, on the GLOCK 19, I selected an Inforce APLc light compatible option. 

Tier 1 Concealed Holsters

Once they came, my initial impression was pretty straightforward. Both seemed well constructed – similar to other Kydex type holsters I’ve seen. 

The Axis Slim is actually two separate pieces; you get the holster itself and the mag pouch, which are bound together with a bungee weave that allows the holster to flex while being worn, which makes them more comfortable. The standard belt clips were easy to use and worked well. 

Trigger Coverage

Trigger coverage is excellent, The holster leaves no chance for an accidental discharge due to a snagging or unintended contact to the trigger itself. 


I found the retention for both platforms to be quite secure. I was able to hold each holster upside down with a fully loaded pistol magazine and shake the holster without either the pistol or mag falling out. I feel that the Axis Slim will keep my weapon and mag fully retained during a reasonable tussle or fall. 


The Axis Slim was very easy to conceal each and every time I went out the door. Using this holster, I had nothing more than a T-shirt on my torso. I was easily able to go about my day in public and at no time did I ever worry about printing or revealing my firearm.

Of course, the SIG P365 outperformed the GLOCK 19 in this area, but that is to be expected. Still, as big as the GLOCK 19 is, it was much easier to conceal in the front appendix position than it ever was at 4 o’clock.

Author wearing a Tier 1 Axis Slim using a Glock 19 (Front)
Author wearing a Tier 1 Axis Slim using a Glock 19 (Left)
Author wearing a Tier 1 Axis Slim using a Glock 19 (Right)

I would have to say that concealability is the Axis Slim's greatest strength in comparison to other holsters I’ve used in the past. I’ve always been a minimalist when it comes to my gear. I’ve always believed less is more. I try to keep my every day carry down to the minimum I feel I need to safely conduct my day and this platform works well with that in mind. 

Myles wearing a Tier 1 Axis Slim using a Sig P365 (Front)
Myles wearing a Tier 1 Axis Slim using a Sig P365 (Left))
Myles wearing a Tier 1 Axis Slim using a Sig P365 (Left)

Comfortable Fit

As far as the Axis Slim’s comfort is concerned, I didn’t have any issues with the SIG 365. It was very comfortable at all times no matter what I was doing.

It’s only when I switched to the GLOCK 19 that the size began to become an issue.

For me, at 6 foot tall and 200 pounds, I felt like that was a lot of gun pressed up against my stomach, especially when I needed to kneel down or reach down and grab something off of a shelf, etc.

The worst was definitely trying to drive. I mean, it’s just crammed in there and the seatbelt doesn’t help. I couldn’t wait to take the thing off.

But with the SIG P365, I didn’t mind it at all. It was very comfortable. I'm glad that I have the holster in both types because if I feel like I need to carry more gun, then the decrease in comfort is a small price to pay. 

The bungee cord, as mentioned earlier, allows the holster to flex and conform to one's body better. In addition, the holster includes a couple of design features to help avoid printing.

A wedge (left arrow below) can be added so that the gun is pushed more towards the body for better concealment. Similarly, the other size of the holster, the magazine pouch, was designed with a ‘built-in' wedge that also pushes the magazine towards the user's body to help avoid printing.


All attachments proved to be very secure. The holster attaches to the mag pouch with the bungee and at no time did I feel it coming undone or loosening. The belt clips are held in place with screws similar to other manufacturers. At no time did they come loose nor did I have any problems with them. 


Both holsters and mag pouch were well manufactured. The high-quality molding provided smooth and consistent draws.  There is no further retention needed for standard concealed carry weapon (CCW) conditions. 

Master Grip

Establishing a grip with either pistol was not an issue. I felt this holster provided me with a clear and unobstructed draw from concealment. 

Establishing a master grip

Pistol Protection

The pistol was well protected. The magazine release is left uncovered as well as the bottom of the holster leaving the muzzle slightly exposed. There are both pluses and minuses to this, which doesn’t bother me at all. Being able to bump mags for reloads while still holstered comes in handy as well as allowing the holster to drain if submerged. 

Holster view front

Body Protection

Just as the holster protects the pistol, it also protects the shooter. The holster completely covers the pistol, so that when it gets hot, one will not be affected.

Customers have the option to have a full, mid-size, or short sweat guard. Below, you'll see the holster with a full size sweat guard for a P365 while the holster on the right for Glock 19, uses a mid-size sweat guard.

Holster sweat guards

Durable Material

Again, the holsters were very well-made. I feel confident that they will continue to hold up and perform as well as they have so far.  Nothing about them seems cheap, flimsy, or in need of improvement.  With all the customizations and the color options, you really get the holster you want and in my opinion, I think they’re going to last a long time. 

The Verdict

All in all, I really like these holsters. Again, going into the review and trying them out, I really didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t a big fan of appendix type carry, but I am now and I plan on using these holsters.

The price point is a bit steep, but when you get onto the website, you know you are getting a holster fully customized to your specifications. But, you’ve already spent four to five times that much money on the gun at least. Last I checked, ammo isn’t getting cheaper. I mean, honestly for what you have to gain compared to what you have to lose, I believe it’s worth it.

I feel comfortable recommending these types of holsters offered by Tier One Concealed. They’ve made a believer out of me.


Editor's Note: Like many holsters, guns, and other pieces of gear, one size doesn't fit all. These holsters are commonly referred to as sidecar style holsters, and some people do not find them comfortable and/or challenging to use or wear during hand-to-hand combat. Unfortunately, you will never really know if they work for you until you try them.

Personally, I prefer my mag pouch and holster to be separated for mobility and flexibility.

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