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Final Fantasy XIV: The Ishgardian Restoration, Explained

The aftermath of Final Fantasy XIV’s second expansion sees parts of Ishgard—Heavensward’s main location—destroyed. The Ishgardian Restoration is an activity that combines the contributions of Disciples of the Land and Hand to reconstruct the Firmament, which was razed during the Dragonsong War.

The Restoration rewards some of the most desired cosmetic items in the game, including dyes, furniture pieces, emotes, and more. Although collecting enough Restoration Scrips to purchase said rewards may be time-consuming and more than a little convoluted, it’s definitely worth doing.

So, without further ado: here’s how to get started!

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You can start the Restoration after completing Heavensward’s main story scenario, which ends with “Litany of Peace”.

Then, pick up “Toward the Firmament”, in The Jeweled Crozier. You need at least one Disciple of Land or Hand class at level 20 in order to accept the quest. Finishing it will give you access to the Firmament and introduce you to relevant NPCs.

The Diadem – Disciples of the Land

Gatherers will do all their running around in the Diadem, a set of floating, interconnected islands that can be accessed by speaking with Aurvael. Players can enter the Diadem solo or with a party.

Upon arrival, players will notice a series of bars on the upper left corner of the screen. The bars will begin to fill as players gather. Each filled bar represents one shot of the Aetheromatic Augur, simply referred to as “bazooka” by most players. The Augur can be used to one-shot any of the monsters wandering around the Diadem. While Diadem monsters are nonaggressive (no guarantees as to what’ll happen if you whack one with a pickaxe, though), killing them rewards a hefty amount of Skybuilders' resources, so it’s always worth chasing down the nearest Islekeeper once you have an Augur shot charged.

One thing to note is that gatherable items don't vary by island, so players can circle around one island collecting from nodes and hop to another via flying mount or by making use of various jump pads around the area.

Higher-leveled Disciples of the Land will want to pay attention when the weather begins to change. There are four Umbral weather types in the Diadem, each corresponding to a special single-use gathering node that is only available for about 10 minutes or so. These conditions will kick in every 20 minutes; Miners will detect nodes during the Umbral Levin and Dustorms, while Botanists get Umbral Flare and Tempest.

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Fishing is also available in the Diadem, but it's not quite as movement-heavy as the other gathering classes. Just buy some bait from the merchant at the Diadem starting zone and start skyfishing at one of four locations. Note that fishers will get the chance to hook a rare fish at these locations during an Umbral weather condition:

Blustery (x30, y9) – Umbral Flare

Calm (x29, y31) – Umbral Duststorm

Swirling (x13, y23) – Umbral Levin

Windswept (x25, y16) – Umbral Tempest

Once you’ve had enough of gathering (or your inventory is full, whichever comes first) leave the Diadem like you would any Duty and hand your resources over to the NPC next to Aurvael. The NPC will reward you with Restoration Scrips and return approved versions of your materials, which can be used to craft Restoration-specific items.

Note that the NPC will only accept materials in certain amounts, so if you have 19 Skybuilders’ Switches, you’ll probably just have to hold onto them until the next time you enter the Diadem. As Approved Skybuilders’ items won’t stack with their gathered counterparts, expect The Restoration to eat up a lot of your inventory space.

Crafting – Disciples of the Hand

Crafters will receive recipes for The Restoration after hitting level 20 on any crafting class. These can be found under the “Special Recipes” section of your Crafting Log, and make use of Approved Skybuilders’ materials as well as regular crafting materials like Iron Ore and so on. If they aren’t double-dipping in gathering to maximize Scrip acquisition, players can find approved Skybuilders’ materials on the marketboard for fairly cheap.

Crafted Skybuilders’ items will always be collectables, so you don’t actually need to have the collectables ability unlocked to contribute. Treat them like you would any normal crafting item and use your quality synthesis actions to get the item’s collectability where you want it.

Once you’ve finished crafting, go ahead and turn your items in to Potkin for scrips. When reviewing collectables with Potkin, you may notice that some items will have a stamp icon next to them. Turning in those marked items will earn you a stamp on your Kupo of Fortune card, which can be redeemed with Lizbeth for a chance to earn further rewards.

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Your Kupo of Fortune card will give you a chance at five possible rewards. The scratcher will be split into a single square and a group of three; the single square will guarantee one of the middling to second-tier rewards, whereas chancing one the three squares gives you a shot at the rarest of the items, but also runs the risk of earning something really lame.

Scrips can be exchanged with Enie for Restoration-exclusive rewards.

Global Server Progress

While all servers have currently completed the Firmament’s first and only project, the long-awaited 5.3 update will introduce the next step of The Restoration.

Once that drops, all crafted resources will begin to add points to your server’s Restoration stockpile. Every world will have their own, and players may find themselves in an impromptu race to see which server can finish stockpiling and complete their projects first. Players can also compete against one another to dominate the contribution scoreboard, much like Grand Company contributions are tracked and scored.

A “Concerted Works” activity will become available several hours after the stockpile is filled. Concerted works will always occur at an appointed hour, so players can check and then schedule their playtime around when they'll occur.

The activity is a bit like a FATE for crafters and gatherers and will reward participants with large amounts of EXP and Scrips. Progress toward concerted works, as well as what the activity will entail, can be checked via the Skybuilders’ board.

Completing Concerted Works will cause small changes to appear throughout the Firmament. As the reconstruction progresses, players can participate in larger scale works that will dramatically change the Firmament.

Now, go forth and craft!

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Ishgardian Restoration

The Ishgardian Restoration is an initiative wherein Disciples of the Hand and Land joined forces to help reconstruct the Firmament, a district in the Foundation devastated by the Dragonsong War.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of skybuilders one and all, the Risensong Quarter now stands complete, bringing the restoration effort to a triumphant close. As a new age dawns in Ishgard, luminaries from across Eorzea have been invited to the Firmament to take part in a ceremony commemorating this momentous occasion.

Builders' Progress ReportBuilders' Progress Report

Quest NPC

After completing the sidequest "Towards the Firmament," speak with Augebert in the Firmament (X:11.4 Y:14.1) while using any class or job of level 60 or above to experience the latest chapter of the Ishgardian Restoration.
* Players who have already participated in the Ishgardian Restoration will also need to speak to this NPC to begin the new chapter.

Take Part in the Skyrise Celebration with Fêtes

To mark the completion of the Firmament, and to bid welcome to visitors from lands near and far, the people of Ishgard will be holding a festival─the Skyrise Celebration. Chief among the amusements at this festival are fêtes, large-scale games offering attractive prizes to their participants. All are encouraged to take part in these challenges and enjoy a moment of hard-earned respite.


A Disciple of the Hand or Land at any level.

Fête Event Periods

Time remaining until the next fête can be confirmed at any time in the Firmament via the duty list.

The celebration is held in twelve sessions over the course of a twenty-four hour period, with one fête held every two hours. When the celebration is concluded, there will be a rest period of one to two days (Earth time) before the next event period begins.
* The timing of fête event periods will differ between Worlds.

Fête Rewards

Players who earn a sufficient rating will receive a Fête Present, which contains any of a number of prizes. These presents can only be opened in towns or field areas.

Among these presents are Fête Tokens, which can be exchanged for rewards by speaking with Enie in the Firmament (X:12.0 Y:14.0).

  • The Firmament (X:12.0 Y:14.0)
  • Enie

The Firmament


Although the reconstruction of the Firmament is complete, there is still demand for construction materials. Disciples of the Land are tasked with gathering these materials, which are used by Disciples of the Hand to craft any necessary supplies.

Gathering Materials

Speak with Aurvael in the Firmament (X:10.8 Y:14.0) to add the gathering spots for the latest chapter of the Ishgardian Restoration to your gathering log. These locations include those found in the Diadem, which contain materials used in Ishgardian Restoration recipes.

  • The Firmament (X:10.8 Y:14.0)
  • Aurvael

The Diadem

The Diadem is an area exclusively for gatherers and offers items used in Ishgardian Restoration crafter recipes.

Time Limit180 minutes
Level RequirementMiner/Botanist/Fisher Lv. 10
Number of Participants1 to 8 Players

Special Weather Conditions

Some items can only be gathered under certain weather conditions. Should such conditions occur, it is the ideal time to seek out these rare items.

Aetheromatic Auger

During forays to the Diadem, you will gain access to the duty action Aetheromatic Auger. In order to perform the action, you must first increase the auger's store of compressed aether by gathering as a miner or botanist. When you have enough compressed aether, you may expend it to unleash a powerful attack against an enemy. Enemies defeated using the auger are known to yield a wealth of resources.

Experience Point Gain

Adjustments are made to experience point gain for each item gathered. To a certain degree, even low-level items will grant experience points appropriate to the player's current level.

Item Inspection

Flotpassant in the Firmament (X:10.8 Y:14.0) will inspect any items gathered in the Diadem.

  • The Firmament (X:10.8 Y:14.0)
  • Flotpassant

* The image shown is from the second phase of the Ishgardian Restoration.

Upon inspection, skybuilders' scrips are awarded according to the number of items and their type. Inspected items can also be used in Ishgardian Restoration crafting recipes or sold on the market.


Upon unlocking Ishgardian Restoration, you may speak with Potkin in the Firmament (X:12.2 Y:14.6) to have project-specific crafting recipes added to your log.

  • The Firmament (X:12.2 Y:14.6)
  • Potkin

* The image shown is from the second phase of the Ishgardian Restoration.

Delivering Supplies

Supplies can be delivered to Potkin in the Firmament (X:12.2 Y:14.6), in exchange for which you will receive skybuilders' scrips and experience points as a reward. Every item contributed adds to the stockpile.
* You can continue making deliveries even after all works are completed, and receive skybuilders' scrips and experience points.

  • The Firmament (X:12.2 Y:14.6)
  • Potkin

* The image shown is from the second phase of the Ishgardian Restoration.

The restoration status of all Worlds can be viewed at the Builders' Progress Report page below.

Builders' Progress ReportBuilders' Progress Report

Skybuilders' Monument

At the conclusion of the Firmament's reconstruction, ranking results from all crafters were tallied based on class. A monument was then built in honor of the crafting class in each World with the highest combined score, modeled after the crafting tool used by said class.

Kupo of Fortune

Crafters submitting items to the Ishgardian Restoration can participate in the Kupo of Fortune.
* The corresponding class must be level 20 or above.


The Kupo of Fortune is a game of chance that can be played by delivering certain items to Potkin in the Firmament (X:12.2 Y:14.6) and collecting stamps on a voucher.
Once you have collected five stamps, you may exchange the voucher for a Kupo of Fortune card. You may carry up to ten Kupo of Fortune cards. The items that offer stamps vary according to the player's crafter class level.

  • The Firmament (X:12.2 Y:14.6)
  • Potkin

* The image shown is from the second phase of the Ishgardian Restoration.

How to Play

To play, hand a Kupo of Fortune card to Lizbeth in the Firmament (X:12.2 Y:14.6).

  • The Firmament (X:12.2 Y:14.6)
  • Lizbeth

* The image shown is from the second phase of the Ishgardian Restoration.

Upon each card, there are four treasure chests depicted by hexagons─one on the left and three on the right. You may choose one chest to scratch open.
The lone chest on the left offers second to fourth prize, while the three chests on the right offer first to fifth, with the fifth being a consolation prize. The prizes available change each time, and we recommend that you review the prize list before playing.

Skybuilders' Board

The skybuilders' board, located in the Firmament (X:11.4 Y:14.1), offers pertinent information concerning the district.

Previous steps of the Ishgardian Restoration can be viewed from the skybuilders' board in the Firmament, under Past Progress.

* The image shown is from the second phase of the Ishgardian Restoration.

Skybuilder Rankings

Below, players can confirm the final results of the skybuilder rankings.

Skybuilder RankingsSkybuilder Rankings

To view rankings in game, speak with Ludovraint in the Firmament (X:10.6 Y:14.6).

  • The Firmament (X:10.6 Y:14.6)
  • Ludovraint


Sours: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/ishgardian_restoration/
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FFXIV – Ishgardian Restoration Guide

You’ve decided to contribute towards the Ishgardian Restoration, but you may be a bit confused as to what that entails. Well, if you have ever used the Collectibles system, then you won’t be too unfamiliar with what’s going on in The Firmament.

After completing “Towards the Firmament”, level at least one crafter to level 20.

While you may not need to have a crafter or gatherer at level 20 to unlock access to the Ishgardian Restoration, you will need one to contribute towards the cause. Crafters are the key here: while gatherers will be needed to gather the new Skybuilder materials needed to craft the requested items, contribution is rewarded for delivered craftables.

In your crafting log, you will unlock a new Skybuilder recipe for each crafting class at levels 20, 40, 60, 70, and finally 80. Each recipe will call for Skybuilder materials earned from similarly leveled gathering nodes (plus-or-minus five levels), and these can either be farmed yourself (if you have the level-appropriate gatherer), or they can be bought on the Market Board (for a pretty penny, currently).

The best way to go about this is to focus on one crafting class first, and to keep your gatherers close to that crafter’s level if they are not already at max level. Gatherers are insanely simple to level these days, and you can grab upwards of ten levels every thirty minutes by doing levequests. Be sure to use your Grand Company tokens to purchase Survival Manuals to boost gathering experience as well, and you’ll find you won’t struggle to keep your gatherers near your crafter’s level.


Craft the new Skybuilder recipes and turn them in to Potkin.

While you may not be able to turn in the new Skybuilder gathering materials for credit, you will use them to make the new Skybuilder recipes, accessed within your Crafting Log after you talk to Potkin. He will give you both the crafting recipes and the locations of the gathering nodes, and these can be found under the “Special Recipes” tab in your Crafting Log, within Ishgardian Restoration. Right-clicking the materials will allow you to see where they can be gathered, but if you don’t see them that means your gatherer is too low level.

Common sense does apply here: if it looks like minerals or water then it’s a miner material, and plants and sap fall under the botanist’s purview. If you don’t want to gather these yourself, you can buy them off the Market Board, but they are expensive currently.

Once you have all the requisite materials, find the recipe in your Crafting Log, and Synthesize it. Don’t use Quick Synth, because you need to reach a minimum “Collectability” ranking if you wish to turn the items in for credit. Here is the thing: you don’t need the collectables ability unlocked to make these: these will always be crafted as collectables. Check with Potkin if you don’t know what the minimum is; it’s best to know before wasting materials.


Depending on the recipe, your gear, and your level reaching the minimum collectability ranking can prove difficult, so be sure to keep your gear up to date by visiting vendors in the main cities, or browsing the Market Board. While it may be tempting to push for the highest rating, this can prove difficult for new crafters. FFXIV Teamcraft is a great website for figuring out a rotation based on your current stats and equipment, and for now focus on hitting that minimum collectability on every craft.

As the screenshots above demonstrate, you’ll be rewarded with a boatload of experience with each turn-in, and you’ll be given Restoration Scrips, a currency used in this area to buy high level crafter and gatherer materia, new mounts, minions, music, and much more. You’ll also gain points towards the Ishgardian Restoration itself, which will eventually trigger a “Concerted Works” public event in the area when your server has filled the bar visible at the Skybuilders’ Board.


Complete Concerted Works to progress the Ishgardian Restoration.

Once the bar is full a Concerted Works will be scheduled. It will always be a few hours after the bar was filled, so players can schedule around it. The Skybuilders’ Board will give you the exact time left till the event, as well as when it will trigger in your local time.

Once the event does kick off you will need to be on either a gatherer or crafter above level 20. These work like any other FATE in the game: you will be given a task, and once you fill the progress bar the FATE will conclude and you will be rewarded based on contribution. The first Concerted Works we triggered on Gilgamesh required us to grab wood from a supply pile, refine it, then install it on four different nodes.

Once the event is over, you’ll be awarded a chunk of experience, some gil, and most importantly 500 Restoration Scrips. You can even hop into other worlds and help with their Concerted Works if you wanna grind scrips, but your contribution will count towards that world’s progress.

And that’s essentially it: buy or gather the requisite Skybuilder materials, craft them into Skybuilder recipes above a certain collectability ranking, then turn them in for rewards. Every few hours or so a Concerted Works should kick off, and the zone will be slowly repaired as these events are completed.

Now then, get back to work: that new housing zone won’t build itself overnight. For more guides check out our Shadowbringer’s guide hub.

Sours: https://attackofthefanboy.com/guides/ffxiv-ishgardian-restoration-guide/

With the release of Patch 5.41 and the addition of new rewards it seems the Ishgardian Restoration and the Diadem have a lot to offer in Final Fantasy XIV!

In this guide, we will cover the various mechanics of the Diadem as well as the list of rewards available in exchange for Skybuilder's Scrips.

Once you have unlocked the Ishgardian Restoration in Ishgard via the "Towards the Firmament" quest, you'll have access to the Firmament. This zone will guide you through the reconstruction of Ishgard and more importantly here, to the Diadem and your rewards.

To unlock the Diadem you simply need to use a Lv.10 gatherer class and speak to Augebert in the Firmament (X: 11.4 Y: 14.1). Follow the yellow exclamation point until you need to speak with Aurvael located a few meters away (X: 10.8 Y:14). You will then be able to go into the Diadem with any of your Lv.10+ gatherers.

Gathering in the Diadem

Once inside the Diadem, you will get access to numerous gathering spots, be it mineral deposits or fishing spots. Most gathering nodes seems to be distributing the new resources at random, meaning that mining the same spot twice, for example, will not always give you the same materials.

Materials go from Lv.10 to 80 — the higher the level the Higher the number of scrips and ranking points you get from it.

Rare materials also exist in the Diadem and are only available in given weather windows: Umbral Flare, Umbral Tempest, Umbral Levin, Umbral Duststorm

Gathering like you usually do is not the only way to get new materials in the Diadem. In fact, the addition of a brand new weapon for gatherers gives players the ability to charge an Ather gauge before unleashing an attack, defeating monsters and getting materials from them!

Feel free to use this new Aetheromatic Auger as much as you can and get extra collectibles!

Approving your materials

Gathering resources in the Diadem will not allow you to use these just yet. In fact, you will need to talk to Flotpassant in the Firmament in Ishgard (X 10.8 Y:14) in order to get your materials approved.

Getting approval for your materials will award you with Skybuilders' scrips on top of giving the opportunity to use these materials in exclusive Ishgardian Restoration crafts.

Getting approval is available for Miners, Fishers, and Botanists.

NOTE: Unapproved materials cannot be traded or sold. On the contrary, once approved, Grade 2 materials can be traded!


Players will be able to exchange your Skybuilders scrips for an updated list of exclusive rewards!

To exchange your scrips you'll need to speak with Enie in the Firmament (X:12 Y:14).

We hope this guide will help you with the new Diadem system. If you have any questions or information you want to share, feel free to leave us a message in the comments section below!

Sours: https://us.millenium.gg/guide/14034.html

Ishgard restoration ffxiv

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