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a love letter to my husband


The secret to the best love letters

Want to know the big secret to the best love letter?

It’s simple: anything YOU write TO HIM! It’s all about just taking the time and actually doing it TODAY! It can be anything:

  • A post it note on the mirror.
  • A small note slipped in his lunch box.
  • On the computer? Send him an email.
  • A text blitz! These are so fun! Seen an example here.
  • A longer love note.

a love letter to my husband

Love letter to my husband

Here’s my most recent love letter to my husband — hubs says I should share it because it speaks volumes on marriage in general. I don’t know that it’s anything amazing but it might just be the little something you were needing to hear to encourage you, remind you, or maybe even inspire you.

Hi sweety,

I realize I haven’t written you a love letter in far too long. Tonight I was laying next to you, snuggled up close, my head on your chest, I heard you heart pound beneath my ear and suddenly I was overwhelmed by a wave of emotion — if the beating were to ever stop I don’t know how I would carry on.

Life is such an unknown but this moment is not — this moment is the one thing that I can grab and do what I want with.  So in order to fully embrace the moment I slipped out of bed, away from your warmth, for just a quick minute to write you this love letter — and actually tell you out loud the thing I’ve been thinking for years now.

The journey we have been on together has been bumpy, windy, beautiful, then ugly but through it all there is one thing that remains steady… that one thing is the reason I love you each day even more than the day before.

Today, I realized that the reason I love your most is because:

You love me for who I am, not what I do.

It’s not about how pretty I make myself, it’s not about how hard I tried or how well I did. Although you notice those things, I know that none of that makes a difference on your measure of love for me, and that, my love, is the most beautiful thing of all.

It takes a real man to love me like you do. To love me on my good days when I’m all dolled up, kissing you and laughing AND also on the bad days when I’m sobbing on the couch in my yoga pants and messy bun.

I love that you love me for me.

And I want you to know, I love you for you, not what you do but simply for you.

Forever yours,

Me 🙂

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The essence of old-school romance lies in writing love letters to your beloved. While sending a loving text to your husband might be the norm these days, you can never go wrong with a handwritten love letter, especially if you want to break the monotony and reignite the passion in your relationship.

Whether you are a woman or a man, receiving a handwritten letter filled with sweet nothings from your partner can brighten your day in a jiffy. Because, contrary to popular belief, men are just as thrilled to get these tokens of affection from their life partners as women.

It does not necessarily need to be a long and fancy poem or a highly decorative piece – just a short note or even a few lines expressing your love is enough.

To make your quest even easier, we have curated a few sample love letters that you can write to your husband on a special occasion or just because you want to make him smile! Check them out below!

Appreciation Letters For Your Husband

1. Hey Love,

Ever since we’ve been together, you have been such a support system in everything that I have wanted to do. Whether it was switching up my career or moving to a new home, you being by my side has made everything in my life so easy and smooth.


Thank you for bringing love, stability, and affection into my life – something that I never imagined would happen before I met you. Your positive energy has been my strength throughout, and I cannot imagine spending my life with anyone else but you.

Your proud wife,
[Your name]

2. My Superhero,

I never knew that an extrovert like you would lovingly adopt an introvert like me and completely change my life. While you see the glass as half full, I am more of a glass-half-empty kind of person, yet somehow we fit. So, thank you for showing love and care even on the days I find myself hard to love.

I love you for not judging me for the way I am and, instead, embracing my weirdness as my quirk. I can’t wait to spend more and more time getting to know each other’s personalities, no matter how different they are.

Your quirky wife,
[Your name]

3. My Dear,

I am writing this letter to let you know that I am incredibly lucky to have you in my life. Whether it’s me or my family, you have embraced every aspect of my life into yours effortlessly, and I cannot begin to tell you how happy that makes me. You put me on a pedestal, forgive me when I am wrong, and ground me when I am being difficult.

Thank you for turning my life into a dream world and being the perfect husband. I love you, my husband.

Your loving wife,
[Your name]

Wedding Anniversary Letter For Your Husband

4. My Love,

Happy wedding anniversary to you!

I can’t believe it has been X years already. It just feels like yesterday when I walked down the aisle and saw you waiting for me at the altar. Time flies, I guess! But, this time with you has been like a fairytale, all thanks to you.

I am glad we have come this far and cannot wait for the adventures that await us in the future. I wish we stay this close forever and push each other to be the best versions of ourselves for life.

Your loving wife,
[Your name]

5. My Darling,

Today marks X years of us being together, and I still feel as though we are the young college students who just started dating. It could be because our love is just as fresh and exciting as it was when we first got together.

I am extremely grateful for all this time and the magical moments I have gotten to spend with you and our kids. Looking back, I realize how you have been my support system all these years without batting an eye. Here’s to another X years of love, affection, and an inseparable bond.

Happy anniversary, love!

[Your name]

6. Dear [husband’s name],

Happy 1st Anniversary, babe!

I can’t believe it’s been a year of us being husband and wife. There’s so much I want to say and so many things I wish to tell you about this magical year we’ve spent together. First, let me tell you what an amazing life you have given me, and this past year has been everything I hoped for and more.

I am so happy and proud to call you my husband because there’s no one else I’d rather be with. People kept telling me that it takes time to adjust to married life, but you have made it such a breeze.

Thank you for loving me unconditionally, and I can’t wait to spend many more such years with you by my side.

Your darling wife,
[Your name]

Letters For Your Husband on Your Wedding Day

7. Hey [husband’s name],

Can’t believe that the day we’ve been waiting for for so long is finally here. I just cannot keep calm, and the butterflies in my stomach have moved up to my heart and head!

It gives me immense joy and pleasure to know that we are going to be husband and wife today because I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you. You are everything I hoped for and more. I know that married life will come with its own set of challenges, but I promise you that it is all going to be worth it because we will have each other to hold on to.

Come whatever may, you’ll find me right by your side for life. Love you to the moon and back!

Your soon-to-be wife,
[Your name]

8. Dear [husband’s name],

Aah! It’s here, it’s here! The day I officially become your wife is here. Trust me, I have imagined this day a thousand times over in my head already. Maybe it is just the pre-wedding jitters talking! But, I just cannot wait to start my married life with you.

I hope you are ready for the wild adventures that await us because I certainly am. On this special day, I promise you that we will always find time for each other and continue to treat each other with utmost respect no matter how many years go by!

I love you and I cherish you. See you waiting for me at the altar tomorrow!

Your would-be wife,
[Your name]

Apology Letters For Your Husband

9. Hey Babe,

I know we said some things we didn’t mean to each other last night, and I am extremely sorry if I hurt you. I don’t like us fighting at all, and I am sad that it had to come to that. There’s nothing I wouldn’t give for us to go back to normal and talk it all out because this is killing me.

I love you and want you to know it, so I am writing this letter to tell you exactly that! I hope you will forgive me for my actions because the last thing I’d want to do is hurt you.

Your darling wife,
[Your name]

10. Darling,

I want to start by saying sorry for my behavior earlier this week. Trust me, I didn’t mean for it to happen. There were a lot of things occupying my mind, and I am sorry that I took it all out on you. You deserve better and I know it, so I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

I am ready to work it out with you if you are. I know that you need your space right now, and I will be here waiting for you as long as you need. All I can think about is our short getaway last week and the happy memories we made together, so it just saddens me to see us fighting like this.

Please give me another chance to make things right. I’m looking forward to talking it out with you.

With love,
[Your name]

Letters For Your Husband On His Birthday

11. Dear Husband,

Happy happy birthday, my love!

There’s just so much I want to tell you, but I am at a loss for words. Being with you as your wife these past few years has been such a blessing. You have always put me first and loved me selflessly, but today is your day and I want to celebrate you and only you.

I thank God every day for creating you and getting to spend my life with you. Your positivity and patience keep me going even in the toughest of times. I hope you have the most wonderful birthday. Your gift will be waiting for you at home!

Your darling wife,
[Your name]

12. Darling Husband,

Many happy returns of the day, dear!

On this special day, I want to tell you that I love you. Not only are you an amazing husband but also an exceptional father. After an entire year of being pampered by you, today is your day to sit back and be pampered by me. Whether it is a nice day together at the arcade or a relaxing day at the spa, we will do whatever you want today.

I hope you have a terrific day and indulge in things you love. I pray to God that you get whatever you wish for. Love you, dear!

Forever yours,
[Your name]

13. Dear Hubby,

Wish you an amazing birthday, my love.

On this special day, I hope you get everything you have wished for and more. You have been working so hard for us and the kids, and it makes me so proud to call you my husband. I cannot wait for you to see the amazing day I have planned for you with all the things that you love doing.

This reminds me of that one birthday where we ended up going to a bonfire with complete strangers while camping and you sang a beautiful melody, turning it into a night to remember!

Forever yours,
[Your name]

P.S. Eagerly waiting to camp out with you all over again.

Letters For Your Husband On Valentine’s Day

14. Hey Love,

Happy first Valentine’s day, hubby!

It feels like just yesterday when we were holding hands and exchanging roses on our first Valentine’s day back in college. Now that we are husband and wife, this day needs to be even more special.

Can’t wait for you to get home and pop a bottle of champagne along with our favorite movie. Don’t worry, I have all your favorite foods ready too! I am sure you will enjoy the night and remember it for a long time.

Forever yours,
[Your name]

15. Dear Husband,

It’s my favorite day of the year. While our love for us deepens each day, I am glad we have this special day to celebrate the both of us. You know I’m a hopeless romantic, and Valentine’s day is just an excuse for me to shower you with more romance. This letter is just the beginning of the celebrations that await you today.

Thank you for loving me the same even after all these years, so much so that it brings back memories of our first Valentine’s day together. You are all I need, my love!

Your forever Valentine,
[Your name]

Now that you know how to express your love to your partner with words, how about you get going and write a beautiful love letter for him inspired by these sample love letters? Not only is this a great idea for romance, but it is also a great way to tell your husband how much you love and cherish him.

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Sometimes, with the hustle and bustle of life, we forget what's really important. That's why taking the time to write a simple love note to your partner is an easy way to put the focus back on the foundation that holds your family and life together: your relationship.

Love Letter to My Husband

Dear Sweetheart,

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What We Have Is Real

You and I have had a real marriage. It hasn't been perfect, and it hasn't been easy and, honestly, it hasn't always been pleasant. But, still, I'm grateful. Because life isn't perfect, and life isn't easy, and life isn't always pleasant. And you and I? We've built a life together.

Through mortgages, layoffs, births, vacations, deaths, retirement plans, health scares and literally every other high and low (and up and down) that one can go through...you've been there with me. You've been my rock. You've been my anchor. You've been my person. Just as our vows said, you've been there for me in good times and in bad. In sickness and in health. You haven't left my side. And I pray you never do.

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Let's Enjoy the Ride

No one said marriage would be easy. But I'm thankful that it's been hard. I'm thankful because it means this is for real. That we're for real. And that we're going to make it through no matter what. And when you know that, you realize that everything else -- the worries and the struggles and the bills -- can take a backseat on this beautiful ride we're on together.

I love you,
Your wife

Okay, Your Turn

If you're like me and you've gotten caught up in life instead of love, I hope you'll take the time to sit down and pen your special person a letter... or, you know what? Go ahead and use mine. Trust me, I don't mind. We've got to share the love.

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Writing letters may seem boring and a passé. But can you deny the happiness you get upon receiving a handwritten letter or writing down your feelings on a paper?

Although we can write a letter on a smartphone, the pleasure in writing and receiving a handwritten note with those creases on the ends is top notch. So, why not go old school and write a love letter to your husband?

MomJunction brings you 21 sample love letters for husbands. You may use them as-is or tweak them to suit your feelings.

Romantic Love Letters For Husband

Without romance, your relationship will be dry and monotonous. And there is no better way to ignite the passion than writing a romantic love letter for your husband. Here are a few romantic letters you can begin with:

1. Dear husband,

The day we married is one of the best days of my life, as on that day I found my best friend for life. It is true, I was skeptical in the beginning, but you made me feel so loved and comfortable, that I cannot imagine a life without you. Now, I genuinely feel I am the luckiest girl on earth, for I have a man who is loyal to me.


I want to confess that, every night after you drift away to sleep, I stay awake just to watch you sleep. You may think I am crazy, but I cannot help it, I am obsessed with you. I only want one thing in life now, to be your only love forever.

Your loving wife.

2. Dear husband,

I know we are no ordinary couple, we had many ups and downs, and our relationship has seen some of the worst storms. But we survived all that and here we are together. No matter how much we fight, my heart still flutters upon seeing you. I still dream about our romantic dates and late night conversations.

You may not know, even when I am busy at work, I sneak peeks at your picture and smile. I read our old conversations and want to relive all those sweet moments. After every fight, even though I stay adamant on the outside, but deep inside I crave for your touch and cannot wait to end the fight.

With lots of love,

Your wife.

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3. Darling husband,

These few words are not enough to tell you how much I love you, but still sending you my true feelings through this letter. The day I met you, I thought you are also just like any other guy, but you proved me wrong, you made me believe in the phrase “There are no perfect men, but one man is perfect for you.” After meeting you, I never felt the need to look at another man, as you made me feel complete and safe. I am glad that it did not work out with any other guy as it did with you.

Always your loving wife name.

Image: Shutterstock

4. Dear hubby,

I know I am not the most beautiful woman in the world, nor do I possess all the qualities of a good wife, but you never made me feel any less of myself. You loved me for who I am and never tried to change me. This motivated me to work on myself to bring out the best in me. Even after all these years, I still feel jealous when a passerby lady glances at you — that is how much I want you to be mine.

I still remember the day I saw you, you were wearing a neatly tucked white shirt, jeans, and a smile which I can never forget in my life. I was a nervous wreck, as you were so confident and good looking. But you made me comfortable, and all my insecurities vanished. Thank you for that and more. I love you so much.

With lots of love name.

5. Dear husband,

I was hopelessly romantic, waiting for the prince charming to sweep me off the feet. The world said I was living in a fantasy until you came along. Now the same world talks about how lucky I am. I can never forget the day we met, it was love at first sight for me, (even though I did not confess first), I was smitten and head-over-heels for you. I couldn’t stop rambling about how handsome you were, to my friends. And today I cannot believe I am your wife, and the best part is waking up in the middle of the night only to find you beside me. I love you to the moon and back darling.

Your silly wife.

6. Dear husband,

Although I do not tell this often, I do love you more than anyone can ever love you. If I had a flower every time I missed you, I would be walking in a garden. This distance between us is unbearable, and I miss you more as each day passes by. You are on my mind every second. Whether I am sleeping, eating or working, you are my constant thought. Now my life revolves around two things, counting days to meet you and reminiscing the memories until I meet you again. I hope this physical distance would soon disappear and we can spend the rest of our life together forever.

Miss you hubby.

Image: Shutterstock

Birthday Letters For Husband

Birthday is a special day for your husband. Make it extra special by writing him a love letter.

7. Dear husband,

First of all, I would like to wish you a very happy birthday. On this special day, I would like to remind you how much you mean to me, through this letter. I know you do not like a public display of emotions, but I hope you would allow me to do it on this special day.

You are the perfect husband for me; I can never imagine anyone else in your place. You are loving, caring and forgiving. I know I am the absolute opposite to all these, and that is why I am lucky to have you in my life. You are the same today as you were on the day I first met you. Thank you for being the only constant in this ever-changing world. You are a positive person, who can see the light at the end of the tunnel no matter how hopeless the situation might be (this is one of the qualities I am trying to acquire).

On this day, I wish all your dreams come true and may you live a happy and healthy life.

Your loving family.

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8. Darling husband,

Many happy returns of the day!

Today is the day when God has created a special person just for me, and I thank him every day for that. You transformed my life into a paradise, and I cannot thank you enough for it. You are a loving husband and an incredible father for our kids. I am sure they are going to turn out to be amazing just like their dad. I am glad to spent my life with you, and I wish to spend many such amazing years ahead.

On this day, I would like to tell you how much you inspire me. Your patience and your positive attitude were the only things that could make me go on in the difficult times. Have a beautiful birthday, darling.

Your wife name.

9. Happy birthday my dear husband!

On this special day, let me take the opportunity to tell you how much I love you. You probably would not believe it, but I wait for this day every year so that I can celebrate it with you. All year long you pamper and love me, but today it is my turn, so just sit back and relax. I always believed that I was among the unlucky, but you came and made me the luckiest of all. Life with you is never boring, each day there is something new to discover, something new to love you even more. I hope I will be able to make you happy and always wish to see a smile on your face.

Yours loving wife name.

Image: Shutterstock

10. My dear husband,

Have a wonderful birthday!

On this birthday I would like to give you a special gift by pouring out all my feelings in words and write you this letter.

Dearest, I have no words to describe how much I love you. I wish I were a poet to express my feelings beautifully through words. All I can say is you mean the world to me. My day starts with you and ends with you. Life is never fair, there will always be many ups and downs, but what makes it worth is to have a reliable and trustworthy guy like you. On this special day, I would also like to thank your mother for raising you into a perfect gentleman. And I wish our kids will grow up being like you.

One of the best qualities you possess is that you are sensitive to others’ pain. I still remember how you had given your favorite t-shirt to a shivering homeless man. Living with you, I learned the real happiness lies in selflessness. Thank you for opening up a whole new world for me. I pray to God to give you the strength to continue being the amazing person you are.

With loads of love,

Your wife.

11. Dear husband’s name,

From being my childhood friend to being my teenage crush to being my husband, we have been with each other through thick and thin. People often ask me if I ever get bored of you, I would ask them, “‘how can I get bored of my own shadow?” You are my partner in crime, my guide during difficult times, and my all-time favorite person.

Thank you for bearing with me all these years, I know I can be difficult sometimes. And you had so many reasons for giving up on us. But always you chose to stay and make things work. This year is going to be pretty special for both of us, as we are going to become parents soon. And I know you would make an excellent father as well.

Happy birthday to you!

Yours forever name

12. Dear husband,

Very happy birthday to you!

I know you will have a smile after seeing this letter, as this is the first time I am putting down my feelings in words. Thank you for being such a great husband. You never made me feel alone; you always made sure I was happy. No one has given me so much happiness. I am proud that our marriage is strong, all thanks to you and your dedication towards our relationship.

I hope your birthday is filled with joy. Happy birthday dear!

Your loving wife name

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Letters To The Husband On The Wedding Day And Anniversary

Anniversaries are special, as they give an opportunity to celebrate the remarkable day that made you both husband and wife. Here are a few sample letters to wish your husband a happy anniversary.

If you are about to get married, and looking for some inspiration to write one last letter before becoming his Mrs., we have covered that too.

13. Dear husband,

A happy wedding anniversary!

Today marks the completion of our first year together as husband and wife. I cannot believe it’s been a year since we got married. I guess we lost track of time as we were too busy being happy. Before getting married, I heard my friends say how difficult the first year of marriage could be. But I am surprised that our first year was the most wonderful year of my life. And it was all because of you.

Even though we had our fair share of fights, we never let them get in the way of our love. I wish we stay the same happy-go-lucky couple forever.

Yours loving wife name

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14. Darling husband,

Today is our 25th anniversary. I feel it was just yesterday when you were in that black and white tux, nervously waiting for me at the end of the aisle. And I was walking cautiously both not to trip over and to maintain my bridal posture. I am surprised how so many years passed so quickly. Maybe because you still love me in the same way as you did from day one.

These 25 years were magical; they helped us grow and love each other more and more. We started our family and raised our kids into good citizens. When I look back, the only thing I can see is how you held my hand at every step. Here is to 25 more years.

Happy 25th anniversary dear.

Yours name

15. My dear husband,

Happy anniversary to us!

Another year went by as husband and wife. I agree the past year was not all merry for us. We have seen some of the worst times, and thank god we survived all of it and are united as a family. I must give the credit of this to you, as you have been the true example of the word ‘head of the family’. You held everything together and directed us towards the right path. I cannot imagine facing the situation without you.

All thanks to god and you, the dark times are over, and all that lies ahead is happiness. This anniversary is very special, because now, finally we have put the past behind and move on as one strong and happy family.

Your loving wife

16. Dear husband,

Today is the day when we said “I do” and promised to be together forever. I am glad that we could keep our promises. I never thought two strangers could fall in love and become so inseparable, but here we are. I barely knew you, when we got married, and I had my share of doubts about us. After all these years, I can proudly say I made the right choice in life.

You welcomed me into your family with an open mind, adjusted and sacrificed many things for the sake of my happiness. I think all I can do to repay you is by being the loving wife you always wanted me to be. I still remember the burnt dish I served you for the first time, and how you ate it without complaining. What did I do to deserve such a caring and understanding husband? I wish we had met earlier so that I could be your wife for some more time.

Happy anniversary my man.

Your wife

17. My dear,

The day that seemed so distant is finally here. I have butterflies fluttering in my stomach; I cannot keep calm. My friends say these could be pre-wedding jitters. But I feel I am just too happy and cannot wait to be your wife. Call me crazy, but I have already rehearsed our wedding for the 1,000th time now.

Darling, we are going to start an incredible journey together, which is not always easy, but it will be worth it, as long as we are there for each other. I hope you are as ready as I am to live in a house and call it home, have beautiful children and call it our family. This day is a special day for most girls like me, who have found their soulmate. So let us do this right and start the adventure together.

Your would-be wife

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18. My darling,

In just a few hours I will be your wife! I want to scream and tell the whole world how happy I am. I hope tomorrow will be perfect as I imagined in my head. Everything was just magical, we meeting each other accidentally, becoming friends, and finally you asking me to marry you. I am thankful to God that we have found each other; there are billions of people in this world, and God has chosen you and me to be together. It is such a beautiful coincidence.

I hope you also cannot wait to start this fabulous journey with me. I know it is a little overwhelming, but that is how life is. I promise to be with you through thick and thin and support you as your wife.

Your future wife

Image: Shutterstock

Appreciation Letters To Husband

Your husband will be the happiest when you say ‘I am proud to be your wife’. So, write an appreciation letter to your husband and let him know about it.

19. My hero,

You proved that a man need not be handsome, rich or witty to keep a girl happy. All he needs to do is be faithful, and love her as no one has ever loved her before.

My life was a mess; I had no direction. You came in and brought stability, and showed me the right path. Thanks to you, now I have a successful career as well as a thriving personal life.

I always wondered how a single person can turn my whole life around. But you proved me wrong. You are such a positive person and can carry those vibes wherever you go. I am proud to be called your wife. Thank you my knight in the shining armor for supporting me.

Your proud wife

20. Dear name,

You are reserved, I am outgoing. You like sunrise, while I enjoy sunsets. They say opposites attract; I feel it is not entirely true. Initially, we might get attracted to each other because of our uniqueness, but what made us survive as a couple is our choice to love each other every single day.

Thank you for loving me unconditionally. I hope we spend many more fantastic years together embracing each other’s typical tastes and proudly be called as the odd couple out.

Your weird wife

21. My Superman,

I want to write this letter to tell you how proud I am to be called your wife. Whenever people say I am lucky to have you as my husband, I agree with them without a second thought because you deserve all this. You are a phenomenal partner, who loves me and takes care of me. You never made me feel bad about myself, you always forgave all my mistakes and gave me a second chance to make things right.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for me. You made my life nothing short of a fairy tale. And very few girls will be as lucky as I am.

Your loving wife


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Words have the power to convey more than just the meaning, they carry emotions and feelings. Write a love letter for your partner, they will not only feel happy but also treasure it forever.

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How to Write a Wedding Letter to Your Partner

On the morning of your wedding, as the nerves settle into your stomach and you’re finding yourself crossing the final items off your wedding to-do list, one of our favorite wedding traditions is exchanging a handwritten letter with your partner. This exchange takes the place of spending the morning with the person you’re about to marry, allowing you both to prepare (and get glammed up) solo before seeing each other for the first look and taking that first step toward becoming a happily married couple.

"It's important to write out our feelings because very often we take it for granted that our partners know how we feel, when they may not," explains marriage therapist Dr. Jane Greer. "It's heartening to receive words of love in print because then you have the opportunity to read it over and over again. It's a way to constantly feel the love whenever you need it. This is particularly important on your wedding day because it's the day where you declare your love, and part of that is putting your love in writing as a way to have it endure for all time."

Meet the Expert

Dr. Jane Greer is a marriage and family therapist, sex expert, and the creator of the celebrity sex and relationship commentary "Shrink Wrap."

So, what belongs in the letter? Make the words, the stories, the promises, and the memories that you jot down be personal and heart-thumping so your partner not only has a keepsake once the big day is over but also something to make them smile before it actually begins.

Here's what to keep in mind as you write your letter to your partner on your wedding day.

What to Include in Your Wedding Letter to Your Partner

If writer's block creeps the second you sit down to write a wedding letter, take a deep breathe and think about why you love them.

1. Your Reason Why

One of the very first things you want to write is your reason for loving your partner unconditionally and your reason for wanting to spend the rest of your life with them. It sounds like a mushy way to start the letter, but it’s a great way to begin your wedding day. Your partner can spend a couple of minutes basking in all of the reasons why you feel committed, confident, and connected to them.

2. Your Hope for the Day

One thing that’s certain about the wedding day is that it will fly by fast. Include a part about how you hope the day will go and what you look forward to doing together. Maybe your biggest hope is that you both get to enjoy every bite of the food and a slice, or two, of cake, or you’re most looking forward to your first dance (that you practiced close to 20 times in your living room). Either way, share some of your hopes for the wedding day so that your partner can look forward to the fun ahead.

3. Your Promise for the Future

As your partner reads the letter you wrote on the morning of your wedding, one part they’ll look forward to is what you share about your promises for the future. Some of those promises might be saved for the vows you read during the ceremony, but in the letter, go wild with some promises that are laugh-out-loud funny, such as letting them watch Sunday and Monday night football.

4. Your “I Fell in Love” Memory

Remember the moment you knew the person you’re marrying was the one for you? Perhaps, it was on a specific date, after something they said, or because of an accumulation of things that happened over time. Recalling those memories brings the beauty of your relationship to the surface and lets you walk into the wedding day treating your partner to a spectacle of moments when your love first sparked and how much it has grown and flourished since then.

5. Your Proudest Moment

A great way to end the letter is with a moment or two when you felt the proudest of your partner. Perhaps it was after they achieved a major life accomplishment or when they found themselves closer to conquering a life-long dream. Sharing a time when they inspired you, motivated you, or just made you feel like you’re with the kind of person that’s going to push you toward working hard for the things in life you desperately want is a wonderful way to breathe a final bit of energy into the note.

Tips for Writing a Wedding Letter to Your Partner

Writing is easiest when all conditions are right. Here are some tips for creating a letter that'll be read over and over again.

Speak From Your Heart and Include Little Details

"The best thing is to be open, honest, and speak from your heart," Greer advises. "Tell your partner how much you love them and especially why you love them and what makes them so special, exceptional, and important to you."

Keep in mind that no detail is too small to include. You and your partner love each other for specific reasons. Embrace every reason, big or small, and add it to your letter for a note written straight from the heart.

Make a List of Everything You Want to Include

If you write down everything you want to include at the start, you won't accidentally leave anything out. According to Greer, some of the things to consider including are how thrilled you are to be starting your life together, how happy you are to have found a soulmate with whom to share your life journey, and how delighted you are that your partner made you their choice and the love and commitment they have found in you. 

Take Note Whenever You Think of Something You Want to Say

Inspiration can strike at any time, whether you're in the grocery store, getting a manicure, or jogging on a treadmill. If something pops into your head that you just have to say to your partner, make a note in your phone (or handwrite it in a notebook) so you won't forget when you actually set about the task of writing.

Set Aside a Quiet Time to Complete the Letter

When you write the letter is up to you, but whenever you do it, make sure to give yourself the time and space to write it. "The night before or the morning of could both work," says Greer. "Sometimes, it can be smart to do it ahead of time so it doesn't get lost in the hustle and bustle of the day."

Put your phone away and set aside time to focus on this as your only task, giving it your full attention without any interruptions from others. Writing a heartfelt letter requires peace and quiet.

Real Examples of Wedding Letters

Want to see how a few real couples shared their feelings with their wedding letters? Here are actual letters from five brides who share the loving words they had for their partners on the big day.

Bailey and Eric from Ojai, California

Dearest Eric,

The day that seemed like a fantasy existing in some far-off place has finally arrived and...we’re doing this! We’re getting married. I’ve been taking really slow and long breaths all morning trying to slow down the day. I’ve been trying to notice every detail in what the air smells and feels like, what music is playing, what people are saying, what the ocean feels like. I want every detail of today to be ingrained in my spirit.

You’re surfing right now, and I’m sitting with our family on the sand bordering a tide pool on Playa Escondida. The girls and I were just swimming and we were caught in a rip. They were nervous, and I was tired as we struggled to figure out which way to swim to get out, but I knew nothing bad would happen. The wedding Gods are on our side today. Right?!

Our little dude is digging in the sand next to me as I write this, singing a song about ice cream robots and offering me the occasional sand pie. He’s happy.

I was worried that this day would feel like any other, like it might let me down because I had built it up so much in my mind. But, it seems to be crafting itself to perfectly suit our needs—happy people, big waves, a little shower right when it was getting too hot, and you and I nearing the moment where we’ll solidify our commitment with well thought out words and a ceremony blessed by all the people who love us. Oh, and tequila! This day has also given us tequila.

I feel excitement in my stomach and serenity in my heart as 4 p.m. tiptoes closer. I’m ready to keep loving you, today, and for all the others.


Your Almost Wife (Bailey)

Josie and Jessy from Knoxville, Tennessee

My Sweet Jessy,

First off, I want you to know that I love you so much. I have imagined this day since I was a little girl and it is finally here. The big day, I should be nervous and anxious but I find myself calm and at peace. I think it's because I know that no matter what happens today, by the end of it we will be married.

I remember as a little girl, dad saying to marry a man that loves me and protects me. I am so thankful that you go above and beyond this. I love how you never let me open a car door, that you cook for me, but most importantly I love that you put God before me, that you make sure He is number one in our lives.

I love you, you are my soulmate, and I will love you even through football season, forever a coach’s wife. I am so excited for this adventure that we begin today and to call you my husband.

See you at the altar,

Josie (your pumpkin)

Erin and Shawn from Carmel, California

Dear Shawn,

Caring for you is something I look forward to. For the rest of my life, being your wife. To have and to hold, until we get old—that's our love story I want told. So it's with a loving heart, I give you this gift to start, these "In Case You Get Cold Feet" socks are for you. I even ordered them in your favorite NFL team hue. I can't wait to be your wife and vow 'I do' to you.

I love you!


Casey and Justin from Boston, Massachusetts


Right now you're standing on the other side of the door from me, inches and minutes from joining as husband and wife. I can't help but think over everything, the good and bad, that has gotten us to this exact moment (...) The first few months in our apartment when we both had to pretend we weren't terrified to be adults, and being responsible for keeping something alive: Pax. Then moving into the condo and having something actually worth cleaning, and realizing the cat we thought was hard to keep alive was a cakewalk compared to Zuri. We've been on trips, gotten into car accidents, had nights we couldn't get enough of each other, and nights we couldn't get far enough away from one another. We've had so many adventures together and today is our biggest one yet. I can't wait to see what other adventures life has in store for us. I hope your gifts help get us there. I love you more and more every day, so much sometimes I think my heart will explode. And to think...it all started with a beer.

Forever Yours,

Your Wife

Matt and Emily from Los Angeles, California

Dear Matt,

You are my love, my light, and my future. I can't imagine marrying anyone other than you, and as we join together on this day I feel 100% confident in this match. There's no one else on earth I'd rather share my life with, and I'm so excited to be your wife. I have no doubts. I've known since the first time you kissed me that you were going to be mine forever. You are my one true love.

I didn't believe in soulmates until I met you, but then you came along and changed everything. I thought life was good before you came along, but since we've been together I've been happier than I even thought was possible. You make me content. You even cured my previously insatiable need to wander and travel. As I roamed from country to country, I was looking for a home. I found it in you.

I promise to love you every day for the rest of my life, even when it gets hard. But knowing us, it's going to be way more good times than bad and way more smiles than tears. I am so thankful for you. You aren't just the man of my dreams—you're the man beyond my wildest dreams.

Thank you for asking me to be your wife.



Sours: https://www.brides.com/story/writing-note-to-groom-on-wedding-day

Being in love is one of the most beautiful things in life, especially when you say yes to each other for the rest of your lives.

However, marriage is not always about love and happiness.

There are certain challenges and some difficult times that many couples go through.

At times, we forget to share feelings with our spouses or we possibly don’t know how to do it.

I have found that writing a love letter to my husband often helps – I pour out my emotions on paper and leave it on his desk. It’s the best way to say how you feel, especially if you’re shy.

If you’re not good with words, Google can be your best friend.

It has tons of love letter templates and sample anniversary wishes for your hubby that might reflect just what you wanted to say.

I also like to use quotes about husbands and wives as inspiration when I’m writing a love letter to my husband.

Here are some sample letters that show love and appreciation to your spouse and you can even use some of these letters for anniversary or birthday cards!

A Love Letter To My Husband

1. Dear Hubby,

couple cuddling in the bed with morning breakfast

I still remember the day I said yes as one of the best days of my life. It was the day I said yes to a lifetime of happiness with my best friend.

It’s true, I was a bit skeptical about us at the beginning of our relationship, and I’m glad you proved me wrong.

Now, I can’t imagine my life without you and I don’t even want to think about what my life would be like if you weren’t a part of it.

Thank you for being my biggest support and such a caring husband. You are the love of my life and my soulmate.

Your wifey.

2. My Dear,

beautiful young couple cuddling on picnic in nature

I remember when I dreamed of my very own fairy tale with my own Prince Charming and how everyone thought it was all just a fantasy that would never come true.

But then I met you, and my world turned upside down! Now, everybody says they can’t believe how lucky I am to have someone like you.

You are a true prince, gentleman, and my favorite man in the world!

I still can’t believe you chose me to be your wife, but I’m happy you did.

The best part of my day is waking up and seeing you sleeping right beside me. You are such a blessing to me.

Love you to the moon and back,

Your silly girl!

3. My Love,

smiling woman hugging her husband at home

Although I’m not a supermodel, you make me feel like one every day.

I don’t know what I did to deserve you and our life together, but I’m happy to have a man like you in my life.

Your support is my main motivation to work on myself and be a better person, inside and out.

You make my insecurities disappear in a second and I can’t thank you enough for that. I love you.


4. My Hubby,

young couple cuddling on the bed and holding hands

We’ve had our ups and downs in life and been through some difficult times, but we survived and we’re still here, growing stronger every day.

Thank you for putting up with me when I’m at my worst and for being the reasonable one when we fight.

My heart flutters every time I see you, even when I’m angry at you.

We’re definitely not an ordinary couple, but I’m glad of that.

I wouldn’t change a single thing from our lives together, because that’s who we are, two silly adults madly in love with each other.

I love you to the moon and back!


5. Dear Husband,

Couple in love cuddling and hugging in bed after waking up

The first time I saw you, I thought you were just like all other guys – sweet in the beginning and bitter at the end.

However, you proved me wrong and I couldn’t be happier that you did!

You are the reason I believe in perfect life and marriage, perfect in our own way.

You make me feel complete and safe in your arms.

I’m so happy our past relationships didn’t work out, I couldn’t even imagine my life without you by my side!

Your wife.

6. Grocery list:

woman hugging man while he prepares food in the kitchen

• Bread

• Cereal

• Milk

Can you pick up the kids from school today, as well?

I have a date with a handsome guy tonight, so I have to be ready on time.

Just kidding, you don’t have to buy anything or pick up the kids – my mom will do that.

I wasn’t, however, joking about the date part!

I know you’ve been under a lot of pressure lately, so I thought we could have some time together to relax.

We’ve been working so hard that we barely have time to talk to each other.

I hope we’ll have more time to spend together soon, but until then, we can at least steal a few nights to ourselves.

Your wife.

7. My Dear Husband,

Cheerful couple awaking and looking at each other in bed

​It’s been a long time since I last saw you and I miss you with all my heart.

Our relationship has stood the test of time and distance, and our love has grown even stronger.

I wish our love wasn’t tested at all, but difficult times ask for sacrifice.

It’s hard to fall asleep when you’re not with me, but I know that soon there will be a time when you’ll be the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing before I close my eyes at night.

I miss you a lot and I know you feel the same, but soon we’ll be together and discuss baby names.

Miss you a lot!


8. Dear Hubby,

happy woman kissing man on the bed in morning

I still can’t believe we’re married! I was thinking of getting you a cute wedding gift, but I changed my mind.

As you know, I’m not so good at showing my emotions, so I decided to write you a love letter instead.

From the first moment I saw you, I just knew we were meant to be together.

I actually said that to my friends who just gave me googly eyes and said, “awww!”

But, I must confess, I was really afraid.

I thought it was too early and I didn’t want to get hurt, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about you.

When we started dating, I was the happiest woman on earth, but I still had some doubts about your intentions.

However, when you proposed, my heart was finally at peace.

I know it sounds silly now, but I was just too scared of losing you because as each day passed, I was falling more and more in love with you.

Thank you for clearing my doubts and for making my dreams come true. I truly, madly, deeply love you!

Your wife.

9. My sweet hubby,

couple in love wrapped into blanket kissing outdoor

​”As we grow older together, as we continue to change with age, there is one thing that will never change… I will always keep falling in love with you.”

I wanted to write you something romantic, but Karen Clodfelter said it better than I ever could.

Even though these aren’t my own words, it describes exactly how I feel for you.

Sweetie, we’ve been together for so many years, but my love for you grows bigger every day.

I’m so happy I can grow old with the love of my life and I’m honored to be your wife.

When I look at our children and our journey, I feel so proud of how much we have achieved together.

I’ll always be with you, through good and bad days, just like you’re there for me when I need your warm embrace!

Until the end of time,

Your wife.

10. My darling,

romantic couple sitting on the pier with bottle of wine

A moment ago, I thought of you and my heart was filled with so much joy.

I felt so much love that I had to write you a little love note!

You can’t even begin to imagine how I feel about you and I don’t want another minute to go by without saying I love you.

Thank you for holding my hand through better and worse, for being the light in the darkest parts of my life.

Thank you for making me laugh every day, for talking to me in the middle of the night, and for all the kisses, even after we fight.

Thanks for staying with me through difficult times – I promise that I’ll do my best to be a better wife!

Love you so much!

11. My (Name),

loving couple hugging tight on the bed

It’s funny how many times we have heard stories about love that has faded away in marriage and how we were scared it would happen to us too.

So many people told us the love would go away, but I guess our love was meant to stay.

I’m so glad we are living proof of true love and I hope others will follow in our footsteps.

My friends often tell me how lucky I am to have someone like you by my side. I couldn’t agree more.

You are my reason to live, to laugh, and to love.

Thank you for everything you do, for loving me just as much as I love you.


12. My love,

couple in love holding hands in restaurant

With you, every day is Valentine’s Day.

You are my greatest gift from God and I can’t thank Him enough for sending you into my life.

Your hugs melt my heart and warm up my soul, you’re such a blessing and the greatest reason to believe in love.

I’ve never met a more caring and kind person than you, you have so much love for me and our children, too!

I hope we’ll never be apart, not even for a day.

I miss you every moment when you have to work late.

Being with you is the most beautiful thing that has happened in my life, I am so happy to be your wife.

Love you so much!


13. My dearest,

happy couple lying on the couch in hug

Thank you for your sacrifices and for everything you do, for me, for our family, and our parents.

Years have gone by, but my love only grows stronger and every day you show me that I made the right choice when I said, “I do”.

I would say it every day until death do us part, just like we promised on our wedding day.

When I look back at the time we have spent together, I have no regrets.

I would do it all again, exactly the same way, to be where we are today.

I want to grow old with you holding my hand and be one of those sweet old couples we see during our walks through the park.

I love you to the moon and back!

Your wifey.

14. Dear Husband,

happy couple walking holding hands in the park

Don’t worry, it’s not our anniversary and you didn’t forget it this year, lol.

I was just thinking about you and our life together, and I felt the need to write you a short letter filled with the feelings I have for you.

Our love has been put to the test a few times, but we survived every temptation and every bump in the road and grew even stronger.

It’s all part of life, I guess, but I do admit it was hard.

We never let anything get in the way of our love, and I hope it’ll remain this way until the end of time.

I am so grateful that we have now matured enough to share a peaceful life filled with love and happiness instead of fighting.

I love you!

Your wife.

15. My Love,

beautiful couple hugging on a sunny day

How are you always so kind to me? I can’t believe you haven’t changed at all since our first date.

You have always been a gentleman and the kindest man I have ever known.

At first, I thought you were just pretending, but after years spent together, all I can say is that I admire you with all my heart.

I am more than sure that I made the right choice, but sometimes I fear whether or not you feel the same.

I fear that I’m not good enough for you, that you deserve better, even though you always tell me you love me.

I can never thank you enough for believing in me and my dreams when nobody else does, I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for you!

I wish I had met you even earlier so I could have been your wife for longer!

Love you!


16. My Dear,

handsome man kissing his wife in head

Being your wife has been and is one of the best experiences in life.

We became inseparable and I can’t imagine a day without you by my side.

We started a beautiful journey together that will last until the end of our lives and I know it won’t always be easy, but with you, I have no need to fear.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us and I don’t regret any decisions I have made about being with you and being married to you.

We have a beautiful house/apartment that we call home and I can’t wait to fill it with children, our precious bundles of joy!

Your loving wife.

17. Hello there, my silver fox!

romantic couple enjoying sunset on the beach

Look who’s growing older with me! I just can’t believe that I have more grey hairs than you do and you’re older than me.

I love how, despite all the years we’ve spent together, we still find excitement in the little things and enjoy each other’s company.

That’s something you don’t see every day.

You’re still the same handsome man I fell in love with many years ago and I still fall in love with you whenever you come home.

I made a special plan for us tonight, I hope you’ll be home soon!

Love you!

18. Dear (name),

Young couple cuddling in bed at home in bedroom

Being married to you is one of the best things that has happened in my life.

It’s been a rocky road at times, but I wouldn’t change it for anything in this world.

With you, even difficult times go by filled with love and joy. I don’t know how, but you just make everything work and I can’t thank you enough for that.

Thank you for the unconditional love you’ve given me through all these years, I hope you know that I love you more than anything.

Thank you for being such a dedicated father and husband, for all the time you selflessly give us.

I hope we’ll enjoy many years together with even more happiness than now.

You deserve all the best things in life and you always make me so proud.

I love you with all my heart!

Your wife.

19. Hello, stranger!

cute couple laughing on the couch at home

I decided to write a romantic love letter to my husband who’s far away from home and although I can’t deliver this letter personally, I hope you’ll give it to him instead.

My husband is one of the best people I have ever known. My true hero, someone who I admire the most.

He’s been working hard to provide a good life for his wife and his kids, but we really miss him more than anything.

I am so proud to be his wife and I know he loves me with his whole heart.

My dearest, you are the love of my life and I am so grateful for all the sacrifices you make for our family.

I hope we’ll be together again soon and that one day you’ll come and stay here, with your family and your loving wife!


20. My dear,

smiling woman hugging her husband on the beach

Before I met you, my life was a mess. I had no direction and was too afraid to make the first serious step in my career.

However, you were there to support me, encourage me, and help me become a strong, independent woman!

Next to you, I feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.

Thank you for making me feel good about myself, thank you for pushing me forward again and again, and for standing up for me.

I know I can do anything with you by my side!

Thank you.

With love,


21. My Love,

young couple drinking coffee on the huge couch at home

You know I can be a little bit clumsy with my words sometimes, so I decided to write you a letter rather than expressing my feelings in person.

I felt the need to say a few more words than the usual “love you” we say every day.

You are my prince and my hero, and my life became a fairy tale from the moment you became a part of it and I can’t thank you enough for that.

You’re everything I wished for in a partner, a calm, peaceful man with the most beautiful soul!

Your love is the best gift I could ever ask for, thank you for being such a loving husband.

I miss you every second you’re not at home and I can’t wait for you to come back from work.

Love you forever,

Your wife.

Happy Birthday Love Letter To My Husband

1. Happy Birthday

happy couple holding a piece of cake with candle for birthday

To the most adorable man in this world. Today, we celebrate the day you were born, our loving father, husband, and son.

I thought this would be the perfect occasion to say how much I love you.

I wish I was better at writing to express all my emotions to you.

You are my brightest star, my partner in crime, my lover, and my best friend.

Thank you for being my biggest support through thick and thin and for being the most amazing husband in the world.

You mean everything to me. I think about you every single day, even when I’m at work.

Life’s not easy and there’ll always be ups and downs, but, when I am with you, I know everything’s going to be alright.

I wish you love and happiness my love, and that all your dreams come true, mine already did, it was you!

With loads of love,

Your wifey.

2. Dear (Name),

Pretty girl is giving her husband a gift box

I have wished you joy and happiness for every birthday I have spent with you so far, but this year I gave birth to the greatest joy we could ever have, our little girl!

I enjoy watching you spend time with our princess, daddy!

I am sure you will be the best father in the world, but I do hope you won’t get too overprotective (remember, I had a dad, too, lol).

You know I’m not very good at showing emotions but please know I love you with all my heart!

I admire you for being such a caring, forgiving and loving husband and I hope you feel the same.

I’ll do my best to be a better person because you only deserve the best.

I hope one day our daughter will have all your traits.

Forever yours,


3. Oh, what a special day it is today!

happy couple drinking wine on celebration at home with candles

The day my loved one was born! I can’t imagine how my life would be if I didn’t have you.

Today we appreciate the man who brings a smile to everyone’s face, the most selfless person in this world.

I still remember when you (insert a story).

I am so amazed by your goodness and dedication to our family.

Thank you for being an amazing husband, father, and son-in-law.

I hope our children become like you one day, my love.

Happy Birthday!

4. My dearest husband,

Woman surprising her husband with a gift on the couch

Happy birthday!

I’d bake you a sweet cake, but there’s nothing sweeter than you.

I like to believe that we were made for each other because there’s no other explanation for this kind of love.

We may not remember the first time we said I love you, but we know our love is true and I do remember your look on our wedding day when you said, “I do”.

Thank you for being my strength through hard times and supporting me every day.

No one has ever made me as happy as you do.

I love you my darling, my sweetest dear.


In Conclusion

If you have found your soulmate, you can consider yourself to be a very lucky person.

Unfortunately, some people never experience love in its purest form, even though they try really hard to find it.

As I said at the start, marriage is not only about happiness and love.

Sometimes, it gets quite challenging, especially if you feel unhappy after having a baby.

But the bad stuff comes and goes and true love always stays, especially if you know how to compromise.

Sometimes, even though our emotions are strong, it might feel like we’re not sharing or showing them as often as we should.

I have noticed about myself that I’d rather buy a gift for my husband from Amazon or similar online shopping sites than say how much I love him and what he means to me.

Because of this, a few years ago I decided to write my first love letter to my husband.

It felt a little bit funny at first, but I found it better than showing my emotions in person because I could truly express myself.

Now, I write a letter to my husband a couple of times a year for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

So, if you don’t know the right way to express your emotions, my ladies, pick up that pen, grab a bit of paper and write a cute love note – you’ll melt your husband’s heart!

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 Pinterest letter to my husband

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