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Sing2Music is passionate about helping singers and musicians succeed and achieve their musical dreams. We offer vocalists a way of performing acoustic versions of songs, without needing an accompanist or the skills to produce a premium piano or guitar backing track. Furthermore, we felt it necessary to deliver the sort of quality you expect from successful artists.

Producing music for your next recording or performance can be a challenging and time-consuming task, even a simple piano or acoustic track. Why not cut down your production time so you can spend more time nurturing what matters most to you; your vocals and your fan-base. Our tracks are ready-to-go and can easily be imported into your next project.

Why Sing2Music?

Sing2Music is the premier supplier of acoustic performance music to the singing community, noted for both the quality and musical sensibility.

We strive to put the ‘wow factor’ into your performance.
When you perform a cover version, you want to impress and engage your audience with your unique voice. Our tracks are intentionally raw, stripped-back and unplugged, ready for you to shine!

No one wants to sound like a copycat.
Typical karaoke tracks are often low quality, rushed productions, and are stylistically rigid. That’s fine for a laugh and night-out, but this is not the answer for serious musicians. Sing2Music tracks are professionally crafted and are ready to use in any application. Our simple tracks naturally give artists the freedom and creative space to add their own personal flavour and present the song in a fresh new light.

At Sing2Music, we GET vocalists!
With our vast experience accompanying singers in live settings, we know what it takes to make your performance stand out. Sing2Music tracks are packed with emotion, energy and eye-watering beautiful moments. You’ll find they are thoughtfully crafted, sensitive, intuitive and easy to sing to.

Additionally we identify when songs are originally recorded in keys that can be difficult for many of us to emulate. So we place a priority on offering tracks in alternative keys. Look out for these in the library.

The music world moves fast!
In this digital-age where time is of the essence, you need the latest, hottest music, on time! You can expect Sing2Music to have many of the latest hits, so you can be ready to move ahead with your next project.

Our approach

“Keep it simple. Put the vocal in the spotlight, where it should be”.
We add a splash of creative flair and individuality in each track, where appropriate. But never to take away from the integrity of the song.


Sing2Music tracks are professional standard instrumental backing tracks that you can rely on. We’re proud of the high calibre of audio engineering and production that goes into our music. The tone of the acoustic piano and guitar are genuine, and are recorded with the best instruments available and with attention to detail.
You can be confident knowing Sing2Piano and Sing2Guitar tracks are recorded by professional session musicians with years of experience supporting vocalists, touring bands and working in recording studios.
Our tracks are mastered to be ready to sing along with or import into your next recording session, so can create a product you can be proud to show off to the world.

Connect With Us!

We love to hear your versions, so please stay in touch through our social channels and share your music!

Want to use our tracks in a video, film, or for your next Apple Music or Spotify release? We have licenses for most uses and all budgets so get in touch with us today. See licensing info.


We are sing2music! Our piano accompaniments put the classy and sparkle into your covers. Our intuitive, musically sensitive and emotive arrangements are designed to take your audience along on a musical journey. It’s a singer's dream! Join the droves of vocalists and budding artists around the globe that use sing2piano, and start singing.

Download sheet music by sing2piano. Print your new sheet music instantly or sync your digital sheet music to our FREE apps for iOS, Android or desktop and interact with your sheet music anywhere with in-app transposition, text & highlighter markup, adjustable audio/video playback and so much more.

Remember to visit sing2piano on YouTube.

Most Popular Sing2Piano Sheet Music

TitleArtist or ShowScoringType
How Far I'll GoSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
Silent NightSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
PerfectSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
Over the RainbowSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
A Million DreamsSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
When We Were YoungSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
I'll Never Love AgainSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
Have Yourself a Merry Little ChristmasSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
Million to OneSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
Fix YouSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
Always Remember Us This WaySing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
CreepSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
Chasing CarsSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
All of MeSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
Rewrite the StarsSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
Dancing on My OwnSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
Where Are You Christmas?Sing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
Never EnoughSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
Can't Help Falling in LoveSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
Can You Feel the Love TonightSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
You Are the ReasonSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
traitorSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
favorite crimeSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
drivers licenseSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
ocean eyesSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
A Whole New WorldSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
SymphonySing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
1 step forward, 3 steps backSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
Someone You LovedSing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••
Beauty and the Beast (Piano Karaoke Duet)Sing2PianoPiano/Vocal/Chords, Singer Pro•••

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    • Can't Help Falling in Love (In the Style of Haley Reinhart) [Piano Karaoke Version]
    • Can't Help Falling in Love (In the Style of Haley Reinhart) [Piano Karaoke Version] - Single · 2008
    • Someone You Loved (Originally Performed by Lewis Capaldi) [Piano Karaoke Version]
    • Someone You Loved (Piano Karaoke Instrumentals) - Single · 2019
    • Idontwannabeyouanymore (Originally Performed by Billie Eilish) [Piano Karaoke Version]
    • Idontwannabeyouanymore (Piano Karaoke Instrumentals) - Single · 2018
    • Never Enough (Originally Performed by Loren Allred - From "the Greatest Showman")
    • Never Enough (Piano Karaoke Instrumentals) - Single · 2018
    • Stay (Originally Performed by Rihanna & Mikky Ekko) [Piano Karaoke Version]
    • Stay (Originally Performed by Rihanna & Mikky Ekko) [Piano Karaoke Version] - Single · 2008
    • When the Party's over (Originally Performed by Billie Eilish) [Piano Karaoke Version]
    • When the Party's Over (Piano Karaoke Instrumentals) - Single · 2018
    • Ocean Eyes (Originally Performed by Billie Eilish) [Piano Karaoke Version]
    • Ocean Eyes (Piano Karaoke Instrumentals) - Single · 2018


A Whole New World (In the Style of ZAYN & Zhavia Ward) Sing2Piano04:05 Talking to the Moon (Lower Key) [Originally Performed by Bruno Mars] Sing2Piano03:50 Talking to the Moon (Originally Performed by Bruno Mars) Sing2Piano03:50 Lovely (Originally Performed by Billie Eilish & Khalid) Sing2Piano03:27 Happier Than Ever (Originally Performed by Billie Eilish) Sing2Piano04:27 Meet Me At Our Spot (Originally Performed by THE ANXIETY, WILLOW & Tyler Cole) Sing2Piano02:32 Girl On Fire (Lower Key of G) [Originally Performed By Alicia Keys] Sing2Piano04:03 The Sound of Silence (In the Style of Disturbed) Sing2Piano04:08 Minefields (Originally Performed by Faouzia & John Legend) Sing2Piano03:23 When We Were Young (Originally Performed By Adele) Sing2Piano04:46

Piano sing 2

Piano Backing Tracks, Vol. 1 (Piano Karaoke Instrumentals)

Back to December (Originally Performed by Taylor Swift) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Born This Way (Originally Performed by Lady Gaga) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Bubbly (Originally Performed by Colbie Caillat) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Dear John (Originally Performed by Taylor Swift) [Piano Karaoke Version]
E.T (Originally Performed by Katy Perry) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Fireflies (Originally Performed by Owl City) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Firework (Originally Performed by Katy Perry) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Firework Gb (Originally Performed by Katy Perry) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Forever & Always (Originally Performed by Taylor Swift) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Get It Right (Originally Performed by the Glee Cast) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Grenade (Originally Performed by Bruno Mars) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Hair (Originally Performed by Lady Gaga) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Halo (Originally Performed by Beyonce) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Hold It Against Me (Originally Performed by Britney Spears) [Piano Karaoke Version]
If I Ain't Got You (Originally Performed by Alicia Keys) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Innocent (Originally Performed by Taylor Swift) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Jar of Hearts (Originally Performed by Christina Perri) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Just the Way You Are (Originally Performed by Bruno Mars) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Last Kiss (Originally Performed by Taylor Swift) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Love Story (Originally Performed by Taylor Swift) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Marry Me (Originally Performed by Train) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Pray (Originally Performed by Justin Bieber) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Rolling in the Deep (Originally Performed by Adele) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Someone Like You (Originally Performed by Adele) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Teenage Dream (Originally Performed by Katy Perry) [Piano Karaoke Version]
That Should Be Me (Originally Performed by Justin Bieber) [Piano Karaoke Version]
The Climb (Originally Performed by Miley Cyrus) [Piano Karaoke Version]
The Edge of Glory (Originally Performed by Lady Gaga) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Use Somebody (Originally Performed by Kings of Leon) [Piano Karaoke Version]
We All Want Love (Originally Performed by Rihanna) [Piano Karaoke Version]
We Found Love (Originally Performed by Rihanna Feat. Calvin Harris) [Piano Karaoke Version]
When I Look at You (Originally Performed by Miley Cyrus) [Piano Karaoke Version]
White Horse (Originally Performed by Taylor Swift) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Who Says (Originally Performed by Selena Gomez) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Without You (Originally Performed by David Guetta & Usher) [Piano Karaoke Version]
Donny Hathaway - A Song For You (Karaoke Piano) Higher Key

Twitch has strict guidelines regarding cover song performances on the platform. You should read and understand these guidelines before live streaming on Twitch.

According to these guidelines, cover songs may not appear on Twitch with the exception of a live performance in your Twitch stream. These cover song performances should only be performed without incorporating instrumental tracks. And finally, covers may not be used in on-demand content.

That being said, Twitch does allow you to use copyrighted music if you have secured a licence.

What does all this mean for using sing2music backing tracks on Twitch? We think it should be possible to use our backing tracks as long as you have the appropriate permissions. We are happy to give permission on behalf of our copyrighted sound recording, for non-commercial uses on Twitch.

Please note that while we own the rights to our sound recordings, we do not control the compositional rights (for the melody and lyrics) embedded in our backing tracks. These rights belong to the original songwriters and/or their publishers. Without their permission, you risk having the audio in your stream muted, or your content could receive a DMCA takedown.

Your cover should never be available as on-demand content or again, you could risk receiving a DMCA takedown from the song’s publishers.

We shall not be responsible for any loss with respect to your Twitch account, in connection to any of our backing tracks.


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