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Chapter count 2 out of 2. Hello there! Chapter here, enjoy! CLICK HERE TO…

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Hello everyone, here comes the first weekly chapter. CLICK HERE TO READ! Enjoy! Access the…

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Chapter Count 3 out of 3 Hey everyone, here&#;s the third chapter of the week.…

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Chapter Count 2 out of 2. &#;I absolutely won&#;t go near the hero!&#; Getting dragged…

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Hi guys, this is Saitama-sensei. Here is the next chapter of Apostle of the Gods.…

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Hello Everyone. Happy Million Years. Access the Synopsis and ToC HERE. CLICK HERE TO…

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**BONUS CHAPTER** Here&#;s another Bonus Chapter of Slave Hare, courtesy of Bryan V. Welcome among…

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Chapter Count for the Week: 1 out of 3 Chapters Access the Synopsis & ToC…

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Best Machine Translation Web Novel and Light Novel Sites

The novel you were reading got dropped by the translator? You got a cliffhanger and you have to wait for the next day to know what happened but you are dying to know what happens next?

If yes, your solution is Machine translation.

In this post, I am gonna discuss the best machine translation sites best for light novels and web novels.


What is Machine Translation(MTL) of Novels?

It is the translation of novels in the other language(Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) to the English Language(Mainly) using programs like google translate, Deepl, or any other translation program.

What are the reasons people read Machine translated novels?

  1. Novels you are reading gets dropped.
  2. Novel doesn’t even get picked by the translators
  3. Cliffhangers
  4. You wanna be ahead of other readers.

But there are many problems with this approach like grammar is incorrect, gender, names, etc are misplaced. Until these problems are solved, MTLing the novels and reading them is not a good idea.

I mainly read MTLed novels in the case of Cliffhangers. Also, in the case of the novels I was reading gets dropped. I know reading MTLed novels harms brain cells but hey! Beggars can’t be the chooser.

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Here are the Top 5 Machine Translation Novel Sites

The list goes from “Barely Readable” to “Readable”.


LNMTL website

Light Novel Machine Translation, in short, LNMTL is the first MTL site for Novel. Most of the novel translated here is Chinese Novels. But the novels on this site are barely readable. This site uses its own translation program. If you choose this site, a headache may possibly occur. You have been warned.

A small glimpse of this LNMTL site's translation.

The above image is a small part of the first chapter of the Emperor’s Domination novel. As you can see in the image, the sentence structure, grammars, and others are in a perfect arrangement.

Novels cannot be Requested(unless paid). The novels are chosen by votes.

One advantage of this site is the glossary created by the community of MTL readers. If anyone wants those glossaries of the novel, they are free to take.

2. Machine-Translation

Machine-Translation Homepage

I found this site by accident. This site has a large number of Chinese novels. They also use the glossary for translation. The translation of this site is similar but a bit better than LNMTL.

Translation of Superstars of Tomorrow by Machine-translation

They take the request for new novels and also update the novels with the glossary so the translation gets a bit fine.

3. MTLNovel Homepage

MTLNovel uses google translation software to translate the novels. They haven’t use the glossary yet, but they said they will use soon. Since the translations are from Google, the sentence structure and grammar are a level better than LNMTL and Machine-Translation.

machine translation of reverend Insanity by

I hope they start to use glossary soon. The translation will get better by many levels in case a glossary is used. They take novel requests but only Chinese novels.

4. ComradeMao homepage

This site uses its own translation program and has a good translation than the above three sites. Sentence structure and Grammar are fine than the other translation sites. Most of the novels are Chinese but there are very few Japanese and Korean Novels too.

I am really a villian novel machine translation by

They take sponsored novels mostly but in the case of the glossary provided, they take free requests too. They also have a big discord community.

5. JPMTL homepage

JPMTL has hundreds of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese Novels. They also have manga too. They use their own translation program. Their translation is fine in the case of Korean and Japanese novels and good in the case of Chinese Novels. JPMTL hasn’t used the glossary yet.

I have a Super USB Drive machine translation by JPMTL

JPMTL takes free requests of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese Novels as long as the free source for the novel is provided.

These 5 are the translation sites where you can find machine-translated novels. I suggest you not use the first two sites as some of your brain cells may die while reading.

If you have questions like: How can I read this translation? This is so bad. Then the admin of LNMTL has a good answer.

ALSO CHECK OUT:Another 6 Machine Translation Novel Sites

Which is your favorite MTL site? How often do you use MTL site? Tell us about it in the comment.

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By Dragneel

Hello, I am Dragneel, admin of DragneelClub. I love watching anime, reading manga, and novels. I love reading novels more, especially the web novel. That's why you are going to see a lot of novel articles from me. Do Share, and comment on my posts. Have a nice day :D

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Hello, Welcome to Kuhaku Light Novels Translations

In this website, we will be translating different light novels from the Japanese language to the English language. As more people come to our website, we will consider adding more projects to the list. Also, if you want any light novel to be translated, please email me at [email protected] and I will see if we can translate it. Thank you and enjoy. We are currently recruiting translators and editors. Please check out the recruitment page for more details.

This is a broken chapter that I can&#;t delete because wordpress. The chapter you&#;re looking for it probably this one:

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Editor and translator: Clover Yorminito Academy. The city of Souziya. &#;Marching song begins Zamasu~!&#;  At the signal of Zamas, all the members of the group who were following her began to raise their voices all at once.  ♪ Do you know Yorminito Camp! (Do you know the Yorminito camp?)  ♪…

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Mio: This will be the last chapter for the week, from now on I&#;ll be posting chapters weekly due to my insufficient pre-translated chapters to copy/paste. Translating takes an awfully long time, after all. Mio’s Discord – (I don&#;t need to ask&#; what exactly these guys want.) I stifled…

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Mio’s Discord – After separating from Elena at the Guild, I wandered around the city, looking for an inn to stay the night. Since I&#;d come to a town, I wanted to live a more civilized life, instead of just sleeping in a field. The town felt different during…

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Mio’s Discord – We killed a few more Horned Rabbits before returning to the guild. Sunset was approaching, so we used that as the indicator to finish up. I possessed [Night Vision II], so I could act at night without any issues, but considering that I was accompanying Elena…

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Mio’s Discord – After defeating the Horned Rabbit, Elena and I returned to travelling through the meadow. As the stories usually went, it was my turn to show what I could do. I couldn&#;t refuse her, not with those sparkling eyes. She seemed to have some high expectations, I…

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Mio’s Discord – I walked with Elena along the meadows outside of the city. After we had finished dining, we returned to the Guild and accepted a request to subjugate Demons. While this was happening, other Adventurers gave us strange looks. There was some amazement mixed in, but that…

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Mio: Oops~ Wrote Arachnid instead of Kuhaku on NU&#; Anyway, chapter releases will slow down from the 26th-ish onward. Almost out of the pre-translated chapters, y&#;see. Mio’s Discord – Elena asked for help with a joint request, which was quite sudden. This was quite convenient, since it fulfilled one…

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Mio’s Discord – At a popular dining area away from the guild, I sat at the same table as Elena. After beating up those shameless guys, I&#;d been brought here by Elena as thanks. The store was packed with people, and nobody appeared to be listening in on our…

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Mio’s Discord – The three men who received my words had quizzical expressions, and then burst into laughter. &#;Oi, oi, what&#;s with that voice!&#; &#;Hahahahaha! This is priceless!&#; &#;I didn&#;t hear what you just said, you could say it again?&#; Taunt after taunt, each of them began to grate…

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This is the complete list of light novels translated and published officially in English, ordered Alphabetically. We&#;ve added tags next to some titles to indicate their current publication status.


  • (Old) &#; Indicates a series published over 10 years ago and is probably out of print or has limited availability.
  • (Novel) &#; A title not exactly classed as a light novel, but marketed to English light novel fans.
  • (One Shot) &#; A light novel series with only a single volume.
  • (Complete) &#; A light novel series with multiple volumes with all volumes released in English.
  • No Tag means the light novel series is currently being released.
  • Titles without links have been announced, but the website entry is still under construction.

# / A / B / C / D / E / F / G / H / I / J / K / L / M / N / O / P / Q / R / S / T / U / V / W / X / Y / Z / Other

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  • I am Blue, in Pain, and Fragile (Novel)
  • I Became the Secretary of a Hero!
  • The Ideal Sponger Life
  • If the RPG World Had Social Media (Complete)
  • I Had That Same Dream Again (Novel)
  • I Have a Secret (Novel)
  • If It’s for My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat a Demon Lord (Complete)
  • I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World
  • I Kept Pressing the Million Button and Came Out on Top
  • I&#;ll Never Set Foot in That House Again
  • I’m a Behemoth, an S-Ranked Monster, but Mistaken for a Cat, I Live as an Elf Girl’s Pet
  • I’m In Love With the Villainess
  • I’m the Evil Lord of an Intergalactic Empire!
  • I’m the Villainous Daughter, So I’m Keeping the Last Boss
  • I’m Quitting Heroing
  • In Another World with My Smartphone
  • Infinite Dendrogram
  • Infinite Stratos
  • The Insipid Prince’s Furtive Grab for The Throne
  • Interspecies Reviewers: Ecstasy Days
  • In the Land of Leadale
  • Invaders of the Rokujouma!?
  • Invader Summer (Novel)
  • The Invincible Shovel
  • I Refuse to Be Your Enemy
  • I Reincarnated As Evil Alice, So the Only Thing I’m Courting Is Death!
  • The Irregular at Magic High School
  • I Saved Too Many Girls and Caused the Apocalypse
  • I Shall Survive Using Potions!
  • Isekai Rebuilding Project
  • Ishura
  • Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
  • Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Sword Oratoria
  • The Isolator
  • I Surrendered My Sword for a New Life as a Mage
  • I Swear I Won’t Bother You Again! 
  • It’s a Little Hard to be a Villainess of an Otome Game in Modern Society
  • I’ve Been Killing Slimes for Years and Maxed Out My Level
  • I Want to Eat Your Pancreas (Novel)
  • I Was a Bottom-Tier Bureaucrat for 1, Years, and the Demon King Made Me a Minister
  • I Will Forget This Feeling Someday (Novel)


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Woof Woof Story: I Told You to Turn Me Into a Pampered Pooch, Not Fenrir! Banner






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Translations light novels

The nurse said take off your clothes completely, kneel on a high table (there was a white sheet on it), we will. Conduct an examination. -Don't worry, spread it as wide as possible. Now we will quickly conduct a survey.

Translating Japanese Visual Novels (White Album 2 Coda) to English in Real Time with Textractor

Without making even a couple of movements, he heard the voice of his wife, who announced the winners of the competition. The novel stopped playing, grabbed the slipper he had taken off, and just as imperceptibly made his way to where he was sitting. - And now the dance of the bride and groom, Lera announced.

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She she did not expect how quickly she got ready. The final touch of her favorite scent on the wrist and thin graceful neck. She was waiting for his phone call when suddenly the doorbell rang.

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